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Cy celebrated Japanese artists.
; ; Thanksgiving favors.- '
Ye ArKS Crete Shop,
V 1123 " FORT ST ;
'as ci
Fancy Boxes
decorated boxes, rlbboris, fium
stickers , and susjettlons for
ttolkfay packages. " V?-
- ww ft .... 4
If Ulftw.ww.i lft..lV,.w.
-v Y :: .Monday, November 1.
NAME OP STOCK. - Bid- Asked
; 't 1:': i '.: ci t::.- ;
" linRCANTlLC. v
C. Cr wer. A Co- ...;
bug aiu
Cira PJaataUoa Co..,.,. .
HavallaLa Ajrrlc Co. .....
Haw. Coin, ii Co. ....
HawiIIm Cuzar Co. .....
I Icsoc u zzzr Ca ...
Hcsciaa Scar Co.
HtltTi CusarCa. ........
Hclcbiasca Siai Plaot.
K&luu riacMtlou C3...V
K iha rn Co. . . . . .
ICc'. -at'rCo.
M r.n ry J a S csar Co. . .
Cibu rar Ca . .... . . . .
Crcrca L'urarCa ......
C.'3 llZZZT CO Ltd.
r..' Crr-r Plast Co.
I';;:: : Cr-r IIIU
rc'.al IirtrcaCo....,,,
I ") I " zt Ca ....
r::z-:r ::::ica .........
i'i:-iz:l3 Co.......
VrlaC-: r Co.
,'1;-. zzcl o L -or Co. . . . '
WilcaCir tU Co,..
rster-Iilnd tcara N. Ca
Ilawallaa Electric Ca ...
Ilea. R. T. & L. Co.. PreL ,
lira. n. T. L. Co.. Cca. i
I'.utualTelcplioaeCo. ...
OalaR.&L.Ca ........
llllo R. IL Co. Pfd.......
llilo IL R. Co, Cca. ... ,
Ilea. R. II. Ca .
Ila". Irrta. CoM Ca .....
Ilavillia rineapple Ca .
re -' rr : C'.c": R-C pd. t?
rJi-T ca .......
He-. U. LL Ca Acs...
H:TrtTcr.4 (rireCL) ..
:: . 7cr.4 ...........
ITav. Tcr. 4 r&b. laps
1. a cr. 4 4 .........
ur.i!jb .........
iM-K. A'T.Vj .........
m. C-3. Co.. Lt2. Cs.
. , . . Cc - .. L Z- Co. C 0
T- f - T -I'l
. i i - i i
. . i . . r '
C ; rCa.6X.V
. . . z. ... ' . L. Co, 6 ...
" ! n T Ca Cj. ......
::: ..iLltcii CaCa......
::: :r'3Cj-irCa Cj...
I " ' 1 !. C 7 ......... '
C ai-;L.C05 I...!
' - ' -.Pi
l - . fc- - . ......
C.'il.;;. Co. 6! . ......
I 3 L 1 1.1 Co. a . .
I r ' t I Co. 6 ......
, :-:uaAsri2 Co. 5 ..:
i:t:n-3 Cca. C3........
I:-.T.-Irrlatlca Co.
H-r.Lua Ultca e.....
l bo r
1 5 ;
100 v
97 ;
102 -
w r; .
60 v
47 H
39 -
2(5 . -V
97 K
100 :
102 H
96 :
Dctwcen Boards 30 ; Waialua 100,
CflV.r.!i!ua 1C3. , ,;: .r-";;: ,
'Ch:!on Tales 1000 I N&tomas'va'
9114. 1C0O Uatorr.as C3 9IU, 20 Vaia
lua ICO, SO V.'&lalua 103, 7 Walalua
1C?, 7 II. C. S. Co. 07, 15 ahu 244. 60
Oibu 21, 10 Ewa 27. : - - ; v
! I
I- .L o
Offering at a bargain for & few '.'
, ' days, and if not sold will be V
returned to San IPranclaco ?e
lf rause thfe ; purchaser cannot fcff.
ford iL v - ::;:Vvl-iv
ETrrytlf-T la tbe-prtatlag Uas at
gur-nnHii:-. AUkea street; IraocJx,
. i ...... w V.J Vwt
. , l:.-..::.j '.-. : . :.
rm p t f- i .
k w r . t 4 fc,. ws-. J
p. c. c-x c.3 . r;.cr.
IICriCLULl ijava:i ; :
. r;z::u:u CtcciarlJC:al
. . . . -1 Z) 130 Til) EH 3 1113 I
'-!a Ctsci ti,E::i
J,- ;" .n Co.. Ltd.
;Inr;rrzt:-n Furnlihtd tsd LsxsU-
' Mads : , n .,
''. :::;--v A Phond 1572 - , . ; ;
; Any rart cf 1CC0 shares "JTwcot Cop
per, share. We guarantee de
lirtry Ja joar name. Send money
tltrcash Elsbop & Co. to Oakland Bank
!f I ai Ir-s. W. , E." LOG A5 . & CO,
r.00 ci lr Cacon, Block, Oakland, Call-
; Real-EstatfV Leans, Inrcstments, r
Phone 41471
i 74 Merchant St : ; Phont 3013
Tor taek rriny dTer
tlsementv '' . : ;"
; Added cemfonn a.t lea " expense
than pre paries dinner at home Is ae
enred r at pending the ; day " at Halel-
Wa' " f ' "'' '":'r ' ''r" .'" i ' V:
-i ?. Leah! Chapter; lio. 2, O. E. 8 wil
meet In- ifasonic - temple . at. 7:50 , to-
. ToorS.ts should stop at tas "Pleas
an ton I lotel.' A; real Troy lral Resort
---advertisement.- " ' :i ; iS'i
CTbe, Metropolitan Meat Market will
laye lne milk, fed poultry for Thanks
giving dinners. Phone 3445. ; i?H
, Wanted--Two' more rpassengefs for
around - the - Island at 16.00.' Lewis
Stables . and- Garage;- TeL. 2141.' ed
TertisemenL" . k , , j;, V
Orders taken now for' green Christ
mas trees', from California, .v Henry
May & Co., LtLt -Telephone 1 271.
advertisemenL " V ;r ; v.t-i"
: Removal sale of millinery at Dlrk
crson's, Hotel " Majcstl; "Every hat
in the store to be sold at a sacrifice.
A d vertlsetneat . 7- r '
Pineapple soda and Hire's Root Beer
excellent summer drinksare bot
tled by; the Consolidated Soda Works.
phone 2171- advertissiaent ; f.
Clothes, cleaned and pressed. 'Aba-
die's .French .Method .at- Dry Cleaning.
French: Laundry 777 Kins SL Tele
phone 1431. advertisement . " ::- ?,
Engraved cards for. the holidays
will be in greater rogue ;. than ever
this . year. Wickman ; & Co. are r in a
position to meet all; your regnlfe
ments in this line. . -- i
Prof. Dc Graca gives lessons on Vio
lin, Cello, Mandolin,; Guitar, Ukulele
and Hawaiian music. Terms moder
ate. : Studio. 175 , Beretania St? Phone
S643.-advertIsement. - rj
'? Green Stamps are now freely given
at the ABC grocery, King street, fa
mous for its low prices for cash. Pay
cash and collect green stamps.
They're valuable. advertisement m
Better give your freight orders to
the Honolulu Construction ' and Dray
ing company and knqw - that your
Christmas goods will reach your store
promptl after arrival of jBteamers.
Every child writing a letter to San
ta Claus, addressing it to WALL,
giving their Post, Of flee address,, will
be remembered at Christmas time.
Don't, forget advertisement v ; -
Cone to the : Ealaf of Coed Thlr.ss
at the Baltimore No. 2. Fort St," where
you will-Wind. The. Ladies of the 'Gol
den Circle Sewins Club in charge of
the fair. Sale on Nov. 23. advertise
ment , .;: ;::-' ; , V " r y : -. yh ? , v.
A number of minor accidents were
reported 'at the police station Saturr
day night liaileaulii was knocked
down by ; a bfcggy- driven by William
Miller and received a slight cut on
the head. William Hudson stepped off
the curb at Hotel, and Fort streets di
rectly in front of .an automobile -and,
being struck by the same, received .a
few bruises.- . - ' ;- -!
Crushed Algaroba Feed Is the . best
chicken. feed in the market The high
percentage of protein in it make3 the
chickens lay -more eggs, also makes
them strong and healthy and cheaper
by -50'per rent.' than any ether poultry
food that come3 to thi3 market. Or
der some, and patronize home Industry.
; 1.00 a bag delivered; "Phone 4097,
Algarcta .Feed -. Co., Ltd. advertise
ment v ; - ' - , - "
Cm and W.nd on StO. tioatJ frt (.
-1 . P1m la Scl imr- Eany . S U k .
'33..DU.;. Cte4 jrxvt,'
usimss. L Cinrr. Do rot Fever.
Fv. UlrU. 'rttcr ,
ver,TirtJ ftllBjiJua&:':JC
r" it 1 pan loea.Catrrft. ScrofuU.
-1 cho 1 . h ryoo Dlor-. i.! j
. sm. Reaovn Vor, Curt Cw- I
paUoo.AaatfliKCosdiOoa. . i - j
Honolulu onuG coT1
-. V
. i ; I.;-,:,
: o
1 f
Si, - I'
i :.
. - .
"Just a few Uhes from a man who
owes his existence to youl TM3 writ
ing Is a hippy anniversary, as it is
now cne. year that I have Jiot lost a
day due to my old trouble. I am
feeling fine and the test is normal. I
rannot ernress or-utter an antrecia-
tion suitable. : Wishing you unlimited f vnd " other , pieces for several hours,
: Ifl. UZEH
' ' The .Kilohana Club has' Issued ; a
large number of invitations to the re
ception' and are exhibition tonight
The paintings are Hawaiian; scenes
by D. Howard Hitchcock. ';; Mr. Hitch
cock has long held the reputation i of
.being, better able to'depict Hawaiian
views . than any i other - Island artist
And as yet no malihlnl has-been able
to do better work.' v' :r " . f.
A number of new , scenes will; be
shown tonight which; are said to be
more beautiful than any he has ever
painted.; Connoisseurs who have seen
recent paintings by the.? Hawaiian ar.
tist - and : have? compared them 'with
hi3 eld paintings . say that bi3 work
shows . wonderful Improvement - . '
.Mrs. Henry -Waterhouse and Mrs.
Carl : Du Rol r will receive r with ' Mr.1
Hitchcock, this. evening. : t; r
glee clu: proves ' r
r ' -'" -' v -I " ': , : ';
j. The ;glee clubs organized by -?the
students of the College of Hawaii has
turned, out 'to.be greater success
than was expected. ' vAt a meeting of
the student body-of v the College ; a
short time ago; a. committee,, was sap
PC inted , to - organize 7 a ' : glee " club
among, the-;Students;The club has
met three times ' and each time; the
attendance - has Increased greatly.! f
; The committee which-: had : charge
of the organization of the club," found
several" difScultieSf tor 'overcome, ..one
of the worst of which was to provide
a suitable meeting pace.-.vTti3 ques
tion was the most important and-per
plexed the committee for -some time
until two of the members of the club
made the 11 eral p rop bsal to 'have th e
club meet at ' their home every two
weeks. This proposition was accept
ed '..with- enthusiasm - and since then
the meetings have ; been 'held regular
ly ,'eVery two? weeks; on Friday nights;
The memberaf assemble." at eight
o clock and practice; - college T songs
SUCCCSS., - -: ' -"' :
- ..-:"F. CHANDLER, v ;:t
i ; ' : 4'3o9 Main, Street,
; '; ' v .. ; ."Middletown, Mass.": 1
! Two years ago on Christmas Day,
Chandler was given up In Clay, N Y,
by his home physicians. 4 He had'drop
sy to the bursting, nearly 50 per cent
albumen , and 1 early death . was looked
upon as certain. The family was in
despair. They heard of a recovery in ,
an adjoining town and one of - them
went .to see about It They learned
that the recovery Was effecteuTby Ful
ton's Renal Compound, and Chandler
was put on It that day. It was a '.very
hard case and recovery was slow, but
about a year thereafter he was able
to return to employment , The abpye
anniversary tells the rest . ."-V-.
" Wonder what physicians think of all
this, who are wedded to . nitro glycer
ine; digitalis and Bashum'g Mixture,
under .which failure Is almost certain
in pases like the. above. . : ' -
Honolulu Drug Co. Is local agent
Ask for pamphlet advertisement
In no case is a serious fire of such
importance as to the owner of a fac-tory;-;5'-5W';::--"
- A fire always happens w;hen least
expected, trade is : ntterlr disorgan
ised, good will suffers, contracts can
not be filled;- and competitors take
advantage of the. enforced stoppage
of i business. None of .these indirect
losses' can; be adequately '. provided . a success,
against - by, Insurance, but experience
teaches that the Denlo' system of fire
protection , Is the. most efficient and
applicable of any.Ad vertisement"- y
Several ? of ? the members -, bring 'uku
leles and play v accompaniments .-to
some 'of the; pieces on them.' There
is also' a ' violinist among ; the ; mem
bers. ; -v., -V".-;--:. u . ,
! ' Several of the students, of the" Col
lege have -written words-.to' popular
airs and inost of ithem 4 have been
adopted as College of ' Hawaii songs.
Real talent has; been, shown in. many
of these ' pieces and .among the .best
Is one written by Miss. Miriam Clark
to . the alrof Vive:;Lmour.'VThe
first' versed and chorus are as- fol
lows: (yyi !'
In; nineteen 0 seven" we first set ;up
; 8hop, j";'-v-!;;-S
'Hawaii . eyexmore I :-" - '.
For bugs -.and for botany,'; there Is a
As well as ;-many! ;more-;.;-?,;5: i;;
r?i.:v'vr1-:' -"Chorus f ? ffciH-
First o'f Its kind in the Paradise Isles,
None ean surpass Jtnot by a miler
Now let them hear; ; " , 1
Howi we scan - cheery--''
Hawaii evermore! : - : ; . "?"
v Besides - Miss Clark's song, 7 several
other very good ones have been writ-ten-and
are ung by the glee club at
their meetii&i-;:-?'
V- A. male quartet composed of mem
bers 1 of the' clixb is now being tried
out and - will give its first' selections
at the next meeting. ' Their initial
appearance is being looked forward to
with great anticipation by the other
members of ; glee club and they all
express the desireto.see the nuartet
' The fire department was : called to
the Queen's Hospital, thismorning at
8:30 o'clock to put out a small fire
which started in a shed , iff : the rear
pf the main building,. Which was used
as . ay carpenter ' shop. There was no
damage done.: -? ': : . ' ;'i.r.'v; , .
If you have . a cough, cure it A
cough is a symptom of more serious
trouble-' Chamberlain's Cough -Remedy
Is the best obtainable andf yon
need have no hesitancy in using it, as
; Miss Marie Dorothy Johnson and
Mr, Ait Tv Henderson wereimarried
Saturday- evening - at seven-thirty
o'clock Jn the ROman Cathollo church.
Father Ulrica officiating. The bride
was attended . by Mrs. Margaret 4Mc
Donaldu and A. S. Guild acted as best
man. '- The vweddlng ;was a quiet one.
only the. immediate, friends' and rekv"
lives ofthe couple being present at
the ceremony."' v 4 . r ':.
' The bride, who recently came here
from ;her bpme in . Tacoma, . Washing-,
ton, where ? 'she "resided v ; with? her
mother and sister, was prominent in
the younger set in that city and has
made many friends in Honolulu. Mr.
Henderson is well known in Honolulu,
having ; spent five years at Ewa,: and
the last two in the employ of the von
Hamm-Younz Company. His mar-
it contains nothing injurious. ; For sale
Kv all Unnn Smith J6- Pn.
"j -' : - . ui
Ltd.; agents v for Hawaii. advertise- came as a urpn iu uas
xnent-- -; circle of friends.
1 "i.;4-'
,They?re just fresh from the
padxiiifcace tiie;drc2de3t,
Uriel we have ever carried.
you are; in need; of.; a naTr vest
ydii'll ner:find a more fcvor-
gdnt thoii nht now ,T7liile , tiiD
aiicbrtmcht'is large, :-
1 1 :t
In -7hite and Grey a
Drc:3 ycoto, $3.50 to $10X9
Fcy Vests, $2.C0f to 5X3
pen. . J; '
t . ' i
- . i -. ... . -. ?
.; The. Women's College Club has tak
en , up the plans for the sale of the
Red Cross Christmas seal3 which will
begin December 2. James A. Rath,
who ha3 been appelated by the - Na-tIonal,.AntI-Tuberculos!3.'
League as
agent for. the seals in the Hawaiian
Islands, will receive, 400,003 ;of the
little - stamps, which will be put on
sali la IIcr.:'.u:-j.cai z. 3 ca :.Ia:
and Hawaii.
The procc?l3 cf the Eib; cf th:3
stamps will la f;rv,"arJ:l to tta
tlonal Assoclatlca for t!l in tha T'
ventlcn of 'the 'dread dl:::: cr. I i:
13, expected by d c::. :it:? ! :
charts cf th
a! 3 C-.it tl.3
will t3 d!; -cf. 1
will on -13 at dl c! t!.3 1;;..
tu:!r.c3 houses' cf C 3 ci
r.2r.:Ir.l sun cf cr.2 c t (
1J;:3 wl:o x;V. tiho r -.!,
at t:.
T .
: rt in'
: .'Si
K , :;::,;: f'
f : ...
:w: I
: -.t 'c
-. -
;.-..-.-f j
-. !
ii ,tv
A ttqwded'StorO
. - V Jll, W ChUd
We InviteYour Inspection
77' 'y?' V::S' T:!Vy A 7 O pi -',,-'-v
v '

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