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Honolulu r;TAn-muj:yn:;r;;oyfAY, :;ov. r. nv
I i. w
i i
T 7 TlTHOUT question ' this is the most remarkable! sale of
Dresses that ive have had.; Every Dress; is freshjust out
- of the express package ; They arc not D which havp
been in stock arid reduced in price because they have rtot sold
but , all of these are brand nevv, and have never been shown before
3.75 Dremt;..,. reduced to 2.50 .
E.C3 Crc;::s,,..;.nei.::cl to 3.S0
.3 Cre:::s;;V.-..ne'ii:ced to 6X3 ;
9.3 Drct-cr..,. .reduced to . 7.00
13.C3 Dre::st. reduced to 10.S3
12X3 Ortsses...... Reduced to 12XD y.
21X3 Dretses.... .Reduced to 14Xd
25X3 Dretset.. -.;. Reduced to 17X0
27X3 Dreess..... .Reduced to 18X3
23X3 .Drexset.:;.;. Reduced to 21X3
-35X3 Drewet. . . ; .'. Reduced to . 22.53
37X3 Dresses... i .. Reduced to 25.04
H icli.eiass TailorMade Suits
Ce2Utiful showing cf the very newest models in Tailored Suits.
;::.!3 Cuits........ reduced to t25X3
Z2.13 Cults ..Reduced to 22.53,
::.C3 Cults... .....Reduced to 12.C3
22.53 Suits. .... . . .Reduced to v 16X3
23.C3 Suits.. Reduced to 14X3
? 3 S p t?cial a m en t o f .WOT. EN'S, MIGG7.S' :
CHILDREN'S COATS reduced to pricj thr.t
r Biiy Tbtiiiny stylus am! in it:!' : ::
- y J14.C0 Ladles' Coats Reduced to $i0C3 ' y.
;;15X3 Ladles' Coats Reduced to 11X3
y ,12.C3 Ladles' Coats Reduced to : 14X3 V V
: :v,22X3 Ladies' Coats Redded to16X3, A
- . 25X0 Ladies' Coats Reduced to" 123
- T 33.C3 Ladies' Coats Reduced jto . 22.53:
s 32X3 Ladies' Coats' Reduced to " 23X3
r V 37.50 Ladies' Coats Reduced to 24X3
1 "'-1
7X3 Misses' Coats Reductd to 15X3 - '
8.50 Misses' Coats Reduced to 6.75
9.C3 Misses' Ccats Reduced to . 7X3
11.C3 Misccs' Ccsts Reduced to v C.t3 ; -
13.50 Misses' Coats Reduced to 1C C3j;; ;
15.C3 Micces Ccsts R:duc:d to tl.CD ;.
18.C3 Misses' Ccsts Reductd to": 12.C3 '
4X3 C:.'.:r:n'i C: : : . to
C- -j C -'. i - - - 1 3
CX3 Cv ' 'rc.Vs C : t. to
; CX D C !...." r . - C ; . i . '-. 2
CX3 c:.:;;r: c.iu to
Th::; f ri::j rr---:i furi. t:
fcr cr.s v;::k cr.I.
''I .
rr.'j:i'r, .uto.'-c :lc rnuriKc, ckirt trunks,
t,.u:.;;c, hat TnunKG.; . - - -
cevmr : lcathch cuit cacis, .-cizcsu to
c:;r :r. to ruc: cur ocd Lines of trunks we
i 4
11.1 k to i.4 -
; - . f .
' ' - , - :': V ' ' "T'
i- -j j -. . . ; -. i . 1 1
1 1 . - . " , ;' ' 1
I l . V - V-.v,:v
1 " V, " - , ; .. - - - vy , , T ; - ' . - ". ,- -' ;
: . : . . e - -----3 - .
J IIILb, NovA22.-w-In a. coafcrenco at
Hakalauv last; Wednesday tl.o -homesteaders
wfcc vrisWs v;cre denied by
the Rurrer.ie t olirt early. last &r,n:ir.er,
cict with ,Att rney Ilany lrwlnrei
rescntins the Terrltcrlal novcrnracnt
and outlined - 'ans vhercly they raay
continue res! nee c.n. the homestead
tract' for, 'j?crl:ds cf -fcuKti" ,e!;':t
montn3 lonscr, cultivatins tne err; 5
themselves, cr 1 rcccivins title .the: c?a
at the end cf the period allotted, -v
. . .his is part of t!;e active fulf ilment
of tce.prcrr.i? made r cretary cf the
Interior n-fby cJ.v.rncr reaf--,
that the homesteaders against; v;horn
the Eiiprcmo court -ruled in the r.ov
f tmous Henderson case, should be fiiv
cn ad-iticr.al time .to prove up in good
faith cn the lands mey.Jiad taken. for
horaesteadins purposes. '- ; :;'
"Virtually all this land is under cul
tivation at- present by the Hakalau
Plantation. Attorney Irwin, appointed
bv the government to arrange a tome
eteadin? preposition satisfactory to
tfe. homesteaders, has prepared a pW
v; here by the cases are to.be divided
Into two clarses.-. Jn one class the set
tlers who resided on their.' Iand3 the
two years required by' statute and 'who
!.:re still .living ou them, are placed
, 1 r.ivcn a period, cf.. four ninths
in ..h!c!. they sh-UJive tr : r :
j;;.d talre over the ..cr.iire cult:,. V..u
I In the other clas3 ere there scttL is
v. ho lived cn their 'lands the statutory
ti:nr, movins away latter, end net now
rch!:::t c:i them. These are to return
a:.:I live cn and cultivate their tracts
for a pcricd cf cisht months, and
r r.he sv.ch Improvements "nd altera
tirns as-will signify an intention -of.
iiTil.in the land .their bona- fide,- per
il.: - -nt hemes. -' : : ;" ' ' '
. cr still aother Vlacs,'; those vho
h:ue moved , away and are unable to
re turn, the plan outlined by 'the' Gov
ernor is accepted as satisfactory they
to have permission to srell their right
to the' land to get-back what they,
have put into it, this made possible
by giving purchasers, of such, tracts
the advantage of : the length , of time
the criminal settlers resided on it. in
chcr words,' if the original home
tveeder lived' a year onrthe tract, the
i.ew ' purchaser, shall be -required to
live cn It only a year before provin
up and receivi- t title. This will make'
lie homestead attractive and saleable
enabling the original settler to cell hlr
rijrht, getting a return for Lis time
and labor, put in cn the land., v
worlcerof the Central Iaur'Evangel-"May it ':Ywept- auf ''little, town about
ical Churches met at the. Kaaaianutofrtbi earth. Thank Providence, my
church in Walluku last Tkursday. The famlljr and self came out alive, but
program of the day wa3 a? lectuce by my drugstore was swept to th2 winds.
Ilev. Henry P Judd on the Life - of , We are picking uj slowly. . I found
Christ, sermon outline, plans by Re v. t four bottles Fulton's Renal Compound
L-ook of James-conducted "byRev. R. as soon as she heard that I had re-
C. G. Bumham,' an exegeticalstudy unbroken and gave them to a
of Genesis Mil by Rev. A. Cralcr Bow-1 whom the other physicians bad g
(lUh. end an Jr.trc ductory study of the. up. (kidney disease). She came to
turned to my practice again, and I put
her on the Rnal Compound ai she
is now cearly.well. But I need more,
R Dodge. Lunch : w'as.'served ia, the
town hall' by, the ladles of the Kdahu
in ami church. . ... : 'V'-:- .' - ::. -.v. ..;
.William Clarke.'i manager r of the .and you . will please send me another
Haiku Ranch,: ar.d ''-Superintendent dozen, of theRenal. Compound from
Cameron. of the Fred Baldwin Memor-j your' nearest shipping point. .' s
iaHHome are spending the ,week all In haste, -; , : ;'..:vv;,-'v';'".
the crater or iiaieaicaia, . -. . .. . , -n X.. ALSWORTH. M. D.w
, . . . . . -
1 1 t . .... i
I ' n 1 cnr t ' 1 1 " '
"Rev. 11 C. rcuddcr. vh- U a c- : !n . :
of Dr. Doremus Zzll:r, ::.-3 I: r.
teresting. r.ddrezs at Central U::! rui:.
Church C'ur.dayvr'.orr.ir-; and t'
i:rcn the :1 J ret MC!!:" rf t'.1 c
Dawn in Indlx" Tuh:. ; a: : : ; t ' t t
MVatchm:n . What cf t:.. ht? T. : r-:
Mcrninsr.Ccmah."-- ?.!r. r !:r. wh f. r
t"T, i-rcnt vf-.ra in I"'i c
niic!::-.ary'v.-cr.:, tc'l Ida a-. .;.
the cc::::r.i cl rzY.l: ir.ta tl.'.t
try; era which .h i fcr V.v: Ire
(' 1.
-:1 la c
. j cf
1 ,
years ' pa t been : I r. .
tt'Iie:.. c::t3 and carl:
, W. Leslie West,. bookkeeper of tho . MiW can 'people who have kidney I ...r V:. . .".:.V;'V ... .v- rf
Wailuku Sugar Company, has .been trouble expect to get well on the -oldlvA.J. ."7
confined to his house" several days thi3irutne kidney patents when thcr census I " 'Vf;
week. beca-;;e of s!cknes3. .. . . r j deaths show that . ninety-two out cf cc "f-X jt in t' - r -
' .... - nunarcj cr inem; paszea . cut cct j;1 ,jn3 r:r t; -, v
TUC nr? WAQ S'l A PYPI n?!Prrro:n a orK1 c the disease? that was
worked Out. hi. Renal Compound?
r Un't tiicre room hero for eeric;:3 re
flection for the man who 13 on his way
to. the drug store for a kidney medi
cine? ; :'.,"' ' -v .' -
Honolulu Drug Co.,. Fort street,, is
local' rnt. Ask. for pamphlet.
" ,Dr:'B..N.tAlsworUi, the physician of
Purvis, Mississippi, writes interesting
details about the cyclone that devas
tated that sections We quote: ."I sup
pose you saw a natice inv the papers
that we had a cyclone nn the 21th cf
rr.a...: . ; i.:da cf MaI:rcD
.1 Ly t.'.o :o ar. 1 .t;
: ..'3 Rr'r.: .rar : .1- Id:.:;:;
r'DoIhi R::.:.:r-I .t th? r.
over tha. retr.dr.t cf ' cr..t
cccur V-'-' '-hich v.-cre . i:
thirty yt ; : 1. ' : '
, " t: I' :i Chr!. t:.r; h -;
c 1 . ;'.."y !.-. t ' - '
"1 VT.;v;--w-v-r
I . t .... ,. I..,,- . , J
Salc3; Ahrenta;
-WAILUKU, -Maul. Nov. , 22. The
new Har-akuapoko station. of the Ka
hului Railroad is finished. It ia, about
the same size as the other stations on
the railicad, and is painted green with
while trimmings.'4 It. is located just
below the tuin into the . village of Ha
makuapcko on the way. up from lower
Pala. J. Patterson; formerly with the
ilamakuapoko Store, will be the new
station master and. postmaster , also,
it is expected that regular trains will
be running in a "few ,weeks no w. ; , ;
:- - ' ' i . y; ,
i Th6 choirs . ot. the . Makawao and
Wailuku. Union 'Churches T unite for a
special Thanksgiving - service to be
held 4hls coming-Sunday.;; IV V "
... :- A
r'ri.-" ""..) .
... ;v
. If.
e;want buiiacrs to see us. about roonnfr.
vVe want ;to demonstrate why it is to your advantage;-V V
'; to roof your building with Malthoid lloofinf;-- '
S J and we vwill dp -this to your complete satirfaction.
fi: th
j f S 5y very highest type 'of roofing and made so well that
V show ybli that Malthoid is a better rdofinp;
i tlmh shingles--is more satisfactory than iron is cheaper ;
: uian Tin m iacr, we can prove tnat tnere is no , v .y ;
buildirig;trades diat is as good
flais durabj
-;;ry-v hs.-fire resisting-andas cheap:;;: -S-:-; .; r-f K:"i- '" ;
-V -.
The bowling : alleys of the Wailuku
Gymnasium : have ; been scraped this
past week and refinished, so that they
present a very handsome appearance,
the gym. nrembers expect to get a lot
of bowling this, winter, and, are-, anx
ious to try their hand- once more. V-;
- Some fifty new: "members have this
past week joined ther Maul Library. As:
aociAi ion. These are. f rom; Ila iawao,
Pala and Lahaina- - In the latter place
a circle has just beeniformed. Twenty-five
new books have? justTbeen or
dered for the library and another;or-
der of about the same number .will be
placed in a day or two. r '
Mrs. C. C. Gossin;. who has been thei
librarian for , one year- now, has heen
granted by the administration commit
tee of the Jibrary six months' leave of
absence.- She will , depart ' from Maul
on the December. Hpnolulan for an
Francisco; j- Mrs.' : Louise '.Chisholm
Jones will . take Ue library during
Mrs. Gcssln's i absence. Mrs. " Jones
begins .her.workyon the first of De
cember: ; v .: - v
yj About twenty-five :-mIaIstersaml
viit h
'yr (oth and it speaks well ' y - .
S Ktfbftthe iriMlire
; tor tney; nave been at it tor twenty-six years.and tney not v
oniy maKe xnis Turing to ei
.They would rather have A
n thian Ws rnbrieyarid the
' building, see us at once
A i
1. 1
U .: i. f
c, t cl
yr.. ,
1' ' V "
- 4
;:;.y,; vy;-,y: UUIiUUIgf ;5CC.,U5 ;ul . vucy. '.y f
-:- yy.'u-. y -.:;An::hi,nr',(A- " f i-rr "V-" -;-d- --. y-M;:"-: y:l,v.- w wi u-.4 .
t 1'
; ' :' ' yy ) ( ; ''y'ksy--''::: 'y:v': "v - ':'-'''":' y - . " - :.-' ." -" ; . v- .y

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