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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, November 18, 1912, 3:30 Edition, Image 3

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Honolulu iiiJLii.iJi, :ro:;D.:;ov;r, i: 12. '
iff 5
ill-- k-i-lrf J. Jv
; - ;. .-' -
.... . ..J
'IT -IrS
ine rerKini , waicnaars
are surprises Ahii' year new
, scenes finer quality. than- ever1
..before. v.- . : .-
V '- . . ' ..'
' '.' In sepia' and i black. v:; -
v Ask for them at any store I
where similar goods are sold. ;f ;
f 5
i. .
..'.. . . , A X S A v k . 2
i;r!rr J f Ilrrcrd Norrrif rr IMIli,
Vrvv.i 1 J s. i::. (r 1:!; 5 r:.
. i:.-;ry II Kahr.lcpuna and hsb to ;.
."I;:! ;.:a! r.;j;r & Lean Sue fcf II
i.m .... ..........
, i: : ( ' r :i K;.k!ccralaui Ly.Tr
. . :: r.-:.:r .....
; ' - s c::J lib to
: . i i, ) to iio-
j: . ; ;. 1 v.f k) J.::-: 3 N :
i; i: TA
C . ; ;.:.. vf t: Ucctur t3 .
; .. .. 1)
A:- I ! !d t II:;!a ........ 1)
.! : . . : : v.r (o A G Wilcox.. ' 1)
V . : : "i ( t rA ta Ik r.ry Wa-
Tr Co I.kl Tr. ... .A::n:;t
) z
To tliose only the least bit acquaint
cd . with tbe Jeveiopmeut of .the sut&r
Industry in Hawaii It Is knowa that
tbe difference between success fand
failure on many, plantations has been,
merely a matter of, tbe variety of cane
planted. ; Some hav- tried ? several
kinds : before finding the one ' best
adapted for the -partfcular conditions
of. climate : And ."soft:''-'?. iY.
From discussions of cane varieties
at the annual session bf the planter's
association, that body long ago engag
ed; in practical experiments In cane
growlngat 'its experiment station In
town. Space limitations ' have now ' In
duced pthc Association, to enlarge Its
experimental planting very material
ly, for this purpose- attract of; land
has - been taken on Oahu plantation;
where cane-growing experiments will
be conducted on an extensive scale..
Hon. W. O. SmithSecretary of the
association, in speaking of the ap
proaching annual session of that body,
Eald : X V?" 1 V ; -V'V
iIn addition to the usual Interest
in 'th'e experiment 1 statical, great in
terest will be taken in tbe large smb.
station on the Oahu, plantation, where
new varitics of cane ano being de
vrlcped. The experiment,' station dir?
cclor3 found they nec-Jcd a -larger
area of laud, and arrange meals were
nude with the Oaliu plantation 'for a
tract cf lan f on - which., experiments
arc' Lcl;:'g nicJc. 7 V.'. ' -"y .'
"As . new .varieties are .-developed
ttcse which promise the; best 'are! dis
tributed for. eced cane. The ground
at. the main Etation weio so limited
tliat t)rr' ctr.or.nt cf 'eco1 distributed
wt 3 V v c; ?rt: z :: a t ; !;,' r:.uD. AVith this
larger' rrca ec:1.c.::i Lo. cltained in
riuch greater quantities, and demon
strations In various localities' can bo
carried out cn a larger scale." ; -Thr
anr;j3t meeting of : the os: o
clati i v.;;' l :n cn ;I.Ionday two
wcc:..i 1 . -2 ccntlnuo four .days.
It will Lc c; ::::. ly tL3 retiring preri
der.t, F. M. C-.vr.nzy, "with 'an cdrcn,
review I-.t tho i :.t year. ,TI.o
r:;;rt cf tto ccrct:.ry, cuvering V.i
crr-'i!:.:; ::::t cf all tl.c j.'.antatic::
v II! 1 r rc . . r.t: ! ;.t t! iajae sitti: ;
I :"jvi:'g ll;e ir-:".l c;::;r:- the a: .o
c'alica at th- tint tittin-j will .el-rt
tn:. ta-3 for t!.- cr.: . year, v i n
vr ill cicct c.r.ccra ia rc.3 and rci crt
t2 lLt at t!:3 artcr::c:-j tc::ioa, wl.cn
t! ? r. :w yrr nT.I 't::' cIT.ce anl
c-v.:. luct 11.2 r. Jcr of the procced
t::;til c !jc:;r:"".c:;t on Thursday. .
'; ; .'. r r . nta Itosa- Cal.,
: : I : Dr.- c Ties Staggs cf
t..c t 2 ;...e U.t ni-ht. -The two
r n vrr1 f "t fri'nj.-, 1 nt quarrel-, 1
' ' -t. : ta wrr:
ri Covcrnor John A." Dix who has long
beca interested in the Coy ;t Scout
Movement, and who is a member- of
its . National Council, has' asked; the
active co-operation of the Boy Scouts
of America in the conservation- policy
of . the State -' of . - New, ;.York making
themselres available . in all emergen
cies, 'fighting tires, and In 4 furthering
better hygienic conditions. On Septem
ber 20, Just prior to the State Nomina
tion Convention, .In- which the Gor
ernor was ' vitally ; interested, ' he de
voted an entire evening ;for a confer
ence . with, the' leaders of I the . Boy
Scouts of America,' who iiaet at. his
reqhesC at the St. Hegis'Hotel in New
York Ci ty. , Kepresentatlng the scon t
organization v; were John - Sherman
Hoyt, Finance Committee ChalrmanJ
Daniel Carter Beard. National Scout
Commissioner, and . James E. West,
Chief i Scout Executive, ' ; ?
As a result of - this conference ; the
Scout officers accepted the suggestions
of Governor. Dix .outlining the form
which this ; co-operation, should ' take.
First-rlt; Is - proposed that the Boy
Scouts of America furnish the , State
with the names and addresses of act
ive Scout Masters la the vicinity of
forests where fires are likely to ocr
cur, ,with a view of having arrange
ments made whereby these ecout mas;
ters' will be subject to the Eunraons
of tho Fire . AVanlen on duty guard ing
against fire, and when summoned they
will respond with such of, their more
experienced, boys who cculd render
effective servicein aiding to pnt. out)
an Incipient fire, or in any ether way
render service. ' -'
Seecnd It' 13 pro'roxed' that the Hoy
i'couts' of 'America, will cpTcrerato with
the "tat- -""cial3 hi secu'ri'j- t! ser
vices of Scouts in various'; arU'f the
State of. New '.York'. for' active' work-in;
carrying out the'pljn' outlined by the.'
Governor, for the ; rcfcrclaticn of-
S tat o land a la certain '.j irtscf " the
State, and that ccr:r.idcratlr:i will be;,
fiven to. the Goverr.cr's.' fcur-rrtions'.
as to a Lash of" cc::pcr.z;.ti:a for the-'
services thus rcnlcrr !, v.ith a view cf
paying the travel!: cxr-"ics r.J,the'
maintenance cf the j.oys whllo In can:p
t::- ;cd in tree i -ting. ' . ' ' , i
Third It i3 prcpoi-rd. that: plans bo
dcvel'Trrl wl.erc!:y till the Scout Mas
trrs i:i th? Clr.lo ct f.'ey Ycrk will be
furr::ihcd' with infc.r:::u.ti ::i from time
to time, either by way ( f.j rlnted li
terature, 'where y tl:o I ' cf the'
i:tatc Conservation Cc:r.r ... au.l its
oT:dal3 Intcrc; !r 1 in t'. ? ; r;.iccl;u:i -cf
anir.:al.5, lir.'.s r.r I ctl.rr r-v-.3 will
t?. promoted 'a: 1 crfc:c l.'TI.i3 r.ay
I : u I to an active i vcy - i in i r -.jq
ftirrcticns.'ur. hr f tcto i:i tup-' j
r-rt"cf.a c.".: tho fly, '
of practical cooperation may be work
ed out in i promoting the good road
movement and in ' Securing protection
of ;the great many miles ot excellent
roads already available la the StateJ
of .NeW Yorb. lt is also toped that a
great many.cf otzr Scouts' may defini
tely commit themselves to the.sunport
and promotion of ; the conservation
poflcy of the SUte or New'ork.
L Boys who- thus enroll, tnmselvcs as
New lYork StateScouts conld be gi
ven. some Inexpensive medal or badge
of oI2ce making of each Scout, a vir
tual State o2claL This it;Ia believed
will lead to- the.devclosment of a spir
it of pride in the welfare of the State
among Hboys '; generally i throughout
New York, and will prove to be a very
valuable jnvestment, for tho; State, It
might1 be! advisable to classify these
New; York State Scouts .according to
their special interest; for Instance, in
certain- sections ; boys Imlght. be en
rolled, as. New ";York,; Coed Roads
Scouts r in .; other " sections as ... New
York Game, Warden Scouts, and ' so
mate t)f ? the-schooner
The ' second
Salvator as knocked into the river at
Aberdeen, AVashington. by a eling-Ioad
of-lumber .wita which the Atcl-was
being leaded. He -died at the -hospital,
uniJer.t!" !. "v'r 'r' -. '
-; From the following passage In n
tetter to the Henry AVaterhouse Trrst
Co. Ltd.. written by a' New ycik a
anciat toaa who has Invested br;!y
in Hawaiian sugar slocks, the Hono
lulu gloom ia la orier to be dispelled,
at least, to some extent It shov3
that things are not likely to -la sa
tadafter the first cf the year a3 an
ticipated : here.. The correspondent
says."'- . - : - .
T today-Lad a talk with the Cuban
manager . of - the United . Fixlt Com
pany, and ; they anticipate . somewhat
lower iprlces J for sugar, but an up
ward tendency after the Hrst of the
year, and no material Lari 3 changes.
I think Hawaiian sugars should be a
purchase at this level or on any mate
rial break. , ; - :'"
yCl. expect to bo Ja Honolulu in th
course of. the. winter but shall prti
ably go to Europe first. In the mean
time, I. would be glad to -lcara-yc r.r
opinion on the sugar situaticn in your
territory, o-far 'c.3 same cencer:
the sugar stocks, several ; cf . C.rr:
would appear already to have dis
counted ImrroLatle tari rcJu;t!. :.
lower raw susar price-? anl divi':: 1
reductions, although tLcre erc.v.3 tj
be a conslderafclo Ulicri.r.ncy ia the
relative prices of several l:rr.::
stocks." -. . ... , . . . -
i . . -':
The Coast Artillery scout service i.
to 'have; a', number cf aerr: lanes in
rtnti?n? eTor" t'"a l,c!T:' r -
::GHCULDXCCiri TO r.l Z P. I T C C . .CI D I n ATI Cf I. Y,Z l'Z
HyriDnzDa 0F.Livz igl'a?id,. tu,. :zyz. r tuzy .
i i .
D TIUZ CALircnNIA- LA:13 AND MUTT"'i " juct r.
"'v.-CCIVZC:- ;.': 'r' ; ;
.Z. it 1
' v.
. t - ' f - v
t -3
TIi2 Cclratcd Co niic Opora Prima 'Doima
' ..-- r :. -;';r. i.r .: .:;;r
- : . , . ... ' -..v , - - ., w., ,..;.. ' V'5's A '
vnttdoville'a Grcatc3t Sirjui;Act
. iuaaam ria, oiotura-ontraicoiiSiia.iijpisj1
m .uv i"' I J"'r:-r I
V i.
Full-Blooded IncU
:.. : - An Extremelv Refined Comedv ClnssiV: - . -
pdTL2- '
v ... . - . fc 4 .
W .. 4. w
w w
. . M
t ;.:-
v V... . . . fc J
ffp .
n::a. : la .
4 k
. i
.1 - - v
1 liwl
- - : '.- "
r J --7r
t V -
' V
t , .WW
Jl .
-it: - - .
; 7
1. ' '
-- J J

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