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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, November 22, 1912, 3:30 Edition, Image 1

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7 - . . , .
1 ... - , . .
:, I'x a: V . . urj
Mahura. Dec 4,
rcr YaiccsTrri -Zeal:r.dia,
Dec 3.
livening Dtillftla. IM. Ko; 54G0.: f
Hawaiian S:rr.-VUXX. No. C441. ;
j i J
4 a
r j
r f -- f
W - . . ,
' :
.... . 2 I ; -CI . . ..j v w Am iiwl
t!y vi.-j
h I
r v
: uhj
! 1 :r.j
i , i
l . i.e.
Swift :Vc:::!,.to.Cut -Tin-jBe
ikiwn Swn . . w w w 3 and--:
fhey tells local ;;e;i ' !
actio:: expected cgo:i
cf T-rt rr-:r
r:t t:r-
: t t: '
.it. to SCn...rin i , '. . 3
,1'!:: are' ttr.uer consiJGratior.- by
t!;e Ti ciric Mail EtPai.iHhiy Ccrpany
Ilrectr.'tf for a five-day Etear-.r-r that
will ; !v ; tetwecn Honolulu ar.J
tLe i ..'.!' a j. -.. V j--:.
Per - ae time-past therehas t en
va;-r j . iv.crs that the . PaciHc : iz'A
wcr c 'tins faster ter-:?rs
t;-i t:.2. rrc:-enf teat?, tut.n: z
C-:,-' : z to the Iar.3 were rever.I
li.c :..:..ticnthat a five-day frv
r , ill rrcl.:l!y te ir.auurate I cr:r.c3
:t f rc :n tha "h!!. :r-ur3" cf " th?
;.r. A. J. Trey, - who--. 1 3 ..'.:
s' ' t to Vico-rc-iJ?at r i'.C:: r-
: ! . : ' r . Lch'-venii, was a. y :
r.zv c a t:..- Ir.r.cUuria cn l.er L.;t tr;;
out fron r-n-; Frr.nci'o, .:. ;
thrr ' I' '.l.i a wc-'c ; Pi:;.-,
i 1 . . . r : : : :t
1' : ' : ; :-. i.t-r.
f . 1 ... f r i . : r : : . ; 1 ' : r?
t:...t t:
i "J;r cc:: : ";:ti. a a ' tzt ci
f : r. a e . :.: freight . :i r-
r t: -1 v. ill : - th j C.r.
: . ' : t:' : . a
; t::.
- "
: J:
t )
a is to to
s -
T;:: 3 Li-t- ,
.::::tic.i c';,..;'
r.;r r:.;cnt
: ( 1 r: -.--
C-'.y.'T:r far the twentjfirst an-
i cr th? Medical Cecietr
: .r:.-..-a.i, i -0 s Ic: ns cf the Tc :ilc:y.
c:":i:r r. :tters cf extre- 2 Ira
: to th? health tr.d fa:.:taticu
v. :
oc :
f . r
i .. v
th -
- : tv o
! r ! ; ' "
:. .th:3
t c
: ci th? I'.a? cf
. ... tA
. D;;h:r l: ht the
Dr. V.'altcr Ilcff
cars i 'o l"t'::ay.
rr, I .. ,r ca the fc i-
I i :ry, ccali" ret I?
: rt.rr.ee a, tut U. It.
:.:ar.acr of Eithcp
. Ltd.. tbrousa . which
rale was raaae, when ashed
her ' wculi facilitate cr
: licatc the Eishcp street cx-
:n. t:M: "1 think it should
htate it, inasmuch" as; it re-
s ti. o r.v rater cf owners for
tcrr'tc:; I f ovcrar.ent ta r.-
.te with. The yvice is ai
i:r.atrly the sace as': the
.r.t that Mr. Decker agreed
tenvey the property-, to the'
t for." ... .
CI-t. r r l v, ill
I'cr.i:-. T.v? f
r.cur:- ! this r.l
tte ca arrar
ft. C. .HL.'.DrUCK, LTD,
;:a at 2 o'clack to
il at the .University
:.t;r.ue ca Sunday and
: r: Coram was an-rr.c.-n
ty the ccrnmit
raents, cosnisting of
Frs. J. R. Jaii. A. N. Cinclair and F. R.
: larch all. There are sonae ninctyvr.ern
Ltrs cf the asroctatlon, of wnora. thir
ty are outside merabers; The, program
ar.r.cunccd today by; the committee
fallows: - - a- a' ;-".; ''... -f-
Prcrsm for the Cession." ; 1 ' '
1 The FreaiJcnt's cpenins address,
w hich .will be followed by the reading
cf papers, will take place at the Uni-
aversity Club on Saturday,- November
3, at 2 p. ra, la the evejainsr at "8
lo'cloclc, the reading and dfscussion Of
farrrs will be continued, . ' .- .
1 A picnic luncheon wiil be given
on Sunday, November 24, 1-P, m., at
Drf C. B. Cooper's Kahala leacj cot
tage. - !'(':;::;; a-:- -,.; ''.. '
; 3 The reading and discussion of
papers will be resumed and conclud
ed, a .Honday November' 25,' at 2 p.
m., at the University Club. On. Monday
evening at 7 o'clock, a banquet awlli
be Riven at th? Country 'Club.;
Transportation to Dr. Cooper's 1 cot
tage at Kahala will be arranged : for by
the . committee. . a ?.:Zi v:
(Ccntinued cn pajs Two.) ;
' , :-,-.-.-: , .a . r: ' ! r--r-
;cn a via:, t::: .' t: : , .
t.l ty 2 r;v.t:a.ien cf t.,. '.. . : .! to , . .:,--t2 i.i a ra;a:t;r I.
:tta ! . ra cria ths i.-i "'::'.. "
Tl.i : .at Critic!-.: t : : i i rri : J IrreTr: '
h!; r'-a. he 3 heen -'.:;..;.! to ,;rn y; :ht. z
h : : rt reception hers; ' 1 . r Ft., -.la.i," cf J . -.tt.';, " yc . .: j : -L--i
,c,-thaci2st, C. A. P....: c: : r-. c: th 2 T......: Y:
c.-.J T.7;c2, cf rcrl!- .:, c. .. '::c J a c; . htt:2 thai t:-j
r.crt:i to ittsr.J I. "aa cr.f. . .;. - .
TI-.2 rc;ctta v. hi L. f;r t .... ca::ir;. craft ar.d p:a :- h:..t:,
jxtcr.d ever frcr.T tare; c'., . to a .-ck. In ths cc-rc; cf thi- .
jts J that-1'" 2 y: :'.h .a: :t cf flsv-li who r : .3 fcttn i
i.i th; trar.s-Paaifia rs::s .;.:J pr;'.
cr.2 cf the worst
j t .... i ... , i.o i....
e r. c
:::..r Cchcraa Captain Jahn
;icl frcra Grays llarlcrthcrt
:.: :i tcJay with prrctically
'.:z caro cf lurah r h.tact.
Y. : . .' Lail:.! cat cf Craj3 liar
L:'r C r 21. Th:,? cays-later .ca
Octal :r II she ran-iato cn?.cf the
wcrst si;:ns Captain Filtz who has
t-.a c a. this run far a number cf years
says Las Las ever experienced. t -
As they-saw the stem aivaneins,
ih? rih.ars were sent aloft to furl the
sails, r 1 two cf these, Jchh Petersen
and G. Ar.-crscn, were washed over
heard by a paiant wave that washed
th? dec!: frcra stem to stern.' The two
raen were not-seen again, a ;a' v
Captain Piltz reports that . none of
lh? clrch's lead 'was lest. - : : . -
Captain Piltz declared that in all
his seafaring career ha has never met
with wc:-3 weathe than. that experi
enced eti the voyage from the W'ash
iartcn lumber . port, tb the Islands.
Th? first, day after.: leaving the-bar
th? Scheme bucked , through fierce
gales and' mountainous seas. ; h-h- a.
The vessel safely , rode "out gales
which at times threatened to dislodge
her deck.cargo.. ' aav'avia-aa
; The vessel arrived here today with
approximately -816,000 feet lumber
consigned to:. All en & Robinson of
this- city." ."-ya - .:,-.'.' -
Eoth Peterson and" Anderson, Ithe
men who were washed -a overboard,
were making their flrst; trip to the
island3.1n the Sehome. .'
: -According to Captain Piltz, "who is
a brother to the well-known Inter-Isl-and
skipper and an uncle to the mas
ter ot the little' schooner Flaurence
Ward, the Sehome met with themost
contrary winds. . The gale would sud
denly shift from the southeast to the
southwest. - necessitating , the attempt
to make the passage to the Islands under.-
reefed .' sails. -v , a . a,;- a f .;a
: -The only let-up In the succession
of seas and gales was V experienced
yesterday as the schoonet neared: the
islands.- . .- ; : . : .
h a yac.t to r
. : -
Cir Thamas c!..!ai that tr.2 CcrnanX-. :piror and th; Stir 1 if
Lath er.'.huaiastic yach'.c.e.cn, cc-ld .be cs-r.t;J upon to i r - 2 t... 1
.--.d I 2 hslieved -Au:traIiaj.voa!d ;nd'its ficit: ct craft to rac; csir.t rl
nations. ';'.. ;'c:---.. , V ,' ''!- .'' : .-.'.- -.
birthday cake recently;: given to
Roosevelt was six feet across. On the
top .was a'miniature driveway leading
to ,the White House la the center,
where an eight Inch automobile stood
before the door 1 and Roosevelt .was
alighting, from; the machine to enter
the capitol. The roadway was lit with
electric lights, one for-each state. ;
i'Jcriy - Every b : J y 'Yen Can
Think of Ha: 0::n Lien-: r
in:rr: t'oncd far Job j;::
- . r - By d. Si ALC EHT ' , ; :
; Special Star-Bulletin Correspondence J-
-.WAS I IINGTON, D. Nov. 11
Nearly every native born or naturali
zed American , citizen has been men
tioned as. a Cabinet possibility since
the election of Governor Wilson. . The
list runs all theway from-William J.
Bryan Tto a Cooker t'l. Washington, th e
negro educator. It "covers every con
dition and station In life,. well Illustra
ting how nimble the work of guessers
may' be.''-. '. . a..' "'.-"-".' '.
All this ixas greatly irritated Oover
nor Wilson. , Some vof the .proposed
selections were so Improbable and
others so crude, that the Pjesiden
elect came out flatfooted and rebuked
those who are speculating on his selec
tions as Cabinet Ministers. iHe declar
ed itvto be a matter for solemn con
sideratjon and not offhand speculation
He declared there r would be -no inti
mation ot any. selections Yuntll after
January 1 In the meantime, he would
theotratically take to the woods by .
going ; to .the Bermudas and . think
tRings over by Mmself ;r -' '-a'ra:, a
The diseruntlement of the--1 Presi
dent-elect-will not " stop the CabinetH
makers. ; It. will , have no effect what
ever upon them, v They; will continue
tot dally , put -l forth ; new 1 slates and
make Governor aWilson imagine he is
back in the primitive, days of his : ch
reer as a school teacher.; -- 7.
.'None of t he Cabinets thus far
mentioned nave contained much heavy
timber. ; In addition to Bryan for Sec
retary of . State, the t best - -bets ; have
been Senator- O'Gorman forAttornejf
General , and ?" Jbseplius . Daniels for
Secretary of the interior or Postmas-ter-General.
J)r. Harvey .Wl Wiley ; has
appeared Jn every siate'as Sewelary
of . Agriculture; TJ:; I fJ'Z'-V. -
. ; Every Democratic .member: of. Con
gress' who has arrived here up to
time Ftrcngly" favors an extra ::.::
session cT ' Congress to tah? vp
question of tariff revision.' Th y
no 'other course is open to Gove
Wilson and " failure to reccn::?
popular will would, prove dan:r :
at. the very outset cf hij exe.
career. a -; a -; .- -
vChn Fbng, the Chinese doctor, still
retains his license; though it remains
in jeopardy;' . He; was present at the
meeting of the Territorial board cf
health 1 yesterday afternoon with Judge
Quarles as counsel, but the, question
of revoking bis Jicense ' was not taken
tip. because a complete board member
ship was not there. It will be dis
posed of at some later session. r -;
.The board ' yeesterday ' ; authorized
ttre 1 appointment r of F. W. Taylor, as
birth, and death registrar for. North
HIlo", i to take the "place, vacated ; by
Archer Irwin, elected a representative
to the legislature . ; ..i- - . .': .
berth to sail for' regular ports of call
cn ; Maui and s: Hawaii v this, evening,
leaving the wharf, at five o'clock. A
number of passengers have been book
ed .for the Bigt Island. S- -JV '
The Oceanic steamer Ventura to ar
rive; from; the ' coast 'ohnext ; Monday
morning ; is bringing the -latest ; mail
from, the mainIand;S-Aa.V
av A cable received at the agency of C.
Brewer and Company today was to tue
effect that the Oceanic liner Sierra ar
rived at San Francisco today. ' "
i ; . - ; : .,.--'h :-.-
' - :-' Z t-.-. ' - -" ' . '.Z .
F .;-- t i
I. J 1 - t i i
t: :t t
v , :r i, r. ',
slvs h:a. ,,
in t' 2 c:
vc'. ; in ! ;
c.i prt.a.;t ;
; c
". . .--- r.' ; i
aMiLWAUKZC, f'sW.-.tcr :y
r.ssssvtlt, who tzs fc::n tr..':r ir.v: .'.
tTiini ty th; crart, h:s t::.i f:v-J i
ths doctors havs c"(a;-.:::d h's c; : ; ti c
izlizi tendir;;:;.
i c
VASHIf J3TON, Novt-rtrr 2:.
ury dspart.-nrr.t haa r:.::t: .' a
lunation ta ths drpart.-rirt. Ti j i
work With-Mr. Car.h: t.:-: 2 cf a t.
himsslf and his a:s::tar.t.
r- f .
-v ,h.-'"a- rrifc'l .it-. ...:z:.; c
-" PCKINC. China, Novc'cir 22. A a ;
mental fins-::-, h-j bseh cr:;t2d." Th2 t.r: j
stcod, will t; cha::n latir,
and c :. "Th'c '-f cxr:rt,. ho is to L
The' Japanese liner aTenyo : Maru
scheduled - to depart for San Fraacis
coon Tuesday morning will Scarry
the next mainland bound mail. ; !
san franc: r
3 ana'ycarr. ';
Previous 'g-aatah
. . a. - . - -': -'.---' I

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