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Front 8. F.f.
Mongolia, Dec. 6.
rr s. r.i '
- Transport, '-Dec. 5.
i'rvin l anronvrn
f Zealandla, Jan. 1.
For Vancouver
iMarama, Dec. 31.
Kveriins Hulletin. Eat. 1&82, No. M09.
Hawaiian Star.' Vol. XX... No. 6430.
-14 PAGES.
U. W.Ll
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.-J ;,
Work of Preparing for.ConsoIr
idated Chambers of Com- ;
! rnqree-Progresses. " . ;
; That!, the scheme for a consolidate
ed CbamHer of Commerce along the
lines followed by some cf the mor
progressive 'cities cl the mainland Is
- practical, and should be carried Into
effect here, is. the opinion, of the sub
v committee;, appointed ; some: months
; ago to consider, the matter and frame
' a constitution and by-laws for such a
' body. Tlils committee, consisting cf
L. Tenncy Peck, E. E. Paxton, Walter
Dillingham and J. R. Gait, fc3 been
working for months on the plans for
mch a chamber of commerce, and cc
cording to a statement made thU
morning by. Mr. Tcnney Peck, Is ready
to report to the main committee ao-
'pointed .at; the dinner given at , thoj
: University CUub .last Spring. ;t . .v. fj
morning,: Mr. Tenneyf Peck said that
tjiesub-committee, of'(which hls the
chairman,v has ; been going 'over the
plans pKthe'chnmbe!rs' 6f commerce
in- suchf cltle3r a3., dercland, Boche-eiv-
Scathe, Portland vToledo ahi
Boston and that: they have, in. framt
,lng thej by-laws ,andf constitution of
-the proposed local combined chamber
vt comir cnce,", adopted ..Trany -,of . the
best fealurrs of a!l the plans, they
; have InvefcUjated. , The work of thj
iub comTrJttite has been delayed by
the difficulty ; in securing data, an J
. by, the abience' of -the chairman in
the East, oa other business." ' It has
bfren 3iaTtrtalJy . assisted, said Mr.
Tt nne'y Pk . by IL Gcoiing Field,
. wl'osc famiUai ity , with the subjec
railed iim.to point out to the mem-
bcrs of the, sub-commltlee where they
? ccu!d ckiain the information . they
vtre , seeking. vr-
V Just vkMicn the iraih committee on
j-the" formation .cf the consol Ware
chamber of; commerce for Honolulu
iwill mcct.agaih has not been decided,
but It wli! be soon.-and the plans out--1
lined', by:' Iho sub-committee will be
laid bffure it at that meeting, and the
further steps to be taken considered.
Another 'delusion of eicltcd imagi
L nation was shattered this, morning
"when the earthquakes reported for
: several days past with alarming fre
iquenty were s found not to be of vol
canic origin at alt. They were earth
quakes all right, ibht the 'quake was
confined to I lonolulu, ahd the origin
thereof Is down in the harbor, where
an entirely harmless bit of dredging
is going on. -
All the feverish reports that have Jury, which adjourned Monday until
" poured "Jnto the newspaper offices j January 26 has recomfnended the de
have been, caused by this harbor portation cf a score of the Japanese
dredging, it appears. , Nobody was' men who are said tVbe living upon
ready excited over the reports, any- the earnings of the women in the Iwi
way, except some of the supereensH iei resorts reached the Star-Bulletin
tive ones who feared that Honolulu ; njB morning. The report does' not
might get a; black eye if the news , come from Grand Jury sourcetr and
went abroad that there were mutter-j this paper has been unable to verify
.Inps of the earth .here. The earth- t through any of' the customary
quake t was taken as a joke, but .it JCD&Qnels.
- ceems to have been a bigger i joke ; The rep0rt was circumstantial,
than some people thought ' Uiving names and alleged facts. In
Inquiry at Waipahu. Wahiawa, Wai-i brJe. jt-was to the effect that after
alua and way points failed to scare onsiderlng the testimony submitted
.up even a scent of the earthquake ,egarding the conditions alleged, to b
Etory, so evidently those visitors who I prevailin& n tne dlstrict, the jury re
have been sitting up nights' waiUng
for a shock so they .could, write back;
home and tell how it felt might, as
well go to sleep, for nothing is go
ing to happen unless ' a powderman
on Tthe front" gets unusually ex
travagant with, his giant powder.
V H . E. H 5 N D R I C K , LTD.
Asks Solons to , Confirm His
:-' Rc-appointmcnt Mott-
Smith Also
Cup'd'sTriends Talk of Strong
Opposition to Governor
in Washington 4
n (Special Star-Bulletin Cable)
n WASIUXf.'TOX, D. Dec. 4.
H Carry Inr cot hU expressed de- a
tt termination mate public as . the ti
8 resnlt f . Secrefcirr . Fisher's In.
tt ifstlghtion of affairs la Hawaii. JJ
tt Pmldcnt Taft today sent lo the
ft tenute " the reappointment of ti
XX Governor Walter F. Frear. 1 At tt
11 the same time, lie sent to the tt
tt senate bc reappointment of Sec-- tt
tt reUry cf the Territory E. A. tt
tt Mott-Mmlth. - ' tt
a - r: s. albekt. a
tt v . There was hearty burst of tt
jt Ippl iuse from the sugar plant
c tbls morning, ; whn - preside
President tt
tt Josenh-- P. Cooke, before calling tt
tt the meeting to order, announced tt
8 that; the. Star-Bulletin had receiv- tt
8 ed a cablegram stating that 8
tt President "Taft had reappointed tt
tt Govemori Frear;; and tlacreUry tt:
tt Mott:Bmitb., -"r--- :..';.'. ..U tt
tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt 8 tt 8 8 8,8X7
News that , the President had for
warded to'the senate the nomination
of Governor Frear and Secretary
Mott-Smith to succeed themselves In
der present offices , was received
here this morning just before Prince
Cup'd sailed for the mainland on the
viatson liner WHnelmina., The De'e
rato was too rushed, however, to
make any ' statement regarding the
xattef. : i-.:::-; v ' ; j -ir'yi":.
''His friends however' were rot so
rct'cenL . One of them, who has been
in constant touch with the Prince,
declared that Kuh!o has purposely
lefei red his departure for Washing
ton in order that "no one could say
he was in the east fighting Frear's re
appp'ntment. : '
Local information received by gov
(Continued on - page 3.) x
Suggests That ( Government
Take a Hand in Cleaning Out
the Restricted District of Ho
nolulu by ? Shipping Lowest
I Element Back to Dai Nippon;
Says Detailed Report :
A report that the federal Grand
PAllsr-fl lmmiHon nthnntun
ake up the matter at once and rid
the city of a number of the more de
praved and influential cf the male in
i ' R. L. Halsey, inspector In charge
'of the Federal Immigration Station.
1 made the statement this morning that
j ue - Lad received no communication as
! yet from the grand jury in regard tc
the' deportation of the twenty Japan
i ese . undesirables. He said further
haf at present there are no Japanese
in, Honolulu who re, subject to the
deportation law, so far as he knows.
cowr to Hawaii:
..' U - XV Y,vVr i r,1
-."-.V-V " ''''"-'' s. -
Rules will be Framed
Islands a
are Deal W-h
v , Associated Press Cablet
$ $ 4 & & & "S ' S S S 5
s sANt Francisco;-Dee 4 i'Cathcaft Enters Denial . in'f?'!? wJlh Ill,a'ri0rt 16 w
S ycht which .will carry San Fran- V
cisco'a colors in' the San ; Fran- 5.
eise-Henolulij race in will
S devolve oipih rthe troad shoul -
s der of-W. F; Stone, well known
In yachting circles here, no one s
has. been aai yet selected to de-
sign the boat.
$ 8 4 & $ ' 3 S 4 n
' . r.
Mail advicf a r.-om San Francisco
this mornfii-' Indicate that the San
Francisco-itf '-ilnlu ocean yacht race,
DrooosedTor 1015. is ah assured fact
Sir Thomaa Li Dton, Britain's premier
Cm TI. ft .a ' 1 2 nti DfUnln'M nwntvt Sn '
yachtsman, has definitely promised to stances, surrounding the case-no jury as.ced fcatneart wny ne, the prosecu'.
build a new Shamrock to compete in' in the world would fina the prisoner ing officer, agreed that McCorriston
the blue-ribbcn event planned forjguilty of trespass. Evidence in- the should be allowed to plead guilty to
California -'warcrs In the exposition 'case previously taken had brought the iessir charge. v in his address to
year, and ;t is. almost certain that lout statements (hat the Hawaiian ? the court this morning, Cathcart de
the rules and measurements will be ' girl, with whom McCorriston was '
jo framed that the yachts competing
in this event w?T be stauncu enpugh'J
to cross the. Pacific on the long run
to HawaiL
Before Sir Tt jmas left the Coast,
San Francisco, ;Los Angeles and Ha
waii had swung into line with prom
ised .entries for the trans-Pacific
.race, 'and if four yachts cross the
starting line, the events will be of in
ternational iEte?"rst.- However, it 13
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mmh mm
lfiuaiia iiuiiLi
: :- y i formerly Mrs. Scott Grant, sister-in-; cab driver and his fiancee were not
The management of the Moana Ho- law of the Countess of Essex. Busi- married. Finally Mr. McGrew suc
tel announces a dance jto be; given ness took him to Lyons, where he was ceeded in suspending the .' festivities
this evening in honor of the first cab- greatly delighted with the accomp- until they went to the Mayor's t)ffice
in Dasseneers of the transDort Loean.
JLocal, army and navy and society folk
are cordially Invitedadvertisement
' :::.'
Sentence Passed On
' . StOry I HIS MOming
With more than a score of nromin
"ent men and women of Honolulu at-1 innt PPle and the deep interest
tending the proceedings, Edward Mc- taken In the case, but by sharp ,ex-
Corriston, a well-known oung man changes' of personalities between At
of this ciiy, pleaded guilty in Judgejtorney Cathcart and Attorney Wade
, Robinson's couit this morning to a ' Warren Thayer. 1 An article in; the
charge of fornication and was given morning paper, stating that Cathcart
i the limit. sentence, a fine of fifty dol-1 yesterday had declared," 'The public
lars and costs. , ' J)e damned I" In discussing the agrce-
The other charge agarnst Mc'Jorris-
'.ton,' that of trespas, was dropped, the,
I prosecuting attorney, John W. Cath-
cart, declaring that under the circum-
AQ t rlAnta 1"! Tt tr tflflt 1
guilty of misconduct had communi-j
Tarn McGrew Host
Party For Some
Tarn McGrew is "going some" in i"
Paris, according to an Associated
Press dispatch from, the gay .French ,
citv on November 23. Says the dis-;
patch: - t
"Tarn McGrew of the Franco-American
Bank, Place Vendome and Hono
lulu, has demonstrated that" he is. the
most accommodating host in Paris by
I t-oq enn rt hie hnrino' tTltertJllnd nix
most unsophisticated people from
Lyons. McGrew recently inherited a
handsome fortune and somewhat
! previously a lesser one from his wife,
lishments of his cab driver. The lat-
ter, growing confidential, confided to
McGrew that he was about to marry.
the flm
... . . . 'I
to the home whVre she was staying
while out. on probation trom the; re
form SthOOl. ; ;.' , . r
The case this morning was marked
not onV by the attendance of prom-.
"itiu lor jucuoi rwiun .10 pieau gmuy,
was asserted by Cathcart to have
been inspired by Thayer." The article
n question saia taai inayer naa
(Continuea from faqt )
In Paris At Freak
Queer Personages
Very well," said the American,
"bring your fiancee and friends up to
THey came, the cab driver in a
glazed hat, nis fiancee, woo was a
pretty chambermaid, a garbage col-.
lector and his wife- who runs a hen-
hery, a restaurant waiter and a young
dressmaker. Mr. McGrew . hired a
family automobile and all got into it.
'Now you are my guests," he said and
they were. He showed them all the
sights, the music halls, and dined and
wined them. A week passed and the
and the happy pair wre' safely mar
ried. McGrew is now in a sanitarium
t recuperating." . ' : r -
UilUdbUul I L.VtiL , iL
Leading Government Organ In St Peters
burg Prints; Defiant Article In Ansv;er
To German Chancellor's Warning Ti.r -His
Nation Is Ready To "Draw Tii2
Sword" In Defense J0f Austria-Sericj
, Are Summoning AH Capable 05 Benr
ins Arms In The Countrv-Euronenn
Crisis Growing Momentarily Ildre And
More Acute And Thej Outloo!: For
Peace Less And Less Hopeful :
. - 4 . fAsoclatl Press Cablel . .
LONDON, Dec J 4. The, international crisis, fcr . a Ki
thought to be lessening, has again assumed properties cf
the most alarming character.
massmg ot Austrian troops lust
ed -here this morning announce that Servia :ssumn:e";rj ev
ery available citizen capable Qf bearing arms, to meet
m A ' ' m mm m t f 9" t
grade. - The government, It is said, has appcrcd tu
and the Gzar's ministers have answered-that they r.r: r;
pared to back the Serbs in any conflict with ths Cj-1 '
archy that may arise. , : r; - v
. k. - ' m m m . mam m m
- Other, dispatches. received
that Russia. is in a highly -inflamed. state r.fpn:t
Petersburg choses , to consider th aocrcssicn .
Hungary -against" Servia. ':'.;The feeling against G:;,.
ported as being particularly mtensu. Jh3 lec.j
orpan ,the fJovce Yremya, in a leading articla, evidently in
spired ,says this morning in answer to the "warning" cJ-
dressed to Russia bv the German chancellor tnat "suc.i
threats as those uttered, from the Kaiser's m'nistcr will ha . 2
no intimidating effect upon any one who knows the corJ.'ticn
of the Gernfan army and the': absurdity of her .claims. Rus-4
sian diplomatic policy cannot be driven to fa'nthcartcd : re
treat by any' such intimidations.". : 1 . - " :
Other St. Petersburg papers, apparently equally insp:rcl
by official sources, demand that the government cf .Russia
withdraw from the German banks the huge sums of mcr,:yi
which are being held there, and that the Czar's min sters'
hasten "preparations for what now appears to be tha inevi
table': cdnflicL" . ' ' : ?;iUd -: '
..-1.--..'- -.
?; S0FIA,y Bulgaria, December 4. The tcrma of the armistice between :
the Allies and the Turk, hich were signed yesterday afternoon provides t.
that the Turks must leave the beleaguered garrisons of her fortretiei' still
in her hands alone until after the final settlement of the'peacs terms. No:
revictualling of fortifications r detached bodies of troops will be permit-:
ted. and the armies must retarri their present positions pendlnj peace ne-;
gotiations.' . v ; ;;-: ': -. . " ' -
' These negotiations will begin: In London, December 13. ' AH or tne A!-",
lies will participate, Greece having vfalved her objections, with the grant- "
Ing of her, termsJ ; . : , '-. .. ' ' :
Mrs. Robert Goelet Dead
," PARIS, France, December 4 -M
cf New York and San Francisco, died
from cancer for months and a recent
body will probably be taken : back to
' ' - p,'-';, ... " .: - Associated
TOKIO, Japan, December 4. The entire Saienjl -.cabinet tendered Its
regisnation to the Mikado today, following an interview between the Pre
mier and His Majestiy yesterday afternoon. Rumor is rife as to whom
the Emperor will call to fill the place of the retiring prime minister. f , ...
it ' mtrm mm wmm i V w V S
Scientist Tells Planters Folly
to Continue Present Sys
tem of Planting
; That it - is not drought bu a fun
gus disease which has caused and is
causing the death of eucalyptus trees
on Tantalus and , elsewhere, Harold
L.. Lyon, pathologist of the planters'
experiment station, made plain to the
convention of sugar planters this
morning. , - : .. : . :. :
Dr. Lyon had exhibits to illustrate
his address, in the foxm'of sections of
trees, infested , branches and leaves.
etc., and he" was listened to with '
great interest, as was : evidenced at
the close of his set remarks by the,
Dispatches frcm Sofia receiv
by the rcrcinn c:;::: r
, . 4
I i - i 4 ,
rs. Robert Goelet; the society - leader
here today. She has been suffering
operation was unsuccessful,
the United States for buriai.
Press Cable . : .:
,M Di!01i!i!i
many. questiona asked hitti. He spoke V -brleflrl30
on the striped disease, in- .
cane, supplementary '" to an ' address
last year and artlclea he' had contri hr ;
tlted to the Planters'-Record on that,
subject. ' :iv , ; .
A Iforcer. chairman ' of the con-J t
mittee on forestry, r was called on,
"appropriately,'' : as President , Cooke
t eraarked, after." the : discussion, to .
read the report of that comroittee. v' v
(Continued on Pag 31--
SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 3. Beets:
gg analysis, 9s. 5d. ; parity, 3.93
cents. Previous quotation, 9s. 6d.:-
across tne ccrcer irem

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