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'IT 5 -
1: uLwA-.-:
m i i . -i v J tk 1 .
- -V
' 4
- COphira. io, the ue cf $10,64'). was load at Prescott and she will clear
?--' found "by Federal officials 7 ca beard with 750,000 feet, The ' schooner re
--' 'be ; Tpyo ' Kisen Kaisha lIerChIyo ten tiy; completed a passag e.Xrom Bel
" Maru now at "the port of Honolulu irjjtham to Guaymas with a cargo'of
" pud to sail for . J apart port',' Manila lumber. : " ' ' V;:' ' WJ:;
-end: Hongkonsr V at four-o'clock this -':-: "''':' .'I : ', ICia-:.;;. V- '; -,Y
1 , tfternoon. '.-.; 7 ' " a-"-;'' Thirty Yeara Master of th KlikitaL
. ,:'; One or mere new., officers' . were ; Captain Roswell-;:' .Cutler; who tot
, von d in the personnel upon the ar-: thirty : years served as master of th
rival of the Miner from SanT Francisco now wrecked barkentlne ; Klikltat, ex
this morning. v pressed much sorrow over the. loss of
" Whether the presence of new faces tLe vessel near Hilo .some days. ago.
: ,'ln the orficial family has anything to -when informed through a, represent
do with the discovery of quantities of live of the t5an Francisco Marine Ex
. . dope, pending a stay at the coast, "the changed Captain Cutler ; did J not jgo
- older members of tbe.Chiyo Maru of-out in the Klikltat on the last;voyage
llcial staff refuse to confirm or deny.. to the islands for 4he reason that he
--During a recent ; investigation pur was slowly recovering from a serious
sued bv Federal Officers, the' state-'Deration. ' ,'"''- t. .
went' came out that the Japanese lin
crs had been singularly free' from
opium for a period of many months.
This state cf things apparently prqv
cd pleasing to those who have beet
."associated with the vessels 'fori some
.'jtars past. V .-. ;:'
: The first seizure of opium, made on
an Oriental steamer for ar long time
was noted when", "Customs; Inspectbrs
Lieutenant Joseph He? d.' .E. E. En-
. low, and Custom Aent , John . yf.
Emilb of San Francisco found 230
' tins of opium concealed in the venti
lator over the 'furnace' .In1 the 'galley
' cf the steamship Chlyo Maru. The
find 13 valued at $10,00, "No clew
was obtained as to the persons , who
concealed, the contraband, drug, and
no arrc s were .r.-.a." 2. ' -,
. . Arrivirs at the quarantine at an
tcrly hour this r.orr.Ing, with'a total
.cf-.Sr pas.-cr..r?, the Chlyo 'Mam
was alrnrrsida Alakea wharf before
r.!r.e o'clock No .caro I3.t0.be' dis-
:.:,:r;-! frcn th!3 "tessd because-cf
cx!-.tir. e.-tv.Jio laws.- '
Two ct-n :.. ivi.jcrs left the Ur.er
' at tMs 1 crt. Gz'r.x through to Japan,
Ch'.r.a tl'i l'Mlirros 'are SI
cr.Llr., K rr.iT.l cXL-s a::i.uCUi
ttic t:;.rat3 r-scngers. -Al.
Lvr.r.3 is r.umtered araor.g.the
r. - r i
i . t.
now to be found in the
" rj. Evans is Chief Steward
L : Kr.cr, and ho is rated as a
lr tl.2 place.- The new ap
Is r.o trar.rer to Ilcr.olulu, as
f:r ;-cars i'a??cd thrc;. 'h 'here
1 '. "-.r cr, city., in the Pa
: I.. . TI ta!I cf 11.3
t. J itrcr..T far the ga-:aJ "Al,"
hi3 Jan-Jed estates in Cal-
1 . .
I . ::.
1 ? 1
t IV
r t'
tr.' Cv
cf -1
3 cl
rc; :rtr I
c'a n , frc:u
t!:; c a;
M: r ' .1 prcjram cf
' : ' J lectures to cover
. ? Ia t event to la
. . of Dcremter 1st.
'. tcr.s eclten are in
. . ay carj d:.iineu
i that the list cf Eteer
a in the Chiyo is the
e the coast lhi3 year.
rr:rs inch.:- Ilarall
, 1 . h'.-.r.t c'itv r cf the
a.:a. sr.I.d Ly his wife
; . Ih ' rt 11. Fife and
t, a.. . , . O. Ca .an,' as
r t : Iho Dar.l; cf Ca!i
. c . i far 11.2 Cr.r.t, '
D::' L::i htafes.
u ; cr v ith taa;e
hrrs are cr.rcate
0 1. :.
.it:? a::.l
0 (
,1 th
1 f -
.ar.a 10 tao isiaaas m tae
Mat: ..: Navlation ctecmer 'Ililcnfaa
cx; to arrive' i t re - en' Monday,
ac'... z to the p4-ttentca!cuhitions
cf C:.:h- and Cooke, the local recTe
centrtivc ': :i - v-
Th Iirantan' is "i-crcrted'-ty -fS-cers
' ia.. V -. L l ' 'as having, tzezi
' ur;:LJ vhwli tacks barley and
fevJ tiixlU at" Seattle' and ' Tacoma.
; Ikavy ccnslgnmtnts cf flour are also
Include J in the cargo "that will be dis
charged at Honolulu;' Kaanapall, Ea
bulul, Fcrt Allen and Ililan , " ;'; ,
" ai'."' . '"' ' ' - '' ' ' ;
Dfx to Retelvt Alterations.- ' v
Eefore the United States army trans
port DIx returns to tlonclulu On the
. next voyage acrcrs the Pacific in the
direction cf the Philippines, the army
.vessel will have received extensive, al
v teratiens at Puget Sound yards, v. ;;
Tli3 upper decks ca the mule trans
port are tc, be lengthened bdth fore
and aft 'to considerable extenta The
construction of a new galley, new hos
' .pital ' ahd't more' " 'commodious
, quarters for the crew will be installed.
v -It has been estimated that at least
' $170,000 will ! have been spent on the
I)ix before all . improvements as plan
; ned are completed iahd the transport
: 1 goes Into commission again. ts'J-
.' -: - ' : ''- (Cl : . .. ' - :' V-
Schooner Ale -t Chartered For Hiio.'j ;
Lumber will te taken to 'HU'o,by
ithe ' schooner . Alert,; which : has Just
been ; chartered . for that ' purpose by
.the E. K. Wood i-umber, Company of
the Sound. The Alert Is scheduled to
arrive about Deeemter . 1. a She wiil 1
t 1 m
' - a
(,. . -; : :V ; (JAS. H.,
Cfncff ir,5 (&trvepp. Union Grill
Captain Cutler claimed , that 1 Iff all
the long years he sailed in the' Kllki
tat he never, lost a sail or; a spar. ;
' She,w2s'a.good ship? was his part
ing comment. , -;- ;: : '-'"' ,;":V.:'.;'
' The vessel was owned by the Puget
Mill Company and was buljt at Coos
Bay in 1881 by Simpson Brothers and
has 'been .In the. lumber trade be
tween Puget Sound and the islands al
most continuously ? since 'going' f-nto
commission! v'"-;: '' ' '
..- .. , ? .
Eight Z passengers, . several being
young women, are said to be making
the trip from the coast to the Jslands
in:the old reliable; bark jR.: p;RJthet
The windjammer sailed from. San
Francisco carrying" a; cargo , made tip
of a. wide variety, of '.merchandise
valued, at approximately.. $25,420 and
Included the following consignments:
1,000 cs canned "gobdj, SCO bales
hay,-50,000 tricks, ' 7,9 TO ft -lumber,
1C1 pkes tank material,, 23920 ska ce
ment, -'223- cs andvlC ke3 blaatlng
powder, 20 cs dynamiteCO cs' blast
ing caps,' 200 cs kero3ene, 41 drums
cMstillafe, COO cs and S3 drums gaso"-
iine, 0 cs naphtha.
The vessel is row eleven-days out
lrom San Francisco and upon arrival
here will be sent to Pearl Harbor,
there to discharge a, quantity of build
iz material. ' ". '''. "..'' '
" Wednesday, November 0. l ,
San Francisco Lurline, ,M. N.; S. S.
midnight. ' ' ; " ',
Thur&iay, fJovcmbef 21. .
San Francisco Chiyo , Maru, Jap.
strr.r., a. m. .' '';' : ' .
vx::.z::zz::z xn::riZD
Saa . l'ra:.c;.ca i cr Jicnclula E. E.
M. Eai:--,va, II. rranhel. r '. ;: -:
Per Yckchama T. G. N. Eardwell,
H. Cor. E. ra'anaa, Ca Hesse, T.
K ara, C.' p.va:h:ta. T. Iwakura, . R.
:: ha, lira. R. Kar.ha, 11. Kato,.G.
i.uu-urawa, T. " E. Llaj'J, II. Land 3
r.ann, Dr. II. W. T.Iahie, Mrs. H. V.
::aa!e, Mias Helen Mat.'s, J. Nakaml
"v,'a,. Cart. .C.Nakashima R. Naka-.Naa.-.
IL Ohi, F.. G..O;ven, Y. Cakano,
T. Lawa, It. P.. Stewart,.: IC Tajima,
II. Vrarajrai. , ' : '.''.'.- '-'.
Per Kobe C, F. Ryder. '.. . ,.'. .
For Nagasaki J. C. Murray, Mrs.
J. C. Murray and daughter, F. IL New
man, Lieut.-'A. E. Randall, T.- F. Sin
ger, Dr. II. F. Smith, Mrs. H. F. Smith.
Per Manila C. E. Pecker, P. -H.
Dumett, R. M. Caswell, Mrs. R. M. Cas
well, F. K. Crumb, Mrs.-F.- K. Crumb,
?!aster IL Crurab, Mrs. F;-. W; Fitz
rerald. V.lzz Predrlca Fitzgerald, S.
Jar;ha,:;ia3 Katherine Luttrellr.F. M.
Ih-Lla, Mra. C. Malaoln, -MI-3" Mary
I. Mann, E. Mcran, Mrs. E. Moran,
::rs. R...V.'.. Price, I. Putman, Mrs. I.
Putraan, J. M. Switzer, Miss Anna
V.'hittl--sey. Miss. Alice Wicks, Mrs. K.
P. Williamson,'" J. R. Wilson. Mrs. J.
R. Wilaon, Master Robert Wilson,
Miss Florence V Wilson. C. DeWitt,
J. Eh. Wright; '.: :. f , : -
For Hong 'KongW. S.- Brooks, R.
R. Coleman, Mrs. R. R. Coleman, T.
Crabtree, ;W. A. Cullen, ,llrs.it W. O.
Cullen, Da H. Davison, Mrs, ; D.JI. Da
vison. W. Jr. pietrich, R. ILVFyfe, Mrs.
V. IL Fjfe. Mrs. R. Hay ward, Miss
Elizabeth Hayward, IL P Henderson,
E. I.- Jones, Loueyj.Po Sang, J. ows
toa,' S. Rosenthal, G.; H. Ross, Mrs. Q.
H. Ross, G.. IL -Stewart, Mrs. G. UL
Stewart, L. I. Thomas' R, I.; Warner,
Young - Kok Man. -f- VJ '
; Per - M, ' N. S. S.- Lurline from,; San
Franclcso For Honolulu: -rH. r X
Baldwin, Father Bens, : H. jL Blood,
Mr. and Mrs. "J. H,a Bradey, Mr. and
Mrs. P. W.. Burns, Mrs.; Cf.-Clarke,
Col. W H. Connelly, W. J. Dyer, Miss
M.a M. Hawthorne, v Wm Hawkins,
Father Herbges,;; E.V Humboldt, - Mir.
and ' Mrs. E.- B. Hyde, Mr. -and . Mrs.
Jas. Kennedy, Father: Kuys,. Mr. and
Mrs. J. F- McCorkle, F. Medeirosj Wri.
Rathman.h Miss E. ; M. Richards Ed.
H. -' Ryan, Miss L. Severance S. B.
Stewart, W; L.- Stewart, Father Van
Vorst, - A. S.". We faster, v iMlss E. F,
Wells.1' -X:v in ' ?': fv -Jf-- t
Per T. . K, K. S. S, - Chlyo? ilaru,
front r: Honolulu for j Japan" and China '
ports, Nov. 21 : B. ChatzkTi : Miss fCA
De Forest, Mr. and Mrs. A- F. Nadler
and Infant. Dr. Fv Renaud," Mr.' and
Mrs K. Vorobieff,' Miss' S. Vorobieff,
Capu and Mrs. J." Wuttig.' ' ; '
Phond ,1281 .
. - V r
ii- 11 r ii l.rl ' " , I:
1 ' .- ; ,t.. , -.-T,- '.WW Vtv--?t: I
V " a i'-'K-v' Thnrsday. Nov. :21i :
V Temperature ; a. 69; a? .fit,"
70;10 a:;m 70; 12 noon,: 72. Mlnl-m-am
last night,; Wiv:s? :,U 1 1 11:
- Wind - a. m4 velocity , , K ;
a, nW veloclf y 14. N. E.; 10 .a.; mi ve
locity If, N B; .12 noon, velocity 20,
s. E. " Movement past 24 : boors, 332
in Ilea TriA
-Barometer at 8 aJ nw 30.15. .Rela
tive humidity, 8 a. m.; 8. Dew-point
at 8 a. 65. Absolute humidity; 8 a.
6.863 r Rainfall, . 48 ' -f '.- '
I -''.' 7 1TATEBFC05T H0TL3 '
: r
7onnaae Rates Are ' Aeroplanlno.
Advices from London to local ihip
p?ng firms state- that it is most flira
ct.li to secure siil tonnage' itd come o
the Pacific, - Rates: are advancing lor
both call and steam. Information has
a1so been received from Llverpool'that
tailing: Ehlp owners are ? asking so
roach for their tonnage that It la im-j-psslble.
to .secur anything, to bring,
cargoes from Europe to this Coast.
Practically, all of . the tonnage "coming
here for, wheat, this 'season , is from.
itouth American a ports -and V for, ti
same "reason that freight T rates are
high from Europe the rates on tonlge.
tor -wheat still coming to hold upv
New Oil Port Tie-iy For Cuslness.;" . '
: The; new. oil prt. at El Cegundo,
Csly is now.cpea to commerce; Three
tew tank steamahlps; the"El Segtin
c!o." the TJchnacna" and the Cassa
ba." now " building, on the " Atlanuc
Coast, '.'will ccme to El Segundo ; and
will be used to convey 'the distiJ led
products cf. the Standard OII'Co.'b
plant to J2pan and China, hThe Stand
rrd Oil's 4 C CO-foot pier has been com
pleted with". the exception ct. the con
crete work and ampla facilities rare
c horded stearnshi;3 calling (there.- ;-;
:- -Three
Million Fcr C :stt!e Harbor. ,
, The Seattle pert ccn:nii2loahas be
run the expenditure cf T3.100.COO tor
Saattla barter lnanroveracfits in addi.
tica to tka co-called Ilartor Island
terminals. -."All tali, , the money to De
realized from the sa,!c cf a total of
J11C3,CC3 la bcn:3 .vctsd at the' last
Municipal elect. .a. will be put into tae
full hatrtor ' i:r;.rcvcn::r.t plan. The
n,lC0,C:0 is to to 'sp;clclaily i:a:3
( s .fcllavrs: . Ouo ralllira: dollars In
th? inaprovemsnt cf th2 central water
dent; ?S30,CC'J la building tie cast
t atcrway docha; ?7C9,c:0 ia tho ccn-
itructiaa cf d
at Smith . Cove;
T::-0,c:o at Salra.cn tay.liO.CCO for. a
Ihc Y,ashir.:tca ferry. Tho Initial
expenditure cf tha rcrt conara.ieaica on
th3 Ilarhar Ialand Iraprovcment
ic ;:,c co.ee o.-
f,':w Critlsh P.'O. Ciamps -'v. -': .V
' LONDON, Novcmter : 2 A new
penny stanap I3 ca ra!3 in England. '
to be foil:
J,, it i3 stated, by an
-y I'ar.p. as well as
.a cf higher value.'- "
cT c:c:!anatlca tl:
.rrcve 1 half
in th;
: v.
J v..
a ; ;t . iha -neral
adverse criticism, la a nonth or two
tite old design,' which was . done ser
vice tlnce Coronation Day, will' have
teen replaced by a rawer af.4 bc'.der
rcrtralt of the King ia complete pro
li'o. -' - '. .;..;,'- " ''"''"-. '
New 2d and 3d stamps.are also go
ing out, ana .' within the next few
months the. lull pre ram' of r changes
win have been ccnap
Penny (new cesign,
(modiSed). . agreen; ;
(uew color), brown;
: ted, as follows
red;; : halfpenny
twopenny, (new
eclor), cranro; ; twopence-halfpenny,
blue; threepenny (new design); violet.
J New colors are also contemplated
in the higher values. - ; : ; 1 c ' '
' - ; '.. ' .: - pi ,- ' '.h:,' '-'.' 'T
CboIera Xerious In Japan, ; V A t -
Japan is hard hit through the ray
ages . of Asiatic cholera according, to
the story, brough to Honolulu with the
arrival of the Pacific Mail liner'Mon
golia. ' Hundreds of deaths have oc
cured at .Tokyo. - Before the Pacific
Mailer departed, from the '" Japanese
ports, reports indicated - that r the
amount of sickness is appalling among
the poor and the ability of the autnort
ties to cope with it is being taxed.
; All the towns and village's bordering
on thS Shimonosekl .Channel ; dlvfaing
the : island of Klushln from the main-,
land : have been, attacked. ' This in
cludes the towns of Shimonosekl -and
Kure on he mainland and : MoJL Wa
kpmatsu, and KaratsU:bn the. iaipnd of
Kuishiu. fr?. : : ; :
r The Shimonosekl : Passage is used
tj" : large number " of steamers passing
between Osaka and Kobe in' Japan to
both : Shanghai and v"Vladlvostock.'as
well as to Fusan In Korea. v ' . -.
: Enquiries at' the quarantine bureau
elicited the Information that the last
reports received from the affected dis
trict showed 136 cases and- S3 4lea' 3
itf Moil. - alone and" '59 caies and 24
deaths" In the town of Shimonosekl.
This report was dated' October 3 and
nothing Is known of the course of the
trotibl since I that itlme. .
Owners' Reap"Harvest.;'. , : '. . ' ;
V Advices received from the 'principal
sWppIng centers of the. United' King
dom Indicate the fact that the owners
of sailing tonnage arejiow experience
Ing aa period of -prosperity .and jthat
their vessels I are iow, turning m e
profit than they have enjoyed for sev
eral years. --These f avorablo condl
tlona, coupled with .the fact that' near
ly all the available wirid jammers have
been chartered to foreign, markets at
very fair-prices, tend ' to relieve rthe
financial depression which affected the
shrpplngwdrld two years ago. '
! xAt this time so firm1 was the Impres-.
lion that the4day of jthe. sailing ship
was over and the longer she was held
. the less, revenue she would bring in,
J that a great many of , the leading, srip-
ping firms made haste X ro dispose of
.ytbeir sailing vessels, (browing so many.
cn, the : market for- sale at jthe eame
time-that 'the prices were depretsed ,
to a great .degree. Some, splendid; ves
sels were disposed .of at about jone-; a . full cargo of general merchandise , ing contract . originating at JsTorth Ko
third ; their value. '.--c-.- ' ,".:-- :'' ;-ia the California and "Atlantic Steanv na. an; in iwhich ' the nialntlffa assiert
Xoyt those who purchased the cheap
1 1 ;. ft: r ft
Preparing tbamake pleasant the path
af . for company of between; thirty
five and ; forty theatrical : performers,
among whom I declared - a bevy of
twenty, of the, prettiest . chonxs .- girls
ever recmited along the Pacific coast.
Herman a FrankeL " heavily Interested
In thesuccess of k" projected - tour of
the re-organlxed, Hughes 'Musical Com
edy company Js an arrival In this city
today as a passenger in the Japanese
Beauteous maids, the kind that are
warranted . to aet the masculine heart
to. "obstreperous fluttering,- are num
bered ;wlth.' tbe aggregation of thes
plans which are to present ' series
of late - musical comedies: and . light
operas In this cltr beglnhlrig with the
latter part, of this month, and' con
tinue over a' period or some weeks, '
uFrankeltwho -.piloted : -the -former
Husoes company of fair, femininity
and brave commediana - to v the Far
East, i has again undertaken - a tour
which is torinc!ude :a stay at Yoko
hama,; TckyOia Kobe, ; Shanghai Hong
Kong .and: Manila. -
Thd new company" will be liberally
supplied with new scenery and properties-
td 'insure up-to-date productions.
-'- cat O ' i , ;.
- Mail, leaving here in the- Matson
Navigation steamer Hcnolulaa arrived
tt the coast Tuesday midnight.- -"Vr.
The Oceanic liner Ventura to arrive
from the coast on next Monday morn
ing wi'l bring the next majnland mail.
TheToyo Kisen Kaisha liner Chiyo
Maru ' for the Far East will bs dis
patched ' at four o'clock this after:
noon. i . - .; - a . '.-:.. : ' -- ,' .
'. Lumber laden, the Am prlran schoon
er Defiance ialled from Grays "Harbor
on; Tuesday with : destination as Ho
nolulu. r. .'. r'y, -4S, : - :'' f' V ,
One or more stevedores had a pretty
clcaa call f this morning through the
snapping . of a -'large T manila cable
which served to. bold the Chiyo Maru
to Alakea wharf.v - '- - '' - a ' ' v -.-
- Defore the Matson a. Kavlaitioa
steamer. Lurline-. had ; - reached ,the
wharf . at.' midnight" the hatches, were
eff and; perlahable freight was made
ready for inanaadlate dlachar3., - ; i
Sailing. from San Franaisco at epe
o'clock yeatsrday aftemcaa the Mat
ton Navigation liner .Vilhelmina is be
Leved to hive deprtad ith a, mrge
number of cabin passrn-srs and a big
Hc. j. . .,' : -. - - - . , - a '
; ; Filthy water and mire to the depth
cf a few. inches to a foot bloc!:ed the
paa'aage-- of 'hundreds;--, of pCJtrlans
who visit: r AIal.-a wharf cn arrival
cf the Tcyo Kisen . Kaisha Etcanaer at
Alakea wharf this-morning.' a' a', -'. a. t.
TVs thei sanaa eld story, : leap" year
never did'ilive "Up to ' its'? prospectus.
You can' help? a man wonderfully
sometimes by not giving him advice.
Many ministers.: want to labor in
the vineyard where the pay is best. '
tennage and (those, who hung on; to
their : windjammers are. telling an en
tirely different story and congratulat
ing, themselves oh their foresight.: ! -
''-:- .- .'v f3 ' "s .-
Weekly Fire Drill On Ferry Steamers.
' SA!I FRANSCO, . : November . 5.
For i-easons pertaining- to the safety
of Vo general "public, the Government
tbrtnjh its.locr.l Inspectors of hull3
and boilers has ordered . weekly fire
drills, hereafter onfall ferries on San
FnnclEco bay, the V. railroa'ds owning
the'-V-Xaefa "being, notified yecterday. v
: - The, order oi the Inspectors de
mands ,that the. fire drills be held once
a.week and at a time when the vessel
is' wrll out In the water and when she
li -carrying an average load of passen
gefs.tUn pther vwords, It Is demanded
that, the drill be conducted : during a
voyage, on which average conditions
Pi tvailVi .?i 4 . if. C
i The captains of the ferry steamers
were- notified of ' the new rule yester
c'.s. when; the inspectors caused the
ncticesjtb. be tacked up The South
crn Pacific,' Western Pacific and Santa
Fe have ; Issued littlenotices to pas
epngersV advIsins, them of ;tbeJ drills
and warning, them, notito get .excited
at the. sudden bkut of a vessel's .fire
siren and the. sadden activities ojftbe
crew,--:, v-- r "' "- a
New 8teamer Columbia Arrives. !, j
The1 -new steamer Columbia, the first
cf ; a number of the same class built
and building at, Wilmington, ' DeL, f of
service" on the ; coasts has "arrived at
San Francisco 77J6 days' f rom Pfiila
delphia, in command of. Captain S. E.
AtenAThei Columbia - was built' for
Wilson- Brothers & Co. of that 'city
and will be used by them oh the coast
as ' a lumber'transport ? The "Columbia
Is not graceful It has a bow, like the
bvtt end of a saw log and.; to the eye
of: a ' landsman, : should 'have another
rtast af ti of the smokestack." , In. ma
rine architecture ' today, t however,
beauty Is sacrificed to utility and the
-Columbia' is one of the 'most efficient
ly equipped vessels of its class that
ever came In through the Golden gate,
The vesseP win carry about 2,000,000
feet of lumber and has the. gear for
handling Its freight quickly. The hull
In of steel, double bottomed: and pro
ylo'ed with steel . bulkheads. , On the
voyage a- from -"a;. Philadelphia ' heavy
veather was encountered oft the .Vir
ginian caifes t and ' again pff - Cape ; Pil
lar, and . the t Columbia satlcfied - Cap
tain Allen that It. was a first class sea-boa-i
In; the; Etorm aon the Atlantic
ride somejbig seas were, shipped, and
they' did-considerable 1 damage to the
Columbia's : upper works. ; a -
The Columbia is . a.;vesiel of .118S
tons, iris 238.1 feet; long, 41.2 feet in
beam and ; 20.8 feet deep. It brought
ship company, ' 1 - " ; ; ' 5
-"a ' 1
-" Rolling and , tossing oh the broad
PacincJaifewt days after leaving San
Frariclsco for Honohjlu, the: -Matson
NavigaHonvsteamer; JLorllner was "de
layed by coming to tL-.tvll stop owing
to a breakdown in her oil-burning ap
pmtvajJwtM a;:";
The liner came to a berth at the
Matson wharf shortly before midnight
wjth a 32' cabin and 10. steerage pas
sengers. The" vessel brought one of
the largest cargoes of ' merchandise
end supplies In er:liIst6i7;'--'-"rr'ra?':!
Alterations made during the stay
at :3an- Francisco. were in . evidence
last , night. - A call at r the. former of
fice vof; Purser II. B, Meyer revealed
a well-equipped , bathroom. - This nec
essary, adjunct to; a v trans-paciflcJ
steamer bearing the name plate "Pur
ser's ; office, over , the door, at first
glance led Inquiring waterfrontera ' to
believe that the Matson Company, had
awarded - a" private bath :to thij effi
cient offlcer,-- f a - Ol'-V
a Meyer was a finally ' found a In new
quarters located on top of the boil
ers, When it comes to a steam-heated
apartment the' purser in the Lur
line certainly has no complaint 'com
ing...'::v-:r"-".a- ' a. .' -
The Installation, of a new oil burn
ing apparatus In the Lurline 13 ascrib
ed as one cause for the delay la ar
rival.; ; Some trouble was experienced
with the engines as well. " ; -: ' '
' The vessel carried some thirty cr
more head of stock and thl3 necessi
tated a detour; to the 'southward ' In
(teaming to Honolulu. '
The Matson liner hai received a
general overhauling 'and many im
provements are noted.'
A general shake-up in the perscnnal
waa effected since the steamer laat
called here. F." Edward3 succeed3 A.
R. Cahling aa chief officer J. P. Mor
ris: and aa almost ccnplete staff cf
engineers' are . In charga'of the Lur
line 'machinery.- Chief Enssnaar Po"
latt hasi decided to remain ashore for
a trip. ' ' ' - ' .,' - "- '
; .Two new ' wireless operators in the
person of Messrs. O. B. Mccre hen'
and J. L. McKinnon are la charge cf
the radio telegraphic et:!rna:r.t. ' '
The Lurline may get away for Ka
hului Saturday evenlr z. -, "
; Boxes filled -with- costly V.veet3 cr I
candie3, hunireals of pear. '.3 cf fir- '
fruit3, a hunired cc'pi3 cf tha' la4
novel3 and wcrL3 cf star. ! .ri t'r.V. .
a cclleetion cf newest. .c:'aly a :
mcnihly 'paazinea, baa;lai:3, tr-.
racquets and an accamulatiai cf
Ins clllciaU at the port cf Can Tr:
ciaco to assist - Sanaa 'thrc3 I
paa:engsrs in the Paci::a r.Iail i.a :
Nile in passing an enforced i aria .1 c
detention' at Ansel lalani. a
1 Two "cases cf snaall pax diacovcrc !
a3 the vesael stearaed from Yckchara
to the ccast caused the c.7.c!al3'at th
coasj port to -'place tha lllls and h:r
paaaansers' In. quarar.tlns. ." ; '
a Compulsory baths : and :'fum!atIor.
is saia to have provea cne rcunj c:
del:ht,wken It wa3.Iearned that th3
ofUcers in Uncle Yarn's sarylas were
making "efforts to make the. Etay cf
the 'idetained passengers a pleasant
one. ':;.-.a'.' :'-
, After several days, the vessel wa3
released;. " : - a , : : -v -a :" '
' o ' ' : ..r
t :
(Ccn'Jaapj frcn Tzz 1)
Our monthly meeting cccur3 on the
first Monday. in. each month, and" we
would like" to have Mr. : Smith talk to
our ; club the' first . Monday In either
January,-" February, March, or "Arpih
He will be given hospitable and gen
erous entertainment, and we will have
an 'Opportunity to present your cause
before' an i unusual - audience; Please
let me, know, at your earlies conve
nience : If any of these ., dates can be
given us by Mr. Smith 'and what ad
dress In "the United States "will reach
hiraJ a It a. '-- V? ,5 A a V.; i c -
: It Is believed that the heaviest tour
isty business; thatf Honolulu has ever
done will; come , within the f next six
months A. MV; Culver; agent of the
Oceanic Steamship. Company at ' Los
Angeles, writes that the -prospects for
travel to : Honolulu, are very , fine and
that; at present h$ Is holding many
reseYvations fori Los Angeles, people.
He also' states that a number of east
ern people, will stop in - Los Angeles
and then make the trip to the Hawai
ian IsIand.sJ;a;''a'T-
v Secretary Wood returned yesterday
from a trip to ; Kauai,, where he went
to make an investigation of the hotels
and roads on that Jsland. He is very
enthusiastic over the splendid tourist
accommodations and; he said that he
teltf sure ttbat ; the; committee could
now . safely notify;, tourists that they
should by all means visit the island..:
aaVr';. ' 'f'' '.--f
Governor . Frear today received a
letter from, his old, college .classmate,
John Loman, now school examiner for
the .State ;of j Pennsylvania in which
the writer ; asks for. Information con
cerning the; McKinley ,hlgb schooL He
fcaysthat ;he ; frequently, has appllca,
tionf from i former Honolulu - high
school stduents nand desiresr; to know
the scholaatic standing of jthe local In
stitution. ; a : .
' Argument of k;the case;;of ,-M.i F.
Scott and, Nettle Lv Scott against, the
Kona Development Company will be
heard In. the supreme court text Mon
day i morning.. 1 This ' is an appeal by
the; plaintiffs : f rom,. ;'the ; decision a of
Judge Matthewman,; of the Third: Cir?
cult Court, In a suit on a sugar grow
$574O20.C1 ia due them, :a , -r
ri rh!a!i u c--'. :-i ths ilvt;aiia:j
L7.;i:;a L C LLETEi, c a tahlla ' ;i i;;i
; Publishers, Ccrrci:!
flat ratd Ton Di:PL.vr ait; ;:::;a xv:
R.7II. JAN. i; 1515 (Prcrarr.J Vzz. ilea 22 )
TR.NS HINT RATE, till first inr?rtl:a tzl'tilz:
CLASSIFIED, Cz C tt par wr: cc! pr II-;
v. AYrniGt dAily cir cul.it: jult-cct
- J' - , , II J . .
a:,-:i "..Ti: ..i--rs-r:".;:..i :::;r:i c: ;j
r- - --
Per Ilanii, tsyif h:r3 In Ual;:2 Ci':;:3
Per Quartsr, anyhar In Un!; ! Laataj
Per Yenr, tnrh -o li Ur' -l : a'..
Per Tear. ra::;a::. ..
Per Year, try
Per Year, r
Par Tear. :
!r:n r'l C
well as trav:'.:;.i I
Cation steararr I.::
cr- -rar.tir:;c
! h.7
J i.i
I at a
ti ; a ta t!.at ,
It in LU " -' o
rnd our c.
t ..... i i
:i cc:.:t,:l,
- w w w r
':- V,
Crr:n Turtla
jrullet 'Ea,. -l In TI Leaves.
,5 Filet;; of. Chicken rrogs' Lrga
Boiled Tare a a Mahcl Potatoes
- Cauliflower . a ;;';a Green Pca3 av
yiL Corn 'on "the Cob "; ; aa '; ;'
.' Asparagus . Salad, Tips . with a
aMayonnaisa ;
;-'.. .-;.r. roast. .:
Parke? ; Ranch Turkey!
Island Beef
Teai thick
Wild Pigeons
- ;V-
, ... - .;;
V;- ; ..
; A
7 7,., r
aa? v
'-H. A .
, . winea-and-5 uanor . Merchants!. - a
CTAH. "t:.
Ija;j Pr.
F;;.! : : ' 1 '
, . .
. t
...... ...Y......',...
r.i-... -
- - .
;; 5
t .5
r . a

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