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- - - -
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V.7 j i?
- C"
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1 . ! '
. - : .1 r
,i--fa ; : 1
1 i
K i k' i Ai i J ft ii C.U V 1 LL
, One 'hundred 'as. I eixty-one . Mslalfc
r.tf crage passengers ar3 enruuie from
the Far Cast .1o the Territory of; Ha
waii, and are expectrd will leave trie
Tcyo Kisen Kalsba Jlner Nippon Ma.
ru on arrival of that vessel at the port
this afternoon. . .-' . - ...-,-' :. ;',' '; -
r 'Fifty-nine Fillpinbs recruitedIn the
"Philippine' Islands by agents'for the
-Hawaiian' -Sugar. : Planters' 'Associa
tion are' included amor.? the number
ca board the Japanese steamer. .. " i a
A wireless message received at the
?.'ry r.cy of Castle & .Cooke,, the local
representatives for the Nippon Maru,
. i to ti e . effect that , the liner from
Hcnnkcrg. by , the way, of Shanghai
'' end Japan ports will be off the port
ct or about; three o'clock this ; aft er
The liner may take a berth at Rich
crds street wharf, should it be found
. at the list t.craeat that there is too
j?reat a congestion of freight at the
Alalia wharf. The berth for the,Nlp
jcn Tiara he J cot been definitely de
rided upon ty Harbormaster -Foster
tl.Ii mcr:.;..g. ; " :'W-
U i the r
atch : ? Vf
1 t (cio:'
r U to :
: , L
J t 0.
c'cr.t intention to dis
1 for Fan Francisco at
.arrow morning. The
've no fuel. iharir.g the
there are thrt:? hun-
; r.ral cart o ' for. dis-
x ire ! -: j i , :t , the Nippon
llerchalj. with a tctalcf
.rs, which wouIJ indicate
. vc ;1 ii ccrryir, a rather
t cf cal:ntravelers. , '
I- . .
. . . .
: v as r"
- l i: r
Ut x ry f
a t'..c:r
- t: :.rz:.l C:l
:ia cf..
: .. 1 ve I " i
. r v j t r
: f tho
".'-V"f!-T: 1
U '
cf 1. .
:: a . c
t:. ? i ' :
.1 at C-
cr.t to tl.3 railv.ay
: t v. :ih fine weather dar
' r j art cf . the vcyas?
: :a t!.a i.!ar.ds.
v : :a t:-:; a lively In
: ; way the late election
r f - , r- r 4 I - . o V .
tr- la:; t s...ancnts cf al-
I : -a. L . cti'.Izci in the rraauf
r:' r? el chills and horse feed, re
c l( 1 h.re I:i i: aths arrived as part
r ") ia the I ter-lsland steamer
: : . . ' i j c .ter;.. :.-. , : ' ' : -
1 . a ::aai, ar.d Molokal .liners re
turi.fd with a fair list of passengers
a .J frt!0ht Including 2175 sacks beats
ICO sacks charcoal. 5 cords wood, 115
i.c: 1 her?, 3 hcrses and liS.packases
tar.dries. According to report from
the oiT.ccrs th.e - Milcahala met wita.
fine wf ather cn tbe homeward voyage.
. y . a
JnfMstand Caillnjs This. Day.; ,
Three Inter ls'and steamers are on
the tcrth to tail for coasting, ports
tea y. . -a, ..
1. V. G. Hall, an arrival here on
fur. -ay morning is taking on' cargo
far Kcloa only. This . vessel . Is ex-
ppctr 1 will fet away at five o'clock. 1
Ta'aas exp'esives and frelght'des-"
tined for Kilauea, Kauai, the steamer
Nlihau has ben placed on the berth
to depart at .five o'clock. ;
The . steamer-Noeau a Kauai
steamer also slated; for dispatch at
live o'clock this evening and destin
ed to call at all. ports along 4the .Gar
den Island. - The Noeau will carry ex
plosives as well as general cargo. .
"Hall for KclcaV rv: - ' ;'";--.- -
Taking cargo for Koloa. the Inter
Island steamer W. G. Hail is to be
dispatched for the .'Garden Island at
five o'clock this evening.; The Hail
was a Sunday morning 'arrival with
freight including one auto; 63 cakes
honey, 100 sacks rice. crates of chic
kens and 64 packages sundries.
According to: reportSj from oflcers
the ressel met with fair" winds and
seas. -; : '"': ''i:' '-'r; '; ';'.'-'.""
H ; i, ' y
, The island of Nlihau will receive
a call from the Inter-Island steamer
Klnau on the trip. IcavInX here tomorrow-evening
Freight for the lit
tle island Is loaded aboard the vessel,
which is to sail with a large general
carrjo, ... .-; ;.
Cundiy, Nev. 1 7. .' ' ; r .;
Jfaul, llclokai and .Lanal porta
.Mikahala,'. Etmr.i a.:m. z - ;
Kauai ports Vv ,G. Hall, stmr- a.
Jaran, ports Unkal Maru, Jap.
Etmr., sJ ra. . - '. '
i . ; " -
Z-j-J-y, Nov. 17.
Haw:! i . V.'alkle, stmr., p. m.
Hawaii cr. !.:aui ports ; Maul,
r t r-
aA .
Hawaii (cru! ?) Kukul, stmr ; p.
n. ' ; -. : '-' : v.,-
4 i.
Ytfr -
Per tr. i:;,::v.a!;, f rent. Maul -ari
.i r-"t:.. 'i::Tc"!:'r 17. D. Ino,
f.. Al.o, A. A. YK -n. J. Cunnlcc:"n,
G. C.-::a!;i, D. Crr.r. Mr. Ccrr.r.a:i.
Lowe, 71. E. r ail:, !!I:3 G. Gc:i
r C. C:';r J. Fcmaricz.-J. Tuji
j: 1 I rri vlf?. Dr. Eawes. A!:i.
!' W.-Kcal, C. 1,. Ar-:r.:in, J.
Mart?. C. A. Merrian and -C3 fd::':.
Fcr.ttr.- V.'. G. II:!!, frcr: Kauai
r N-vc:-.l-r 17. Z. G C:::r., F.
. .
. K:' - r :-t - - n::- i
J , 9 I iJ, 1 1 U a
I..: '. ') xli W23r
-. c
Jaa. D.
::e tend
'.zz a
hu!- rai:;! I
t' Haa aii r
.... ii - . .. - V . . -A y J
-. to c'. ' i t'. 3 'c-;'.:; cr. car.c3
I ' ! sea-3 rail; a cthe. islaad
i . -. ... .
. I.:r v. ah;r ia r.'arted alar. 3 the
c:::t cf Hr-al ty c ccrs in the In-tc-
T-'--! : ar.-- I' . -rival at
th ; .t f :
' ai i3 ca: : :
: the i
car; 0 c.
1 will cail frcn C?
- '3 v z larsa
a. : 3 L-vcu a t, ;
:.-r;3 cf f.vc t'.
t:h ia tl.3
tcr.3 coal
... Lt -3
Navi-atlcn Cc;a y
arl Ker
t with lar.her from Puget
C . an a r:rts are t'.l c' aa to arrive at
H:r.a i'ally. '1..:.3 vcrsc'.i ', :are
cut wilhia a few days cf a mcnthl
Acccrd'.ai to advices received here,
tha AracriCwn-Hawai'.an freighter 'Mds-raarl-n
with a gca;ral carD. frcia the
Fact and est ccaat-cf the. -United
C late 3 'will, arrive here, ca cr about
Dcceaaher- 22nd. a . .
The Inter-Island - steamer : Kilauea
for Hilo riding at anchor o" the port
for some hours oa Saturday night oc
casioned much .E-ecu!at;cn alang the
waterfront and In shipping circles tia
til it was learned that the damage to
the vessel's , steering, gear was jiot a
serious matter." : " a VVa,;. -; ? a, y- a;V
: The first meeting of ihe Taft cab
inet after the election was a. very jol
ly one, No 6ne was downhearted over
the results.-- . - .a '. ,tk
. - " .; ;. 1
Marshall Black, who wrecked . the
Palo Alto Building. & loan , Associa
tion, has begun a hard, legal, fight for
ireeuom. v a,
y. Congressman Longw;ortli of Clnclnr
natti, Roosevelt's son-in-law, has prob
ably been defeated for re-election.
a o
The British attitude in ;the, Balkan
situation . ia against intervention o(
any kind. ;.v-.,-.-.;L-- .v u.:
! -
i Y LA
r.' Maw .1 1a 191 J
Temperature 'fC m. 11 su m.
TV 10 a. m. 8k 12-noon 75,: minimum
last slight t70;,fvi" ..f?:.
v Wind a m. 5' miles KE, S a. m.
9 laCea N'E.10, 1..CL" 13 miles NE, 12
hoon, 10 . miles NE; morment past
24 hours 19 miles.: . . Y'V---.v,"
.'i JJarometerat. S.su" m. .2dl2 ; dew.;
point -at 8 a. in. 3; relative humidity,
S a. m.. C3; absolute humidity. 8 a.
C2Zo; total rainfall daring past
24 hours, .C2.
4 '
Spetbl Cc!e to rerchart
;VL -: 'V;: - Mcriiy, Nov. 18. . ;
HONOIPU Arrived. Nor.v 18: Scbr.
Muriel, frcn an- Francisco.' , '
SEATTLE Sailed, Nov, 16: S. S. HI
, Ionian, for Honolulu. . . . r. ,:,'
', .: : -Aerccrsms." A
J S. S. Nippon Mara will arrive from
Yokohama at 2 p. m. today and sail
for San ; Francisco1 at 8 a. m. Tues
day. - y - 7 .V ; Ky ;- fC,"
.1 ..
V... m Lf mmU jf
. With ; its cmatff stoned facade, one
of the xaost attractive business frcnti
ia Honolulu,-the Inter-Island Steam
Navf-atlca Ccnipany is about to make
its c:.lcc3 oa Queen street aniens the
r.a::t rr.etrcpclltaa of interiors. V.Tien
the. alterations now Lesua, which are
to cost . 82a,CCD, " are completed there
will be few 'transportation headquar
ters anywhere to surpaa3 those of the
local steamship company. ' . a -..-a-j-
The. wall now separating the; pas
senger derartment from the cashier'a
and fre'ht,cnices 13 to .come down,
and the -passenger department ia to
occupy the half of the front to the
catrar.co at the "VVaikiki end, where
a xtalrway Is to be t'allt. ?. . .
There will be a small lobby giving
ccce:3 to the stairway frchi this en
tfanca, where, there ianow aa alley
way, and- the stairway is also to be
cr:a to the passenger, department
ia fact occupying cna side cf it. Ac
cc"3 frcn the street to the passenger
der-rtment will be through both tho
pr; :r.t middle entrance-and .-that-to
t;.3 stairway already mentioned, the
farmer opening into, a spaciras lathy
for the public. Euslncrs -with the
ti:hct c'"',3 -will te traatacted over
rrand-ccrr. -red ccuatcrs, ad in' tha
: y2 cf -tho lchty a pi'.'.ar will te
( 1 with a de-k the same a3 la
H:ah:c::'s cf-ce.. j.
C-v .tho Ev.a cr.i the, present, ea
traa.ao' frc.ai tha street. to the p:.:::n-
r C ; artra: at will to cl;?cd up and
. . t . ct . .... .
... . j ij. . . v .:, , . . i.. .
( t .:: E. f -:dy f-.ia Ncaaaan
::. C. ?, i: or clary and tr;aarer,
will; r. a.aisa'ao for tha stone; re: h
t r. T.. 3 caal c; ; a rtn: 0 nt will tl 0 to,
la f..:a r -rt;r., 1 :!: cf tho ticket
c :co vi'.i lo tho c. hicr's c.lco.'and
r;j;:aia- it tho vauiL 4 Behind the
; tt.r will to tha c: ce cf Proaideat
J. A. Ilc.acdy. crcr.h z frcn the di
rect: 'a ro-ra.inHhe saaao pocilloa as
A sra all vault. hotv usd-will -come
out, and the new. ens. will' ta cf two
:tork3,".' the upper portica being fcr
t coo v " lairs. It will at 0 thor
.: .:af.--.Up:t:,ra, r.ar a
; ' : ;. will cortri . tho a fr i-ht
dcaartneat and tcckkeeper's t.ee.
A saaall elevator will. ; communicate
between the two Coors for the.car-r?-
C looks,' eta:- :
-, : a arhle coar.tors- ar..
-a ' c. :: a will coatrihute to
v'- ) c! thj new ofUca. A ccm-
;'. t ;her.a Eystem will connect
th- varicus departments,' and te con
r d with tha. city cichaao. Fca
a central will t he in: tailed ia
the building "to facilitate-telephcnelc
ccr.manicatlaa' with the outaida. .. '
"c::- ' y
Plans are being .prepared for the
largest hotel la Nev Ycrk. to be erect
ed opposite the - Pennsylvania railroad
terminals a It 13 Xo have ; more than
1 w 3 rooms. v r - : ;V t
Ffrst Judicial Circuit Territory of
HawalL ; At Chambers In. - Probate.
In the matter of the Estate of Hug!
E. Mclntyre,.' Deceased. Notice to
Creditors. The ; undersigned, having
been duly- aopointed Administrator.
with the Will arnexed of Hugh. E. Mc
lntyre deceased, herehy gives notice
to all ' creditors of said , deceased to
present their claims duly authenticat
ed and wjth proper Touchers, if any
exist, even if the 'claim Is. secured, by
mortgage upon real estate to him at
his 1 office, 83 Merchant- Street, Hono
lulu, within sir months from the. date
of the first ; publication of this notice,
said date being November 18, 1912, or
within six. months .from' the -'day they
fall due, or the same will be forever
taiTed.' a,:a a:-;-;; ,-., a' - : -: 'v
Honolulu November .18, 1912.
Admihls'trator with the . Will Annexed
; of Hugh E. . Mclntyre,. deceased;
I Kinney, Proeser, Anderson & Maxx,
Attorneys , for Admlniatrator Iwlth ; the
Will Annexed, a wa,: -
529S--Nor. 18, 2o, Dec 2. 9. 16.'
. V:.' -:r
i. V- ;
' " A conie'rencV ti lh plans for: the
new " prison will be held - this ; after
noon at the office of the Governor,
at which will be presents tssidrs the
Chief Executive, High. Sheriff Henry,
Architect - Ripley. Superintendent II.
K. Bishop; of Ihe Departracntfjcf Pub-
lie Works, 4.4nd -'jAttorner U General
Lindsay."7 -: f J - ;a.!a vjy i-'.'f-; ir
,WiH if; Babbitt, who 13 well ac
ciuainted with the' plans on which the,
famous Bllitid prisonat Manila, P. J.,
were constructed, , also' will be; pres
ent in f an !. advisory capacity.' .The
proposed t Territorial prison will be
modeled -largely 1 afters ; the Bllibid
structure.:. a t sf?'H r
The plans ;for: the new Oahn prison
are 'proceeding 1 slowly the a exterior
idea ;.. having! been . quite; 'thoroughly
worked out,; and a' portloa of vthein
terior design. determined, - Further
discussion cf these "will be given at
today's a?confer:ence The -appropriation
for, the structure. is 75000, but
it is thought that the total cost even
tually . Willi gcy considerably.""! beyond
that figure-, probably over $100,000.
TThe proceeds from the. sale of the
present prison sjte are to be added to
the appropriation, 'but a portion of the
new site 13 owned by private holders
and condemnation of 'this- portion of
the tract is now-pending. . ..
l it I m
i :
u- f.
ued trom Pac t)
hii t ;o . C..CC4, he will have J18 'left
at the end of the month 'to spend as
he chooses. .- a- '-'' --.-a'-;'-? a -a' A
No C.'.an;es. Here. ' ' : : V ; : v :
"'There have : heea no enlistments
here as yet,; said Major Cheatham
this morning. "The change is bound
to be a gradual one, and ; probably
there will be no great shake-up In this
department for, some time. ; When tha
shift 13 made It, will probably "affect
the men at the posts before those em
ployed inathe fcity, for the; principal
cbjsct In making the quartermaster
force an enlisted one Is to do away
with clviliar ..labor .at armjr.. posU,
thereby making, discipline.; more ef
i ectlve.V This has always beea the
caoa at-West fl Point, -where ail tha
wcrk cf the pest (has .been done by
regularly enllated men.; Enlisted men
cf the Quartermaster corps, will wear
..d'tinctive :nlfcrm and will, not be
ex; rated to. r orfcrm military duty."
C;tl:r CarJd For. . . '.- '
Advcoatc3.of tha chana assert that
an eoaaomy; will he. effect: if or; the
array ty tha czn and at the earae
tin: 0 tho nc'a v.o enlist w.ill nd that 1
they era t-ttrr cT. It f3 ret exroctod
it 13 predicted that only a small eco
nomy will be shown during the first
year. ;.v.a V; ' -- .v .a-v'aa . -
The aim of the plan Is to make the
army, a : non-clvlllaa organization
throushouL EnL'sted men working un
der orders ; of superiors are said to
t a a core. efficient force, from the
standpoint of .the superior, than an
cj'aal number of men working under
civil' service. -'. .'.' - a. la-'-a a .
- Teamsters under forty-five years ol
who do . net want to enlist will
find themselve3 between a an upror
and nether stcne. There are many
enllated men who would rather.drive
a team than to hides over the rcr d3
carrying a riao cad. : knapsack.- Ap id
eations for transfer to the quarter
master's division ' are . expected to
stream In after a few 'weeks unless
the tear.ctera fill the arailable 1CCJ
j' :;3 jef the enlisted army them-
C:J;r Men Kept On? "'J -
- .Cf - men above forty-five years pi
age la the unclassified service there
are? about SCO. ; These will be conti
nued la their' jabs.' :' ;a,va '
- The new. c .or' 13 effective. In, the
Philippines. 1 amstera wha can meet
the requirements of ' a recruit, how
ever, will there-have the same privi
leges as those In Continental United
States and Hawaii. a: H?aaa;-:;
' Centrifugal 9 S-degree test - sugar
was unchanged at" 4.05 . in- the New
York market on ; Saturday. , a r ,-.-
Stocks ) that are expected to be. af
fected by- the tariff were the. ; ones
that declined chiefly on the New, York
h Lexchange on a Saturday. : ' The - market
as a : whole closed strong. .y; ': ' ? i.
Vf H. Li Burross; superintendent of- the
Federal,. Telegraph Co., arrived from
San : Francisco last week to- relieve
John O..McCloskey, manager of the
Honolulu: office,' since th company
opened here for business On Sept 3. -
--a-a - -''-v-s '::". vT .
- i Directors of - the National Sugar; Re
fining Company recently Toted to take
up the 10,000,OOQ Issue. of 6. per cent
preferred stock; given - the late Henry
0:r Ha vemeyeK which the- New Jersey
courts recently hld' Invalid on : the
ground that it was Issued without con
sideration. .. a r";:
Hawaiian stocks closed" as follows
In San Francisco on f Saturday: i-i Ha
waiian Commercial; 40 asked : Hawaii
an' Sugar 37 bid, 39 asked : Hdnokaa,
10 asked Hutchinson, ;lT7t8 bid; ' Ki:
lauea 12 bid ? Onomea, 36 'asked; .Pa
auhau; 20,50 asked.- Unlisted r Hono
lulu Plantation, 34 bid, 35 asked. One
hundred shares Oahn: sold, at: 24 5-18.
f Ground Is being prepared for a trop-.
leal fruit orchard on the land, of the
department; of. agriculture, Washington,-D.'C.--'
The orchard .will be cov
ered with- glass : and -k Its dimensions
:;There.. ia trouble, in. -stare for some
one wbo applies for a license to con-
I duct a public dance hall la the down
town district of Honolulu following the
affray that occurred' at the' FHIiad
Ball that took -place' tat the upper
room over the Canton Caferon. Hotel
street on Saturday night. ; :.
; Domingo, a Filipino ;w ho waa a par
ticipant In -the encounter, and -who
was, placed under arrest by police of
ficers upon a charge of going about
offensively 'armed, waa found guilty
at District court this morning, - and
was senteiced to fifteen days at the
city and: county; bastlle 'A a -' ': 'i a
a The opening of such dances aa that
inaugurated on Saturday night is be
lieved by the authorities to 'be a me
nace to public morale as well as safety
--."Domingo' is alleged to lave kept too
close communion with the Greea Eyed
goddess, and. prompted - by Jealousy
over a rather attractive Filipino seno
rita, got into an altercation with u
Portuguese youth, .upon whom he af
terward Is said to : have ; flashed - a
knife.:,. :'- v.:-.-..- f.:- ; "
OScer Wright gave testimony , this
morning, that ; proved that ; the Fili
pino had chased c the; rival from the
street to thenewly . opened danc3
halk ; , hvi i v:;f '- V-a;.- -a-;. V ;
a- Jloanalua," a part demented Hawaii
an, and a. well ; known character
about town was placed under arrest
oa Saturday, night charged -with mak
ing a loud and disturbing ncise.- Mo
analua was assessed a fine, of threo
dollars and , the: costs - thhs momlr.
In passing sentence, .Juda Men ear
rat took occasion to remark that tho
offense 'might not be considered to
great la coning from a perron of the
mental caliber. of the defendant. . .
- George. Kush, apparently , did not
bear oat hl3 name according to po
lice records for he 13. charged fcr
two weeks past with having beea a
vagrant and having, no vlaibla m?ar.3
of . support. Rush failed to haatlo a
job and was sentenced to spend five
days at the Iwilei plant. - - .'
Six holdover,' jag recruits rounded
up by the police oa Saturday and Can
day evening received minimum fines.
Five Hawaiians, alleged to ba 'gamb
lers." were found guilty and paid fir.ca.
of five dollars each. . -; , . . ' .
-a; ': a- o a
Judge Whitney th!3 tncrniag ap
pointed Richard Phillip3 executor cf
the estate cf Anna Philllp3, to serve
without tend. - a -. - a
Tha final accounts' of Jaaaos T. Car
ey, adaoiaiotratcr. cf tha c3tata; cf
Thoaaa3 Carey, ,were approved ty
Ju ' o Vrhitncy. '''
- Ti.3 c:;3 cf Chri3 Cara?orio. ao-
cf srau:
:ai into th
Territory, ta3 teen set for hearing in
federal-, ccurt next Yedneaday mor;.-ia-
at 10 o'clock.- '
. The final 'account3 cf J. II. Cara.-ra,
f :.r.lr.!atrf tor cf ' th eotat-'. -f .' -
- Caaauel A; '.Walker - has ,teea ar
rciated admlnLtratcr cf tho viil-c :
eotafo cf II. E. riclntyre, under l.r.d
cf Jta.CCa. Tho ectata U cctia-i::
to To worth at out an ea:a! sura.
Iho .Canton Dry Gec-i I d's r. ' .;
tion sala-will ccntlnuaIl th'u v.. ..;.ty
stecial areracst. Assiatant alar:.; :r
Joseph Leo aaacar.cco, that tho ra:o
will positively cleie'ca Eaturday cve-
y Governor. Frcar th!3 raomin-r iccuad
an executive order. setting coido a let
Just, below the reservoir at Kaieaau'. i
for atfire statiaa site. Tha lot i3 a
three-cornered tract; containing at out
v v 0 stjuara 'feet.. . ; . - ' " ;
'Eecauoa enly eleven mea were pro
sent, the federal grand jury- called to
sit today, was excused until 10 o'clock
tomorrow mcmlng, a special venire
issuing meantime for five additional
Jurors, returnabla at that tear. .
The tearing before. the U. 3. C:".
missicner cf Pcatia Rotor itchy, t:.3
night watchman accused xf, turglario-
in' a buildiaT at 'E'chcfirli. Carre"
La3 leea set fer next Thursday al. r
ncon; at. 2 'o'clock. The prisoner th: 3
morning was. ' temporarily committed
to jail in default of ncctaih
T'y: "i hi 0z O ' ' ;; ' "-,
k Nme more ; candidates ' for Territor
ial:, office filed , their: ; campaign ex
pense accounts in the office of the
Territorial Secretary thi3 morning.
One of these 1 Byron O. Clark, the
Socialistic candidate a for . Delegate,
whose 'expense Vas '-'.' probably the
smallest or any recorded following the
last' election. He explains that the
Socialist, party does not permit its
candidates to, spend their, bwp. money
In a campaign,; agd therefore, his sole
expenditure , was J5. for announcing
his candidacy. In the newspapers. His
nomination fee was paid by the party.
George . P. Cooke, candidate: for - re
presentative from; the Third .district,
gives Just: one Item a in his account.
That, is 623, which he says he con
tributed" to ; the : Republican, campaign
fund on Maui, y Other accounts . filed
this morning are:; "v -';;.;;;;;;. .
;a Henry Puni. for Representative from
the Fifth district, $41; James K. JLo
for Representative from the Sixth,
"Samuel K. Kekoawa; for Repre
senUtlve from the Third. $39.60 1-John
N..;-Halemano, a ": for. Representative
from the Third,. $54; Caesar R. Jardin,
for Representative . from" the Sixth,
17z; b. Kaiaiau, for : representative
from :the Sixth; 2480;! Edwin IC Fer
nandez, for; Representative from the
Fifth,- 3152.50. ;:' r-jXrU
thev pomelo,, the; breadfruit thej avo
cado pear, Uoquat, guava,- sapodilla,
papaya, granadilla, monstera, custard
apple, mango, pomegranate, mango
steen and lichee. Pineapples will al
so. be ; planted.; The Chouse will- be
fourteen feet hlgh at the ridge! . Most
of ,the varieties of trees mentioned
have been cultivated in the -Arlington
greenhouses " for; a number of, years,
but simply as plants for distribution
!a .!ch la ca .t!: i th, IIAT.Wir
li CULL-TiI."( tfeta' :!;: el I
HAM Al in 11 r - 1
nUitULULU wliUi
':- ' ' ' Jr ' .. En
It ' " I '
flat iutc FO?k DisrLAT Atvrr.Tiri.Na c"::?. ::;) i::r
UNTIL JAN. 1. 1313 (i; eferr:: F. : l:i 3'.) ........ a:
TR,NC:::.T RATH, 1X3 r.rU la rt'ei aa j r :'. t I :a
CLASC1 IILD, Qz a Cent p c r , -word Z J ca nU i:r liaa 1 .7 ve
f; AYEBAnE DAiLYVnnrrLATiQX jriY-orTor:::: .
iLrcrricr .:...i.;...e.. ...1.. i:- -
crjiNcn cm en
rcr !!anth anyr.here la L
rer Cuartar, tnjhcra la h
Fer Year, cry vl era In U. ::
Fey.. aar, p aal" ld, f . . ; i
rcr Year, aajavl .:ro la U: ' : a.. .. ..
r:r Yc-r. c-r: riCe .i ,
w ........... .. .. ....,...,,,,,,
"i r
w: havz c::l:j:to
A;;oTiir:n vzr::
V2 hr
tl er.
: c;
i.;:;v;.-M i.r; v
v.ffi .
-""'V'i'-a' V
..-;c;a " a . ;
-" : . 1 ' ' V.- . . 'i : ' :. . -; ; - ' - -a' - .
,:;,;;:;a-;v-; v.,;: -" ' -;.; '.'. ':' ;:'".':
. . -a- ' s's, - a " aa . ; ; .
' ". a: a- Y v '
i lias
X IzzzzX Tally tad Z..
n' niti
,7c:. V
- LiULLUl.:, LIU.,
lTr ''-
I V ,
. r '
, .
.1 A..4A.
cc;.n:;u: c
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w4Ait C . . .
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