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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, November 18, 1912, 2:30 Edition, Image 1

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: Ircn C It "' ' . . '
Lurline, Nor 20. ':
Icr f, F.t
Nippca !!aru.Nov,19
Trv ni" Yatrcaieri
Hakcra, Dec. 4. ....' v.'r
; 1'cr Ytc care ri . -;
V Zcalandia, Dec. '
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX. No. 6157. a
Kxenlas -KulJrtln. Lst"lSS2. No. IZM.
-y . t . '
Vcu!d Ccn:L':r it Greatest
HoncrTlt Cci:!d Corns
r:or seei; e r d o r s r.i e r j ts
Say: 'H;c Is Growing
C:It:r F; :: Viil Co Out
. .
c ;
. . . .
Fize is tLc
is cr.st-
i!.;: !ow
ti: s ( :
:.r. l G. J.
cr.'cy t
. 1 I r .. , it. J i
w,., . v. ...a..v. cuiwiu- gunennz irom serious injuries incur- rciiawir? close en thP
! tr. ' ! . it tahps held in a r-n , h.m-. ' r.! ,, j
' ir ';" 1 e- t;on iay ehoulder blare is brokea, the officer's j wireless conir-unlcatioa by
' ' ' ' -r :j.ri.Ulfci.jy. I hrn-l ! Is'.l nnnn from a I f'- tnfl ! V.'lwlct. Tten-mS .
" as;!ra-!r:al
' . 1!.. T
to c:e Ccir
ir.cctr.lrg adniia
: for the va-c..-j::J
ty U-e'ds-1'.
Trcar frcm Lis
rricnJ? cf the
i r.rl:;-T r.2.rd in
! ; t; ! cut t;.;
t. ? rr - ::t
; in
1 -
! : . .
.::ra:nt i:
th2 f
:i t'.r.t h:
r. -1 nd
i c
t t
- !
m ; to
" T
J-..1 .ii
Ch?.i Yen Lck. a young Chinese
student, rhr for the past four months
Las I ee::'tra filing in Europe and the
s Ur.itr 1 dates gathering data for the
establishment of various Christian in
,' Ktituticns in China, rave an address
be fere the United Chinese Society
last nl;l.t'and spoke upon the sub
ject cf "Vcung China.' , .7 : ' . .
. Ixil; was seat to the United States
by the Cantoa Christian Association
. for the purpose of gathering. informa
y tion cer.ccrning the work and the es
; tahlLhirg of Christian Institutions,
, such the -Young -.Men's Christian
Associations and other organizations
for the welfare of young men..- In his
talk, he laid special stress otj the ne
; cessity cf the. young Chinese taking
up Chrietianity, and he made It clear
" that in the new Republic of China
- that this fern of religion would'be
the leading cne. He leaves. for the
.Orient cn the next steamer to make
his rep art. . . -.:;'..' -' ' - ;
m.. - -- - ' ill. " ,
1 OA
J : , :i v ' i v.
f rrTvn-
f ,i, - u . i ,4
pf r it rf-n "fT'
L i I " ;
Captain Duncan Elliott, Fifth Cav
airy, lies An a critical condition at the
poet . torpltal at SchofieU l'arracfcs,
v.v bwu- tintcrrsj-injancs-are ie-rea. -:J
,,La ccfterTei 2! Captain'- Elliott was schooling hi3
: V.2 territory. ! horc at Z-toct Jump. when 'the acci-
ident occurred.-. -Just -what the -circura
I ttances of'the fair were Is somewhat
indefinite, as he was aaone at .ths
time, bat it Is surmised that the an i-
r2'jt,!.t the top tar and. went
down, rc:;:-; en Captain Elliott and
'.ilckir.s hii-i in hi3 struoles to regain
his feet. .: - .
As som as the accident was dis
covered the pest auto ambulance was - Earlier In the day it was practical-rl!?p-tchcd
ct the scene, and Captain i ly" certain -that 'the 'Federal Vireless
Elliott hurried to medical assistance. ! ccmraay, .using -: the-; PouTsen " equip
It will be .f one days before Li !raent from its big station at Heeia,
rhr:.Tc-3;fcr c-:ap!et3 recovery will li
.::ov. n.
t! plans for t! 3
I . SI. - -
" .;:r. II.
,T t cf Pv'.-
.'.. y C'-...r:l
, 'l.o 13 v.cll ac
; 1 3 cn :.:ch tl 2
. : '. o v ill h? 1 res
-' V ....... . X I.
4-1 V .-M v 0
: :;:r tl3, EillliJ
. e r. . ".v C e h u prison
ioAly, tl. s cxtcricr
1 r t:;;:;:My
r 1 : r f t ! - in
r:.'.:r.;J. Further
: v, i;i 1 ? riven ft
T! : ':;: rcpria
. ;v 5 .,i u,'. J, but
t : : "1 cert even-
. . . ly beycr. !
f 'ever ncO.CCL'.
1 t!-o tale'cf the
:c to 1. 3 c I.J to
y I :ivc!c LclJcr
t: : ; rtion c
r n::
By Federal Y.'ireless) ' . ; t:
i: CAN FRANCISCO. CaK. Nov. ::
:: 10. To ' Henry - Y.'aterhouse S
Trust Co., -'Honolulu: - Better::
t: feeling here cn account cf con- 3
scrvatlve statement cf "Wilson 'on H
" the tariff. .' . ; - ' XX
:: :: :: tin u tit: ti tx unn ixtxt: l':
. . . , . .
"- '"'... -l
f Frcra this cheering message it may
be inferred , that the president-elect
has made a, definite statement of his
tariff policy which has not yet been
communicated to Honolulu. . While
there have been some reports of ut
terances by Wilson Indicating that a
consen-ative policy regarding the tar
iff was to be pursued,' this message of
Saturday - would appear to refer to
something he had expressed just prior
to his departure for Bermuda lt is
the first intimation, at all events, that
the coast sugar interests ", 'have : had
their fears n "the matter allayed.-
. . TO BEGIN AT 8.15
1 Announcement was made this morn
ing by-President W. A. Love of the
Honolulu Symphony Orchestra Society
that the opening concert of the sea
son tomorrow night at the' Hawaiian
Opera . House will begin promptly at
8:15 o'clock. Mrs. Charles L. . Hal)
is the soloist and the orchestra has
prepared an unusually attractive list
of numbers- for its own rendition, i r
Ihe social workers of the city held
a meeting last Thursday night at the
Palama Settlement, at which a-new $et
o: by-laws was adopted and , arrange
ments and plans i for, improving the
social condition of Honolulu. ' " ?
f :;
' -i ' I'- -7
I (!!. f
t .. I.
, iiU UwiMlii
Last Saturday afternoon was history
making In wireless cocnnunlcation be-
'tween Hawaii au3 tbe mainland.
sular: nlsnt
the Feder-
company, ; the
Eame company accomplished the Eeo-
end of its Eplendid. feats on Saturday
afternoon when for the first time con
tinuous wireless, messages were - in
terchanged with the Coast during day
light tours. v, v .
The first day. messages from Hono
lulu tn'the mainland were sent to the
Star-EuIIetia, Itejular xomnunication
was r-stred! shortly after the Star
Dullctia went to press in the after-
v.-cuid cEtahii-h "co:
t! ? Ccast Jc:.n 0.
t:.3 t - r:i lecal : ::.r
:mur.icaticn;- with
:!:ey, who
cf the Ted-
err.l c
-Z2 it l;-ar lucia::s
r -' - ' tva r-- - " --
I.? wcu'.I have the day ' wirelrcs c
cn J"turday and h.3 mad a ccod,
r:tv 1 cc-.rummaticn cf the feat
. ..
th? r:t
car :r.
for th::
As r:
rij . . .
tares 1
ty-cr. ? !
c -: tl:
t too-late in the afuraccn
:r to ar.nt :r.ci it.
r.3 it. was certain that cco
i v.-a 3' catahllahcd, iho'racc
n to s:a acrc:'3 tho tvcu-
'.red raii:3 cf sp
:e, c:r:::d
n waves. vac3 e:.act
: : : -r. tl? t has ye 1 1 s en at 1 2 to
--p:r3 eachar.-'-d hearty
- C I .v
tivcly t ; :a".;Ir in cc-ra
- tu3 feat, 1 : .1 tu::ar-3
to : .a!: 3 i rra r. r : r - a '.3 to
" Ly Ciy . irele.3.
s-'.r.t its first cay
ria il to the Cc :t,
,.::-:a to tho Can
:: ar J the Ceattlo" Peat
. 1. ? first '.cv .t.?t.
. t.r.ap:n, v,..o recently
.3 cf.rr.ar.2ccnt cf tho
eo Call and whc.3 advent
r-.n :
in ,C -euai
Li: :
:a' Jcurnallam has teen th3
3 fall. To him the Ctar-Eul-
licnolalu, T. II., Nov. 16, 1312.
V. W. Caapid, pntlisher. Call.
Can Frar.alaco, .
t: 3
r: ei:r.
to the ;
.caoiuiu Ltar-uu;ietia Eands
frcn the pccpla cf Ilav aii
;pl3 cf California ty Fclornl
telegraph, in the first day
flashed acrcss the raaific.
i in aorlal ccrnmunlcatlon i3
r-p-rhumaa difficulties Lave
rcoaie, and ."vs conrratulats
h el'Irg cne end cf the chain
3 uj tcrcther. ' " .' ' . --';'
.Her Ilcnclulu Ctar-Eulletln.
' canto the following from
in z :
1- ,
teen eve
j c:: n
that'll '
' I-
. I n r
::r. CI. ...
Eilay II.
I -
.i . . ...
n Francisco Call - returns
grcctln.3 from the people of Califor
nia to t' e'r fellow-citizens cf the Ha
waiian Ie'.nds by Federal Wireless
and "mal.e3 cf the Star-Bulletin .our
next-door neighbor. Jt Is difficult - to
conceive - cf a greater, achievement
We thank you for your first day me3
tago to us by wireless. . - - rr
; (Clanrd) V, W.XIIAPIN.
Creetir L'crthwest.. :
(Cmtinued on Pa; 7) j,
r i
a L m
I J - . L to
One Rc:ut ofTrip Will bs LongrjiZf,
Docum:nt on Desirability,
if or Residence t -
; '" '. ' - -
n.. r t nrnr ? :
, V; .toy u. o. Mi.Dr.il i
: (fepeclat Etar-Bulletln Correspondncel
territory of Hawaii , is .to be given a
comprehensive endorsement by Secre
tary, Fisher, of the interior . depart
ment; He -'. willstrongly recommend
the islands as "a ' desirable -i place ; of
residence for i the farmer and the
businessman; He will comment. With
much detail.' on the delights of climate
and products found in the territory. ,
Secretary; Jlsher is. formulatihg an
elaborate report, based . on his -recent
visit to HawaiL . , It is separate .and
aside f rom his- formal communication
to the president, approving the 1 reap
pointment of Governor Frear, and ex
culpating: him- from all charges file'd
wlnet him hv ru?ot-ntA TCalaTitfiniiAlt
and othera.1 This report will go fully
into -conditions prevaUing lri the
ands, their arailabflity for agricultur-!
Gbvcrncr:Exp';:n3' lc!:a ""cn
ui Comm:::::n Gcv:rnn;:nt
. .. - . :;. ; . ,. v
Present City. flff:::i!3 'C:u!J
- Hc!d.0ffi:2 to July,
- '. "' -.'. - V - ' - 9 -' ' "'. V " ' f
- ,- . J , ' J.-' jM -m-mmjb . -t :
: In endorsing .the commission Tom
of- government for- Honolulu- and re
nomuendlng lelr-Ivo' action Cn the
subject at th epp- aching session ot
the : Legislature.: C vcrnor Frcar has
no Intention cf iheratcly interfer
ing .with. or cutting t-hcrt the term o
the new Taunicipal X'cmccraticadmin
lstratlon.' r? - ' ;
Such was hi3 expi eesfon 1 t'6'Jay. V It
Is expect cd 4 o clear u p a d o u b t t hat
lias arisen 'In' the r.'ada cf ioeil D3ra
ccra'sT and to-result In ths endorse
trent cf the Givcrncr's Ideas - by1 a
large number . of- the leaders cf the
Dcmoctatic - party' v " ''-;'-'-; '
There - is cne 'feature : cf ' the Idea.
however, tfcafcJie dcolrca ma ;e; clear.
He will also reconraeai, in, ills nes
f.ageAto tho Lcrlsle.lure, -'a.'-clunge in
the fiscal year cf .the municipal gov
ernment, : so : that v , 111 correspond
.:Ith the Territcry'r fieeai year, which
Legins July ' 1. -trade;
it. would t
middle., cf 'the. pre
the city, and for
coming' adminiotr.
cuired. to bold, c"
' thi3 ' changa . Is
he ; effect- In the
nt4 fl-caL year cl
ot reaeen the in
Would be're
' cnly cne year
six., rac:.th3 less
'.-Men it haVbccn
'. . o years. and six
- longer than ths
X.crk. -' ' ;';.'--;
new admlnistra-
and slxmcnths, .
than the period for
elected; cr to scrv
mc:.th, or six ,ccr.
crJinary terra 'cf c
Hew Ch2r.;s.Vcv:
s Tcr Instance: . tl
tloa will tali? cfii'
and crJinarily v. . . 1 servo until Jan
uary, 1315 If .the Coventors 'sug:s
lion fcr. altering t' ; city's f'-l ycr
3 c r 1 c J . th3 '. c . . ... .
wc :ld yLo- thoeoa . z w.;-.-t3 cl.--tion,
held'., some tl .'j in.th3v sprln.
end the official thus cLoe.a v.colel
take effect July .l, following tLo' elec
tion. -.Therefore, It would be up to the
Legislature ito decIoK ia making this
change in the city charter, to deter
mine .whether the next set or munici
pal ofXicials should take office July 1,
JLSll.'cr cn July 1, 1315. ; ; ? . A
-' Governor, Frear asserts .' he has- no
preference at present, a3 to whether
the' inccniing-v set-tOf ' city a officials
should servo for. the ehort cfths long
term, and says that remains to bo do
cided only after many,, conferences
have bserx held by those intereoted ia
framing and passing v1 the prcpoeod
measure, particularly (he legislators
themselves." H-"!;'; -a;':.",r- v V vv -' -:
CHI Not Drafted. - ' ;
. This 13 a detail to which : he Las
not given much, -attention-.'--,. to dats
most of, his study being given to the
troader. .aspect - of - the commission
system. He i3 devoting much time
to' the review of the documents ca ths
subject .which. have. Leea placed at
hi3 disposal, and -ha3 not yet attc-tpt-ed
to draft a tentative "hill on any cf
the governmental charges that he In
tends recommending in his m:e : a.
-Jle did declare today, ho.wever, t' -t
he belieycs such bills should be d:.t
ed as sooh as possible," that they may'
be given wide circulation and put I! a
ity, making, the people thorct'-hly ac
quatnted with ..the change 3 titey pro
pose and enable wide- diecuosion be
fore the legislature Is asked to take
action upon thera.- ..- '-' -v.vCorrecting
the misconception and
(Continued from' Past 4) lei
- n ' - ';
i : i-
';"'';.S-H'"..-,. :.:
V- w to
i iy. -i.
rW . . WtoM'W jMWW .. mmm
granL ' " ;- -li'lfr - v--. .' A c V.V tr.- -
It is ; the 'Jatentlon of ; Secretary
Fisher to completely ' Indicate v the ad-
vantage of Hawaii to such Americans
as might be considering1 the-upbuild
ing -of. homes there. LHevWlU enumerT
ate the food products, that may he cnl
tivated and will; even include a list
of fish that abound in the waters of
the islands :-v-v;:A;tii,;-it;,l" jH? ,vic
Hott-Srnlth's SaeceMor. rM &$?;yi'&;
It .is. not expected f President I Taft
will consider a successor, to- Territor
ial . Secretary Mott-Smith until 'short
ly before Corjgress convenes, a month
hence. His v acceptance ot the ." resig
nation was,- based-, on -1 the stipulation
that it should become - effective upon
the qualification ef a uccesaor..'M 3
.: Although Mr. . MottrSmith resigned
partly.. because -the position was .not
sufficiently remunerative. there will
doubtless be many applicants, willing
to struggle jalong on the present' sal
ary. - The -matjerjof filling, the cap-
Iproaching vacancy has not .yet been
Isl-idiscuisedbetweea" the;President and
Secretary FUhern
r i -
j. !V,
- I
1 '
M 1 M M - ' -U..
C i . . .i'bi . ... .n n r.
C" H . '
CA Are Li:;:!y To J:l
- - j
CInca the organfoatica of the caw.
quarterrrooter ccrp3 cf the army, cl-!
viliaa employes, la -.the Department cf
Hawaii Lave been wonderinT when
and where the ax would foll rrl
whether their places were to L 2 t ; ' .cn
ty enlielod men. . Th3 coae.ll ' tlen
of .the staff corps tco'x effect Nov: ca
ber 1, but -the crdrr rer il tlr z ths
perscnnsl "has . just teen rcc:!' 1 ty
clc-jcr 15. Frank Cheatham, ch.'..'v-"-J"-
term aster,---A study cf the cr
dicates .that thero will be.ro cl -rro -In
ths. status' -, cf tha c!o::".r -1 ecu-
PIoycs, Including clerics,, re:
etc' but that th tearc.etcr:
smiths, .farriers, end Jalcr
corre infer the urclae I
havo to rc-.'.'-.rly erJ::t.
cr t
chances cf Io.Iut their J;t3.
IC3 are effected ial IlaoII.
Ecrplcpcs chiefly aff.etcd h
chance rro th3- -tc ace . 1 croc;
ovcrvfc:ty-five ycar3 cf : r rr.
tnllct, tut will t3 rata.!:.. I In c
ri.ee; under -fcrty-fiva ; ; ro
y th ! 3
must cither enliot cr run tl :. ,
having thcir.place3 filled vl.'.
el rc.cn. : . : .' - ,
I'.tzr.i Lever Wc - -: ;
cciva ;n a rcecth. ' Tl ill
placed with private;, fi. . t
civa T13 z racnth, - . .
4 . - t ' - - '
::- ii at:
Lcl I cut uca to cau i t
ll:t. '; '.-' ' .
, Th3 allowance,, cutclla cf :
attention amcunt to ate.:,
mcnth. Thii. with tha firct "
vatn pay, malces a' total cf
against the $43 tear.eters arc- :
celving. ; ': . .
-. At firct Llush.thij dee3"r:
. rc
lcc'c like a
employe, but arrty
ci tho army that a teamster t i
rrr.nth will te "hrclis" the r
tha month whil3 if he" receives CU rclt
(Cant'r:u::I cn p'T- Two.)
There i3 trcuhle la store 'for eec.eith
cne who appl:c3 for a lic:r.c3 to tea-
duct a puhlio tfanoo hall ia th3 clcca
town dictrlct cf Honolulu f:
lc th:
affraw that occurred at tha Ti. ;:ao
Eailo that tcek place la tha ucp.cr
ream over the Cantoa Eafa ca Hotel
street ca Haturiay night. ' .
Domingo, a Filipino who was aplar
tlclpant ia the " encounter, and who
wa3 placed under arrest by pollco of
ficers upon a charge cf . going ahout
offensively armed, was. found' guilty
at' Distriot court this - morning, -? and
w-as sentenced to fifteen days at. the
city and county bastile., v,-"v -i ? '
- The cpening cf such dances as that
Inaugurated on Saturday night fs. Re
lieved by 4 the authorities as. a menace
to public morals' as well as Eafety.
- Domingo is alleged to have kept too
close communion with the Green Eyed
goddess," and prompted by '-jealousy
over jl rather, attractive Filipino seno
rita, got i into an' alt'ercatIonrwitha
Portuguese youth, inponwhom hev af
terward is said ' to chave 1 flashed' a
knife. . - ' ' r r;V-;. 'c-.
'.'- OfScer Wright gave testimony this
morning that proved ; that the FiJU
pino-had chased the rival from, the
street to the- newly "opened - dance
halL - 'n?:
. - Mbanalua, a part demented Hawaii
an, and - a . well r toiown - character
about town - was. placed under: arrest
on Saturday night charged wiQ mak
ing a loud and disturbing .noise. . Jdo
analua was assessed a fine, of three
dollars ' and r the : costs this 1 morning.
In passing; sentence,? Judge -Monsar-rat
took, occasion to remarkthat the
offense might not be considered c so
great in coming from a' person of the
mental caliber of the defendant ; Xj-
George; Rush apparently: did not
bear out his name according to po
lice records, tot he) is 1 charged . with
for .two weeks past as having Jeen a
vagrant and having no visible "means
of r supports Rush " failed to 'hustle a
job and was sentenced to speud .five
days -at the Iwilel plant " : ; ':.;-:
v Six "holdover: jag fecruils ronaded
up by the police oa Saturday and C en
day evening received minimum 1 Cn ex
v - iire Hawaiian aueeea as eamciars
were found guilty . and paid ;flne of
fire dollar each. c';; ;:;; -:';
1 .--jr ... A
Mf C - - W.M.-WWb.
r i
t i
a i.
- :
L : 'c 1 -t..-.:,
tr:l z i
c :
-, fr-
ry l-
tl. 3 f
17 c
that la tho
raeny anl a ( . i c:
will is to prevail in th
ia th3 le! "ere .
"Tho Ilcp.-I":
rcrty 3
comroittco hc3 raaeunccl it will . or I;
for tho thiacjs I iatcad to rcc . ..cc: 1
and that It will co-cp:rato cith r.e,"
fsaid Covemor Trccr. "And I am z''-Z
to co-cperata ' -crtil'v.ith the com
mittee. Ve -Xcth .want- virtually. th3
same legislation.! .' - !
"We are going to work with tha
Governor," stated' Robert W. Ere c li
ens, who holds the proxy of Ctephea
Desha as a member cf. the steericg
j ,':,- . ; ..' ,- s -. ( .... .. ' - .
0 V What la said . to ' be . the fi rar
$ conference of its kind ever neld 4
$ In the territory Is: to take place
. in Cooke Hall; Y. M. C A. i;ul'd
.ing tonight Jt Is a conference ca 3
$- eugenics, the science of race im- 3
provement and Judge Sanford B. $
Dole Is: to preside. The confer 3
& ence has been arranged by "Ulrica 4f
.Thompson of the .Kamehameha ?
Q school, and several short papers
. are to be read by.promlnent citi- S
8 tens. : , : 1" :" -' -' ' :"'.- :
' -Mi,T . t 71 t - .
mm viiitt Midi - vuetr ? iuiiyu.u c-
Territorial Secretary - this morning.
One of these Is Byron O. Clark, the
Socialistic . candidate for Delegate,
whose expense ; as probably the
cmalles of any recorded following the
last "election. "He explains - that T the
Socialist partr -docs not - permit. Its
candidates' to spend their own money
la a campaign, and therefore his sole
expenditure was $5, - for- announcing
his candidacy in the newspapers. His
nomination fee was paid by -the Duty.
f; George P.. Coke, candidate for re-.
c c . '
. . - t
W w -
- ' , ? , ,
V ill t .1.3 UP
tent, ij.n-t
I- T 13 tO 1
t. ; pre. eat
eral plan:. V
tO C .3 tO I.
to attcr. I tl.l
lly will r.
lag ia pre; ::
cive3 jc-t cae
trihuted to tho
f ur..l cu T- i.
Henry Fa
tho Fifth u ' -..'I:'
ta,' for Repr .. - at
sentative frcn tl.
N Hale mono,
froa the- Third, t"; C
fcr Reprcccr.tatlve i.
172, S. Kalalau. for i
frcm the Sixth. ?I3.:H; 1
Lander for Reprcscaf:.
Fifth, ;i52.v ).",' '
" The ; executors-' cf th- ' - ?. f
late- Huh LV :iclatyr 1 -n'ou'nced
the trust In fvor - '.
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William F. Ccyaor
L. Abran:s. attom-ps-ia-fact
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puhlic "-works laat Cater :y: II
Defries, 22,SS ) for th ? r a lira
Freitas:& Fernandez, 1 .r
entire. - job ;-Defri23. Ji: f -
dormitory-and $7,211 for L. ?
and;dlnlng hall bull din v. "
Fernandez, $U,W5 for th3
and ?700 for the kltcira -1
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