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I'm n. r.t . v
Lurllne. :;or. 21.
Tcr E.F.1 : - v r
Lurllne, Nor. 21 -
Tren Vzrcratfrx 'I
M&kura, Dec 4.: f
Tcr YtrcQavcr
Zealandia, Dec. 2.
i .: - K V
Evening Bulletin. Est 1882. Na 5398. 'K
Hawaiian Star, Vol. XX. No. C439. -
' V
d -LU
h' !
. J:-
O y
"7 ' J
... t v v r -r-i-1 j t . r
J-.:h'. -t;;r-' i!r.
r r.-;-;V.;
$Fni$. to
settle jn?Airr
t-' . .." -- -?
mm m
W w
,Coirnty. Lc::':ri Declare They
v Will Do Av.ay with Paid
- :-.. Coc:t:r: 4:rcafkr';
fi i n nnnnr
f.cre R:
r':. :.:r-Ur.3 Say fio
. to :,c:p Hank
an;! I i": in Line
The ti:
r t
j t:.r l:y
. , . i .
' re 1 f ysicni cf ' paid
li to te alandone
f r.rty, In thl3 coun
.: r r.t tl.o r.Uescd trca
. : t! ? .:rcd runners.
' '. en rood neputM
; : :rr J to hr.ve
; :; t.i c: c'rctlca
" : :: ccu-ty
. ; .urtw.", tt.o
: ' cr; th2 ltvre
t c f i.'.cre J olitlcul
' r.t cn runners
.: t!.m two years tro,
( . .1 X). : tl.e men v.Lo
t! - f '-ry rcll ut to
t ti-a rrty. acccrd-
i:.to the tr.cu-
-3 r
' r-t :
Auto-Drivers, Hackmen and
rRunner$ Clamoring for
, : Ucney from G. 0. P. ;
- Auto-d rivers . and owners,' hackmen
and political -runners" are full of
wrath. They have not been paid, they
declare, for their services to the Re
publican party hefore and-bn election
day, and .they want to know the whys
and wherefores, - - '
"The Democrats paid their auto and
hack bills promptly the day after elec
tion,'" said the proprietor of an -auto-
stand " yesterday: "The : Republicans
haven't paid their auto bills yet, and
many, hackmen have .asked in vain for
their8 money. We have been put off
from day, to day. , I understand tbaf
In some precincts the paid .-runners
have not been settled up ith. .either,,.
B. von Damn, "chairman of the
county ccrjmittee, was told that the
Star-Eulletin had received complaints
that political tills were unpaid.- J -
"The creditors need not worry; at
all, he re; Med promptly. : "We will
ray Ic-it!r.;at3 tills after. the--first -.of
l!:2 mcr.:::," as any .businessman,: or
L..i!::c:- woujd lo. As a matter
of frrt, t: tq vTere some instances of
" ito-owr.crs cr drivers trying to 'bold
r;)' ty .? c-ur.ty ccrl:tee and,we'are
auditin.? the tills carefully." 7 r-:
Ti.2 ; Reullican .county ' committee
had-been quirrccnt, to say the least,
eir.ee the election. Chairman ven
Dana Eaid this morning that as xocn
an te has el::ied av.r.y f cme'"cf ;hl3
owh business that' piled '-la the busy
days preceding the election,' 'the
county committee would be called ;to-
Th? cc:r.r;.::t'3 hr.n't rone 'out f
Deckhands arid Firemen of the
Tender Still Wonder What v
; ; Has, Happened
'v-;-- V--. .' -r '.r- h. . ::
The crew,- or to speak more. exactly,
the jex-crew of the lighthouse tender
Kukul, ar , holding their heads and
wondering whether lightning Is ; kept
la lighthouses. For they; have been
struck by- something, and - haven't
quite decided Vwhatthit'them.' ' They
are jobless", so I far ; as : iUne'.e Sam's
service Is'.concerned, and' all because
the holiday, spirit was" strong within
them. .. '. v : tA
Waterfront society; was agog a few
Pretty tyieCirracfCivanna,
LamariantI LUwCa Uttcr.
" 71 '.1
r 1
-. .. -
KINGSTON,; irrzizz. Nov.: 23.' -Following
upoij ; the , ht ls .cf he- tor
nado which swept l? over this teiznd
Friday and Saturday cirne a tidal. -wave
that fastiifshi wlptd cut of ex- .
istenee the three small towns of Sa-'
vanna, Lamar and ucca alt. on tha
weet coast of : the '4 land.- vT,nsre was
little or no warning. of the. approach- '
ing catastrophe. iacc5rdiri to, reports
reaching. here EachSof tha traces had
of the:KukuTs crew in masse, Vhlle t PCf two
the tender ftslf waa . huH-in ; hA men, .women .and .,hiWfeftre.iown
Island seas far away Yrom Honolulu. I ".ufc63 I reath.hst will
1 sweep had been made of the ::ir m t,me,:inat
A clean
deck and Are room force, and the hard
luck siory of the men who suddenly
found themselves on f the beach
reached to high heaven.- - i ;
The story dates back';. for. a ' consld-
erafcle period, and centers around' a
claim ty. the "crew" for 'more holidays
than are marked on the government
caler ar. 'Why- should they. Le. re
quiiid to splash- paint 'around . the
deck3 and polish up the neat" brass
lighthouses' t)n the, bows cf the tender
oif such glorious occasions, as Kame
hameha'8 birthday and Regatta Day,
asked the jolly Jack Tars of the Kn
leui. Why, even the name of the ship
was. Hawaiian,- which, they argued,
was ocd reason to respect Hawaiian
national holidays, ".v . ' : .-.
' T!.:rQ had (been , grumblings under
the' administration, of Lieutenant Leo
Sahri, th 3 former Inspector, and' In
cld::.tal!y ti. 3 last "naval o.Ticer to be
t V. 0 I
t. c
; v
I Ly th:
r the f3v
red t3 ti
I u.HCt
- .-.v. "I
. w . J G 1 ATE
rron:inent phil-
Dc:,'rt h-s received
9 Governor's ciT.ce In
Jersey, a cory cf the
Utilill.-s till which was piloted
to k"dilature by. Presi-
. ':t and
ivzzi ti
.3 01
I -Ml.
e'e-.t-f.: :t V,i: -on, and cf which Mr.
r h'-e ' I'-- '.i:.".2'", f-id,- .''this measure
C.V.--"" tas reel l:eth that can-tlte." Accqrd
rtrih'Tbe jtn- to Mr. Ilerlcrt this till is most
5 cf Itth U; Tiicatlo to Tcnditicns In this terti-
H." Hi tory. Mr. Herbert teiioves that this
ci the t in wcui: tcrve me ..purposes ci me
real rcfrrr-.ers in Hawaii better than
rculd the schemed measure of Gover
nor Frear," as it would lead 'up to the
Picrc::d commission government ' by
to 11:
aljj It fucei
r.:icy vcurfc
t vi rvthlng
t i.otnins-In.
T. 3.)
educating the. peoni
along advanced
- . ,
I" -'. f
c .. . .j i. .; :
:.i -,
Co!:::. '
". L.:;ti;T
issu.d crJv
rafiy .ho !
- Vuty In the li-hthcura
. en'Al E. Arlod-a;t?-
e r Cf the nir.'tecrj.h lli
" nr- rc '. y cf civi'.i
, v.holYarious kicks
- 'ays-Atere .parse!. a1cn
day Jnsrcctcr : Arledge
; s to sail at 7 p. m.' Natu
d t:o desire to Heave -the
ATHir:?, Crtr:
::i frc-n Turhry, ;
. C! ri t'n r - .
m wi. :r f; :'.
r3 by th : f.'i : .-. Jj
:r: J tj t:' :
:'t.hs c : r-
Arr: : :
r-- : :. i
b C- : -
r .
7 I
' 1
:.t 1;..;
th'; Hily
4 4
rt cf th; r
.1 c ,
(. i'nu:J on .Pars 4).
1 i m
TLo hr. .
th..!, the.ycv.
j v c "
rlico. Kim C
' f the ense. cf Mary
I' ere an girl, who, it Is
; ; d frcm her home
Chin and his accom
Ycung. cn the night
cf August SI, vas continued In Judge
Kc 1 ineon's Curt this morning. .The
t cr the time was taken
j direct examination; by
tttcruey, for "the
. Wco," the police' Of-
: ' - the arrest of. the. t .vo
'.'.owing this, Attorney
prcceeded with the
"Some of the sugar ': companies
equalize dividends between ' good ' and
bad years now td a considerable ex
tent," said G, IL Buttolph. In speaking
of .thel, stock market this morning.
"Several of them, . in the past few
years, baye - paid more In dividends
than the surplus, earned. --Am-qng
such heretentlmed llawplian' Agricul
tural, Oomea, Ewa and Oahu,. refer
ring to figures in the stock exchange
handbook :-ftTim')!-r't.'Ar'
. "While some fear of tariff changes
until they came to the place that. Kim J depressions the main cause' Is the
pointed as the" house, . 4 . ;; ; v (prospect of -the cutting of dividends
ter r
v.p with ' i
Lerrin '
raintii.', c.
fieer who : -: '
Krrcans, a: d !
W'illiam r.owT
cros cxamnat,::;.
Accord Jr..? to Woo, word was receiv
ed cf the hi "no -ring at the police sta
tion at a I r-t :ht-thirty o'clock Au
gust SI. V,';d v.es detailed Mith other
oarers to rr'he an investigation and
to find the ; ' ce where the two Ko
reans tnd ! hidenHhe girl-After mak
Irs a sc..;..i of th? city. Woo left the
M:r cl'ccrs and went to the house
vd :e he knew Seung and Kim lived
te thcr. When' he arrived at the place
Le found Kim sitting on the veranda.
He asked him where Seung was, and
KIni told him that he knew- nothing
of hi3 wrereatouts. Woo then told Kim
that te was tnder arirest . 'and told
bin to come along to the station. They
started in. to walk down town, and as
they, passed the Japanese theatre on
Maur.a Kea street, Kim turned to Woo
atid asked that if be told the truth
about the matter would Woo help him
out. Woo rc riled that if he told the
truth that te would do all 'he could
for him. KI:n then told where Seung
had taken the girl, and the two got In
a hack end drove up Nuuanu Valley
As they drove up to the place. Klra
jumped out of the hack and ran Into
the bouse and possiblywtold Seung
that the police, were on tis atrial
Seung, however, made no attempt to
escape, or to hide the girL-Woo told
the hackman tcv drive back to town,
and then went Into the yard' and Into
the house. A$ he did so, , Mary , came
out and called for the hack to stop
saying that she wanted to go back
to town. Woo then told Seung that he
was under arrest and loaded all three
into the hack and drove down to town
He stopped at Deretanla and. Mauna
Kea streets and called the police pa
trol, sent Seung and Kim to the sta
tion and then. took the girl home. N
After the direct and cross, examina
tions, Attorney Rawlins made amotion
that the defendants be discharged on
the. grounds of Insufaclent, evidence
to convict, but this motion was denieii.
The court then adjourned for half an
hour to await the arrival of the.Japan
on account of the hawer price of ,sugar
and in- same cases of a shorter crop
due to the recent drought Although
the announcements of reduced dlvH
dends "will not be haade until the first
of the year, It Is certain' that -there
will be 'reductions. -v i t - '
;it la partly small Investors that are
letting go their ' sugar stocks, and
partly the people that are playing the
market X Some - of the s better , stocks
will s'droPi8tlU;.lower; ; before reaching
bedrock, or the point where they will
yield (he . minimum . of .returns' at
which thejr are regarded as good . In
vestments, with diyldends 'reduced, to
the' degree expected. yy
. Mr. Buttolph Quoted the rates' of
dividends in several casesr which art
anticipated for; the easulng . year, nd
gave estimates ; oft ; the prices the
stocks . should respectively 1 command
on such dividend bases, adding: - v ?
V'When the bottom-Is"" reaxhed,";and
profits can ntt longer be taken by sell
Resuming Its ' - 'secret session ' this
n-orningthe' federal gr?nd Jury ques
tioned a large number of, witnesses.,
principally Hawaiian,: but made na re- j
port of its findings up to a late" hourj John TI '.:
this afternoon. i v ;. ; - - -.- " to kill Kc
The murder casa of Lee Hin Jou vavs. hv Prcsldrnt
cn:r.aman apparently held the Jury s '.drcani.
ttter.tion yesterday; s' a; number of
itneeees "in- that afToir were, called, i
Lut r.o indictment t:-' been announced
.yft',-.r-'.-- :-.rfvVvv-;??.;h:v
" roni the-, identity" of' the witnesses
summoned today. It It judged that '
Ir.quisitorial! body, is investlgatfng the
charges against : Norm n t. j : '
who was arrested lat t June suspected
of attempted to smuggle opium ln
io the; Territory.-Ke, was iried short
ly after his apprehension on a charge
ol violating 1 the Edmunds t; and
teived a conslderabl"lengtlft of time
In "prison. :.:-':. ' "-; .. .-v : .
James . Fisher,' another ycungv ma
fciispected of Imnllcationln the same
case, and who "entered a plea of guilty
several - weeks - ago ' and served - a
month's imprisonment iVag . one of
ttote called before the grand jury tais
law, of Lily; Hookano," Smith's, friend
was also summoned . Into the secret
council. - : ' :'i-y x-'J,
, 1.1 r
I th: c
t Tomorro morning 'General ' Ma
comb will have ah opportunity, cf, s?o
liig jy st how effective is th e war
strength machine gun company, v hich
was ' recently, organized at ScheTiald
Carracks' by Colonel McGunnr ! 3;. to
Hakui Hookano, a siter-in-Hesl tne new theories of -machina gun
. .... . j - j . . - 7 ' rt. . t
aua ueieuse. . , iae-.co:nw..,ea
(Continued on Pa;s Z) ' '
Uuh .1 1 mi 1 In i 1
pri::n:d ti.is r-.;rr.:.- 1.;.
guilty of trc;:;,n .i V :
i r.v
. The . Bishop . Estate has , ooUfic I Ihe j present owners bf su.ch "lands to sell,
territory that It-cannot sell the pieces 1 y condemning It "but that" the ; rala
of Ui
government desired to purchase, and h f nosp : of it v - ; - m. . V
turn over to Hawallahs for homestead- K steps- hav"e been taken by the gov.
Ingipufposes, v Instead, r; Governor eminent In other cases. by ; Inducinz
Frear Is now informecL, the Estate, is the owners to turn their land over to
. NEW ven;:, ri.,Y.,
al st:ry cf fi: v Y:rh r
when f : r c.' 'i'-; :
man He : -.th.il cr i-. . . . ,
Ci!d" Jz t'c Z::z, t.T
lers; v;:::: - :: c
to th; f ::tr:-:'j if I
Ci.'i z '. r . : -' -cct-al
th:;tir.;; '.
iilini t Cir C -h-;i
trts irzm c!:ier.ti;n t;.:y.
Csr.ttss'izr.i cf; t!l cf f ::;
chain arcund. Pc!i;; Li:.:-.;
ed yesterday cf r.-.'jrd:r in th;
given to D;.tri;t All: rrry Wi :h
attorney p!:.;: i fmrr.ur.i: in c:
by cthrr. rr.;ir.3 that r. : r, ; cf t: :
active pirt In ths :t-aL kiili,--;
Acccrdinj to stsri:3 in f.:.
ese hack:man who drove Seung and era, a berlod . of, heavy buying wll"
the girl to the house In Nuuanu. -improbably set. In.
Uui LlJ
LMiUl l 1 1 ILL! I
:vhile the proceedings of the Fed-; lieved ; to know' fome thing of thc
enl grand Jury, which was convened ' charges or graft that have been float
yesterday morning. j ' are 1 being kept .V Ing about town . for. several days, f ol
with the customary secrecy r by the ' U wing' th $ closing htodre-opening. o'
Feedral oScials' here, i it - became tlie hou: s.nt .Non of the officials
known this morning that preparations the Marshal's : offlce "would : talk Jthl'
are being made to bring the "cases b morning." but : from krther sources I
lore that body as oon as other jnat wras learned that? Jh at least- two: In'
ters have been disposed of.- a ; stances Uncle - S"ams officials v hav
United States Marshal . Hendry and been friable ;to find their men." : It
hie deputies yesterday attempted' to declared : that some- of he; Japanese
Ferve, summons upon several persons witnesses have' disappeared from tnei
planning" to arrange for -the openin
or some, other lands in .the 'same dis
trict; by .the construction, of - roads,"
and .that it may be able to sell some
of . these for homestCading when they
are a opened:? r : -; '.. -': ' " . ;:
The lane. which- the-Bishop Estite
refuses to open up; It - its private prop-'
eriy, :. ai ine request or a numoer ot
Hawallans living In the Koha di- " "v
a- billTwas passed by the. last legisLV
tare' appropriating 115,000 to purchase
these lands,- the - government j to first
buy, the tracts ; from .the Estate, then
turn them over to the natives, the lat-t";-relmborslng
the Territory for Its
eipenditure, on the installment plan.
About a year ago the Governor held
meeting of the Hawailans at Kona,
o j ascertain : Just what they,: desired.'
Sin '. months ago ; Land Commissioner
Jc-shu'a" Tucker visited ' them, f going
more into detail, determining just how
many, desired homesteads and the Ut"
sought by i each.' - Negotiations with
the, Bishop .Estate were - then begun,
vith . a;-view - to findmg : whether It
would hi sell to ; the government,- or
would be -willing to sell direct to the
homesteaders, on" the' same terms that
the . Hawallans ; would, make : with . th'e
- The : words recently ; received . from 1
'he, estate Is la answer to that" Quefr i gling.
line government; the latter. ' to . pay
them what It receives from the home
steaders. . This has. been .done- In- the
case of a vl,OO0-acr&tractT at . Haiku,
where no outlay of funds by the ;Ter
ritory was found necessary, and legis
lative authority forhthe Territory's, ac
tion therefore was not required, i. 4'
.-V - '. - ' -"'.-'
" 'Smiling &nf apparently ntrnikoved
several days, ago. when' she was. fined
$1000 - and her " silk gcs, valued at
nearly $ 2000 were ordered; confiscated
by, the federal district court, Shingno
Kataoka, a Japanese- woman,- broke
down ; and1, wept rJitterly thls morning
when she was sentenced to three days'
Imprisonment on t the cnarge of smug-
: n cn
:;. it
' j -'
possibly the cthsrs are tire;- r.ark:i f:r th; r:..
RossnthaL when" ha squri!3" ta th; .c':;.-:;t I'.'.;
'i LOS ANGELES, Cal., Novemhir Z? , h .
Struck down Albert Davis, the hta.nia;, x ; -: ; J
headquarters at tiy with a tox.cf dynamits, h; f -;'.. :
Davis may die in conssquencei Vcrk, cf thj r ':; : ' ;
man's record, which proves to have been a cri :) c .
aliases. The police had no trouble at all in tra;irj h,.-,i th.
record for years past-' " :. ' - .v'h ' ,.- .-
O . il.
.tonit does .not care to sell t these
articular lands, but wlll ,liavef some
Tther pieces-opened ' shortly Jhat it
will ' sIL'-'"''-
The " blU" setting aside the $15,000
appropriation-wa .probably the; first
-tep of. Its i kind '.ever taken",": to .' pur
chase private lands for. homesteadlng
j'urposea. ; The ! Governor'says . It Vis
alleged to be -on the -inside" In' the itsnal haunta, and are believed to be probaMe.s however, that the Territory
unsavory district' and who ' re, be-: in tidfng from the officer - v cannot w constitutionally .'compel the
From letters introduced In evidence
It was 4 apparent that her.' attempt; to
smuggle" the Japanese silk , wares Into
Honolulu had been at .the instigation
6t others, and that -she had little, if
any idea of criminal nature-of the
Ordinarily the" prison sentence for
smuggling are far heavier than; the
v;: - j-T'-v; tt'":H-VVv"- fclal tar-Du!letin"CableV -'. ;':- . '
ST. PETERSDU'RG, Russia, November 0. Th 5 Crown Pri---en
seriously ill here today and dispatches lhav;. been r.:' :d . c-t
rope and this country for specialists- C;erar have alrciJy r-.. . J
Prince's bedside and others are en their way. , 1 .
- . v
V i-'h'". ::;:;f ?:"V-T-;tAssociawd Press Cable I ''';:'': '''"" "'0:'.'
vSWASHINGTON D. November' 20. Acting under the dir-ti:
the Federal government 176 doctors, accused cf circulatinj crir.i -:l :
tisements in the country, were arrested this mornina si.nuIUn::-i:.
: tically every city of; any Importance In the country felt the blow.
(Continued on page twa) rv's imoming after-a long illness.
.'iV-- i'i i; v-' s' f jSpeclal Star-Bulletro : Cable J 1 .';- 'I-" ; -
SALT LAKE CITV; Utah, November, 20. Minnie Hauck, the U:
ainger and actress, who created the role of Carmen tn 1373, hire
.'-; : . ' " '- ;'' : ivV- '4;h':':'. '"v --'hh-. : h-;,'-.'C-" ' ."'- "(v?"
" V''' '.-. . -; 'i' ;r"-:'': v'v? A Ar,'rAA. 'h? :: ;i''v-''vr'-'i'::'?;? vrii.S':'. ''--'- -; V-s ; i'"- '"-'.' : ':' ' ' : ' ' . .-;
- w
1 Cf
: r.

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