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"--It. ; . ' r - -- V J
f -
Tl;e wn ckrd liarli'iiilnp Kllkltif piled b' HonolII retf near Illlo, now
.l;erfie it:a ef H'lltttered tlwirr, from which but little f value has been
rrrioifj, arrorJinr to !:i(e report brought to Honolulu this morning with
t!;e arrival :f (lie''Iatc'rIIand steamer (laudlnc. -V ; Wf --v . (;:v-'x(-:S-''J
e-nall Salvace From Klikltat.'
Salvage .from; the wre?ked barken
tiie Klikltat now Lcacted on a reef
scar Hilo will be small according to
TPiort brought by offers in .the Inter.
it:ar.d steamer Claudlne.. ; ; '
The vessel was purchased by the
Volcano '- Stables Company - 'for one
hundred and ten dollars. , Some spars
tnd fittings .were secured before the
veftcl went -to pieces beiause of, the
tr i rifle pdundics on the.. rocks.
The anchor and chains carried in
tic vcfrcl are faid to be old ".nd ot
Aery li'.tle'vcl v, l.en' .placed c:i r tht
r rl.ct. Little -cr no -brass work can
rc-.O'vcd from he vessel. - s'
Th? c:-uiine left Hilo at.&'tlnie the
t -r!:f-tine S. G. Wilder .: and', the
tcl.ocncr Okanosan -i wvr& . moored at
tic rc!!v,-ay--wharf, where' cargoes of
' ' r were lc!r. discharged, ',
lo Ir.terklar.d steainer'; returned
r. freight includics c jquantltyfof
'y ("rump, 5 tens tcray iron, 21
v. ;
a. .I'r.iiir.j 2 r.iitns. ?.t nead
11 cr;.t;s 'thickens,' several
T' zr, ""ivln? Day '.turkeys and I
( !
''..'"fs fundi if k.' Tha natten-
ere alcut evj&lly: divided, be-
n tie calia tvA fcteerre. -
. r i . '.
:t-;:C ::r in t'-a Hilinian., - ;
Tl ? :: . iratica ttfaraer
.'.:-. Irir.? much "Christmas
. r t- rar.y f.-'-nd ports as the ves
: :. ' ; ;- - :. .-r.i , fan " Fjancliso,
;' ; : fathered larf.3
. i : :.' :v nrrclar. lise
r :. ", ; i.-: l.()hx ,. :
C t -V k . t.Le local re pre
' :iu3 for tie Ililcnian ans ex
" I ) rr to arrive hero J Icr.'ay have
. ; ;v::c.l tlat ''the vessel failed
' : 1' r";i:- i w ith lZ'.'J tor. 3 f ";errl
:.: ' i: .' . f -' ;;:mt: r" f r
a. la i i iii ..t ir.cludr ? 275
. - i v v . u Jw j r w t luia l c r . 1 aa i.a a I
Meet lumber and 10 tons freiaat
,.t A:::a. ::o teas freicht' and, Hilo,
' 1 -t port cf call , a1 tut CO- tcn.3
I Ir shipments of preserved" pines
r.r.i sv.rar will be supplied the Hilon
1".:: ca tae rtturn vcyage to the coast.
' :' - r.l :. ' . V
Lirl'r; f.'earing the Islands...
All availaMe cargo'pace In the Mat
rcn Navigation linej JLurline has been
fi'.lrd with merchandise and supplies
deciir.d fcr tl : islands.-- With 5173
teas c r; ' l:r Honolulu 'and' -aded
of "13 tons' for Ka'
f r I rt AU.a and 23 for Kaanarr'l,
tv.e L rliae is expected"" will: come
i :.lv': " Is Uie r.ev- Matsoa wharf at aa
early l.car tomorrow, morning.-
. Thirty head cf ftock are ln-transit
. for island ports. .The. Lurline. is rcocrtr
: ed Lrin.ing 31 cabin,- and 10 steerage
pasfenrers.There arelsp TS packages
' Wells Farfo exprtta matter and. U015
. eacks mail aboard. Honolulu cargo will
serve to keep the liner here until Sat;
. urday evening and It may .be a later
hour before, the - veasel-departs for
. Kahuluf. ' -; . ' ? :;' f-' ''
: .- -: 3'-.; - r -.' .--': '
Lvrtine Reports. . ! '; ."; . . .
HONOLVLUrNbv. 19The follow
ing wirelets message has been receiv
ed by the agents of the S. S. Lurline,
;'bonnd for IlonoIulu.Vv-.c"':,''-.----'-;.
S.-S. LuHine.; S .'.-Kov.'-;18,-;i9ir.
C42 miles from rort. :,i '' -.-'.' -' "'
. For Honolulu 31 cabin passengers,
30 steerage passengrrs, 75 ' W. F. X.
matter; SOS bags mall, 8 automobiles,
Z17Z tons cargo.-. ' -' . '-'.-, '. ;
, For Kahulni SIS tons cargo. v ;
For port AlluSS tons cargo; ?;'. :
: ; For KaanapH 23 tons cargo. ' f-
Ship will-arrive at daylight Tnwrs-"
d ay and dock at the Flackreld wharf.
Schooner Daurtlcrs SliH :, V? - J;
Under Repair:, V;
, ;V The': Am eric an. schooner Dauntiess
, which bound tcr 11 onoluhi with, lum
. 'ber samer into .collision with the
steamer SsinVJIelens Rome weeks ago
.is still -a flre- si :thetnlou Iran
Works where".thV. railing' Tessel is to
receive a, general overharuiing and Ye
' pairs.- The schooner- was hard hit on
the starboard Tide causing it to spring
- a leak and if was soon afterward that
1" the vessel f eeame waterlogged -;:'and
: J was Stowed Anil San Francisco liarbor
in sL delapidaUd cenditiorir; 1
Office, Kin;, -trcst, epp.- Union Grill
: -
4 I
r -
is.-.. A:'-i.
Salvator's Second Mate .Well Known
:- -Here.'. ' ' .i: f."; c. ' .'..f- r
v James Clark, former second mate in
the r American schooner Salvator,
which vessel is to brin. a shipment
of .lurnLer from Aberdeen, Wash., to
Honolulu, whose death was reported
through private advices received jat
this port, was well known to a num
ber of local shipping men Clark, it
is said,' was struck on the head by a
sling full iof lumber, - dying from 'his
injuries T "Borne " hours afterwards,
Clark i3 reported to " have shipped
from the coast and made one or more f
rcund trips in ; this and mother ' wind
jammers to' the Islands. -tZrf.;.
The Salvator is takicg on cargo at
the Washington port, consigned to the
City Mill. Company, and is expected
to leave the sound, along the - latter
partof this month. . -v '. ,''. "
.vv ri
Rice Shipment, From, Kauaf. ; : : ,,.
A small shipment of rice was in
cluded in the freight from the Garden
inland brought by .-; the -Interisland
steamer W; G. Hall. The vessel .was
la, m i . . , 1 . , .
lis i ci caDin ana uecK pas severs. Ac
cording to report from her oQcers the
steamer met with considerable rough
weather while laying o3 Kilauea. ,
Ea'gar awaiting shipment on Kauai
us reported by ocers in the Hall in
cludes 00. packs K. S. M. 5209 sacks
?!..A,.K. end 5000 sacks Kv.K.':U,-'Jg'
a-. ' . ; ;. " .
The Uall is'ca ths'berth.to call for
tl t regular ports cf call cn Kauai at
five o'cock tomorrow evenings , .
.--'-'--:- ' t-a- - '
Cark Albert cn th- Certh.
Loading a shipment of 750,000 feet
of. lumber at Columbia, river-j ports;
the American lark Albert, cne of the
old relialle traders between the. coast
and the islands, is expected 'to sail
for HCo before the close of. the month.
' The vessel last called at Kaanapali
with lumber and., building material
from' the coast. -: - ' '; ' . ' i. '--' ' -
Inter-Island steamers are now un
dergoing the annual inspection at the
har.dj ofahc federal authorities. .'; z;
Tl-p schooner V, J.Patterson now on
the way down from the; Sound"; with
lumber is believed will go. on' the-mar-ine
railway while here for, a general
cleaning and over hauling.v ' V '"' tt
'With the Matsoa -steamer;. Lurline
hitting the high spots -pa an otherwise
placid Pacific, it 'if no wonder that a
fleet of windjammers, are making ra
ther slow .passages ,from the Sound t.o
the islands.'.': .--v -. '-';.. v.- ';.
A ' score of passengers have been
booked' at the local office ;of " the
Oceanic SteamshlpCompany, for 'Aus-
tralia In the steamer Ventura that is
scheduled to sail ' for i the' colonies on
next Monday, evening ' ; ;
The Matsou .Navigation $teamer Lur
line from' the coast-to. arrive' here
tomorrow morning may.' be ' dispatched-
for : Kahului ' late Saturday- night
provided alp goes well with ; the dis
charge of 500 tons cargo t 'v;
Follgwing a prediction made In the
Star-Bulletin 1. weeks ago, the British
sloop Algerine to take up'4 cruise In
the South ' Paci fie, is being fitted, out
at-British Columbia, and It is the pre
ceut Intention 'that the vessel call at
Honolulu; ,- --;'-.--': v'.- c.-',; .y'l
One hundred and fifty "cabin - pas
sengers can find accommodation in the
Oceanic " liner Sonoma, scheduled to
depart from Honolulu for San 'Fran
Cisco oif Friday, November 29th. The
vessel "is enroutd j from .Sydney -via
Pago PagoA s 4': $ 'v si r; -J
--With the advent of a hew Democra
tic administration 'at Washington; one
of - the ; veryt first ; appropriations Re
lieved1 to be brought before both hou
ses ,of -national; legislature will be ja
bill i to provide .the Honolulu customs
department with a half doxen cane bot
tom chair- ::'-. -". 'T';- 7:c:'''f'
Special rates for. Island people ", at
VPlea&anton ; HoleH : , for , all ? year
xound.--advertlsement i"; : " '
: . ' . ,
Phone 1281
- . ,.. .' . - , .
(Cen'iniid frem P3t 1) '.
The petty; demands on party, ' uq1s
was soraetbins -enormous T-- C
, rOa election., day the , ; Republican
management absolutely ii refused ; .to
t hire a lot of ruaners and virtually pay
ior uieir . roies. inc campaia : man'
asement Va willing., to- employ" rair
in the preliminary campaign as , pre
clnct workers, detailed from headquar
ters and with their work under the eye
of. T the .precinct committee, iiutr tht
party - would not 'pay,: as ha ."been
done Jn.' elections , past,, five hundred
or ' a thoutand men - on election toy,
wha under the guise of workers mere
ly cajst their rote and perhapa-o.cl
a - littlo for " the -party. . Of r.ourss .the
Republicans lost by- thi polI?y.-H I
know, in spite of what the Democr,its
say, that in- some Instances ill Demo
crats -did hire 'these election d.i ? 1
: rTfcis campaign .saw the i'asln? ft
the paid runner system la itH P.pubr
lican party of this vcounty.'I:r win be
opposed: two years" from 4now(? i? any
Ilepablican; leader 'wishes to continue
the . system. It .win be.oppof ?d by Ihose
who were Jn charge ;thJs. yar s an4
know ' that the - runnere vero taking
money, from, the Republican party?
working as hardyas. piey tculd for
this Democrats., : f ' , , dr:
:;.; Wednesday, November 20. ''ft
Hawaii "Tia Maui r ports Claudine,
stmi: a. xa. ' v '. -,' .: --- .'-.-V, :Sy ":-i'
'. Kauai' "ports W C '.lJall, stmr a.
Jilt - .- ;:- .r .... : v -. . f
" Wednesday .November '3.
llilo. vla way- ports Kilaua, stmrl
. Per stmr.: . tClaudine from Hawaii,
and JIaui corts-;C. K.lNotlev Mrs.
Kanahele, W. T. Greig, N. K. Kaloa,
M, : Ferreira, Mrs. : FerTeira. .F"'KanI-
nau, Jno. Hedo3, E. A. v. atsoa,'Mrs,
L; F. Jones, Jj Vaq Ileizer, Daaa.Mar-
ris, :irs. Harris, A, U AIexelra,iMrs
11.. C" He?o, Mrs. J. Rcdriues, L T&
rata, '..Irs,.MukaI,-Mrs.ill. Medeiros,
nehejlo, liss S.Rebello, Jt. r ukuya
Makar;Eaito.' D. I Austin, 57 deck, ..
. Per ttnr.;W. : O. Hall froni .Kauai
ports J. "A. . McCandlers, - .Mrs. . Mc
Candless. 3ir; and Mr3. II,"' P. '.Wood,
11. A. O'Drien, rrev. J, Wadraan, Rev.
( . P. Ilan Chors You, Yee You, Ah
Lum," Ye Char t.-HuI, Chen g Ton g,
Kcng Lum,.Co diclc'l, l.x...'11-V.
Per. strl W. G. HalL'for Kauai ports,
Nov. 21. -E. de l-acy. P. Gladys, Mrs.
J. F. Armstrong, P. K. Palama, W, D.
McVeigh. A-'.',' .A ;. ...;'A.--: A---
r Per str. Mauna Loa, for; Kona and
Kau ports. Nov. 22.:J. P, MendoAca,
H, AkanaJ Y.' Van'llic
Per str. Kilauea for Hilo,-Tia way
ports; Nov, 23. rMr. and. Mrs. K. ; W.
Fieberg. Miss 12. Smythe,' - Miss M.
Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Butchart,
W. .Chalmers, Mr, and Mrs. G. P. Hal-
land,-Master GV Earl Halland. . .
' .,r ; '-'' ' " .' '..
i. J..J ' !.
-. "....--. ' . - ''
I '
; Visits of. inspection were made - by
the, commissioners of public Instruc
tion today to 'a number of schools in
Honolulu and at the close, of the trip
the commissioners expressed satisfac
tion: at; the new structures -completed
or under way "as well as at the work
done in the. established, schools - '
The board.; visited , the ; ; Normal
school, N'GIrlsV Industrial ...school,' the
new premises for. this school at Moi
liill, And 'also the newt LIHuokalanl
school.-' .: : A; . ." ';- " "a .
' Commissioner 'Rice left for, .Kauai
last, night' '-:tv. a- - -
fJ EV TH 0 R 0 U G Fi F A R E
A.v-AAn;-:A!,: A , ,., , r;. v I? ;;.-;
5 Work - is progressing on the xten?
sion -of Sixteenth v avenue ' : through
Ocean View, ieonrecting wlth: Fort Ru
ger - reservation and" there with ' the
roads to Waikiki oh both sides lot Dia
mond t If ead. ' Gangs are at 'work en
two. sections : and ;; theimprovement
will be completed ,in ten ? days. .; The
work is being done h the Kaimukl
Lanif - Com nanvl ' ' A A ;J A "A n.-o-'?,; ,
; a . 1 ;:
-B. .'R; Banning, by .warranty, deed,
has conveyed : to J P. Mendonca an
undivided half part; of the land at the
west; corner Hotel i add; Smith
streets, the consideration oeing J250.
k 4 . -.
(Continued from Page.1) '
one. she jpceived today,; but she, won
some ' coaslderatlbn ; from'; the ' couyt,
partly because ; of her aparent " Ignor
ance of her criminal aetipn, and partly
because of her willingness to pay; the
costs In" the suit' against the5 goods,
which : she probably could not have
been compelled to do.' . -;,,'
t The suit "against .the "goods was civil,-
while' the suit against 'the woman
called fqr. hearing; thl8 mornlng was
criminal. . To-, the. charge In the latter
she withdrew heir original plea of not
guilty and entered a hole contendere;
Pearl, horseshoe, pi o ; at opera house,
A Tuesday ; night. Finder return ; to
' this; office and ' receive reward.
'? Joso Morales waa one of the .three
city and" county prisoners who V had
been sent to the, upper, -extension of
Fore street to assist in road building
operations; who found that' his efforts
applied in the . direction of attempt
ing to. remodel a .pleblan truck horse
Into " racing: steed; failed: to, meet
with iprorai of not- only, the ; owner
of the animal, but . also the marked
displeasure of the authorities.5 ;
Charged with denuding an equine; of
a" generous, portion pf a caudal appen
dage Morales' a , recetft arrival from
the Sun-kissed Philippines' was charged-
with the .unlawful ahd cruel "use
of "a; knife In ycnttlng1;.the tall a
horse.- h''-'; ''I --rr ".';s'r.'-
VTwo Filipino companions of Morales
employed in the same gang of prison
ers testified that the Filipino attempt
ed to sell the remnant of horseflesh
for the sum of .fifty cents. ?t'
Falling In, his 5. purpose, a geneiral
row ensued which caused the guardi to
hasten, to the scene. . . : .- ': : . -, : 1 '. ; '
. Judge v Monsarrat at District court
was", confronted .with the- hirsuit
coratiou, to mah's faithful friend, the
horse. as exhibit -At" ...Following, a
hearing, of , the case .the Filipino, was
Hotel j. Asch, vv h'-iv f
Police ; records ; show.;, that Morales
was: sent to the reef on September
28th charged .with - stealing ' one or
more ;; bicycles. He s - ! serving: six
months at the Iwilei resort. ; ; ,
i- J. J,. .Combs in the. role of owner of
a-. row5 of tenements, wras & complain
ing witness at. district court .this
morning appearing gainst Mrs.-Tony
Morris, whom Combs alleged ' attempt
ed to use force in her attempt to eject
the landlord ifronx the premises, when
ho called. there the other day on busi
ness bent, V 5;"
From the story unfolded I to Judge
Monsarrat, ft little family ' party : was
in progress when as a sort of spectre
i at; the feast.the owner of the tene
ment loomed upon the scene of joy-
ousness. ;Combs was ; told to betake
hlnisell ersewherei and failingrto obey
the mandate from his, tenant, claimed
that he was roughly treated. The fair
tenant was "asked -to settle a fine '; pt
three doUars.' v '.'." A;aA-Av A
Tom Patterson, charged 1 "With as
sault' and battery "failed to put in an
appearance at court this morning and
a bench . warrant was promptly, issued
for the delinquent defendant. A. ;
A Session .of the United. States Fed
eral ' Court Nvill be called Monday; No
vember ' 25, :to: set the date 'for the
hearing of ' the Tease ; of Chris' Cara
gebrge, ; who' wks . Indicted ; August 31,
charged with ' smuggling opium ; into
the territory The hearing wlll-proba-bly
be delayed for eoine time owing
to the' fact that'Carageorge was taken
to the hospital yesterday to be treat
ed -for ' tonsRitia-and eye,; trouble- ;
Carageorge,- who1 was fourth oEcer
on - the Mongolia, at ; the time of her
arrival at this port August A 28, was
impneated in" the affair A by Georg9
Chronesr 7 who walked off : the boat
with ten tins of the drug, in a suitcase
WhanLhewas rcacghtwith it by the
cusLsms cZaU and. questioned as to
where he got it, he alleged f that Cara-
george had asked him td "carry, the
drug ashore.
V. a TCACCCK 6. COw .LTD. y
:''irm'f " :''vr;"'!S,f,'; v
1 1 . . L V : aI i.U
aaa;a' :S'::
Litrchant, Hsar Fcrf
You have a pxrsitivc i ngHt to insist upon i receiving '
can ? jiff ect5 tKe influenced of this vhal factor; But the
iriconre yield is the real reason " for. makingthe in-$
; vestment. ;.V:a-At -": ':'''-:-: - aa
Tfee nuorimum earhin poive anmUnt jantk safety, of . invested
rhonejr is absolutely" fixed by ' Uiws of finance Which govern every
icorhrherdaJ' reIation:;'frnic' individual who attempts to secure more
.' must do so at the 'expense of safery itself, while" the investor Who is
r content with let is, depriving" himself of what is rightfully his r bwiv"
'4 - '"I;'.!tv?;'i;: '-'"A '.A;-A"A--A;
II Safe 6f KrstM
--v:'' AA cvA -A ;A A--'- :A?-'- - "v'. AK-m 'V':AV'
r We own and offer Fint Mortgage double the total amount of the. bond
' Bond based' on " Improred, centndly issue.: -. The - annual : mcome from the -
located, ' mcome-eaming Chicago real ; property, in every case, is at least three,
' stat of the highest ckss.? ,lt f times theA greatest,, annual ? interest
i K , charge, ? Every issue. is covered by a:
Secanties o? this type ofir nqes-, tWe vUxvitzt policy from a title and;
twned safety, wh av uniisually attract- conipinT Chicago, guarantee-:
ive income y,eI(Lv They;are the one r j ibcc bomU io u jolute
Jitnda$nentalsuti :: ; Uen 6n"theoperty;; AA"
. ; In j accordance with the. , rigid - and These bonds may -be obtained m s
unvarying policy of tins house, value : denominations, of. J100,. $500,; $1,000
of tlte.;iinderiyingr: security, ; coruery-. and $5,000 tp. mature serially in from
.atively appraised, must .be. . at least
f For the past thirty years we" have '
30 Ycar Without Dollaii Loss ;
a slngie dolhuv either of principal or interest, on any security purchased from us.
' L'Z?Lflr.A" -l.L;-tI--t: -1 ' ' .1 -.Lv . -
custom of repurchasing : securities from
. reauested. at car ana accrued loteres.
tA An nrr it. 1 - -AA:' l : " : ' "'
" - iBterestirisr literature of extreme value to every conservative : - .
iareator. inclooior copy of the aemi-aionthly IaTeator'a Maga- -;
timem wfll fee SBile4-4Mi reass.A';. ' k- f -'?V
A very Choice list of carefully selected, specific Issues has
:' beea prexared. Ask; for Circular No. sW.. .... ;. - ,,
Straus BldGrl 7 Zis2V ' i f
-.'-? f; Vt;vv,vt.--:..
(CBt!n8eatrod Page 1)
platoons .of, the .First and Second In
fantry and the ' Fifth Cavalry will
work out severtd Interesting problems
before the department A"commandeT,
and considerlngr that .the operation: of
machine guns in a .war strength or:
ganlzatton - is comparatively new- in
the . United States army, "niore; than
ordinary interest attaches to the test.
A For a week past the board of offi
cers consisting , of First Ueutenapt
Jackson, and Second Lieutenants Gro
ninger and Mitchell, - have been at
work with the automatic rifles on var
ious problems of attack . anddefenseii
and the result have been; gratifying
ly satisfactory. ; Lieutenant Jdseph
Kay; Second Infantry, Is the senior of
the three machine' gun platoon conv.
taanders, t Lieutenant ' Jackson, ' the
president of the board, not being con
nected with the ! platoons of any regi
ment . here, although v himself an ex
pert on machine; gun f Ire.' . V A ' a ?
, That the new .Benet-; Mercle auto
matics, on account ' of their extreme
mobility, are more effective in, doing
rapid damage than was ; j generally
known has been amply proved -by the
machine . gun company. It; is conced
ed by , military experts that Colonel
McGunhegle "did a bis thing ' I or ' the
development of the automatics when
he: took advantage of the somewhat
unusual opportunity of A combining
three platoons at one Dost.
A General Macomb will motor: out to
Schofleld tomorrow morning, leaving
the city at 8 o'clock. He will be ac
companied by Lieutenant Colonel Ray
mond, the newsanitary, Inspector o
thedepartmentr and by Major Conk
lin, general staff, and Lieutenant An
drews, aide., a - A .;
- Captain : Ralph .B.v Lister, First : In
fantry. has been detailed to the auar
termaster corps,' with instructions to
report- to' headquarters of this- depart
ment for duty December 1. At the
present "r time.; it; is not known where
Captain Lister will be stationed, f or
which "one Of the present 'quartermas
ters he will relieve ; Captains Game
Cooke and ' Edwards are all due for
relief at any time, and Captain Lister
may be taking the place of one o
these." It is also possible, that he may
be an additional QM. for the depart
ment,: to take ' the place of ' Captain
Watkins as post quartermaster at
Schofleld. r It .is4 only a question ' of
time until a j regular, member of the
corps, takes over the work or the big
post which' Captain .Watkins ha3 ; so
erricjenuy held down ; in . addition to
his duties as regimental quartern aa
ler, which post .he held tmtil Novem
ber 1'A'A A";'-?':' A: '';'. -;'.
r.TAicirjG u? THAriicsGiyir.'G
vc baskets foh uai;aa;;o
.-" .'' ..- .,' - -A- -' -.AA ;.' A -.
.. The Kakaako Mission is already at
work A- preparing ' the A Thanksgiving
baskets for. the poor folks of that lc
trict For ten years one of the labors
of love undertaken by this mission has
been the providing of Thanksgiving
dinners for the shut-ins .'of Kakaako,
In the work the charitable of the city
have always helped This year the
need. Is not less, than before and P. W.
R1der, f head - of the mission declares
that many; fthlngs'are needed if the
baskets are to be a3 full a3 usual.
Several more expense accounts In
curred by candidates ror vvanous 0"-
f.ces during, the recent election have
been received at the oQce of the Sec
retary during the last few days. The
are as follows:-i-r:A--A..'A:'--v ; A-A-f
? Clarence H. Cooke, , $139.73, John
Wilcox, 133.09 Noah Kamakau, $42,2i,
S- K. Mahoe, I5S.00, G. K. Keawegaku,
two to fifteen years
sold this 'class of securities" exclusively, i
.our clients, when
icss a naoaunz cnarsre r '
- A- A''.' AA.' ,- V':-':,
& CO.,
, 9
In which U combined the HAWAIIAN
EVENING BULLETIN, established 1SS2.
Publishes, Ccn:m:rcid
WALLACE E, EARRIKGTON.. ;.Gc2cral Bcsfncca Uzuz-xt
UNTIL JAN. 1, 1915 (Preferrsd Position 20)-........15c INCH
TltANSlENT RATE, IX0 first iibertlra and subsequent Issacj pro r.U
CLASSIFIED, Ona Cent per word-C3 ccats. per line, per wc:i. '. :
iuin o7ficE3 ..,;.w.. ic5-ala::::.v err;:--?
Tclepaones EiliorJol Eccas 21S3 Easiness cr.'Ics t::i
'.v.--;":Tcif:'.:r5 zz: - .;-
Per Month, anywhera la United Elat:j ....,,.,,,..,.,,,.,.,,...,.1 .73
Per Quarter, any whtra Id U-!4.: 3 Ctatta .. , 2.C3
Per Year, asytrhera la Unit; X Elites.. S.C)
Ver Year, pcztjIi, forc!;
s j ; a -.v- cziii-vzly ciAn-ruLLrri:? . j -;
Per Six LIcnfij J i.o
Per Yeir, aryr-lcre in UnltcJ Etctcs.. .. .. 2.r )
Per Yer, any t.Izt ia C -iIa ...... C )
Per Year,-rc;i;iiJ. tcr;!:a .......,..;.. tx )
. .
. " . 3
f . . , - -
w - .
' c: -.7 .
liv , :
U a ( (
t!.-'r v
C 3 "
1 ...
l. .:
t j
J L lU l
: J
? w
whe? yoa t-l it cut cf a 'Leon
ard Cecily rU., .ritcr. - Th3v
porci!"a IA.tj u.J ferfxt saI
Ury cc-.-Tucr'ci Jo awjy 'Vrii
a!! cHar.ce for l!te accTiu!:'!oa cf
.-t ar,i clr-ivs C'i.-ri.
the leo::a::d
A' - A r k,rc.T.:.".i j-r ? , "A
has the famous nine wa" contrcc
, ;. boo which t-. ps U.s cc!J ; air ia
and the warm air out.' If you
'wiih every article cf foo-J to come
, buf of. ywr Kltlzi'.ot ai sweet
and wbolesonp as whea it wer.t
- in,' l!)ea Boy a famous 'Leonard
- fWiaUW IW WMI lvU
A sad have full En reacJv for
y your irupectoa. Every one
'ofx ; ataolutely guaranteed." A '"'
( 'v ;;--CEXTU : 'A' ; :' ;
'r f V
.All Honolalv v ircre' ajata swept
a by a conZagratloo, coo!4 Ji
'A collect your tasaraace! ' ;
i-''-C'f;,f'jT f.'''-?.tA;'':i A
represeat the - the largest aad
itrongesf fire Insurance conpa-
BJes la tae world.
-A 1 -.r ,
fi?$ Lo west Rates
Liberal Settlements
The Host Popular Candies Hade '
:.'":..A"on;th CoaarVA'
I iZ24 Fort St Telephen 13: 1
STAR. astatHxhed 1S35, and th s
Ixsasd Doily .and Cai-Wetlly t7
Prir.tcra, Ccc!ct:r. :roi
I v
( .vaaa:;.
ov .. Ir'"'
V - . -
. v . 4. .
. .1 A ..
. .Two modern hous:i c i .". '.'i
Avenue, Kalr.ukl, eac"; '
ingtwo l-r; t.';;. , ,
lor and .'dinir. -r: YirJ i n
proved. About three r-i- A.:'
walk from' car n.-:. Tr .; r:a
tonabfe. 92t Bethel Street.
- -:
;yc5 JJmgj
Factory, on .the Premfaea
Boston Building - - ' Fort Street
A ,..fcOver MaycA Co. -' :
Photo-EarravTDr ef Wzist
can be secured from the Str.r-Esilf Ua
Phote-UcjraTla; Plixti' - '

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