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alOjiMIii 1
i' v-Vir'. '-.'.i
itiiai !OLi,Jii'i.iiihiliiiii:
7 v ,;.:;V?
V Y.'ith every cabin occupied, nl hun-
Vdred3 of travelers Ij the steerage,' the
; Pacific Mail liner a Manchuria from:
Ban Francisco Is nn arrival at the
port of Honoluln thl afternoon, bring;-
nz many tourists and others; who are
aumitteaiy recruits as a resuu oi we -
ngsretgive campaign now being waged
on the mainland -at the Instance of
the Hawaii Promotion Committee and
, allied organizations. -.' ? P ".. v.."-:
bf two hud red and fifty cabin pas
rer.ers who left. San Francisco In the
liner, one hundred were destined for
Honolulu. The number leaving ' the
hlanchurla at this port' also Include
Hi tecend class and one steerage -paste
nr. or.'-" . -. -a . v; ':- v-'
: Local police ofScers boarded the big
liner at the quarantine this afternoon
for the purpose-of effecting the ar
rrrt cf Chi Gin Hank alleged a for
mer treasurer of a Coast Chinese bene
volent society, --who Is charged ' with
having alsccnded with funds, amount
lr. to about JUCCO belonging. to that
crdcr. -, "' . " ,';
The ofHccrs who accompanied Cus
"terns, Imm! "ration and Quarantine f
fic'a!s to the ship were shown every
c- arte. y ty the steamship men in per
i v.L-Z ililr quest fcr the muchly want-
' T, !-y rccni was rnaie at Alakca
v.:.;rf for the reception of 240 tons
i. i:r.'r.i freight brought to this port
fcr di:cl-.irce In 'the Manchuria. For
n V.r-.- It WC3 a matter cf doubt with
t: - c":;!a!3 r.t the port whether the
; r; r'a ccu'.J f.zi a berth at tf.e
1: r tr.l freight wharf.
'4. ' - :r:a is exrctcd will tail
' . V r : t rt r!x o'c::k tencr
: ' ' : :. ' - !a c.::itlcn to 148
. : . , f 1 :'. :s c. ZZ3 Arctic
;,' i :::cr;;;rs, a dcrcn
c' : ; : rl 70 la the steerage
; : :i J::r.::sli. ..
: .'. - : - 'I frcm the mainland
tacKs nrrivcd in the
::a tc-'ay.
' Tcr.s Car; ' :
.::..r. c..::.J . at Calli-a
, c j freight frcm
i r.zzt ccast cf :he
, j ri zraticr.s were veil
r :' : 1 r- ":.-..; cf ' tcr
r t:
at, the r.cv
Cjc1:s at the
z rt :rt the
: t:. i:ava:'-::;
c cr:.
1 at
tea it
ILIe. in
l- ;
v to I
. 1 and dii
cr frc!
w York
kt at thct-e
II I. -
.i.U v..
ivator win ar-
:v first cCcer.
C.rzyz IIorLor,
: : !- have fallen from
; - '. Vv:: a nctl-
" -, cr V ? cellar
. : . : - f tit: i that ta
;.i tl? ri; attend in- to
Ira ; : .1 v.as teen to fall aa
-.!) tr::l::n with. heart di3
3 I Later .as p ut' tbout and
rr nt in an endeavor
in re ever tl.3 Lcdy. ...... . :;
Tie Calvatcr is to bring lumber
fre: i ray City 1H113 and is expected
here the middle part of
Cart:r Cz. His Man. ! -' ''rl
Frank Tresh, raid to be a Fifth Ca-valryr-.u
has been placed under ar
r t -rr:J wjta wielding a knife,
hla vi;t:..i Icing a Pcrto. Itican ' wo
i" an "" . ' "
rrcah was a muchly wanted . man,
end word was passed along the line
that, he was a through passenger in
tl 3 trocp chip Sherman. Harbor Of-
: f.'eer Carter visited that vessel t-fcre
the trocp thip took a belated departure
fcr the rhilippirts " yesterday. ; and
tocn discovered that Fyesh was not cn
heard. Carter's next move was to
pay a tasty visit to the railway sta
tion where. Fresh was found' prepared
to take train for Schofield, Barracks.
-'.. - tj , '-r;-'; -.'"-
Heiir.a'SalHna for Hawaii Today. L
: Taking explosives as weir as other
Items cf cargo the Jnter-lsland steam
er Helena vwill tail for Kukaiau,
- Ookaia, Laupahoebce and v Papaaloa
the hour of, departure being fixed fori
sel carries no passengers..' ,. .
v , - 't- r'.-w
Thetis To Visit Hawaii: V.'. "
Th L United States revcnrie cutter
Theti is soon to be dispatched for a
cruise to- Hawaii, the ; vessel being
nwsy only for a short time. ' The pos
; ilhility of the Thetis . being.sent to
visit the hi d : Islands ' i lying to the
westward is yet a matter of conjeo
! i
Office, Klnj
?trtt Vnl?.n !Gfa, ::'hy9'r;h0 iwo oyer: 190,000,000 pledges a yean
- ,' . . . a . . .
IS m nm
ture; 'A report received' here come
week "ago with the arrival of . a Pa-
xw4 r Mail steamer was to "the effect
that tome small vessel were noted
a hovering- Beer Bird Island, ft large
delated rock one hundred and seven-
ty miles to the westwara dui in me
track of steamersplying between the
orient and Honolulu.. ." 7
Mary E. Foster Rode Out a Gale.S
. With ' decks drenched through re
peated Inundations from mountains
of sea water, ' the American 'schooner
Mary . E. ' Foster, on a voyage ? from
Honolulu to Port 'Towns end rode oat
a gale of tnusual severity. - " V
; In a leter received here, the skliv
per of the windjammer sta!4 that
while no damage was done the ves
sel through the rough Landlln.1 the
slements, both pCcers and crew f t-re
well pleased when the voyage as ter
minated ; and the Foster cane ito a
safe haven at Puget Sound on Octo
ber 28. ' r.r; ; - - " v YW:-"
' ' y--,-,
Weather Mods rates Along :
Kona Coast. ' :A-7?r ' ;-
i While-weather, conditions were. still
unfavorable along portions of: the Ha
makua coast, a change was noted as
the Inter-Island ; steamer Maul ... pro
ceeded to Kona ports. The vessel re
turned to port this, morning with con
Elgnments of sugar milling machinery
ernr.ty-gasoline drums and wine bar
rels. Sixty head cattle were brought
to the local market.;. v - - v
The steamer encountered' light
winds end smooth tcaa on the home
ward voyage. ":
:':v?ral' Tr : ::r::rVln trie Hlthrt. .
Ccveral ;i;::r.cr3 .ar taid to he
mahlng ,the trip to Hcncl-alu in - the
American tary R. P. Rithst now five
lays c-Jt frcra Can Traacisco. Tn vs
sel ceiled in command cf ' Catajn
Nel!:cn with a lars:3 caro made up
cf racral mtrchcr.d.ca tad arr:i23
tcr lecal lmrorter3. The ve::cl ccmc3
to the ascncy.cf F. A. Echaeffer and
Company. . ; '-: r-.: l-
s From Hav.aif.
Pavicg blocks to the number cf .17,
s:3 were included la the large cargo
brought t!o Hcnclula with the arrival
of the'-Inter-I:!" ! t' earner Wailcb.
This vccscl cr : at: HlIorWalm'D
rc;aiLca and ctl..r ports. In a'lltlca
to the blocks the veccel carried
c:Js weed, 1CC0 tics, and 2121 pieces
W. n Kr
at ti
in the .r.rradlrT c
y:.t:.::y aLer
: .L ..z : eell. t, that
teing hurried to th3
cat. - .- V
1. Hawaiian suL'ered a ' tadlr
. ..a . .1 le.T as a re: -It cf some cf tha
aaher falilu;
Frc' ,t:r Added to Canadiarv-Austra-.
Ur.z. ; :
. Urkr charter to th3 Canadian-Aus-Irak-n
Una to lead general cargo for
Nev.' T: aland and Austria, the Wier
etc:m:r Invcrio has arrived in. Van
couver frcm Can Francisco. Che will
leave for the latter port .from .which
she will clear fcr her loag voyage, ,
n . :
r:ttlrtats !.':w T!; Cr!;;'cn TC'
Ceetfi Tit. .'. ., L" '
Avaet tl . :; a"d doff your sky-piece
to tl 3 "1 dy.ck!;;:r," who ha, so the
ea: e., c:.r.e to cty and ia this rorti
culer in,:an:3 will guide the destinies
cf a Seattle harbor tug. - J -
Jdi-3 Sporman, row Captain Spor.
man, if ycu pi: a: 3, i3 declared by tar
ry old salts as. "a mighty trim craft
with a handsome figurehead." Captain
cr Mooter cr Mistress Spoman has a
thcrcuch nautical lock, and, 13 fully
fledged to rly her calling as a skipper
her certificate of proficiency 'having
been granted as a master ! In t the
United States.. . - v-L.."
...Thi3 is the first time that a woman
captain has appeared at Pcget Sound.
It may; not be long before ,a yisit
from a real "admiral of the fleet Jn
retticoats and long sea boots maybe
in order. , - -'. :-r V ) s
Seven New.Uners fcr HolL. iU. -cr'
PORTLAND. Oct. .31. News was
brought by; the Elue Funnel liner Pro
tesilaus, now discharging United
Kingdom and? Oriental; cargo at the
dock of Evans, ' Col em an & Evans,
that seven new steamers are now un
der construction' for the line at British-shipyards.:-
- One, ' the Ixkn,' Is
about ready, for launching' and will
take f.the place vpf the steamer Kee
mun in -the Bervlce of the Pacific
Coast after the : latter finishes her
voyage . to this port, where She ar
rives next months v-;v IfyS'rZ
;-The Ixion; is a steamer of -the isame
type as-the Protesilaus, about twenty
feet longer and more beam, having a
tbnmige of 1 0,200 tonk register.:' Two
ethers, the Nestor, and a ' vessel not
named, will have a registry of 14,500
tons, ; and are , being, considered tot
the Soulharoptoa-AuSiptQlan : trade.
The other four steamer's are": an for
the- Liverpool-Yokohama service. 1 :.k j ;
It Is probable that one of.the-last
Uour big steamers being built : will b
- h At. J L.2.
i - n ... :-a :,. '--i-f--: ..-,f 1.-. -k ' 1 n
acr SJM
7 V.',
its iixsj
0.45 1104
New moon Nor. Sth at 8:"34 p. m.'
-71- r nrf..
liofuiurr. "H KoV. "iOSl."'
v Temperatur'e-6 a. m. 5,' ? a, ti. 75,
10 a. m. 74, 1? noon .75, minimum last
night U. n':v a:' yMr - '
v Wlnd- sC xn. miles NET, S a. m.
1 mile NE, 1 0 a. ra.,' 8 miles NE, 12
noon, 6 "miles, : NE; morement, past
J4 hour, 120 miles. - - ' ;
Daromeler at S m. .S3.04,; dew
point at 8 a, ru 1, relative humidity,
S.a.-cu.'C2, absolute humidity, 8 a m,
?,S01. Total rainfall during; past. 2 i
hours, 0. ;-. .. ;:C ' ;
used In the service to thi3 ccast. Cap-tt.n,--V.'..;.C-.I-ro:tr,r;whx
,r:a: .trr?
last In command cf the Oomfa, is des
tined to command the Ixion, and the
placing In the Ecrvice of the new ves
sels will result in a general promo
tion for the" officers now-in the. ser
vices' ?v.v-; .-Viii;::
"There was "only one saloon passen
ger, Mr. IL TL Townsend, aboard the
Elue Funnel liner. V.'hlle the steam
er ,waa ta'-ing' on cargo 'at. Kobe, he
left the veooel . to rnahe a ' tour cf
Japan. Jle ealJ the nation w03 great
ly moved by tha Euieedo- cf General
Ncrl'tnd his wife.-Hundreds cf thcu
t -iT.13. wero goln dally to th5 "r:n
eral's farmer reridencs in Tchyo. TL3
gi-.-ral ir.prceeiou wa3 that the had-
g: :al had con? a moot com-
' Mj act. Jt Is prohahla that hi3
I -.03 . ill ha maintained ;-a3 a
. 3 to his memory;.. ' :-;..
:n A::':t3 in Couth Seas' L
. ...':ri. '- ' ' ' , ':,''.';. ''
:; FPANCICCO,: Oct 3I.Car
j; P. Ae.lt aooooio-ted with th3
e:3 Inctitute and a member cf
party which coiled from - Kr.
1: cn the mo gnetla" survey ve: 1,
.:-:?, arrived from Tahiti cn th:
Acrangi" ye:terday. ':? y
t :
t" :
a Ault vent to Tahiti to to' 3
I cf tl.3 Carnegie, if h:L
1 Cat Certain Y, J.'Pet:r
r;;irT th3 it;:r In. : .: 1
-A V V w . . . ..... . fc
..3 c
: c:
certain errors to the magnetic Charts.
In-rem in''-.nce3'it ha3 teea tscer
tal.eed that taero I3 an error cf varia
tion cf from 2'3 to ceoes.
The Carn:-i3 y.ill proceed to Ccro-
nel, thenca thro. "..the. Ctrait3 cf
Magellan to Tort Liar'ey in the South
Atlantic, and after etc. ping at various
po.t3 In Couth A r.'. erica, ehs will ar
ri .j- at. I.'ew Yc in June , or July,
when a full report. will be published.
, .-Mrs. Peters, wife cf the commander
cf th 2 Carnegie, also arrived on the
AcrangL Mrr. Peters had remained ct
the nearest Etation to which the vessel
wa3 cperating ever since the Carne
gie tailed from New York four; years
o ; ., . ... . . -. ; -
I - tassiixgehs dzpaetid.
" Per str. W. G. Hall, for Kauai ports,
Nov. RMr. and Mr3. H. P. Wood.
Professor Jaggar, R. K. Conine, If. P.
Faye, C, Payer. Mrs. Carrie ' Akana,
Mr. and Mrs. : j; V. Rath, Leon A.
Quanson,' Mrs. Hannah Cheng, E. PaJ
mor, J. M. LIdgate,- M. P. Fernandez,
a 'W. Spitz. ' -' "': ';' ;';
Per str.1 Kilauea, ; f or . Hilo "via way
ports, ; Nor.'-, 16. Mr and Mrs. L H.
Undenx'ood and Infant, Miss C. -Simpson,
R. J. Lilliei F. B. Manle, Mr. and
Mrs. N.' G. Campion, C. It'IIemenway,
S. A. Strader, Mrs. J. Helblng, Miss
P.Helbingillss M. Buckley. Mls3 K.
Buckley, Miss J.LArmijo, Mrs. F. Wi
Bea.rdsley, C. T. McKeone S. M. Ka-
takanui, .. W. H. Beers, M. A. Mc
CoonJey, J. B. Barrett, Mrs. R." W.
Shingle, Miss Lady Macf arlane, . R. W.
Shingle, Wm.' Lang; " . .- -V
Per O. S.. S. Sierra, for , San Fran
cisc6, NovemBer Iff. Mr. .'and Mrs. A.
H. Bosworth, ,Mls3 L. Mnllard, Max
Lewis,, Mr.1 and Mrs. - W. , G. Scrim,
Mrs. F. J. Hillebrand, Mr. and Mrs.
J., C Cohen, . Wm.; Boseman; -A, F.
Arare, E. Laffaron, J. D. Harris Carl
Schranbstadter. . B. W... Haverf ield, : C.
A. Burns, D. . W. Driscoll, : Mrs. r L.; S.
Blackman, Miss Sadia Driscoll, Miss
K. Driscoll, V M.' Marcum, Mrs. . J. jR.
Chase and child, D. v Rowen, Mr. and
Mrs. M. R. Galloway, Mrs. A. F, Drake
and child, E. P. Fogarty, Mrs., M.vj:
Walker, Mre. A. W. Sweet,' S. Naka:
num.'. fw . ..5. ?..V'.j-'if' i'JyV:& ?.
: ' .. Per strKInad for Kauai ports, Nov.
2S. Mr. and Mrs. H. Rohrl&'';H.Rob
? The official figures of the election
on West Hawaii, the Second dist rict;
were completed this morning,' showing
the -following totals: ' '',.L:.
For Delegate ClariC 18 ; Kutilo, S4S ;
McCandless,V303; ? Notley, 107.-' ".' :,
For Senator Baker; - 17; Henry
Beckley, - 631 ; An tone Fernandet, 510;
D. E.' MeUger. '470.-: f - -.- , :
For Representatives -r-l De Mello,
460; Holstein. 760; Kaaua, 535; Kau
piko, 6S5r Kawewehi, 59; Liftee, 437;
Mailolo..302; Makekau, 473.
a Vitbinpplie ; for IIonofpa,1the
schooner . Defender7 tailed, trom San
Francisco : yesterday; l;::::-;!
Local shinpis men look for the ar
rlcal of the 'Americaa schooner 1 Se
home, the-windjammer . sailed from
Grays Harbor; twenty four day ago.
; Lumber and building material IroT
Grays Harbor left" that port lo rhe
American schooner John Smith seven
teen days I ago ; destined for Port Al
len. V;---1. 'SHv3' :
Work of 'clearing j Richards : street
wharf oL a " large . -accumulation v of
freight Temoved from the Matson Na
vigation steamef Hyades la progresa
Ing at av satisfactory rate. .- .V ;
Not . In weeks has the harbor .been
so destitute of deep sea shipping- a
at present The shin Falls of Clyde,
Oceanic liner Sierrsv and oil tanker
Santa .Rita making' up , theUist? ihis
morning. - 4 ' , -'.e-;--V
The schooner Ethel Zane is report
ed by cable . to the local 1 branch ' of
the Merchants Exchange, as having
sailed from Grays Harbor: yesterday
with a . full shipment of lumber, des
tined fcr. Honolulu." "4! ; ; . - '.' '
" The - congestion of - freight" at the
several territorial wharves has- been
relieved fo'suclent extent to permit
cf the Pacini. Mall liner Manchuria
terthing at Alakea wharf there to.be
diocharged .of 20 tons, mainland :car
go. ; i: :-v ,L- s. e:.","' V r '
Lewers: and '.CooksAexpeot ; a ship
ment cf lumber from Port G le In
theAmer!can schooner Hohert Lewers
which left the . Washington pert six
teen days ago. The vessel ..should ar
rive here "by the first " of the coming
weeiL.- --- v.?.vv-.;-:i--i'';.v''.,.'t--A
" To the ' Kahulul agency of : Alexan
der and 'Baldwin the American schoon
er Nakornia is on the way down, from
Astoria, and should arrive . at ; the
Maui port at any time. The vessel
sailed from. Columbia" river sixteen
days ago.L-'V;i-:';":-V;evrV" -,."'
Two windjammers . froni . "Willipi
Harbor are enroute to the islands,
the vessels " bringing' lumber. . The
schooner, ,WK J.' Patterson sailed twenty-three
days ago while the Repeat
i3 now nineteen' days out from the
Washington, lumber-port . ' ; r
. Completing the. discharge' cf forty
thousand .-barrels fuel oil theUnicn
Oil company tanker Santa Rita 1 3 ex
pected will sail for; the ccast thi 3 af
ternoon. Whila; here the veeoeli:. re
ceived a fumigation at the hands of
the Federal Quarantine cillcir.lo.
Heavy fv. eather to the westward is
l llevcd re:::n:ihie.for the long pas
::3 heing .m-.de by th'a 'lltt:3t'Co.a-
.1:1 raoirio Cable c
:1. : e:e:r Tlaurence 'Ward from Mid
- . 7 . to 'Honolulu. The vessel i3-now
e twenty, days 'from the mid-Pacific
c..la station. L , vL;;Ly-;., ; -.
" V" IT 7-.- - nr. ir-i i-n i'ri-.'vVQ'.-t''
.d :ovc- ' -r T, 1312,
. A v. ... A ... i... I J -X
Ch-1 A Stanton toeKalmuhi Land
Co td . f .; nu ( !D
Elmer L Schwarzbers And, wf to' - ft
Ch In g. Ch 01' . , . 4 , .. B
S Maruyama'; to .Hawaii .Preserv
ing Co i.td a..Vi..:Addti chg
W G Irwin Co; If tr to .Samuel
Parc r . , 1 ,....... . . Rel
Trent Trust Co LttlTr'tQ Terrl-. "
torv cf Hawaii .4J...........-, D
Trent Trust. Co Ltd Tr .to Terri- ,
. tory cf Hawaii D
Adele N Frates to J C Neiper.... Rel
Anna Miller nd hsb to Bishop Tr ; ,
Co Ltd . . -. . ; 'i , -V. Addl Chge
Vrm R Buchanan 5 by Assnee . to f:
.Francis M Swanzy f.i ."v;.V ; a D
Margaret M Cooke et al.by.Tr to . ;
J.Alfred Magoon.ahd wf .i'.VV. D
J Alfred Magoon and wf to Tr'of - :
" Margaret M Cooke "...; V.T. v.. .-i r M
Entered cf record November H, 1312,
Frcm SiZi a, ia. to a. ra : ;
H Rahiny by Atty to James A Wilv
der. .. ... .v ;v, ; . : D
Mary Fernahdes ' and.; hsb to Au
gust F Nobri ga ; . . V ; ... . , - f t ; '
Sugar stocks"; contlnder slumping.
Uioneer Is' down two points to 23, that
being the 'registered "asking rv price.
Oahu has fallen; ow - an addiwtional
quarter pont, sales between . boards
being 60 and .11 shares 'at 255 'and
100 ev divident at 25v On the board
50 shares of Oahu sold .- at 25. Ewa
has fallen ff also- a Quarter to 27.50
with a reported sales of 6 and 6 shares
Olaa alone holds its; own; at 5.50 for
45; SS and 100' shares in recess.' -Of
non-sugaj; .Pineapple , Is unchanged at
47.50 f6r: 30.: shares reported.
Dfcidends amounting to 3200,000 are
announced- on S today's sheet, being;
Hawaiian Sugar : Co, 30 cents, or
$45,006; Oahu Sugar Co., 25" cents, 6r
$62,500; Oahu Railway and. Land Co.,
65 cents, or, 332.50Q; Pepeekeo Sugar
Co.; $2. or ,115,000;. Waialua .Agricul
tural Co- 31 or 345,000.
The .lake steamer; . Cecilia was
thrown ' on the - rocks In. Lake ;. St
Louis during; a "storm. Sixteen people
were drowned. , " 'j0ic
' . Cardinal Resplghl, vlcar-geheral to
the Pope, has .resigned, believing him
self to have been responsible: for the
actions of ..a subordinate which the
Pope had ordered Investigated,
;V Over ; 150 apaches vjere- arrested
after the, funeral of the Russian ban
dit killed fttf Odessa; ' The 'malefac
tors, had ' come to St. PetersDurg to
pay: last-honors to 'their comrade and
were recognized by the police . from
photographs;: y': ;. .;' ; '"-'
: tThe salaries of German naval offi
cers " have been raised 'and other , in
ducements offered ' to v improve the
personnel ;'of ' the ; navy.'-:--; ;:?::'';ir';--"
English; mothers are to' be' lristruct
ed In' the scientific care of their xhihf
ren. A "school for.' this purpose has
been opened in one of the. poorer , dis
tricts of' London; ;v.v--.-
Flower women- are" ;to be barred
from the: Paris streets.-! The florists
complain ; that the street stalls inter
fere with their business. - 4 1 :
"Sir Robert Baden-Poweli; : the foun
der"' of the "boy scouts J has - Just mar
ried Miss Olive Soames at'Parkstone,
iwrcetsnire. .
-; ,
A letter has been -brought to light
in Tokio . which: was - written by ; the
late General Nogl. a, few hours before
he committed suicide. It Is addressed
to his; dear friends .' Sadamoto Yoli,
Chosaku Odate, and Masayukl. Tama
to, and to Shizuko, hU wife, whom he
did not expect to die and fully 'ex- j
plains the writer's deed. , It readi; as
follows if. .V;-""'? :; - s..V v Cvvi-3.:Si,;: i
r "1 am now following5 the late1 Em
peror to death though I know I shall
be guilty Jn no small degree In doing
so. -Through my carelessness I. lost
the regimental flag, entrusted to me
during the civil war. In the tenth year
If . Meiji e (Sal go rebellion) and ever
since I have been looking for an op
portunity to put an end to my life on
account of that disgrace. But I could
find none. - On the contrary, . I have
ever hitherto been, bathed In the light
of the Emperor's . great benevolence,
which I scarce deserved. I am now ad
vanced in age, and I have come to the
belief that 1 should be of little use to
the. Emperor,. when suddenly occurred
his death, which was a great blow to
me and prompted me to resolve to die.
"After the death, of my two sons in
the war, it was often suggested to ma
by my inferiors, friend3 , and others,
that I should adopt an heir fcr my
family. But the evils of the system cf
adoption of heirs have been widely
discussed since ancient times. .1 can
point to numerous Instances of the
same. Including that . presented by. the
family of my eldest brother, Mr. Ncgi.
Special car should, be talcen in th3
care cf my family, to which the priv
ileges 'of -nchility are given.' If my
heir were my own son 1 should ho
content Should the adopted heir 1 1
an unworthy man he would diegrnce,
I fear, the nam? cf my family.,,! can
not do a thing that 13 against the di
vine princirle3. There ar? my rela
tives to tad; e core cfthe groves cf my
ancestors, therefore 1 here my rcei
dence at Shin-eaha-machi will-be' pre
sented , either., to the ward or to tha
city. 'V '.:,.;-' . ...;:
Leaves-Another" Letter. ;' o ; 'Ci .;'":
"Inclosed you will find another let
ter referring in detail to the. diotrihu
ticn , cf my prc;erty. Sh'.auko' (h!3
wife) will consult ycu ah out all eleo-.
As fcr the ether thlng3 I leave t:h:n I
me, Phave Intrusted -Colonel Ta.:'.::.: -to
chooes for thoe,3 whe wers my at
taches in.th'3 army, from my wotel
teleeeeres, swerds, harneo3 and ether
thing3 need by soldiers. Colonel To
hada nerved in c.ch cf ths two wars,
is known to Cl.lzuko,. itnd I hero- ye.i
will con: :lt 1.:. ..ll ether tl.:ng3 ycu
may dl:; e:? cf a:.er;cce.eultation te
tween ycumelveo.'
, "1 have :intereot"d'.:ree-r3. -.Matoni
cud - At mi .:th tho dl:; eeltion cf all
those things which, were given ms by
the court and lee- tha .a.. rial ere :t
of the chrysanthemum and all whhh!
l idesiro to -davcte-. to the Pe ro'i
School. Y.'ltli regard to my I : eho, !
those which are useful for t:.3 IV.ro
School, I wish to donate to thot
echool, n3 t!:o the rest cf the Che'i
library, escort the book3, which may
be of no us3 there, v
T deeire to .be--kept -''forever either
at--'llarqui3 Sasaki's -4 or the Sasahi
shrines all these comments which are
left by. my father, grandfather' and
great-grandfather, nnd which may he
regarded a.3 a history cf tha d:ogi
u ' r
. . :-; -a;: ' . t
a f . ' - f .- -f y - I
win n " -.'" ' -"
. Silver Hair : Receivers a.$2.50
Silver . Hatpin a Holders;-. itoO
'SHver Puff Boxei $3.00 $375
""'? 'e ' '':: '- e - ;,. ..';a
Silver Hand Mirrors ..r..... ,-
,r''. . i, . . .$3.75 . to. $40
v -s e:;'' '" :' . a-' va- e-:-; , r- -. r
Sliver Talcum Holders, oval .
'' ; c -..-- '.--. 7(.
. - . . . ........ f . 9
" V -...v-i.': . '.'-r- i-a'Kt'"-a . --a-" '
Silver Soap Boxes,- round, $3.50
Solver Soap Boxes, oval $3.75
-.ri;- v'v-
gos come in
: '. '-' '
:J-;; V.;.i ea-v.;e-
.. j- 'i?
; 4 '.' aj f-'-
.-. . -
y '
la xhlc!i U carnh! I tlj nAT.V.:!A::
rr.'i;i:;a EULum:fc:tah:h;h:d i:;z.
iio:;olulu GTAn
iyi'l PnUtU( : p m a 1
VTALLACE C FARRnrG 7 ON . . ; ;G cr: : rzl E u ! zz:z I ! ;
. n - ' , ' : , " , . - ,
' . . 1 ... . . .-, v j . w . m. J A -. T - .9
flat rattj for display AiT2r.7:r:::3 cr' n :;:) i::c:
UNTIL JAd-l. 1,1313 (rro::rr:l l.el.l n I-..), . ....... .1: : :
TTLVNSnrrr RATE. 31.13 trot lz: :rt: :i tm 1 re.. : eat I: . ;
CLASSirin); OnsXcnt per werd CJ cenu jzt lmj per w.,.
ate3ace: daily cinrcLATi ox jrxY.o no r.r?. ! era
4. v c. K 3 A- . - . . . 1 . W
cr;cn 0 ?F1 cu . . . ...
Y . ; k. w w . . A
; a r.,--- ',. ? - v-' " i W - .
rer Ilcnth. tnyrl.n in Uall 1 :
Per Quarto r, tryT. hero In U.ltrl
Per car, ty, ..;) in L. .. . ....3,
rer Year pa-ti:d. forclj
Per Six llcntia ......................
Per Year, nnyh-re in Unit-1 r :..:3..
Per Year, anyhera la C-.ni la
Per Year, poet: :.Id, foreign
3 n.l C
family, esc
j enly tl.e. 3 c:
may be cf no use. All the? V..:.: ;
which belong to ma r.nd aro c.i c c
hihit in the military museum (et IIu
dan) I desire to donate te tl. t I tl
tution, becaus? that I? th e 1- e r.: :
rf reerlng the. 73. e euveeeiro tf tl.3 l
Th!:uko I3 tdvan-1 In r - '
fl - e:.y3, and I ra: 1 1 . .
in car? cf her f:::: ill, t , h, : t
hcuea In I-hlLayaehL wh'rh ii ia
remote plac?. I : a, v....
transfer that. -he.:' t : : -. C
brother) and that Ch! : 1 : '1 1!
in th3'ho::-- re : t: '
cf r--, , ' -': - a d s.
? I 1
d!.:r. ;
":iy re-
a 3 I la--
cf r .1 1.:.
t; : .at to -h:!r
er 1 t:
ca: :) ere c.
V ' v ,,.
"Th"4 '""'d
t,. . 1 . .
rercr' ; -'1 l
m:':!, v.h
It c.eeat
'"AbTut all c" -r : .: :
you v 111 con .ale
tl.-'i :'!.' 71 e- tl 1- C
rcmal.i as le.ng aj Cl.l . .
&l:o that !:!... f.:ro-,.r,
-c: . -.
- tr - -
j"""" ' ' ' . r -
yy Comb i and tMlrror; . twelve
'f-. IdiT f ere n tatterns i 7. p. .r
. Each $&5 per set
On stands, with broad base,
adjustable, hadnsomely ' en
graved,-4 -styles ......... .
V..i.$8.75, $330, $3 J5, $2tJ3
'.''- Vi ea'5, i-y v-?- i'rVi. at .
a- e- a-'v:' "V.'-T? -e" -" V".;".a':-'a.-'
, e -a-.- ; -a. ; ; ' : l
'...a. a; . ..:--' ; .:-'::.
CTAH. eetah:;.:i i: a 1 t 3
i:au:i rar.y z- c.-i-v.'c..: i:
- nuLLEii;:, ltd
roTi- p
J M . - J . . . t J
-1 it...,) ; ... - -
W 4 . t. .Ai.l - ;
.......U.... ......... '
2 ;
. .................,.,,, t.
.. i: ,
.............: I
.. i
.. ..
' . -v
Silver Flasks .... 11.23 ta
If -T
t.4 J
Silver Flasks with cvp
Silver Handled VMsl Crc:-'j
- -
Silver Shaving C.ts ,
; -. .7; .$3.75 ta c 1 5.: 3
Silver Smokers' Gets .....
...,,.... ,$13 to 1 1
-Silver Military sets, 3 pl:c;s..
"; -- ".
.'. V .- . . '1 t J
- Silver Army, and Navy Cits,
4 pieces ..............$12X3
Silver Cloth Brushes ;...$3.I3
era :'-;'-a' a : e ' '." :;-- aa
- ' '-: .''"-'' ' "
e f--.-a V:-l;' -' a"''" ;''- "
' . " . . . -v . . ., - ; v ' . ., .-' . -. -i . . . .-i '.- - . . . "r- -. -, - " r . . . ....

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