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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, November 25, 1912, 2:30 Edition, Image 2

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uikiiilLbLk LLillUiii 11. lul Ji
h The . tide of Japanese immigration Marr came ashore this morning and
lies again. turned llawallward. "Xnree - made satisfactory arrangements with
hundred Asiatic passengers traveling the local British1 .consulate "for tho
Eteerage In the Toyo Klsen " Kalsba care of the man until such time as
liner Tenyo Maru, were received by . be can be sent on to the mainland. t
the Federal : Immigration auttortties 2 The Lodaner was to sail for Van
this morning- all with the exception courer and Victoria- this afternoon,
of 74 Filipinos; will be deUlned pend 'following .the ; filing of cables by the
,lnpr the'usual Inquiry required. by jUn' .1?6'' ' ; .;5j;,lf?a '
cli nm before admission is accorded . ' : . ' ; .
the alien paisengers... ' - ; " : M Many 'Autos for the Islands, i .
Vith ever, five hundred passengers1: !ny-ht --f tomotoiIe are "..In.
cn the lists, the Tenyo .Maru is credit--eluded. In the shipment of 31C0 tons
rr: h her rWr . hin ,Virtnr..' cargo destined for Honolula and now
cd a Cue trip, one Practically without ,
ttirring incident. ; ' 7 ,
rce Japanese liner ras - given
prompt pratique by Xhe Federal quar
rr.tinc cheers this morning and was
:.t the wharf before nine o'clock. The
Tcnyo is heavily laden witathrough
rnr-o, there being over one million
dollars worth of sll kalone, not to men
tion the thoiLrands of chests of ,tea,
Lid tales cf valuable merchandise. ' .
Fifteen cabin, 8 second class and
Asiatic ttcerae par sengers left
lie -Tcnyo. Maru at Honolulu.
I cq liner Is to proceed to San Fran
c!.1 ro at ten o'cloc!: tomorrow morning
c irylr.j in transit 3 calln C4 second
c!;r ; nr.d 101 itcera.ee. ; . ,
Tl.c Ttnyo Larcly escaped the rav-
a tyr:
:cn that visited the
Incs. -.Tho Japanese vessel re-
cd r.t IIar.Ua for four days, pend-
p" (!I'chai'C3 cf a rarce amount
t . for th5 crn:y ana ravy de-
-' - t ' ' -r - " ' "'
s for rorr.e
rtcrrn ,cr - t?r
4- 4
I c' I:::n dcfnT n:ueh !ar::a''3
l th - Ten: j vkltc.i t..3 l'c:rl
t!:o C:L::t. -
fu ' It l:c to 1? dl:charr:d at Ileno-
1 r- ,
1 t t
Tcnyo call: I ire: i the iasi
" 2 i crt cf ca!
3 ter-
: :
On Lcn:Iy
in t: .o
c frc:?.
v : a'
1 v
- v- I.
a c:
v - -' -
v -:!, is
i - . . .
C 4
. ay.
? :
4 U I ' '
ti 3 1,
:cl nd
the v
'c'".cr i3 rot to ray a visit
: - I :a:.d cn this trip. It Is
l. t tho LrLU stcamcMIo
I a:,
ay lo the next vessel to carry
3 to the Fritish cable tafr at
ii.j .
been rc .
S. S. 7i.
S. C. V
av.-i:.;: wirelccs message has
ived ty -the'eccata ,cf the
clmir.a bcund far Honolulu:
ilhchniaa. 8 p.Vn., N'o'v.- 23,
1912 : - j rail: - from pert.- Fine wea
ther; all well. For Honolulu:- iZ
cabin passengers, 13 stecraac, 11S
bass mail, 2S automobiles, 17 Y F. X.
matter, C1C1 tens carco. For HilO:
, fhip will arrive Tuesday morning
and docked at the Hackfeld wharf.
Lar.:!r.3 .Called for the Coast This
f 'crr.Ira. - ', ', .' . r
- The American tanker Lansing was
dispatched for the Coast this morn
ing, the last of the consignment of
forty, thousand barrels fuel oil having
been discharged Into the tanks of the
Union Oil Company. " Captain Alberts
has been advised. that" upon the arri
val of the tanker at Port San ' Luis
his vessel will be loaded with anoth
er shipment of fuel destined for the
ialands. . . , V v; ;' f : ; :
Sick Caller Is L'ef Behind.; I r f -V r
A sailor suffering from a severe at
tack of , typhoid was removed -this
morning from 'the " British freighter
lcdaner which rpde outside the nar
bcr throughout the night, pending the
transfer, of the ceaman from the .ship
to the hospltaL : ;'.'
The Lodaner from . Suva 1 and the
Fiji3 with a full cargo of sugar, des
tined fcr British Columbia, ; was di
ve r t c d ro m th e , re gular route persu-
. . . . ' ) V. lit'
z r. vc!cpcd ty the sailor. "Captain
i h:. .
(JAG. H.
r r vix n
i f
the Matson Navigation liner .iihel.
A wireless received at the agency
of Castle and Cooke this morning was
to the effect that 25 cabin and 13
steerage passengers are" duetto ar
rive; at the part at an early hour to
morrow morning, v ' : . ;
, A late mainland mail amounting tp
118 sacks Is cn board and consigned
to local postofT.ee cScials.' ' ; '
The WChelmina Is - to 'proceed to
HUo as there are 20CS tons freight for
discharge at that port ; ; r '
The Vv'Ilhelrnlna i3 to arrive early
tomorrow morning -and will berth at
Alakea wharf.' " -'
Ventura Calls at Fcur This Aftsrnccn
" A delay cf cno hour is announced In
the Lalling hour cf th 3, Oceania liner
Ventura for the colonics. Tho vessel
was to have departed for Cydney by
tho .way cf Paro Paco at thrco o'clock
tut ov.in': to th latcr.:3 cf tho hour
cf arrival and the air.cjnt cf refriger
ated carro"fcr'dIrcharc2 at this port
the vessel v. Ill be d;::tched for the
tenth at feiT o'c!::!;. A' score cf
catin and eiccni class -passengers
will jc!n th2 vc ::1 r.t this pert. '
1 .
f.'cv FIro Cxtln-uiihsrs for Territ
. rial V.'harvea.
Harl -rrr.astcr Fester ha3 received
the, remainder cf a consignment cf
f.re' cxtinTuIshcrs that are to be In
rt.!!r 1 ut ccr enicnt locations cn all
Territorial wharves;.' '"". '
Th?Cr:aratui' la cf (he latest man
ufacture and design. The Oceanic
end Ala!:: a wharves have already re
ceived their allotment cf the exting-
Wzzr Dv. Ti
With s ..:.l t: ; : tcn3 carro
la (.;:
lu cn cr
1 . . . i K . .
t. Taa
c :
::g to tl.3
3 frr!"!;t fr:
Krv.al j ; . v.
r. atmr., p. m.
Haul, ::c:e: ai and Lanai ports
'Ilcnr' c: ; . Jr. ran ports Tenyo
Can Francisco--Ventura, O. S. S., a.
- ''..'":.""
Kahului Lurllne, M. N.-S. S., a, m.
r , , -, , p . . .' t
Columbia, river parts Unkal Maru,
Jap. tmr., p. m, : '. , " . v '
Can Francisco Lansing, Am. stmr.,
Per O. S. S. Ventura, from San Fran
cisco. For Honolulu: Mrs. S. LV Ac
he rraan. Brother "Alfred, C. Beaton,
Mrs. C. Beaten, IX" II. Boggs, V. llA
Cca.:, Mrs. Cook, Master Cook, .Miss
r. Daly, Miss K. CrundcIIF. E. El
liatt, A. T. Ellis, CapL A. Ford, C. H.
'French, Miss M. dalbralth, I. Gev
urtz; Mrs. I. Gevurta, L. VA Hough,
F. l, Tracy, Ti landman, L B. Hear
ing,' Mrs. L, Harger, Miss Harger,H.
a Hill, Master H. Hill, H. D. Hea
cock, A. Kearns, Mrs. Kearns, Mrs.
V. Lans, Mrs. ."VV. Meier, L. K. Mey-j
ers, Mrs. B: Mo ran, Dr. Newberry, J:
A. Newell, Mrs. J. A. Newell, Dr.'
Walters, Miss A. O'Connor, D.' C.:Per
crs, G. A., Polllster, Miss P.. Kosa,
Mrs. H. Rohrig, Miss Bohrfg, Miss A.
Stammer A. Stephens, F-," It. Tracy,
J. Thompson, Mrs. Thompson, I Miss
Thompson, Miss T. Thompson, A F.
Terro, Mrs. Terro, D. Tweedie, E. J.
Walsh. Mrs. ; E; j; Walsh, ;H.' M.
Whitney, C. A. Martin, E. S. Bachel
der, 'E. Bostrom; Juan .Braddil, Thos.
Brawler, Jill. Carrelro, J.' Manice,
Jack Phillips,' Julio Rodrigues, John
Silva, J.-.A. Smith, For; Pago Pago:
D. W. Davidson. O . ; W7 Leidel, W.
Meyers, Mrs. Meyers.; H. Schneider?
mann. Paymaster ; J. G. Venter, Mrs.
J. G.' Venter, Judge Kurt , Sterling.
For Sydney B' Atkinson, Mrs. .At
kinson, K D. Armstrong, H . A. Ban
ner, Mrs. Banner; Mr Blacklock, M,
Brahmt4 Mrs. Brahm; D . ,Blanatt, Mr
Blanatt M. Belew, Mrs.'Fv Clark, J.
Clark, J. Cornelia, P. Duffy, E. O.
Desperado.: Mrs. . Desperado, A. ! De
coma Mrs.' Decoina, ...Miss -Decoma.
Mrs. E. Fisher, Miss Fisher. Miss
Fisher, D. Ford. D.Smith, Mrs. Smith,
E. Gibson, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. O. A'.
Jager, ; Master Jager, Mrs. ;M. Johns,
'. 1 1
;( ' i. f
Monday, Nor. 23.;
Temperature 6 ai cu 0; 8 a.
75; " 10 a.' in.; 75; ,12 noon, 80. Mlnl
mum Jastnlght, C8. ' c'-, ; " '
Wind $ a. m.; ' velocity 1, K. E.; 8
a, in., Velocity 2, NV C ; 10- a nnve
loclty 5, S,. E, ; 12 noon, velocity. 7,
N . : E . '' Movement past 24 hou rs. ; 101
miles. : .- -XX::"--'7;r ?
Barometer at 8 aim.; 29,96; relative
humidity, 8 a. 71. Dew-point at
8 a. m C5. t Absolute humidity, 8 am,
C.C43. Rainfall. 0. V -
IsiuiiVtein-io rcrccV; :
"'v ''': v , ; Monday, Xovember 23. : :
; San Francisco November 24, S. S.
Alaskan returned to : port - with rtall
shaft'. broken (tailed for Seattle Xo;
bember; 23.) ' '
h' Grays Harbor -Arrived, - November
23, Sctooner Fealese hence November
- it -'---' .-"" .'vSV- S?' . rA v;"--w.'t.
Yokohama Sailed, November 23, S.;
S. Persia for, Honolulu.
Fan' Francisco Arrived, November
25, neon, S. S. .Nippon Man hence
Novf.: ;r 19. ; . . ," '.
A e re z ra m s. , : c - ,
.-V :
. & S. Wllhelmlna wlll dock at Hack
fell wharf Tuesday morning from Tan
Francisco wl,th S6 cabin and, 12. steer-J
rje passengers; H8 bags mall , 13
r.utos; 3101 tons cargo; For Hilo; 2C05
tcrs cargo."' '';;. s--:':'.V.'"';1-T:
IHIcnian will arrive fronr Seattle at
tic a Tuesday. -.fv:c' 'V' 'V Ty
' . iJ " S. Ventura calls for Sydney at
4;'p: nvtoday. r;--: . . ,
a. S. Tenyo Maru sails ior San r'ran-
cl-co at JO a. n.'Tu-
Le, -Mrs.; V.;' HT LevIs, i Mangoan,
I'ra. I'nran, Mi:3 Hazel Manea
V. Me::an,. Mrs.' V. Mane: an, V :rt
Mcrphy, C. A. ;:c:3r, T.'.C'Ncar.i
E..-S. Outtrim, lira. Outtrina, -J). Par-
l:er, Mra. Parker,. Fran1.; Picato, ""Mrs.
Victor llicado, ' Miz3 Hicado, ; U. It.
C "Ith, C. C. Spink, S. 'Stanley; W.' D.
Vilay. ;.-;';;, .".-.-V;".;v; .
. Per T. K: K. S. S. Tenyo llartr from
Manila via Hongkong and Japan rcrts.
For Honolulu: Mr. M ALIn.a to, ; Ira.
M. Akimcto' ' and Infant,' Mrs; H.
J 1 eycr," ' I Ira, V, A. .0 rr; ' 1 1 i a 3 F. L.
Fi:ikhamr .Mr. ..David Hast, .Mr.: Jas.
Ecctt, . Mr. J. AValter Cett, ."Mrs.V'J.
Walte Scott, Mlaa A. R. Cectt, Mrsi C.
Walls, Mrs. F. T. P. Vaierhcu"?; Mr.
V. T. P. Wratcrhausa. MIis. F. II. With
er by.' For San Francis co.V-Dr. F. C.
Axtell, Rev. J. C. Ambler, 'Mrs. J. C
Aiabler, .Master Jchn Amb!:r, Mies
L.iza C. 'Ambler lira. ' C.":Erawh,:ir.
irJ. Earkley, Mra.f. J. Er :!?y, Mr.
Wi.i: S.'Larhlcy, Mr. T. B. Frcv.-n, .Mrs.
7"T1 " . - Tr-T
Mr. C. '.P. .Barton, .Ire. L. Lab a, . lr.
Jchn Becker Mr. "A. A! Brc:J, itav.
Geo. Campbell, Mrs. Cao. Campbell,
liastcr .Kenneth Canr bell, . Master
Daril Campbell, Ml-3 Darcthy Cam?
bell, Mrs. F. T. EddlngH.d, Mr. Andrc3
Garchitcrena, Mr. Frederic AV. Catch,
Mr. K. Hori. Mr. W. H. I!oyt, Mr. w'rn,
B.,IIarv."cod. Mr.' V.-IL. .11111. Mrs. fefl
Iki,. Mr. M. lwamoto MrJ Lewis A.
JefTsMrs. Lewis A. JcZz, Mr. T. W.
Kendrlck, Mr, II. Kotb-n-tcln. Mr.' -Y.
Kjshi, Mr. T. Kakaya, ilr. D. K. Love,
Mr. 'Miyckawa, Mrs. Miyokav.-a, Intant
and srvant,; Master : T.' Miyahav;a,
Miss M. Mlyakaw'a, Mis3 N.Miyakav.-a',
Mr., Frcdk. ,D. .Mctt, Miss L. H, Ma
l.eney, R6v. IL A. Hussar, Mrs. IL'A.
Mraser, Mr, H. Mainland, Mrs. J. J.
Mchicl, Mr. Geo; McNulty, Mr. T. S.
McEachren, Mr. Thos. P. McAran,
Mrs. J. E. Norton, Mr, G. F. Richmond,
Mrs.. G. .F. Richmond, Mr. O. A. ..Stev
en Mr. C. Q. Stanton,' Mr. Edwin' J.
ftantcnIrs.' M., G. Ste'a dman, -Dv H.
Tuska,' Mrs. H, Tuska, Mr. E. Tuku
hashi, Mr. Tbeo. Wierinv'Mr. VTong
Kce Quen, Mrs. Wcng Chow Chi, Mas
ter Wong Yuen, - Mr.4 Y. . Yamazukf,
Miss K. YoahltomL ';'. V ;;; ' ;
Per sfr'.' KInau, from Kauai' ports,
November 24. Mrs.: Iuma, E. E. MaU
lum, Mrs. IL A Jaeger, Tan Wo,
George O'Neil. I.I. Jacob,: George Ke
koaK Mrs. iCekoa Mrs. B.f G. Young,
August Conradt,- George Buckholts,
Judge L. A: Dickey, F. .B. Enos, L.' Vv.
Branch, Mrs.Brancb, John 'alelnalle;
C. Nishlkawa, Miss Mabel Vvilcox, E.
Cropp. P. .Crawford, P. Glade, Miss Ah
Lan; Henry Blake, D. Mokuohai, Chas.
Rice. J. H. IC Walwf, Paul Isenberg,
R: K. Bonlne", IL,' Jlohrlg. and 55 deck.
Per stxnr, , Mikahala from .Maui,'Mo
fokal ports R. P. Quarles, L. Soares,
Mrs. ; Soares, Mrs. M artins,: E. Wilhelm
Mrs. '' Bowen Mrs.:' Brown, . W. K
Hutchinson,; S.f P. 'Wright; Mrs. W.
Mutch, A. A.. My er. Geo. H. Dunn.-
........ .-. ..:.- ' y ;
Per'str. KllaueaT. for'.Hllo, .via way
ports; Nov. 23. Mr. and;3Irs K. W,
Fieberg, Miss ;E. ; Smyther Miss
Hhnsen, Mr.; and-Mrs7C B. Butchairt,
W. Chalmers.hMr.'and Mrsl G: P. Hal
land, Master G.' Earl: Halland,!M. A.
NicolL Mrs, iV Carne, Miss ; M. Carne,
MrsL John Bryant E. EAM.tBuildwa,
Mrg. - L.; L. .Sexton and - infant, Lee
Leong, .W. J. West, Mr. . and ilrs. Al
exander Fraser, M. A .v NlcolI, J. 'Ros
:lPer O. S.' S.: Ventura, for, Sydney.
Marta Golden, D. E-. Stanley, Mrs. M.
Fuller; S. McKean,' G . E . .Philipps and
wife ; R: V. Cavce: -wife and : Infant. J.
A:.iCaTe'W;P.Dataty.'P;rp; - Dalntyj'
.ir Mrs: H S. Geer,- F. IA Jarman.
Per. str.' Claudiue, for Hllo 1a;wav
ports Nor ; Mi 'i ; Jacoby Mrs;' . H.
Kingsbury,'S";v 5: ::.:: ; '.:. t it&i. h'j
Per str. Klnau. for Kauai norts. :
Nor. 26. Mn and Mrs. H .VRohrig, H.
Rohrig, Master u Menefogllo, Mrs. A ; r
Menefoglio; Mr. and Mrs. Ade Bttte -
Miss Markhara, Dr. Derby, Mrs, Band-
; News was; received by - this morn
ing's mall Jrom the coast that : the
Union Oil icompany of California, a
bought' by the General Petroleum Cor
po ration. The negotiations" cul m inated
at New York,waen Eugene de Sabla
of the GeneraV Petroleum Corporation
purchased all the Stewart Interests in
the' stock of lhe Union Provident Com
psny, whlch ls the holding corporatlbn
for Union Oil and Its tewnty:two xub
sidlary corporations. -To Its own hold
iugs In "the Santa V Mariai Midway,
Coalinga, Fullerton, 5 Sunset, Belridge
and Lost Hills district; the. General
Pttroleunl, Corporation now adds by
th e deal 152': producing oll jwells, 11
tank steamers, 4 .tank barges, a tug
Hnd 681 miles; of pipe line, besides
the outright ownership of 26,250 acres
of the mineral locations; also refiner
ies and i a: well-established selling
'By . lts- recent purchase of the Cdn
tiaental Petroleum Company, the Gen
eral Petroleum acquired an additional
acjre j),ln Coalinga;; 160 ; acres in
Midway and 5?0O acres in"the heart of
the rich. , Mexican j ell fields. : Th'ele
two t'eals, which may be fallowed by
pthe make" General Petroleum' a gi
gantic force In; the'oll buslnerapf tiie
Paci.lc and perhaps of the wprjd.
"As soon as the report of the tsale'of
th.f Ctewart holdlnb of Union , Provi
dent', reached: Los Angeles, Union Oil
t roke to 92 and Union Provident to
1 03.-' .lit Is understood that the rea
son: for .this: big drop in price U that
Lyman " Stewart '.the - president . of ,
Union,1 in selling out his individual
carrying the :"control,f made no tprovi
sicn 'for the minority stockholders. '
- , ,
Right Reverend Alfred Willlsform
crly Elahop cf, Honolulu, now cf Nu
kaalafa, Island cf Tonga, Friendly. Is
tin a 3 rTrcup, Pacific Ocean; as tho deed
rc;:i j has oIJ to Mary H.--Smith,
v-ifa rf VA 0. Cmlth of Honolulu all
that p:ec3 or pare I cf- land cn: Fates
l trc at at Paulcalo, 'Nuuanu Valley.e
reribed In the dei, containing 3-10
r ere a, for MO.C . )4 jha property li t"e
eld' IcIanF.Cc'.la -a premUes. ; r ;
"BL-hophW-'Iis r!gr.3 by Henry Smith
arid ? Irs.' Wiliis by Edmund Stiles, re
spectively'th'"ir attarrays in f acjt,;
n:: E i..' v::: : to1 ;
". . ; Cl .' """I SHORTEi.'S
With? c ; fen'r:' ' re ; days rc aln-IrT."r-sn
'tho.-d'to rat for:. the chasing
cf tha'r-(i.t;-
t -fart
to c
la- fuh'i
; v.-h i e h has bee n ' v;og
a F --htera in th3 ef--'t
-.eir.ToGJ bulld-'Lii.-i
to 'erect their
. fki, the members
' ; a. "renev.-cd energy,
.t that when . Thanks
. ..na, . the'" necessary
4. - A..
perfectly' cenh
piving Day
fund 3 will have lean secured. A meet
ing cf tho members -will' be held thi3
evening at which the final plans for
the "I-.at ; fev 'days' of Hheir' campaign
v.'ill. bo threshed out. . - ; .
; A larg3 amount.' had already been
cantrihuted ".tuvvard the fund when. the
camraignopanci on the'first bf No
Vcml ar, and the Kings Daughters be
lieve' that they have chosen' a fitting
day ' en which to brln- their campaign
to a cloao. The fund Is. open, to .all
vh'o wiah to contribute and : they
think ' thaf there can be .no better
y.ay . of expressing ; thanks ork Thurs
day than an offering toward this fund.
; This disease is so. dangerous and so
rapid 4 in its development that every
mother of young, children should :: be
prepared for it it is very risky to
y.:ait until the attack of croup appears
and then sena tor medicine and jet the
child . suffer " until d t can be obtained.
Chamberlain's, i 4 Cough : Remedy ' , is
prompt - and effectual 'and has never
been ' known to fair in ' any case. Fr
sale by all dealers. Benson,' Smith &
Co., Ltd., agents for? Hawaii. adver
tisement. " - t ' -k ' ,V;
Robert Mahlkou,. clerk of the Wells,
Fargo : Express Co., was among the
witnesses irf. the Norman O; . Smith
smuggling case this morning.
a The regular monthly ;'meeting of the
Woman's Guild ' of SL C Clement's
church": will abe held tomorrow after
noon at. three 1 o'clock - In : the Parish
sThe reading and discussion ;: club
which was recently organized at the
Young Mehs, Christian, Association
will ; holda': meeting at . thev building
this evening.; Reynold McGre w : will
preside. '. -t t ; ;:?"
The , Hawaiian iNatioriaiDemdcjratlc
League would like to get; a line ; : on
about how;: many in Hawaii intend to
attend,;the ihaugurationon ;Marchi 4.
Th 'secretarylwin be pleased ,td re
ceive names, aa'Iarj In advanc,e;f the
eveiit as 'possible. ; ' ' vv a -:1Z
Circuit . Judge Robinson ' this morn
ing . appointed;the - 'Hawaiian Trust
Company -"as trustee ; of ; the estate of
Clara1 U English, under bond of $2200.
The estate is; valued; at J2338.$3, and
the heirs named are George C Miller,
of Stockton;,Cal., and Edith AMiller.lh
of Honolulu: :, ;.r.;.7,; j Mnt.i
ijae .JP.eaerai granu jur, resumeai is
sitting , this; morning. ; Among; those
who appeared before it were .Waltejr
McBryde, , Henry.; Blake and aJohn Na
lelmaile,. who had a iiand inathe ap
prehension of an alleged opium smug
gler on Kauai : some: weeks : ago;aJ.; E.
Jniason i chauffeur; E C;:S.;Crabbe
"and Liquor License' Inspector W;. P.
enneii, wno .are uiougnt to aye-tesi
and Kawakani. 'No indictments have
The grim reaper descended upon the
Oceanic liner Ventura .the third day
after,leaving San Francisco and called
Mrs, AM. Cox, " a' secohd-clas3 pas
senger, who embarked from the Ccast
for Australia. ' Acute meningitis was
assigned" as the cause of death by Dr.
Nelson. the surgeon, in the Ventura.! '
The body ; of ..the woman was con
signed to the sea. Captain J. "U Cow
ell reading the prescribed burial cere
mony.- . ';;? '.;,,;: , c..-, c ' .:.
Much Interest attended the A arrival
of the liner at Honolulu. From the
rail? as the vessel neared her wharf
following a delay in reaching the har
bor, there loomed up the picturesque
head dress of a band of Indians. A
delegation of blown-in-tho-bottle cow
boys, wearing broad sombreros were
also numbered In I the .big -crowd of
second-class ; passengers." . : -
The Bud Atklnson circus and wild
west show, - some: seventy people in
number, are enroute to Australia.. Col
onel "La valle, bearing a startling' like
ness to Colonel Cody of wild .west
fame. Is a , star. attraction in tha show
and will share the honors with George
and. Mrs,' Sky Eagle, . old Cam Charg-ing-Horse,
'John and' Emma Eagle
Horse, and Billy Rain-in-tb. c-Faca. ;
hThe Ventura wa3 ccr.ald z rably de
layed In gaining tho inner r. arbor ow
ing to a breakdown in tho machinery
following; ;the "granting: cr ', pratiauo.
Chra. .Church,' chief engineer,: came, to
the rescue and repairs were speedily
effected:.' ; ' 'K'X: : -
v ;The :, Ventura" experienced a very
rough i and mrleraant brand cf
weather according to tho story ,tc!J by
some .of" the .passengers.':. Tho" wind
and- seas'.precluded any ' attamrt to
pull off programs of deck rra-rta. Tho
big band cf drcu3 - rarfcrna were
ready' to enter' into the spirit cf the
thin-' and' would; have. ca::tc l ma.
tcrially.in the success of a arie3 cf
ftunt3 and exhibitions, had "Jup, Pla
vius" been' inclined to behave 'liiai
toll on thi3 particular trip.
' ; The Ventura came ; to a Derth . at
Oceanic wharf with C3 cabin, 2 second
clas3 and 10 .'steerage,' passengers for
Honolulu; Traveling .through .to Syd
ney are ,147 passengers in-the 'several
classes. ; ..::'.;'' - - -: ;..;.".
The Bud Atkinson cowboys, Indians
and ether perfonners practically mo
nopopolizo the "second cla3 cf the
liner.' , " ' " . -''" X"
' If all goes well with -the discharrjo
of cargo,Nthe Ventura is expected to
sail Xcr ;Pago'; Pago and Cydry at
three o'clock this afternoon. .,
The rrovernorree-ived t. letter frcm
the intcior department, cenveyirg the
information' th at tho . State Lerart
mant has'given reccgr.itian to Gecrg
Rcdlak, who will servo at ,thi3 pert ra
Ncravegian consul during th3 laavo c!
absence of the regular consul for tha t
country.- . .' . v: ' '
- . , , - ....
-''TV:; ; ' ' ' " -: '
. . . . . . .
VTanted; promptly, an experienced
'field superintendent for la raj a- Ger
pian sugar-cane plantation In :crth
em Peru. " Must speak German an
f erred. Salary 50 pound 3 sterling
": monthly. Living' :expenac3 - free.' Ad
ares3, ; giving previous expeneneo
,and references, Inca, care cf Star-
; Bulletin:. .;; ; :,,':; '. 54C2-Cr.v
Male Stenographer (white) by, me:
cantile house; one or two years e-
, peri?nce .necessary; local man pre-
: ferred. Good ., opportunity for .ad
vancement. X, this, off ice. I : :
: : ' "-a. 5402-tf. :,; : .: '
V Two rooms, : f furnished ;: for light
'housekeeping. -State ; price and Io-
: cation,- , AddressL. .A .Wo thi3 of-
Unfurnished room.' Give full particu-
- lars by letter ..to "G. M.," this. office.
' v 'y: " 5402-2t. :: - .' ;
. - -
' v i
Old-fashioned French key-wind gold
Watch. ."1915" Fob attached.: : Finder
l return to office .of Star-Bulletin and
' C receive reward.: h . 5402-tf.
Sunday! on King' street,; between Port
and Kamehameha School; black silk
shawir gold ' fringe. ' Reward, this
f office. ; :-';-'-v;T ::; h . 5402-3L "
Bargain Stoddard's Lecture Travel
ler,: 13 vols. - Tel. .4041. Call at . res
;: Idence end McKInley Road, Manoa:
'; ;:-'': ; ;ah ; "t ' 5402-lm.: : :; ' '
Ferns at a bargain; going away.' 836
Prospect:. SL - a. ) 5402-tf.
618 North King SL
Tel. 1879
. v - ;
"Vr .
n: ; T f '
U" Uu
kt P.UUtAi
a k .. - v h-
Fuji Krhiliire
In .TTklch la carabiaed ths HAW All
CYCUNa BULLETIN, catatllahed i::2. I:;a:d Z:.::? :
ah''-.' :'''.' .'. Vv ': a- iJ,ii-Ji v: -
WAIACE ii m : :"
flat rati: for dicpl-vy Ai 'jr.
r UNTIL JAN. 1 1D12 (Prafrrra 1 F
TR.NSIE:rr RATE. ;i.CD nrat iazart::
CLAS3D?IED, Ona Cent p;r word CD
. w
Per Month, tnyrharo In Ua".
Fcr Cuartcr, any ! :o la ' .
Per Year, poatpalJ. far ' i .
- kwr.A t . l - t . ......................
Per Year, anyT. h-ro in C ana!a
Per Year, r-'-t:, f: '-i
Ready to Enl:r
t t
C I ' I
i .
Sir'Thcmas Li; tan,
times trial to lift th
with the ra; :t c:;;
:o haa ravera.l
r.:- rl: .'z enn
ctinaa that h avj
who la nav; in i ;
pcaitly r ay a v.
meatJn-r v.-;th all
to J
v.c"ad 1 d: ::r in r.
pi lata mat: anal r. a
Ycrh Yr.rV't Chah. In
: . Ii ;
a I r
(r I
lr to arra.n
I J iwv . 4
I U - O I - - J -
s ' 1 - '
v 1. 1 I L 3 . -
a ra
: i i :: . : to
. ' - 1 ... 1 , -
5 . - -
cf th
faat th-t
t. - n . rr " : a
Cr-a:i cf a va:
L' ,CJ iC... a
.J 4.. I J A. - J , - W
i .:
in lha : " c
r - iaa:::: "a : :a; .
raay ba cor.itructa 1 c: th; :
the, fact th-t thay are all L-.ilt
i k" 4 .A vi W V C . . -A V- k. . v 4 1. .
rato any rcahhar v:at::a f:
and landlocked. stretch :a, a.:
j r.o danger cf 1' ... C:i t
hand, I arai farced to l a :
will navi .to th3 Ath:.r,:a, a
..9 i.W4 . i,i 4.. w I U ' I ti . . . ' 4.
and frcahiah as tho;U:::t:l
teats, I can not r:at ra'ia :raa
. 4
3 :
i any' to i rctcct ; ; far.tha vc: a':a
rr'. v of-p t '- -i - ? i - t
444yi Vk4Jr 4. 4 . i (.Jc.i.. I -.- t. ..It4...1
raca tho taat itaalf i caly lit for thr
scrap head ' .' ...
,. Regarding Sir Thcraa3 Liatan's in
terest in a raco from tho ccaat to Ha
waii (luring thi great fair cf 1U15. hs
i3 ; quoted as follows by the Federal
wireless to the morning- paper:
"How far 13 it to Honolulu?" .asked
Sir. Thomas Liptcn, v.-hen the proreaJ
tion was-made to him.
Nearly 21C0 milesrhe was told.
How is the water?" - .
; "Smooth in the summer time and a
good sailing wind." ; t ' . .
'l am in, if you arrange it," was the
Baronet's answer, "and I want - a
steamer to - f ollow my yacnt with."
: Colonel Parker assured the Baronet
that a steamer would be furnished and
Sir Thomas expressed satisfaction." ' ,
, Accommodations, Service and Meal3
unsurpassed, at. the VPleasanjon "Ho
tel Advertisement. ;.;..; ;
v. a p z aco : ; c ra - co., ltd; ;..
i t
;; :.;hh:.J'.lerchant, Near Fcirt;.::? v J
yas Examined;
Factory on the ' Premlsij
: '- '1
Dbston CulLdlna -yFort Xtrttt
',: . - Over May fi. Co-a ;.:'-, ;-
u i
isinq over i:;c:i"...
!t!an 23) .........1': : ; i:
and cuhaa;uaat I : ;a :
casta par lias par v..:. '
i;:3 at.':.
3 mAJ .
r- . f , .
-M .
... I
J V ................
....... . .
th j C :
at fiv
Tha :
frcn i:
Hii- :aa
'Uo.il-i t:
.-I to t: :
ycu'v? cv r k
pan to L- the- llr.t !hr
t . . .... -. . ; r ' . r t f
. : : . '..ili.;. ' - ,
h;--i.;? '. . - -
Notice I3 herehy given that fhaek
Certificate No. 4.1 cf the :.Iutual Land
ing & Loan Sdciety of Hawaii, Ltd.. for
ten (10) shares, standing in th? r.aa: j
of Olaf L. SoresscTV and Certiria-t 3
No." 21; for five .(5) share3, standing In
the name of Anna M. Sorenaon, havo
been. lost, and all persons are warred
against ,c handling ;o r n egotiating th a
saoR1'-.. : . . -.; .' a
5402-tf .4. ; h Its Secretary. -
The undersigned having been duly
and legally appointed Executor cf the
Will and of the Estate cf Anna Phil
Hps,' deceased, late of Honolulu, Oahu.
hereby gives notice to all .creditors cf
said deceased; to present their clalr.i
duly authenticated and with prcr a:
voucherrv if any exist,, even if thj
claim iii secured by mortgage u; i
,real estate; to him, the said execute.-,
' within 'six; months from the data cf
the first publication hereof, or tho
same will be forever barred. '
Dated. Honolulu, Nov. 2.", 1012.
: Executor of the Will .and eft' - I "
' tate of Anna Phillia3. dpcaa ;
i ''hey far i: -
f -

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