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. - - - - ,. , .......
FT IrTf f nTF n ore:
..Back from a brie cruise to.&e.fs
Ucd of" Kaual. Wjr auatrity? of
material for. a new light house was
discharged the United States light
hcuse: tender Kukul, met. with much
' rough weather, causing some' damage
ti, machinery with the result -that one
anchor was lott,. -Y-vkkk: i . .,
The Kukul left Honolulu i withdes-
- filiation at Kllauea. - The little light
Itcufce tender pratically bucked firong
northeast winds and choppy, teas from
, te time of leaving the harbor until
).r return to port last evening.;
' It Is reported tb-t while the vessel
lay off Kllauea that wind and waves
kr?ached a stage of bolsterousness
that caused the officers to decide upon
' returning to Honolulu. . k . . v.. ,
With the exception of the breaking
?own cf a winch and" the loss of the
cr.chcr,"the vessel is said to have suf
fered no further serious mlihap on tb?
trip. The Kukul is nowat a berth
nl Channel wharf." s "k; ' .k ' -
' - ' . . . ri' -: " ' ' "
f;ir-,::i Marii Sailed. at, Elsht.thlt
T:.;..t t!:t a few layover rassen-
i.ers, C " Jr-sese.linerl JClppoa. llzra
- f flcr rc:.;..ir.!r.g at tr.e port throughout
t.o r.i.t, was I!-ratched" for. .San
rrcr.ciico at e ht o'clocli this rr.orn-
, l:... ' , :
TJ.rc? buJrei tens oriental freight
:i here during the stay
at Alafcea wharf. The
1 ft 12 calin and 1C1
:.; :rs. Axr.cr.g the litter
v. (
t i .:
i:.t cf j:
:p:?rs ccn-
CC.rt i'l1
:faru vill'arrive at V;ni
t'i cr? cf the Jarrcst shl'
itoJik'3 carriel.in
; i vi : cl tri; s. M.u h Ki'k
t , t:.c? tz:t ccr.it the
: - v
cf (
' t:
.1 i
. ri
lino, e?
r.t!;. ; t'. ?
y t'
r 3 v -
r-J .'. .i
i U Ik j
:r the
i i v : "i
: c'.
. t
.-. ;r
1 .
c'clr:': tk:3
kers i . k.vcs
:.t cf d:f,:rc-.ccs
:. that v. fiiker
men will te ex-
v. riven, three
: 1
"1 ckl c;
the brief
: fcr the Cof:t
t r
ke fuel cil consigned
ck cf the AjsKiatcd
? tcea pu-npel. ustr
k;i rrl tto f tu Mar-
;-r.y I
' 't I"
:-tt :.r.
cf tl. '
-rival uith a large
n!a product is
to "kl for. Cavlota act the
his evening..
::::! narifrcn Taller IsIeV;--'7.
' V.kth, to freight,, .tne Inter-T?Ian'd
steamer Maui returned this morning,
tT yessfl having called at several
ports along the coast ,cf 'the Valley
island. Officers report flight. wlnd3
and moderate swells. 1
Hark Rithet Uden,With CemenU'
The Ameriein, bark: R,, P. Rithet,
tow tea days out ,frora 'Saa Francisco,
l as eleven hundred tons cement,' for
Pearl Harbor crcstrujtioa , work, ' It
is the present intention' to berth t the
Rithet. -at 1b Hackle id w'hart upon
ike return cr the. windjammer 'from
the naval sla'Joa.-'.: Honolulu freight
In the RlUiet includes tGO,000 JbricK as
"well r.s consijcreble-. sand land., other
cf Luiikin? material. ; k- u .
thet; carries a,4arge number'
Ci - . - wiaui.aie . mai -wiu oe;
.. o the Matson Navigation
; , H ; k ; (JASH.kLOVEX
Uina CtrstjU cppV Union Crlli. ';.
f ? f ft r-F. r v
. . I
steamer ' HUonUn and
Port Allen, r KaanapalL
destined for
Kahuluf ind
llllo. :;. v : - . r .-57'; :
- 'From word ? recetred from : Captain
NiJson, the KItbet sailed from Ban
FrancJsco,with a few passengers,, sev
eral younjr ladles making a pleasure
I trip across the Pacific . in the well
y " " '"''!'" j"" I " ; f ' T
The Fatted Calf Arrived From Konai ;
; Bringing the fatted calf.V plggiei
chicken, duck, turkey, and even s the
poi doggie, the Interlsland steamer
Mauna L-oa, an arrival from Kona and
Kau porta this taorning, was heralded
from afar by ,a rlotoua noise resem
blJng that from a well regulated barn
yard. , ..' -: I ;-: .--v. "..4
' Shipments of livestock to the num
ber of ,20, head Creenwellancli cattle
was included ia the assortment of
products from windward, Hawaii ports.
. One large consS-rr.ment of ;: cc.Tea
cumbering 2361 sacks and ,6000 sacks
sugar mac!e up the bulk cf the freiit.
-:The .Mauna -Jxa encountered lkt
winds and chcjpy seas with occasional
rains throughout the entire voyagei .
According. to Purser Eheldoa the
Interisland steamer . Kauai was ; at
Honuapo discharging lumber at tts
time tne I.Iauna Ix i visited that port.
: ; u ; -4.) ;
Ctesmers Leave. Hi!a Fcr The Cozit. .
Ty.o ttear.ers took their departure
frcm.Hilo on Monday. .The American
oil tanker E-r.ta Kita,' leaving Hcno-lr.l-j.cn
Saturday was discharged of
the reminder of a carro. of fuel oil
:I-f2i:cd frcm the .!!-;; all. port for
-:i rrrr.r!?co cn ?!"-. 'iy, : '
7L3 II).Jrr, cf tk- Mnt: Navl
:n c:t is rc;-rt;J' to have eai'.cd
Lorn Ililo-l-ta yesterday aftemcoa
for Ssn Frr".ci2co after having com
plete i t-kir. cn a' part cargo of pine
ai;.;3 and surj-r. -.-.
Pur. :r fk.! ':a cf the steamer Ma'u-
ra Lea l::.. 3 rc: crt . cf .S124 sacks
.r at Pun; v.i czl Z2U sacka at
o, ti av. ;
skTrr. rnt.
Dean. J. 11.
C. L. Gib-
u ::. r-.
A. L;
L. Y. L'-, J.
1 rr.
Jr.. L
-T. Data, Mrs.. C.
Mrs. H. P ttr.vT,'
-r, .f. n. .:.cis, G.
:ti. c, r
ki, Y. Fuji
N. Hirarawa, Y.
R. Jckn. Miss T. Kcmeya,
, K. Kc-.i-t, R. Kendo, Ru
, T. Kt k:. i, V.'u. II. Lynch,
T. Mij-ia.'M.. Mockidzuki,
'ccklJrukl. Mrs. IL.Motci,
;k ::i-..a,
!rs. M. i
I v. C n 0
IV r 7; II.
l.a Y. Tr:
ti. I. W'uZ
I., Or'.ko, A. PhefTcr, Hansl
D. Ccr.cr.k, II. Cc&in3. A.
Tannka, Miss Tana.
Trke' i-a, Y. Tci-
4 .- - - 1 . T T"'
, J
. , till, J. U
u. .inn, Dr. Y. Ya
P. Zwart, Mrs. P.
r- - t
Z;.-: t. -
Tcr sir,
ITruna Lca,.frcm Kcna and
3 Cus Il-r.na, F. E-tring,
. Kinney, R. L. Cllvie. -.Miss Mac
er. C. E. Mullrr, Mrs. A. Ti..:ctea,
Rev. E.
Timctea, DIsy Keleipio,
Mrs. Wright,
L. C. Chiles,: :W. Cum-
r.inrs.'Mrs. Cummlngs, "Mrsl A. Aka-
1- M::3 Eu
- V
ML 3 Pangelina, Mrs.
J. Ilurd, Mrs.
B. D. Rond, Mies Mer-
rill. M; Faxrell. M. A: Nlcholl,' Pw;W".
Wallace. X.:'Wh. Hoy, Eishop Resta
i ick, W. O. Ai k .... J. E. I Iughes, J.
Ieal, Mrs.' Jls. Ccrn.weir. Mls3 Craw
ford, H. Meyer, Ycek Muni, E. 1L Mul
ford. Miss Skaw, Theo . Eowman, T,
Mutsuda, M. Ff itr.nl; T8 deck. . ;k .,;
.Per stcr KHaura frcm.Hilo direct:
C. B. Ellis and wife. Misses Buckley
(2), Miss J. Arm:; 3, R. Varohleff, Mrs.
O. Varobief?.. ..MUs . E. , Varobleff, a
Chastkig, Mrs. ,T, W. F eardslle,'. F
Renaurd and wife, Mrs. Lk, Pangaline,
N. Akana, 1 1. Kahae, M iss .1 Akau
Mrs. Matsumurs, C Campion and
wife. Rev. T. Sugimotoiand Wife,' A,
I.'ay, F. Yamanaka, , wife ahd hild,
Pcf,T. A. Jr :er.,Mrs- U kL. Sexton
Uid. child-'P. llisgins, E. Brown, CKan
Ckee. ; .. -v'.. :
rrAssrxcrr.r. xookep y-
Per str. Klnau, . . f - Kauai . ports;
Nov. 19. Miss M. 1 : ..orn,. Jas.-p.
Dougherty. C. F. AVfci. :. J. McCTellan,
Mr. and" Mrs. W. IL Rice, E. K. Fer
nandet, . Mr. and . Mrs.; Rl , U Wilcojc,
Miali. Kealaula; T. -Takie,: CI. Nlshi
kawa, Joe Gomes, tS. N. .Wilcox, Ji S.
McCandless, Miss M. Wllhelm, Mrs; F.
A; Hawkins,. Master Hawkins, A. Con-
radt, : . a
S' Per str. Mikahala, for Maui and llo-
lokaf ports Nov.;- lS.r-Mrs.- Xm.
iiuicn, 11. tiana jwr; ana wrs.? u.
J aae. J. D. McVeigh. V F ? i:
;lS;u'Ji 'Cat'!?-to irmlU
. . ocJ S f - ,
; oesdaj, Xer. 19.
HIIA , SaUed, Nov.. 1 S. 7;30.. p.. nx.
, S- & Hyades, for San Francisco.
. ,SaIleL Nor. 18,. S. &: Santo Rita,
for ' Port San Lois. '
; ISXW S. S. Mongolia, hence NOTem-
. EaiIed,rNov 19, 2:30 vl S.
.Ventura for Honolulu. - . ; t I"
-v-: 7 .lerogramH v:' ,:;-:':.,
8.; S.4 Larl Ine '. Will arrive from Sin
: Francisco Thursday morning with
31 cabl4 and 10' steerage passen
( gers; 503 sacks' mail;; 8 autos and
517S tons. carga : r t i
S. a CHIYO MARU Will. . arrive
' from San Francisco Thursday morn
ing and sail for YoVohama at 5 p.m.
- -- '
Per; str.; Mauna. Loa, for Kbr.i and
Kau ports,-Nov. 2Z.J.-' p,' Me Ldcnca.
Per str.T.'. G, jrair, for KauaT ports,
Novv. zl. E.1 d e- Lacy.' k '
4 Per str. Klnau,; for . Kauai ports,
Nov: 2S. llr. and I.Irs, II. Rohrlg, H.
Ilohilg, Master Menefcglio, - Mrs.; A;
Menefcrlio, Mr. r 1 Mrs. A de Brette
ilie. Miss Vtkberr : Master Webber,
Mir3 Markham. V":- v.-; -J ? , . -
Per tr. Clauiins. for HIIo via. way
r crts, I:ov. 23. M. : Jacob. Mrs. .11.
Kinktury. V ' k Y: "J -
T " .
(Sch:!r.:;ff.-cV.v Fi;'!)-
Oahu, and last year, as division com
mander, he made a special trip here
md went ca a tactical cruise aroynd
Cahu in company : with . Admiral
Thcmas, on the Carshlp California. It
ve 3 after. that trip that General. Mur
rr.y unfolded his plan for a ring of de
finiive nortar batteries around , the
ertire Island, which would guard the
fca erproath on, all sides, end for the
wheel cf military roads jthat were to
cc.nnect thc-3 mcrtar and position bat
teriea with the tasa 'of ...the. mobile
ticcrs ,rt Cchcf.eli :T arracks..; .','
. General M urra y, to k : 3 a. greater In
terest t i the defema cf Hawaii'. than
in p re L lily any ether mllitiry pro 1
icn cf tka day. He b an advocate cf
a'larga- force , for leland defense,' iind
it's a certainty thit if ie succeeds-to
tti.cr.ee c! -chief cf staff, tt3 ten
com: -nle3 cf cciet artillery called for
rv tka'pl:r.3 cf tka meral staff will
La r:-t p: -t torts to Oo.hu." : V.
Arrr.y c.kecr3 here are looking 'for
ftreuoo3 tinae3 in the rear future
v.ith a r'or rceral la ccnanaond cf
;' i:- . I clivielon, a.-tri-aier tt
. k. ' k! -ro:k3. or.i a ck:;f cf staff
l:i V.- :..'.::': .1 doir r t!3 ufaoLt to
:t; : tl: r ":t:ry rrooorces
i's Pocikc cut; oit, and. ade-
i: :t:et the great naval, base
1 t -. 1 - - ' : . . . '
1 . 1 . t. . . . . - j
Ji fc
- i 1 .
That there 1 3 any f;i:iie.; ; k".ru;
lion in the national guard . a-.oii
other than a general lack cf latere at
following ;the summer camp fi per
iod cf'-field. instruction, -13 -de !:i..ty
those connected , with. the citizen-soldiery
of the island. . LAc'i cf ta ar
mory Is.. given by all as the'reasoa for
this slump. ' :
-If there is aplthy in' militia af
fairs it 13 because the guard lock3 an
armory,": said '.Co.; tola. W,,II. -Jckn
Ron,- inspector-Instructor thl3 .morning,
"As . to my own ccnnectlon with the
'not I Jr.il guoj-d; cf Hawaii," I am .still
on the Job, but have other duties now
which, attach me to department head
Quarters. ;Ia fact,! w-3 shooting with
tbe guards men on the Kakaako range
yesterday, and hare every Intention, of
carrying on the work that 1 have been
doing with , them for the past year.
By War Department" orders," however,
I have, been detailed .-. as officer In
charge, -of, militia affairs . of the De
partment of Hawaii, and ; aa .such ; am
attached, to .thes 3, h?ad quarters
One'of the most notorious blind pigs
operated in Kalihi - district " was Suc
cessfully raided through the effort of
License Inspector Fennel! and several
officers,' with' thev result '. that t Sara
Haiha was brought before the district
eourt upon a charge of selling liquor
without a license and- was assessed a
fine of Sioa 'and the coats' ot prosecu
tion; : - i '';.'?; ' : ,v ; - "'
.4 Fenriell .produced one ' witneaa '"who
figured In-" the purchase'Ofdago' red,
and who on the stand testified to pay
ing fifty cenUak bottle for" the booze.
r: Others witnessed the transaction al
leged to .hive ; been made -while - the
parties,, stood on a .lanaL; i -cJZ-a
'. The closing: of , this" particular tlind
piggerr at Kaliht Is a . matter : oyer
which the ofacertf are quite -pleased,; 1-,rlt-iwag
at thls place that-Fenttell
and his: men ' discovered 4woL barreli of
swipes,' a quantity- of w-hlch was vle-
atroyed after the " place -:i had ,,heen
raided.- vA
" " ' .10 a '" " ' "'f
i. "p. . COOkB,wtll, return- in the
-tMIMt fl-f Hf Aftl-fttlr '.J -
k-E. D- iTENNEY will return to 4he 1 Kn. Tms" aeternunauonis aue, now - (
Wilhelmina on kTuesday & k 4 a? Jetetopeculiar combination of ir-;
; , jts. ; r AAUjiH iiiSHur, . win proDaDiy cumsiaoces, x -um iuo .va-u4vcu-,iiiS
return in the Ventura on ' Mondays; klltor8 probablr would not wish to bare
7f T
i 1
i" I
-9 i i 1 n 1 ' ''..,. '---
organization k.' of; the senate', by k the
democrata on ti fourti of; March is
assured, said Senator Hoke' Smith of
Georgia today la summing' up tbe sta
tus of the senate, after March j.
Senator Smith spoke with assurance
largely due to, hi familiariti ,lth the
situation on account of his connection
with the senatbriil branch of the cam
paign workk. He spent a' xn6nth In Chi
cago looking after; the . legislatures in
various : states. vi:. kkk. -k: -k:--;ff.
, "We have 30 ,' democrats who told
over and B ve , who already, have been
elected, making 35, said, the senator.
"We have democrats from ' Georgia,
Texas, .Kansas,- Arkansas, Montana,
Oklahoma " North Carolina, ; South
Carolina and two from Colorado who
have been elected In the primaries.
Other etates Included.
-.Tie democrats undoubtedly have
carried. the legislatures of New Jersey
and Delaware, V which insures demo
cratic senators" : from each of those
.l3tes. AdvincesF from Nevada and
Creoa' clearly indicate the election of
democratic candidates. for the senate
Thi3 -would give 49? democrats or a
lcoitlve majority on the senate." v ; 5
Smith wa3 Inclined to make, addi
tional claims , on' the states which are
considered doubtful. He eald.that ac-
ecremg to lis aavtces ,me jcemocrats
will have a majority of the legislature
cf . Tennessee, which ; would insure a
senator from - that . state. He also
counted on further democratic . suc
cVfsion from Illinois and from some;
of the" other states.
"We can rely safely on fifty demo
crats in the next senate, he declared.
Summary Of Claims. k? I , v k v ' . kk
Senator Smith's summary of demo
cratic control in the senate is' substan
tially la accord. with the general view
taken at the senate wing of the cap
itol. - In other quarters an impartial
suivey of ,th ereturns gives totals up
to the .present time, as follows: ' .' k
- Domocrats, 48; republicans," 41;
doubtful, 7, . Total'memhershlp, S6. j
The seven teats still classed as
doubtful are. the two from Illinois and
cne each from . Michigan, Oregon;
Couth Dakota, .Tennessee" and Wyom
ins. ; - : -; v'-----; k- -
Without ad , of these seven doubt
ful seats, the present assured demo
cratic ; strength of: 4? is exactly half
cf the total membership and 13 eur.
clcnt, with .the vote of Vice President
Marshall ca; .a tie, to. control tha
senate. ' - ::. ,' : 'S :'..'.' - : -- '
The test; as to the political affllia
ticacf the - progressives -.will ccnae
sooa" after th3 convening cf Ccnress
cu the firot "Monday In December, r
Sirafcr Cllrer Wanl3 Test. :' k ;
"If. I could. have my. way," said En
atcr Oliver -;cf. Pennsylvania, .cn 3 cf
the foremost of the etandpkt Repv.b
IIcon3, today, MI would deterrolr.3 tk2
question at the Earliest moment. Yr'ith
the vies' presidency ro longer with us,
it .will become Imperative to elect n
president pro tsnarore cf tha e: -at ;
as- soon a3 we convene. As generally
13 known, the progressives refuse -to
support fanatot, Gallinger,; who wa3
th3 cauci-3 ncminss president pro tem
pore cf tha lost session. k.P wculi call
another -caucus to' nana a crr.kidate
for thi3' office and -wouli make his
support a -test ..of party loyalty. on the
part of senators claiming to -be Re
-If the- course suggested by Oliver
rkould be pursued .it might result in
tke early.' recognition of a third party
in the senate. It I3 claimed however,
by' Senator - Gallinsr's friend 3 that
the progressive opposition - to t!
had largely 'died away k before - the
close of the last session. Ths . Demo
cratic senators -are most -anxious to
cktaia' suoh a majority-, of their own
membership in the senate so entirely
to avoid the necessity of. anjr depend
ence . Upon Vthe krprogresslves ; after
March 4. k.i-k; ; k""-:,' " - V..
Of the: niheteen . seats held by Re
publicans, which were at stake : in
Tuesdays election, it became neces
sary for the Democrats to elect six to
secure, armajority in the senate pro
viding they were .-. able at the same
time to retain possession of their, own
Returns up" to .Wednesday . night
gave :them the following In Republic
an strongholds :--.'-
--.Two in -Colorado where John 4 F,
Shaff roth. Democrat, for the full term,
ana j. rnomas, uemocrat, ior xne
short-term, will be elected by a Demo
cratic- legislature. ' k k ; ; 'S -
One in Montana, where Republicans
and Progressives kconceded the elec
tion pf-Ti J.iWalsh, Democrat.K kk;
k One 14 Kansas, where ,W;. R. Stubbs,
Republican,- conceded the election pf
his 'ppponent Villianr H. Thompson,
Democrat. " - w-ft-'kk x--'
' One In Delaware a Democratic legr
islaturej assuring tbe return of a Dem
ocrat to succeed Richardson, Repub
Ucan.retlred.v, . k.. V; -;
k OneXa-New: Jersey, .where William
Hughes: DemocraUwilif succeed
Br4ggs,.RepnbUcan. iiVkVkv -?k?;'
Bourbon Control, Certain. ;kk': v kk .
; Vhabe' ver the; 'outcome In k any k of
th0,kStates mentioned, -there-can be
nodoubf ask tof'Democratic control of
thb- Senate.v ln.-addition to the aid" of
the kvlde-presidenii -In : an emergency,
theyk will, find v.wUUn;; cooperation
among ;t he k progressive ;' senators.
Three, bf four of -the progressives aire
almost -as liberal in" their t tariff Tiewa
;ind on other questions as: the Demo-
crats iliemseive8.xf Senators Clapp,; La
Folle tt : Cummins- GronnarilJristow
and v Poindexter. are avowed tariff re
formers. ;.They. also ' favor advanced
legislation on' other subjects. Senator
WorksU announced V;his.; intention , of.
voting for. the Democratic; presidential
candidate some: time, before the elec
it construed ai binding him to a. Dem
ocratic . legislative policy," He is clas3
ed ask a, prct sctionlst. - '.;.; ..'; ,
EJjht Holdover Preresiivea. kk k
; Or, the 31 holdover v Republicar.3,
eight have -been classed as Progress
ives. In the pasfv They- are CrUlow cf
Kansas,k Crawford of ; South: Dakota;
Cummins of Iowa, Gronna of North
Dakota. Clapp of Minnesota. La Fol-
kjieue ox u uconsin, foindexter of
I 1 Washington, and ; Works - of Califor
nia. - JSorna of Nebraska has been
cne of the leaders of the; Progressive
element la the Senate, as It is expect
ed that Senator Kenyon of Iowa will,
and possibly Senator Borah of Idaho,
In such -' measures, as -may appeal to
them.: k. -" v'.- , r r " k-k; .. -v': . 1
General Shakeup in 'House,.:. k '-. .
Although Democratic control of the
House of Representatives by a great
ly. Increased majority ; is . assured, a
general shakeup. of the personnel of
the important. House- committees in
the next Congress will benecessary'.
The ways and .means committee,
which will shape Into ..bills the tariff
policies of the Wilson administration,
was: riddled ;by 1 the selection. Or
the 14 Democrats on the committee
four will not. return. Two of these,
however, Hughes of New Jersey and
James of Kentucky, go to the Sen
ate. . "Randell- of Texas and Brantley
of Georgia are retired. ;
, Out of, the seven' Republicans on the
committee, but two apparently will re
main.. John Dalzell cf; Pennsylvania
and 'SamuelkW McCa'll' of Massachu
cetts, for years shaor3.cf Reputlleon
tariff policies, -were not? candidate:,
and Ebenezsr - Hill of : Connecticut,
James C. Nee dh am of California "and
probably Nicholas Lougworth cf Ohio
were beaten." r '; ." - . .
Sereno Payne, aid Joseph ,Fcrdr.
of Michigan' may be the only Repuk
licar.3 left. . ' : . , .
Cu!zsra J:b D;slrahls, . :
, The election of .'Representative Sul
zar governor cf New York leaves va
cant the .chairmanship cf tha Impor
tant foreign affaire. committee. Flood,
cf Virginia 13 ranking member cf the
committee,, but betd sella eel the ckair
manship two years ego to accept the
les3. important - territories v committee.
Either: he' or. Garner cfTexa3 13 ex
pected to get the place, '
.The election -of. Morris" Sk-ard cf
Texa3 to the Senate,. If scnority 13 f .k
lowed, will move .Representative Ik
nett cf Alabama to tks cl
of the public building3 a:
committee. - k ' ...
rd ground 3
The vacancy at the he"! cf ths; p '
lie. Iand3 .committe?, . cou:;i Ly t: :
failore cf Representative Rekk::e:i c:
Arkansas to return, pre" ally v.i'l !
f ill : i , by movir. 1 . up II t ti . :
Graham -cf Illinois, of pr: :: ' c'
maa cf tha commit
: - c!
' r t -
l t
:e. Inter; or. d:
Cikrr V:::rt Ckkr.v.;- " "-
Th3 t nk.k: p ml corr:
tt3 invcetlkatir.-T tko n c.i:
trr:t will .ta -witho i a h - - J, P.:. .
er.totive Pr'") cf Look -'--a k ; , ! - 7 r
tired. Rereeentotive 'Cortrr C : c
Virr!-.!a i3.the ranking mc. . ct tl
Cs ' - a ' ' -"' - x
V... ....tlC r. .
The retirr m?nt cf . "Rerr'e. ntatlv
Lo-b cf VIrJ-!i 03 he" ! rf V - '
rltt? a'ci f jrie Iture c .03 tlk ; :
fr neprcr totlvo Lever c! :
Co.:. lino, tut. Lever : ki ' f
to- rive "'up tka ck .:. . - ' c . t'
du:ati:.i cemmitteo. kk k :
to Repre-entativa Anekerry cf Ck.
Tki3 e,e-ant3 far all the ckairn -.-e"
lp3 left v-:ant by" tka election. L ..
tl a fcmkln cf tke- T,Vilsca cat:::.
may alter tke liet furusr.
Representative Henry cf Tes:.
chairman cf the rr!e3 committer, R.
rcrentotira Earl . :j rf Tc ::: , a f
t:r cf tka op-re-r:-k:a t :mm.;t: :
or.dr.pre:;ntative Ur Irmc-1, hea
cf tka v.-ays and .mear-. hav tec.
mentioned as c;
tl r 3.
- . .. i
: tlHLO, Nov.18. Dr. Victor Noaarl
the Territorial veterinarian lel't HI'J
on Saturday . bound iof "'.Vaipi.a Gulch,
where he plans a campaign of ejter
mlnatlonk against all : horses.. afi'licted
with glanders: AH auspinunu J.o'fies
will( be given. tjOxin iniCtoiia'aud. In
case of. reaction, will pa dcnvrDyel Un
der' the Territorial law. Dr. NorA.''i?!
will have considerable assistance in
thl3. work as the. yarious ranches of
this Island are providing men to help
in the roundup, which, it is khop-l,
will completely stamp out the disease.
k' For two years past .there, has not
been a. case of glanders reported oave
from Waipioy This . results from the
fact that; the owners of the diseased
animals ; not only fail to take proper
precautions but also," when they know
that .thekTerritorlal Teterlnarlan "-, 1.3
coming, that way, drive tk sir animal 3
into; the .thirteen 'gulck j which run
out from the . main ivaliey and hide
them till he. has gone. To avoid th;3
difficulty Dr. Norgaard made all hi s
an angements for the . n c rr. t r ;at! u p
secretiy;and nopes to get gool resurs,
:-k k "" 1 " ' -; k
y - " w - - -
- -- tY -
iiVhlleh?vsht;Mariy Chilcott re
mained on the coast, the -vesset - was
supplied "with several sets : of J new
sails, to replace those- lost ; on. ,pre-
vious voyages irom me ou ports to
the islands, ';.V.' '.'.--:.:'' r '-;
When the genial. and effervescent
"Tommy McCombe, now purser in
the .T. Kk. K. .Nippon? Mam, -learned
this morning jthat, be had reached the
distinction of, having -!'since time im
memorial . presided over the 1 purser's
office of the. vesse V he straightway
went out and left an order forehead
gear of far niore ample dimensions.
Tommy, while , for. a number of
years an official with the Japanese
une as freight clerk; ia rounding-out
second year as purser on trans
pacific steamers.''' ;..-' .:..:.-.." ';-'
I k rk b i cca
. ' ... A W
"ho::olulu st;.i'
w V '
UNTIL JAJI, 1, 1313 (rr .-rr. . 1
TRANSIENT RATS. IX 9 flrot !n::;k
CL,VGIFIED. C3 Cent par verd
. ... .... . .
MAE f O 4.' t o
CRAlicil OFFlClf
rer I'onth, c-yr VT2 la V
Per Carter. : ,..:-: I 1
rer Vearcaj la Lk :
Per. Year, r : - -
The " tk.
frf.!kt. c-wh-:v.
: 1 :
a t:
:s r.
" - ( '.
: : v.
" ) ':
- - A3 All
Eastern Half
Green Turtle
1 Mullet Daied in Tl Leaves
Filet - of ; Chlcicn Press; IS3
Boiled Taro k ; ; Mashed Potatoes
k; Cauliflower,:;. ;k- Greea Peas'
- "'. . :; -: . " Corn on the. Cob : :' -' ;
kr kAsparagu3 Salad, Tip3 with ' ' :
; : ' , k Mayonnaise . : :v'. " ''"-'
r,;..-.k: EOACiT -t ; :
Parker. Ranch Turkey
; : k Island Eecf k : '
TeaT Duck
Wild Pigeons
- 1
"7fne and' Liqnor. Merchants:
. . -
U i .4. . (
r-::.- .
- :ullit;: - , 11
" 1
. . . G : 2 : ; : r ; :lz:
.. . - I
5 c:
. V ill t
. T
T t '
O .y -
-nci crt St
-.:k;.:i-k:; ;.- r 'rk:ir--J"-k-V':V:iV;-;:.'vr:'"r viV-V k-K-ik'H
... ;---i;-Yk5,"'!-kkk--:kkvV?.k''
- k-:;k--"?"r Y' :"-;-'---;k- ' v. v:---i.-i.k- .;:::, .'. " '-' ' - -; ; :--,-vk.-Vk-k4-r.?'--ik:rTM -k.-,k-kk v
k-kki-"- ;tV-;

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