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From 8. r.t . . .
Lurllne, Nov. 20. .'. ;
rcr r. r. - ., :--...
LuriJce, Not. 26.
Frca Vactoaiert "
' " - . A, V
- -, s
... - K . ' . -f - ' .
! ! - I
I 5 I ! ' -
Evening nulletIn.'Kt 1SS2. No. , 5237.
HaVAlUn Star. Vo!. XX.No. CiZi.
liakora, Dea. 4. i ;
Tor TAcecaTert o ?
Zealand la, Dc. 1
. - . f
Report Federal Grand ' Jury Will Probe
' : " Ch argcs 7omep Were Llade To
:"Gr:- Up" $15 Each-Temporary
ClcdnT Of District Starts Stories
' Fcr.r.ti? J ' ).r?c' that graft
ncr.ey has !tccn recently collected
' f-cn wcbn cf the Iwlld vice-district
.will t3 Lrcug! t to the attention of a
new fc'rrcl . trr.r.J Jnry that was
. ; swcrn in to.:-y, ccccrdir.sr to rcrorts
t!iaf fcie t cm . the rcusd since
" yttcrJay Ld-vhi;h Lecanie stronger
!:is '.r v. c-i th? grand jury wa
1 r ,
c ! cnt have beer,
ys. cr ilr.ee last Eat
. ;!? hr:t cf rumors,
t Ir. f :r : races ttart-
:v v
cf the "Cios-
.1 d:ys y th?jj
V, di-trlct I
in t: -
i C.:.
r. ?f crl
r c:
i I ' c n
t attor-
:."cre cf
i (
y .
.; r
ri: crv U c- edce
cf the
the can-
V '
( .
;.s '
c ;
3 s t e.t cccert ,'
- L.ravn al-j
ei f
i 1 ,
V. . I L I vi Uvi .iiiJ
to r.
r - - a-
. , i 1 -I u
Attcr ey V,". A. K.e.r.ey, the new3
cl wh. early cor-ir.g to" Hcnoluhi
has v.aned a ravltltude of rumori
'rt he ri"'at to a receptive candi-
Calf li vi i i uii v. t v.i; 4v i
rroii-v ' - tin!, is not comln ...
to licr.eie.lu t: .:. according to lnfor
luati u recfive' by the-Star-DalletinJ
loJry iro:n iu : an 1 rancisco .corres
. iK.uf'cr.t. ' .' '.? ?: ':'
The Ptar-IhulCtin ' ' yesterday in-f.trr.ctc-1
its cc-rrcsrondent ; to reacli
Mr. Ki.M-y in Fan Francisco, where
ho was reported to be staying.;-and
fCcurc- lieu hiri if. possible a state-
tuert on - the' govemorihip1 situatioxl
In reply-this, taoming came the fol
lowing by Federal Wireless Telegraph
;!ay ccrvite: - . -',:: .'''''.
"Kinney gone East; left Saturday.",
Mr. Kinney's law partners here
have not hcrrd of any sudden move
he has made. It was stated todayand
are In fonvc doubt as to his exact
fhorcatouts. It was understood thai
he intended to come to Honolulu1 in
two or three, wpeks.1 V "..
1 lt is suggested that there Is a. pos
tlbility that: bis trip away ; from San
Frrnclsco was-to pome other point in
Ca .Toniia, net Hast, and that he may
. perhaps return and cr-re t' Hawaii,
. hut this is cnly cor' ctu:,.
'- Whetlier Le has ; ae to Nova Sco-
SAN FRANCISCO,' Nov. iS.-tCeets;
. E8 analysis, Ss.-4Hd. Parity 2M
cent a. Previous quotation. ?s. 4 ?id.
' 1 .
. J
1 "
j r "
Mary LItn. a pretty Korean girl,
tohl a vivid story thaj smacked ol
- :j
A? romance in juae i;ocin-
. . . . a a 1. 1 - . : ll 1
,:" ' 1 f i he case against beuns hun
Chin f-..i Ki:a Cans Youns, two Ko-
rc;;n3 who are accused of kidnappins
tcr. Attcrney V. T. Rawlins was ap
rciated counsel'-. -for the defendants,
t v.l Lornn Ar.urewg for the plaintiff.
:!ary .Licn l:v: d en Hawaii .with her
rarcnts v:;;fil Aucust G. Cn that date
s-'. o arrived In Hcr.olulu v.Kh.the ln
(e:ticn cf gcir.j cn -to Korea, . Prc-vii-;3
to her arrival . here, she- had
known Ceur.rj:, who' had prorcsad ' to
; the firl, Lut hc l Leca refused. -How
ever, r.e .arrurc . : witn ner ic:i-;s inai
l0Jhe shc-T'Id at time be tilcwed to
i ,n Irrarry the rirl. 'lary chjected strong-
. lr - r--'- "'a rftr -!-"! til tnA .fi
i rjt!.:t v.culd never r.carry himi ' .. .
:ct went to the
.se where
-e fri-
, ...... t c. . ..n
.C e r c 1 einicd - by
: l::to tho house ani de
:y that. ho go. with hir.i
, r . ' ; h 0 was l.i.s . . ifo.
: 1 to ?.o with him,
y : r am and hair, and
t t. the house. When
the cid wc::".an
. :!. aud tried to make
the girl. Mary alleged
she was struck or
ri-tYpf b7w,riM f.be Present today is working in the'
; . ::Z , , (!;Vnn fcf-Late chamber of the Capitol building
c le.,r L.twccn the front seat and
, .,-.1 - 1 firnrf'in" in hr
: Accorum0 10 ner
'-f-f u.en 100 ine rem.
fC:-t!-cn paje 3.V
' ' '
- .
1 i ii
4 4 1
tia to -visit his son. who is there' for'
hi3 health, ..or whether. he has gone to
Washington, Is also a matter for con-
jecture. . .- !
. In tact, the knowledge that Mr. Kin-
ney has left San Francisco and;may
uct come to Hawaii soon does not
clear up any; of the uncertainty as to
his position with regard to the gov-.
er norshi p.
Readina from left, to right
Louie' and "Jack" Rose, one of. the most famous of Nevr York's'
i t C'bllnfl fraternity. .and prominent figures In the events fcl-i '
j lovsinj the murder of Herman Rosenthal. :After trial full of 1
sensational disclosures -of the relations between the New York j-.
' . ?i : police and the -underworld,. the men were today convicted of ' Y
murder, in the first degree.
NEW YQRlCNovemberr,19. After a trial filled. with sensational disclosures of ythe -relations': that have
C existed c between ?the metropolitan police force and the jnembers of the underworld, "Gypf the" . Blo'od,." i Lef ty
Louie and Whitcy Lewis were this morning convicted of murder lit the first degree in the .killino; -of Herman '
Rosenthal, arch-gambler, in the lobby of the Metropole HoteU West Forty-eventh street, some months agd. The -'
jury was out one hour and ten minutss, and it ti said took but one bIlot... : ' ; :. r '-L--
-'"'' cf'--" ; -v'. -'.v"---- - I :;--t' - y-' 7.. -.'' .V;,:'-V, ; " ' .-:.;-;;--: 'v'-'':' '
Officer Believes the f Jew Chief
s of.Staff Will Send 20,000
: ; - Soldie-men ' Here ; : :
Oahu '.May Become the '.Biggest
V : Spot on the Map of Un-:
cle Sam's Forces v
"Twenty thousand men. - Instead of
thr ten thousand apportioned to" Ha
wall' tinder the plans cf the general
stafT.1 will sent here Just as fast as
p!rccs can be found for them. How
do I kpow It? Because General Mur
ray is going to be the next ctlef of
staff ot the army .and the Hawaiian
Islad are his chief hobby." :
Thi3 statement-was made yesterda?
afternoon by a high ranking army offi
cer, during a conversation- with several-civilian
and service friends. He
added further that h. had received a
letter from an 'insider' at Washlug
ttn to the effect that the commander
cf the V'estern Division-, who himself
stands about as high politically a
ai.tone in the army,; was slated for
the Job now held by Major' General
Leonard 'Wood.' It has been known
r . 1 1 il. i . , - .
tV ' v - "M' ftie yiuTOtajiua i-ni. - uic femu-
likely to te sent to Oahu as soon as'-xrata'c.who--figurt.oai.heavyr -political
Howail is raised to division rank, and patronage for a Democratic ; goTernor
It la conceded that with General Murto spread arcrcnd. arein-line for bit -
ruy to worU- the wires In Waihington, ' ter disappointment..-. ". .:..: ,'v'
Hawaii will be about the biggest, -oot promment 'Repuhlicr as i-hold .that' if
c:i the army map' for some :tirae.to-Freah fhouldjbevrearrointed. by. .Taft J1I3.' pleasure, hence th; far.v;.; 5 ; ys
ccr.:c. - ' . jand'. confirmed- by v the Senatet and tern, he Inaugurated cf t'undafcJ re -
s -uajor-Lienerai urray who
rl"r.uod the orlgmat coast defenses of
" ;. - ,
:C--t;--;d cn t:;s two.) ;
" ' ': "
. The new commission of public In.
structicn. for the Territory, lacking
.cue new -appointee who was unable
v -w.v .
x-e iur lue.uexi uienuiunu --Tineir
lIan3 not hejdeSrteiy outlined
: TCy for presentation to. the Ter-. -
rltcrial i ecretary untir early in De;viewed all those from Kauai and" about
ce ruber however, and today's di3cu:-,
slca is. only preliminary, to the real
woik when the body . reassembles De
c ember 2. ' ' - ," c ' ' V-.
'The board meeting began this 'morn-
. in? with two members present: Mrs.
It. "D, Bond," of Kohala. appointed to
represent Wc st Hawaii, and. Wi R.
Farrington. one of the twtf eommis-.
doners - from; Oahu. The third new
lrember,' Attorney W. H. Smith, at
present is attending court r at Kom,
temporarily serving as assistant county
attorney: for the island of Hawaii, rnd
h!s acceptance of' the. appointment ras
school commissioner reached the Gov-
ernor ionly 'this mornings vr';-; "'? '
: The former-members remaining on
fit.. 1 .n i
4 u uuaiu, mi pieseuu iv luuajr meti
Gun l:iu
are 'Gvo the Blood." ffLeftv ' -
w . . . m . a .
( -.''j r.-.- " p r j t .. ' J "f
- ! :;,
mom 2ii3mzDun3i
-- k :
; l
, Photographs of s- e cfth leaders cf ths ailifs who. rr drivir3 tee'e to
'hra lalr.'the Turkish Hicn,. for centuries the tyrant that haj t;:n fatitrlrj
poi 'their country.. C : : -. - .
1 !rl
1 1
Drganib ."Act. t.!av.Stcp-in;to
Balk Their FrOmiSCd , 'publican senate of m in. his cir;:t3
'- PitrnnTin v i , to remove then. .'
; dWy'SLN . ;;... j. And, of course, tha ty r .cr.
, - "- '.; - v. ' ure that tha r.eputlican C . .::
;vRcpublIcanVesperts on-the Organic refuse to aid the Demccrriic. C; . c
ct ana Hawaii s plan or office hold-
. . . . . ,. .
should forthwith appoint what Terrt.igr?ticns,
torial officials come up for choice. by
'hir. these cfficiais cr :not ha rcmov- nor anoints, by end with th? -
:d..even should Free cea?'e. to hold and cor... cut cf- the Ccr.atc,
: torncy-gcr.eraJ, treasurer, r-
' ' ' -;v;er cf .puLIic' Jads, 'co". :.
, 'grlcukure and forestry, : -; ..
; '"'; Jent" cf public -'works, so; :.
- - of public instruction, tcic -,
. ;..:"; -j
t t - w - 4
irg, are Mrs. M. T.WiIcpx. for Oahii:
W.1I. Rice, for Kauai, and W.' O. Aik-
wn for Maui, with Superintendent W.
;T. - Pope iitting as chalrman.v- M v '
' Reports front practically all the sup-'
. VV'-'4-"M"0.1"-0-
- we neeas 01 ine various scnoois unaer
- their ; jurisdiction haveoeen received
and 'the commission this morning re-
half -of the reports on ' the schooi3 of
Maui.- The: remainder of these , prob-
tbly. will, be finished - this afternoon,
when the board likely, will adjourn
ujitil December 2. . . -V";-,-.; j ;
: Superintendent Pope read a brief
report of. the educational situation, re-,
viewing x the work of the- new school
year-to date. It showed that there are
161 public: schools'in active operation L
attended by, 24,027 pupils, .with an aver
agfc of about u-: thirty-six pupils, perj
teacher. .The October payroll of; in
structors Vamounted .to $48,436.99," at
thcugh the .'department ;is entitled to
use 549,500 In monthly, salaries. - v :
, He stated that about 1500 a month
w, - ; H
I V n
(Continued on Pagt 4)
I -V ::
-' c x c;
nor . in oustir.s good Reruhi'-ar.?.
- um cj? ci ex-uoveix t warier ar.a
''.Judge. Keyclkai was pointed to' thii
ircmlng by 'a-Re-u:"-ci l J-r
Mein? In point. -Ha ga: ! that It v ;
proved at that tlrae that Carter c- .
not remove a Territcrial rr.;:'.-' rt
; Under th Organ k Act, thb C
auditor, surveyor, hirh e'. . r;..'.
and by and. with the advie? a:..
sent of the Eercie, he may re-.
any of 'the c facials.'
-'Prominent "Democrats ' have 1
taking th? rttltuds. that the inccr
Governor .may make a clean sweep cfj
tho airointive Territorial offices If
he so v,ishe3. ' - v ' ;
Come cf the Republicans have l:n
Cl ct-.-ing the advisability cf ur!r.3
Dei -te Kuhio to aid in securiri the
ccnL.n: ation of Frear in the Unite 1
Ci?tes' Senate, so' that, accordion to
th2. theory advanced above,, ha may
make . appointments . cf the N Re
cana to hold '' office during the next
adreiniatiatioh and ' thus secure ; the
patronage for Republicans,
n n
.i :'
w 1 u .1 -
. News that the War Department has
.made provision for a chain of aero
plane depots on " vthe Pacific Coa3t,
irom the Mexican - to the Canadian
border, has just been . received here,
and. Is taken by local army officers
to meanv that the aeroplane program
of the army is to be rushed, and that
Hawaii will-, receive its quota offiy
inginachines even sooner than, was
expected. . '.'Unofficial advices are that
the local planes wilUbe ordered in thb
fame, lot that is 5 to provide aerial
sentinels for the' Pacific Coast, and
that it, will only be a matter of a' few
weeks, after' the ; establishment of the
mainland stations 'before .mechanical
birds will be soaring over Oahu. '
. The San Francisco Chronicle, of re
cent date, publishes ihe following" ac
count of army aviation activity under
Lod Angeles date - line : 'i-t - c
The.. establishment of; a, chain of
aeroplane depots 'Along ; the pacific
Coast from the Mexican -to the. Cana
dian border, as . an. auxiliary to the
coast artillery corps, Is the idea Incor
porated in a plan recentljr adopted by
he War- Departments for '.the - mor
mobile defense of the coasts "of Cali
fornia. Oregon and ; Washington, ac- j
cording to ( Lieutenant Augustus j Nor-1
ton of the coast artillery corps, Who
is In Los 'Angeles; today? c;- ? --c' t
. V: "Lieutenant Norton,- whose v station
is in San Francisco, said that- a. few
chosen officers; of the - artlilery corps
had quietly been . trained in the hand
ling of "biplanes, but- that the defense
of thfs .Coast by the use of aerial
craft had been held in '. abeyance un
til the practicability of such a move
nad been proved by the Army and
Navy's use of aeroplanes.:-t. ; -
, -Nortoii added that the, War Depart
ment had entered; Into contracts for
the construction of a score of biplanes
for the Pacific Coast" -aerial depots,
and said he - was ' on :the fway totSan
Diego to select ' a site; there for i an
aerial station for the Army; Sites will
Ik i Oi
& i.
7 i
w 4. ,
( ? r -:
fir.t r:
::j ta
i i
t3 i.'
tviin t..i
. ccriA, t - -r i 3 . :-
that ths 1',: : . - ;' r
cf an arr-':;'.:; : at c - - .
,:ti-at; t:r-,3 cf t:.;
ttzizl at t; c:r-5 t'. '
.CHICAGO, i::ir.;.s., fi::
door cf -'Jack J;h.-,;:i, l1 c
Lucile Cam;rcn,' w;; C
first of the number raw p:
L dy;;::;ite flot
S :'V-: I
One of the most ' prominent f the
manv : IaHr leader oa .the ' PadIf
Coast, around whom the evidence at
Ibe-hrarlr? f the alleged dynamiter!
In In ellana sells -i-i. drawls? a net
TTfltnoe I the president of the Asiat
ic Exclaslon Leasme, wlti heairjiuir
ten In San Francifo, and Is allesred
JtaTe een In close teach with the
nlan, -and movements . et. the trio of
djramiters who blew op the TiBH'-
balldin In Lo Anzclen, jnt priorja
that expIoIoii.L ; r ': ;
be chosen at Los x Angeles har'oor
Santa Barbara, Monterey, San - Fran
cisco and other points along the Coasf
lbet en San Francisco and, the Cana
dlan border.' : ' -
or l
by day Fcl.rcl
last Caturday, he 3 r
a meesacja received t
Riley IL' Alien, :::::;r V
Eulletin, Hanoi :. 1 7. : :.
The Pest Intc:':.-
j Seattle and the f :.' :
greetings by I". i . eel '
j message wa3 del y :J i.i . .
r- -o-!i' have I :en -J
- cf c; .. Ir-r 1 .
ii.. nc:n'o . deoeiaatien c : 1
tea. We join yoi In : ;
'O tha Federal Wirele. ; . 1
Company on it.? succco..' .
frst benefits being thi3 e. :' '.
of unbroken communicadi : a c :.
v,V-V,- ::,1-'XE.' II.; TI10MA3,
c anaging Ed 1 tor. Pc rt I r. : : 1 1 1 z ?n r - r.
" ..'.. , - r ,
The game' warden cf Kaa2.3 s a I
vocating a fish pond on every rancii
in the state. - - '
' The coal miners' strike at E ilview.
Canada, in "which 1 ')(' men Wc:.: cut.
has been settled. All. the men hare
been reinstated. . '
Mrs.,Detsy. Jone3 has -J cist rc ', I
her final papers on her hcra-est at
Fort Luptcn. Colo. c,Sh? 13 S I , ars
oIiL-.t. . : . ' .
. A burglar, "who caught hi fln-'r in
a safe he was robbing ar.l i i f-
leave that member bM". !. ' ; :
was frightened away, h?? '
fie-d through the loss cf ! ' ; '
now awaits sntcn' '

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