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- v.
' Lu iliac, :Cov..f !.
rrrri Var.ccmrri
K-Iura, Dec 4. -
Tcr YanccBTerr
', Zcalandia, Dec 3.
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. 4
30 c
a-,.. ,-.W W
Allcrnoy, Definitely Eliminate:
. Himself zz Gubernatorial
'Attorney W. A. Kinney hag eliminat
el fcinuelf from the lict cf Democratic
Eii'rnatorlal possibilities. . ;.
He has formally withdrawn from
law f,rm cf. Kinney, Prosser, An-
crrKcn and Marx, thus severing his
Ktivo connection with Hawaiian in
tcrrr's, nHhe-V.te will cot dispose
r nis lare property holdings here, it
Is-understood. , , .- :
f ?.!r.--Kinney Vave def.nlte Inform-t:.-n
cf tis irt--.(;cns In a letter re
amed cn the lest null here hv his
h'-v -partr.err, it was authoritatively
Joined tcdir. and there is no lenjrer
r:.y uncertainty rs to whrthrr
hf is t rossl' 'IltV fr.r Mvr-rtinr -.IT 4c
s in-
:. t:nccrti:nty r3 to whether" or nol
' Is rcf:L;;;ty for governor.-lie Is
in the Ii?ht cf ms .withdrawal free
-f f.nn nr. I r.;:;::r.rc:r.cnt cfhis in
r.' to I the rest year cr two
, i i. . nil.
!r.iwal, thft'cew
r, r Tcrscn' t .Marx
row to cfi
r: : c f ths T.rr.i.
t-r r.:t ray r.r.y.
: . ::.-r:h!p, r.:ere!r
rr.v :.I frcrn tht J.irv
' 15 to fr;ture
- ' "r"'" h c s 1 1 f f
" : i ; to
;i r.-r.,. ; p..i r.::-ch
J Jr.- :v t - '5 it"
It now looks very much like Terrl
. - - . o. ivifouim win
be compelled to continue hia public
"win. uuui iue new democratic aamln
" nauua tunes into power, : .
"And it Is darned strange," nay
1'iat'cfTiPial "vhpn a Inf t nn).
-m - - mm mj , ja Llil . WZ r-
ei3 are cranr.iing for Jobs and
cran:I.!!r.?' tr, , vat nut f -
V ty don't let ne hare my way L
lns.st on Keeping me in until .ttevget
perfectly good and ready to lei me
nzv havz::, C:-i-t'sri
t3 c-.l:r ts lnt:r;:'
t: 5 t..::t r; .: .j rr ;t: J c
i . -;
The f ituatlon dnpr-nmiMr fiWnllor
B, far there hate bpen nnt n
cne cr two logical rcssIbliifTes'roea
f'rrr ! f-r Ttt. v- ,,,r
thi? i -rluo'es the Dor.ocratr s well a3
l:vru:::;-.r.s:. No .reccmrj.ndation of
f i y I :r:::u!ar r.:an - hav trcn for-
M..r...i to a?ninton by? tte admin-istrat:.--.
thcur,h Mctt-Srrat's reslgna
t'cz 'v:s to tihe e.Tcct :'ven:lcr 15..:
It h iiii th-t Circuit' W. L.
V!.::.--y has L-:n asVi.j to rtand,af.
f- r:t ccr.'.inua
1 r.::
' ii."
:-:- .t o.TiCia!
is -' -, I at it 13 f
zj- '- . cooi ehor.f o
e i-:::rea c.3 l?c-
:y r.t"tl 3 Eni:
t toiuo ry;:;tionir
( r
t- f
. v n
v.h: ;
! tVl"
t th?
cy in
. l liar
v I
:cn c:-s not r
:t to name
t 7: :.'a
"II t '.vr.v:'
'; c:
Mazes!" he ref
r.c rer vi;
!:n. : ; "
- . w W 1
j Is rearrested and
rnaove hini ana tnev
(another Secretary,
.ns to about it?"
akei this mcrnin?.'
;!f up in my private
ell them all, to go to
cl In a tone pf ex.
l . -y t - i : '
' - : " . " - , ,
'ii mmmA - -m - - " ,:-cy,-y-.y :
. ,- y'.7v -'v:v;...v yy .y,. - . F c s ' A I - - .-.
' 1 I : . I " 'V - . - - x V - - - . I I It .... 4 .1
- r ?:zi y --.i.- y. . .
4 r .-r x A . v--: : ; ;
r a, , - y , '
:sisna- , i . t - , , .
r 15... y. ' ; - . ! ' I
w. l. j ; y' , ' .!
.nd ar - - - '' '
r.'.inue ' ' - . r. ', .-' '
cf the ' - ' :
- y :; -;-i-..-.,.!-'i-V''r yV-.'; ' " . , -J . . .. . .'. .
J- - v., : ? t ...... t ' ; y
,y . '
7 " ,
- 4
.... . . 3
At a iv. ret
zts t! !s :
v cf
r (' : f rrt
t r.c:..le;
:tt- I.
- t!.2 l card cf euper
. ' the question cf
" " i' -'rectors was far
. ricCIer.an comi lalned
cf the ways end means
to attend a meeting
matter,' and
Hrc Chic , Wf.,ircfnn will ho r storm
center if tie Democratic beard of eu
r'rvi.ors JT ..ffpnfa to" remove - 'him
tre::i f f" " ' ,y : . . ' -
I : vera! t naemhers of the board of
Vc,rV v fs are said to be desirous of
rctamms v'lThurston, without regard to
r : .;tics. -w. Une ether members, accord
to a s Stnv ihr,t ", rpr.r.hed the
tc .r.i cf fi. rr.dprwriters. have mark-
fcr dismissal.. - -
ex-road supervisor
ent Bourbon politician. Is
more than willing to suc-
Thurston. The six newly-
:..?yr.'.ci,i i.vtison.
and -promin;'
aid to be
ceed Chief.)
. ! to cc: .:.cr the
( y : t ; o'c'yo. tiCCiea: 1Jer Tnccratlc .supenisors ywill
Ac ;:tcr T -hncll, ' under date of S.a"cus., 7- Wrow morning. and . Ui3
N.v. .' -.- -d his disallowance :re ,if.s b-ToSce.wiH come up for
: a t :!1 cf :: for an antn--!Hp,ccr:scrati:rs:. McClellan Petrle, Wol-
trict. us l.f'
i: ; re; crly. cr.-::c:d for payment out
cf..the pcrman- .t improvement fund.
iio said it t::oa:d be raid out-of the
Ia read .district allowance or pro
v'J; i for .by t; "Clal rerolution. A
Kttcr from the clerk to J. H. Travis,
th- Kwa rc ' 1 overseer, dated Oct
3", was ciMhited. in which Travis
was inrormel that a caucus of Super
visors had authorized hirn to buy a
Tcrd runabout, price ?7C0, to be paid
for out of the district's monthly ap
' rrcpriaticn. 'he to make such ar
rar.sements about payments with the
Ct human - Carriage Company as he
t :iw fit'. -:.-; , y ., - vy v.yy . --Ir.
Travis in thp same leit
vi.-v.i ,naa
erected to pay the hospital expenses
cf cne Charles Clark. rnnctiT- k
he ret a receipt from Clark .relin
cu: hing f.U, claims against the city
and county-for future "mavW
lag a ePusv-:can. are. relied upon to
favor the rdWt. nf ,. rpSPnt
c-ief if ItEhtf.-n ld come to a' vote on
the newrboaHy.h . . : . . ;-
IjUSinccS mc 4i -i v!fv ro nrp-
f .v a vigorous protest. In
'rats decide ta.drop
'.ared that betla'aa
and-: that he has not
Hi!:ya TLnd Austria 'Ar Asssmjling Th?irTrccy3 7cr ' y;.
7::;y. England Grows Despbnc ant kx Cu'dco::. I.na-L. ..:
yLIrrliets Breatvy yTurkish; General Kills'Kimsdfi pi:p:: -.
. ' ' '-' ' ''"' ' '. ' ,'.; . tSpeclat Star-Bulletin Cable :r :,v ,;. H':t : -y ; - -y '
LCf.'DON, November 2l.--Afterweeks of desperate work upon th part of ths diplomats cf tha . pow:r Xi :
avert - t Curcp-an war as a result of Ahe outbreak i.n the Dalkans, it now appears as thoush ths Er.jtuh -uth:
ities t V civen up hope.-- ;- . c,',' . y -c.ryyy'y'"'1."' iV".-';'.'': 'r ; " ' , . ' ' '.
. i a i ..-;Mn -.n.ttnn -h infArmatinn th.t Russia and Austria are crfoir:--:
, for war, ,rd are mobilizing their troops In haste and. secretly, has been tha final blow to the hopes of t. s , .r.
vl2d C.TicJ here and In France,' Is the belief In well Informed circles here this afternoon. y
c,w.: ; Confirmation cr the reports wmcn are .semi-omcii in m;ir tiui5i, wm v. --r-"- ,
nouncir" that the bourses' in CL Petersburg ahdVienna have shown the inevitable break that -was to rave
expectcd upen the receipt of such news. '.The market has fallen heavily in Vienna. A; : f , , ' v . -
-Th censorship of foreim diroatches make? it extremely difficult -to obtain any definite. Informal!: n cf-t..9.
intentlcns of the two great" powirs which seem to be drifting into war. Word, however, has reached her; t at
Albania has dectared Its independence, andl.reportsyfrom Prague assert that UO.CCD reserves ; have t:sn s-m; .
i moned to active duty, y '!'.: y :'y V' '-' y'y.r:-'--'C;c'"i.r;';-v cy ' - , - ' - r7 :'-y;v : -" ' ': f
' . ' v . Tumcisn GEr j er al kills hi mself riEAR r.: o r j asti n - - : . -.
V " r DELGRADE, Servia, November 23. The bodv of Tethi Pasha, the;commander of the Turkish troeps at
- Monastlr, has been .found dead in his apartments.:' It is believed that he commftted auicide.. in .despair cf :sv;
- ceedina in;richtinahimself in the eyes cf hi? sovereigns after his disaster at Monaatif.;ys..vy-.v.y -ly 'y :
, . y AoniArjoPLE garrison in a'sortie . . - ,
.': LONDON,. November 23. Dispatches from the front today announced that the garrison at Adrlanople mas
a-desperate 'sortie under cover of the dark last night, but, were beaten back with heavyvioss by theAllies. It is
declared that word of the plana of the garrison leaked : to the commander of the besiegers in timrto head eff ths
attempt, y r. . -,y , '-' ' "'"'yt- --: ' v.'c--A ' ' : '' I " ' ' :'' ' y J :v - -. ' H-r- - '-; , - - ' '
r;t:ta t:'i
i. . - i
....- r - -
4. . . . - I.
- If . . .. I
- I .... I .
WZST rCINT, ri:v Ye
to 7, t! : Array c!:v:" r; :
ths lar;::t cr;w3 ev:r :
llant, w;-,i!e that cf ths c;;
1 L
a Ik ..
paring to rr.aKo
case the Demd, V
Thurstcn. It is f
usea nis positioi t0 play politips In
his department & '-."-;-. '.y: '
cupervlsor-elec -.
morning.: that pei a . Wonally he ? beUeves 1
Iu icuuumfi..inuri iU'ton; and that. there
is no Democrat W . sight now who 'Is
as capable as :Thto; He sayg that
he believes in j Aeplng . Thurston in
oce and of. entli ' . i,v .-naratine- the
Clark, suggesting that f irf ;partmeflt frcH V pontics, V -
board of fire i underiV K-riters, was asked
asto what the nnd rwriters and men
nf tl? f XpS?" ni '-Sl fighting, think
.?ITShnJ4 V Cin and Mr. Gurrey
y . . . . iv v ' ..- y-.
ao a. lire cn .I l ilf - Weir I will
fell you.. I think, blU
Ib bo, one in the city Ml VWha sees more
Th'SV k bi V ALlk than I do,
Tbexefore I bpllero 4
Mmt0, knowledge of
his ability In his line l ' kf worfc i have
beard the talk that turf (I board of
SAN PHANCISCO Nov. 23--reets:y
88 analysis, 9s 44 d; -.; Parity,
' 3.S6 cents. ; Previous quotation, Ss'
4Ud. . - . ' - y
1 "
. H. C H : f 'C PvtCK, LTD; ?;
' 'tf.Od y
sir Thnmas Linton is the moving f purse ; strings It will take real mo
sDlrit in an international yacht; race r ney, and plenty of it, to awing a big
at SahLY Francisco in ,1915; the Irish
sportsman is- willing to consider a
race across the .Pacific' to .Honolulu
as a second f eatareaf . Honolulu should
come forward to a man to secure not
only the race, but a Hawaiian yacht
to - contest it 'X- ' - S '? v'-v v-'
That Is the skeleton outline of news
and comment that Is going the rounds
nf the city 1 today, .nd enthusiasm
Lrjin J-Jilil)
fin nr r-!T-i
suDenisora will ii
uon. and will; put. a 'n
(Continued on
V W his
venture of -this kind, but,' according
to representative TCitlzensi it will he
money for which value will be receiv
ed over ! and over again. Desirable j Salaries in -the 'municipal depart-
publictty tnat coma noi pe Dougai. at? ncnfa are to be siashed, present oSce
any price as straight advertising will noders separated from their Jobs and
be ; forthcoming, and with the .finish: a policy of economy inaugurated
of ,-a , great f international yachUng. , the new Democratic administration
event right at ; Hawaii's gate,.tnous-; 9nd beginning-of the economy
ands . of sport-loving . andV.c pleasure-v 4 comeg . tomorrow morning;
over the chance of another : great seeking visitors wflocK; to one -w!len the slx r Democrats recenUy
trans-Pactficyacht J race is. ; by noj ands. - The. poss Jollities for, tjelr en- r!ected to g0 into causus.
means confined . toy yachtsmen, y for terment,- and According-to announcement today;
from a . standpoint of pure boslness It ..profit due to their stay, are unlimited. ; only . wU, tQe . 8Upervisors discuss
is generally concedeti that -yeuch , a Royalty May R?c.; y
race, with -its ' attendant publicity,! The Upton plan, ttf judge by news-, nghipg and the make-up of the
would be the wery best ad vertislngj paper : dispatches, is' to --make San . Blandin r committees; but thex will-be-that
Honolulu and the Hawaiian Isl-T Francisco the Mecca of yachtsmen lwfeext ft .g exnendltrires.
ands could secure.:. That Hawaii must:, during the exposition year. The con-, p...., emnloves - in - the county
get in' line; and pull together for; the ditlons of the proposed, race arenot . JJ1 f , clerkv Md county
iuccess of the Venture, is the general known here, but .Slr Thomas ;'SSe aSSiSS
c t-av or dronned altogether according
cussing ways. ana means sportsmen,; nas pieogea nersen 10 an entry. n-. ; iot u i
JrL, o -.w0.irt-iipn i nmhnity ann . nrnniine" to present plans. v Two at least, lt w
.y c. " - ' ill . 1 L i -'
- : . y.:y . - :
-ANnAP0lll3, Msrylani,. i:... ' - '
tesm tr.i that frrm ths Ur.'u ::..'. c. .
over for ths c; :!;t3,. who v. :n :: c
liavy outclissrd that cf ths r :n ff3:i.
the sailors. This last wai b: in '- m
: V f ' T ACCUSES HZAD Or T . I'.
. ' y-'- .s, ; . ft-pecUl f tar-rc-"-t:.-j C ' 1
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, N:v;.a :r 12. t t:
hearing of the accussd dynamit:r:, Lir. : v - - .
the government in Panama, d:;lsrsd t. 1...... -
Iron Workers Union told him that Pre U .
Typographical Union hai bstn ths ina.ta;t:r e ; 1 .
ed the Times building in Lcs An:ti3. J. J- -statement
of the witnesse, had effjrei o z- a
you can raise the money needed for the j:-.
- Hocking was rearrested today and is r: f .-: ":,
land dollars' ball,1 hos bond having been ra ::i fr. i t.
ir"" . . .:. 1 -.,,,-7... -
c :
- - r
'':; f$fV.& Star-DuIlPtin': rabiJ '. ' '
, : ROCHESTER, . N. November 23. At the sstiisri cf t
Federation of Labor, which is now meexing ncrr, v.msi
elected presiceni.
aeaA or tneepartmertU t, : but; 1 cannot
f - - -
business taen "and professional-men J
are. confident of success, w itn more
than two years to build a boat, ; pro
vided the - race Is- assured, It " Is . fig
ured that V combination of tocal pride
and business acumen .will 'cut public
wall is a probability, and. acrdinr to pres
to the Irish net theEmperor pii:-:
Germany; and King, or. Spain: migm . 7 . y
.':.... (continued on page
Frank J. Fresh, a soldier. Indicted
by the' territorial grand jury for as
sault and battery with a deadly weap
on, entered a. plea -. to a modified
charge before Circuit Judge Ptobinson
this morning and was sentenced to
six months in prison. ; The assault Is
said to 'have been made on-Eulogla
Bargas, a Porto Rlcan woman, on the
night of Nov, 12.; - .
Articles oi association ror ine huo
maxlmurn limit cf
Into share.? cf th- ; r
each. Th? cfri:!-'.,
are T: r 'cehila. prcc! I -l.
T R. CaikI, vice pre.: !: :t.
a Chimana.to. s:crctary-tr;
shares; S. Ki'o. zzl'..zr, .
and H -Hawaii! ma, Z char
. Stefanscn,-tho ex;'.;
covered the. blonds- i:
iSake Brewery, Ltd4 were filed with start for the Arctic ne:
..- . . . . - - . - - . - tonarrmonr --.-v.. . . ;.. ' .- . .:. i a vet Hrwrr.ua.. were iiicu wnu iuui. i-" "imi
: v. yy ;-: '' " -"y I v-: '--. : ' ' "ry.X .' (the territorial tree -a rer this morning. ' a new. continent, su?pc.
(Continued on Page 8) yy . , - U (Continued on Page . 3.)rr-: . j Thecapltal stock. U ooo, wiw . ajin ine r ai- cna.
-o--r s;fr-t-Yi.t:?T. y- -" ?--'r' ' y: - : .- r
"i-r.'j. ",-?'t--"yr y . f .c'Cr. '":v - -i . -. .'-;--oy-"v y-- j -,;' vi.."-., ?y.- .."'yy "- -cy --y.-.r ---c-:--. :-v ":.v;"' ' '.v '.-"'--. c ' ".'

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