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Honolulu star-bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1912-current, November 26, 1912, 2:30 Edition, Image 1

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. e . , I ' e,. 1. .
. - J
- - . ? - -
Wffiiiv rj: ::a. yi. vii. 12:4."
t-Ymi Y,' :.!y ftar. Vr !. XIII. No. Z:.Z?.
.::; r. .. j
t, Nov. r
c f i:.v. . ..
.' c r-
:t V"
. i,
?. t:
,;io ti.rij
' "Thir.'- r : i. r: tl.rr '-a chaotic
fr.t? c" V : ; s-ii E Paxct
1 :!.rp . v, i rtturr.ci this morniaf
frc.i N' Vrrh, v i.: re with E. D.
TV r.cy . ' J. P. Cooke he ccncluciec
a renew;! 'c : the contract of the Su
far Pactcr.- C. :e.rar.y with the Amer
iv-;.n Itf fiai:; :erany. ; , : ,
'Oririe: s en the question cf tarif:
lcs:ileti::i cificr acordinj? to the per
sons ex;::. the:a, and one ian'f
c;ii::ion is c roOvl .13 aacther's.
It i.' rrttiy well settled that there
i5 feiT". tr I sc.".:-? reiactioa in the
fucar trriif, I t i.:ther it will be $
co:i?f-r..ti. ? rr a radical cut i.s ' f
matter cf y " crk. 1-
"General Le.ir.cis was good when 1
If ft, tut sir.ee then I see that "-Net
York, is rather unsettled."
' Mr. E.shr;) wculi offer no opiniot
rcsardir.s-.the rrchahie effect on "the
sa.rar i. ... ' t cf a European war.-. ,
H. cJhcnsrickVltd.'-
- - -
, X . . .
V',"''- !?- Qiy fl',
w,. : - ,.'. f . ,. ,
. -.' . r r r? .
' 'l!or.c!ui;i' .locks fieri-;::; ' I'will
never l:-o it a-aUV' sr.!! Cartiin
Pcirrich Pcrcer, as k3 c .
:a th:3 nernlr.-, rctu::.-
frcn his tix-m:r.ths trip to t: :
Putted rt-:t;3 r.i Ccrrc.sr.y. Ilsurr.-
r ttctel that the climate Ja the futk-
cr !.;r. I vca r :t f ? Lest Oat tc:;'I ! :
cc; - - fed v I f ere ami th : t
be ill- 1 : cy tic ; 3 to Le Lack
in i: :v.c:i r i r;. ee.
C. : I:- : rr:r nft II-? !t t
T. '. d .' ' l a I -. r " ""
1 :-e 1 : ' : '
: t:
..n't : . t . r.
r .:. I it ' ch:e
t: :t h? vi;:t: .1 s :
! : t::.i I.
..-.left:? Ir. t cities c:i t.v. r.
to r
i t' - c-:c"-f
ti i dc ; .;rt-;
, i ..r ih . : th
i ; rt r th
cf ci.. : r3 v. : ? i
- : : 1 d;.ty
: t : i., : :.r t: :
; . . . . . : c ; t: r: :y
t j : -V.- e" !. : :; r:Uti:.i cf the l:v,
.1 a c . ; y cf hii c; ti:.i ha3 j. 1
received at !f r-rtetcr.t he.
'it -. ; ih -ht here at" first ..that
c . . ce ! ee, cr c:i f icl: re;:rt,
v.. . .: 1? ci.' :::d ith. detached scr-
i : . , t .t c;.e.rc:.t:y thi3 i3 not lhe
In rart tl:e crinicn rcad3 as fol-
"Th? rci-icd Lctwecn the approval
if th? ircYi-D. Av -t :I,'1C12, end
the data cf its tre .. - 'ef.';t, Dccrn
l:r j:, lCi:, is c3 cf prc;arati:n
cr v.. ' 3 it3 requirements; and
v;h c' ;.-cs in the Etafus cf stations
f cf;.: rs-as reuy he' necessary-to
e:t th? requirements of the fro
vi.o raust be ordered so as to become
(C:ntlr.:i cn Pzzi 3.) e e
Visitors at Ililo who returned to Ho
nolulu this morning briivs back tne in
formation that Editor L. S. Coancss is
gain.the hero of the tour at the "Big
Island metropolis his latest daring fea
being the capture cf a burglar th'
other night Just as the latter was es
caring, from the Ililo hotel with ehl.
arms tilled with plunder.; .'j'V"S'Zr
Details cf the affair are 'rri eagre the
returning .viUtors reporting merely,
the Etcry as -they heard It In curren
gossip 04 the Ililo streets it appean
that the miscreant stepped oat of t
hotel window on. the ground, floor jus
v: the moment that Conness nappen
cd to be passing. The yarn is tha
the man, his feet and arms entwine''
fnd entangled in a mass of sheets anr
table cloths, proved a rather spiritlesr
tad man and surrendered without an
serious show of reslstancejt !s under
stood he now rests in f Jail awaiting
trial ,' . . . ':. ..... -. ..'.e.; .ee'-'
I--.- t:
r; :.r
2 C
t :
l re :
1 :
1 t
:e Lz t3 .y,
exj rc-Cu ic, e.o'
a3"fev,' ehan?
r.thaa ty .i.eins
can Le re.ede."
-view v.ith V."
O. L'mith
he said in nitstaace as
-3rstand the r.atter, one cf
reasons fr
the estab-
.mission govern'
:ent in cit-
mainland was to
se; ;rI:ers cf ai:
e her o that respe
. to.
'.:rcd ar.d try.t3
. to a c e c ; n t h ty.
e e riescnt law provi.r.
vi rnn:ent -c?
Ilanclala most of the csssn-
eees - cf cor.re:::
:o been prcvi '
:4 erviscrs is I!. :
e- acccuntaliilty
r cr
1 th
There are. however, some "I do; not believe any one can pre
ts which could be well made dict 'what the legislature -will do in
id reader the law more ef- thi3 matter -at' this time. The dunes
fcctlve e.l accomplish
far as the provisions o
the result to
: law are. con-
c:rr ; !. e ; e :.-.- ',:. '' ' ' , '
, "The chief difficulty here wcuTd
fc '-ni to be in the charter and quality
cf the supervisors elected. How this
tan be improved by adopting the form
l.'owsboy- Dinner .to Be-Sqved JS -
V bV JunCJClullS at COUnty ' best Thanksgiving chef Jn town. The
e e D t, , .' . ';e '" '. dinner will be served in the open pro-
' , rflrK;V;h''''-'fvl;'' vising the weather does not prevent
" - ' ' , "ee." 7. : e- it e The boys like ah "eat ; and . run
. Star-Bulletin newsboys to the nun game" - wheref they can take easy
ber of a hundred and . more "will give I while they are . eating and before and
thanks in- true " newsboy " style , on ; after," as welL : There will' be turkey
Thanksgiving Day,' , . e . " f with all the flxin's, pie and cake and
Thanksgivinghas always been one candy, not to forget loads of soda wa
of the red letter days of the year for ter. -The boys' will be free ,to "eat
the newsboys of the . afternoon flgld. ' n eat 'n eat, till .they can't eat - any
The only exception this year is that more.'. .'--.' .';,; '.'. .e h-r- :.; h -v .';' -'
the latter, will be redder than usuaL f After the dinner and the games the
iiiC piUeiaui " v ill tociit auu6-
ed calls for the boys to assemble at .
che Star-Bnlletin main oSce on Ala -
The programeaa at present arrang-
kea street early-In the morning and' tures. Just as tKfey' prefer, and possi
ready to board special cars of the , bly to both. The boys have been in
Rapid Transit-Company at 9 o'clock vited to attend as the guests of the
sharp. . These cars will carry them : football teams, e' " " . -. c -'
in a. tour throughout the city on the , The boys have arranged for their
tines, of the street car system. ' games, football, baseball, running
This will land the.boys at the Coun- races provided they, have any wind
l.y Park' at f about noon. - There they 1 left after blowing-, the blasts on the
ill have the whole- park and e the Thanks riving" horn f jgyvce e e " .'.': .
whole ocean in wihich to sport till the : The Star-Bulletin will .. not be Is-
"ime. for dinner.' - . ..? : :
.Dinner is what every boy looks ror- ing given ov.er to the newsboy cele
ward to and this year's feast Is to .be - bration."h :-;tO:.'
i ; .
to t.:.
i e t w "
to 1?
- I
I l' - 1
'l :ii;.
live !
"It . ...
fcusht tj !
f eccee:1.' h
the ee:
?rn;t:r.T t
i atUrs :.:
the ohet
t as well
- ' :".t3 o
Ly at-
? I '7.'. It
.i .
' : J c;a!
y a
f -
! V.
x. . ; t
T ta
VuQ raver:.
vuors cf core.ra. .:e
"In amending: laws
it i" re;
better to acccrapliah the e
few changes asvpoaiihla (X..:h;r than
Ly seeing how r.iany''ch.:.h- .3 can I:
even if by to deire th3 we;!3
racy t:::"3 f afswfcat more comvlcte."
As ee:;'; tits it. . '
R. V,"..L..:.ee! 3, ."chairman c
f the . Re
ruh'.ien Territorial central
toe' -en legislation, recently appointed
cntly ic ards'the proposed legislation
lie was a
cd what chance tiiere is at
rhe-num- jpiesc.t'of the coming legislature en
to seven, actir. : a new charter for the city and
.ty clear-! county. ''Ho. said: '. : e
let the so-called steering committee
sie ccuemed Etricuy to erraftir.g bui3
coreriag the dierent planks la . the.
republican plitforni. There is;notn-?
!ng in the platform callingfor a new
(Continued on Ps;b 3.)'
i i
cars will call for the boys in the aft-
till H Wilt tail JOr UiC 111 lUB ttlt-
eraoon.. to take them to the football
m .VPunahmr or thft niovin? nlc-
sued, on Thursday, the whole day be-J
cf r
ie j if
a: : at!"
e tre
.. i
.. in reme c,
v.'cuid eay.
he :f r
..rd th . ; .. . .
ins v.;e.
that he
tuda t3 .-.
:- -riirg that
i toward cht:
e frcai the ,pr
x . z m c
. ... - -
f:r the '
a r ... '
i . , . .
f ;e , ;h
i ' ' ;. h
id ccaait
P- 1. frr '
of the friends cf
. . tary the per ! tie a'
lc cf the j Rive ah or. '
-v;rnorsh:p wa3 a:
crgh i3 one cf the :
'ens in either p--'j
i3 a man who
t::n3 here and cn t.
rarly ten years. I
re. an, with a pract!"
is a man who zz:; 3
lag. He
to the ground, who has no L.
beyced doing his dr.ty in ar
tion to which 1. 3 re
;ht be cell:
i3 are', h. 3 I a a 1
wading Dz:
fer y. ::. IT is young and active.
If. the U ar.,e.h:eg in hi3 pact ree
crd' that would ' count against him in
any contest for -the position, Irive
yet to hear it and I have lived b're
many years. He -could go into c.".'c?
unhampered,, without strings, p-.Iitieel
or commerciaU While prccrrcccive he
is not a radical. Hi3- friend3 want
him In the executive oHlce and are
going, to work for him." -; . '
... .' ...... '- . . ( . - ,
Q J; $ $ $ ? 5
Q I feel perfectfy confident about
Q the future.:- ;One of . the best ele- 8
4 ments of the -sitxtation is the de-
$ cision of the Democrats tof hold e
$ a special session of Congress for 3
4 tariff revision, -coupled with the Q
b fact that so many Northern
Democrats wfll 1 orjn part jCthe
majority . in the - House. ' vbd3,
b taken with Wilson's r assurance
that his policy is one of modr-e
ate. tariff reduction, is reassur- ?
Ing. If the uncertainty of tariff 3
. . . l i
J?J5Sv i w t Sf
months, everybody would be dis- S
Cooke. . r e-e-r- -""-
4 ,8 4 igv '-i 4 3
; ... - (."- , . ' ' 1 ', . .
.f .-"-', . -' V - " .'"' ; ;-- i . i: i . ' .
"I h.ive been, away" for more than
four and a half months, said 'Joseph
P. Cooke to a , Star-Bull tiri Ireporter
today. "I spentl two months In Brit
ish Columbia oh a Vacation, nill
weeks in the east Z After rvUi ting my
brother, in PIainficld, :X. J.,. I h came
7 e : (ConUnuedon ;Pas 8) V-XTT
Ji i U ..L .1)'
JJ i..
k 1
1 1.
a :
less ur.firsssn CC'.c
:. " . 1 f.'
r'Zv Ycr.;:, r.'ave.' .-. :.-.: :.-
ri:; fecrtu-.: z'j c -:r cf c
ths c:r.try v ;.? cr.i .cf th ; r:
hct:l t:,;s r-:rri.--j. Fcr f-vca' v
!cc;-:t:r zz.:, a:t:.:.; 1 i ; f
to thi lact At th: tl.r.s cf h j
ths New York "Clanta" and 1:7
clubs," " ' " ;.
e 1' - . . f A, x; :e 1 IT' ; Ce
N27 'YbnK,"Ncv:.-.-.t:r i;. Ths ..Cyan
Frank Cirofici and Whit: Lc-'s, wjr e' : ' ti
chair this 'morning by Juati:e C:ff. T. ; r -, :
Ztnzt where they will' under; the p:r:!ty f;r t
t 3 '
Special Star-Buiietia Corr- p.:dnce)
-rThe first day of the slity-nciie t : at
ride for the army officers above the
grad. of captain stationed in the De
partment of Hawaii was conducted by
jtfte Department Commander, General
M.'iL Macomb, in person, and passed
c f without accident or special Inci-
't-" . C , .'- , ';:
The. start was made from the offi
ce; mess of the Fifth Cavalry and
at 2 o'clock p, m. the entire group cf
tv. . r.ty-flve with . C.neral Macomb yat
its head' passed ' through v the lower
gan.son-and' headed for the, country
norland east of Wahiawae .
The route cf twenty miles had been
carefully measured- by Lleuts. Long-
v:, V-;- - " c". ': : h
i c
a cher an C:
f .atry, r:!c; the
L--d were 'the
e tvo
their duty s -:
tempted to e
taace" J;h-?.
" The i.; tj !e .
was ace -- 1 ly t
exactly t:.r. ? Lcer3 r: '
being an hour uadr
limit.'-. The last cffie.r
ju.-t twenty" minutes :.
! General "Macomb who 1 I
A somewhat hasty fer"
talities.xjf the-Cavalry r
mediately organized an I
(Continued on

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