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fcl- i. .Ji - --- . . ... - - -
..-- f y, y y .1 .-. ' -ye -:
Tr:n c:r.t : .
Lurlinc, .Nor. ZO.T
lr s.r.i ; y
Lurlinc. Nor. JC. r;
frcra Vficfcateri . . !
' llzlvrx, Dec 4.yi
Tcr Y. :::3Teri
Zealandla, Dec 3.
- ' - -y ': " ' ' ' v : :..' '
- - -.-
. w
Kvenlng Bulletin. 1 No. 5237. -Hawaiian
Star. Vol. :i:V, No. 6438.
' r-
p r r
L l
Rep ort Federal Grand Jury Will
Chnvn-cs - -Women.Were: ' ide To
"Giv Up" ; 015 ;EacK-c norary
Cloc' t Of District Starts Stories Wi
""' - ScnBational . charges thai graft
iiicney has been- rccentlj colJectcd
Pom uomen cf.tbe IwUel vice-district
will te brought to the. attention of ft
ihw federal crr.i Vjry. .that waa
rvcrr. t:!-y, ccccriiss to reports
t' ' ' ' ? 1 :n r:' the rounds since
yi . v r :
t:.i , .
I:::: . .. :!.
cf rcft have been
ul.ozt fcr thrc-3 d2j &. cr ilnce last Eat-
vray, tnJ tl.2 v ' :!3 hest cf rumors,
tfr'tly vr-:c lut in rce cases start
cut cf the Vclos
l c : ? C.T.c!
Eltcr: ry's d
cf lw!I;i fc:
c, t the lr. .'
- -
ht days ty the
c, according to
U: 0. district
Cf r - f t c
ir.T ta i:
icrccF, i
t: ?
' ;::!, acccrd-
-r.:;i ty th?
' Mary Lint, a
told a vivid storr
Y w
i . .
'f '.r """T
, Aired Gcfcro Cocrd of ":'
4; v
f. HIa V resJsaatlon Reminded' becaULe
of. discoreiy of alleged improper j-ela-
tlons- with; a- young tchooJgirl," John
A. XI delros, jrlncipaX,' of : tte i Hion
school, ; IlOU, .lavi. deilared In a
letter, to Superintendent ol Instruction
fV-n '"that r.ther tprhi-r i' tho do.
pretty Korean. girl.partmnt tave. been f0Und guilty of
T that smacked . oiC(ni;,-'fvar,ss w. t,,t. the
rnle; have been given another chance.
The shake-up In -the rllaou srhool
Dark Age 'romance . In Judge Robin
fen's court t.h!3"'morning. tn 'the "bear-
l??t cf the -case ainst;Seung- Sun C8U8ed b the enforced retlgnaticn' of
C..!n n:id Kim Sang cung. two Ko, nuAorin Q mi m
re.r.3 ara accused cf kidnapping ithe department that iane to light this
fcer Attcrney . T.,IUwhns was ap..tltcrnoon at the meeting cf the com
rclnted counsel - for. the defendants, :ml:c,nrr, f ,hV nration -
W U . w .
r , Cf j r:ni Lcrrln An for the plaintiff.
2 ( J
rrcr.t 3 until August 23. On that date
fh? r ::ivc i3n Honolulu vlth the In
! : : ;i cf ccing.'on'.to' Kcrca." Pre
to I
:Not only the correspondence cf the
department relating' to lla-eirca and
his alleged offense was placed on file
and made public tut full ccrrespon-
to I :r arrival .tere. shs had v, c.m,.i,. t a-
.nc v. n . : . : - v,lo had p ropo: J to. nn,T,ni r, Tr,., Mr T -nd.-ft
appears from the corrcsc . op
posed -the plan cf the'depart-.c::t and
th3 firl. l.-t hii been refused. How
. jever. h? z7::i with her folks thai
1-c t'. cuIJ at fe-''time be allowed to
rrnnr V. ? p:rl. Mary obJ?cted' strong
ly to C;;:r;:'s attentions, and told Lim
t.. j
c .
! rn Fii-
: cic -i
:...:2, ti n
i::-fcr.3 ;in
that rh3 v. cu'3 never carry .him.
Photcsraphs 'cf ecr ;-a xf the ; lea'-Jsrs cf ths atiis'what ans'drivir L ;' t
his -fair.' the Turkish iionV fcr;centurUa the tyrant 'that 'has" Itzn fattr.-.irj
upon their ccuntr. . . ; -'.v '.' ! , '.. '. .V;' . : ;' '- . . -
i Y -
i ' :'N " :;i F .1-1
r- - , . -
v ert to the "house, where
ary wr.s staying, with some friends,
Auc.u -t Zl, according -- to the girl's
story tc!i in court. There was - no
c.:o in the Lo" 3 tut ths girl an. I an
r!i v."c n.irn. i'rur.g,- accompanied ' by
v. u 4F i. 11.- t ...... 4 44- 44
to tro I -
cf Superintendent Pope to send Miss
Jennie, riznt rom Hana to take the
p'ace lift vr cent by. the departure of
:irs. Iledeircs. Mri. -lladeiros' was to
Eueeeed to' Mies Plant's place in Hana. J
Organic "A ct 5 V. ay ; Stfp ' :h';td ,V?T iie DeraoraUfctvCDVir-
it .-pi ! ;- ' 't - her coulJ get the consent of th3.r.:
-Af.Balk TnClI F CriuCCU publican tenate of 1913 la his effcrta
..: pf. s -.i.vV'f-j to. remove them. ... "'.'; 1
:'-:;""..V-' :v. t - And, cf ccurs3th. party men fl
'.'-f.'-j' '';.-:.-.,. TT " ; .. '..., .-- ', ;t '.'ure that ths n-uh'." Z "'v
; '.Republican carts' cn tuo Organic: refuse to aiJ 'ilT'zz- ratTrCcVcr
Act. ana tiawan s p.an or oiuce noia- ncr In ouetin" -zci
Drummcnd declared he would not ing .are. prc;;hcsying-ti:at .th.Demo-v Th3 rsse cx-Governar Carter an 3
ft tan J for ta:3 and after muca ex- crats-who' figure on tcavy pclitical j '-3 Kepcihai was" pclnfi to V 's
change cf ccrre?rcndence, Mr. -Pope patronage for-a Democratic governor r-orning ' by a Rcpuhlic-a i-- -r ai
decided ty trie : the matter before, the i to spread around," are hi'line for tit- being la point. Ila Eaid" that "it V'i
cemtnieeio"' r3 cf education-- - -4 -'.tpr ifisarnointirient ?;'-"..v ','.. r.T-,rr, -f - --" -
Hzaa r- a!.D was ths latter, that ! .-..Prominent Renuhli can's hold that if j r.n.n.i.t
tU-t t
V. ,
t : : v ; .
.:'J :
it i; '
cr. : r
cf v.:.
Z to
. ....
r cut c!
( 1 : :
tl.j l.:::
ths c'
an nv
. ....4 t-3
ten " fr-'
revti '
. . J , : IWU O O , - .4 1IW4 lul V.
ie rreet ,to the de- fiVear fhould be rcarpcinted by Taft ti3 pleasure hence ths fa:
i r-:
i..:cit rc.at-ons ;nd'. conflrriiedf 'ibv- the Senate, and tom k
letter was-wilt-', shouli forthwith; appoint - what Terri' . xi- iF'.": s
ercn:her-0 of" tcrial cffic!!i cc'me "f:J for cbcies by 7 ,"n ct f
- 3 JU nnr, .tccsa c :ic:a.s t: ei.ee -re -UOT-cr z:-z:-i3. Lv--t.-I-a Itli ti
, .i:.t
t: o Lac!:, an:
ruheiing that
2 ' :
the t
:c-ms f:
t ;.e .t.Ui.ty tend. between od,- even' should Praaur. 'ccaae-td'-'told; . tni ' cot cf tv- "c-"-o f
... I ':o r-1. "who left '-'f.' .'tr.,:.., tr ' '.':TrLJ
:i ecaol c'.eewhere. Re- the Eslecticn cf a. subatituts;-, Xuparla' - V -: V:: . . ..V
V 3 letter the teacher tendent Pope, after some correspond- ,,',,V;"r"X(J7.''.V;r.V '
I th.3 heck ar.J j.imhed, dc
the fleer I. :twcen the- front seat
t' i da.hh'era.
t j t e r
to destroy the missive;
.3 end to mail the ret
i so that he couldde-
ceordihg to T.cri
: He act'
avc a nice,
r n r:;9 3.)
3 ..i. ..a. luua. me rc . rt. , apFarenUy 1.2 had
f4cni ths r:r:y expresalons, of burn
in; lovo he ; : red out over the'r ages.
. The ia:; ;e. r relations of the' two
having . I - . v. .'-covered the depart'
ment ciH:u i." Madeirct resignation.
(Resigning in a brief leiter to the de
partment, Madeiros senta longer let-
Cf v.
ICS ii
l: m
- "4
t: at ho mi
:.atc fer r.a:
cra'io r ' :n
; ) 1.' . .is...:
.'. A; TTirncy, the r.swg
.! - 7 to, Hencluhi
1 1 4 1 v a o o i. r w o
,t ! - a rccc;!ive canii
; :. r" uneicr th ?' Der.o
'rn,' is .not coming
. cecareiiag to inior-
n receive! ty the Ctar-EuIIetin
- frcai its Can Trancisco ccrres-
' at. '"-'
The frr-r ' tin yesterday in-
htructcJ Uo c: :c.-,cncfent to. reach
Mr.' Kinney-. In r;n Prancisco,'- whore
to was report ci to te Etaying, and
-secure from !.! : i If.poesilie a state
ment oa tl.j i .rncrthip tltuatica,
In re: -y tt.io : rnia came the fol
lowing ty FcJcr-1 Wireless Telegraph
tiay service: .' . ' : - -
- "Kinney pons Last; left Saturday."
:-Mr, .Kinney's.;. law partners here
have not heard cf any sudden move
hu tas iTf ic, It .was Etatcd toiay, and
Rio in terns lcjU ts to tis'exac
fbercatouls.-" It ' unierstood that
he" iatcr.ee J- to c . . .s to Honolulu in
two or three wee" s.-' . ' ..
It is suggested that there is a pos-.
fihiiity that his trip away from San
rrancisco was to Eome other point in:
Calif cm la, not Kan,-and that he my-
t :rha; -3 return and come to Hawaii,
truce, i.ui.ujuiu vu xukj ho-uc- t f , wo-i-, R,, - -
ral;.Df-;Mlss Jennie PIant,-from the'1 -r:
liana-- school, to- Hadu;-and. having CJycu-cJ
Mrs,' Medeiros, wife of the resigned Aith the avi "e ' ' c -
principal, - remove V to, Haria, taking ty e t-v- Jv
Miss Plant's place.. , t ; ; t -. , fif;;:;:-. t8 r 3
. - t : j 1 - . -1 .. - r t -r.- : v mB ,ui4ii,i.i
mend, verbally: jand by letter to C u-
Derinterident Pone, .vclred inaignant
prolest against the change, and In a
letter Ho th5 'stiperinten-ant 'under
date ' of November . 9, ; says 1 . r .' -v
. MI ana very sorry to inform you that
we are not Eoing1 to swallow any dose
which the - Doard of ; Education Is
tut th:.? is enly conjecture. : v ,'teen 'fou
Vrt"' or hs has cone to Nova Sco- but thev
tia to visit his son, who i3 there fora chance to:refCi"ni by either, being
b- tn pr--i In wr. rh tip t-Tui!
It is : ' 1 that --I-Tes'i-TX aslln t0 "6v us;.this in regard to Mi 03
nrincinal i uie" i.aou.' school." .TheC,who- is transferred from :the
mistake he teen my first and the
blow that t- dop-rtment has deliver
ed is a a cry. hard . 3. Still I admit I
am guilt cnc2 an1 .illing to take;the
punlshm !. Cl...r. . teachers t-iave
ty cf similar, charges
a r: j Lave ceen given
his health, or whether he' has gone to
Washington, is alo a matter for con
jecture. ; "' '- -. .-. '; , '. . .
In fact, the knowledge that'Mr. Kin
ney has left Sua Trcncisco -and may
uot come to Hawaii . soon does not
clear up any of the uncertainty as to
his positica-with regard . to the gov
ernorship. ' - " '- .. :. ;
. 11. . " 11 y . ' .. 1 , " . , i .,' "1 " .
transferr I t r, t -:r ended- for some
time. I t ijaot fin ag fault with the
department's decisis j., but at leasts it
should ha e given . me. a. chance to
inake go: , for" I ci. i. assure yon, that
thfs will - ever, i - r: a aeain." '-'' '.
Follow .ng the rt-.gnation t of : Me j
delros from, the prlnclpalship of the
Haou school, -new dlfDcultiea arose Jn
Hana school to Haou, we are. not" go-
in to stand for this kind of "teachers
as " principals for our school, : if you
1 think she-is good endugii for the Haou
school you' .tetter transfer her as prin
cipal of, the Normal school, " "; :
.'The district; of Hana 4 has 'been In
a- deplorable condition in regards to
education. The children "will ; not' go
to school to any teacher as Miss Plant
f6r principal. - Mr: Pope, I wish! yoa io
send another, principal; here,vnd Miss
Plant' can ibes. her, assistant; no objec
tion will le i made. t--P--U M'iv
- "My; object In fighting .this kind of
teachers which; are. able to pass ex
amination for teacher; then you wish
' Since the Ecisioa cf tho' stock ex
thcrgo this racrninr. Picueerihas sold
at. 25, a drop cf four points, 'and Ewa
at 6.00, a drop cf half a point.. ",;;
' ' e U . ' .-' "ft ' :
.,v,w-'.. .- ',' -- '
--- - - - V- ' .
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov, 19--Beets:
S 'analysis. Cs. rJ.' Parity,1 C.'J 7 cents.
Previous Quehet'on, fs. 4Ht;'-'r-v
.While the tIp Marion Chllcolt re
mained on the coast, tha vessel was
surplied with several r-ts of ; new
Eails, to re;!acs hcee L,t on pre
vious voyages from the c il porta' to
the islands. . y . ; . - .-a.--., : - :-
. ' - . -
h. c. nzrniCK, ltd.
t -4
.-. i'f" r"nT1
v x-:
f j.'
e.. -j. .
r --.
XceIj?,' and Jackn EosPvone of the most famons f Ofeir.
York's gantllcj fraternity, and prominent figures la the events'
folio-Ale? the" murder of Herman Rosenthal. After a trial fall r. s
r sensauonai cisciosures 01 mf relations - aeiween - tne aw
York police and the underworld, the first two, together, with
iTOtey Jack" Lewis FJik? Clroflcf, the other two I f.
members in me muraer car, were iouay tonTiciea l muraer in
.-the. first .deirreK '-;"- J ef : ; y-e,: : -,: .' ;?. ; :l c .
-.. s ': . V j . 1 i ' V' v 1 f Associated Fress Cable!
. - NEW YOftiC, November fter a trial filled with aentational disclosures of the relations that have
existed between the metropolitan police force and the members of the underwtrid, "Oyp .the "Blood,", ."Lefty ,;
Loule.T ,"Whitey Jack': Lewis and "Dago frank Cirof ci,membern of the gang ' handled by Police Lieutenant
Charles Decker, . were this mornipg convicted cf murder in the fint degree, in the killing . of Herman Ro-e
.Kosentnai, arch-samtJier.jn the Jotbyot the Metropole Hotel, Wtxt Forty-eventh street, lome months ago; The
iurv Mrs nut Ann - hftur nrl . minult anrl H 3lrl tnnlr hut aha " v -. ; ' ' . J ,1 :'i : -.. , -'.,.-.'..
Prcminent Danaocrats V have teen
taking ths attituds that the incoming
Governor may make a clean sweep cf
the ..appointive Territorial; offices if
he so wishes. -.-'-. .. -. - '' - .'
Some of the Republicans 'have beaa
discussing the advisability of urging
Delegate Kuhio to aid la securing th3
confirmation, cf Frea in the. Unite J
States Senate, so that, -according to
the theory advanced above, he may
make appointments of ' the r- Ro publi
cans ito hold office during the nsxt
administration and thus secure , the
patronage for Republicans, y r ; y ys
" :'"i ' , ' ' hi " .i a.
tc .make us "believe that she 13 compe
tent to teach our children.' If you
don't listen to this warning there will
be something doing y y -y ; ' '
"We ' will ' bring this matter: before
the board of supervisors, and our coun
ty attorney and then let it go as- it
may. I wish to avoid any quarrel if
it can be helned. ; . , .- -
Immediately following this , fiery-
epistle, came a letter from V. W. Tay
lor supervising principal at Kipahulu,
Maui, underrate of Nov.: 12, In which
he says that on ; visiting the Ilaoii
school he found ' a large -number cf
the children jnot attending school and
that Drummond, exercising his influ
ence as a road supervisor, with many
of the" men of the district working un
der ; his ; direction; ' was vlrtualy con
dnctrn a boycott on the school . to
cause he -was opposed to Miss Plant
as principal. He "also states that Joha
Medeiros 'intended visiting; the Bnpe
intendent shortly with a view to plead
ing for re-lnstatement In the Depart
r He - raid 'that. I the 5 lmpresison - was
gaining ground that' he-r-Taylor. was
the cause of the trouble but ' he was
willing that should be the case, if he
could save Mrs. iledelros," for - whom
Tie .had deep respect and whom he felt
was ndergoingwa-eatH6rtxrre aa-the
insult : of J these' affairs' which made
her aiilnocent :ylctlmr-' ',A yy -v
On; Noyember 1 15, i Superintend ent
Pope 'wrote Principal Taylor that Miss
Plant was to continue to hold her new
apolntment at.Hoan until the commit
sioners had . met, and the subject de
fintely decided upon. Odthe same day
he wrote" Principal prnnimond to the
same effect, adlng that Miss Plant is
wel qualified ;for-tthe , wprk,y hatlns
passed the examlnation in every sub
ject but one, before being given her
first position at-Hana5 yyyy
The board meeting began this morn
ing .with. two members present:; Mrs.
B. D. Bond." of tfohala, appointed to
represent vWest , Hawaii, and W TL
Farrington, '. one of - the ; two comm is-'
gamers from -Oau. y The :, third new
ceinber Attorney W."Hy Smith, Vat
present lis attending' court- at Kon;
temporarily serving as assistant .county
attorney for the . island of uHawail, and
-' j'--' '. ,'.';' ' '---
I r- i..i,
" I A, . . ru, i
that th2 ; ev3 : .
cf an rr.-e;y.;:: at c ;
ulti.a-at; teraes cf,t. ;
diiia'ei at th5 c:.? t:
-e".-;-"-:' Ay . :
-log ai;c:lz:, f;:v; :r i;
cf h;:H p:re:r,ta;: dyra-a.:;, a re;;
quarters tzrs an j empticJ ths. c.e.e.y . :
and:r.urr:s. ... ;y;
' Ths manias entsred ths r .:r-:-:y t :
ths first relies that any c.-.i 1: cf i.y.i
nursss to stand ttill, zr.i threat: i to :':
Ths emrr;rr,ay he:-;tal is i.i r-'t l. : ,
aftsr driving ths patisr.t3 ar,J r .r:;; c.t
rushsd. into ths front cf ths ttr-eiurs tr..
in. thsir effiess. For two h. .n rs ons Cirzi y ;
when "the-, situation bt ea.v.s intsiisrahls, c.-s cf t' ; ..
district his attention, and fjiiri hin vvit.'i a tie cn t ;
As he fell forward ths box flew out cf. his h:-.J t.
detective srrin;in-j forward w-3 just In tins to c:t: 1 ;:
ploxion that would have destroyed the build;.-.'-; a-i :'A
u Th maniac is. now in the hospital, still tr.;:r::::.:.
able to identify him. - . ' ;
yy CHICAGO, Illinois., November 13. Th? char:; cfeav:!bn Ii J
door of Jack"-phnson, the champion hsavywe'.ht pay : cf th.3'. .
Lucile Cameron, was dismissed xn open court t:.;y. Ths char-:
first of the number now pens. .13 a;3irt ths cha-raion.'
B C I t I 4
1 1 ' 7 " '" A :"' -'
r - (Special Star-Balletln CaMol;"
: MINNEAPOLIS," Minn November John FUmmanj Cchr:-'
shot ex-Prestdent Roosevelt as ths tatter wa ahout to diiiver i ,
In this city during the recent campaign, was to -ay d:;!arcd irsaa:
lunacy. commiisJon, which has -been inveoti rating his case.
. ,.- it - m -'m r -- --. ' ' 1 - !- 1- ir 1 m 1 1 m ' 1 . j 1 j r - -1 1 nj i" nm i i' i 11 i i mi w , u
school commissioner reached the Cov--. "John Cuerra finds that h
ernor only this morning. v ; '- . troublewlth the police ia t'
Superintendent Pope .read a brief a charge, of taking a n
report of the educational situation, re
viewing the work f the. new- school
year' to date. It showed that there are
161 public "schools In active operation I
attended by 24,027 pupils, with an aver
age of. about thirty-six pupils - per '
teacher. The October, payroll of ln-tGuerra hasteen'instrumental in
Structors amounted .? to 248,435.99. ai. ing away with a numtar cf wh
rvfloa u-1i!(h It la T'---
J V. T . ..... .V . - . - 4 .
standing about the city, cn'y t
or later fall Into the hanis cl
Deputy. Chief of Detective
has worked up a case a :.'a:i
In which: the-oncers declar
:- 1
. v. 4"'
: ;t.
though the department is entitled to
use $49,500 In monthly salaries. :-y y-
He, stated that about $506 a month
J- !.. it.
(Continued on. Page 4) . ,
About the shabbiest, thing we know
of Is an ;ol4 motb-eaten ostrlcii.featlx-
A search instituted todiy rev i
the hiding place cf one or ra -3 T eli
said to be the property cf cth::i.
y According to the police th? t; n : ow
under. arrest la, Implicate J ia th? re
moval ot certain lines of cargo ct th j
railway - wharf: ;y'v a1-- '"
' - V ' . ."'
It takes' a good dinner to d!::.: :
an ordinary; grouch. ; .
jury was out one hour and .ten rninutes and;:it ia'sald. took but one ballot,. '-- . v VS--.:-- tes acceptance of the, appointment' as er v . , - - 1
y: ... ;.'.y. 'y ' ; ' ;-e-;-;';U y";

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