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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, November 21, 1912, 2:30 Edition, Image 3

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The Perkins rf Art Calendars :
are surprises this . year new
scenes finer quality than ever '
' before... ;W A -'". 7 'mmyjlt
In sepia and black.-. v.d'd ,
" - -. , - t.5 . .-..-v,r ': -
; Ask" "for. them at any; store
where similar goods are sold.' "
' : v"-'? z ? j -m"-"m -' -dw'
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.' -
Tv.d modern houses cn Fifth
Kaimukl, e;ch 'contain
- t.j Ur:: t:ircc.c, pzr
r :-i c"-:-;rc:m. Yrd In-'
1. At cut thrc s ml r. ut: V
' . frcm cir line.. Fric? rca-
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v rrx ) tilt it out cf s rLec-a-rd
Oer.il!-' Vrn. TH ,
porceliia Inirg aJ perfect tam
tary " eonstniclioa da twiy wiih -!1
cKncefor te ccunaula'Joa of '
Jirt nJ ccnijv oJorx. ',.
; -i- CLEAIIAELE i ' 4
Porcelain UnJ V
hit tK famou bins wall conrfruc-'
' "lion wKicL leepa' th cold kir.lo '
' oJ tht .ttanv ait ort, If ;'yo ;
I wuhwoy article of food to coma
out of your refrigerator a awed
;: aad 'wkoleaoma as wkea it went
in, thesi boy a famoui 'Leonard
QeanaUe. ,Wa ai local ageota
- dJ I k '.ZL " - r..tl . :
lit iua sue icaaj ior
KJ xh.j. abaolutely fuarantced. .
ih: Hackfeld & Co.
- (Con'Jnued from Fajs 1)
jf vf;
patronage, and the ' vast power , t of
the; machine at the beck and call of
the Taft tnanagers Is a big enough tri-I
nrapn ior xne nrst Ugnt of, th Cull
Moose party. -iV f; ; :;;fVc
"I have been ' asked whether . the
Progressives ; are satisfied :with the
leadership of; MK Roosevelt Eo far the state of the weather. Tbave al
as my observation and "the Informa- 'Vs thought . of Honolulu J as the
tlon I -have received would lead one f place where the sua never goes under
to believe, they "most; emphatically
are. ; Mr. Roosevelt Is a natural lead
er of men. He was born a leader and
he will lead' until. he dies. In one ca
pacity or another. Of .this all of us
who have come in close contact with
him are sure He is a vital force. Im
pelling, , compelling, v -v 1 i ' -.
'Cut to those who work with him
the. chief characteristic of the man is
his: tremendous, his intense . pairibt
UmU This love of his fellow and,-of
his couatry Is the keystone to the arch
of his character.1 It is in my believe
the prime mover in all ; that he- docs
or says or thinks.'- ' v y
"It led him forward until the Pro
gressive movement took him and from
that time until the election he i was
driven forward by his own patriotism
and by the drive of events. His whole
heart and soul ts fn the cause of the
peoj)le.": ' V .;v x-'-.1.-
"When I left,' preparations for; con
tlDuIng the fight of ; the Progressives
were already: well-under way. What
thofe.rlans arc will develop later, as
the need arises.' -Ot on? thing I am
confident ; There will . be no secrets
Irom . the . puLIJc. .The people are
arotirrd.They. are . Elck of the; chi
canery of the past and are prepared
to demand and ottain their 'rights. vv
"Another thing I shoulcj like to sayi
While I believe that LI r. Roosevelt is
the natural,' logical leader of "the
Prrrrrc.-Tlvcs,' " I know, enough of the
n:.in ti: -clt to feel tare that If a bet
ter IcuJcr U .discovered, cue more apt
to attain the alms for which the i : ar
ty Ftands,; then . Mr; Roosevelt will
fctep to one side. He is not ambitious,
(V?s; ;ic v, ! nt has been said about him.
lie Is' f!' fcr principle, and! he
woul l give to another man,, chosen to
take his place by the rank and file of
tbc party, the Eanie devotion, the same
labor and the came Intelligence he
fcr.s. always. shown when fighting for
any. object." f ;
t.-caklngiof the attitude of the Out
Jo X cf which he Is -.the associate' cd
iter, toward .Roosevelt and the Prt
C.rcssive policies, Dr. JIal'le said:
"All friends and rer.Icrs of the Out
I)Ca 'kcow- j-jst how .1:.'; .the "ms la
tino ! :i been fitting fcr prcsrescive
policies. Tl'.e 0:tlo'-,: has been In the
Rvcrycne with cnythlrT for sale,' to
."Play Fafe." Ccr..:-:crir the fac-
tcrs cf
LI I.ii.
re i '..rctr ry than know
it L'Tcr. " afterward.
A t . . .
4 O.
Her.- t!.o i:c-i" every tinie.
. - v J' f. '' ,
Agent, to sell. P?.c!flQ Cczt
j .. s to importers ca. a ccni
:i lac!-. .:;!: -nt i must f ur
:.: i : '-'.-.est rcf;rc.-c:3 end bethor
ouMy posted - in : the business.
r:::?3 c lircc3 Ur. II. Windcls, 214
Irc:.t Ct, Can rra.r.cIsco. Cal.
Af 3U.V
r. R. D. i.v.vin, I'.zr. cf tl? Hoins
Candy Co., wishes to. announce that
1;g l;a3 taken into partnership Mr.
Chr,rl?3 J. Ludw'-rrn, formerly cf
t:.3.I.Jrn Cafe. Tl -y will.be pleas
ed to receive ttcir fr;cnd3 and pat
rons at the cl. ::: d 1! "me Candy
Co., 11G0 Ala!.c . L... ; ...
1." . ' ' .
fiat:o rc n c ale.
For Christmas: an excellent opportr
tunity., Am leaving for the "coast
and must sacrifice my nearly new
upright piano for what it will bring.
, Will accept best offer. "H. J.,M Star.
' Bulletin. ' - V .''. 5333-tf.
FOR rent. ;
A furnished cottage, - 5 rooms ; anc
V bath, servants' quarters and elec
, trie li-I;ts 120,: to -desirable ten
f ants, Upper I.Ianoa Road, Mana
' Valley. Apply Mrs. E. II. Crown,
Wahlawa, Oahu. r " 5339-1 w.
Ye do not boast of Iowt prices .which
usually coincldo with poor quality,
but we "know . how" td put life,
hustle and pro into printed -matter,
and that is what talks loudest and
longest, ; ,, Honolulu" Star-Bulletin
Job f Printing : Department,, Alakea
St,, Branch Office Merchant St. '
.' Ti - ' ::m S333-tf. :','' - i I .- '
- At a meeting of the i Board of Su
pervisors held i the 19th Inst,; the fol
lowing motion -was ; duly put and car
ried; : v ; i
V ' rrhat ; all v the MerthanU torj
ward to the City and County And-
Itor, "at 1 his! office- in the'. Mclntyre .'
Building, a statement of their ac.
' counts - against - any. of thefDe:
partments of the" City and Count-;
ty of Honolulu up to and include -:
iVing November; 30, 1912.: ;5i.-.'. v:i'"' :
. -'- r .-ir it ittAL'if axrr t i
City r and Cnty: Clerk.
light iforr'years.Itwin continue tn
Itio striiKsle as Ions as It lives or un
til that firht Is won.'
Dr. f Mzbie was met on the ship by
Federal Judfie.. Sanford R Dole, and
Mri, Pole. .Judge Dole and the. Doc
tor were classmates la AVIUUms Col-
leg in the old days, but had not seeai
each ; other ; for a -Ion time.' The
Judge and Mrs. Dole .whirled tJieir
inenas? oil in an auiomoDuej to see
tbcltylpaoring :,the ..heavy.' rainrthat
was railing at the time. Doctor Ma
bie seemed a ' trifle disappointed at
J cloudAhe signed hJmsIcaJly!c
In Judge Dole's automobile, Dr Mrs.
and 'Miss Mabio; Visited several places
of Interest In and around Honolulu,
including the Pali and the Country
Club, and at noon,. Doctor Mable was
taken" to the UniTersItyr Club, where
he gAve a short address to more than
a hundred members of the club and
their friends. ;, His address, dealing as
it did, r with . college life and : college
influence, as ' well as the place that
college -men .had played and areplay
ing in, the world games of todayl was
received. fIth" applause. i t Dr. - Mable
will leave . forjyokobama : this after
noon, lie made a special point of the
fact . that his, .mission to the ; Island
Kingdom i3 not journalistic Instead,
he said, with patent sarcasm, he is
going to. attempt "that easy task of
making the Japanese student- under
stand something of the simple: United
States. , : .- y-Xm'mm-''-.
; Doctor Mablo will leave this after
noon for Yokohama, and will iremaln
in Japan until May. . - ' m ;'5
Among 5 those who were ;at : Doctor
.Mabie's table, at the University Cl".b
luncheon, were 'Walter Dillingham,
Walter i'rancis Frear, Prof. W. D, Al
exander, Prof. M- E. Ecott; the' Japan
ese consul,, W. il.'Cabbltt,, John X
Gullck, Dr. Scudder, W. E. Rowell,
a classmate, of the Doctor's at Wil
liams. Judge Doleiand, William Wil
liamson. Others in' the rooms were
Dr. Nr B. Rmerson, Frank C. At her
ton, Br von Damn, Pres. Griffiths, . J.
M. Young, J. A. Rath, F. A. lowrey,
IV U Horno, Tenriorial Secretary
Molt-Bmlth, ;..Edgar :. "Wood. Secretary
Super of tho Y. M. C' A. and arowd
of prominent cillzens cf. Honolulu.- :
EnirrrJ cf RrrcrJ Xovcnlrr 13, 1312,
Fre::i 12;"') tu u. U iCd i. ki.
Cecilia. K. Iditchell and hsb.Uo ' y
Thomas 1 HolHnger :. . .. . ...AddlChg
John A Dcn:Ini3 and wf to Trs
- cf Liliuckalani Trust . . '. D
Cot cf ArchiLald S . Xleghorn by i r
Trs to J T: Scully ...v.,;...OtL
Agnc3 C Vcavcr . . ':V'J. i .'."Notice
Co-O; :rative Home Purchasing :
Society to 'Chas II Kalaiwaa.". . AM
A II May by Atty to Lucy K Pea- (
' body; .. . . .....v....;... . Rel
Mark P . Robinson to Apckaa Su-
rar Co Ltd . ;.V..... ...;;V.v L
IdcCully Land Co Lid to Queen's "
Hccpital . . . . . .viV. . . . . : D
Winifred, M Veddick to Island
i Rlictric Co Ltd , i.,.;.;;..';.. VL
V.i-irrci;n "Wcddick : ; tolsland-;:-;" !
Electric Co Ltd 'S;.-:::::. .-tjiU l
rrard: rahfa'.ari wf to First Am
Savs & Tr Co cf II Ltd ; . ; Ml
Central ! !:I1 Co Ltd et al to 'Ter-'"?'
rltory. cf Hawaii .. ....... d.;. D
Li'rr ! cf I ::rrJ OTfrcr ID, 1"1.
i l lyzi 8:1) c. n. ti ll:Zl. tu -Wni
A Weeks to First Rank of
llilo Ltd ., M
First Rank cf Ililo Ud to Rufus d
A .Lyman ...i...... Rel
Uu-cno II Lyman and wf et al to
'Carl'. S Carlrmith ..: ;..;.;...PA
Eu.tcr.o U.Lynan and wf et al by- ; :
Atty to. N C Y.'UlTong ....:.v..'d: D
N-.CAVillfcng and wf to First 7 -
Bank cf Ililo Ud - ..:....;.;U
S K . J'amakackaina to J Isaac W. f .
Kairruki Land Co Ud to William ;
A UcKay, '.;.,. ivD
Thcrr.as HollInger and wf to Ren- '
nie Hardee (widow, "... . . ; D
Thcmas HoUInger and wf to.Leo i
J'irrcc' .. ... ...... ... . ; .. . ? D
Lee Three and wf to Rensn liar- ; d
c!go.. . '. " 13
Entrrrd.cf Rrccrd .KoTmitr 12, ICR,
1 rcn 10:37 a. n. t p.Mn.
Joaquin Eilva and wf to Dank of ' ; .
; Hawaii Ltd .'. : . , 'J: ; . . ; d M
Jno C. Scarle and 'wl,. to ; Mukal ; : '
JM&nzlrQ ' " i f v ,. - X)
Kaneohe Rice Mill Co. Ud to Ho
Yee CanL
K : Toyoda to ' Kaneohe ; Rice Mill i d
Co Ltd . . . CM
Hlakumatsd Komeda, et ' ars .'to '
; Kaneohe ; Rice IIUI .Co Ltd f.'; . i CM
F Yainanaka , to Rishop & Co. CM
Wra D, Westervelt and" wf et al to , r .
Grace p Sedgwick . . .', ... . .. 4 -D
Joseph," Dowson to Sbuhei Naka- " .
. licirft - f Ci2i tlS
Wm ,0 Atwater .Tr lo.Tqf Susie . ? r
'' F Cartwright A. . . . .'. '.. .. AM
Susie F Cartwright ' Tr to F j
. Pah la and wf ,.d..7.. Rel
Henry, Waterhouse Trust Co i Ltd i d;
d- to Samuel Parker Sr ..,,;..;. Rel
Achl K Akau . to ; Mrs : Kupalu
S Nakashimato,: Hawaii ;Preserv
; ing Co Ltd i . I ; . . ; ;i d ; ; dV ?d CM
Dlshop Trust Co Ud Tr et al to J ;
. ..
Entered of Rrcord November 0, 191
. From
1 8:S0 a. m, to 10:39 av m. .
Kamaka'Kuaeau : (widow) . to EiO dj dd
Kahakul Waiwaiole and hsb .to E ', -rd-i
o Borui . .d:;;.;xV-'-'-'"--;:-:-d
Gilbert aid Rrownet, al- to'.C d
- Lufkin ;Tr ; . ! . C , .-d.CM
Pilialoha ( w): to Tukiama lU,d. v. L
Albert: K Hu to Chung Choon "Oh L
Albert K Hu to. PheSung Gunv4L
R If Ranning to Joseph P Mendon- .:- d
M .-......----. . . -fj
Entered of Record November 20, 1912,
d From 10:S5 avm. to 4:30 p. pu:'-' d
Harriet E dMcCracken tof JohnP. :
. v GoniGtf Jf 1 t '"' ; D
Samuel 4H 'Auyong , to Lumsee" A" r
j, Auyonfe , ( w) j '-. : .- .d ; '. .1 . ;V. A D
James 5 Annstrong- by Atty et al to t m'
Koolau ildailev : . ". .--.i'; . d; d. u ; Rel
Daniel - Lovell adr; -Lewers & ' '
Cooke d ';dd!.dd.;;-': lAttchnitl
Enteral of Reeord November 21. 1912.'
?v From 8i28 a. m. to 10:33 avru i
Antone S Barao and ,wf . t6 Bishop 7
John WDclo to YMiyao
k iiij'-a M
;. Renewed effort to effect the. liberty
of, Cbung; Nong,-- the Chinaman ; sen
tenced to life imprisonment by Judge
Robinson last spring for criminal as
aault on a little girl; has been started
by the Orientals legal counsel. imZ
In The latest attempt to take this man
I from behind; the bars .of. Oahu prison
is in . the form, of a .petition, to the
supreme court for a writo error and
the setting aside of thecircnit. eourt's
decree. j. The writ of ; error has - been
granted, ana an order sent to the cir
cuit court clerk asking ;for . trans
cript of all the evidence In the case.
Tl;e;petit ion lor tho writ is based on
the grbunds that; Judge, Robinson did
not reduce io; writing the charged he
made to the Jury, hefore that body re
tired '. at the close of ? the Jiearing to
make ita decision. The - petition as-
sertsd that the court's Instructions were
delivered orally, -without the previous
consent of Approval of the counsel for
defendant, j --The . transcript of evi
dence "ordered from the court, clerk
will show, whether. -this assertion Us
true and If It is, the old case possibly
may -be reopened ajain. , -. ; 1 .
ri he ChU2g jNung ariair was ,one cf
those 'cases that lave been" occurring
with so muca frequency ,1a Honolulu,
in which ; Chinamen have assaulted
girls less than-, twelve years old. ; In
this r instance it ,was . chargea, that
Chung Kusg had. : attacked at least
three. chRdren,' one , not aaoro than
seven years, -of age. U That the . evi
dence of his guilt was considered con
clusive . is ,slion by .the" Jury's vcr
ulcL .
federai. cn;,;:D JUHY
calli::g i;j iviTuSGsn:
Two women -understood to be from
Iwilei(were sun:r:csed telora tto i.d
eral grand jury, itti3 racrnir. R. : h
vas la the presence cf t!:e ir.;u;i'
tcrial bo-y for Eome time; They v.cre
called in toward the latter part cf th3
morning session.' . ' '; ' :l
x'The early part of the morning was
given to the questioning cf Idrs. Nrr-
min B.-Smith, 'formerly- Lily nzoi
Henry. Taylcr, Sadie C. Sterritt r::I
R ; K. Tdahlkca. .The .tiature'cf U. ?
evidence'-given by them l wt i-.r.do
public,, though it 13 presun-.cJ the jury
wa 3 still working' -en, the Norman B.
Sditn ' opium' sr.:u;I;r.g 'afTalr.';
r:ns: 7.n::oLn.oivi::G; vp-::
rThe.-first.-"afternoon'-of a scries
which ;Mr3.,U,-iivArr.c!J .la z'i"
ter many(fricd3 wc.3 cne cf the : '-
tiest and,joIIIcst alTaira cf tl- v.-: .
The table caccrat:cn3 1 ani . , tho. l
bons were Very pretty zrA cri ;r
and created r.uch fun. .Tt? tc!
ren-ired by;Mrs.Ch:??cr;H,.!iri r.: !
Mrs. Ray Leach add?d: much to V. ?
pleasure .and, er.tert::ir.r :nt ,of t:.;
gvests.and -.were hi'.'.y ...appreclat?"
Those' present-were,.' I Irs. : J.'-' Alfred
Mcgooa, -Mrs.-' R. J. RoLironr Idrs.
CIia3. Raven, ,TIrs Chcsrlluaa, Mrs.
ilcCormick Mrs. R. II. Leach, II i:s
Alice IIarbaugh,;Mrs. R; Glcsccice and
r it s. u. u. Axr. ol3..v;
ciHrjESETbbci cn ;iay
; Chu Fong;.'the Chlnese'doctor, tl. -rerocatlon
of whtsa license has beer
recorrt.mended ' by. thD Coroner's jury
which investigate! the' death of L"
Lum. riook, .vrrl'itlydwlll ,'lrini I :
fato sorno time Izte U;i3 afternoca. II .
fcas been 'surr-rr.vned to rrpear t'Trr.
the Roard of Hccdtb, wlilch wa3 sched
uled, to .hold its weekly meeting at
3:30 o'cltck this afternoon, 'and. show
cause why. his . license' should - not t r
recalled. w-d!-d'dv.;,.;.;;d-': : -
Lau Lum, Mook'e leg was broken ty
the kjck . of a horse. Dr. Chu .Fpng
took" chargedof the case, andthe pa
Uent diedv ddsThe ') doctor's cerUficatc
stated that 'death was due5 to a broken
leg;';-The coroner's ,ury .decided that
the. demW was:.due tq blood poison
ing," declared its opinjop that this waj
the result of improper attendance and
recommended tho. cancellation of the
physhianX license to practtce.' . . '
" . ; .'.- V "j .,- . ;d V'"' m'i'
cb m rjissib riEfis 1!
,;a dUPwonic .op sEssiori
.. .- - ;! ; :
t 'The.- commissioneVs bl.; pubuc In
struction finished : their preliminary
seasloa yesterday afternoon, : ad Joarn-
iagduntiV December ti dw!aext tho final
work on : the. budget rlo ; bo presented
to.; the, nexV. legislature Ul be given.
ddTho " commissioners yesterday, de
cided that hereafter . standing .commit
tees', .appointed by .the. superintendent
and .with thatl pfflclai idas rexofficio
membr(of deachv 8halLd.takev active
charge , of the various departments of
public school .supervision, . reportiflg
tack .to the board, at Its "regular meet
ings. tThese. committees. will 'be . on
teachers, '-on industrial and vocational
Bchoolalndustrial-dand : reformatory
schools rrules,?1 regulations ; and sam
ries jondscbednles; and dpn tdechbol
bouses vend iground Superintendent
pope- has not yet named the members
of; these; bodies: i'W ii'-
dAUorney rv James-! WardRussell,
graduate ' of Itjnion tThlyersfty. and ao
tive'Jpractitloiaer ; hi i; Jew;fYork;;City
sincI1902rbas"been:.admittedT to prac
tice lawiridUie'
Prohibition to' Ohio is Uklng a firm
h.ohLdD. A. Polihk of "Columbus, the
prohibition candidate 'for governor; re-5
I ceived 'Over 45,000 ' votes. Four' years '
I. a ' i
j : . :
are domestic, sugar' producers. It Is
reasonable to fner that these local In
terests will still he protected, to some
extent at least, jondt r a tarRf for rev
enue administration. - d . V--'' C
X"ti will not; surprlsensi's however.
If the present customs meUioda gives
place partly to a chac tcr.inelude a
small Internal revenue . tax' on S ail
sugar producing countries. ; -V ' .-' '-,:'
J VTho United SUtes, wlth lU Increas
ing domestic beet and . cane. produc
tion, -including Louisiana, Porto RUo,
HawaU'and the Philippines, must nd,v
be classed with the sugr producing
countries, and must -likely be brought
to conform ; to their; sugar revenuo
methods.--d mm-m : : Y: "
;.- "The making of ; this change Is
thought to be in line with the pur
poses of the new admiaistratlon, bat
cannot be brought about until -next
year, possibly as the result of an ex
tra session cf congres3whichmay be
called in March, as la quite generally
expected." ; -: ; -: '.. ' - .--x; .-v- ,.' '.-; .
" . ... . ' . .-':.
flate Gir.cs ::::.:.cn
m Annivs i:j.ato:.::
: ,".'.. "' . --.:.'--' '
Ad plate-glass mirror, sixteen feet
long"-and' four feet wid?, rail to 1-
the largest of Its kind f ever trcvI.t !
to Honolulu, and which wa3 to be i.
stalled In Tidiy Ryan's rsw hoilclry
in the Ryan building on Alakea street
just below' "King, , was found to te
smashed Into a thc :?ar; .1 p'.?c"'i,v!:u
it ; was unpacked thia tuorr.r.g."
The mirror arrived ca tho L; t
Ilrnchuria, and wa3 E!.i;-r"l here f r
Mrl Ryan through v tht; Rrur.swi .
Ealke-Collendcr Con:;any, cf 5.' .
Francisco.- It3 wc?':t .wr.3 rd --:t C :
pounds; and cxr.m'r "tirn r':ov.r ! t'.-t
it had been pacded very crcfIiy : -r-re"
leaving the f r.ory. It i3 i '
known whether it wa3 Irckcn cn re d. -
ta Ilonc'.-Ia cr
here, "but en invest! --.Urn wi'.I
v-'z,zzl rr. FranV!'-, .r--.r :--:r
t..i local czmcj ' cl ;. 3 i:."..:
r ":e-Cc!Irr ':r C: " 7. Etc4 - 1 '
1 .mini, that cdt -...II 5 1 3 Lr.
; d::U ill d'l ' " " -dl Ct:
Ccrrrary. Tl - :-!rrcr vc 3 iv.rchr
at a cost cf IC' d .
. i!ATv I' 7 a c::r:":'
If you have a cc.
cc:-'i i3 a r; :- ' s
trouble. 'C! d. -r: d
,dy 13 U.3 i:.; :
r- i havr n I.cM.-r
it c rr.tair.3 tctdlr z
Ly all c:a' :rs. L -Ltd.,
cr:nt3 :.f:r R
c:cnt. d .... -:
it. A
i Cc
:d. to
Imj.t'S.: m
A ciLLw-tvs . J .
':i;mm ,'V-;5'-- ------
d GdlOpsiS Tli2.Gcotti2li i;i:;IitL: ;alD,
cSmalie good in every fixct class' iW'Tn Clac:ic and Popular ;
d: v.4 v.. :-r s-r v..;- 1 i.-i'.' . vkj --i. "i-": :-v . , . . ... . v - .. ... ...
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