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;d:;olulu crAi:-LJLLi:r, yi:inhspay, :;ov.
- -. : v, . t
.1 w.' f
: i iuy ; xovemijek , 1012
1 'rife mr' a one tcha lorr Jiii
. igh Hunt. .' - :"
a a
Oil TO :um BUSINESS'?!.
lv iuM lean party leaders are. to bct heartily
:uktl nn their rally prpa rations for the
' Msioii of t lit lejiislatum .Tho detent of
y hi crl ing canrt idatiw for ! legislat re; of f ice
is island lias Ien disheartening, but it will
I ; disastrous if the party sets out deler
, ly along', the lines ; of progress; marked in
t erritorial platform. a'v'V,-Va a-'a:" a;-f..--egood
candidates who veiv defeated will
1 ir.d their .' usefulness ended with elertton
. TIu ir presdict' in party eouneil's is nretletl
than ever; their work is needed; and their
!' ; Iican iiarty.has definitely eoiunut-
if to t!.e j -;;e of a.direct primary law,
1 f.,.ith'le:::::::ds.tho passage of the meas-j
other, than distinctively religions ; proirnd ; ;
' .A 'fetent n'unil)(;r of The;Piayptrindva puhli
Vit lonVderotcid to recreation work confaina wir
prising facts concerning thisr clmrch cktehsionr
nork, i f it may tx k calletl,'-' The awakening of
the riiral church to papplc with the liying prob
lems if farm" life Is full' pf inspiration to those
who'd wel l.irt cities-as wel 1 as to. thosw ' who I ire
in the country. Jfany hivo f hought of tlm play
frround and recreation problem .as a city. prob
le'mi. Playgrounds and reiTf ation centers in the
cjien con n try a re now a n esta hi ished, fact. 3Iore
t ha n t h a tT ; t he? nu-al m inister J s having a, larpje
part in the mi-al Tecreat ion moveifient , f " !
,: iome of the stories of the evolution of serai'
ters ivad like romancejiC " rural church organ
izing baseball teams! The' niral minister an
at hi tie coach ! The. Kummer business minting
oif. one rchuiTh held. between 'dances at barn
Editor Honolulu Star-Bulletin,
v Sir: Hariog been reouested. to : put
v . i some of my impressions in print,' and
trowing" ot no mot's expeditious metn
od of -reacaing the, intelligent pnblic
than through jour colnmna, 1 Respect
fully crare a little space.. v 'V '
? The "position yofi superintendent of
public m-orks of Honolulu an only be
honestly filled by a man who nas.jthe
following flualificaltbns. fully
Practical experience in carrying out
municipal direction in the manner aec
m . will b- to helpMhe party otit; throii-h j danel Ichrtl partioH ending in I hymn-sin-in-.w
d legislation.. - .. . , . ; pind even in prayer ineetinp?! ; ' ' V
In mam instances the rural minister renders
h is largest semce by co-opera t th?;- with others
in making the rural school the recreation center
t!, ' I t Xt .-t : ion of the legislature. 'It -is Whore nil i'ihnnf roWnvl r frornnifo: &hnrInT
. : 1 v raw to (
y( .:
to lf -in the drafting: of a dbjin the common community, comradeship ;
TI." (I feat of the direct pri-f V - . r'. ' . :. i
; ), iv t,( 11 .as certain plans
I;.; tr.it it::i mea.:iresV, v;as
ViVi'ircaji.-.hle. . -The
!' v with rr.ccm at
;i Litniv t'Ci-tainlVj
The' practical value of aviation in war-time
In : iven its first trv-ont. under conditions
of actual l.attle in tlio field, and to iiulo br.the
no i:a prove::: or. t on , . . v , . . - ' v
.,, , u r.ilu:-: ' tic comments of -critics.-the-military
acj-r i!;:r.e l:r pioved a triumph, y ; ' :
1 --- -
ill. l iiv. ..1 , , , . , ... , . '
, ... .;;,. j ;m1 r." i..i'ir f ami inetr tifeminess nas'come
1 llilliVUII lUWI IU1U lltl. (Ill tilV u 111 11I1
5 the nEisunii or pciaicf
to !
::re, t :::
. ::t( :i 1:1 t..: s nate
.(e- "iIov.T.tii'.vn". It
it v.;- - (l:.;v.n Iarf ly
;k :7i.e and
: i:r position
,-.V::?e 'when
:: .t
; i
:ie. It
a ei
Ih.: !;il:: will i:
i i
paria : liave ; been the daring scout's '' that largely
made. po.-.dl.!-the. victory of Bulbar over. Turk.
Purine: -the dav:; -when the Bulgarian armr .was
driving the main, Turkish amy. back. to the. line
of forti! ations around Adrianople, 'and finally
into that supposedly; . impregnable .stronghold,
th?'- ah's-eout.ss of the advancing , armr were
circling hiIi above the cr.cmv's. lir.e.V dav and
::?;:..t. .. Tho t: "alt was that rcarceiya movement
t!.:4 7r.i!ai t: ; c.-'carrd instant notice and
!:rdly hrX an order for a redden maneuver been
; jv .: to the Tu:!:::h rrimcnts: than ; it : was
' : to the Unitarian f taff and soon -check
... Th Tin hs. endeavors .to put the aeroplanes
cut .T cr,:..:.:: ;g:i picvc'd m( tly 'fruitier..;, al
thnu;di or.e a.!., tor Who ';wf nped too low over
th Tu: hi. !i - camp".;' .vraa killed. In the main,
1 v( : the aviators v.eie in little? danger from
-. . . . . - . ,
1 ha. hi "' is far - I. :.' hir.':l Fr..:.;-e,.' (lermany,
!.' , Italy' ir Fngh::: I in 'military aviation.
! IT th;' 'Bulgarian dirdiaen '.' cro. ;; Riicccriful in
I: c-outinga.'there is no rear oh v.hy the aeroplane
-h: not conclusively demonr-trated its value in
j var-t i:::el Perhaps the hoyirg made in this
. ::a4 tn v.ar vrill stimulate Congress! to "sup
!t .:t ; United States amy-aviation corps 'a
lilt!? 'more-actively. - ;. : i-i-V a;vH .:$:v-.: t
T!:c Han Francisco Examiner advertised that
the L ad i :v of the' (,T1 election night" it would announce whether
' : i I :::;d to ih?y sincere op;
II at the differences of opinion
' t : d (aat before the legi-dattire
Boo ae velt or Wilson carried -California by send
ing up a bomb of one color for Teddy or anoth
f r for 'AVilsom They were still cpunting in Cal-
:is mornincr and Roosevelt was 24 votes
K. ,'!, ir:'.'! Tinrtv rir.sf ( into, norma.
! : :ture with a program on which all ahead, vwith several precincts missing. . The Ex
a , ; ::d for which all can fight.'.;
: . :i; g committei4 must be, and, this, pa-
aminer is still waiting to send up that bomb.
are interested in the subject know
mere atout it.' ': :
. . ' . 'T '"r KAMAAINA.
, Honolulu; Nov.: 12, 't'J-'t.-i
tblnss and should act upon them, if
only to illustrate the mastery in poli
t lea which belongs to us of hereditary
right- To Ignore them would -be not
only to fail and fail miserably, but to
fail ridiculously ; and belie ourselves.
HaTing ourselres gained self-govern
menf by a: definite process which "can
hate no substitute, let us pet the apeo
ples dependent upon us in the right
wayhtd. gain nnuosfr-::.
"box srorts and life-saving.
Editor Honolulu SUr-Bulletin a1':;.1
Sir: It has been proposed r to in-
Familiarity wfth i ideas or others
who know the . country,', and : really
make it what it Is; ; which such a man
can - only do by having resided a here
many, years, and " have learned j the
many , differences', betwef n this a; and
other parts of the United States. "
-Thorough knowledge of the t various
costs of material and labor required to
make improvements and ' keep; in re
pair ; and condition . within .limits of
expense all that his advice is called
upon to guide and direct: ;And ; the
moral fiber to resist political Influ
ence; financial, gain; I directly or oth
erwise); and the rare power of a mas
ter who can put' bis ability In front
of himself,:hidin5;goUsm.Vrjrti
No one is more naturally schooled
in discipline that will qualify a man
with the ability necessary tp' fill the
Job than an architect who has had ex
perience with workingmen and con
struction.' : x-aa.
As far; as I have observed no; one
has stuck to the upbuilding of Hono
lulu since it -has been American more
tenaciously and with more , telling
showing than Mr. H. L.'Kerr, whom
it seems to be conceded is the leading
man in that line here. : .; .a,
.It is possible that he has been ap
proached on the subject, aand cares
more for the glory and profit follow
ing his" private successes,a;than f for
.Please. Mr. aEditor, let those :m who 'lf"6"L "
at Waikikt to remember the late Bob
erf. Sinclair. ' ; yU? r:
f The Pulmotor;is -Indispensable for
Walkiki, where a steady toll in Urea
is - regularly . paid. ' 0 more fitting
memorial to Our dear friend could be
devised, a A brass tablet Is a word
only." A life-saving device is a good
deed. .One. talks, the other works. -''It
Is agreed on In the life-saving
text-books that' the very limit when
animation can be rtstored by artifi
cial means Is five or six minutes after
submersion. The popular fallacy of
half an hour Is erfoneous. What are
you going to do when you find a per
son apparently drowned? a Leave him
and run for help and eventually the
breathing machine? Seconds are, pre
cious in such cases. Something must
be done on the spot and ' instantly.
The. Schaef er method has been adopt
ed by, the English and American boy
scouts as the best It Is simple, ef
fective and saves time. . . -a.--
Twelve scouts of the Honolulu Fifth
Troop of Boy Scouts practice thi3
drill. WTe were told - by" Dr. Ramus
that our work wa3 excellent and he
himself helped to make' it so. These
Scouts'will give an exhibition of the
Schaefer jnothod at 3:20 p. in; next
Saturday, 'Nov. 16th, rain or. shine, on
the lawn Ewa of the' Jloana hotel for
the benefit of .- WaikikI people and
their servants and others who are in
terested. ; Those wishing it can be
of our Silver Sale
. s-
of the past woek whereat you received
special .values and we.cleaned tip all hrolcen
lines, leads a us to place on ;saie for next
jweek'thecrjpbp ' V;-'
at greatly; reduced prices. J , - r ) '
These oottles are in Vincrle and Vlouob
1 ea t h cr cases -r ea d v fo r p c r f c c t C h r i . t s .
gifts. ; h--:'- v; ; ; : - -----
; : Ve suggest early selection because of
? limited quantity. ; j:';. .a-
. If sc:r.a t;;;;;a writer hzl c:.:.
ed the cc!:--l. rabc.! .wculJ havs
lleved him i .'"'M?.
till the doctor comes. Yours truly, .
; . . ;: J. A. WILDLY,,
'-a. a i Scout Coniraissioner.a-.
Honolulu, Nov. 13. 1912.;
7iu;ox axd jiil piiiLirnXES.
Hiltcf Honolulu Star-Dulletin, ; -a,
ir: Ons cf the opposition, charges
erainst Wilson -.in the late canvass on
te . mainland ,was ,that the Filipinos
would, be given- couplets autonomy,
cr be left to thenisslves.'ln the event
CHARLE3 H. ME1RIAM, registrar
cf corrvevance3. . ia Er;enuin2r a vaca-
that he-: wes -elected and both houses ftton on - Molckai.-: . " - . . a
be democratic. : I find his' ..views rrt
ty clearly stated.cn this question In
tl3 book "Constitutional Government
in the United States," 1SC3. The fol
lowing 13 'a part of the chapter: .a. :
"elf-government" 'Js not a mere
form cf institution;, to -1 a - had; when
dssired, if only proper pains be taken.
It is a farm cf character; It follows
ucn tie long' d!;"irli',' which, gives
a.r--P-5 ..sclf-pcsc .f-naastery,
the Latit-of order and .peace and com
mon counsel, zni a. reverence for law,
which will net fail when they them-.
r:!v:3 teccnie the makers cf law: The
tc. ::zzz3 ni Eelf-ccntrcl cf political
maturity. .And llczs thins '.cannot be
l v ithcut lcrs discipline. ".;-';.".
' "Thj-dl-tir-ciicn I3 cf vital concern
t! v.3 in recT'ct of pr:a..tical choices
cf Y'"zy v.hich we mu t make,, aand
r;ah3 very seen.. V'e L :.ve dependen
c!:3 to d-al -with cud' r :t isal with
th:ui in the true spirit... r owa in-Etitut!;-i.
-.We can .give, the - Filipinos
ccUitituticncrl government, a govern-.
m:nt v.hich thsy may count upon to be
j..-t, a government fcarrd upon some
clear aud equitable understanding. in
tended for their: good and. not for our
essrandizement; but 've must ... our
selves for the present supply that gov
ernment. It would, it is true, be an
unprecedented ; operatica,; t reversing
the process of Jtunnynpde, but. Amer
ica has. before xhis shown the world
; Pi;..o iJALITIiiS -
MISS-ELLA H. PARIS ha3 forward
ed her- resignation as, school comnvia
tioner for -West Hawaii atd ' Governor
Frear. , . a I aav' S ..'
-V- THOMAS F.. COBD. witb the Drit-ish-American
Tobacco Company, .13 .a
passenger in the "Mongolia enroute to
the. mainland on a business i and
pleasure . tour. a - a; ....,'"--. : a. -a
OJIS A. POCLE, a New Ycrk tea
, buyer,. 13 roundinj- out hi3 fifty-sixth
voyage across the Pacific, -returning
rs a pas"?r"cr frcm Jaan in the Pa
cifio"Ma:i r.r.rr a ' a
.-.CIIARLE3 .CAM 1" ELL, an attache
tt the, American Embassy- at Tokyo,
is returning to; the mairJar.d on vacation-leave.
He 13 a passenger in the
Pacific Mail liner .Mongolia. -i.- -.
JAMES . S. CHRISTIE,; a Pinkerton
operative, who Las just aliout completed-a
tour around the Pacific- In
quest of. a, bank embezzler, is a pas
senger 4n thePaci.'ic 'Mail liner Mon
golia, hi3 mission having been brought
to; ; a successful termination. . The
muchly-wanted man was .caught i at
Shanghai. '.--a;, ' 'V -- ; .a -v' -
;.;,;;;- ; Q'anii.a"ill'lM..;;'
Ka' 'a E:'r:h ','.....
C:! r:: n;::s ...........
A report was current - today that
Attorney "W. A. Kinney, would return
enlightened processes of politics tfiat. cn the: Manchuria from 'the mainland
were without precedent, ': It would next Friday, but according, to ' state
have been "within the choice of John menu 'from his law: firm, the report
tov summon his barons to Runnymede is probably incorrecC - Mr,: Kinney i3
and on his own initiative enter into a now on. the coast and .is said - by
constitutional . understanding i with friends "who have seen hlin in t San
them; and it. is: within, qut choice rto .Francisco to iave recovered f 10m his
do a similar, thing, 'at once wise nnd seriods illness. However, he is noi
generous. in the government of ;the expected to return to Hawaii for some
Ph lippine islands. uut we cannoi. weeks., . a;a ivv 5
give them self-government. a Seir-gov-ercment
.Is not a th in i that; can ; bet
'given to any people, because It- is f
form of character and", not a. form" of
constitution; No people ican be- 'giv
en the self-control of maturity. Only
a long apprenticeship of obedience can
VThe Revolving Wedge; or rA Foot
ball ivomance" Is the title of aplay
let which wHl be given by the stu
secure them - the precious possession,,; cents of the College tf Hawaii two
a thing no more to be bought ;thanieeks;fro
a , will lu.imwssive and not. roue- a"' rear- ITarbor ais: rapidly approaclnn: nhcgiven.a They cannot be presented, .unan
1 1 1 jv.st into 'the thickest of tho pointavhcro. it is th( city s bieKt plant ltn bQt It may confidently be. hoped that The play Is tor itxe: benefit of the
r ; -.fit urc'ivc 'mtsmw as 'thedi-;a Vwvroll of 10,000 i monthwith a-T)Cnnanent they will become a community ; nnder tcoUege students; : and teoPunahou
1 , . .. - : . - ... . . - - . line wuoiesume uu saiuiai j . uim-i.'"' uni uu;m,iuii iuvo
1 tMinn ntinn ftf orm nro. rrtf m nnrni nrnprrnc-J
a a:y at .1 ..piihlic' titilitios. commission' M)pnlation of jcrnploycs, the b!. naval nndertak-.
;. t!.c Vaci who did not sttccrt-tl iirthc ir .in- has already become ap-catfactor in a big
; , v ill v(ir will be valuable in lendinp? p'rlltdnoiuiic &:ru z
: t to" those in the llotiyc and Senate. ; . '.a"':: ' -;'
Also a goodly ; number ;of f people
etanr h thnw t over thm in ''aii'-: have ' been done In the name charitv.
ury Fishers oft-itiottHl story is apt just Charles A. Stanton is one jof tlie livestboost- thority." ;; :4! -'r1'' I -. a;vwoman ,to'" W;mbriB''.:cruei
n.o Kepuhlican party n ml not vaste. time crs Honolulu can tK)as;IIe:may be;ri
i?. .i... .p i. n ti,4.
;n: u ir tut- miinu m uyi-ij; iiuiiio ny a ooa worn, ipr tnis city anq ijemtorj
! gloomily on the nij;ht of November 5.a. It wherwr he go and
: ! ;;o on to niev lmsincssaiur.elmsinm
ences of iust laws and sympathetic ad-, and cooperate in the gale. of the tick-
ministrations; . that they qvill afteraets in oraer 10 maxe tne gaie receipts
while understand- and master them
selves. If iu the ;meantlme 'they ; are
understood and served in good , c"on
as large as possible
! ar.J just now is that 01 getting ready to putractivity.-q
;k sive Kepubhctin .measures through; the.
f. -.r
.c::::uV ADAFTAEiun asaa
by side with tlie development of tin schixd
a m a i ten n 1 1 y t en t er " 1 n J ina ny sjots on ' t w
l Eyeufcwith aouiniission formf oyeninient
for Honolulu, 'osVcipypraor
going to .tateiom(i time to get those Mxi Penvb-
a ' 'a----; a t i :; -
-vv;-:,a' si.M-;"i j:MfeM;?fte;u.
:'-.... i . i-j.-.'. .. .. ....... -.
f v mui w.i iie joca jl jicuoi icans ieei aunosi, as
inland is going tlmdevelopment of the'clmn li,b
I its Hitent ion -trgrappleirtt :.thcmng oerat;Sit:f 'n
' ! cms of country Ufa - iVroujrht .face to fawj 'j- :Cf:::sr "'"'" ' ""'' ";jrf ;;a;.f 3
MANOA Fine residence lot,' 55 JQOQ sq. feet.
Several other thoice'y proertln. ; ; a ;:-a a:-.;."-av;-' , .. aa.,aH:,
NUUANO-r-40,0C0'tq. feet In the upper,rcool part of, the valley .V;;.$t750
OCEAN VIEW Modern Home with all conveniences $8500
ANAPUNI ST-Modern IJi story-house-..U r.. . . .y. ..$4500
Modern artistic Bungalow ;.i'w i .. ...;.$4S50
YOUNG ST-Residehce tot, 12981; sq. ftf.. . r W. ViV.-$200
' PAW AA Modem 1'2 'story house. f'..V.. . .... . . . . .V, ... ..... $4500
AULO LANEi-3 bedroom house . . f ' . . . . ". .1...... ....$1750
'.i ll v:v'. ' fij i j -.' "-a .rv , i. -s i n i '
tu.tne prooieni oi iiomuig iuuk iiu; msii io ine -.aureeee: iia aimmt-Tvir)ea;ont- the sting-of
, tlie rural church, has shown- amazing ea-lS07; when the Grecian armr collapsed WforeF' - '
.. ' ' ' ' i' "''...tif--' a;'---..--:'-.-"' .'-, : '-'.. .--a- - .;-. ; ,r: "--...a-
.ry ior r.ikiug-nu .411. u ruunuumura on mc lunusn onsiaugnr 'J -a 3-;. a,-: , .aa.Ta a; - v ira a: bfcond
For, further particulars a pply ; to ;
. .
Kirj Circ:t
'...-. 3 ,
4. 4 k J
. v
' , 7.
- - - s
;;'-;' '."'--. M j i J J
- PALOLO HILL; -Houie and two lot
; J500 down; halahce in iBstallmcnts." ; . . a
; PARK AVE., Kalmuii: C-Room .House ;1 ; . . . , .:lZZ ).C 0
C HOBRON AVE $6000 Property ; . XlfJ. ;.Wv.V'.V.V..$ ICC3.CJ
PALOLO VALLEY: Acre Lots . . .1 . . 1
..$ coo.co
OCEAN VIEW: (Kaimaki Ave. and 16th ATe.4 lots.. $1430.00
OCEAN VIEW: Reservoir Xve.3 lots;....4..V.V..$lCC0.C0
OCEAN' VIEW: 15th:Ave:v ';;ar;;;;.V.:.$. 00)0;
OCEAN VIEW;; IStlr Ave and Pahoa ; i ; t ; . $ 1200.00
'aa:a't ; -'a '; ' I 1 . aa:'--v;a ;-. '
-i 'i' t- ' i'.. .;-T: y i A 1
... "
4- r- - J'
:a . .a-
- . - ". - !a ;. : !; aa 1 . .'.-' ':Vri"; ..aa -i aaaa:- -a" a'; a.",' ir; . '.v" a ,-,:-.1:.' -''; a" '.,'i-:.ail 4'?i':a,.v.'-iv--iav.;.-t:iV.'.,';v'; '.'' -; " a -

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