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t errs. :;ov.- 1C. ; " r
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lie! Dec C-";:- V
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AfO; i d i3kj D?C 3. J. ;:
nvcnln- l;..:.ct!n;'r.sL 1SS2. No. S3 04.
frsr. WI. XX. No. r.-
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:.;.Iy. lie
f i.r.e.ticn end
cf Yeilvkt. U
to si.ow the
t'r.wrc. fixed
. s c; 'r.icn, in fact,
v .:..t cn surar
, t I. .4 44 1 1 4J I... J i i
3 the T' rri.,c ry r.?
. ;i;i:- c. tho c:;:al
i. .The ; . :: cr's val
' ::i ;-iar. ration vas
1' e cri "al .beard's fi
;i,:C3, . ..... This esti-
: i and sustained by the
- - ' - -. ' .. '
. . r; i i 1 in ,the Wallultu case,
vi.iih Ci.i:f Justice Uobertsoa iis-
is f'i'.ovs; . . '; .
', . ; -i a ar-rroducing - planta-:
I ? r tly undergone' extensive
; : throush the use of addi
- ! !; ir water supplyit would
1 1 'j
cietermining the value of
V. r . :: ' property cf the corpora
te. 4 far ux..:ian purposes to place en
tiro reliance i:pcn the profits and dir
Idrr.Ji rc: :ivJ,frcm the, three crops
harvested fir:
fieri vir"' . r
j-rices cf r
? the extens icn, largely in
il and at a time, when
:r .
. c
ere 4inusually high.!?
as r.n".
nee must; be tnade.l
investor would make,! &
:':! r
O U Ml C ill
u: dee Declares
K . .....,-...,"'.!,.". : : i
n Pir.Pi ration Assess-
; y lvi.
(;.:;: r jh tic:: i:o:;e::tson
:I re
! It is ul.
:, v.:
, 1:. - ( .-r.
:i 1 c ;1 (!!
rtlrT to
;i rr; ::.::.:Jf
4 f f ?vir
to. 1 o.:-
cr c.
4 .. . j v.
i r :i (
1 ty cr suia a
t: rise cs a
.rci.-.;rs censider
rr.i.:;; ; ..vcf cf'tha rro
t: j !: ;.rvn r.3 thown ty its
r. ' f 4.'. 'ro ; r z : 7; : c ts cn .i r -3
Ti. ? :::.: ::i cc::::i:rr.tlcn is
, t:.: ; :;t l::r.- cf ir.rcr
: . dct:r..:ir.ir. -what the
- to I ?. The cccser
t ti.? : : :;ui:.tive i;irit should
i r- -.tt:rs c! r.-rcc-rricrit,
: -:ch' vc!iicr.s no one
I? ; :!y f : . " - v. - c 1 in ell cases
th? :. .i;;., that go to
? tho YC.u.-y In difrerent
.? statute require 3, that In
? thtrc rhall te 'taken into
ti::: I.::!:3 certain . nat
cial'y t:::r -ate, .'e'.l other
1 c .k;:.t:ans which , rea
vi:! 'fairly tear uon such va-
ths c . ' aco a -valuation of
!,( i) :j ri -cu cn the'prororty bf
V.'a:ir.:;u L-ar Company's tugar
fCcntlr.urd on pa;e S.)
i GOVERuOa :sells-v c '-a?
Coverrcr Trcar. hasold his. Aala
IarU prc;;erty, -fcr vhich theviStar
r.ulletin reported yesterday he had
: :i c.Tcrc J ?2T,3C ),.' .Thus far . the
; riee is held cenfidential,' Cif well as
the purchaser's name, but it is believ-
I?rcar chtainad 'something''' like
the surn thi3 paper said he held the
Piace for tCO.COO; " The land'is in the
form cf a bellow square, 'with ' two
ends cf it facing ' King street," which
wcuii make it unsuitable for a the-:
f4ter site unless the intervening lot
could be 'added to it... It-is said that
the real estate brclter ' who offered
J27.5C3 was not the -one that' got the
property. . v-' " ' . ' - : ' ;' .-..'- ' ii
At the time, of . the 1903 sesion of
the Legislature, Senator Achi wanted
;to have this land added to Aala Park,
but the Governor declined to .enter
tain an offer out of , delicacy, about
selling his? property to the 1 govern
ment .The . area is 17,000 or 18,000
square feet. ".-'.' -: '' t;1-f.
J2 , Plantation day laborers on all t
t the plantations have been award- SJ
ed a bonus of 13" per cent on Vt
their wages fori the sj
Buear re"ar 5J
just .ended, -This -is 'in vpursu- Xt
nce of a' promise of the plant-
era association -"at the; first 'of.
j the year, ".' to give the labor;; a
U bonus calculated, on .the basis of w
8 the average price of sugar for the
H season. , ". :.- '..'.-r " ..---tt
Sail in sr from Hilo nn Oct. AtS 'the
American schooher Spokane is report-
ted Jo have arrived -at ; Port Gamble
yesterday. :
r-'V -::.;'" -f"i"
- m
' if-
" . , . , :) ;. . :
, ..."
. . . . .. -
- j
Seven cf tb V
1 r rt
cn lev-
i nil vl
;::cr L.:!: to Still
' y-.' Er.J.c; ..'.::!
' BY Grru.io C.
! 1.
L zrz . c.". J 1 r . . . i
; Gru;d in Fii'.t
1 j
1 CtJ
' (FrcJal'. Star-BulMfr. C:Ae ;
. CALT LAiCC, Uth, r.'-v. 1S Nir.:
t;: i r-.ir.rs uer cr.'.crr.'-rd in tr.s
ci :-i.i cf a s Iver r.-.;n r.:zr h:rs to-
t'..y.' At t':: ti..,3 cf ti.; di:;:tir two
v. : : : 1 . vLiurs v.jrs cnths tower
l:v:'i cf tiiT-r.tlnj, which-' is very
c' ; : ; . V;.:n t!-o ' rur,-,l:!in3 sound cf
tr c ccvir- c:rth filled, ths' r-Uirics,
tu. r:r.t or.J .the fcren-.cn 'cf C.i
l:v:!c f .-ri; 1 th:m into a cess, which
.3 r.-r :J to ths ru;rs:e . withoutj
f.-t:.: cthsrs. Tv.elvs cf thj i
rr.i. :r: :j ty their cor.iraJis j
v.ho t...:J ;r:ct c'rr.:r in ths 'shift-1
in3 ecrl'i cr-J filling reefs and
I:ry sr-,: : -ti to ;:t their fricr.Ji cut.
T!-rs ;ro cliil c.ven rr.incrs i.-r;ris-
c ;i cn t!2
tr leve!c.
r.i ths
r 4 . 1
5 ri
: 4. . ;;rtir.t is c 3
' tirs in eff:rt: t;
t" -
: ..1
. Li r x,. .
wa3 th:
in the !
There v
eCandless for governor. Such
decision of the .Territorial
.raittee, at a meeting - held
Candless building last night
r.ct a voice raised to com
bat Ldr 'c candidacy, .when II F.
Welter : .c, :I that the committee en
dorse ti . f rmer- candidate of the par
ty for c! .ate to Congress.
It was rumored that W. A. Kinney,
the -T)?"-:: ratio attorney,, had made pp
his micJ to enter the fight for the gov
ernors:::;:, but friends of Mr. Kinney,
as well rs members of the central
committc " denied, this. Said one of
the committeemen last night: '
j : ".Mr. Kinney's father said recently
that hi3 s;n night be' here fo' a short
visit, on bus Iness matters.' I feel sure
that if Ifr. Kinney desired, to go into
the fight for the. , governorship the
would have communicated that fct to
his father.1; '-.V -,.
"I know that Kinney has established
a permar-ent residence in Nora -Scotia
because tis sen's health suffers when
the lad is in'this climate. "To my:way
bt thinking, , this .settles-; the talk of
Kinney for Frear's place.",:, . J - '.
Mr. fyVallfir I the only other, serious
candidate for - the place which Frear
may vacate, and none of his boosters j
wepe present at last inighy -committee
meeting. ; His name was? mention !
ed, of.courebut it was felt that his
candidacy1 lacked the backing of t hev
there were' two members of the com
niitteewhQ. seemed willing to-endorse
him if'others led the way, they i cast
theirCvotes for ;McCandless "when the
time. earner ;' .': :t ;-.
: Following the adoption of the JJc-
Canflless Tesolution, , a supplementary
resolution-, was passed informing v the
various precinct clubs of that comtHlt-is.saidnhat the- Japanese "govern-
mittens action and calling; upon l them
(Continued from Pgv 4)
n tx ntJtjnn na nn nn n
n Joe - Coheni ex-Republican, v in-i n
tt .dependent In- the last campaign tt
tt la now; full-fledged Democrat tt
tt He has signed the precinct. roll of tt
tt the Democratic 'clnb'of the Sev-tt
tt enti : precinct Fourth district tt
tt and' his' card was exhibited this tt
tt morning by. Cot E. H. F. Wolter tt
tt to prove it "Joe is going to the tt
tt coast.' soonCso let's" giTe. him a tt
tt chance to boost for Democracy, tt
tt said " CoL '.Wolter, , and the : Star-i tt
tt Bulletin;- representative ; assured tt
tt him. Joe Isat 'liberty to boost for tt
tt Democracy all ha wants to. - tt
tt t; ti k n a
-v.. . -.;:" . :-;v i..
''''.-.. '-.-' ,' '- '.
. - -
...... 4
" i '' .. . . . - - . " : T : . - '
' ' 44 .. 4k. Mm1 . - - - .
1. - v . - - - , 1
v;;:-ri r.:.:;z jc:tpm ci
" ty YCU..2 cc: :cr.T.
The HiQhcr 7ag3 "AsscDiation
Leader to Precide at 'Asaliij
' theater J6night : : c
Cl. AV,; W; propagandistsv and.'- the
Japanese of ; Honolulu ; will -have : a
! chance to hear, each other tonight' A
mass meeting of - the ' Japanese , nas
been called . by-. Fred . llaklno, and
other prominent; Japaflese pt this city,
for tbaigh t and the AsaM Theatre on
Mauna Kea street has been secured
for the gathering. ' i ry.-::
4 The imain speakers; of the evening
wiir be Makino himself, who will preside;-H;.-
Tsurushima Of - the Ilawaii-an-Japanerj
Daily j Chronicle and , K.
Haga, o ;theJippu' JijlThere .will
be other speakers, it is understood,
nd probably some one - of the' 1.; ,W.
W. ' workers:will present ; thef sides; of
that-organization. ' v
The meeting is; called in ' order.' to
meetthe campaign which the "syndi
calists"., have been conducting among
--'.-'':.';';;", v.--.
C' Tai Chong, the : bank.' clerk, and
Chinese theatrical . magnate who fled
the Territory on the Pacific Mail: liner
Siberia and is charged with-embezzlement
Ms cinched for certain,-; accord-Ing-
to .cabled news arriving ; here: to
day;: ;;v-;.&:
ment has refused to alloVF the China-l " ume 18 noL Known. j-Tienas say
roan to land at any .Japan -port,: andP", heTr,l?Tir n-P,eaYre b.eni.b
as the Siberian on Hhis triiy does VnotPi !s; hinted - that the "opium traffic is
touch at a Chinese " port; - the alleged
embezzler; wlll . be nabbed when the
steamer; reaches" Manila American
soil and brought bacfcjitereatYohce.
7 i he course of the Japanese govern-
ment- In refusing landing , for?, Chong
because he is declared an undesirable
citizen, will,3 it is said; clear AWajr any
possible cbmplications .-that -might
arise, cverfextradittnn . papers; '.'':-'-r.;
: Once every , three months the t Si
beriaV makes, the- trip from Japan.1' to
the i Philippines direci,; touching the
Chinese porta on the .voyage back op
the coast. Chong happened to pick
the. wrong trip for his dash -from the
authorities and if -. the . information
that arrived today , is correct he , will
be brought bafcklo HaVraii at once to
face, the charges - preferred against i
hJmv'At-';?,'" -zV: ::y:-y
';t'' ::.'' -i;"-.?. -''
s . - - .
. - - .
-4 ' 'ti '. "
the; Japanese workers cn the Oahu
sugar ..plantations and in th3 ci:y it
self, and it i3 reported: that r: a!a
tions condemning the proposals ' V. ?
1 W.. W.- letdrrs have been t . . : i
snd will be submitted to ths : i
meeting for . "consideration . and c!:cl
sion. . ,.';: .: :v'-.;;" ;:'"; -" '-J-'.
'"' Among the - leading Japar.c? .:::!
ness men it 13 feared that this i.":.i
ing'wlll result' in' a re-opening xf th3
but-recently closed. W'arfare t:t". v ::i
the local Japanese 'dailies, -which, wes
settled about five days ago by a ccm
mittee of arbitration cons: ct
Dr. K. Haido; Tvev. Y. Okomr. , 4.. v.
Y. Inamura, Y: IshI, and -T. Suta. VI.: j
fight, which . started ' over 'th?;:rih9
called by. the Higher "Wase As.? cia
Uon three years ; ago, ha3 . ts: : re
vired, the Hawaii Shinpo taking, the
side of the employers and "the cher
papers' that of the association cn: the
laborers.' It is - believed that Z I nhino,
one of the leaders cf the assccie'lcn,
and his associates, ; have t :": 1 n
proached by the I..WV prop;- -' 'itts.
jr r
.-"Bringing konie. a large, crowd ' of
Kamaalnaa the Pacific Mail liner Man
churia from San Franciscd arrived in
Honolulu late ' this afternoon. Among
the' prominent passengers who debark
at this port is F. S. Stratton, collector
of customs at San Francisco: The na
ture .of j hls Visits to -the Islands at
we reai cauqe 01 ais coming, ana vaai
revelations 'may be v expected ' In ; the
near future.
Detective: Kellett and .- a number of
other IbcaL police officers met the man-churia-
and at 7 once began a ' search
for Chin But Hang a Chinaman want
ed ; in, San -. Francisco for: alleged em
bezzlement; of - funds belonging', to r a
Chinese benevoleht society.
Kellett andseveralioCcerr tunted
high and - low . for the- Chinese iunder
that name but -without success f. ;
Two deaths occurred on the "voyage
from - San , Francisco; to , Honolulu- In
ach In stance the grim reaper visited
the . Asiatic steerage, a Chinese : and
Japanese : passing away.
The Manchuria Is . carrying a .large
delegation of East Indians wno are re-
turning to the Far East, after having
accumulated what ( they beliete rsuffi-
" "r ;' ' -s i. -v ---"'. -:.:.'"',:''?
reil this ti
i;i.. r;:
csurt rc: .:, .
J3:'x J:' .--: t' j .
up:n a r. . . . . , :
phct:;r; - in c:
siis r "-; - - ' t3 "-'
r.-.ad; a re.h f.r it.
w:i r:';:.:J 1,1 : '
C; di.v.;-:3 1 ch-.c
: t.
election lav. 3
sf th cent:;
Caii'rrr.ia are- i
i trc.,'.-.ctj in th. r. .
sary'to carry ti:;. fi;i t tetw.rn ti o
In this Ctats to thJ floor cf th; H : .
dons as soon'aipccsiil after C:
. . --.
4 : :
7,-'- Special Star
.-. PARIS, France, Nov. 15 Au;u:tin . f "ox, 3
city,. today confessed to.th; peli:; that h; b -the
fund entrusted to him by hi 3 c!i: '3 r : :
The ' : Dourse ef 1 1 ct e d th e s e n s a t i 0 r.a ! a . 1 r. : : r.c . '
many leading stocks.' .
. ,; : : . - fAssoci.ite.i
i '
; , CHICAGO, Ul novemaer 13 Jacx jcnr::n th c
weijht pugilist of the world,. was releaeed fre 1 c: r
bail. this morning In spite of efforts on th port cf th; i.
to hold him behind the bars. No date ha3 heen ttt for hi;
IA' WASH INGT ON"DA November 1!5:hanpci ark, C;--House
o( Representatives, today declared himself, in favor -
tra session l'of Consress, in order that some cf the mere pr..
tion proposed by the Democratic leaders may be; pushed thrc.. .
dent--' to jv keep'.them v : the -,remainins ttd, Richter,: and Chi:! L';
days of their'llves. : ; cr, and a third cr.-;:.- er, a .
iThe Manchuria passengers are" well - more new1 men 'are . vrith the I
tprinkled with, missionaries returning the capacity of cfT.cers. -to-
duty at stations throughout Japan, : X.iM. Landers former I -r -China,
and India,", or . ; ' ; China. is. now. with th? -r.c -
"The liner wUl sail for. the Far Xfcst,
at 'eleven o'clock tomorrow morning.
;, - A" clean sweep among the . officers
of the Manchuria has been made "dur
ing the stay, at San Francisco.
With the exception of Surgeon Con-
-r.-i'-: . .'- '. ; ' -.. .'
3 c
; ;
. :
c :
- ru'.tnin CrJ
a f.
Prr?9 Cabl.
Material for Pearl Ilarh
tion is aboard the An :r:
tine AiaryWinkleman r e
out from Mukilteo.
:r ccr.-'
"v" - - -

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