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Honolulu star-bulletin. [volume] (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1912-current, November 16, 1912, 3:30 Edition, Image 9

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HONOLULU, ' TAIM ULLUT I X, SAT H . DAY, !OV. 1C, ri2.' ;.' -
WW :d ' r-. "yj
I . . .
d . 7
i i
( I
' "
- v
1 "-.'-'..-.'-. -
. ..- 1
Mriii. Event if CJ ri
r. : Crrd Cl:::d
1 I ' -' f r M - " n
I, I I . - , . ill! ' ' ' J I LiW...lllvlll
i!: : ' .
1. v v.v l -:r i 1 1 ? ere urvally
. cf u 0 : ::
r- '-.
t I:
. j : 1.. -
. 1 t i
-j u
T 1 -
V . "I
-C: ,r.
1 V
an awful
c:: ice.
' r ? tic culy tcu
J a durzny'C. H.
Th 'lec J:r.-r tea:.: in auy-tport is
:::-!!. tte "( " :t," Lowlics Is no ex-
Fcr tie v- r-ukhed" Cherries Rase
r;aa lal average and score
ICS end i: ). . , , v. r
denies wcr' ripe last" night and
tie i:::7.-ers were ure there with
tlclr L..il.cts. -;'--Vi'v?
For the Eirnders rolled a consis
tant game having high average and
tigli tccre 1S3 and . 08 respectively.
' "Now it is evident that there will
be rr.cre lntercit taken la the league
as the premier ; asition i3 shaken; sev
eral teams arc figuring on dislodging
the Cherries. An Observer. , . .
C:r:;3 Is .f.vryt Ccoi at th;
Cr a'a ':, tltxi Unfsn
cr:::rcn rtrest-
' 'ee-ijt.
. . ra r
" !
: 1 . t
1 -
a !
t: : c:
. n 1.5' " lin
' 1. ,
a 1. '
I: I
c . .: )
r C
0 (.
; J:r.j cf Nov. S
w k: tl.e Cm
::z f.":r ?: .'
c to
l: 1 .y rdi
. v. ill L 2 ' riv-
C '
: . , . i.i tl : Lv;:.-. ;
C '.:v tz.'.zy r.:
t ' .. ' I t. o 1:3 ex to
. r.'.lcr, 131J, i rc .J
M.rc tlcre r.:"-2 au
- to tl 3- c::e j-3t turr.ei
; J.'-Aky:, ov.r.cr cf tie Vm
I .!. 1: wai after a talk
r.t H'Air.j that. Co:;imy
v' "?is;ca. ' !
: I : : : :r.t rlar.s the Sox
' . : l:rc at cut a wesk
: : cxt year. T. ey
tj .. un Francisco t zl
! t:
; t:
tie c-tard ar.l? inward
!:,! Ikion rar'cs "will te played'
vkl t:. 2 -Au: Iranian tcar.3. It i::ay
ary tlat Cc:ua:y
cf lis l ittery n:ca to tloiclar-Jcrs,
Lccauc?,tley have little ecaf.Jr.ce in
tie r.l';:ty cf their own pitchers and
catclcrs. ' ..;;"
Tri3 is 73 Days Lcnj.
The length -at the time required for
the entire trip, including the . time,
spent ia journeying from here to an
Francisco, will be about . 73 days.: The
voyage, from San Francisco to Aus
tralia is 19 days, including a one-day;
stopover at the Hawaiian and South
Sea Islands. , It is planned to' spend
about thirty-two days in Melbourne
and other cities of the Pa.ciflc contin
ent! Retumlng. to San. Francisco
about" March. 1, the Sox : will - spend
three weeks in training. and then will
start back east to open the season ,of
1914., " : - A '.. ': p-:'-':-:- f. ;';;y
' Expenses for the trip will probably
be guaranteed by the ."Australians,
who believe that they , can clean" up
some money in exhibiting a big league
ball team to the natives. Cal Ewing
was assured that- he would not lose
on the venture, tut the men . with
whom he was dealing, weakened at
the lastvand wanted him to cut his
5 expense estimate by . $1,500. . As he
had already named a. sum that barely
covered the cost; he called the trip
off.-: y
President Comiskey ha3 long been
threatening to. take his team abroad,
but has never been able to make up
his mind that, such a trip would be
beneficial Th9 Australian; venture
1 1
lj t' : f . : l
3 I v
MM1.: , .::;t' ' :h
" ::v; it v.cu'.I be." T"ey
1 r-.cra''cn te rur.-'.r. z
, f .1 th:ra Ij every n
tl.at Cit.r.-.:thoJ cf r'.ay
;.:;! t tho rrffor.-.inatir. f?atura.cf
!. th 3 v . . : : ihe larger - tcr.rr.3. . . Of
n- 1...
:'; : M r : :M cc
'T c. '. '. ' :.'..y v, lid;
; y to cv. 2.
t rv! v.lld.i c!!2W
1 r.crc. ; tie V.r.o,
: cf a r -:: My Lccp
; fcr t:.at ::'. ty cf
::.e it i rr.'.M.M tlat
..4 r. ..... t-.i.jo t-t-
11 2 1 ill" wl::-: it
: tie re:'.l. t".t tl-rc H
:e cf tie fcrv;arJ
It I.
rv '
t - -
, , . ; , t
.. li..
it w
t t an tl, y;:i v.cu' 1
'I rcrratcaly all.durir.-; a
:. eaca 3 it ret., down
:r.z distance would atterapt
,;cdte style cf i'.ay.. And
.at be poor-gene ra'.diip by
2 c
'With four of their best men out of
tie p-ed Ihe . Punahou 'eleven is
letUi. eddth the -upholders of the
I MM r. 1 Coll oa Alexander Field
tlia attw: .on fcr supremacy in their
seccr. I e against the Highs , this
season. . '' VVm; .. ; Iw-'.-"-
On account of the understanding
bctvveca tie Hihs and the Puns that
every man playing on a football team
telcngir- to either of the .two schools
te up ia four subjects of study, Aus
tin the clever goal kicker; Mclneray,
center; - II. Baldwin, rhalfbacWr: and
Gilman. guafd, have : been : dropped
from the Punahou lineup, with the re
sult: that the Puns; go into the game
handicapped. . .The fact that . : these
men would not ; be allowed to play
was not . known until ' two days ago,
and the coaches hare been doing their
best to fill the vacancies with, as
nearly, rejiatle men as can be .picked
from the second. w'tea'm.''--':Howeyer
Captain Schnrnan expressed the opin
ion ' last ..night that his team was in
as good condition, as could be expect
ed, and he is.confident that they; will
take .. the. game, w " ; A
The enthusiasm among ; the, ' mem
bers of, the High team' has run high
since the second tteam defeated - the
Pun .seconds' last" Thursday; ' and It is
evident that some of the second team
men will be called onto the gridiron
this afternoon, r Captain Dyson said
yesterday that if the- team plays as
they did against the Town team last
Saturday-. that there is little doubt
but what they; will win.-' If the Highs
do' takewjhe game this aftenroon it
will be a' tie between them and the
Puns making the- final game for the
championship fall . on Thanksgiving
Day. ..m 'V .i-, 'mMAm'--
appeals to him; and: he, will open ne
gotiations sooat with -MY. : Ewlng acting-"
as' mediator,- .7. .w-
:.3 ' . I i tl. :' :.:-M . j
in the tlj tc:.o:
' The rur. r.Ir j '.;!. : r tit !
r- iv ru!c3 13 CrfTI;- - ; rova :Mvt.
. r.?n . two. tc:.; ; - r 7 e ,:y
r-tchei .there i ; i::"-? c'r". : t' -.t it
will te-tha nc:t rrc ' .:v3 : '.' :1 cf
rxir.irj srrour.2. -i: .. i ij 1.-.: .'.-.asy
i:kc:;iood . ti-t ti 3 ; :. rJ ,
r y tzr'C:
:i yr:rs f :
: tto i 4rc Jr:
: t:
a tlllcuU matter .for t: the several
t;".rr.3 to r.:':j ground -ca . stralt.lt
plays in tie raMMa cf tie Celd whila
tie d:f:"-2 w: lept open because of
t: 3 i: :r:ir. .:. t er cf tie forward
7::". lt .a.3 r.:t, 1 a.vever, herd to
;rcvc::t in eiv.-.aee after tie l:all had
I -en wed 1 clwvn Into tie frrritery
v 1 : d. t ' '
wr c.r
fee.; 2 ceuM cere cleeein t dw;;i the
' ferwrraa. a - - . ' ' : ?
' . Tl? see:- M-ry will ret te
all 2 to C . e u?'i:r.f:r pre: t cw.M
' tier. 3.. ar.i tie forward t!d.. --3 will
te jut a 3 weal now rMlt 1. d:r the
goal as it formerly wa:? in tie c Mer
cf the fell Thi3 t'a- - tlei - case,
c-relcs are racking their' Lrr.ir.3- to
f.r 1 sc:a3 means wherely tl.3 lire
plunge down under the goal Una .will
be less effective and tl:o darrercf a
touchdown' rendered lc-3 ienrMrcrt ,
r " . t. "
-"' M . :
' Portuguese vs. J. A.y C3 in - second
game of. Oahu League" championship
serie3 tomorrow. The P A, Cs have
one to their credit, and 'ate con?. Jend
of aiding another tomorrow.
same . ... confidence isei held by
Japanese. M - d'M'":-IT: dr'.::w
'cw Char wants all -candidates for
bicycle polo; to turn out - at : Atkinson
Field tomorrows morning between
and 11. He has a supply of mallets,
so that all prospective champions
need is ' a wheel-and the1; ability to
ride hard and play ' fafr. r ,. '' .- .
The November play for the presi
dent's 'trophy of- the Oahu'-Country
Club Is being contested this afternoon
and tomorrow, 'The golfers wilt prob
ably be out in f orce,-,as they wUl only
have one more chance after thi at the
handsome CsUve.tputter;put;dWp-.Iy
former - President; Mclnerny-of the
clubir- M ..''. ::.
..V f"C
.1 -1-
MTte All-Chinese wareMplay!ng;rth0
Stars at Athletic Park this afternoon.
J Soccer practice starts.in earnest to
day. There . will: be five teams in the
big league this- year, High Schools,
llealanis Mailes, Punahous and Ma
rlnesC The season starts Dec, 15 and
games L wflU be played' on ' Sunday 'in
stead :o(Ssmdiy:f.: mm;.
w, :; . " ' 0 ' :'jM'-'?d"''
:A boiler on the U. S. S. Vermont ex
ploded at - Norfolk,. . Va; killing two
firemen and scalding .four others. ' It
is thought that water "in' the boiler
got tOO ;. IOW M ? :'Ul- S M;-;?''lt'M:
" A gang of boys all "nnde their ma
jority, has been" arrested, in -Los' An
geles, on the confession of one of their
members to numerous hold-ups around
Ramon Nunez, a Mexican, has been
convicted of kidnapping: 1 two young;
Americans - near Tarillo, - Texas and
tielivering them otere to the; Mexican
army,-- : e- -j? Hi-
cc . r t: ; r
are c:
t! at. Id'
c 0 C
v. ..on it
cf t:.3 1
flay- ia
the' d . ;
men - "
net 1
the C ,
i:.::t:.d '
t' ere i ?
tie 7'
, Pitd :
r- :r:::o:i
J t fr: c
: MMer. HM . ; ' --j
t ey ether. . . .r,
) ir dviJual wl j '
da lee 3 fear
- lave tried to Mdv
r:ran ay from tl 2
: j
. .vw.., I- . 2 cuJ t !- -'
reetly r t 1:3 'heal Cut ret r::
wculi 1 2 e'.dalr. rc ir-; at : ' M
c-ly 1 - tcrdw- :y tycr.. .
Ire, (-.1 ste; : i-.to tie f:'.':
teroero -'..la raw 3 dctcrrdrat:
nirr.r::r...aa v. ill ManJ at the '
anJ doJra a wildly thrown Id! :
to hi3 heal . Then he will wall: ;
the next tair pitchcJ and s.d.
ciously to slow tie eppcoing jit
that he has not scared hin a
e ;
c 1
That' is a common occurrence
him. w w: '.e .-',.'MJ 'v '
He wleld3 a bai iore 'easily than
anv other can ia the game, and he
can, swing It faster. ' He" does ret
change his notion of meeting " tl3
ball at any time,-batting a slow, f:.-t
and curve ball with the same swir. z
He can-do thls'because he is an ex
cellent judge of speed, as he has tie-,
monstrated time and again when the
twirlers endeavor to baffle him with
a slow twister. What makes hl3 work
at the - plate so graceful is Ihe fact
that he does not swing the bat with a
stiff aria, as most players do. w There
is, tbsolutelv no jerk to bis action cf
hitting, and therein; lies; hiasuccess.
- V Zimmerman bats into ' left,' center
and tright fleld3.and is as successful
against, right handed pitchers as he
is against -left handers. V He; has set
long distance w hitting;; records A in
three of the. National .league parks, d ,
:-i He established for. himself the dis
tinction, of being the first, player to
knock the ball into the left field
bleachers on a fly at he-West. E.'oa
park, Chicago Early in .the 1312
campaign he demonstrated his terri "c
hitting power when be - rapped the
ball into the bleachers in -aright field
in Pittsburgh on a fly. He la the oq
ly one who has done that' It is more
remarkable because aJhe- is ; ' a i " right
handed batterd In 1910,, when he was
acting as utility man, be sent two
drives oyer the left field fence in Cin
cinnati,, and he Is the only man who
ever accomplished this . feat
: -
r -
Admiral A. T. IVlahan, TJ. S.' N. has
written a plea for a superior navy., He
believes that Panama 'Should be strong
ly "guarded; having - little faith : In the
neutrality of the canaLM;w MV w
u ..-.rz o . " ;'w Vr'
i The Standard . Oil Interests J have
sold ? all d their? holdings in' ; the
Waters-Pierce Oil ; comparijr of ' Texas
to Henry Clay Pierce, thus ending long
standing: Jigitation ' between - confiist-
Ingoil interests.. ; Vw" d
for a
. 1
t - -
v. : ; '. .1
.... L.J 4
c - "If1'-"
f-Munate in I
meet tha. for:-
credit free; liw ia tM.
nttia c: v . : : m : m
how "r ." At'dl v ' 3 . :
to te. -Tl , r
; t
lane kneeled cut Jo 2 Iliv -. r
that's see. 2 f.dc m . .. 3
hi3 LC3 Ar.e!?3 rf:r
all the c.; .. " d 5 M a c .. .. : 1
JiUivMviii. . 1 J
M..-.r - v gc;;:g to nu3:i;
The Champion -Signs to Frjit
, McVey and Others in City of
CHICAGO, October 31. Chicago 11 1
list has become too hot for "Jach"
Johnson, the negro pugilist, and he i3
going to Russia, w 7 M ' 1
'Johnson said tonight that he iad
sold his saloon. The new owner will
have to get a new licensa as the brew
ery owned the' one under which John
son's place was operated and refused
to consent to the pugilist again having
a" renewal. The ; license was renew
ed, but not to Johnson, d V
; "I am going to fight in Russia,"
said Johnson. ; "l don't care If I never
come back to Chicago, w As far as the
saloon is. concerned I don't want to
hear about it again. ... d
r Richard KXegin of Paris,: who says
he ' represents the owners ; cf th e
Aquarium Gardens, Moscow, Russ! a,
gave Johnson a certiSed- check for
$5000 and three round-trip tickets to
Russia tonight .. ,w-t-wV; d"
; "Johnson . has signed wan . agree
ments said Klegin. "to fight-Sara Mc
Vey for a purse of I30.C0O. and one
third of the proceeds of the moving
pictures; -He will leave Chicago on
November 30ttv for Moscow for a- se
ries of ring, battles. I have no con
nection with the Russian enterprise.
I acted slmnly; on Instructions from
the . syndicate . which . has engaged
Johnson.!.: - t ' ' - ;
As far; as known, ; there never ha3
been a priieSght ia .Russia, Whether
d:. - w
tl3 :
tie .
ty t: 2 ;
7 : .
I . . t3 . . "
-rt ;
If an ird-w
the 7" :-dt i:
of h'.3 ana:,
ecu-try,, th 3
place 1 ML: '
that Jel- en
eral idt.o 1
while to f :d
Thee 2 win 1 ev . c
ioa3 fire, cr 1 w o .
know that all e -1 1
have teen e.';":cte 1 e
or cbr.oe'w:er.tdi !:
monetary loorj I; k.evl
words,. there ij mo f.r.
every result cf a fire. Tl
tern cf fire-prefect: en 1 .
and effective fern cf i"
the ;rl3k of. in dire et I.e."
in' proportion to t ."- . -'
frrv r e;I. A.I vc rt . .
. jw.tv (r.(n .1
i.rsi-cl-tss r: j
L 4. . -)C .
V urfj.
rrr . , r ,
x . r
.- '!t.i .v.,'' '-.y -.t ''
.' T v
d ?

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