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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, November 16, 1912, 3:30 Edition, Image 10

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i -. . .. ). .V.
'5-. f
't ...
7! ?' rrcl'c:r cf t:i tJ!cc,vr:teSvatcr
f !y. f;r ihe. great. Lew.uvy- yard
r.t I'carl Harbor, vhich has "been, a
vci!:: cne to date, will foori be satis,
fr.ctdnly dirrcffd cf. There has never
? - f -j- v c-ry cvrr tie ultimate rup
1 '. ::-.t icr r.-'-Ja, tut'durir.g
."I r f. dr; ''-I; ar j yard rja
re J.3 at tinifSva
: ' .r. 1 f . :::e -c f ; th ? injnor';
'.3 In r::I arc ;::d the reserve.
1 ", : : f 1 i r 1 in ("--.sequence. '
; '. 5 t row !"a3 .a vo!l c
' v.-1.. . accord in;;
" 1 : :: : . i as a How ')!
-4 ... - : . urs. This is
: t! -:.:.uf to fill any cal-
' ' "' ' 1 !:' i m (e iurrij. i--d
' :r.t!.?, rc'.aUy four
" r v.-ili 1 - dclivtred to
; .1 i i:.ch r'i-C i:ai, ;
5 ' ':' r:t I f.r.,rj rvf rr.r.cnt cv
t r .. . c 5 ; !; it RM('
' ' ' : . t ' h.s t u
t ' . t ; 1 v.-ater f u;
I . ' :. I ' : t!'." rovernn-f :r.
' ' , : . 1 ruoi:va 10
t :. . I Jic ,' .ir. 1
. i.' ! v rytl.i:' la his power to as
! " t:. r';Aj,v includ-
: t cf a r'-'.t of way nrrosi
f.r ('.; - The ' f II
T - rt a r.t r.f a--:t
, t J! 0 1 ri:::i; :;1 cx?':n
-: . : :-.rl Hr. rtr.
. ' t. " r rca: a r :v;;l rrr.4-cts of
' , ! t'. s'Ci,rcd
::t ' . trr r . . :y at 1 iii-
1 ' c r " ,1 V:? r-Vfrr:..cnt
' c . 1 f ii-:;;.:u:as ( .'.:: . :.3 to t::a:;k
I'- :!.-r 1, trrrStrrial fc;J in
: '. :, 1 :. : :!y : -.: t x! live ara
'. cf t ? wat.-r . fiJni the fevcrn
1 - '. v cli, ar.j fcuad it crcf : tior.2'.!j'
r r c. a:: J free fro .call ' I'-Jctrrisua
;.' -trr.::s. : ; - ::: '' . ;
..t t' ? --rr-t .time "water fjr'the
v ; : l' ; re J i-.u C -3
1 i :c :r.s Co8 4-I:.cli r :;
: J i . v.-fii at Mcanrlla to
; - si.e T;.i3 p.'pe.cl-o t ?-
1 ..Urtovn, however, and the
. . y 3 Civile inadequate., for .navy
- that there is to nucA ri
ttri:,i:c:i wcrk in progress, la 4t,
4 m w m
(Continuei from Ps 8) ' 5 ' ,
to their , shoulderf, while the horse
'soldiers,' in the hcuEe endangered -the
brand new., rajtcrs n iUthe! jenthus
jlastic cheers.- A-CU-'
The- fight although one !6f the brief
est mtnenisiory r Honolulu ring
events, was wcrt a manv round's of the
-average contef t: I, The jen went At
.nK n.m -..-(fK An J
'and it was anparcnt that, the contest
, was to be no rtntle boxing' exhibition.
:Crusan cam s in with a" perfect4 hall
cf swings and abs, but Hazelrigg re
fused to give ground, and gave better
than hti received, his ; punch" ibeing
about the ck fenes t ' teen in the Scho
field ring ' f cr rome ; time. After -two
or three interchanges Crusan &; gave
' w ay, and his opponent, xjulck . to tAke
advantage,-tva. hr d him into A neutral
; corner andf managed t3 put over the
i lecp';trodue.7j--v'45;.V-b
"... iue o-rounn- pr.5minary ' Detween
Private -IlaUi-f1 tha 'Field Artillery,
' Private Han f the iFeld Artillery,
was fihnnt. t'SfVl rplr rnill'ftf li even.
Jug; although M ivniid hardly be called
a scientific h!hitIon; pIszczek I Jhe
: tough .lad-v.'i ior a decision to "fTex"
Ju the L. .:rt f the i;ew-yard.'
furore !;) f.ryor;!. ",:
'" " , . 1 . ., . .. , - t, ;
read cctructLn hs been held back 1
cn this accouat, there being too lit
tle v.-atcr for rpi:r.k:;r.s.";, ' ;
One tf the presets which Is. beins
i-aii n ie reari iiar-u
i3 the rlantics of
f "Sue trees ar.d orr. omental ' t hrubs
ahcut the grctjnds.,The Navy, Depart-rn-n
has taken pabs. to see. that the
new yard will be pleasing to the eye
as well as cf use to the nation, "and
with thi3 jn view the chlcers quarters
have teen' desisned ' with special re
fard.'to trcpkil conditions, broad la
r.ais being a feature cf the buildings
a3 planned by Civil Engineer Gayler
and, his assistants. . ' : : . ' ;
The trees and throbs are.1 being
grown cn a plot cf ground to the north
cf the yard buildings, the idea'befng
to transplant ,as" soon as the proper
locations are .determined. ; However,
some of the trees have grown so fast
that they are already too large to up
rcot, so excellent are ccnditlons for
arhorcal er'riment ;;,
As stovn by the'acccmpanying pho
tcgraphs,' the permanent '; buildings
. are now taking definite.' form.; Pearl
Harbor is the greatest government pro
ject in the Hawaiian Islands, and from
row on its growth and importance will
Le more and'hicie t . .:rr:,t- r ' t'J
Selman in Honolulu & week ago.'.and
last night he showed , thathe is : ft
comer. He is very awkward, however,
keeping 'his arms hanging -at hfs'sldei,
and jnaking many; unnecessary slides
and lunges. around the ring. Wheh he
learns J more about boxing' he fwilbe
a dangerous customer lor he 'certain
Jy ?does not. lack grit or -bulldog tena
city Hall; knew more, about he game
and;outweighted, his! opponent: by terf
pounds. 1).ut tht- Infantryman wore film
down, and in the ; sixth round, when
Hall .was bleeding: badly from a split
lip,; Hutchinson .stopped the; bout and
awarded it tp PJszcxek; explamihg' that
Hall had 'no chance" to. make ixpthe
ether's" lead, and that he . should not
be v subject to further punishment: In
the fifth round Hall" took a' brace and
seemed to stop the; other man's rushes
but the spurt- was only; a ; flash in ttie
pani .57; d.-S:'!-! VZ?'i- .t-i;
'Driscoll of the Second" lnfantrr! and
O ray of the Firth: llorse went almost
the - full eight ; rounds before the lat
ter took.. the knockout that seemed to
be coming to him from the first gong.
Howe ver, ; priscolt. in snite of a most
remarkable style-roK-milllngtAlK his
own, "pi tved a tough boy with 'an al- j
most" nnbelieyable ability ' to Tcome
back ! strong' after ; bejfailmosiVWt
Time and (ngain Gray"staggered "him
.with well-placed ; bl6ws,tPriscoH cov
ering .his head and face,-; wMle , Cray
tried to find v; an V opening for jliis
gloves... Then; the -other ; would make
r . ' .
- .-, . - if-.. .4. ;
"if1 f
la , the left forfo'reandj
::Wi ' Y$ (J AT IE Jl H 'iH y
'flTX rclf ii i engineer, TTho has Ichargc
i v of Jearl Jlarhor, , work. v t rii
a "wild, rush,' flapping; a why , with both
hands. - Jeither t man .played, fori the
Lody but iiad either? tibne so the fight
wouldn't. have gone. as far a.3 Ut 'did.
Driscoll-.was finally, floored and stayed
down 'apparently-;, dead toxthe .'world
until ; the count ofhine, when he
bobbed . up; jikeaTrubbert ball 'x and
rushed across the; ring.' r Gray jnixed
it'andrfinding another opening,: sent
him down again. .. .The belf rang trhen
seven seconds ;had .been; counted,' and
the referee gave; the Jght to Gray. .
? The. opening, mill was a tout-round
draw between; McKenzie of 1 the' First
Infantry, -and siiauser, FifthrCavalry.;
McKenxie proved :a hard hitter but' an
awkward jfeboxera;iniere; :f wajg little
ciincblngip the & men" hieing content ! jto
cover. up and then rush; l.iauser; got
in some effective right-down chops Jo
the back of the neck hen. McKenzie.
.was - crouched down protecting; hlm-
j self :y; f - h:
w $efgeahtaish7otFj Company, Sec
ond Infantry; made a.'goaKLannQuncer,
while Corporal;' Smith .of the same
organization ? was time ; keeper.:- Pri
vate Hutchinson pf.the ! First refereed
: The..fight card, was the -first staged
In the splendid newvnantry amuse
ment halUIuUtata:cpst of $7000 by
the Second "JLnf an try ,:,4X)3t . exchange.
Ueutenantcoth;HhevPosti exchange
0fiicer"saWi JLb; it that the; show was
WaIY ..mM.tf.4 ' ,1... . . " '
r,it wj t iiu imere p were
no hitches , in :4be -program. small
delegatioh5from Honolulu was i on
hand, bnt all. thefightana of ihe post,
pfl2crs ani enlisted men, tnrried out
to; help, make, the venture . a success.f
f l-'J' f j T7?T' '' '" ' 1 " -l' i
::a SpeciaUrates; for Island people jtt
t'Pleasanton & Hotel for : ? all a year
round. advertisement, ;
. s 'SV
ShlrHtterKi and boIlerntakcrsV sliop.
i The; rnarine, officers qnarteris,' almost ready for occopancy.
;XTfeeneit 8torcho
11 rttllLLlL
.The , transport Thomas, which left
here y'Xor Sah Francisco last
week, carriedtfromthe Philippines
to his -home; in the' United States the
remains; ok & soldier-athlete, who .was
one. of .; the rgreatestr runners "f ot: his
time ;iToinmy-Conneffi the fastest
iniler of rhis day maker of a record
at," that distance - which": Iield for. f if
lee n . Wars, : ..was i found dead in the
.Pg,.fiTehis;;ndshrottded in a
rnystery, thatwasrj not cleared up at
the time the Thomas sailed ', from
rKo marks. ,of ; rriolence . were found,
and intimate friends of the fiead mail,
who .was rA : sergeant in -E troop, 7th
cavalry, stationed at Fort McKinley,
. . t ; . - " ;
c ) .t I I
Forge shon ou rlskt.
scout the. idea of suicide .as, absurd.
The: great year of .Tommy: Conneffs
life was .1893. ; Then Jt.was that he
carried; thev colors - of the, - New:; York
Athletic : Club. at. the igamea: at'.Trav
trs island ani established, the world's
amateur , record ri tor.. the noel ?; lie
' made . the distance ;in 4 ;mIiintesV15
and: 35 seconds, land this was good
enough ;to Jast; for fifteen? years, -for
not untli - last " year- did John ?Paul
.tones, of Cornel lower, it; by a scant
fifth;"of, a Second-j," jHVcp
It -was f' in;U885 also ' that ' Conneff
.sped ;int o national Xame as -i one . of
the - superb band of Amerlcanathlete
who were chosen jta meet the; pick :Qt
Great : Britain J in Cthe iinternationaJ
track .- contests. The ; . mee ting. came
off i in, , Jnly ;of thatvyeaiV and venl
after - event wentj to the imericansv
until only the hree-mlle race . re
mained to? show, whether J the . United
States-could achieTeA-shut-out. jOnly
two men .were considered seripuslyj in
this race the last. of ta wonderful, day.
They were Bacon, "the: English champion,-
and Conneff, an Irishman whose
naturalization papers - had - but recent
ly ; been . taken' out, and jwhen the lad
from; Erin bounded ' In an easy winr
ner the-spectators went -mad.
- " t , " -
- , ' 5 I,
i ; . v
, ...
by a cacsan rtzl llzxz
4 .4
; ; Tlie powerhoone. ' Xote man at
efforts! of a large force.'of police were
necessary ; to wm - him awaynaked
even to -the feetfrom hi 'frenzied
admirers. 'Hn,;, -u
AT 0. E.;S.;SAUS
The Golden 7 CifcIe'Sewing " Club of
Leahi Chapter, No ;2;;Q will
hold their; ann.ua! sale, do ; taturday,
Noy;..23,:. fromlO av m tJU 3,p. m.,vat
the;Baltimore"istoreiJoZltp)i Fort
street, near Beretanla. JLadiesi; look-;
ing' for dainty homemade .Phristmas
gifts wfll ,certainlr;flnd : them there.
There wllf be a children's table ,where
all jBortsjof clothes" will te found that
will suit -the most fastidious o!l. and'
gladden the. heart of, tne ; little mfss
who will ' he fortunate enough" to .find
any of them In - her Christmas' stock
ing j The candy table will come up to
its usual standard as. it Is superintend
fd by some of our best .candy makers.
The obd Eats!: table iwijl Je jgaded
down with most delicious cakes, , pies,
cold meats, etc., all "coming. from the
kitchens of , splendid,." housekeepers,
:x c
work near ton of ),z staci.
which -Is a guarantee - that "they v. 111.
be of the best. Beautifully - clre :a. j
dolls wiir also -be found. The prices
will! be ; most' moderate. . Ladies will
fin&; It to their ".advantage to be Oa
hand bright - and. v early.-advertiae-ment.
. r ' - '.w-i .;,-' , . .
? VThree persons were burned to death
and twenty badly injured . waen the
Berlin; hotel, of St. - Louis 'burned ; to
the ground. -
rtiA trial Vq rlotf a a rrl-caT .In n '
Francisco for a ylsit. The head of
the Catholic cbnrch ;in America Is
makifig his lirst, visit to the, Coast.
i A; London hospital; for children has
a phone . beside every cot so the ba
bies can talk- to their parents- at wl!L
...Turkey haa. appealed to the powers
for Jnlervetlon.acknowledgmsc. her
self unable to withstand the Balkan
HEPBURN Taifrianji iJIrs H.
, 1 4j-"... ;;;.'
: .,; ..... -j, ,

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