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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, November 21, 1912, 3:30 Edition, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of Hawaii at Manoa; Honolulu, HI

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. .-: ;
I:c-At.-z n :.!!; tin. I. L K:2, No. ZZ20.
v : r -r. Yd. No. cm.
; t. r
: : c :
: c tie
i i- v. - i
- r rcte Tcrri
r . V.
i, rcrct
re . 1 y. ::;tt
' i ;. -:, frcn
; : t -j Cf tl(
. . :.-'.: I
.:: :.Vs lzi
: t :rvic3 1.3 Is , en
;-ivct3 life tr.c
. r 're, that th
I furiUr;: sell
" 1 !
r i - " "
l v.;; rur.::iTun
lto.- ;
V I ...
t .thV.vl' :
I:' try 'a Yzll:l
... . : : ;::.:: : 7 th C
r: - . ,1: .ho I. v. ,, I I . r,
l':::t chare a ! :c. Yea may l
; :re t:.at I shall lecture every cha'co
Ll.it I z:.U lut it take 3 tine to ,.r-r.r.-3
even far a frc3 v.3v. rreea
re ve win take in Canary, Edmcn-
swan and Hereina in
Ercrj all tl 3 repcrt3 thct have. teen
cchci by the leal promotion ccm
r.:y; Nr. C.itt's'lecturc3 tre meet
a 7 with every eucccss ; cccihle."..
Ar.ctb:r letter, which "ows the in
crcet which i3 Lcins taken in Ha
ve ;i in tV? r -t, cc:nes frc J. G. Tal
'.ct, r:; ::! r t fcr tie Y.'cstcrn
Irj I:r.l r.: :I -y C r.ny, - who
vr:t r from . CL'.zzo v.zltr date cf
.1 r . , r - ' , .
"I rn dvi.:J tLt the Hen. Walter
7. C-::i, t; eker. writer tnj putl'.ci-
,y r r.t. a III visit Canada and the
Cute 3 during the next few
ncnths. -Yi'e Lave, in the- city cf
ar:len. a. euturb cf - Cnicaso,
eachei by. $tc-:n-n3 electric' lines
n e cut twenty rcinutec, a rroa-sectar-an
mcn'3 el :b witn Ct, .Mark's Erls
!cal Church. Th!3 club includes
ver two tun ire i men, recruited freni
.t:; f.r:
s-.. i.it Cv.- .3 1.1. LuU
hic ro. ,
(Cent! nti-d xn pi';3 two,)"
iu;:: :-i:or
A- -4" -y
'; : . .
4- f " I
t: i
c '
r.n, c:
to c
:n cn
in tt?!r
1 .
. 1 - , ;
r market un-
. "i: '.3 ; -'. ..Jcr revicr, wu3 later
ru; t: 1 ly t: j i:u; crtant Lc'.ldays, vi2.,
th3 fur.cr l c! cur I:.t3 vieo prceiient
cf th3 Ue.it: 1 Ctates anj ty .the" day
set ;art fcr ths elect'en cf. a. presi
dent, viea i rreldcnt, ' sovcrr.crs cf
ttr.tc3, ccr.:e-::nen and muycrs.'of
cltle3. -Thli election wa3 certainly the
meet cctsh's event cf the weeli and
year, fcr it hs resulted la a complete
overthrow cf the eld Repatlicaa party,
which, tas ruled the country fcr the
past; ilrteen j'cars, now p!acln. ttis
power exclusively la the fcancU of the
Democratic party after ilarca 4, 1913.
"All c.T.cIal3 in" all the depaxtmenta
cf the government, not already Demch
crats,. will .meetly be . supplanted -,by
Demccrats, r hicb; means an: almost
Inconccivahla chanse, at one stroke,
la Ihe covertment management in all
department?, cccurrinj tut a few
timc3 ia tha list forty years. The new
administrator.. Including, the presi
dent and teth tonse3 cf congress, will
be la the tane!3 of Democrats, which
makes thsm tclsly responsible for all
lenislatica fcr four years from March
next ;5.;-' ., .V y.v ': o ' r.':-; '
"The party Is committed to Teduced
dutiea cn ruiar but not to free sugar
as.. we understand it : Inasmuch as
many str s which voted -Democratic
:;oV. m, i: i-
-:;:!' :'i : . c rr
, ... 1.- . . . .
, lcr : : " .
..j .... , 1 .
, . . .x Ai j
' I ir.to cr.3 v. : . r-scr ". cc:.:
y, t;.:; r.-.ruinj de:-e..:: ': I tl-3
c...etivcr.c33 cT each an c:-:.i-
tho etream of lead lc:i dir-ret-ti
:.t. an cciual eneny, ; advr.nci:-7
t. : Kolo Kcle r2S3f.lr.st:al cf r.t
tilhcuette .cardhcrd- -. tary- ts th3
tc.'-ht- cf a -knee'.ins- mar: an,, a
1. a v.- lira cf defense for E:'. Dar
r: cl-:s would have leea circled.
1 ar. Ter,'"va3 a c!cs3 olserver cfth3
t": : 3 prcllen:3 worked out this.ncrn
iay, end expressed himself ej sreatly
pi; ".red with the success cf the caw
thecrie3 of attack and defense which
have beea worked out by-the war
Etrcr.th company . organized - by CoL
r.IcGunncsIa. ''V''"4"-'---' . - .
Dven under today's unfavorable cir
cumstances the work" was keenly . interesting.-.
: la the first proMera, the
company, with six machine gun3. fired
at a company of - inrantry advancing
throusa the .pass in platoon coiumn,
Clinton 3? Hutcbins is y the- datest
avowed candidate for Governor of the
Territory of Hawaii to succeed Gorer
nor , f Year wnen : the .uemocrattc aa
mlnistration assumes "cohtroL Ity was
learned -by today's mail that Hutcbins
who has made bis residence in San
Francisco for a number Of years', has:
J begun bis active campaign and - is " al- j
ready ; assured of - the' backing of the
State; Democratic committee of . Call
fornia." Mr.: Hutchins claim to the spe
cial consideration" of ;.the Democracy
of the Nation is the strenuous work
1 he did : in California j for AVilson and
Marshall during the recent campaign.
What, the' local Democrats 'will' do
with "Hutch" Is not known. The Ques
tion, of MrV Hutchlns residence Is one
.1 1
1 t.. j .
. :; I c:. .. (
7 ! t 3- L c : :
.. cf ir
cf 2:7.:.:t3 cut ct'lS) Ehc-Ls .-e :
ty th3 :.u:.r.-rj. . .
..' Neat th3 r:r ? were- tra!"
til! cry e::::: I to t3 ccr..: : . '
yard 3 nv.ay, after which tl.3 c:
returned .toit3 cr!:aal pe " '
;eeed to have ce; toyed. -1 a. 3 t.;..
also rave c-od resulta.''-y -
la the party cf military .'h: ' :
ups'- that came cut frcm depart: .:
head quarters . te :! ay were Gen. .".
comb, Lis-ut. Cel. Rayrcnd, tha r
sanitary inrpectcr of the de; :rtr-: .
nnd.r.'aj.-'cnkl:n, newly ccme to tl
general staff. The results of the wcr:
l. :med to be satisfactory to the' d:
partment commander, and. the. ether:
a a y
that will have to be' untangled unlsss
be. comes -to the islands and lives; a
year, again establishing his residence
here and thus "qualify , under ythe" Or
ganic Act y' y-'0.;y -i '' '-y ".
Though' the matter is a surprise to
his7 local friends,, there Is no "doubt
about the seriousness of Mr. Hutchin3'
candidacy. '
; Although he has "spent'most of tis
time for some years in California, he
still; has interests here . and he1 -was
much interested in local affairs dur
ing a trip here "last .summer.4 .. . -i -.
' "' "'''. -A--
.'With sugar, and shipments; of. "pre
served pineapples, the Matscui N'avi
grtion steamer Enterprise fron llllo
arrived at San Francisco yesterday
- - I
... - ' I
f ..!. D C 1 r (
f 5 1. ..i cf r
t . . 4 I U I Vj .
k i i I I mail
f. Pari? Lycuryu3, a we-Ith7 C'rc ":
-f cf Hawaii, arrive! frc 1 I'.:: ' .:
on tha Ilateen Ileccr V''i'---- ' :
f yesterday, etrcute to ti.3 c 3
cf ccnr.let in tl.3 C::
T , 4- ,,.4-
T AJ.J L-40J O 4-
th3 h
A i f t . t
) ar.d h- j
4-accumuiatel ccnzidirihls v,caith
during hi3 je:: fence, there. II3
-f will use a pcrtiaa cf it a? a era-
trihutiaa to hi3 stray 7 cy ;n-
trymeny - la case the fltlnj.lj
-'over before . Li3 eteamer ai!i
from New Y'crk, Lycurju3 will yt
4- return to Ila-.vail at ence. '
f -f -f -f y v -- T f "f
-yAHesing extreaas cruelty, petitlana
for divorce hav? t"en f:!:I in c:'reu:.t
court ty lira. Lo Y.'.xl Qa:an r 'a t
James C'Qutna, part owner cf a lac.;
autcreahils -arae, and ty. firs. Lc
Lutzlia aalnet .Charles EuteL3, a
llizg street plumber.. In ths fir.t
cars the .retiticner also-alle-ei tan-
support and asis permanent alimony:
t' i
.' 1
x -2
' - r
V. 4 .
: C::tr
.t 4 o'cl.-';
-.3 Cf
' - -r t ..
- J 4 - -.
'3 r : L;
IL I a: j:r
r-' - r -
- V -
. - t . i.

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