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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, November 21, 1912, 2:30 Edition, Image 4

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-r, ' ' ' - ? I " T 1
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LIhLE Lu. '.jV.'S? 1 kJ J .: .
- - - - - It:
4. v
T'rl --i "IF
:iIUUSDAY,;..V,.v.; :OVKMHEl. -3tj 1912
(Vowf cqntjHiii tj and food discourse urc the
; cry Wucirg of rirtitcrVfaXUm. - V ,
I AIITl t i l..! '.iT 111
b .... ....... iJ tci,'lLM Ltf I ..iu.ii
Lewis there's a letter from cne of bisi
Alameia i awaiting bJmy at?. the
Healant boathouse. a ;;-;w;w;Ww
Y. a: AIKEN Affairs da Maui are
prospering. ;' We hare "no teason I to
fear; the- next i ad a : i alstration; V and
things tare moving along uboat :as
usuaL I ' V.:..'. w V
E. A; MOTT-SMITJI (who has. been
Theodore KosevcItf ' associate" in the fight
: IVegrcssrviwii in national affairs, Hamilton
.1 ight Mabie, Kpeaks; with authority tmlay
! : n lie declart'-s that the fidit -'will 1:0 un. His
........ . . . .
f(.rvkw in the; Htar-lJulIetin; tlay. is iin'-im
: tant anuouncement direct from the "councils
' the Progressive- party. , ' ; :
I Ionolu hi is 'rlad to welcome Dr. Mabie not
!y hcraiux; he hriups a mesae of intemation
1 i: ;! port a nee, hut for his own Fake. lie ha;
vl (kv irveil mvhitioirin many ycars of
iu rial wcrki He rtr"liil'rh w a critic: hi:
r. vigorous voice'alv.ayo raicNd for truth and
rt;ir-lullctin prcr.cnt.s with much Futis
tod;?v 11 Kuramarv of the KUar-tariif.git'
fit:::i :'(:; Vw. 'on comr.:drai,.C.
' ! r. .VII :it, r ruamen 1 ere know,
t;:i:i,? c:i tariff lc;;l lation con Ut-
tl.e I:' : m-: oi A oa rrc: .-, never
L(; the
to v,
. . . c
i of tht. Iluilctin
:ut to liapien both
I i:i V.,
The ::e lines
,. 4 , .
1 v, ev( ' i
c:;I v ;u-tic:i (, i hc : i.ua..'j that
aratclv feu
I i i v. , t J . i
; !..:;;. oC-a fie e La:;ar lull
he hdkvc; that the cut
if iaade hy .ihe . Deiaccrath'
. !, will ::i;!...t,Iy he not more
. '..,
right hand c
W'M.'BUSii i:. . - .u!U Intends to
have the -' Kapaiul rpad viirncd
during; the eir 1?13 or n ike the Dem
ocratic party thi a aorna! has
struck the '-r.!J tou;r rxd and hard.-?
AL.JCVA! A-y r- 'ward. 'Chlyo
liaru)--!! ' 8ms good to be back on
the trans-Paciriet runs -n; Af ter; - a
year fi-ei?tcn the mainland 1 am. pre
pareif to ' witness many "changes fa
I I;nolulul ; r '( -v iP :"''."-;v i
A. 11 LATilMEnTThe lass in ad-
when the men who' can-write better
articles than roost of us literary men
are admitted into the" Honolulu "Press
Democrats of Hawaii are certainly ins: up 'signing" several thou? md birth certn-
i i ' ' ' " i ' " a v ''i t2i , ,i fcates the lt few days) It's lots. of
to time;honomt,party4radition;in
neaituy ii!:ni8 over tne rovernorsum situation, ngm nana , c irurea.?,
Indeed, one of the chief jojs, of tie defeated Ke-j
pu hi i cans t Uia w i fi t er is goin to be in w a tch i ng
the llourbons i?cout, deploy ,: charge and "skirmish)
it. .. . " t ' ' . 1
in iue euueavors oi one of anoiner iaciion 10
con vince MrV, Wilson.' that one of .another party
leader here is tcrving the gnbt rnstoriaj Etxp-
ITfinrifstlnrinlilv hr'V4nW'itniv' i tnf "T--" l4 '
uatson is m the field, notes a candidate, to bevday nisht, Ij i r-vij .'a rca,t -success
surtv but; a : ponbilif v'is oiii to head off'8:'1 ,cifretc.d:-ts ?t applying for
I'll 'i'"- T i x - -.-t 1 8 imiss!on. l nere is still room for a
buppuri i uut'. oiuerwise woaiu :. nare i gone eiuierifew more c
to Mr. McCandiiorifeWancr; vAtI5sl,tIF6
, ... , , x , - ' f ' . think it will be, a, great improvemenl
oecn a ine-iong democrat; lie is a ueniocrat ue-
cauie he believes in theprinciples of Democracy,
whether his party 1 be Jn 'power or out of power.
He has the confidence, of aUvcl2JT,es. in the coin
muhity,V Furthcriuorl', "he; would hare a&sured
standing in A axumgton, probably the widest ac
qiiintante there of pny gubernatorial possibil
ity ko far mentioned, and friends of grtrat influ
ence in Congress and twith ; the new president.
llr.'Wat.-'ur.'u statement to the Star-Bulletin the
other day cleared Up the doubt i: to W'hcther he
would accept the position , were it offered hiai,
and from that moment heJs to be regarded a
serious pc. ibility. ; . .' ' ; :- .-.
3IcCandle ;i if? sure of tlie rapport of the rein
oeratie or-'anizatioa of the icrritcry,'and his re
teat ira: iihahle run in 'the elect ion. for dekrate
l t: v hi::i greatly with party. leaders in
this coui.ty.who were previously inclined to dis
afft etijii. If the friends of llrJi Wateon press
his name- actively, the-qr ;;tion is j;oing to be
whether the Democratic territorial ; committee,
c ::::y coninimcev- precmci cmu3 anu national
committeeman can outweigh the strong supxort
of i'ahotantial busince3 interests, hosts of per-
- .... p - ., - ' ;
;::al friends, many party supporters and influ-
tnco in ,Wa: hir'rtcn.- The strength of the first
will Le for 2IcCandlces, the ttrcngtU of the sec-
' 1 for Watrun. ' ' . : ' " k.J ' -
The: ; two men are' most prominently men-
tls:., .1 la their own iwrty.' ; ). '" :
Ui:! ; tl. j Deiaee: at s 'here can agree pretty
f ' Iv ut -r.: a candidate-for' governor, the
' v; -a: '".fa: W " ; r
i : 1 1 .Ay io he, as ; :. Ia aI'i A.
'; . r, : . ap;-: ' .ted. !. y Taf t, will be allowed to
: rve oat hi t( r:a ", '' .:
that Govcaer
. ... , ..14
the. 1 Mi.!
.ace (
that 1:-
row;s that were
. 4 i. Ul..li
: to th
.... (f
ef h
. j iL'.iiv.'(... if lai I l ewd 1 n i e
f hv - a C' ;-a
:i:dlir-r.t' he.ird's vfal
1 a: 4;;w ti'aaihly iv. ult from this meetiri", 'as
:',':wa t! at laach'of tl:e nuall, nar:;iu;
' i of t' J h ; I ( i 'ae to ::eed!cL:.:si
' r. ta.: :ii t.. ju..w ...a4 i! - i . aid di i
; v. hat i..vtion:: wcre'put; in ju. A what .form
w r -
i:a . v,;as carried thro"!i. 4T
u: unj)ica.s-ant uuiy-v aiu let: ;ne c(mmis
:..rs in considering the rate of a' teacher who
1 erred and whose dismissal rum the depart
:it w;rs necctsary. , In nniking public the rea
. ; for ui hii!g . the teachers resignation,' . the
i:a: : wieners took - precisely.' the, course tliat
aid ; ettle the incident once and.for all. The
....unity -where this teacher had been sta
; d v.as tor. open-by factional fading en gen
red bec.au se the circumstances surrounding the
w ere not known or. understood in their true
:: i f i cance, The,only way to end th.e gossiping
1 harmfuf rumors and to put the; chool back
to woi king oixler again, wa to clean up the
t ter thoroughly," and this the 'eom'missl6ne'rs
h Moreowr, the department has'given formal
ruing that it will not tolerate 'teachers who
r. onallv smiivh ihe high ideals of the profeV
:i they nrcsent,-,-, Vf't;'
T I : e board f in ished i ts 'work .Svith good f eel
wall around and s mutual; irepct heightened
a : the members. 'It has blra Hawaii's mis-
that the commissioners of education
I c:i divided imiong- t - in the
The meeting: just - closecl yemonst'rated
commission is not only capable, but that
eftack the big problems of educating the
k . ....
, When, Denmark was-yet 'an absolute mon
archy, the mildness of its king's rule was quoted
a 4 an exception to -the-general .run of despcti
ancient and modem. Today. Denmark is' rival
h the ultra-pregret rives of the United States
in paternal iseaeuKs of protection for the pock
els of the? raa :es. It even discounts the" makers
of the Kanraa "blue sky" law in an. enactment
t ' v.' : t i : o e f f cct on the first of October this
yean . : a ; ; r.w:".;. ;j. y, :;:;.'. r
- According to Consul General Winsloy at
Copenhagen, this Danish law, which has . called
forth - Foine cri ticisni . by' Uie merchants, ' has a
1 rovi ica that forbids more than two "clearing"
i ale:? a year by any firm. Exceptions are made
i a case a bankrupt stock' is to" be "sold or the
death of a partner or owner shall cause the clos
ieg out of the business "below cost,": oit if a bona
fide winding up of the business is undertaken,
or if the place of business' is : tp-te .irembvdj to
another locality, etc ?Ifh
above exceptions can be shown not to have been
true' a criminal prosecution ' is possible. Tlie
law furthermore contains penaf clauses, for per
sons who are fdund guilty ofLUsingfalse descrip
tions of goods offered for sale of, employing
raise uusmess names or firms m;carrying - on
trade, and the like.
(Continued f rem P29 1)
of the changes ; suggested and they
utust abandon tho makln? of suar.
Witson'a Poslticn. : l ,: v , -;
It Is understood ' rresldcnt-clect
Wilson does: not favor free ec?t but
believes a small reduction in.t!atiet
should be made. ) This eoati to later
followed by another limited reductlrn,
if the industry wai ablo to stand the
cuC1 ' He favors piecemeal modiflca
llon of all. tariffs, the second slice, to
depend for size, on the; effect of tho
first installment. a- s ; Yj--
The oniy; present handicap which
threatens to confront Covernor Wil
son when ho assumes the '.Presidency,
ts complete inability Jlo carry cut any
fixed or systematic" policy of down
ward tariff revision. While the IIouss
will certainly be Democratic, to the
extent of having an unwieldy irijrity
of that faith, the Senate premises to
remain under Republican - control.
That Is. the Progressives; will, he! J the
balance ; of t-owcr. j They- will , only
consent to limited revision and th-3
the Democrats will have no oppcrtun
try of; going to the limit promise J la
campaign, harangues.- Tho sama v.ai
prove , true rejnirdlng ether ; part: : n
them. ' i.. ' f K.lnnn. r K irnvnrnhl --i
J tiro i ' n ITU ll'. .., . (mauve . i.t c J, iiic; v,
AMES A. -RATII e have. moved eIlgjne preYeuL w.ra.jicaI
into our tew tuKead.! am vHty alternately- voting -with -the
.in i ,wT. A. ii J i - Regulars and the Democrats.
, ?w ,f, u" BUie . ,- "'I Progressives Held Key.
work. t Tee dUpensary, which Jso . - Eca U" late returns should give thi
fd la j iho basemeTit is much Uarger u a cctuaj Majority la the
than the cld- one and la fetter . equip- Eecae ,t wouUi te useless, as mar.y
ped for cur line of work.. i : o ; twCf tho Southern Senators have ;
i For Ghric.- :-:3 3
'::)'. Is one of the finccl 'gifts 'you c-;; --l'.
givcra.:man.: Vv - -w ';', -.:';'' ';''-'
. .,. w ' -: .v ;.-'-w -.r-ww v " :' .-.--' ,..'.-
w.;'r :":' ;'; ' 'w;' Y-'-W. "-:?:; -'-'--.'' W-.w . ', . . ;
w ; w ' He will value it fur its prcciricn -y?f
v-lVj ras.a': timepiece, and it choivs tlizi'- -;
'in -'your'opinion the b:;t is net : "
W; - too nood for him. ; w -
... - .
. .'i.':
We have a hrr:c c::crt::ient.
.L.W:;:j j.
here the last:cf ltl3 month; " ;
E. R. HE-NDRY In tutpoenains a
young Hawaiian woman as a witnesi;
for the federal grand Jury yesterday.
I found her a member cf a,Mdaso red"
drirazizT party.- V.'hci she came;; to
my cTIico thi3 mornlns' her. nerves
were to. tadly shattered V s,ne was
hardly able to write her,x2lme on the
arnearance Paners.'- " .
J. : II. . I JUNT 1 ara down here in
the Interests of the preferred stock
ir:ue of Hunt Brothers Company, also
iusrectlr.3 tho plnsarr!-interests- !
have teen cominx to Honclulu for ten
years and If I didn't -!ieve in the
development .'of the" 1 Wands :. I - would
net he here so of tern' 'Ve' are sales
events ( for .the. products cf ,the Ha
wailan . Pineapple ; Company.'.: " j .
. C" H.': irJRRIAr.I I-ar fouTdeer
aid a few tird3 cn llolclm.1. It 13 not
cwy to set efthi d-T.' f.in.T to the
practice' cf the r;r.c' :n,la huntir
then with hounis towictains: that is
net allowc? In nny Cvp,2-t3. ; At
first it tasNhard ta pst the range,
the Czzth cFtha Aulrcrtaaing dis
tances hard to estimate. . I don't tMak
t'.3 -.Wcr'ars : 5 much' damage
; : t; :7 f ' th. ;;w v;
the-'advntigea cf. protection end .ai
never. vote to throw them r.eiJ:. ThWr!
H. rANKHL The Hughes IIusIc
el Comciy . Company ?'whlcn ha3 teen
recruited on: the ccaetT.ii; t3"'a-farcountry' no.v tcing built-up 'und:r
tetter and more evenly matched com-benefits derived by certain i. -
pany ci players man ?.ny similar or
ganization playing to Honolulu au
diences.' Tta company- 13 to arrive
Can V.ight will arri j ca the Lur
line. Dec: ISth to Ercni the !.-.-: winter
with Mrs. 11 K. Wilder. , . - ;
-'MIL i AND; MRS. : aiL. WIGHT are
In Madrid. . Cpaia-,v After traveling
through Italy,' Germany and England
they will arrivxi ttLC: ? in , New- York
for the wl-ter. ; : vX';-'
three r.;u;;E cugar
Sugar stock:' th A ) ad not, already
tot "theirs"; :ve be a getting, it as
fast as any of then have teen let go
since yestcr; -t . . ":a cf the steels
exchange. "4 Haw: 1! . :;-. Commercial
s'oughed o2' rour points ,t& for 150
Bhures.- Hawaiian Sugar dropped two
and a half points to 37.50 for 100 and
2 6hares. Onomea fell on the board;
also two and. a 'half; points, tov.SSXC
for five shares, whiQh - wjaisj ithe only
transaction at today's i ession, .. w '
-" McBryde has again i elapsed, shed
ding a half point in a sale of 60 shares;
at 5. Walalua, which aad lost four
points since Thursday - last, held , itn
hown at 98.50 for 40,-10 and. 10 shares-
Oatu Railway is unchanged at -7f--.
for 10 thares Hilo'. Railroad tommor
fell off a half point' to 8V for 10 and 5
shares. ' Pineapple is down a quarter
po.Int to '45.75 for 20 and 10 shares. -
come into force,ih Gennanv:.
, V Sunny Jim" McQandlesSibantsold a; flol
lar 1 of liisj 8ugarlstoc:veyen af ter a ummer!epent
in the midst of. California's political upheayals.f
jooouy.everccuseu1nim oi oemg siow .io grasp
a situation, either. The' reason " whvl he hasn't
fsoiu is mat ne, is not, airaia or
future; of -sugar in' this territory.
dustrfes. : Their .. constituents weal J
promptly repudiate them If thch- vctW
were cast -for any recklee3 downward
revision which would prove detrimen
tal to tho people at heme. w
The Progressives ewill , surely c
rinfmtft with fha npnnrnti 1-n r-.r"-" t
a reasonatla rciuction 'of .-many tar-
If r . schedules, but they will talk r.t
any which withdraw what they cea-
sider fair and ' adequate . prcteetlen.
This stuthorr.esa: i3 fully .illustrate:!
byrtha pceitien assumed by. th3 Pro
gressives relative to revising the su
gar schedule cf the Payne-Aldrieh act.
They will under no circumstances r,o
below a rats cf fl.C21i pwi .lC3 rear. .13
on refined sugar. They woulJ In addition-remove
te diffcrcatfal aad" ab
olish th 9 Dutch color stadard.
Midi'. 3 Crt'.-r.l cn Clhtr Dut::3.w "
A mlddla grcuad is aho ta!::n re
garding lower dutIe3 .cn .Et'.!, r'd :r
meta'.3, Wccl, cettcn aad C::;.;...':.
Theywill r.ct cea: :r.t to tae a ;
reductieas rr:::::d ty tas L . : .:: w.
,Many s'arev.d ce::rvera ci z'. : : f !
premenltieas predict ;tha D:::rw.:;
party. wiU r-lmcet, at - rr.:2 ,-r:'.;' ir.' -'
two.Cr rre -..fa:1-' i.,-Th;yr frr:.': -:
nib .uf..-vi .iii .1 t.. .a A .... .
Canr.ct carry '-water c a Lath should., i
without c-ttlr.- C:u- 1. -'
; -C::aa:a::y . tawwd, ' tha D-r:;:rat:e
party, today i3 v.-cll-rac'-i a3 t a dly di
vided' as 'the r:pull!eaa3. Wid j . ;:. I
doubt prevallj v.-hether tho l'w. Pr.a
ident will te eels to Lrcp it from L '"
hopelessly r;l;t in iho next fear y; :
The thing put up ta Governer X.". .
and put up to him hard is to I:::p ! W
party , from t re ahir.g to' pieces r.3
Republican party ha 3 dan 3 in rwwat
months and at th3 oca time acc::.
pllsh enough in ,fulfillment-cf D?w
cratic: -pre-election promises to ratLfy
the country.. V," , -. - "
On the face of It, an achieveaient cf
this sort seema almost impcaeitla.How
to meet, the jdemands cf tha prcarca
sive .elements cf . his party, aad net
have a hopeless falling cut with the
reactionaries of that party, few are ab
le, to discern. Many-believe he will
be at war with one wing of hl3 party
in Congrers tefcre he ha3 been in cf
fica six months. lie cannot run thLr3
to suit Eryan and the Drjan.men and
at' the same time get along with the
conservatives. If he tries to " trim be
tween the lines and placate both fac
tions, his polftical fate may be as dis
astrous as that of Mr. Taft. ' V
. ' 1 ' ca ' . ' -' ';.;'
I -
i .; ..
. . )
wgy FOK mtl GQLFrC v ;
- -v ..
" Tor soreness; of;th6 mdscIe3, wheth
er inddcexl; by violent exercise br'ln
jnry; there is nothing Jsetter - than
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. JTbJVlIii
mcfnt also relieves rheumaUc pain3r
For. sale by all. dealers. Benson,
Smith &'Co., Ltd., agents for . HawaiL
advertisement ; ; : ',
w A meeting of St. Andrew's Cathe
dral Senior Chapter No. 1716 of tho
Brotherhood of St i Andrew -will - be
held this evening, at 7:45, in Davies
Memorial Hall. The meeting will be
addressed- by Rev. Father Gurney of
the Church Mission in Korea,' his sub-
n, . riA ; rf : p w; Ject-being -Korea;
GROVE'S sienatuxe jin each box; Madi v? AcUmmodlons,5 Service a
bj , r : " " . . j" -V w' ' I unsurpassed, 'at : the pleasanton- dllo-
"AJttia uzmu.na cu..sar0t. uxu n. ieL aaverusemenu 1
i-fc ; -
; 'v4? '; ? -w
:.v'',w- w-. :;. . ,'-i"w-....... ,.??:'?.....' '
MANOAResidence Lot 22,500 q.v;-;.;-;
NUUANU 40.000 ttu feet tn the upper, cool part of the valley ,,,..51750 -
xue mmeaiaie, 0CEAN v, EWModern Home ; with all convefifencet :; jT 1
f -.'.fi-i- w.;:i ANAPUNI ST-Moderni ty2 tory house ...;.:3?...i'rWv
- - --- - - 'M v; : . ;.' New : uunaaiow v. .... ,.'.-"......... - i . .i ... it -u.
YOUNG STResidenee lot, 12931 q.ft t;..
1 We note from. press dispatches that the Vbrd I pawaa Modem v2. etory house. . ..... ; . . . ; .; ; .V. . ."i-.-r.. t$4SC0
AVar.wrrespondents in favorOf -."ultimatum?. 1 COLLEGE STREETr.Bedroom House and 2-Bedroom CotUge ,;.i?$8,0M;
v .:..-;;- Y--f - w.-.,; -WWWKW uytAn view ijevrw cnpige ion, wia -v.iij
QoU.Bryaji denies he has been! of fered a'cab-1 ,'V'. ':y,'
lawai'i without topping, tor
: " dl ininder?tandin;:w-? s;f p-rvf
-: ti
'"Con'izn ronT and j.-iiant err
;A second is a trifle but successive sresnj c:
;vnlty. J50.C3 down and $1D.C3 a rncnth i3 tvt r
short time It means a hone paid fcr. I w'.'
:;3 et:r
:..f;;. In a
happened to buy In Kalmukf. I had : v.;r.t;J a .hcrr:;'t5
.5? il with Wa ; hljh '.'elevatloji,with a vlew'cf ths ct 1 r--n-i,'italns,,good
air, pleasant "sL'rrcuhdir-j and a ,..J f;r
Cvrimyt children, and the other' Iccalities. l.'faur.J v;ra eith rr
:l I too" expensive or in an undesirable. dlstricL J-;t a few cf
'- '.'5 - : . - t ' -" '1r''.
;Lot No. 134 Palolo Hill
HUtNo 111 Palolo Hill
W- . t-.v - .',''
ft ft I
- w wyi . W f 1 ib.Sr' . y I ; . . ....... .... . ...
J ' J f '
3 Lots Ocean View 18lh and: Kaimuki
... - . t . .. - . . . . . .
-j $500 acre; (Tract, Palolo Valley. .;: v';"v .'. ';''-.- ; ' : ',-
;WHouse-;ano.:.LWPark'-;Ave.;..V;- 2SC0
'-W-'U" ,r-; y i' - w , "W;;":W;:W;-i:,;:v.!w. . -
House and; 2 Lote, Palolo Hill
: v
i- -s:,
w ?'"

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