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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, November 21, 1912, 2:30 Edition, Image 1

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rrcra r,,r.i .:.--
Ver. tu ra, Nor, 2.V
Ter : -"" '
- Lurlir.e. Nov! 2G.
Frcrn TcsrosTtri
, Makura, Dec 4.
Tor YscccsTtri
V , Zealandia, Dec 2.
. r "v
Evening Bulletin Est? 1882. No. 539$.
Hawaiian Star, Vol.. XX, No. 6440..
r r
, i ) v.
ScnLt:-Will r::k Any Move' of
: th: Hcl:-: to S!a:h .
Tern ( Deep
:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: u n a
'Tchj r.."-.y r T.ntori, loth Den- t!
I'icnr.s expose T.
". n ! : : tLa . cf Z
:J ficr.i exist- t:
:.zy ci:.cr I
ret fr.vcr il
- V. t '".-.I!
5. : : t: :
i . . i.
i: If ;
.J t
1. . (i
: j t '
t . " (
i :. . . : J Cor
: 5 : . .ry cf.
i ; : ! C.e r. ; i- tariff "
D. : 11.--
- t' ' ( .
.- s - y it
0 c.;:.;r
Preeiicnt T; rom. to , send
Goeir :r Fn ;r's .appointr ?nt to
the f.cr.ate thli .ir.t.r is def.: s, even
thcah it was rr '? prior to t..e elec-
t:on. This is r
tc: s receive I 1 :
morning's r. e:i
Interior r.
written ti r ti
The latter t
- copies cf the c
changed with I
Hawaiian affair.
r '? certain fion let-'
Coverror in this
w'ecrctery of the
:'a let: ;3 were
:s in !..s epietle
aunicaticr? he ex
' .'cat Te.fLitn , the
1 Srxi. -! n these
is one in. which the Pre., it states
rieiinitely that .Cec: tary l.ohcr's-action
in the reappointment t matter Is
confirmed, " and that -fce--PresIdent
Taft announced he Rxuld send the
reappointment to the-. senate when
that tody convenes; - y ;-.-..r:
Secretary FIseer also wrote Terri
tciial Secretary Mot t-S mi th,' regret
ting ti.rt I. a was prevented, by Mott
Smit' s evi ' t ciesire to retire, froir
adv5-.:.g are:: t the acceptance of thf
secretary's rc.'ar.stion. ' " He realized
he states, that after Mott-Smlth's long
and faithful public service he Is : ien
titled to return to.priva life anc"
attend to. his -own affairs,' that 'the
public cannot demand further self
sacrifice cn his part. : - ' ; ;
v - .
; 12
Lw y L i - w v . . 3 v.y
O r" r
- !
Makes Report 16 Governor on
: Vcrlc Dono at Washington r
; . Sanitation Congress;; W
dPEf: if.' g o fcKiiM J v'
Expcrb Recognized ;That; Hb-
n c u !u Cliei J IIvc Rat"
: ; ;" .Frcof Wlcrycsv
; Twat-rrocfins cf Honolulu's "water
front auJ eternal visilance in lceeping
up the fJstt en nosqultos are tirgcd
ty Dr. J. f. D. Pratt, presidenrcf tne
Ttrrlicrial DcarJ cf Health, In a leng
ir.y statement- he cade to Governor
l , r.r yt: :crJay as a report of the
ri.':rpnth International Congress of
l!y; ':ne end Der.osraphy' at Washing
l;::. D. C. , ; f ;;
Dr. Ti :tt wes c!:alrn:an cf the Ter
ritorial c:!rsaticn vhich atten?d" the
Ccr.icis, tho others tcin Dr, George
V,. McCoy, of the U. S! Putllc Healtn
r.:.i Marine Hc?:.ltal 'Service, and Dr.
lii:!,:rt II. Wo.l, cf Vaialua. .4
.". 1 '3 r:;: t cf t!:e f::::an, given
ia l:.rre rrt Ltlow, Dr. Pratt first
exr!-ir.:d that the Congress was the
larrc:t. cf Its ' kind ever held, about
delegates and rnembers, .from all
I :.tiz cf t ? wcrLC t:!r.g in tttcnance
Prr-.lJcnt Taft delivered' the opening
'ft relate J cut that under' the U.
G. form cf rverr.r-.cnt each ccmrau
r.Ity has c::.trcl cf it3 cv.a sanitary
r "-rs rs l:"-.a3 they do net ccn
; .t? "a ; " to ctV.-r ccr:rannl
. '.' .' j: ' " ; T l! . at allien
" C (." a r-t!rnal
.. ' , . . . . .. I the
" : - : -r f ?
3 I
. n ; ' ed
ii:I rata v. ho
l levies as a result
cxrar.eicn cf the
to t:
.wing the
r " 1
cf lr.t:r::L ' " C v . ;
he ad cf teientific Inves
Tratt dve.:3 w ithi reports
cf .experiments, .among
-,..: ... ' ...
r;e.r and Goldterger cf
;a t: ? y.
re. A:-:::
U. S. Tal
k . I t
f -vcr i ..
lie Health Cervice shew
!3 are cccaeiaaally tern
ar 3 to rr.a:!-3 and ty
c'tior.3 and later me
iIe. Thee 3 -Invest' a--eaetrated
that raea;.:s
in the catarrhal stage
Walter G. Cmith commander ' of
the advance fcrcc3 of the Hawaii Pro
:ae:i:Ti Committee in the Invasion of
Canada,-writes to Secretary .Wood
that. after a little difficulty in passing
the customs, . he has successfully
starte 1 his lecture campaign in the
Canadian , forthwest. ;. -"; -
Writing from. Vancouver under date
cf November Chird. Mr. SrnUh says: ,
'Tomorrow F. shall try a belated
advance man's work among the Con-gre-
ationalists"; who ' have,-1 - believe,"
the biggest church .here, ,You. mar be
sure that'! ' shall .lecture every chance
that I get, but IV takes time; to ar
range even for a free show. t Fiom
here we will take in Calgary, Edmon
ton, Saskatchewan . and Regiaa ;in
turn." - vV:.' y- i ' y y'-l'-': ;
N Frorn all, the reports that have been
received by. the local promotiofl com
mittee, Mr. Smith's lectures are; meet
ing with eTery. success possible -.:
Another letter, which shows he In
terest which" is being taken in . . Ha
waii In the East, comes from J. S. Tal
bot, general agent. 'for,- the Westerm
Maryland Railway Companj-; . who
writes from Chicago r under 'date i,of
November . jjs follows: - . -
1 am advrsed that the Hon. Walter
1.' Smith, speaker, writer and publicl
" v agent; ; will visit : Canada and the
United States during the net few
ncnttsr We. haverln the . city" 'of
Svanston.'- ? & suburb: ; of, Chicago.
"eached by1 steam ; and electrict linesrhnikes thm 'splely responsible' fdr. all
'n about twenty minutes,4 a non-sectar-
an meh3 clu b with St. Mark's Epis
copal. Church.;, This club Includes
"ver two hundred men, recruited from
'he first xltizens", of V Evanston' and
-. vhica CO. S v LV i:.'t r:A sy-y -.v.. T-i''
(Continued on paQe two.);
- '
- i -
r- c r Q . 7
ficted . Critic , arid ; Editorial
Leader Spends Day in
-''.- -it . - - 5 .
. .t
t : :. . . '
: Theodore Hoosevelt took , the -f
f; defeat, Bjdralnlstered his party at .
the last election like a big- man.
.He believed that the Prosressjve
cuse bad but jast commenced
4 to fight, and regarded the show-
ins made; as a triumph for that
.cause. :. '.; . v ::'
Roosevelt is a natural leader
of men. 'lie, was born one and
w ill lead until .he .dies.; But his
-. chief characteristic,-, to ' those i
t uo wiuw una uesi., is nij iu- t
- tense patriotlsnu: , His whole '
- heart and : soul is in the cause
of the people. - ". . . -.' '
The Progressive party will con- '..
f tinue. 1 believe, , to follow f him,
but should it be fpund tha,t a bet-
ter , man ; than Theodore Uoose- .
;velt is available; for .that leader- '
ship, I believe Mr. Roosevelt !
- would fcte aside, although con-'!
- tlnuing to give the most ardent.
support to the Progressive causa.
. The Outlook,, as every one
hr.owshas been in the progress-
ive fight, for years. "It. will con-
tinue in that fight as long as it
lives, or until that fight i3 won..
':. V.,:"..-'. ., -.- -.";-
Doctor Hamilton-' Wright Mahle, as-
Ecciate "editor cr the Outlook Maga
zir.?,'is crtimi-'io Prcgressire.
Wacn 1.3 arrived in ; art this -morning
cn the T. K. IL liner, Chiyo JIaru ac
companied ty-his v.ife and darghtrr,
all cr.r-.:t? to-Jap en; Dr. Mulis ex-pre:re-d
Lir.ec'.l -rer-rdirg the prcs
peets'fer t'-e- r :v.- p arty, and ire- af-f;--:
! ' " - " r::J truet in. tai
: . : . . ... i : hi- cap:. city .L;
- I-, V, , 1 .I-'-."'
c . v. ; :: the hopes cf the
l.e icrs ( ' t ; rty, prior to the
last elect: . 11 a high, the result
ro far c '" .re concerned had
nt lurpr. , : : d were going forward
v.i;a the I t fer victory, unabated In
courage z: . e-imlration. ; -
"I have r t teen Mr. Roceovelt sin
ce Noven:' :r Z and can not say how
he .took t: . result of . the election,
but from v. : et I know cf the man and
the pciit
1 I am convinced that he
i liis'dcizat like a tig man.. '
"In common r,ith all the rcrt of -us
he believes that the Progressive party
as such haa tut Just commenced the
fight, and I feel sure that he regarded
the showing made as a triumph for
the. cane o. . ' Y;-" '. . "; -'.
"Indeed when cne stops to consider
the t ar flee. p. i r.der .v, hica the . Prcg
reesiye party struggled la the campain
the fact that we" teat the present ad
ministration despite the . tremendous
r ' y. ;1 c--p-
1 1
Wlllett & Gray, New York, make
the, fol'owlns interesting and,: coming
frcm such close 'students. of the. sugar,
outlook,- .important ' obse tvations . , on
the result of- the elections, in their
review of the raw sugar market "un
der date of November 7t- .'-'"'-'.
. "The week under review was Inter
rupted "by two important holidays, vjt,
the. funepal of 'our" late .vice president
of the United 'States and by the 'day
set apart ; for the election of a : presi
dent, vice y tresident,v governors pf
states,' congressmen and; mayors kfof
cities-" This election was certainly the
most' notable event of the week and
yeari for it has fesulted in a'complete
oyerthrew:jDf the old Republican axty,
which, has" ruled tthe country for.'vthe
past siiteen years now placing: this
power exclusively in the hands of. the
Democratic party after March 4. .1913.
J "All officials in all -the departments
of the government, not already. Demo
crats, .will mostly be supplanted by
Democrats, ' which "means ah j almost
inconceivable change, at . one stroke
in the government management In all
departments, occurring ; but'- a. few
times In the last forty' yearsi The new
administration, - incladlng the ' presi
dent and both houses of congress: will
be in the hands of Democrats, .which
legislation for four' years from March
The party is committed to rednced
duties on sugar. brut not to free sugar 1
as we understand It Inasmuch as
many states which. voted Democratic
; (C: t!--;d cn P2-s 3.)
(Continued' on page .3.)
- : -J---
r r.-tr -
t , r-
4 ;-. .
anrr-- .. .
P 7f I T T T V
Associalc edltcr.cf The C .ii::' ,
Ivlsr.i, who declares. that'Eu acv It
jvirty if another preic able- io ta'.e'
0a!l Used -in; Problem VorI(
.Against Cardboard Soldiers'.
and;- Artillery. ;
, 1
Star-Bulletin , Staff Correspondence
Firing .under the 'most unfavorable
conditions, for machine ; guns, the
three 'platoons 'at:'Schofield Barracks
combined into one war-strength, com
pany, ; this: morning demonstrated Jthe
great ff ectiveness of such art organi
zation, y yY-y:T: :y,': -y.iy--
Had the ."streamof lead' been direct
ed at an -4 adtual .enemy, advancing
through Kle TCole pass,vinstead of at
silhouette v cardboard targets r' the
height of a kneeling marksman' a
new1 line, of defense for SchofleUi Bar
racks would have been .effected.
'-.Gen;' Macomb, the department -commander,-
was a close observer- of th,e
three problems, worlred out this morn
ing, and expressed himself a greatly
pleased-with; the success of the neW
theories of attack and defense which
have : been 4 worked Von tby'the; war
strength company organized .? hy f Col
McGunnegle. .; V '- .Vev 'V'- ':'"
' .Even under today's I unfavorable Tcir
cumstances the work.; was. keenly V in
teresting; In f the first problem, .the
company, with sl machine guns, flreij
at a company; of v Infafltry . advancing
through the pass ia platoon column,
CAr.iPAiiiK fo:i oo v
vClinton Hutchins is V;the.v latest
avowed candidaterfor- Gofernor" of thef
Territory of ; Hawaii to succeed Cover
nor Frear , when" theDemocratic ad:
ministration "assumes 'control. "It was
learned by;today'sma
who has ' made ; his -residence In ' San
Francisco for 'a number pf years,: has
begun his active campaign and is al-
ready ; assured ; of ;the 'baeking of -the
State DemoTatle; committee of ; Cali
fornia. Mr.- Hutchins' claim to the spe:
cial . considefation of the : DembCTacy
of the IN'ation is ' the strenuous work
he; did Mn California fori-WRson:r and
Aiarahall ' during the yecent campaign.
-What the ; local Democrats 5 will; do
with VHutchT is not anwThe, ques
tion of Mr. Hutchins residence' is' one
:'---,-----, .y I . .1 ..:' V'-"-, '
Jr,. . . 4 1 ..'4 J
...... . sJ . . ' J .....
I""!"'!'!' -
. r. ,1: 1 crille adrccale cf rr: .
11 III ti:i lwa from leadership Ia
tlo- iJarc. y'---:
b. ...... u U
the range being then 1500 yard3. Th2
ground .was very "wet, an the" spit
ter of the bullets in the dust v. a 3
missing,: so that the" -exact reeu't:
were hard to ascertain and it .
difficult : for - the? gunners to' corre ; I
their aim.: However, ten per cent . c t
hits' were, seored even under the r.a
favorable conditions. . : . ' .-
Then the" company'took up aa en
trenched position,- wuic'oaccording- to
the - problem, waSi supposed, to havs
been "secured the; night before, cn th-;
edge of the gulch, with the guns shel
tered by sand prevent rnents.The fir?
opened on a company; of; infantry, ev 0
posd to be crossings bridge t'Ci ya: 3
distant Here the remarkable; reeerd
of. 157 hits out of 180 shots was made
by the gunners.' yy '.' '-;.;'! -', : .
: Next the . guns w;ere trained on ar
tillery supposed to be coming -in A221)
yards away, after which the company
returned to its original; position' and
fired 5 on a company 'of infantry snr
posed to have deployed; This firing
also gave good ; results. " .' f? '
, In the party.of ; Cmilitary : ''higher
nps'5that came but! from department
t .headquarters today' were 'Gen. .Ma
comb, Lieut. Cot: Raymond," the jiew
sanitary inspector of the department
and .Maj. ntlin, newly 'come to: the
general staff. Thi. results of -the work
seemed to be satisfactory to .the .de
partment commander and the others.
tf. i
r j - .
-v '
that ' will, have to , be untangled unless
he ' comes to the islands : and ; lives a
year -again! establishing his residence
here and thus qualify under the Or
ganici Actii u: e J 'i't2ii'
' Though the matter: Is ra surprise to
his ; local-friends there is no, doubt
about the seriousness' of Mr. Hutchins,'
candidacy.".- .' '' " y.:? ;".:';'-.'' ".-,i . V
Although he has spent most of his
time for . some years in California,' he
still haa interests hero and a he was
mnch interested -fti;, local af f aif s during-
a trip here last summer, ra';; 0 r. '
WIth sugar and - shipments- ofr pre
served ' pineapples, t- the" Matson Navl
gption steamer. Enterprise -from , Hilo
arrived at, San Franciseo-iyesterday. . :
J w '
"y -y -. ; fA: a
corjoTAriTir.CPLC, tlt:.:, r
c v '
Thij t'rp, c:.a;';:r:d t r-".'-;."
;,"v:3 ra:." crr.r'.i tr .' . ".
r.s i'T::: J t" ; i' ' .
: t : ' : : t : :. I
. -It ij r:; 1 : :r; f 't f
V2 f: tD i! f j T. . '
all th..r.::)v:i h;vs L : : "
r 1 1
-1 c
1 to r : ; -. . ; c :
zer.3 cf
I i t
, , t . V. , ,
. - r - f f -
a in th? c:
return cf
re. :
I to t'
;aa r.a:
quarters. - The p
111 cr C333. ;
On receiving information th; c'
meat wiil sen. I cut In; pe iter.? t
elruct the: 3 v.-eri:!r ; rera'. .:iy io
dietriet, to ir.veet1 ;t3 -r" ! t: '
nece-eeary step 3 far ti: 3 e.. i': :.
the ci-n:rcu3 peet. Th3 r.-.ioy
i3 now Inaugurate 1 cr.d ail r.
and residents are o-'t :r; - i t3
ciosa wateh for ce .-'.j or r
clc3 which may Is heidi-i raia
and-providing brec "--: pi.-.e: r f:
insects. '
- !
r t.
v GAi 1 LE '.Villi GnZI!"
4 -
--:.V .-"--; - .,:-;-
: SANFRANCICCO, Nov; 13. '
Paris Lycurgv.3. a wealthy Creii;
of Hawaii; arrived from Honolulu
on the Matscn liner Wiihei.aina
yesterday, enroute to the teeno
of confiict in the Balkan Ctateo.
Lycurgu3 i3 associated in th3 ho-
tel business near Hiio and ha3
' accumulated considerable wealth
during hi3 residence there. He
will use a' portion of it a3 a con-
tribution to hi3 strrgglin g courv
trymen. In case the fighting-i3
over before -hl3 steamer sail3
from - New York, , Lycurgus will
return to Hawaii at once. - '
- - -r " 4 -
V " ' ca- :
HEfjRY f. da;.:o;j weds
..The wedding of'Mr. Henry F. Damon
U Mrs. -Gertrude Damon - .will , take
place at; 4 : o'clock this afternoon at
the home " of Mrs. ( Damon,; Moanalua.
The wedding party wilt be made up' of
immediate members of the. family.
Rev. H. H; Parker will odelate at the
ceremony. :': - -. : " ' : fy - "Vv - "y -
iy-r - - - ' ca "' ' :;
t i-y:
;' Judge R; F. Quarles wilt leave fov
Washington In the Lnrline next Tues
day night He goes ta urge the case
of Smithies,- trustee,- against Kalan
lanaole, being attorney: for the plain
tiff, the ease being appealed bye the
defendant.; Judge Quarles has : been
In formed by ; the clerk ; of the court
that the hearing will take place In
the .second; or third "Week 'of Decem
ber, so he Is. taking the first Ameri'
can steamer out of here to be on time.
. : v :
! "
- - - '
t r.: i ; -h'.3
p ro
te e a t. -'.'
Iv "1.
tun! :.:.; :
Wr.t to t:
wa.5 car:-'
wh-.-3 J
1 '
Everyth ... :
sail , J. I . .:. ;
the' Honclutx Irc:r .':: ,
turned In the -Lurii-. : i : :'
" VThey- ere not' v. erryi. ; r
Borocratr. over thiro. It
licart-rc'.ei that d'l th3 I::' '. 1
California It was anything u
Jchneon with thm. Bv :a V ? :
men of Can Francisco vet: I : .
son. When some of thera to'. . ;
their-intention to vote for Y,';! .a I
asked; them'what about :r.
"Their reply wa3t ' 'Cuar c n to' a
care of itself later we want to heat
that fellow Johnson.' a.
'Mr." Dyer had nothing, n 37.- 'to r.:'c
out relative ;to hU own h: -:..::3 ca
the coast - ; -
"' a. .'. - , ' ca'
-Allen street In the vicinity cf A.v
kea . wharf' ,stand3 S3 a r.a 0 a r. a: - a I
disgrace to the memory cf the 1
ent, board ef -city and county su ;
visors. -The impression - gained ty
several . hundred . pa33-cn arriving
thli morning in the 3 liner,
Chiy6.Maru,.ln'iwadin-: t. '1 1 '.art
slime, and mud in order, t j : . '. f '
bosiness and residential dL:r:-:: f . :
isafely be set down as far fro i . '-a;
a favorable one. ' "- j -
. '; - . v
"'..'. . :.-
,y -yr.h yy-f
,V .'-.

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