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wsrmirj baby's milR bottle. - y --'v. V.f-:'-'"-'
will supply you with beillna. water. In one minute "from the"
turning cf the ewitch,. N o bother about It. '
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went throagh for"aJgaIn of two yards,
Coney made n yar." on the next down,
und.then a pass was tried which prov
ed incomplete. The' ball went over,
and on a trick play worked by the
Highs; Mel W : Was carried back for. a
loss of "two yards. On the second
down Brain took the oval and advanc
ed It five yards, but on the third a bad
pass was made by the center and he
was pushed back for a loss of a yard.
The Highs then punted, the ball be
ing received by Baldwin oh the talrty;
five yard line, who made a little gain.
Coney, on the first down went through
right jguard lor a gain of one yard and
on the next down, took the ball on the
other side of the center for .another
gain of three yards. On the third, with
five yard to gor a pas by Schuman
was received : by Hitchcock who ad
vanced seven yards. On the first down
the ball was fumbled by Schuman, and
no gain was .made. - Coney was, given
the pigskin on the second down and
made a gain of four yards. Hitchcock
went back two yards on the third, and
on the fourth the ball was fumbled
and recovered by the Highs on their
fifteen-yard line. Brash then Cropped
back to punt, but a poor pass was
made by the center and as he stooped
to pick up the ball he was tackled. On
account of his being back of the goal
lire, the . Puns scored :a safety, snak
ing the sore fifteen to nothing In favor
of the Puns. , The Highs 'chose scrim
mage and 4he vail went Into play in
their possession on their twenty-yard
line. Melln, on nrst down; ran for a
yard through center, and on the. sec
ond Brash went through right for two
yards more. On the third down Melln
again took the ball and made no. gain,
Cassldy then punted and the ball was
received . by Schuman on the Puii's
forty-yard line r On. the first down
Cchucan took the oval through for a
gain of two yards and on the second
hev tried a pass which proved Incom
plete. jOa the third down Hitchcock
tc'ok.the t pie re around right end and
made a gcin cf seventeen yards. First
erain. Coney was sen.t through for
two yards and on his second down
another pass was made which again
was incomplete. Hitchcock then punt
ed, the ball being recovered by the
Highs on their "twenty-yard line. On
ttz Zvzt dawn Ercsh jnade a gain of
nine yards through center, ' and then
laid down for a little wind. He deserv
ed it. Brash did. Thla Higih then pulled
c.1 a neat pars wich was received by
Brash who made a gain cf twenty
yard3. . On the irst down Brash wa3
asiln called and this time took the
ball through the center of the line for
ti raia cr one yara. yn tue teuuuu
down I!lin hoofed it. through rlgnt
guard end made a gain of five yards
and on the third he was pushed back
for a loss of three yards. The Highs
then worked anoter pass, but this time
the oval was received hy Schuman
who made a email gain.. On the first
dewn, Coney took the ball around left
end for a gain of seventeen yards, and
the -whi;tl3 blew ror the end cf. the
first half with the score ttill fifteen to
nothing in favor of Punahou. .
Third Qua rter. ; . , ' y y
At the beginning of : the" third .quar
ter, D. Kahalawal went In for En Choi
at left guard. ' The luns kicked -o:f to
tbe 'Highs, the ball was received by
Cassidy cn the ten-yard line. Cassidy
fnmbled 'and the ball was recovered
by Brash back of the goal line, where
he was tackled by the:-Puns, scorin;;
them another two points. ; The Highs
chose scrimmage- and the ball.' went
Into play In "their possession on their
twenty-yard line. On the . first down
the Highs passed the ball,: the pass
being incomplete. On the second down
Brash took the, leather through right
cuard for a gain of seven yards and
on the third Melln -went back for a
loss of a yard and- & Jtalf on account 0f the Puns,
Schuman went back for a loss of three
yards. - On the second Coney went
nound left-nd for a gaih of seven
ynrdaand 6n thetfutU Hitchcock re-"
eel ved the ball on a pass .from. Schu
man and !waa downed. byj the. Highs a
foot and a half from tneir goal line.
The r ball was - given to iConey who
went, through center for a touchdown
and then 'Paris kicked goal, leaving
thf score, thirty-one to nothing in the
Pun's favor.- vThe Highs kicked off to
the Puns, Hitchcock V gettlns ! the
sphere - on the- fifteen iyard . line and
nuking a gala of twelve yards. On the
first do wn Hitchcock made si long run
artund left end "for a gain at twenty
yards and on the next down he was
stopped by Grace, after making anoth
er gain of five yards. :. On the second
down- Baldwin -ripped off. ten yards,
and on the nextdown Grace ot, him
after be had made two yards farther Ling
gain.' -r'y
On the third down Schnman sUrt
ed to give the ball to Baldwin., but
it was" received by Coney, who carried
It for fifteen yards.' On the first down
Baldwin V went through for.; a gain ; of
two yards, - and then Schuman took
the leathered advanced It nine yards
more. First down. Hitchcock took : the
ball for a gain of six yards, and then
a pass was made which was received
by Brash who took the ball to the cen
ter of - the ; ffeld, where he dropped t
on v beings tackled. The ball , was re
covered by the l" uns and time callsd
for- the end of the third quarter, the
toore remaining thirty-one to. noia?
in favor of the Puns.- f v , (
Last Quarter. 1 - -' V " . . -.
The ball iwent into . play in posses
sion of the Puns on theaii foty
yard.' On the first down - Hitchcock
took the oval through right giiarJ for
a gain of five yards, and on the nxt
down the ball was given to Coney," who
broke : away from the' High tacklers
and, with a clear field ahead or him.
ran :the remaining '.thlrt. 'five yards
for the Pun's fifth tuucA-dov.n. Paris
tHed for goal buc nilsatd - and ' l!i
score wa3 swelled to thirty-seven - to
nothing in favor of the Puns. Tbo
HIshs kicked off to the Puns, Coney
receiving the ball and, advancing it
ten yards.; On the first: down Consy
went around left endfor a gain of fif
teen yards. Markhanvright guard for
the Puns, went out, a.nd his place was
taken . by Brown. A pas3 was then put
into play but it proved ,to be incom'
plete. On the third .down - the same
thing was repeated, and this time the
ball was recovered . by, the Highs.. On
their first down the Highs tried a
pass which .also proved - Incomplete,
and on the second down, .Brash went
through center for a gain of six ysLrds
being tackled by;. Schuman. ; On the
third down, Wong, vhoj had gone in
for .Bush at right . h ? if, iaade , a gala
of two yards fccfor? t being i. brought
down by Rentcn' Cassidy ;, punted i it
ten yards. Hitchcock ... was called on
the first down : and, y took , the .. ball
through, left tackle for a gain of thirty-five-
yards. -Firsts down, ..Baldwin
was sent through the line for a. gain
of two yards, and on the second Con
ey was rushed.backVif or- a loss of one
yard. On the third down another. In
complete pass figured, and on the
fourth down the . ball" was fumbled
and was recovered by Brash who ran
twenty-five yards with it before being
tackled. v High first- Melln went
through center for a gain of two yards
and on the second down . another in
complete pass lost them a down. Third
down,"ditta Cassidy punted the leather
and the ball was received by Kahala
wal. Brash took the sphere for a gain
of ten yards and . on ' the first Melin
went through center for another gain
of seven yards. The second down riet
ted the Highs a gala of two yards by
Brash and on, the' fourth down. Melln
made a gain of one yard. On the first
down Brash made : : a gain of four
yards, and on the second Melln. added
a yard more to .this.- Brash made no
gain on the- third and on the u fourth
Melin made a pass to Wong, who re
ceived it and was downed within fif
teen yards- of. the Pun goal .line. As
the two .; teams wef e s. Unlngl up, and
with the Highs confident for at least
one touchdown, , the whistle, blew,; and
the game came toan end )wlth the
score thirty-seven: to nothing in favor
Judged, the ball, leaped and caught it
over his thoulder. The ball seemed to
linger on top of bis fingers while he
was In the air, bat when he reached
the. ground again, he had the horsed
hide safe. Joy had reached first baso
before the catch was made. It was a
narvelous piece of wtrk for any play;
cr. Dig league or oasner. : v r y
Lack Tee had - trouble making his
ontcunre work In the early Innings,
but fast ; fielding : helped him r out
Neither; team scored until4 the fif thr
when En Sue. beat out; a hit to tbort
stopv stole second, went to third wnen
the tall, thrown to catch him. hit a
player, and bouned Into the field. Capt
Akana bounced one to Morlyama at
short, and the Japanese threw high to
first, En Sue coining bone." ( " ;
j In the v. seventh Inning the Stars
evened np. Kascimento who is so
short he is hard to pitch to,: walked
and stole second, getting there safely
when the ball hlf him - from' behind.
Hoghes hit an easy grounded to sec
ond base.? 'Asam, came in to catch it
on the bounce and the hall struck a
poote or someimng ana toon a ireaK
hop over his head. Nascimento scoring
and Hughes getting a cheap hit"".' ; .
; From then on the teams battled on
even terms and with both pitchc ra go-
nicely,' It looked like j an extra-
Inning- scrap. However, in the ' last
of the ninth. Barney .Issued his only
pass of the game. Sing Hung walking.
Luck Tee struck out En Sue hit to
shortstop, Mariyama " again handling
the ' ball so that the speedy runner
beat the throw. En Sue stole seconds
With men on second and third, and
ond ; out. star infleldcrs played ; In
close. Right here the game was lost
Vernon Ayau the Chinese shortstop,
was, at bat. Morlyama shouli fcav-a
played closer In at short that he did.
in order to choke off a possible tun at
the plate. Ayau jumped i slow
grounded to Moriyama, who came Jn
fast and got the ball cjcelv.'but wan
too slow to get the man at the plate.
He threw Ayau out at fin, but' the
winning run crossed the pan and the
game was over, '
Eddie Nell, the Coatt . s?rj: pto."
made appearance with tho Stars
and .played good ball," making, several
feature stops. However, the pegging
from the Infield, esp;cia "'y from shojt,
was so wild that Hl Chase Ijt b'r
palmiest days couldn't ha va handled
all of It successfully. : , - ' f '.
MoriyXma. as. 2 0 v 0 1 0 1; 2
Hughes, cf. ..... 0 f . I
NeU, lb... 4
Joy, p.......... 4
Dobsky, 2b...... 2
A. Desha, 3b..".,
McGovern, If. ...
Raphael, c.....
Nascimento, rf..
: r
I) !
!; Totals ' . . . . . 28" 1 3 2 2S 9 5
V. Avau. ss...... 5 0 0 0 3 8 0
At Akana. lb.. k.
UTia, '3b. -Kan
Yen, c..,..'.
II Atana, If.....
A. Asan, 2hJ.,..
Sins Hung;,,rf.i"ii.a-vUi
Luck ,Yee, p.V.. 4 0
Ea Sue cf.C.... ' 4 1-
oi a bad pas sby the center. A punt
on the part of the Highs was blocked
on the next play; but the ball was re
covered by them, and was. advanced
the necessary - number of yards - to
make another first down. Melln took
the ball on the first down for a gain of
two yards and on the next Brash
made a yard through left tackle. On
the third down. 'Hind, center for the
Puns; broke through : the line and
tackled Melln before he had a chance
to pass the ball to his backs. No gain.
Cassidy then punted out and the ball
was received by Coney who advanced
It seren V yards. On the Pun's first
down - the ball S was given? to Hitch
cock who took It through right tackle
for- a gain of - twelve yards. sThe ball
was now within,, twenty yards of the
High goal line, and on the next down,
Sleepy Baldwin ran the distance.for
a touchdown,-, and Paris kicked goal,
making the score twenty-four to noth
ing in favor of the Puns. The Highs
kicked off .to the Puns andrthe ball
twenty-yard JtoevT who . advanced it
twenty yards. On the first down Coney
ttove a hole In the High line, and car
ried ihe ball through - it; for a -gain of
twenty-five, yards. Melin,, 'of the Higlw
took a short breathing spell for about
three minutes and was cheered by the
Pt ns as the teams lined np again.
Hitchcock then took the ball through
left guard for a gain of five yards, and
on the . second, ; Baldwin - added four
more. Baldwin 4was . called again on
the third ' down t and succeeded S in
planting the leather eight yards furth
er than he did on the, recondi Capt
Bo'son of the Highs went out i of the
frame at. this period, bis ; place being
Following is the line up at the start
of the game: ; r
Punahou yiiux, r-McKInley High.
Liu .,., . 4 vie .'V i.f r . .v. . i i.'- Jlro
Inman .. .,at . Dyson (Capt)
Morghn v.lg..C. ;. v EnChoi
Hind Si v; ? ; v"c.rw-; i t- i- i . C Silva
Markham ;;... i. . rg . Hart
Renton ::...'..-:.rt,i.v. -. Rosehlll
Paris i .J.;re.t. .....;:.";. Stone
Schuman,;. (Capt)q.k, .i..V..r. "Melln
Baldwin; g .i.ilh. ..... Brask
Coney . . .l..,rh;i..;. Crosier
Hitchcock itiui Cassidy
-Brown went, in fdr Markham, Grace
for Dyson, Bush : for ' CrozIer.Vand
Wong;, for 'BushKahalawai : for ; En
ChoL-1. v'.I.'V.-jv,:-:', - -K: . ;: y
Scoret--Punahou.S?; Highs, 0.-'
Touchdowns; Coney, 3; Schuman,
1; Baldwin, l;:-,: i ; ;..:. y " " : ' ;v
Safeties: Punahou, 2.
. Goals tT-Paria.-t 3. . . -
; Officials: Hall referee; RIcker. Um
pire; Sumner,- head linesman; ; Bur-
dick timekeeper. -v
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Totals ...... 37 2 9 4 27 14 0
Score By Innlnsst
Stars: v Runs.. 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01
. - Hits..O 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 03
Chinese: Runs.. 0 0 0 0 I'O 0 0 12
Hits. .1 0 1 2 1 1 0 2 10
Summary Two-base hits, A. Akana ;
Eicriflce hit McGoverh; left cn bases.
Stars! 7 All-Chinese 9; first base, on
errors. Stars 3. All-Chinese 9; hit by
pitcher, Dobsky; struck out, by Joy
16 Luck Tee 8; bases on called tallz,
eff Jy 1, off Luck Tee 5; wild pltchc3
Joy 2, Luck Yee l.; Umpires, Nctlsy
and Chillingwortb. Scorer, Sam Hep
Time of game I hour 50 minutes. ;
. Umpires Chillingworth . and Notley
both; did good work, but occasionally
there ''was an unintentional error cf
judgment in , not giving' the : pitcher
corners." llowever, the general call
ing was good enough for special men
tlon. v ' -
t- Nascimento is certainly: a lucky
Star. He, has -horseshoes every, time
he goes to bat--"- yi'.;'. -4; V, :':
lri the sixth Inning L.! Akana show,
ed the kind of work that makes the
Chinese unbeatable. He hit a fly that
went a mile in the air right above
Pitcher Joy. It was a, fairly easy catch,
but Akana didn't stop. He dashed, for
first and without '.coking around, tore
on for? second. 7 knowing that if the
ball .was dropped, he would be sure of
getting- there.. NThe wind-caught the
ball high in the air and Barney, tramp
ed around .underneath waiting for it
to drop. After about an hour, it seem
ed, the ball came hurtling down and
Barney was too , far . .under It He
made a, despairing leap and fumbled.
Akana roosted - on . second.- ' ; He .had
taken one chance in; a; hundred and
had won. y : ' '" -y
i In the sixth inning with L. Akana
oa. third, a mix-up in signals or some
thing occurred that made "Big Chief?
look bad.' He tore' toward ,the home
plate as the pitcher wound up. Asam,
who was at bat didn't hit the ball and
Catcher Raphael caught Akana before
the big fellow could start back to third
It looked as if a. hit-and-run play had
gone .wrong, i--y--i:y y-t''Clf.s
- There was not an out-field - putout
until the last man .was up In the sev
enth, Apau flying to left. Most, of the
balls were hit on the ground. ; '
Third -baseman Lai g Tin -j dashed
over to the left field bleachers in the
eighth inning and caught a high fly,
bending over the boards to do it, mak
ing a circus catch that set the crowd
wild..;;:. ,.'-:; :- . y ?
'Little En Sue jout in center field
contributed the most sparkling bit of
fielding in many a day. Joy came to
bat in the eighth, with no one on bases.
He smashed a terrific low liner to cen
ter field.; . It barely cleared the infield
and went screaming' oh out toward the
fence hardly ten feet from the ground.
En Sue was; off at the crack of the "; Apau? Had a field day at short,: his
batv tearing-toward. the. fence at a , ten-1 throwing from the', deep; infield; being
JUDi 11
Allevr Line of
4 '
4 a"
5 ' ''
Including:: :
9 w
el2ry lings, iizrrr.
Ci - 1 "? : -,-Ti'
. .
2 lets Uth Ave.; 0:szn VI:., fl. ....
One let cn Ut Avs., C::t VI;.:, 7Zxr
' ' acre::: attcthti, Cr:i : rr' ' ' '
. I.nrrsvti 1st v.ith u :.-.r. .' . '
V'. 'cents p:r fU C::);. r.-:'.i. j t:t:l cf .,
One. level fzrrr.!rj tn:t r::r V,';: r;:J
Improved 2-z:rs l;t:, CMt. fr:.-.!:;: cn ' .';
tiin vi:.v
'. Chslss f'-:3 1st e-rrcv- ': J ' i:-;t:.! :
L:'M-:z 1:'J - - ' . :
w I i V
C.-3 c:r. l:t 1U!i
Cr.3 h c'l 1:1 1U"i
One h:-:3 l.h A:., IC:!
Crs r:c-3 Av:., I' :'
Two Ists I'.z'.zt, C:, j :
. j
'-. fi
r Joy was best with men on bases His
slow outcuryes worked ; grandly.
taken by f Grace.4 On" the first' down second gait : He turned at full speed," la feature.
CnnZFlTC'DCJCLC IF A C C ! -. J T C w ' J , . - I
czi.-.zur. cn L:. ;. or c:: ,r ti. . i:
m mi t
L- . -
The. Il03t Popular Sliob in Her.:.:.
.yryyys;,vy,-:9y . . . ;;
Lzrzzi u r j Ssr
kcTEEiNaiMAIlJ(ND-.pRICEC;;"V5 y -.-J.:'" w .
T..'-.'S'Tr'yi -''".'''' .... i -'I:' ,si: .i-.y-' :. i-. . v-'V "- j
r v - : . - - - - -s' 'sy.-y-
"-Si i .. J si
y. Vjo,
-.yy yy-'y, :-yss s:?s---:' y -:y 's- - .Vz-- i' 7':r' . -,J :y '; '" : ' - : ., ' ,
-fe:;;t;'V " -.
: f-.'.r

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