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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, November 13, 1912, 2:30 Edition, Image 7

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Jul. i
A irevrLine of
:0 "v
. t
f W -t
:ti:j'!t 1.5 t : y fcr tcrvlcc,- clUcr-
cr c.r
63 fderchsr.t Ctrcct.
,Phons 4354
. . J
. r i.-..
Li I
, i I
It cost Delegate Kuhlo 1251.50 to
obtain his re-election, while L. L. lUi
Caruiless spent $I,706.4Ma his futile
' c f f 2rt to defeat the Delegate. These'
are the figures placed on file at: the
Territorial Secretary's office, showing
j the campaign expense Incurred by the
i leading candidates for this office. II
is understood . Kalanianao'e's cam
paign factually cost much more than
the amount he sets forth as his own
expense, R. W. Shingle being quoted
a few days ago as saying that the Re-r-
'-!can Tprr:trT'-l , central commit
iu t .z'l ;i- to aid his cause.
, rr .'."ar. !!;rs' Et..t:ment. Itemized. Is
.' 3 :;.owa:' :.' ination fee, $20;
wireless mes, . $480f traveMng
rr- ;3 $U3i.50; personal? expense
r, 17 7-!; helpers cal clerical expense,
JC27.00; public meetings, $373.!),jan2
postage,-$11.50. -'.-';.;'.' - S I
Kuhlo's expenses are detailed as fcl
lows: Nomination fee, $23; persona
expenses, $141.30; printing and adver
tising, of stationery, postage, rent,
Ealailes, public meetings, e'tc.,' $33. f
v Jcel C. Cohen, who ran as Inda
rc ':nt candidate for ikn '"ate and
1 ' :nce Jcir-d th V-v:. r: z party,
; !zes. hi3 x; r , foUos:
Not.. ;-apcr td. .rtLI.'.j, ;7S.. ); non
Iraticn fee, ?23; expense of meetings,
$147;" auto hire, ? '?.30; : bill postiu?,
" ; : :-. ! c I traveling expens;,
Uil.i,.j; tcta! cf Clol0.23. - t
Norman Watklns, elected, to tl.j
House cf Representatives from thl i
island,' spent $00.73, divided" c.3 fel
lows: Nomination fee, $25; iersor.r!
I r dverti -
' -'V . j
' Every businessman shonlJ be Inter-;
ested In the, talk that Is tp' be given;
by Mr. Cheatham before the Hcno
ln!u 'Ad Orb tomorrov neon, on tv e
workings cf the new parcels pct law,
which will go Into effect the first cf
the new year.- - "';V "
- Mr. Cheatham has made a thoroug'a
study of this" new law with a a lew to
learning It particular app!ication to
Iionclulti and'ilawalL Hi3,Ulk will,
be illustrated by a map showing He
zones provided by; the law and De
charges for sending packages through,
the xaallsV? . . . . - -4
iThis talk will be given at the week
ly luncheon of the Honolulu Ad Club
held In the dipper restaurant . of . the
Tain ; Cafe..' k . Z.l ;vv i , v - -U ?
.A general Invitation is extended to
bcsiaessaen; of the. city, who ere Ja
teresxedL la the cpt ration of thi3 law
to attend. The lunch strt3 prcmpily
at 12 -o'clock and. Xl lunch-hour 'talk
aM2:SV-I"3win3 Xx? Ulk a iSen
eral discrc-icn is invited. ; f
rt:r Sen
cf this
.al ex-IvcrtU-i
fee. . .
:c:r tl -
. O - i
:.30 f .r
:r tl.2
r. tcirl
; 33. ,
co:.::.:u::ity e:;te::s:d:j
'.w; hi Hall r-n":-:r 'cf The Ccttcn-'
Neil, Company, lei thethird cf'.tl.o. i,
wcek-cf-praycr. meetings at the Y. M. I;
C. A.this noon, zv.i ..sroke uca tl;e f
subject, of Jit'Cor.:m.urJLy.- iTxtchsIoa
: ,C-om'ri unity . cxtcr.ca .wcr'c. li a,
icm ,?pplInd;to..'tl-',.t rew f"rri cf v?'
lis! z U3 : wcrk. :vt Ic'.i, tr -s Ycv:r:
Cl:r!?r!:2n:'Asccut::.n hr.s (Icr..strLi-.
ed during the p2t f 2 w.. years, ex; :
td in such' plans cs r:.cn-!2y ir: ,
in shc;s . and ; frtorir1?, an J L.' '
c'a:-:cs la-,' various xrts cf V:.? Cy
ctJtsida' .. '. t!e.V associatisn ;.. V:;'!::-v:
Mceiiug3 in" recent yc:rs have
held in many revel i:!accs it ;j.
nstcr.ishfr.T tbo extent to' which thcii
meetings Lave rr; :2!; 1 to r: ;n. A'
hvndrcd r.:rn;.viil pay clc.':? attcr.t;:::
to r. sira'at gcr; cl tall;. sicn c.i th:
v:::t to.. Lie
:;), : wh:r.i
fleer el t:;:ir cv.n
ccv.U c;t st:to c'.. arch in
i. :;.2. - "- ; .
Cammunity:"ext;::; .1 based c:i t
pLi!:...e;hy' that if t!.2 mrantata v
net cc:3 to lie!. : :zi, llc'.r-:::.
will r'3 to 'the r;e -t :n. U.. .: r t
ii:..eticn cf tLo Y. !I. C. A. l:.:t 3 -1S1
::.Tcrer.t't:ee -i::a3 In th3 V.
ed Cl:.:-3 cr.I-.C :.!a cr lu.t: 1 :
CZ3 rue!, iv ;c::r -. with - 'te!:.I ;
3 '.v;ro 1 -!! ear;::, far...;:
cr larr.3, !:c :1 !'. ;:;?, fire ete;:..
il -t:i
rl.ty t f
;:;.:.) cf r.::n v.
c::eahV;tD r,ive
te::ticn' to carr.'e e;
a :i;
any v;: ere
With a view to liir.;!::'; out an
crt.:!? c:i ,t..3 llawiian I,.. 3 la c -- ,: Cattea-I
fate; 2 r.uratcr cf Travel." r .1 :rt '
c ::te;
that re:
Wc ! . t t2 II. C:!!.tt, adver
tl. : r cf t!. ? --:as.
"1 i: :1 r -.t2 cure," writes Mr. Leaar
fen, "t! et . . :a we ce"3 to trlei
C c 4... J 1. . .1 v.. t. v 3 .1. - wL " I i
T!r. C!!!;tt '". e;t2 ycu. that r:::.e c'
yevr ;"ete-re;1.3 will ccr.2 ia nicely
fcr i!!.:-tretiea. If It.l3 CTreeatla, J
vcj like to' held tl.era he:3 fcr. a
ti: .'-.:'.' ...... . :
Zlz:o K. Myers writes from Caa
rrer.cieo th3t the cd'vertieing cf the
C ...... i k 1 c I 2- 3 C u CTv I-. . .! .
t! -t c'ty h r';"T r'-'t .i T-at
rate. He has succeeded ia secures-a
re d deal cf tuliieity t!.:ev:h t!.3
: . diur. cf l!.3 r:;:, z.r.1 ia a very
ih::t time" same cf the iarer3 will
, rt f-.-.. f--t..r c: , 1
with different ecr.c3 : frcm Xtz Is
ia::d3. ' ..
Literature cf Hawaii 13 being-dis-triluird
la every p'.aca whcr3 it will
u t!.2 race reed. Mr. . "ycrs say3
'a his letter that Roy j:. Francis the
teen Lei I ia the Ilea:!.:!;: Irca Y.c::.3
a . .... t c r -1 ' k- a .. - f - -
at t!: vari:u3 ; aiii'.r.ry reets a. Ith c"
c.li::.t. r: uits. . , .
i vj - . .i 4.. -
i ;.3 c"2 ce.r.r.:!ttcc, 1 1: 3 c : :u:ty
cr.teniian ce.at.ltte c, : : rca:eti:: this
v erh, cf which 7. C. Mel, v. ho led
tl.2 CwCti. ' thl 3 :. ; 13 chainaen. .
Y 'v P "
- i ;. - - i
. ! o
jtird man, wishes to ccma to Hawaii (he ncmbershii ' cf tha
' !urirg theamiva: ;r.i cfye a few ex- - stCadily throughout the;
''' r" ",c - .Myers, a ,orecr to reach, by the
is "i j i:
- -v.''
- The rr. era be red:;. ccrradttce cf the
Ycunj Mca's-Chrietiaa.; A:ei-ti:a
r et at twelve-thirty ted :y and .farer
stly aaeed cn th3 r.orars cf e:very
two applications - far r :rar."re! 'p to
the aaeaciation SI: men and 13 toys
bavins ar;:!i:d elnca th2 last meeting
cf th3 ccaaraittea cn Octcher 10.
Chairman Ed. Tcuss read an en
couraging report far the month cf Ca
tcher, showing a growth of frcm ll2i
members "cn-Octcher l4o 1171 ca Ga
te her 21. In tha beys department
ths membership'. has increased iathat
time f rem 212 to 103. .The Cedars,
grew rrcm 704 to S17, and .' thetasi-J
ness men's department from. 2. Co 01.-'
i P!ar.3 were- discuaacd. ior, Increasing
coming year.
first cf next
2iay, a goal of over, 1200 members. An
effort- wilLalso be made to Increase;
the ' membership of the Japanese as-J
sociatlon to 20O,n3akicg a grand total
of 15C3 members cf the Y M. C. A.
fin Honolulu.1' 'J'v' v v'ir ? ' I
Dijpatehcs'frcm -Hiio-- -declare, that
tc ldaurtcn3 of the Dig Island are j
opposed to Mr. Waller candidacy for j PORTLAND, Ore Oct. 12.-r-Dound
the governonhip, 'and are Inclined to for- Portland' from. Jlio de Janeiro to
'atcr Link IdcCandless. Their ground .load wheat the( German ship, TerpsI-,
for. the cbjection to Waller 13 that he chore, nati into.: Tort Stanley, Taulk ,
is "too'much like Frear whila tner land 'Islands,- October v6, because cl
assert that ttzy believe Link woiid, the illness-of Captain! Noreikas. - A ;
give them, and -the Territory a more" message to that effect iVas received ,
energetic administration. Am an.? by the-Ierchants exchange.:;The vee
those whohave come ! to.. the front sel Is under charter to M. U.Houser, I
; with, theirjeainions are such m en as and sailed from RIo'. de - Janeiro, Au- ;
i Harry jj-wFa, who declares that ha wilt-gnst 16. It la her first voyage to Tort-.
I not run' against Link, Cam pad a ;iIan-1 land P " ' i-' -;r"-'? tx ' -'; 'i
; ager McGuire, v David Tdwaliko, the
Archer Irwin, end H.;D, Corbctt VW
S -
. i I I II - w .! li i I i 1 I
'Success" cannot turna man'e head' If
he' has a stiff neck? -.-3 -1, i os-w
. W Vi
; 4t
ft'k '.''v '--" V .-' .fv"1, J.'- ' "
"-' - -.'' '- irl-"!-. rt 1
'Saye'Ycurl Hair!' Br:a
gjj Danacnna Grow
;-7''Vr;:;':-'h.v'-? ' ;-.'.";-5-' . i'-'S: --v '' '
' Try as yon i will; after an appllca-' draw'tt througa your hair, taking one
tkm or Danderine. you cannot find JsaalVtra9d at a time The effect is
. , j j " iis'J.J 'jJt Isamedlate-amazloyottrlialr
single trace of dandruff or a loose or ... . -.. .'i
If ycu require doublc
ymon jznzzz, you will cn
joy Kryptok Lenses.
With them you ere cer
tain of having becoming
gbsees, .perfect for . negr
and far view, snii entire!
free from any odd eppear
; ance or sueetion of ad
, vandnr years. ; : ;V ,
v They '' can :r be put into"
any style frame or mount
ing or into your old ones.
,Iiifq. D.,F::n:::i.";:i '
1 Manufacturing Uptciarw
3 arrjisonlblockJ' ? - Fort Street;'
ana your scalp wu not t4ve a9 appearanee' of abundance; an
hat' wilirplease you noost, j Incomparable lustre,: softness and lux
uriance, the beauty aid shimmer - of
true hair , health.-
Get a 25 cent: bottle -of Knowlton's
Danderine from 'any ' drug store- of
toilet eounter. and prove td yourself!
jomgui- aow mat yvur na.r ; . is : as
pretty! nnd soft-hs'any :lbat It has
been neglected or lojn red by. carelesx
falling hair
itch but what
w(ii be : after a few weexsvuse, waea
you : will actuall jr see , new hair, fine
and. downy 'at firstryesbut .'really
new hairgrowio g all over the; scalp.
, .. A little 'Danderine now will Imme
diately double the: ,heauty of your
buird" difference bow dull, f.uk-di
brittle and scraggy," just moisten a
.cloth w ith. Danderine and carefully
; i . : V justecei ved 2 : -? ;
Crepe God da and
; -',
;i 1248 : Fort. StC, above Deretania ' 1
Telepho ne- 323a P.O. Dox 793
t -
Dull Calf on tho nov;:
( iV P Style LccderG
" - - - ... '.;
' ' "V '

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