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'V V
.... --
. . . - . -,
Evening Bulletin, Est.1 1S82. No. 5238..
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX. No. 433. ,
w i
Ir::.: l t.t
Luriine, rOjv.'21.'- ,. '
Tcr f. r.t -
Lutl!c; Nov. .25."Cv
:': Ma-am, Dc 4. f V
TtT ZZTZZltTt . - '
Zealacdia, Dec' 2.
i C
t ;s
' 4 i i . ,
Lc l.cL.'l ....
L .
Ji 1 h,
v v.;.
. , ; : p??rr,Y'
Auto-Drivcrsr- Hu:fcn::n;. cr.d
-vt..cn2yircm G. 0. ?
. - lit k. I I w
: r.
t:.3 i.
Auto-drivers and owners, hackmen
and political "runners' are full of
wrath. They have not been paid, they
declare, for their services to the Re-
rutllcan party before and on election
dry, an 2 they want to know the -whys
and wherefores.
"Tts Democrats raid their zzlo and
hack tills promptly the day after lec
t!cn,v Eaid te prcprletcr of an 'auto
stand yesterday. ."The Republicans
haven't r'J their' auto tills yet, and
many t cornea have asked la vaia for
their, r.caey, Ve tave been put off
freni d y to day I uaJerstanl that
In fcrr.3 ; rcciscts the paid runners
have net Ltca settled up with, cither."
B.. ven D:.::.rj, chalman cf the
ccur.ty c
. T - . . "
' f - ' ' '
? cre
: I - received cc;Iaiats
1 l.'lls were .'ucpali..;::
: :r3 r ' I not v.crry ; at
pre:.: t!y, "We .will
t; : .
t;.v t:.
2 t:
1.2 t-
a t.:
: ? c:
. 3
tv, o 2
first cf
"7 ' cr
As a natter
:e were r.:3 Ir.:t-nces'cf
z cr divers trjiz to 'held
tv crr.Itteo end: we are
:ii;a couzty ccunitfes
;: 1. to r-y t- least,
' . ; i. Ch:';-. vca
t .is i..vr:.;:j tl:t 3 cca
cl:arcj avcy tc:"3 cf hi3
t" 3 t-;y
t c:::t:..i,- the
v.wld L3 called to-
- .
v-Vt re"? cut f'
; r...t
lJ Im. c
Dcckhcncla end Fircrr.cn of tho
: iTcn:r Still AVcrJcr Vhat
The crew, or to speak more exactly,
the ex-crew of the lighthouse tender
Kukuf. .re holding theif heads " and
wonierlns- whether lightning la kept
In lighthouses. ' For; they have teen
struck . by something, ; and haven't
quite decided what: hit them. - They
are jo bless, so far as Uncle Sam's
service Is concerned; and all because
the holiday spirit-was: strong within
them.' -:' . .. ,t v; :.;;v
"' Waterrroht society was agog a few
days aso over the appearance ashore
of the Kukuis crew -en masse, while
the tender itself was buckir.g the
Island seas far away from Honolulu.
A, clean sweep had been made-of the
deck and fire room force, and the hard
luck story cf the men who suddenly
found " themselves .: on the .beach
reached "to hlsa.heaven.. - . ; -;
The story dates, tack for a consid
erable period,, and centers around ;a
c!"Ira by the crew for more holidays
then are -marked oa the governmeut
calendar, v Ly tacuid they le re
quired to Ep'.ash paint" ground , the
dee'.is and palish up the neat brais
l!hte.eu::3 ca the. bows of the tender
cn Eueh c:::iz3 occasions as Kame
haretha's .birthday and Regatta Day,
t:::zl ths Jelly Jac!: Tars cf the Ku
Hui. . Why, even -the rams cf the ship
was Hav eiiaa, which, they arr-?d,
we3 c-c! rcaica to respect Hawaila
raticaal hciideys. " . :'.-- '
'There Lad tcea grumtlias tinder
the cdr.In'stratlcn'cf. Lleute-ant Vto
ferr:r laspectcr,-and Ja
V l::t naval c-cef to be
- ) (' :ty in the lihthauea
" V. ::3 A. E..'Arl:-3 te-
;soafcoa da: :;j
a a aaa'aaaaa ana a a n
" "A." E.' Larimer,'" secretary of theS
a. educational depart eacnt '-tit the " i
a Young Men V Chii ::aa;'Associa- aj
a tlorf, has Elhla cL.e3 for sever- a!
a a! of theimeraters. -cf--the ' J
a ployed boys' xlerartmcat cf -th? V
a association, and teyJ have- te- II
a come verjrmuca Izterceti ia the a!
a different heroes la th3 L.lle. ,r a
a V: -;-At the: last jac z t.'a Secretary a
a bers to write cut a ILt'cf 'whei U
a they " thought'" were; ths greatest a.
a heroes of the day.-The answer? a
a were Interesting, Here are a faw a-",
a namei culled from the cumbers a
a. which swarmed." to M3 de?!r; Joe a
a Wood pitchenfor ths, Red f!cx); a
a. Napoleon, AVopdraw- Wile c a, Duke 3
a Kahanamoku,--flavor 'Fern, Dr: a .
a s.un Yml SerTfc rc...-: -xvCarrca;.a.;
aija Looser. . ivir-
a imer says thatthe: tc iaes-- tho'a
a honor j arr about cvtxt 5tetweea a
a the. first and; .the ".fourths. namci 3
a mentioned..-" ;;;'K v-.r --.n -
a R n c a n a a a ;s
r -
' - A .
la M k
. ATHZr:, Crc::s, r:::- -. .r :
f.-;:;: fr:i Tur! :y, ar.r.r. t' :.; f j T.
t' C ::':'.': 'r : ; .letiza cf :: .r:l cf f ;
t: t ' f.
: : ... f.;.
: r; J tD t: " 3
-'. t: j !
: J r- .1. 7',
.'i rav;: . : 1 z' ::: '
e 1
t: 3
: i:
tho Ce.:
r: J-r::y,
V 4
V .- i i i I H
cr.t ihil
die 3 ia
"i r:t 1
: wi:a i
.:$ cf i
i: -. the
i t e!j !t fu::i
"(ft . vciTs
i ) : :t cv ry t!.;..
j v. ;
1 1 . I -
' , ...
tory. - !
lill T e
rcel rcf
v e :i t:.3 .-:
rcr rrc.r, r:
picre-:d cc::
f : T t'-:
eery cf the
:!!:::- i :". r.-y-.h t:ij ::;ted
; - i. :i:l:.tero t 7 Pre si-
t "ii. i.r.l cf v,hi;l: Mr.
'f, r-1 , "i'.is ' me -sure
.. ti. can lite." Accord
Ir. Ilrri :rt this till 13 meet
3 lo c : ili::.r.3 la this terrl
r. I' rl ert lelirves' that this
'! t:rve th3 p'jr;-:::s cf the
:::::r3 in Hav,a!t lel'.er than
3 riee.i re:: ere cf Cover-
it v.euld I:ed up to the
le: iea r avcramcrt by
r:erl3 aleag advanced
.' .- -
. J 4a . ..
- ELetlra
issued c:
rally he I
cf the r!r.::
r ;.v rcf: -.3
J the va;l.
" 3 v'cre pas.
"th diT-
: civ":
Czy Inspector, Arlcdse
5 f3 tail at 7 p. ra.v. Natu
I 2 j desire to leave the
J en P?;j )
1 -
by l
cf A;
r r "tha'case cf Mary
' :: .lrl whit i3
I frcra h:r L:nc
-r C..;a rad hi.3 acccnv
a the Ui.eht
cer.U":ri 13 Jue,";e
IMs lr.crrdr.g. Tl;e
cf t!. t!:.ie vis tahca
dircet cxamlnatloa by.
.ve. atterncy . fer the
' 'Wo, the relics cf-
s I
.t cf the two
this, Attorney
Jed with, the
( 4
4 '
V .
- to Wco, word was recelv-L:.'.r.-e:ir.
at the police sta-
;t cheat ':ht-thirty o'clock Au
: Wo ve?, detailed with ether
. , -3 to mah'e eh iavcstiatica Ead
fi..J the r' ee v.hcre the tv.o .iro
ns tad.LIJdea the clrh After mak
ir.a; a eearch cf tL? city, Woo left the
other cTs'and went to the house
where 1? knew Ceung end 'Kim lived
ter ether. V.'hca' he arrived at theplace
l.o feund Kirn Ittlr. oa the reranda.
He Eektd him "where Seuag was, and
Kim tcld him that he knew nothing
of his wrereabouts. Woo then told Kim
that he was under arirest and told
him to come ale-1 to the station. They
gtarted-ia to w ilk down town, and as
they passed the Japanese theatre on
Idauna Kea street, Kim turned to Woo
and asked that. if. he told the truth
about the mattef would Woo help him
out Woo replied', that 'if -he -told -the
truth that he would do all he could
for him. Kim then told where Seung
had taken the girl, ancj the two got In
a tack End drove up Nuuanu: Valley
;.;'. - - ,. ' : v:?:W
H. E. HCND.11CK, LTD. '
until they car.s to the .place-that Kim
pcieted as the house. . . -a-;-';--. ' -.:
. As they drove Up to the place. Kim
jun.ecd cut cf the Leek and ran Into
the tense and pceeilly told Scuns
that the police were oa : ' his trlaL
tleun, however, ma e!e no attempt to
creape or to tide the "girl..; Woo .told
the hackmaa to drive tatk to town,
and thca went lato the yard' and Into
ths tones. As he did so, I.Iary came
cut and called for; the hack' to stop
teyln that she wanted to go - tack
to. town. Woo .then told Seung that he
wa 3 uncr arrest and leaded all three
into the hack and drove down to town
He stepped at Beretaala and Mauna
Kea streets and called the police pa
trol, seat Seung and Kim to the sta
tion and then took the ,girl home
' "Some of the "sugar companies
equalize dividends between good and
td years now .ta a considerable ex
teat,M ca' l G. ir..Buttolph ia Epeaklng
cf the eeee': market thl3- morula"
"feveral f th "v In, the', past... few
years, Lave 1 la-more la dividends
than ths tar; las earned." - Amnn
tuch ha mee.tioeed Ilawai.aa-Agrlcul
tural, Cre: :a,;a and Oahu, refer
ring to I eres ia the stock exchana
; "Well 3' r : . :e fear of tariff changes
has EomethLi to do with the present
deprceelen, ; the -main cause; is ,the
prcspect cf the cutting -of. dividends
ca account cf the rower price of sugar
and in some cases of a shorter crop
due to the recent drought. Although
the annourAcem.ents of reduced divi
dends will not be made until the first
of the year, -it Is certain 'that r; there
will be reductions. : ; J:::: V'-'-ea-VIt
is partly small investors that are
letting go their sugar'- stocks, 1 Od
partly the people that are playing the
market; Some of. the better stocks
will drop still lower? before reaching
bedrock,. or the point where they will
yield the 1 'minimum of '. returns v at
which they are regarded as --good in-
vestments with dividends reduced to.
the degree expected." ; e;
' Mr. : Buttolph quoted the rates- -of
dividends in several cases which' are
After the direct and cross examlna-
tfnr.s. Attrmv . TfawHn r?a.A a tno'Ian ; antltniif-i4 fnr tht Titiinir var; ni
that the defendants be discharged :oa gave estimate3vof. the V .-prices - the
me -grounds or lnsunicient evidence, stocks should respectively command
to convict, but this motion w-as denied.
The court then adjourned for half , an
hour to await the arrival of the Japan
on such dividend bases, adding:
f fWhen the bottom is reached, and
profits lean no longer be taken by sell-
ese hack man who drove Seung and era,; a period "of heavy buying wrill
the girl to the house In Nuuann. v ; j I Probably set in. e-
Inquiries, verbal and written " arc lets "of Information on these subject
pcurlhg into the oQce of the Governor for distribution?!, said the Executive
for information concerning the general '
yesterday, "I have only.coples for my
subject of public utiUty commissions;
the commicslonform of municipal gov
ernment and the workm,en's compen
sntlon act' This gives av hint of the
general interest that has been aroused
by the people (throughout the Territory
by the charter amendments and otoer
recommendations Z. which Governor
Frear- intends: incorporating -j in his
iTiessage to the legislature.; ; VrV
'1 am; sorry that I have" nolpamph-
own perusal,, and; as yet ' have - not
f.-na stf Sclent time to become : thor
oiighly acquainted witi fthe details o
the subjects myself;.- vr.vW : vC.-.;
L. To "do them justice I should havr
several weeks for cloee study. But
expect to work on the subject of com
neif sion government during the nex
frw days,, to prepare as nearly a com.
prehenslye discussion as .possible fo
ir.yrtalk before the Men's Leagus nexr1
Monday .ttlght-Hfyhfv"'.-'' V?
n -a.i ,4 - ' . . ., i 1 . i .
.UtSmiA.lCS IIS ; IS. EiJSSICa-- 1.-13 t
rie"r.!ne; the. federate; -r.d jury c. -3-;
t:: :d a Iarr.3 number 'f wltn:..
pilnolrilly IlVailaa, tat mads td ra-
rcrt C4' its f -:in3' iip to a late hour
-Th3 murder ce--'' of Lee Ilia Jou
Chinaman. appa'r 't held th 3' -jury s
fltentlea yest::I ;. as a -number of
rf--- ' i la that, a r:-, "cr"-.''
1 ...4 k 4aU VAaM . . - . . v
yet.; , - .- :''' 're".' ' ;r -:rrei.istheJideatity?
oMh3 witneeebs
s imneened today it ir Jud-.el.that
lr.Quisitorial tody. bj iaveetisating the
charges -against: -"Nonas n ,0. , m
whq was arrested lai.t June suspected
cf attempted to- smusle opium : ia
lo the' Territory. - He was. tried short
It . after his apprehension on a charge
pf a violating e the..- Edmunds Act, and
terved a ccnsiderabla'isgth'df time
in-, prison. ',r'Y.,' -.S' V:; V, H;-- Aj':i:'i
James Fishery another young in? a
eui-pected "cf implication In the. same
ceso, and who entered a plea of guilty
several weeks-'? ago and served ; a
month's Imprisonment ' was one'' of
thoie called before the grand Jury fnis
ttcrning.""' HakulHookano, a.slster-in-law
of Lily Hpokano; Smith's friend;
was also summoned: into the secret
council. ;? . '--';::-' :.' 2"''Chr
Jcl.n r:
ge:yst Ly Treble
1 .
. .
1 c
, t3
A ' I
t:- -,
cf t' . i :;!y V: r V j T.
1 - -
t 4 -v .
4.1 . i. Ji .v-j'rv?
. .Tomorrow morning
comb will have an opportunity of e:
ing just how effective '13 the war
gtrehgth machine gua company, which
was recently organized at Schoflel J
Barracks by Colonel- McGunnerele, to
test the new theories of machina r-a
attack "and defense. . The combined
(Ccr.tlnu td .on Pa; J)
er ......... cf ..... .
- ccr::T.';7Ji:;rLi:, r ;v.
t!::, hr:vy fre t: : !;. !'
r.:;-J Viz r :rr,:r It 13 L ' : , : .: i . . :
treat cf tra:: ar. j havs r: J te-: ' .1 .
city. '
In i;T : cf it v " e .-:' ' ' '5 r
mtr.t, - : 7 ' ' .. r ; ;
cf t:-; c ;, : . . , :
ccrrsms-.. , eft j ... . :.-;. . f , 1.1 t -
which f .;s r. : L3 c ..:' I.
4 m - .
The 'iDishop Estate has no:lflc ! the
Territory that Jt canrt sell tbts pieces
of land ia the Konl district which tne
government desired to- purchased and
turn ovei to Hawalians f or hoiriestead-
ing purposes. " ; Instead, - Governor
Frear J& poyr nformed,fjthe Estate Is
planning to; arrange for the, opening
or, some other lands' in the same dls the government,; .the " latter to pay
trict, 'by the . construction oV roads,
and that" It.taay . be able to;sell some
of 4hese;f 0 hemesteading when they
are. so'. opened." -"w :-
T: .The lane which the Bishop Estate
refuses to open "up-lt'lts i private prop
erty, 1 At, the request of a' number of
Ifawaiians living in Hhe Koni ?H& ;
afbill."wasv passed by the last leglsh-l
tnre. appropriating 15,000 tourchase
these - lands, tle; goyernment td first
buy. the: tracts from; the Estate, 'then
turn, them over to the' natives,! the la.fr.
ttr reimbursing, the Territory for its
expenditure; on the ' installment ilan.
' About a year agdjthe uoyernor held
h meeting1 of the Hawalians at Kon;
o ascertain Just what, they desired.
Sii ' months 'ago V Land Comhil8si6ner
Jr-sihna Tucker ! visited theravt going
more Into detail, determining Justhqw
many desired homesteaus ana me lots
sought by each Negotiations with
the Bishop . Estate were then begun.'
with e a view y- to : finding ..whether it
would s sell to ' thegoveniment; or
would be willing to "sell direct to the
homesteaders, on the same terms; that
the ; Hawaiian would make 'wiuf the
Territory. ;J;l v Ji.
The words recently; received frorn
the .estate is in answer to, that ques-Uon--it
does not. care" to sell these
particular lands, but win ; have some
other pieces opened shortly, that; It
will eU.i:i -'
The: bit! setting; aside 'the $15,000
tppropriation was probably : the first
itep of its.: kind ever - taken, to - pur-
diase: private lands- for; homes teadlng
Durposes. "i The; Governor: says It is
probable,' however, ihatJ the-Territory
cannotconstitutronallyi' eompef' the
present "owners of such lands to . sell,
by condemning it, -but that- the ;; sale
likely. will have to . depend entirely
on the willingness of the owners to
dispose : of it".-;-' -;". :i-- .;-'; -;j
Steps have been UakeQi by; thegov
ernment in. other; cases, - by inducing
the owners to turn their land over to
them what. It receives from: thehotne-
steaders. This has .been done in the
case -of a i.OOO-acre tract at Haiku,
where no outlay of funds by the? Ter
ritory was found necessary and legis
lative authority for the Territory's .ac
ucn nereiore wasnot- required.
:- constant!;::
prissaci th;3 rr.:rr
C-'ilty of tresecn
- fA- :-. 1 I.. i C-M.J
L7. r;: -..:r :.;;; Y:
--- --
:f c :':.::-!. Tl-.:y f ' '
"r : ty r-i.'it ry : . r "
I 1 ' -
ilLflUll Ul
; ; ...
) Smiling. anr apparently - unmoved
J several days ago when she was fined
11000 and .her. silk, goods., valued, at
nearly X2060-' were ordered confiscated
by the federal district court, ShingenO
Kataoka, a Japanese woman,'- broke
down and wept', bitterly this jnorning
when she was sentenced to three days'
imprisonment on the crge of sniug-
From letters introduced in evidence
It was . apparent .that her attempt to
smuggle the Japanese silk wares into
Honolulu, had been , at the; Instigation
of others, and that she ; had ; little,; if
any idea of criminal : nature ; of 'the
work. - .r' ' :.'-:'' e '-tr'
. ' Ordinarily the' prison sentences for
smuggling are far. heavier than ; the
(Continued on. page two.)-
--;'-.' '.';'". ;' fAejecUtci.lTerj Cat:?
NEW YOHK, U. Y'rJavs.T.hrr 13. A'clcsipj Vre.?r In t
at story of.flew-Ycrk raft and crir? In the tn;:rv:r!d v :; '
when four of ths car;;tsrs zr.i cr.:'.3 impliaatr J It . 5 r
man Rcsenthal or invetved In ths r-'j c:q-;nt ' di:a!::vr: ;
"Said" Jack H::;, t:!f-C3r.f::::i cbet.,::n f;r t: ; ;
lersj Vi!Ham Chpiro, chauffeur .cf ths C3r that cerr;:i t" ;
to the Metrcpsfs hctsr ta kill r.:s:nthilj Harry Va;::n, t -Sids
ca"2ster who helped frams up ths murder party tet . '
actual shoetira; and Tridiie" Vthher,: who paid ths r '
killintj to Sam chepps,and through Cchepps ta ths c--..:
free from detention today. .' x
- Cohfejsicns of all, of these men formed Irreartant links In . f r " r
chain, around Police Lieutenant Cscker and ths quarter cf j-- n
ed yesterday of murder in ths first decree. Ezeh cf ths.c:"
given to" District 'Attorney. .Whitman cn premiss cf Immu.-'it-. . 7
attorney pledjed immunity In eass it were .shsvvn In ths trie: t
by other means thatenone of thoss who turntd Ctate's evii:- j h
active part In the actual killing of Rojenthal. ; s .
Accoraing to stones in New-eYorK s unaerwcri 3, i.:s;, , :
possibfy the others are already marked for the revere;: thst wss v;;
Rosenthal when he "squealed' to the district att:rr:y. v'VVt'-
u , 'v---i,--
.-White the - proceedings of . the Fed
eral grand Jury, which Was convened
yesterday morning, ' are being ; kept
with' the ?" customary ; secrecy by the
Feedral : ofHcials . here, ' it ; became
known this morning that preparations
are being made to bring the cases be
fore that .body as soon as other mat
ters have been d Isposed of. ' ' r
United States Marshal; Henry and
his deputies yesterday attempted to
serve summons upon several persons
alleged tQ be on the "-"inside' in the
unsavory district, a'nd who. ' are be-
lieved to know Something of the;
charges of graft that have been Coat
ing about town for several daya. fol
k.wing the closing and re-ope sins of ;
the ''houses.- None of the o.T.cLalJ In :
the Marshal's' oSce would talk this
:morning, but, from other , sources it
,was learned that in at least two la
stances. Utfcle Sam's bfelcials ; have
een unable to find their mea. It Is
declared that some; of the Japanese
witnessed have disappeared from taet- ;
usual haunts, and; are believed to be;
in hiding from' the oScers. "
: t. 4-Y-,

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