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From S. F.i
Mongolia, Iht-. ti.
Fur S. I'.i
Transport. Ir. r,.
I mm ancoovrr:
Zalundia, Jan. I.
Fr Vancouver!
Marajna. Dec. 31.
livening Ifcrtletin. Hat. 1882, No. 5403.
Hawaiian Star, Vol. XX, No. 450.
c ijlr ll jjji Ijp
-m n nnnn'
jJ-duuJ U .U
... . . ' H I
Work pf Preparing for Consol
idated Chamber of Com
merce Progresses
That the scheme for a consolldat r
ed Chambe of Commerce along the
Ijncs followed by tome . of . tbe morel
niV.FrPKKlvo rlilM nf th mainland
practical and should be carried into
e ffect here, is the opinion of the sub
comirittee amolnted some, months
ago to consider the matter end frame
a constitution and by-laws Cor such, a
body. , This committee, consisting of
I. Tenner rk. K. R. Paton. Walter
Dillingham and 'J. , IL Gait, has ieen
working for months on the plans for
ebrdinE. to a .statement made this
morning by ir. Tcnney Peck, is ready
to report to the. main committee ap
pointed at the dinner given at the
j Univeisity Club "last Spring, r f
'.r In if siting of the matter ibis
morning,; Mr. Tenney Peck' aid that
the snbewmmittee. of which he is tili?
i-hairtran, has been. going over the
plans of the chambers of commerce
in such clUea. aiCleveland Roches
tor, Seattle, Portland. .Toledo ami
1tnstnn.'nd that" thev, hava.Tin fram
ing the by -laws and' constitution ol
v- of j comnVrt, ' adopted ' many ,of the
best 'features bf ' all the ; plans they
lave investicatcd. The work of the
tub committee has been delayed by
the difficulty . in securing data, an:
" bv - lbft absence of the ? chairman '. in
lcti materially assisted, said Mr
' T nney Teck by II. Gooding Fieki
wihksc. fanIUa!ity with the subjec
..V.l.l l.lm! n nnlnt mil 1 1 thf' man.
bets ot the pub-couimlUee. where. they
cvuld obtain 1 be information they
vt re s.'cklnj;. - ''. ' -
Just when the main committee en
li e formation, of ,, the; consoJluate.
, i .t n ter of coin merce" f pr 1 ionoUil ti
will meet again has hot been 'decided,
but it wilt be soon, and the plans out
lined by the sub-committee will iK
laidlbefore it at that nieeting. and the
(uriber steps to be taken considered
:- V- "v -;:
' -
4 "This morning's, mall j brought
great Joy to officials of' the Ha-
waiian Athletic Association, the
local branch of the A. A. U. The 4
4 official records ofir the Amateur 4
4 Athletic Union are at hand and 4
4 show that Duke Kahanambku. is 4
4 duly credited with the two won- 4
4 dct ful i aces swum here August . 4
4 12, 1011. : The records arei 50 4
4 yards, Btralghtaway,". salt water, 4
4 21 15 ' seconds. Duke Kahana- 4
4 mont,v llonolulu." and T. 2 3 sec-
4 onds for 100 yards, by the same 4
4 sieed marvel.
4 jiy an odd 'Coincidence, Duke 4
4 has the A. K. U.'s skepticism of 4
4 these .figures to thank for his 44
4 meteoric rise to international 4j
4 fame. The records committee
. 4-iolitely , but firmly declined - to 4 j
4 accept the marks, saying that a-4
4 mistake must . baye . been made, 4
4 and suggesting that Duke show 4
4 what he' could do against some 4
4 of the crack -swimmers of the 4j
4 East. Local sportsmen were" put ,
4 on their metal, raised the funds. 4!
4 sent Duke, to the national cham- 4
4 pionshlps,: and the rest Is his- 4 1
4 lory. 4'
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1
: - . ;
The Portuguese committee of the
Hawaiian board eld a meeting bb? ;
morning at I t o clock In prepatation
for the full meeting of the board, to :
l,o held at 2 o clock next Friday aft-1
crnoon. ' , ... !
. There will be a meeting Monday in-:
Mfl of -Thursday evening w the ;
- Drrier hair at 8 4 o'clock. All inter
esied in the new Catholic chapel at
Punahou aro kindly requested to. at-
t a. . .
I -
' ' - -. i '
. - - v ; .
lAsks Solons to Confirm His
Re-appointment Mott
Smith Also
Curd's Friends Talk of Strong
Opposition to Governor
in Washington
w . - .
H 3 B 3 8 3 8 t? a B i:
, j 8
tt (Soecial Star-Bulletin . Cable) 3
IS rarrylnjr oat his expresned de- a
U termination ma(e public a the tS
tt result of Secretary Fisher ! In. 8
IS AexttestloB cf affairs ia Hawaii, a
II Fresideat Taft today utnt to the K
a Fenste the reappointment t of a
tt Governor Walter F. Frear. j At a
U the same time, he sent to the a
tt senate the reappointment of See- a
a retary of the Territory E. .4. a
tt Mott-slniib. ; a
a i v ; , r. s. aldert. a
a--.. . ; -y . va
a - There was a hearty burst of a
a applause from the sugar planters tt
ti this morning, when President a
a Joseph Pt Cooke, 'before . calling tt
atbt meeting to order, announced a
tt that the Star-Bulletin had receh'r 5
II, ed a cablegram; ' stating ' that
a President Taft had reappointed a
a Governor ' Frear -and - Ucretary. a
a Mott-Smith,. ; ; a
It vS
News that the President had for
warded to the senate the nomination
of Gof el nor Frear ; and Secretary
Mott-Smith to succeed themselyes in
their .present offices was received
here this ttromlng just before Prince
bupid sailed ftr the mainland on che
MStson liner Wlli'ielmlna.- The Dele
gate was too rushed, however, to
make any statement regarding the j
matter; r ;:" " X;- r-1'' s
His. friends however were r.ot so
leticent. Oi;e of them, who has been
in constant touch with the Prince,
dcclaied that Kuh;o ha3 jrarpasely
f deferred his departure for Washing-
toff in order that "no ona conld say
he was in the.east fighting Krear's re
appointment." .1, ; i
- Ical, Information received by gov
(Continued onpago 3.) p
Suggests That Government
Take a Hand in Cleaning Out
the Restricted District otHo-j
nolum by Shipping Lowest
Element Back to Dai Nippon.
Says Detailed Report
A report that the Federal Grand
Jury, which adjourned Monday until
January 26 has recommended the de
portatlon of a score of the Japanese
men who are said to be living upon
the earnings of the women in the Iwi
lei resorts reached the Star-Bulletin
this morning. The report does not
come from N Grand Jury sources and
this paper has been unable to verifi
it through any of the customary
The reiort was circumstantial.
Rivins namcs and alleged Tacts, in
brief it was to the effect that afte:
considering tb? testimony submitted
legarding the conditions alleged to be
prevailing in the districts the jury re
turned suggestions, calling upon the
Fcrat immirr,Hnn nnthnritic tr
take up the matter at once aud ri(1
i the city of a number of the more de-
praved influential of the male in
habitanta of tne underworld. !
j R. L. Haisey, Inspector in charge
' of the Federal Immigration Station.
j made the statement this morning thai
I lie had received ho communication a?
yet from the grand jury in regard tc
the deportation of the twenty Japan
; ese undesirables. He said further
ithat at present there are no Japanese
in Honolulu who are subject to the
j deportation law, so far as he knows.
M : - . , ... . - ... ' " " ; . , ....... ....... .'...j-...
, - ' ; '
A . 1
Rules will be Framed
IV: Give Islands a
Square Deal
' f AJiSOrtntisl Press Catill . ,
It vas:annobnced . here, today
thai While thl. commander of the
yacht Which Nwill carfy San Fran- ?
clsEo's eclohs in the San Fran-
Clseo-Honclulu race in .1915 will r
devolve updn the broad, shoul-
dirt of W. P. Stone, well known
IH yachting fircles here, no one r
hi I vbeen as yet selected to de-
sifln;.th boat.
Mail advices rvom San Francisco
this mfcrnln indicate that the San
Francisco Unolulu ocean yacht rare,
proposed; fv- 1915, is an assured fact.
Sir Thomas ; ? ipton, Britain s premier
yachtsman. I as definitely promised to
build a new Shamrock to compete 'in
the blue-ribbon, event planned for
California wa'.ers in tte exposition
year, and it Is almost certain that
the rules anrl measurements will be
so framed that the yachts competing
in this event wi'i be staunch enough
to cross the P.uific on the long run
to Hawaii. -
Before Sir Thomas-lef; the Coast.
San Francisco. Los Angeles and Ha
waii had s.wunj into lino with prom
ised entries for the trans-Pacific
lace, and if four yachts cross the
starting line, the event will be of international-
Juiciest. However, it is
(Continued cn Page 4)
The management of the Moana Ho
tel announces a dance to be given
this evening in honor of the first cab
in passengers of the transport Logan.
Local, army and navy and society folk
are cordially invited. advertisement.
Report That Leaders Have Decided To
Explode Infernal Machines Under The
Houses Of Parliament Unless Suffrage
tJills Passes Printed In Leading London
fSpr-c'.a! Srir-Bnlli tin CaMeJ" y
LONDON, Dec. 4. Several of the leaders among the af
ternoon papers in this city have created a sensation by
printing a story that the suffragette leaders, in a recent se
cret session decided to use dynamite to force their claims
before the country. According to the stories,-ihe suffrage
women resolved that, inasmuch as all their other efforts ap
peared to have been unavailing the only means left open to
them was to resort to extreme measures. After consider
able discussion it was decided to explode bombs under the
houses of parliament unless the equal suffrage bill, now
pending in the house of commons, is)jassed at once. Delay,
the leaders declared, means defeat.
' A survey of the territory's needs inflate conditions and ascertain, as far
! the matter "of hai .ior improvements . as possible, the present conditions in
during the next year was submitted
to the board of harbor commissioners
tiiis altetnoon by James Wakrfield
and Kmil A.' Herndt. members of that
body who were appointed as a special
committee some time a?o to invesu
various ports and the changes most i
imperative in the coining twelve j
months. j
This report, which will form the
(Continued on page three)
fading Government Organ In St Peters
burg Prints Defiant Article In Ansver
To German Chancellor's Warning That
; His Nation Is . Ready : To "Draw The
1 Sword" " In -Defense Of Austria-Serbs
Are Summoning All Gapable Of Bear-,
ing Arms In Thd Country-European
Crisis Growing Momentarily More And
More Acute And The Outlook For
Peace Less And Less Hopeful s ;
. . ' fAssoctateU prw Cable ".' - ! . . "'."-'' , '''.
LONDON, Dec, .-The International crisis, for a time
thought to be lessening; has again assumed proportions of
the most alarming character. Dispatches from Sofia receiv
ed here this morning announce that Servia Is summoning ev
ery available citizen capable of bearing arms, to meet the
massing of Austrian troops just across the border from Bel
grade.1 The government, it is said, has appealed to Russia
and the Czar's ministers have answered that Way are pre
pared tq back the Serbs in any conf let with, the Duahf.ioh-
Larchy tliat may arise. . :
? Other dispatches received - by the Foreign office repert
that; Russia is in a highlyinflamed state against what St.
Pctersburg:xhoses to" co'r,iider . the "aggression Tof Aus
Hungary against Servia. The feeling against Germany i3 re-
ported sbeing-part'cularly
organ-,the Novoe Vremya, in a leading article, evidently in-
spired , says this morning in answer 40 the Hvrr'ing,, .,r J
dressed to Russia by the German chancellor that . "such
threats as those uttered from the Kaiser's mnister;wiil have
no intimidating effect upon any one wio knows the condition
of the German army and the absurdity of her claims. Rus-
sian diplomatic policy cannot be driven to fa'ntheafted re
treat by any such intimidations."' ; ; : y
' Other St. Petersburg papers, apparently equally .inspired
by official sources, demand that the government .of Russia
withdraw from the German banks the huge sums of money 4
which arc being held there, and that the Czar's minsters
hasten "preparations for what now appears to be the tnevi
table conflict." ?; . s - ;
.SOFIA, Bulgaria, December 4. -The terms of the armistice between
the Allies and the Turks, which were signed yesterday afternoon provides
that the Turks must leave the beleaguered garrisons of her fortresses still
fn her. hands alone until after, the final settlement of the peace terms. No
revictualiing. of fortifications or detached bodies of troops will be permit
ted, and -the armies' must retain their present positions pending peace ne
gotiations. ; , ' ' ;' - : .:' '.' '..,' ' '
; These negotiations will begin' in London, DecembernV All of the Al
lies wjll participate, Greece having waived her objections with the grant.
ing of her terms. - 1 ' i .. ;
m ' o -r ;..'.:
; - ' '. . . - ' - .. . -.i ' . .. - ' ; - ' ' '-. ' rt
Mrs. Robert Goelet Dead
. f Associated rres.t C;rflcJ ; f ''.'' ' ,'
PARIS, . France. December 4. M rs.- Robert 'Goelet, the society leader
cf New York and San Francisco, died here today. She has been' suffering
from cancer for months and a recent operation was ; unsuccessful. Her
body will probably be taken back to the United States fer. burial. ;: "1
A.octatel Presa CaW1 ,:? '.,.''
TOKIO, Japan, December 4r-The entire' Saionji cabinet tendered its
resignation to the Mikado' today, iSHowing an interview between the Pfe-
nier and His Majestiy yesterday afternoon. v Rumor is rife as 1 wham
the Emperor wiil call to fill the place of the retiring prime minister. ?
i -
Scientist Tells Planters Folly
to Continue Present Sys
tem of Planting
That it is not drpnght but a f un-i su- ,rrn-r tni. mi"
gus disease w hich has caused and. is-mfA Horn"' chttLrma"a5 t Z
causing the death of eucalyptus trees ?l!tee T fl?"?' Zll
on Tantalus and elsewhere, Harold appropriately as Tres dent Cooke
U Lyon, pathologist of the planters' em"ked. after the cussion. t
experimen station, made plain to thePea1 the repbrt of that fomm ttee. -
convention- of sugar planters this t
morning. ,"' i
Dr. Lyon had exhibits to illustrate I
his addres. in the form of sections of
trees, infested branches and leaves.)
etc.. and he was listened to with, SAN' FRA.VriSCO, le. 4.-fBeetsrV
areat interest, as was evidenced atSS analysis; 9a. d. Parity, 3.95 "
the clo:?e of . his set remarks by the cents. Previous q notation, da. 5L " ,
,.. ::' ... , ' .
cane, supplementary ,', to an .addres
Ja3t year and articles, he had conUil
uted to the Planters' Record on that
(Continued oft Psgs 31. ii

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