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. - ,-.v.-- r.----ri- 'cV-o .?.i.-'w-:Va .:--yr?y w ' - ' ; - , ..-?-.. - - .. - - v. - "
Front S. Y.v
Lurllne, Nov.' 20.. i".
;Fr8.F.i y v'--
' Nippon Mam, Nov. 1 9
From Vance a ten ';. '-'X
Makura. Dec 4.
For Vaacearert' .
Eealandla, Dec. 3. :
... .(
A - J
O 3
Hawaiian Star; Vol. XX, No.
F;xenlns r.uJItln, Hst. 18S2. No. SJSfi.
1 0''fiT"
-J J
. i 1 -,. .,',-. ; 1; ,' .'. . i , - : '
a (
i! n n r f m
IVou! Consider It - Greatest
'Honor That Could Come : ! i
, - - - - - ... .
to Him -
OdV II. D IILulLII 13 UlUmillUI
i Better Fast Will Be Out
i ' - January First, -V
a ; come NonCiviIian Through-
Should the Democratic admins . out And EmpIOyCS'VhO Hold
a istration. when . It takes hold In SbJTfii-T- Da IaWa
H Washington, decide uponinr rUUt Are Likely JO Be JOOleSS
tl'name or" the' governorship,1. I HI-' - """. ''t y; -iy" 'y y?:''l-
should 'consider it the greatest ! .Since thd organization of .the nec
honor that. -could be conferred quartermaster "corps of the armj, cl-
upon any jnan. in tha' territory" tJ vilian employes In the Department of
It R M WATSON. - " - ; Hawaii. have been, wondering vhen
;n :: a' a :: :: a a a a a a a a a.and wiierc. the ax, wpujd fan. ;and
..iSteadiJy: growing in - size' -tt? the! t-'
shadow wnicii U. M. Watson-la cast-i.":
. : ing upon, the gubernatorial asplra-1 f f thf, 8.tafC 5KorparV0lC effef Vt 2?
tions of followers of Link McCandless br 1, but 'the orderegulating the
and G.J. Waller, who hope to see their j 7"??' .rece ved, by
man selected by the incoming aminr ' nk Cheatham, chief quar-
Istrution in Washington, for ' theva "W: tttdf m k?6 ordrIn"
cancy that may be caused byythe .de- ? ,tftes hf therelll be nxy change
y.nrtnr. vvnifpr p p,r mm - hi in. the status of-.the classified :em-
room in the palace.'-; Friends of. the
attorney have been working bard in
Lis behalf and it is pointed out that
Mr. Waticn -commands " the respect
r J tup port of the , best element, in
1 . .ih rarties b the territory -.;
Hr.. . Watson' himself declines to
make any definite statement" regard-'irg-.hls
ctff- ' tor.ard . the ciT.r?,
: wishes, .or his i lans. All that he will
fayis that 1g has not and will not
make cry rr"- -ure ."endorse
ments". 1- .; iv. I..- i lr.ee. : ' ' :.
'- Seen i.i ..Lie r a by a "Star-Bulletin ;
rcprcfrr f ;tiv
rr.tr-?, Mr. .Wat-
a iJtUi .tLan reports
i. ::;iitica' '.would : have
. l:;id one Iclicve. -
"Tl.e iJoctcrf tell rr.e that I snall'he
out and 'at wc: 1. by the' first the year,"
, he eaid, ir.:!!!:.-; "I am fpendlng r.art
of each dr.y wnlking about the. house
and find myself growing stronger evr
cry day." ' - . "' ' ' : ;
When afhed for a statement Regard
ing the governorship, he. at first re
fused, but .finally authorized the.fol
lowir.g: ''' ; ' - -.. '
; '1 tclieve that the office ot govern
or of this territory i3 too Important .a
post to be scrambled for. I have not
made, nor Eh'ill I make, any effort to
secure cntJoiccments from anyone for
it. Should the Democratic " adminls.
traticn, when It takes hold In'Wash
" Ington, decide 'upon my name for the
ofiice I should consider It the.great
est honor that could be conferred
upon any man In this territory." ' .
: Democratic gossip is busy with al
leged element cf support Tor Gilbert J.
Waller that apparently has been gen
erally overlooked, that of the pow
erful parker ranch Interests. On ae
' count of the,, business -connections of
1 the Parker ranch and Waller'a' meat
business, as well as the personal sup
iport the Tarker ranch management Is
said to feel able to give, It 1$ Veported
that Waller will get strong' backlog
".from A. W. Carter and others. Some
;of the Democrats also claim that .Wal
ler" is favored by S. M. Damon. ; '
; '.Backers of McCandless were elated
Saturday night -when J. M. Poepoe
.'camey' cut In support of . ' Mc
Candless. Poepoe haj been figured as
''a Waller inan, and; was believed to
speak " ror ai considerable . element
among the Jfawaiians, but at the rally
and love-feast at, Aala park he declar
ed himself In favor of Unk. ;yV
: ; TO BEGIN, AT.8.15
j Announcement-waa made this .morn
ing by President W. A. Love of the
- Honolulu Symphony Orchestra Society
!that the opening, concert of the sea-
' son tomorrow night at -the Hawaiian
i Opera House will begin promptly at
5 8 : 15 v o'clock. Mrs. Charles L. Hall
; is the soloist and - the : orchestra has
,:; prepared an unusually attractive list
-of numbers for its own rendition y
f y The executors of the estate of the
late! Hugh, E. " Mclntyre having ' re
nounced the trust in favor of Samuel
A. Walker, the latter has, filed, a bond
in the sum of $40,000 with the" "Nation
al Surety, Co. ' as surety. " The bond
; was Issued by the Hawaiian Trust
Co., Ltd- by William F.. Gaynor and
-I; Abrams, attorneys-in-fact, y 'y " :
P ' J.- meen5e.
snriths,' farrier8 and. laborers . who
come, under the unclassified list will
have f to regularly i enlist, or take
chances "cf . losfng their jobs.- " About
100 are affected In Hawaii. ' ) T y'v
Employes chiefly affected ; by th is
fhsr.ge are the ; teamsters. :" Those
ever forty-five years: of .age may net
t-rJist, but will &e retained 'hi service;
rhose , under, forty-five .years ot age
irust either enlist, ox. run. the risk qt
having thfir places 'fitted: with ' enlist
ed, men. : ; ; 7; V:' J
I't&r.t Lcwer Wa g ; ".; ''y J '"
vMost of these Uamsters . . now, re
ceive $40 a month. ..They will be re
placed with privates, f irstv clas3, ' who ,
receive Its a ' month,- with, ; rations,
t jcl. liht, and clothing, allowance.
Medicaid attenti6nV insurance agalnsi
disability, and retired pay after thirty
years nervice are other . inducements
held out to nien to cause them to en
list.- 7't7-tS---K
The allowances, outside of medical
iwtentlon, amount to about J15 .a
month.' ; Thisl . with the ,flrst; class prlr
vato ; pay, .makes a, total of $33 as
against the $40 teamsters are now re
ceiving! y-yM ?;;y.: i::."
At first 'blush, this; does joot look
like a "good proposition for the un
classified employe, but army officers
assert that' it Is one" of the ' paradoxes
of the army that a teamster on $40 a
month', will be Chroke" at'the "tend ol
the month while if he receives $18 and
(Continued on page Two.)
.y,: : I '. - -
' r '' .- '. ,. . . "' i
- Chat Yen Lok, a ' young Chinese
student, who for the past four months
has been travelling In. Europe and the
United States gathering data for the
establishment of various Christian in
stitutions In China,, gave an address
before the United Chinese Society
last ' night ' and spoke' upon the sub
ject oL rVoung China."; :1 y -;
Lok was sent to. the United States
by. the Canton Christian Association
for the purpose of gathering Informa
tion concerning the -work and the es
tablishing, ot; Christian. Institutions,
sueh as the Young Men's ; Christian
Afcsocatkm8 and' other organizations
for the welfare of young men. y In his
talk, he laid special stress on the ne
cessity of the . young Chinese taking
up Christianity, and .he made .it clear
that in the new- Republic of China
that this form of religion would be
the leading one. He leaves for. - the
Orient on the next steamer to make
hia report .'.. yy v.- yy' ;-;.' ' '....'. .
T- Dr. E.H.xHand will leave bpmorrow
night' on the. Mlkahala for .Molokal,
where he will engage In snall farm
iiysv iyly, ; y y ' Vy ;; -: ' ' ;;y ';'
The following bids " for . the con
struction of the Lahalnaluna school
were opened by the superintendent of
public works last' Saturday; Henry
Defries $22,880 for the entire job;
Freitas '& Fernandez. - $23,765 for the
entire job; Derries. $15,669 for the
dormitory and $7,211 for the kitchen
and dining hall building; Freitas &
Fernandea, $1 6,663 for theVdormitory
and $7,200 for the kitchen and dining
halLy ' y - y " ' .:
. i . . . .
t'r'- ''-.if ii'l. ';"v " " - r . : i'
I Last Saturday afternoon was history
making In, wireless communication be
tween Hawaii and the ' mainland. ;
Following close on 'the establish
ment iof unbroken and regular night
wlrelesa communication by the Feder
al; Wireless' Telegraph- company, : the
same company accomplished the sec
ond of ita splendid feats on Saturday
afternoon when for the first lime. con-'
tlnuoua f wireless message were In
terchanged with the Coast during day-'
light hours.' - ' . '" o"' " :; V
The first day : messages from Honq-
Zulu to the mainland were sent by this
Star-pulletln. Itegnlar communication
was assured "shortly after, the '; Star
Bulletin. 'went , to press ; ia the afteJf-
noon.-; ;.y i ...;..ry ; y y y. ';:.y y.
' .Earlier la the day it was practical
ly t certain that ' the Federal . Wireless
company, using . the Poulsen equip
ment; from its big station at Jleeia,
would establish communication with
the. Coast John Q. McCloskey, who
has ' been -local manager of the. Fed
erar company . since It began buslnesa
here, promised the Star-Bulletin that
he would have the day; wireless go
ing on i Saturday .and . hemade good,
the actual consummation of the feat
coming just too late in the afternoon
for this paper to announce it.' ; . ' y
;A8 soon as it was certain that j6m
manication was, established the mes
sages began to sing across the twen-
ty-one hundred . miles of space, carried
on the mysterious waves whose exact
nature no scientist has yet been able to
fathom; Newspapers exchanged hearty
greetings, public officials shook hands,
over it figuratively speaking. In congra
tulation over, the feat,' and business
men began ; to make arrangements to
send "their messages, by day . whrelesa,
First 'J4tsage8enV ' ;:y:f"y v:;
;;,The .tar-RuIletin sent ita" first' day
me?ageVfrom?4rtawail :o-,the iCoast,'
telegraphing message's to?. the,;Saa
FrailiilectfCiaiyand Jthe- Seattle Post
IntelJUencer The first day ? message
sent ) to WA W. Chapin." who recently
toote thererni'of management of the
San Francisco Call and whose advent
In California journalism has been the
event of the fall., To him the Star-Bulletin
fialdr -y- .;':.' .--. .;.'-;
'Honolnlu,;T. H Nov.; 16, 1912.
W.W.: Cha pin, publisher. Call,
y -1 -- ;s can rancisco, y .. -: r
? The yHonolulu Star-Bulletin : sends
greetings from the people of Hawaii
to the people .ofvCalifornia by Federal
Wireless ; telegraph, in the first day
message'. Hashed across the Pacific
Ah epoch lnaerial communicafion is
marked;? ruperhuman difficulties have
been ;overcomeT and ywe, congratulate
you upon holding one end of the chain
that links' us together. I .'-y y . , ; '
;y (Signed) iRILEY'Hi ALLEN, 'M
, Editor. Honolulu. Star-Bulletin,
y In reply came the following , from
Mr. Cbapin: ; :t,i xxj-k. -
Riley H. Allen, editor Star-Bulletin,
',1' .''.. ; Il'onolulu. ..y
v The Sin Francisco "rCal returns
greetings from the people of ' Califor
nia to. their,fellow.-cIti2ena of the Ha
walian . Islands by. Federal. W'lteless
and " makes of the, iStarBnlletin . bur
next-door perghborj' It Is.' difficult ; .to
conceive f of . a; greater achievement
We thank 'yoyi for your first, day , mes
sage, to :ns by wireless. , ...... 1
(SignedrVV. W.-CHAPIN,
Greeting Northwest. : . ; ,'t
Continued en' Page 7)
yV': .'-.';"'; ''"' ;:y 'xi.-XX:i,
nttznttn a t$ "a a aan
' V;ti-y--4;-y -y v;; '-.
a - (By Federal Wireless) ',: .: ' a
a 1 SAN : FRANCISCO, ; Cal ;Nov. a
a 16: -- To Henry 'yWaterhouse a
a Trust fCo 'Honolulu: Better a
a feeling here on account of con- a
a servative statement of Wilson on a
a the , tariff. . ,. , '."a
ay edward pollitz & co. a
a - . ' - . :. " -' . '-y .-. , -a
a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
From this cheering message it may
be "inferred that the president-elect
has made a definite statement of ; his
tariff poHcjr which has not yet been
communicated to" Honolulu. While
there have been some reports of ut
terances by Wilson indicating ! that a
conservative policy regarding the tar
iff was to be pursued this message of
Saturday .would appear to refer to
something he had expressed just prior
to his ." departure for Bermuda!" ' It Is
the first intimation, at all events, that
the coast sugar interests have had
their fears on the matter allayed.. . ,
"Judge Whitney has set December
27 as the date on which he will hear
the petition of the Trent Trust Com-,
pany, trustees, and review the final
account of the estate ot John S. Mc
Grew. Thctrustee's petition- shows
an expenditure of $3,132:51, and re-!
ceipts amounting to $4,164.05. y,
I ItflR p ;
a i i i i t i
'nor - rm"
i ' ;y i
,i L ii .. i
Governor, - Explains ' Idea on
; Conjmission; G o Verment
; : ; 'for Hon :!u!u V; ;
' -. --y ' ' ''Si T i 1 " t ' . - i. ;'. . '
Present City r 0 ':cia!$r Could
'v;-1'.' .ri'-y,."f x. i,-y-..';vyi":'r-.;i"'
y In; endorsinrithemmTTl3S"on i form
tit f govertiinent -.for Honolulu, a$d re
i amr ending lepislaXtre 'aiUon wt.t he
subject f.thea:ir;ochlnssjon ot
t the legislature. ;Go0'nprl;Freax has
no imeniion - ci ve'ueraieiy mterief
Ing with or cut lie saott' th term: ot
y, Such was hfe'kxfassich tod ay. ;S It
la expected t o clear tip a.- doubt 'that
has arisen: la t he-imictts of local ' Dem
ocrats . and to result in the endorse
ment ,cf ; the GoveiilcrVi ldeas(?iy ia
large, number : of. the leaders of-the
Democratlo parfy;rp
, There ' Is ? one 'featurey of the. idea,
no we ver j . thathe d est res mad e . clear.
He, will also reconimend, in; his me
Mtge to i the Legislature, a change in
the fiscal year of ;the, municipal goY-
ernment'f so that -Jt "will ;" correspond
the city,
and six -'months, or six .months less
than the period (or which It has been
elected; or to serve to years and six
n.outh 'oV six nvJtiths Honger than the
wdteao'niftfQ ?ff
How Change Woul Wrfc;s;--CFor
instance; the admlntstra
tlouywill take office January d,'. 1913,
and ordinarily would se?ryev until Jan
aar.ljl "If- thei Governor's: surges'
lion f or altering - the city's fiscal year
13 'adopted? the; next; ? ddminlstratioij
would ;: be chosen at a eeparatey elec,
tioh'heldvome' time Ini- the spring',
and the .officials, thus chosen 'would
take effect: July 1; . following f'theelec
tiou. Therefore, Itwould, be up'.to the
Legislature ; to :-'decide,",' In ; making this
change in ;the city; charteivto, deter-
;?-y: v,.iw.'ty
the Territory's f seal year. wWch4 measured nartlcn
,. July i. tt ;tnis ' change 1? themselves.' -.-.y x -i Myi ? ; . j tj j t . ...
V would take Effect in thr Bill Not Drafted. v ', 7 y ' f: ! .,2! ?,. r. x:, . !! A7. ' -
of; theipresentXfiscal year-of ' ThlsIs 8,detail"t6 which he has'i u'9 V - 1
,tiuid for;ilut.reasottU .
-iidminlstmi given to the' , ".n;2 2) ! ,V c: '.V.:'; " '
to hbld Office foniroe; year trtaderw V.. V"'.' ? 'X ... ,
OneResultof Trfp Wilf b'l-pTriff t
Oocument orr Desirability
rfor Residence:
By c. salbert;
Special Star-Bulletin rrespondcneel
territory; of Ha waili is to' be given . a
comprehensive endorsement by Setre. the Islands, -tary
t Fisher, of the interior depart-; 3Iatt-SmIthV-
ment. - He rwill strongly -'Tecommend 1
the islands as a desirable- place ! of
residence for the farmer., and the ,
businessihan. He wilL; comments with
much detail, on the delights of climate
and products found' In' the territory. "
Secretary Fisher is formulating-an
elaborate report, based on v his recent
visit to Hawaii. It is- separate A and
aside from his formal communication
to ' the. president, approving 1 the reap
pointment of Governor Frear, and ex
culpating' him fromll 'charges filed
against him by Delegate-'Kalanianaole jary.' .The matter of filling, the i ap
and others. This report will go fully jpipachlng vacancy has not yet been
Into conditions prevailing in the Isl-j discussed between the President and
ands. -'..their availability for agricultur-'
Statements from the two wings of
the Republican party organization In
the Territory this ; morning indicate
that . fn . the - beginning at least, har
mony and a certain amount of good
will is to prevail in the party's work
in the legislature.
The Republican party's steering
committee has announced it will work
for the things I intend to recommend
and that it will co-operate with me,"
said Governor Frear. "And I am going
to co-operate heartily with the com
mittee: We both want virtually the
same legislation." -
"We are going to work with the
Governor," stated. Robert W. Breck
ons. who holds the proxy of Stephen j
uesna as a member of tne steering
. r ... .
Captaii; Duncait EUlotC, Fifth Cav
alry, lies In a critical condition at the
post hospital at Schofield; Darracks,
suffering from serkjus Un juries IUJ enr
ted by a fall from his horse.' One
boulder blade is" broken, the officer's
head Is laid open froma ' kick, k and
interest injuries arefeared;;s
Captaln7 Elliott was schooling his
horse at a 5-foot jump when the acci
dent occurred. Just what the circnm
ttances of the fall were Is somewhat!
indefinite, as he was alone sax the (were arrested here today by special agents s:nt cn frcn .y .
time-, but It -is surmised that the ani-, the postal authorities. The awindle was of th old ;ttr;;h
mat- caught4: the v top bar and'went ietyy and Is said to havt reached Jnto ". all parts cf. its c :
down, rolling on Captain Elliott and cording to the statement of some cf, the escrct ssrvict nsi,
kicking him in his struggles to regain from, at far away'as the Phii:p?ines -and Hawaii' first s:t t :
his ifeet.?.;y':; -'arrests were maie V '
A sooa as the accident: was : dis- and it ia expected that others will fellow within a day .or t. :.
covered theipost auto ambulance was) y:V . ..,;;. ' -o .ot '
lispatched ot - the scene, and Captain .
Uliott hurried -to medical assistance.
It willy be . some ? days- before his
chances for complete recovery; will be
known:-" v -h . : -;- .-" -i
mine whether th next set of munici
pal officials should take office July.l,
1014, or on July 1, 191S.; ; y -r. l ;
;; Covet nor Freir asserts he has no
preference a .present to ff
the-lncomlng .- set ;.oi fctaU
auvuju .iw.w w w iu iuU.
cidedonlyafter.many -coi
J framing ' and; passing the nrono3ed u. 3-.t .v.-;-. . t t...u-..u " . 4.
tothe review -yf the documents on the, Accordir3 to the re;;rti frc. Mcr.ni
?ftH1: Jye-A-F4'-e?turd th5 carrion, cf fifty t:- 3i-J v
ed to draft a tentative bUl .oaany ypt:rll0B wis diSrSani2:i, mors than' ha.! st;
thegoveriimental changethat he in: The-A of th; AUl3 it p h t .
leSf,mendinf la cessase , , the" cholera situation here' is Crow:r;
ed as soon as possible,' that they may
be given wide circulation and public
ity, making the people thoroughly ac
qualnted with the changes they, pro- T"M
nose and: enaMiwid discuB8lonybe,;for Mn:Ury ona.v,Tha despair .of
fore the legislature Is i asked tq;take"
: V - . '
action unon them.
.Correcting; the misconception '."; and
- (Continued. from Page 4) ".'.. :
' - i
- - - - h
C9 "
' It isthe Vintentlon
Fisher to completely indicate the ad-
vantages of .Hawaii to such Americans-
ftjumiehr h cnnstdHne th nnhnfld-.
ax - might be considering the upbuild
ing' of homes there. He will enumer
ate the food products that may be cul
tivated and will even include a list
. of fish that abound in. the waters of
It Is not exoected . President Taft
will -consider a successor to Terfitort
lal Secretary. Mott-Smith until short-
ly before Congress convenes,- a month
hence.; His; acceptance of; the restg
nation was based on the 'stipulation
that ; it should become effective; upon
the qualification of a successor. -'Although
Mr, ;Mott-SmIth - resigned
partly ; because, the 'position iwas 4 not
sufficiently remunerative,, there - will
doubtless be many applicants, willing
to struggle along on the present sal
Secretary Fisher.
THE G. 0. P. TO
committee. "Despite the apparent
Democratic tendency of things, here as
on the mainland,, it must not be. for
gotten that we still have the balance
of power in the Territorial legislature
We can get along nicely united, .and
the Governor will have the party's
co-operation in "every way." " -' - '
Just what the committee's llne of
action is to be, or what ' measures it
will take up first as the most impor-
tanL is not yet determined. Ar meet
ing Is to be held the latter part of
the present week, to begin-laytng gen
eral plans. KL U Hotetein is expected
tofcome to Honolulu early in the week.
to attend this meeting, and. he proba-
' :', - : '
;; y-y ".y. - :
bly' will remain here indefinitely,; aid-'p.
ting m preparing the committee work. !
. T
mln m Gi nci nn a
Of-More, Than
And AHairDollars--Comp:
Froni Hawaii Gave' The Pi.
.-V;y;yy; :XO. ..:'X:j: a fclat'' StarBulleti'n 'Cab!e1 ;'-.:'-
y CINCINNATI, Ohio. November: 18. TVappei, by the t :-
wen of the United States government, three mtn said to fc; i
For mail frauds amouMina to more
IurlS r:2pul32
'I' '
f Ansoclatod
mill i rlxnrat. kciiiII nn th i nr4
iTehatalja early this mornin-;. and 'after hc.r.v c"f
;backbyJthi Turks, with a loss cf ei;htl thou- - J r-
tured, anda much heavtsr-lcsa'in ki!le4 an J- . -
n:X Onct again the Turkish artillery, for a t:
at th8 oylssl r:;
,te the covernment declare' that at
stricken oy .eitner cnoiera or typnoij, wr.i::i -a; r .
ance",! each -day, and that the hpi?ita!sare ut".;r!y i-.
dating atenth ef the patients,- fvlen and worrrn ari c
i A MM AM AM M I IN i " tM
""T'iu lu C: "'"J
III ll llyVtiUII ttiim in; . ,
Turk Aup2!.!j X :'.Jr
; : y , 'i y. . . y Asiocuted Press Catle y
y.-' LONDON, November 13. Word has fc:?n recsiv:i fcy 1
f ice here that the Sublime Porte today a ;ain a??sili t:-.r:
Slan ambassador In Constantinople,. for an arrr.lstics. T' s
ver, it la believed, will hot Interfere. .'"' -'"'
I'-'X:',: x-X-- v -y-,y c:-.
. - , - -. ' . . :.-
h:XXXh--i''iyi-i''i''iSp6A .ar-tulletin Cablel ;
; ' MARYSV1LLE, Cal if ornia, Novemb er 1 3-E ht e en
iautlv iniurd in 1 oeeuliar trollev imathuo here .this
a ltlz'ht car Ju:t
'"3 bridge. The trolley jumped the
"P inthe diuh below. ; It probable
from their wounds. '; V . ' ' ; - '.
.r.;. . T i.,ii ' ' its i '
TERRE' HAUTE, Indiana, November; ic Flames that brck:
American " car foundry -, plant here this- morning destroyed
of property belore the fire department could bring them tinJ;
Several fireman were aeriously hurt, by falling walla. -
yyy ":--y ;: '''-. :. lAssomtea
vy WASHINGTON, -C November 18.Th Unitad 8tatea.'..Cu?rs-na
Court this morning handed down a decision, which annuls the 'pat:r,t li
cense agreement under which the bathtub trust was organized zr.i t;i
been operating. It ! believed that this will result in the dissoluticn et
the trusts..'.----.O ''' . " '''.'. ..'"--. J '. . . .
-y- I . y ' ' - 'r : V
: . circuit juagc w. .j. : uouiusua ini
morning resumed his duties as circfalt
judges empaneling a "jury to- try the
first of the series of criminal f actions
which ; will occupy his attention for
the next few weeks. One of his first
duties was to Issue a ' bench warrant
and have brought into court Otto- F.
Heine, who had been empaneled as
venireman anil fiileif tn onrutor- " Re.
cess was taken 'until be t could ' b
found and brought in. y ('"ry.c '
A jury was selected this afternoon
and . at 8 : 30 o'clocktomorrow morn-
ing win begin the nearing of the case
against Sen ng Sung Chin -and --vtm
Mary LUn on August 31 Attorney w.
T. Rawlina has been auDOinted coun-
sel for the defendants:
. - '
V&meT'VniiJ RtMtn'hn
Jones is seriously 111 at his' borne'
in Los Angeles.' ; ; ; ;,
cl 1
tu - - P ublie
I, in:
than ?t.c::,C;0 within t ;
1 m
Prt"8 CnhJ
.13. Tl-.re;
If! - - tr -r
J t
: t: :
th? p.., fr..
SM - IAM v J
' " .. 7
' '
y y '
. ; .
bridse rails ani. lani:
that some of the ir.j
. .
l i O
r cor,:
Balhtub Tr i: : I
ptmh cable y'.y- y. .. -- ;"
'.anaa aaaaaaaaaaaa::
. v. - . -. ; . a
. What" is said vto be.' the first X
& conferenccof, its kind ever held V
In the territory Is to take place
y4 in Cooke Hall, Y. lL C. A. build-
? ing tonight. It is a conference on
eugenics, the science of race irn- f
5 provement, and Judge Sanford B.'
Dole is to preside. The confer-
Sb onro hsa haon'mne'H h ITlHih -
Thompson of the Kamehameha
school," and severa lr. short papers
are.to be read by prominent citl-
aens. . .r' z ' .. ' ' .
: " 8 , m ' ,''' v -
lhe social woraers of the city bald
a meeting last Thursday night at the
. Palam'a Settlement at vwhich a new set
iTy-taws :waa::a'dopte.d-;'and arran3e-
mentr; and -plansjf or .'improving; th
coclal condltiotf of Jlonolultu
'' i

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