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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, November 19, 1912, 3:30 Edition, Image 2

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SllipplM: :
Back from a: brie; cruiss to the f s-
land of , Kauai, : w aere :a -quantity of
material for a new light house was
1 discharged the : . United States light
:- :-v ccuse tender Kukul, reel with "much Nileon, the Ritbet -sailed .from San
rough. weather, ; causing some damage Francisco with a fewr passengers, sev
; f ;?ti. machinery with, the resnlt jthat onaeral young iadies dakinif a pleasure
v anchor was lost;: f.iXwii ''.'-V.T & ! trjp' -..across': the ' TPaclTic; in the iweU
; s Tne' Jiukui left s iionoima5 with y des-
muce lenaer praucaiiv tucked rons
northeast winds and cboppjrreai from
the time of leaving tht narbor until
Ltr return.to port last evening.
It Is reported th-.t while the vessel
. ' izy en Kiiauea; that wind ana waves
r i-oachcd.:. a stage . 'of bolsterousness
that caused the offlcers to decide upon
returning to Honolulu. , : i f - -y"
With, the exception of the breakins
f t down of a winch and the loss of the
tcchor, the vessel. is said to have suf-
' Ir'ed no further serious mlibap on the
trip. ' The ' Kukui is now : at; & berth
fit Channel wharf. ''"-:. " - r. '
s?- : ; . :.!.;''.'.:-'';- -
:-,Wrppfi :Maru Sailed "at Elijht thlt v "
; , Wornlnj. .' . ; 'v
; , '. Taking but a few Uy'-over passen-
- gcrs; the Japanese liner .Nippon Maru
r after rtraainlng at the port throughout
-ther night, -was dispatched , for San
. Francisco at eight o'clock thU morn-
Three hundred ton's brieptal freight
. vtre diicharged here during the" stay
cf the vessel at Alakea wharf. The
KI;: cn Maru left 12 . ccbln -and ; 161
r intLe passengers. Among the latter
, were 12 Fillp!ncs..;3
TfiG through list of passengers con-
tlnuirg the vcycre 'to the co?st
cluJci 71 cabin; 6 second' class and VZ
- Asiatic tteera-e. : ':U-y
The-Xipcn M.ira will arrive . "it San
TrarcLco uith cne of the largest f)
i"c:.ls cf oiiental products ' carried, in
ti ::t vcr:l in. several trips. Maeh t-ilk
; is in tr-r.slt to the east coast of the
V;.;tci C tales. - . :'. ;;:;" V',...-,
H If 6 .-Trip. -
a rc :::J trip to llilo, the
ca i.ow operating cn the
covered Ly the Jlauna
thi3 morning with, a
itc:.r.:cr Klla
r:: f.r: ; r!y
He:: n tv-r-
cf c-.l.r. r-.1 deck parser.sers
. ';;-t. vas .Lrunght from the
reports the vcyr.ee
trft with rnou crate
p r vai!. J. - ' ...
i 1 rs Va i' -le,
' -u v t re jil iiilo
r' -t
- i
.1 at
ar.rj t!;e lar
; c :o at the rail
il.:;mcnts of'lum
the ccast were k
' 5 cn ths V.'gy to Can -1 ':
I , .'.' c.-:-"1-'.-,''
, !" . tr cn ' ICavi-atlcn steamer
- ' it!, a fair siacd cc"s:::aunt
- : : . - ,r end . rir.rar'.ca,
a::l inia- faikd-frcm ti e lat
ter ; r:t far .i3an Francisco: j crterday
. " : - :r. .to air ices received here
1 ...... " '
- " ' I ' -
" . " J I ' ; -: 7 t rc::jht dawn a t;vx ccn
:' ::t cf . : -. ' rchar.dise s well as
. r f: - " n Frr.r.circo 'cr.d Scat-
. : .: n I is tj :r;cctd to the
ta.::t .l:are r.;uh freight far the-is-L::-3
waits' the vti-s-el. "
' ' . f
V -'- r :r: i cn n Cvjn'ltesl. ' 1
. ;.t : - '; the thaar.fi cn an
even I. cel. the Uritish, tramp steamer
V - v.ith lurr.l er destined
At:$tral:a . took a .departure
cc ionics at six-, o'clock -this
. Cc; i":n Carruthers believes
. the settlement oc differences
..it!; IU rack, that no further
r :r - tae inen .will be, ex
The IV.aia wa3 given three
i . r i . .
i.-.; rr !
t! :
I ? 1 .:
I . ::
hur.J: .
.3 f 1 cil during the brief
; th
Chip Ch
tctt Av.ay fcr t'.s Coast'
The last cf the fael oil' consigned
to the local btar.eli cf the AJsKlated
Oil company has been pumpel .ito
the taalwS at lwalcl and'the ship Jvlarr
' ioa Chilcott an arrival" with "k lar?e
quantity of. the California product ia
expected to sail for Gavloia ani'the
'coast. this evening.'.'. - 4 '-, '.'' "; .. '-
: - , -. ts 'h:'';";v
Jlacl .Bark from Yallcy ; Isle. V v ;o
With no freight, ;Jthe ;Inter-Island
, steamer-. Maul returned -this morning,
the vessel having called at v several
ports, along the coast , of the Valley
island." 'Officers report"; light winds
' and iaoderate swells. ---v:r '.; .- f
sCark. Rlthet- Laden ?Wlth Cemnt.-" V?
c' : The American bark .Itf Jtitbet,
r.ow ten days out from. Saa Francisco,
has eleven h .mdrei ions icement;1! for
-v'ria the present ;1nienttou to betthlthe
; Rithet at lie HaCkfeld ! jwharf ( upon " I fay; F. Yamanaka, ; wife-, and 'childi
urnv ct thcwindiammerjfrom; -
ral stft'iunV t Honolulufreight
aXJ the .nav
-: " i nth e Itithet' includes . 50,000 'brick as .
lines, of. building material;; ; i vTa ."destined for themala
:.,.:;,. The Rlthet tarries a Jarge numberjand, the Pacific Alalj setamsbip; Mpn
; - tr of drums i cf disrlUate ithatf will - be golia is.reported t to- have arrived; at
transhipped to the Matson Navigation : San Francisco at noon today. ? $ '
" o ft - i '!77"
. - 1 ' 4AS. H.LOVE)
Office, King Sirt;t, cpp. Union Grill - .
steamer HUonian and destined for
- Port Allen, ; KaanapalL Kahulul and
Hilo.,. ' irv-v-v-vri-Kv.;
-. From word received from Captain
Known wna;aiutuer. r-ix. ? .r,?
; Th rtt4 r. irriw. rrAm VaA -
Urtnging j the Tatted ealf, piggie,
chicken, duck, , turkey, and even the
1 poi doggie, the Interisland steamer
Mauiia boa, ah arrival frpm Kona and
Kau "ports this morning, was heralded
froni afar by a! riotous i noise resem
bling that from a well regulated baira
yard, ',3'
Shipments of livestock to the num
ber of 30 head, Greenwell ranch (cattle
was included in the assortment of
products from windward JIawail ports!
One large consignment 1 of coffee
numbering 3361 sacks and 6000 sacks
sugar made up the bulk of the. freight;
. The .Mauna Loa encountered light
winds and choppy seas with occasional
rains throughout the entire voyage. !
According to Purser Sheldon the
Interlsland ' steamer Kauai was at
Honuapo discharging lumber at the
time tae Manna Loa visited that port.
Lur I :e Dr j n s s igaillt I
: : A wireless message received at the
agency of Castle & Cooke from the
Matsqu? Kavigation" steamer Lurllhe
enroute. from San Francisco to Hono
lulu Is . to the effect5 that the, vessel
will arrive here on-Thursday evening
bringing 31 cabin, and 10 steerage
passengers'. Over five thousand tons
cargo are aboard the vessel for. dis
charge at Honolulu : and Kah'ulul. The
vessel has 303 sacks mall. , In Uhe'
frelght are included eight ,autos. ,
Two iteamers' took their departure
from Hilo on Monday, The -American
oil tanker Santa Rita, leaving Hono
lulu on - Saturday was "discharged of
the remainder of. a. cargo of fuel oil
end sailed 1 front thi Hawaii port for
Jan Francisco on Monday. ' .,
The Hyades, of the Matson Xaviga-
tfon fleet Is reported to have sailed
fiom Hilo -late yesteraar afternoon
lor San Francisco after, having cora
pkied taking on a part cargo of pine
aiT'les and snsar. ';.' :.;'-?
"Purser Sheldon cf the'sicV..mer'JU'au
r.a Loa '.brings report cf 9124 ; sicks
EUo'ar . afPurnlttu and r.S74 racks at
4 : ; ; ax
I . - - 1 . - . J ' I
f ; W
,1'er T. K. K. S., S. Nippon Maru
fror.i'Hor.skcng via Japan pcrts For
Hon; lulu C. Atrchar.son, J."Dillones,
Dr, Helen Fabcock, Mrs. M. Cantreih
W R. Dovey, Rev. A. P. Dean. J. H.
Dorian. Miss R, M. Francis, G. U Gib
ney, 11. Iluhtill, T.' Hublill, L.-M. Jla,
V, Jova, S. Kishi, Miss A. Leih, JchU
Lynch, L. Y. Ling, J. Mescs?"ld, A.
M. M c n te II. ' Mrs. A. .M a rsh,; Sam ;M ur
dock.'IC Niiya ; Mrs.M. CII'.s, Master
Mar Gock Toy, R. Raynor, Mrs. .R.
Raynor, H, L. Rawlins, E. C. Scudder,
Mrs. Ik C. Scudder, Mrs: -Wong-. hee,
Mrs. Wens Chee, Jr., China, Y..T. Sue;
Mrs. .y: T. Sue, N. -tk Stlnes, Mrs. H.
f cckrist,
Mar Dong Ye?. C. F. Zen.
Fi cm '; Yo'x!
ama. T. Data. ' Mrs. C
F. Lcrnot,. Mrs." H. Blattner,
?! ?!
s Clara itiattner, J. rrancis, u.
Fun;' -tfnl. MrsG. Funihashi. Y. Fuji,
v. ara T. lla.aiwara, N. .Hirasawa, 'Y.
luamrra, 12. R. Jchn, Tvliss T. Komeya,
M. Kendo, IC. Hondo, R. Kendo, Ru
dolf Kr.oll, T. KnJirai. Wm. ir. Lynch,
y. - Miwa, T. ' Miyata, , M.; Mochldzuki,
Mrs. Jk Mochldzuki,. Mrs.1 H.' Motoxi;
KY- Ono. M. Osakoi A- lPheffer;- HanS
Pors,.- H. D. Scnenk,' H. SeklneA:
Strumer,' Mrs. Ci Tanaka, Miss Tana,
lutY. Tasaka, T.'Takekawa, Y, Tonil
ti, I. Vv'ada, J, Wantanabe, Mrs. J..Wa
tanabe, Jliss M. ii.;wtnn,;Dr.;Y. ,Y
niamoto Capt. P. ZwarC, Mrsv -P
Zwart. r ;r, " , ;rh : r
Per str. Mauni Loa, from Kona and
Kau ports-r-Gus . , Hanna, F Baering,
Wm. Kinney R. L. Ogilvle, Mls3 Mac
umber, C. E-Muller, Mrs. JC'Timotea,
Rev. E. S. Timotea, Daisy Kelelpio,
Mrs. .Wright; L.. C. Child's, W. Cum
mlnjrs, ; Mrs.- Cummlngs, Mrs.- A: Aka-
ta. Miss "Bush, Miss . Pangellna, Mrs.
r J. Hurd, Mrs. B. D. Bond, Mica Mer
rill. M.v Faxrell, ii A. Nicholl,R. W;
Wallace. G. AYan Hoy; Bishop 'Resta
lick,' W, O. ' Alkeh,f J.vE-" Hughes, ') X
JjeA, Mrs.'Jas." Corn well, 'Miss Craw
ford.: H." Meyer,: Tock Mun; E. H.Mul
ford,'; Miss Shaw," TheotBowman T.
Mutsuda; M. Fuglt anl r 78 deck
Per stmr. Kilauea r from? Hilo direct:
-C. B. Ellis and wife, Misses Buckley
ta)i Misjrj.Armigo, K.varomeir wre-.
o: Varobleff. Miss S,Varobieff, B.
Chastkigf i. M rs. i T. -W iBeardslie,- F.
Renaurd and wif e,M rs.VB.Pangaline,
N. ,Akana,Hj: Kahiae. Miss L Akatf,
PjofT. - - A - i'Jagger';Mii.L
and child, P HlgginsE, Brownan
... ..; rv ; ..
Phone 1231
-S r. .; Tuesday. Nov. 19.
Temperature S ,a. m.. 74: 8 a. nu
7; '10-a.-m...7; 12 noon, 79. s-Minl-mum
last night. Jl. ':"" '
r(WInd- a. mi velocity 12, Nv E.;-
a. m," velocity 4, E.; 10 a.:'m velocity
12, E.; 12 noon, velocity llEl Move
ment past 24 hour 224 miles.
Barometer; atr 8 a. ml , 30)8, " Rela
tive humidity, 8 a. na- 3. ? "Dew-point
at 8 ajaw 62. Absolute humidity," 8
am.; 6. 082T 'Rainfall.' .01. ; . r ,
lSjtth aile'to lTerchanU
HILO Sailed. Nov. 18, 7:30 p.v m.;
; s. a.iiiyaaes, lor . oan xanqisco. j;
tSailed.:- Ndv. 18, S. S. Santa Rita,
SAN FRANCISCO -- Arrived, Nov, 19,
1 2 m., S. S.v Mongol ia, heace Novem-
: t'ber. 12j "' ,;" - !
V ' Sailed, Nov.; 152:30 pi m., S. S .
1 VVentura, for Honclulu ' V .i ?i;'
'r.-;;:;: .:.-vHUcprnfc.viv
S. Lurllne Will arrive from San
j Francisco Thursday morning;' with
81cat!n and 10 steerage ; passen
gers; S03 tacks mail;; 8 -autos' and
r 5175 tens .cargo. K ;;-, r : ''-:- '', '
S. S.' CH 1 YO ' ? I ARU -.Will - arrive
;. 'if rula.'Cia Tra.ncico' Thursday niorh
.Jng and sail for Yokohama at 5 p.m.
V-Per ; str; " Kinau,1' for 'Kauat sports,
Nov. 19. Miss ;M.; Ehrhorn,' Jas. ; D.
Dougherty, C. F. ,White, JK McClellan,
Mr and Mrs. W. H. Rice, E. K. Fer
nandez, Mr. and Mrs. ; RV' L. Wilcox,
Hiss LCKeabauIa,Takie, C.. Nishi-
kawa, Joe Gomes',' G. N. Wilcox, J. S.
McCandless, Miss' M:sWIlhelm, Mrs. F.
A, Hawkins Master Hawkins, -A. Con
rad t. y-7 V'-y Z:rA? , ' 4 V
. Per str-Mlkahala for Maui and" Mo-
lokal -' ports, ' Nov. ' 19. Mrs. Wm.
Mutch, E. H. Hand, Mr. and Mrs. G.
Jaaev J. D. McVeigh. . -' v .f
Per -str Mauna Loa, for Kona and
Kau ports, Nov. 22. J. P.' Mendonca.
Per str. W. G. Hall, for' Kauai ports,
Nov.? 21. -E. de! Lacy.
i Per str. KIpaii, for Kauai - ports,
Nov. ,26. Mr. -and Mrs. H. Rohrig,' II.
Rohrig, "Master Menefogllo, Mrs. A.
Meaefoglio, Mr. and Mrs. A. de Brette-
ville...:Mis.s; Webber, ; Master Webber,
Miss ,;MarkharnL,:i-:;';; :v:ry . - -
Per str. Claudlne, for Hilo via waj
ports Nov.. 29. !1. Jaeoh, Mrs. H
llinshhuryiirv ?;.);'-'; , .
' 1
1 In
That there is any friction or disrup
tion in; the national guard of Hawaii
other than 'a general lack of interest
following the summer camp and, per
iod; of field instruction,' is denied by
those connected with' the cltlxen-sci
diery of the island. Lack of an tr-
mory Is given by all as the reason for
t his ' slump.;-": r:. ;-; -. :i" 'v.z . iC
"If there is apathy. In militia af
fairs it, is because the guard lacks' an
armory," said I Captain -W .11 John
son, inspectoY-instructor this, morning.
"As to my own connection with the
national guard of Hawaii, f I ham - still
on the Job, Mjutahave other duties now
which attach me ;to department head
quarters. "In if act;'-was shooting with
the guard3 men on 'the Kakaako range
yesterday, and have every intention cf
carrying on the work that I have be
doing- with them-ior tne past year.
By War Department orders, however,
I have been: ' detailed as officer la
charge of - militia affairs of the; De
partment of Hawaii.' and as such . am
attached to .these headquarters." , -
; . i ii i i r;:i " 1 '
- I
1 HH-0, Nov, 18, Dr.. Victor Norj?aari
the Territorial; veterinarian," : left HilJ
on Saturday bound ; ior f.Valpio Xl ulch.
where ;he;plans a ;campal.?n of;TiHr
mination against ' all horses afilictfd
with glanders; All au'Jinet.nt? bo.e
will be gifen toxin"liictot:s and.ln
case.of-reaction,'wni devruy pi ri
der the Territorial law. Dr. NurAffid
will J have considerable assistance in
this workas theyariouai ranches pf
this island, are prbvfdlng men jtohelp
in ! the rouadupt which,'; i t. ; is hop-3l,
will completely flamp out the disease.
J For two ' years past - there Khas not
oeen a case or gianaers reporiea ,.oae
fr6niVWaipI6.'rhi8 results rfromttae
f act Cthatithei downers of.: thei diseased
animals ;hotbnly . fail Ao'.take proper
precautions but also, vhen they know
that 4 the Territorial veterinarian rtis
coming that' way, 'drive "their anlniab?
into, the thirteeif guiches .which rah
ouirom , ine i, main - vaneyr ana ; mae
them:till ."Ifce .hasfgone.'Tbav.old.thla
difficulty DrJtorgaard made :all his
arungcn.ents jor the pkct ttadfcp i
secreUyand hopes to get gat resul-s.
? .:,-.;. ' o - .
iGovernorFrearV today announced
the appointment of attorney W; H.
Smith, of Hilo,, as r a i meinbe r "of the
commission of public lnstnictlontak:
ing the place of -Joh nT. Moir, V re
signed.' Attorney Smith,- whd will rep
resent f East7;Hawaii ' on nlthefcommis4
slon;' isi a graduate of f Amhe'rstS has
resided in the territory'or a number ingi. hat there. is no American Consul
of yeara and was at one ;tiine editor ; at-IYokkoichi. ; -The fine and 'the: pro
of a'newspaper' at.1 'Hilar "Attorney ttf ft have been- referred to the depart-
- Smith's acceptance of the1 appoint-?iaent
m mm
7 '
" fTwenty ihoasand men; Instead of
the " ten : thousand (apportioned to Ha
vi ail under, the plans of the general
staffw-iii t sent here' just as fast as
places' caa be found : for them. " How
do know Jt? Because General Mur
ray is going Ho be the next -chief of
staff of the army ;and the Hawaiian
I&lad are hls:;chlef .hobby. . J ,
: "This statement wasmade yesterday
afternoon by a high ranking army offi
. X '.V
cer, during a 4 conversation with sev
e?al dvliian ;and ; service friends..: He
added further, that he had received a
letter froni an insidef at; Washing
ton to the effect" that the commander
cf the Westera Division, who himself
anyone in ;the t army, was slated, for
the Job'how held'' bylajor; General
Leo ha rd Wood, Ui, bias been) kaown
ror sornV time that General Wood was
likely'to" be gentto' Oahu .as soon as
!lo wall :1s- raised to . division rank,' and
it is cohceded that' with G en cral ;Mur
ray to work the wiresin ; Waihlngton,
Itawali will be-about the, biggest pot
on, the army map fon;eome time to
come. . t : - , . ' "
. It was Major General hurray who
planned the original coast defenses of
Oa hu, and last year,1 as division com
mander, her made a special trip here
and yent on a tactical .cruise around
Oahu In company with " Admiral
Thomas, on the flagship California,.; It
was after that trip' that General Mur
ray unfolded his plan for a ring of de
fentlve mortar, batteries around th?
ertlre Island, which Would guard - the
sea approach on all sides, and for the
wheel of military roads' that were to
crtinect. these mortar an(f position bat
teries . with 'the base of the mobile
j troops at SchoQeld Barracks. ';
Generar Murray, takes a greater in
terest In the defense t of Hawaii than
in probably any other military prob- J
Jem of the day. He is an advocate of
a large 'force for island defense, ' nd
it's certainty that' If he succeeds to
the office .of chief of, staff, the ten
companies of oa&t artillery called fer
by the plans of the general staff will
be sent post haste to Oahu.v :
:. Army; officers here are looking for
strenuous' times in .the? hear 'future,
with a major general In command of.
the Hawaii division a ; brigadier! at
SchoSeld Baracka; and a chief of staff
In Washington' doing his utmott;4 to
strengthen the . military resources '
Ui.cle Sam's Pacific outpost, and ade
quately protect the great, naval base
atPearl Harbor.' ' , '
' , v : M , . - m. - I - . w'
.. -c - .. , . f- . ' . :
One of the most notorious blind, pigs
operated j in Kalihl district was sue
cesstully raided through the efforts of
IJcense Inp actor Fennell and several
c cers y f th , the" Result that 1 - Sara
Haiha was brought before" the district
court, upon a charge of selling liquor
without a license and 'Was assessed a
fine of $ 100 and' the costs of prosecu
tion'; 'V ' t
j Fennell produced one .witness .ho
f sured in f the - purchase of dago red,
and who on. the stand testified to pay
ing fifty cents a bottle for the booze.
Others witnessed the transaction al
leged to .'lave been made :while the
parti es stcod on a ; lahaL ...
' The closing of this particular blind
piggery t Kallhi.is Vlaatter over
which ,tl. -j cClcers are quite pleased. '
It was fat' tbis'placethat-'Fennell
and his r sn1 discovered two barrels of
swlDes4i quantity of whichwas de
stroyed 'titer the . pTace had - been
raided.; ; ; :'l - 3",
'"' , - ")'
.'According to. ad vices received here,
the Oceanic Uner" Ventura "sailed from
San ' FrarTcisco Jat! 2:30 vthis afternoon
for Honolulu,'5 Pagd JPagb .and Sydney.
, When the", genial", and effervescent
"Tommy' V McCombe,jiow purser I in
the T. VU K." Nippon Maru, learned
this mbrn'ing that: hehad reached ! the
distinction of ' haying -"since time .'im
memorial presided over the purser's
office : of i the.vessel,' he straightway
wentooti and left an. orderfor head
geaf of fax more ample 'dimensions :
"Tommy, whileTIor anumberl of
line as1 f relgbtclerk,' is . rounding ptit
his I secondyear as'purseripn trans-j
Padlfib . 8teamers:''- f- K wA-'v
ST0BIAv:5 (0l!Ndvember 54A
iineoti 85000 - .was 1 imposed by fCollec-r
torlor .Cuatoiha McGregor' today" ph jthi
German ark:Egon Iving in the lower
(rlt witha cargo .of s graln.'nie fine
was i fori' failure tbk biing j a consular
bilP of health wh'enUhe" vessel arrived
i When the:Vesse1 ;cameln Captain
vksvna fconsul at the vot C fromwhich
he iiadr salled7siia fine masiln posed
ten'Lateca, letter:wa received; rrora
theUnUedJatateaiConsular agentar
iNogoya a jowna suori .uwinutc uum
Vokkolchlstatlng he had informed
the t vessel to have" a consular" bill - of
heaRhbefore1" proceeding :to an Ameri-'
cati porft,butthat "the captain" paid i no
attention to theh6tice,Accordihgly
thefl ne-was' imposed.-.
V-Captain -Moller has filed a bond for
Ihe fine and entered a protest; reiterab
in Washington to be passed upon
i News that the War Department has
made provUion for' a chain ' of aero
plane depots on ; the ' Pacific Coast.
irom the Mexican to .the Car.adrxn
border, has Just been received ' here,
and is taken by local army ;officeva
to . mean that. ;the 'aeroplane program
of the army is;jt be rushed, and that
Hawaii will; receive its quota of fly
ins machines even sooner than was?
expected. Unofficial advices are that
the local planea will be ordered la the
rame lot that is "i to provide aerial
5ntinela for the Pacific - Coast, and
that It will only her a matter of a few
weeks after the establishment of the
mainland stations before . mechanical
bird will' be soaring; over Oahu.
r The Saa Francisco- Chronicle, of re
cent date, publishes the following' ac
count of 'army aviation activity under
Los Angeles date lice: ' r -
i "The establishment 6f a chain of
aeroplane" depots along '.the Pacific
Coast from, the Mexican to the Cana
dian border, as 4an auxiliary to the
coast, artillery corps, is the Idea incor
porated in a plan recently adopted by
the War -Department for.. the more
mobile defense of the coasts f Cali
fornia, Oregon land Washington; ac
cording to Lieutenant Augustus Nor
ton of the coast 'artillery "corps, ; who
is in,Lo'Angele8-today.;'-'-':-:'--:
"Lieutenant Norton,' whose station
is in San Francisctf, said that a few
chosen officers of the artillery - corps
bad quietly been trained in the handling-
of biplanes but" that the defense
of this Coast byylthe. use ;;of r aerial
craft had been held in abeyance un
til the " practicability of : such a move
had been proved' by the Army and
Navy's use of aeroplanes. ;-
"Norton added that the War Depart
ment' had entered . into contracts for
the construction of' a score of biplanes
for the Pacific; Coast: aerial dapots,
and said ' he was on the way to San
Diego to select a site there for - an
aerial station for. the ArmySites will
be chosen 'at ; Los .-Angeles harbor.
Santa Barbara, Monterey, ; San Fran
Cisco and other points along the Ccasf
bet sen San Francisco and the .Cans
dian - border.',:: .;.yzvv V'.rv; v.,-
::..; '. '. ;::-.
'f. I -v ?- 4V:; ; ': ;
cf the most prcblncr. of V.
libor IpaJrrs enthe Ti..''.'
wham the evidence at
ths ! " ir:;:? cf V alW" ! dj:
1 ... . ,nS jv (-t. . ii .
Tvf! e li I -c pre ' --"t the A-'-t-if-L.xcIasiuJ
Lf."t"at .v. j ..ta. i
ters in .n Franci.fD, I U a:
to i ue been ia ele c ts tli n! .
phius and movements ,.ci; the ti i
djramliers who blew up the Tir
I::!' ::?.r In Xci Aorles, jast rrlr to
that ex
:rin f
1 iiiiiL' I 'liu'k-.-i ...
; - ... Mi .
7 rno
- . i. 1 . II
5 The ;-Seattle1 !v Post-Intelligencer,4 to
which the Star-Bulletin sent 'greetings
1 by, day Federal -Telegraph wireless
last sa,iuruayt uas reayoxiueu iu . xiuu,
7 message irecelved today.being ' as
fellows:'-- 'r!-'-''r' "-;f:' r ; - '
, r , -SEATTLE. Wash 'NoV. 18.'
RileyH-rAllen. Editor Honolulu" Star-'BuH.eUh;'-lIonltt';T;H.'!
' -"The
Post Intellingence'r on behalf of
Seattle and therStltereiUcps-' your
greetings byFederal Wireless. Your
message was delayed in San; Francisco
Orxwould.have been answered the
Same ' day i pfopelxlhg pf
lon acrossHth"e)Pacifici! Another; step
iu man's dominaCtIOn over land and
sea. H We joinyou inC(ngratuiations"
fo the : Fedeal Wireless Telegraph
npany on fits -success,, among its
first benefits being this establishment
of unbroken communication with you.
; Managing .EditorpPost Intelligencer.
J4 P. : COOKE will return in the
Ventura next Monday '
t E. P.ENErwilLrreturh In the
Wilhelrafna on Tuesday. . - n
-ETrFAXON "Bl SHOP will probabl
return injhe" Ventura on Monday 5
!;.'.'-'-'' ; - 1 i'fc-W ' ' - ' ; '
The game warden of Kansas ; is ad-
vocatlng'a fish pond 'on every ranch!
In which la combined tha IIAWAIIAH
ITENINO BULLETIN. esUhllahed lS:i ImsJ Dallj aii C.l-Wc.l!
' V -'n.iJ,L,.iuU(w'r rr-3 ,
JVALLACE It. PARRIIJ G 1021. ;G ccral B u ! j ! !
: .,'-,'.. -"'-N- ' I " . .
- " " . - - V ; 'r--.w Ipnmiirnn rft "'. '
. : , -. . . - ' '1. -" " '
flat KATE rHi-DrrrLAY Arvrr.Tirirra cTr:n irc: ...
TJjrriL JAN. 1, 1313 (Frc.'crrsd T:ItI:a t:) : I 1
TR.XNSIENT RATE. m Crct tzz-rVz
CLASOTIED, O-a Cest ptr trcrd Ci
branch civics
r.ULV cr.uvruLLi.".;i
rcr I.'onth; tr.yr:h-ro la T
Per; Quarter,- r"j .h:ra ia I
Per Year, try ..h:. j la U
rcr Year, r
rar r:i :.3
rcr Year, r
rcr-Ycar, clz
Per Tear, r
- -
..... i
The :'-thrcatcr.?l - ccr-rtlc
freight cn Tcrrilcrial ar.i - i
wharves is r.Dv a thlaj cf th?
This Is w7 i:a:L.;r Mr.rtrr ,
and tij.f ::'.::ar.t. Crrta LZ..Z
lan:? si: . J sr.r..-3-a.3 thay' f -rv; th
cc:::taat rrca;. -an. -cf trarhs r
drajs frcai tha i.hi;;a3 to -ths I..:
ne3 'district. : ".
Hackfc hi v."harf Ii practlc".! C
ed of the trcnendDUi recur: . ':a c
cargo brcu;ht frcri: tha. r-- hi!' .
This wharf is tciarj inaa r.. 'y ',
receive a pcrtiaa cf fiv th;
tea 3 r.;erchar.J:a3 ' nad z: i
the cca t, to rrr;v3 i.i
Mataan - vc
ia atra::-!r
ftrc: i cf v
.. a:., r r
: t: .
lers r. Iv
r::;t th
3 T-.
t: .-i
. At' t'
x v,
A3 a ri a, 7i: ;n
plain DPiY r,i;:.-;r,Y cn v
D A . H C i - v 1 , T . 3. .
V " -
. . ..Eaatern Half Chcli '
!coup : s
- , ;;- ;;v,,
.ft - Grccu Turtle ;::i:.;v
' FI3Hj-;:;
i Mullet Baked in Ti Leaves
Filet of ChickenFrogs Leg3
l. -VECi:TA2LlIS;;r-;'-:
;' .:' ' " ." ' y-:- v 'T.-';.'-
Boiled Taro . r Mashed Potatoes
Cauliflower, I . Green; Peas
,, -,, Corn on-the 'Cdh;!;-;'
' v- -Asparagus Calad.TIps with- "
Maja SO . . ...
- - - ;
TaraeT Planch , Turkey
Island ' Beef
Teal JDuck
Wild Pigeons
"; - .iP - iors
, ' Wlna and Liqnor Mercaaata. ,
? Vv-i" .Ilercliaat,
ail cahsc;- -t ! - :
cenU ptr ilia per t
i ....
. . 4 ...
- - i7.:': - T
ear,Fo'rt.St...- ',.
STAIL c:titll;hr J i::3, tr. I i
i ' :;

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