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V-The United S'iter. navl - ssipply ,ied by much ram served ?o prevent the
Moanier Clarier . bile annoimrt?j to lunding of freight at Laupahoehoe. At
visit Honolulu sl.j.tly alter the first the time the Claudine called at Ka
of the year, will bs? thoroughly repair- tn:Iui, the .Matson Navigation steam
odtand refitted, at an expense of over ei Hilonian was being discharged of
$lf0,0)0 before leaving the roaet on
ti'e next voyage for Ifonohilu, Guam
and the Philippine?. .
The last visit of the weM known
j-.:-val transport and supply steamer to
this port at the time of departure of
the fleet,1 It was developed that the'ves-.
bel-was in need of a general overhaul
ing" i ' - r
It is claimed that for at least two
yoarg the Glacier hak received no at
tention from the navy yard employees.
The steamer has i een more or lees
ctnstant service.
It .Is estimated that over 1100,000
worth of work will bedorie. and that
it will be five ?onths before the ves-
t&l again goes into commission. It nas i
been rumored " that the government
nay ''take the Glacier out of commis
sion for a long timei instead 'of hav
ing' her repaired and then cent to
to All of the officers are nonlne ;
tlat It will be only a case of repairs
ir a few months.-for this will give
mem an opportunity 10 remain on
fcbore and rest up1 from sea tiuty. ' If
thc ship Is taken out of commission
all of the officer would he transfer
iOt! to other ships.
PLaaue Enters at Cholera Flees.
.- While he lively cholera germ is on
he run. at the several Oriental ports
ui vail uiftuc vj iuc fttmv. uaii unci
.Persia, plague la again prevalent; ac
cording to report brought to Hono
lulu with the arrival of the liner thi3
- morning. '..;.. .-' 1 .
lan and Pacific Mailers now Visit the
Paris of the Far East, much to the
satisfaction of -a large clientele of
business 'men of North- China.
A pasage across the Pacific devoid
of excitement4 fell" to ; the lot of the
Persia on the return from Hongkong,
. Shanghai and Japan ports to Hono:
lulu and 'San Francisco. ... .
tired, all, officers ln he vessel . unit-
log in annonnclng. k yery , pleasant
; trip. . - ..V--
Passengers leaving i the - Persia- at
iionoiuju mciuaeu o, cauia. t. seuuuu
, class and 132 Asiatic steerage. OI
the latter are-. T9 Filipinos who come
' to take np work-on Uland sugar plan -
gers Includes 61 cabin, 5 second class
and 43 -Asiatics In the steerage.
?80 tons freight during ths brief stay
of the vesserat tne pon. ai ine
..came time three hundred tons , coai
- Va nlitsA In" ttrn hnnVoro The
liner is scheduled to depart for San
, Jranciscd at three o'clock.
The vessel Is well . laden with
through cargo, to the amount of 3280
tons. For this trip but very little silk
was Bhlpped, the bulk of the freight
consisting of tea, curios Chinese and
Japanese provisions and sundries..
The schooner Kona, Captain Han
sen, arrived from Hana, H. early
, yesterday' morning with a tale of a
narrowly escaped disaster. The trou
ble , came Friday night when an un
known vessel collided with the Kona
off the harbor entrance. Whea , the
. Kona arrived off the Farallones the
weather was so thick that the look
outs could not see more than twenty-
3 five feet from their stations. At 2 a.
m. yesterday a steam vessel suddenly
v loomed up through the dark and pass
ed so closely that It came with In ten
feet 'of the Kona's stern. The steamer
passed out of sight so quickly into the
fog that the identity could not be dis
covered. The Kona carried a full
cargo ot sugar, wiich will " be dis-
cnargea ai tee wesrcru reuurij.
" Chronicle. '
- t
For Midway Ulcr.d TomcVrow.
The little "supply schooner oper
ated c by, the Pacific v'ommercial
Cable -.company is to be . dis
patched' ".for Midway Island . to
morrow, the vessel taking a quanrr.y
ot provisions -and Carlstmas cheer for
the Isolated colony of cable operators
and employees stationed at the lonely
dot in the Mid-Pacific. -
The Flaurence Ward should arrive
- at Midway some days before the glad
some Yule-tide season as the vessel
has frequently, covered the eleven
hundred miles that separates Hono
lulu and the cable relay -nation in
eleven days.
The Flrurence Ward will ma'-ie but
tt-e call at Midway on this trip.
Pa'vlng Material For New Wharves.
Thirty sev,en thousand paving blocks
from Hawaii were discharged at the
pew Queen street bulkhead wharf
from the Intcrls'and tteamer Claudine
this morninp.. The blocks made up a
; part of a f iir f.'.zeJ general cargo
brought to t.u$ port from Hawaii and
laui ports
The Claudine freight list
imluded 20 ords wood, one auto,
494 sacks kiawe beana S8 tons scrap
iron, 29. hogs. C bales hides, and 87
packages sundries.
A heavv northeast swell .accompan-
Gity Transfer
(JAS. H.
general cargo. This vessel has since
t;:.iled for Hilo.
Few Leaving for the Coast.
- The Matson Navigation steamer
YYilhelmiua sailed for San Francisco
at ten o'clock this morning with jover
on-half of her cabin passenger accom
modations unoccupied. Forty-five
travelers departed for San Francisco
in this vessel. Empty suites and
cabins were 'conspicuous on the purs
er's chart at the time of sailing.
The Territorial . band gathered at
Hackfeld wharf to play
serenade. The arrival of
a pleasing
the Hono-
lulan from the coast at the hour, set
for the departure of the Wilhelmina
added to the general air or ga;e;V
that prevailed there. I
Twenty-one steerage , .passengers
were also listed. The Wilhelmina
sanea witn less in an a naif rarer of
Hawaiian "products. The vessel -car
Ned ho sugar on this trip. . The
freight list was made up of 6000 cases
preserved pines, 2800 bunches ba
nanas and a small quantity of sun
dries. A large mall was dispatched
for the mainland? ih the Wilhelminia.
Wandering Buoys Greet Patterson.
Capt . H. R. Patterson, master of
the American-Hawaiian steamer Ari
zonan, was a bewildered navigator on
Nov. "8, when he met a procession ! of
aids to navigation In a place where no
aids should have been. It was 7:30
o'clock In the morning and the steam
er, northbound from Sallna Cruz, was
about seventeen miles southeast of
Acapulco. Within a mile he met a can
buoy, a nun buoy and a spar buoy.
They, had been torn from their moor
ings and sent adrift by the hurricane
that swept 'Acapulco and the vicinity
October 30. . ' . :
Spencer Awajr on Leave of ' Absence.
Charlie Spencer, . well known to
the . traveling public and shippers as
the wharf superintendent for -the Mat
son Navigation line at this port, Avas
given a hearty send-off upon his tJe
parture for the Coast this morning
as a passenger in the liner Wilhtl-.
jjnina. Mr. Spencer will be away
: from his duties for several weeks,
during which time the management
of the Matson Interests at i' the
wharves will he looked after by1! As
sistant Superintendent Maguire.;
Hall Brought Small Freight. ' !
Little cargo arrived in the Inter
Island steamer. W.1 G.Hall from' Ka
uai ports this morning. This .vessel
made a quick round trip, leaving Ho
nolulu on Monday evening for N'awlll-
fwili, and returning today with twen
ty sacks cocoanut plantsj-oae, . auto.
crates of poultry and packages of sun
dries. Rough weather, with strong
northeast winds prevailed for the
greater part of the trip.
a .-
Knual Stipar Piling Tp.
Sugar 'Is now piling up at several
mills along the coast of the island of
Kauai, according to a report received
with the arrival ot the. lnter-lsland
steamer W. G. Hall this morning. The
sugar- now on hand and awaiting
shipment includes the following: M,
A. K. 22,209, Gf & R. 1300,-McB. 2350,
K." S. M. 2750, K. P. 7765, K. K. B.
500 sacks. ' .
;'; -. 151 .
Want Pay fori Poor Food. V
IJbel proceedings were Instituted In
the United States district court by A.
Erickson and four of his companions
on the schooner Mabel Gale. The sail
ors ask for compensation for Insuffi
cient and lack of food on a recent trip
on the vessel. Chronicle.
Wednesday .Dec. 4.
Hongkong via Japan ports Persia,
P. M. S. S. a. m,
San Francisco -Honolulan, M. N. S.
2. a. m.
Hawaii via Maui ports Claudine,
stmr., a. m.
Kauai ports W. G. Hall, stmr., a.
Dedneslday, Dec. 4.
Hilo via way ports Mauna Kea, stmr.
lu a. mi
San Francisco Wilhelmina, M. N.
S. S. 10 a. m.
Per P. M. S. S. Persia from Hong
ktng via Japan ports-fFor Honolulu'-
K. H. Diamond, i A. Morrow. L. Mar
tir, Lee Choy, Mrs. Choy and Mrs.
Sugihara. Through Mrs. E. Adams,
r. Wm. Baird, Mr. H. Berents. Mrs.
M. Blair, Miss M. Broz. Mr. ChT V.
Sj.m, Mrs. M. B. Dukes. Mr. I. Oold-
nan, Mrs. I. lioidman. Miss Zelda
r.oldman, Maiter Walter Goldman. Mr.
F. W. Hawks. Rev. .1. Hedley. Mrs. J.
Hedley, Mr. A. Henderson, Mr. .leong
Fong Lai, Mrs. Jeons Foig lai. Dr.
it m.i "p.m. :;t m.i
'lo.M, - 5.3 i t C2 5-IS; 0.4Z
a.m.: I I !
,32' 1.3 ll-2& 6i( 61M fi-2. 5-1
1.16! l.f.lMt. fUl! '-X e26 5-1
D n.i
i l.VJi J I' T.10- f3 t llif.
I : -
I zu l.a-i; ..H c:. ih
n to.sy e.2 s.i
I i I 1
45 1123 6.28 5J0i
3 10 2.1 j 2-3X
3.45! S.S i s.tr!
New Moon Dec. 8th at 6:36 a. m.
Special Cable to Merchants'
Wednetdav, .Dec. 4.
SAN FRANCISCO Arrived, Dec. 4,
6:30 a. m., S. S. Lurline, hence No
vember 26.
PORT SAN LUIS Arrived, Decem
ber 3. S. S. Lansing, hence Nov. 24.
U. S. A. T. LOGAN Arrives from
Manila at 4:30 p. m. today and sails
for San Francisco Thursday, 12 ni.
S. S. PERSIA sails for San Fran
Cisco today '3 p. m.
W. O. Johnson, Mrs. W .O. Johnson,
Miss Mary P.. Johnson, Miss Ruth V.
Johnson, Master Newton A. Johnson,
Mr. E. J. Kearns, Mr. F. A.'kkelman
Mr. Iee Gwong, Mr Look Chee! Hook;
Mrs. Look Chee Hook, Mr.'H, Mulllkiu
Mrs. H. Mullikin. Mr; D. O'shea, Mr. G.
H. Perriam, Mrs. li C. Riirterl. Kllss
Elizabeth Porter, . Master Dudley. Port
er, Mr. A. B.Wtchey, Mr. E. B. Broach
Mr. Fred. Sisson. Mr. D. F-. Snrouse.
Mr. Tom Pun Sing; ;", rs;' Tom Pun
Sing, Mr. W. H. Walker Mrs. W.KH.
Walker, Mr. R. Warfield, Mrs. q.' R.'
Ba gg', ; Miss C. Booth; M r, DBrowfi-ngg,-51
r, C. CHf ton,; Mis.s CrSsa.
Mr. J. Culln, Mr. H. Fuller, ir. R. Goft
MiT. Ichljo, Mr. E. Johnson, Mr.' K.
Hata, Mr. M. Tanouye, Mrs. T. Tan-
ouye, Mrs.. H. Tanouye, . Mrs. J.: Q.
Thompson, Mr. .K.' Yamamoto; Mrs. K.
Yagamf, Mr; H. Saners. ,...
Per 11. N. 8.: s. Honolulan, from
Sah Francisco-or Honolulu : Mas
ter Allen Anderson, ' Mrs. Frances An-;
derson," Andrew Adams Mr.. and Mrs.
j. y. Becto, w.. H. uowan. Mr. ana
Mrs.' J. B. Castle, Mr. and Mrs. J. J,
Correll and -children, Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew J. Copp. Jr- B.. Cody, Mi33
W. H. Cutler,. A. ElMsbtf,' Mrs. E, L.
Frick, H." Fredericks, 'Clarence Glen
denning, Chas. Jeremias, C. Lang, G.
Mires, V; " J. 'Iciran, Mrs A. S
Mooney, David McManus, " M. F. Pros-
sef Miss Anna"M. ' Parisn A. G. Paget,
H. L. 'Rosenberg. Mf, and Mrs. H Li.
Rawley; Miss v Flora A. giegel. Gen.
J.. H. Soper, K. J. Skretting. -W.; M.
Templeton, Mrs. E. J. Walsh; Frank
Wall, Mr. and. Mrs. J. R. Williams, V
Per stmr. W. G. Hau irom Kauai ,
ports Mrs A.ftHrGandelL,Mr'.; Kami-
Jama, J C. Plcanco, Roman Joseph, S.
T. . Starrett, E. Fountain, 10 deck. -
Per stmr. Claudine Ifrom Hawaii-via
Maul ports Marqiiez, : F. Wll track,
Mrs. Wlltrack, S Kawasake, Mrs. W.
t. Dereveaux, J. N. S. .WUllams,' J.
Rosenthal, C. Martensen, E. J. Welch,
T. M.'Dalto,. J. P. Kaplhl, Mrs. Bal A.
Parsons, Mm. Parsons, Mhs parba.
Miss F. Azerada, F. Wichman,.: E. ri.
Hert, D. Young, J, B. Barlow, Annie
Kahele, K. Kumura, Tong Sung, G. R.
Lindsay, ;S. KeliinoL H. Hanaberg; H.
Focke, Miss E. narley. Miss Wllliam
.on, Mis M acDonald, S. Weinzheimer,
Per C. A. S. S. Zealandja, for Van
couver and Victoria Mrs. Agnes M.
Cam, Miss M. Carn, W. J. Conroy, F.
J. Moore, O. R. Kelsey, T. Blower, G.
S. Wright; K. James Jimmie Mrs. S.
G. .Cohn, Miss ' M. GuystaW I." Berrlo,
Miss K. Kreilder. . ."i "
Per. str. Claudine,' for Hilo via way
ports, Dec. 6. Jas. Soon,' Mr; and Mrs.
R. E. Bond, C. G. Livingston, F. E.
Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gibb, Mrs.
T. H. Thomas and two children.
. Per str. Mauna Kea, for Hilo via
way ports, Dec. 7. Mr. and Mrs. "W.
J. G. Land, Mr. and Mrs. W. G- Sg
A. Haneberg, J. A. Scott. E. Scott
Per str. W. G. Hall, tor Maui and
Molokal ports, Dec. 12. Blanche Nis-
hardr -Leslie Nishard.
Per str. Kilauea. for Kona and Kau
ports, Dec. 13. Mr. and Mrs. E.. E.
Conant, Francis Lyman, Mrs. F. A.
Lyman, Master H. Lyman, Miss Ar
nold. Per str. Claudine, for Hilo, via way
ports, Dec. 13. Miss M. Taylor, Miss
Myrtle Taylor, Miss O. Lindsay, Miss
M. Deas, Miss I. Gibb. Miss E. Gibb,
Wm. Hitchcock, J. Chalmers, A. Wads
worth, D. Wads worth. Miss G. Mein
ecke, Miss E. Chalmers, Miss A. Chal
mers, Miss O. Robinson.
Per str. Mauna Kea, for Hilo, via
way ports, Dec. 13. L. Gay. E. Gay, R.
Gay, Elsie Gay, Mary Gay, C. Bald
win, W. Paris, Aileen Gibb, Ester
Gibb, Miss M. Austin, Miss V. Austin,
D. Wadsworth, A. Wadsworth, S. Aus
tin, W. Bond, K. G. Bond, Miss M.
Renton, Miss E. Renton, E. Baldwin,
H. Baldwin, Miss Ethel Paris. Mrs.
J. D. Paris, A. Paris, Mrs. E. Aungst,
Miss Akermanj Miss Madden.
Per str. Mikahala, for Maui and
Molokai ports, Dec. 17. Miss M. Mey
er, Miss A. Meyer, Miss Annie Meyer.
Per str. W. G. Hall, for Kauai
ports. Dec. 19. Miss A. Grobe, Miss
C Bettencoiirt, Miss D. Grobe, Miss
V. Wenselau. Miss H. Schimmelfen
nig. Miss A; Miller.
Per stmr. Claudine. for Hilo via
way port?. Dec. -20 Miss S Kalino,
Foster Robinson. A. Robinson. C.
Robinson, Miss R. Hansen, Miss M.
Army and Navy Headquarters. Spe1
rial rates at the "Pleasanton Hotel."
cor.-Wilder and Punahou. advertisement
. s t . 5 " , i -V.. .. -
Cases of Women Instructors
Thoroughly Aired and Refu
tation Substantiated
Placing' its . stamp of approval on
the administration of. Principal Ed
gar Wood, of the Normal school, and
his evidence refuting the charges
brought against him by the two
young woman teachers. - Miss Etta
Davis and Mis.s Maud Dawson, the
school commission yesterday after
noon ruled that Miss Davis, now un
der suspension, be dismissed, with
pay to December 3, 1912, and that
Miss Dawson's plea for reinstatement
cn the faculty be denied
Prof. Wood denied each .and every
charge made by the disgruntled in
structors, his statement declaring the
complaints were largely without real
foundation and were the result of
hostility aroused by the action of tho
department in removing them.
Nearly . two days of the commis
sion's time were given over to an im
partial hearing of the teachers' case,
and they were permitted to speak
with a freedom even, greater than any
court .of law would have permitted,
in the f end. Professor Wood's explan
ation, supported as it was by tad
principal's long career in the school
and his "recognized probity held the
greater ' weight' of credence. In the
case of Miss Dawson, in fact, there was
little hesitancy; for by --her own tes
timony she " had virtually proved the
charge . -of insubordination made
against her, according to the com
missioners; Wood's Story Corroborated.
i -In that of Miss Davis, Principal
Wood's story had the support of cor
roboration from others, including
Mrs. M. T. Wilcox, a member of the
commission, ' and School Inspector
Gibson, both having visited Miss Da
vis' room and observed for them
selves alleged inability to handle the
In this case yesterday morning At
torney Lightfoot, speaking for Miss
Davis, intimated that the question of
breach of contract might be carried
Into ourt if the commission did not
rule .favorably.. . Prof. Wood had not
asked that she-be dismissed from the
department, arguing merely she was
unfit v-for the;, position she had been
holding at the Normal.' - But thie com
mission, in view of all the facts, un
animously voted 1 that ?she be . dis:
missed. vi.jt; .
Commission Busy. TmV Morning.
The . routine of school matters was
resumed by dhe commission again to
day, taking xtp Itswork at 10 o'clock
afters the -members 'had attended the
sesslCnMn Circuit- Judge ' Robinson's
court .where jEd McCorriston was
sentenced .for a crime against a young
girl who. had been in the care of the
girl'8 school .here.
One of the features ot , the tnorii
ing session; today was the irecc mmen
dation that an appropriation be in
serted in the school hudget .to provide
for a cooking Instructor at the boys'
school, at, Wafalae. tit was made evi
dent, that some of the commissioners
at least consider it well for boys to
understand the rudiments of .prepar
ing a meal.
Mrs. Wilcox suggested that enough
money ; be taken from the mainten
ance fund to make possible the com
pletion of the various small buildings
and additions needed at the Moiliili
school for girls.
That the John Medeiros scandal at
Haou shall be made an impressive
object lesson to all instructors in
the department throughout the Terri
tory is the aim of a resolution intro
duced by W. R, Farrington, authoriz
ing Superintendent Pope to hand
oyer, to the county attorney of Maui
all evidence in the Medeiros affair
which that official may desire, if he
decides to start a prosecution.
The . adoption of this resolution
definitely establishes the 'policy of
the commission to stamp out and to
give public authorities all the aid
possible in fighting a'gainst immorali
ty in the public schools of the
Territory. -
That the Huges Company is meet
ing with the approval of the public i3
shown by the excellent houses greet
ing each performance at Ye Liberty.
Each member of the comnanv is can-
able oCgood specialties, and the ear
nest way in which they do thei"
work is perhaps the secret of their
success. Then, again, popular prices
are what Honolulu wants, and the
management being quick to see that
point, gotjd houses are the rule at
every performance. In "The Graft
ers," almost every member of the
show has an opportunity, but the
comedians. Bert La Blanc, . Frank j
Vack and Dave Nowlin. come into the
spotlight oftener than the rest. j
Harry Burgess gives a very neat
turn, while Carlton Chase in "Sau'
Francisco 191."" has a' very good spe-!
cialty, but the turn which brings
down the house is Nowlin Si.
Clair's "Wild. Wild Farm" in which
this clever team imitates every in
mate of the farmyard to such good
effect, that they are compelled to re-1
spond to three ot four r'C:ills. To-i
night is the last performance of "The
Grafters." onp of the best shows ye".
presented in Honolulu.
Tomorrow night the company pre
sents a doui'ie hiil. th- riiain rair
be in? a rrr-a-i fane " i ir.'
Fighters." foPowd by a fa - a i i....
skal cojue.ly "Three ot a K:irl."
Tlie Hilonian is repoKrd r 1 .u .
sailed fioi:i Hilo lor San F:.u.; ;. o
this foienoun.
The expected shift of officers of the
quartermaster corps in the Depart
ment of Hawaii came this morning,
when war department orders reliev
ing Captains Game and Frank B.
Edwards from detail as quarter
masters arrived. Their places in the
corps had already been filled by the
detail of Captains Hall and Lister, so
the department -has just as many Q.
M. officers as before, but with the
consolidation of all the staff corps,
and the assignment of Captain Case
to Schofield Barracks, the work will
in reality have to be consolidated in
some cases.
Major B. Frank Cheatham, as chief
quartermaster, v iil be in charge of all
branches. Captain Ralph B. Lister
will be in charge of the supplies,
which includes both the commissary
and the depot material.; He will v do
the work formerly hanided by Cap
tain Case and Captain Game, and will
have station in this city. Captain
Chalmers G. Hall has already taken
over the construction work at Cast
ner, the site of the permanent Scho
field Barracks. Captain Edwards,
first as constructing quartermaster,
and. later as assistant to the chief
quartermaster of the department, has j
had charge of this important work.
Captain E. H.' Cooke will, continue to!
run tne paymaster s end of the depart
ment, although he is expected to be
relieved in a short tinje. Captain
Case, who may expect promotion any
day, will take over the duties of post
quartermaster at Schofield in a few
days. .
There is a mix-up over the relief
of Captain Game, whose detail in the
Q. M. Isn't up until next April. He
is relieved under the supposition that
he is a "Manchu" but in reality he!
has enough service with troops to his
credit to keep him in the corps until
his regular detail is op. A communi
cation, explaining this has been for
warded to the War Department, and
It is quites likely that the order re
lieving him will be rescinded, and that
he will remain here until next spring.
In the meantime his status Is that of
a captain of Infantry unassigned.
Captain Edwards this morning re
ceived the order assigning him to
command the nth Company, Coast
Artillery, at Fort Winfield Scott, San
Francisco Bay. This is the new ar
tillery post,1, and -is about the most
desirable in the district. Captain
Edwards has applied for leave; and
In any event will not leave Honolulu
for another month.
Freltas & Fernandez are the- low-4
est" bidders for the" contract for con
structing the dispensary huildlng at
the Kalihi hospital, their tender, open
ed this morning, being: $?924 for the
entire Job. The other blds iwere: H.
W.-Cleveland. 11,5'36; H. K. .Defries.
$8587; and 1L, Fernandez. $8705.
1 The present intention is to dispatch
the Canadian-Australian liner Makura
for the colonies on or about midnight.
This vessel will be discharged! of a
small amount of cargo. j
H T7 7 Tl n:
Piter's Fancy
Containing Extract, Soap and
Face Powder in all the popular
odors: Azurea. Trefle, Flora
mye, Safranor, Pompeia and Es
peris. Price $4.50 per box.
Cut Glass Toilet Atomizers J2.25
Benson, Smith & Company, Limited
PHONE 1297
In which U combined the HAWAIIAN
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bookbinders,
WALLACE R. FARRINGTON.... General Business Manager
UNTIL JAN. 1. 1913 (Preferred Position 20) .........15c PER INCH
TRANSIENT RATE, J l.W first Insertion and subsequent Issues pro rata
CLASSIFIED, One Cent per word 30 cents per Una per .week. - .
Telephones Editorial KoomsSl&s Baslness Office
Telephone 22S3
Per Month, anywhere in United States ....,................$- .TS
Per Quarter, anywrbere in United States . 2JD0
Per Year, anywhere in United States. . . . ..... . . . . ........ . . .... . . 8.00
Per Year,, postpaid, foreign 12.00
Per Six Months . ...... ....... .................. I 100
Per Year," anywhere in United Sutes. . .. '. . . .. . . .. . . . ., 100
Per .Year, anywhere In Canada .. .. ...... 3.00
Per Year, postpaid, foreign ........... .. ............ . 4.00
Address all CemmanlcaUois to IIodoIbIu StarBalletln, LtdU IIoboIbIs, T. II.
Twenty head of lively and youthful
mules are on the after-deck' of the
Matson Navigation steamer Honolu
lan, there to remain until the vessel
goe3 alongside the railway .wharf , at
HllO. ; f ; r ' ;
: The Honolulan brings the Hawaij j
port in direct touch with the main
land for one trip at least. The vessel
will depart from the usual custom of
calling at Kahului and proceed to
Hilo, where 2732 tons general cargo
and supplies for the new' breakwater
and railway lines will. Jbe discharged.
The 'Honolulan was given .freight
while at San Francisco which would
have been forwarded to the big island
port' direct in the steamer Enterprise,
had the latter Vessel not been with
drawn from service. The Enterprise
Is to receive the annual and general
overhauling, which work'it is believ
ed will require some weeks to com
plete. ' '
The Honolulan was at the Hackfeld
wharf at 10 o'clock this morning and
as her lines were made fast, the big
Wilhelmina ' slid gracefully down
stream and Into the, harbor . on her
way j to San Francisco v;;
Honolulu cargo hi ' the steanjer
amounts to 3818 tons, for. the most
part made up : of conslgnmepts , of
ceedstuffs,; flour, groceries : and sun
dries, ''-.-'i ; ; Y-: L v."
J: Forty-two cabin passengers arrived
In the liner, three of whom will con
tinue the voyage to Hilo. Two pas
sengers left the Honolulan to .take
passage to Australia in the Canadian-
Australian liner Makura, leaving this J
port on or about mionignt
V .
Roger and Gallet's
in Handsome Satin Boxes, con
taining: Fleurs du Passe $5.50,
Jacinthe $3.00, Rose Rouge,
$4.50, Fleur d'Amour $4.50.
Gloire De Paris $4.50, Rsve
Fleuri $4.50, Viotette Merveille
$4.50. Amberose $4.50.
STAR, established 1S33, . and th
Issued Dally and. Semi-Weekljr hjr
A very larg e; mall , was , received by
the local poitoffice .officials this
morning, the sbipmentnmountlng to
422 saeks. Much express matter was
also brought to this port.
Much interest was awakened by the
receipt of several crates , of rodents.
the experimental stations. The lit
tle fellows stood .the trip In good,
shape, notwithstanding the limited
quarters assigned to them. -
j. a. tomgaa i a new oiiicmi in
the Honolulan. He is holding down
the desk in the purser's office, and
for the first time met port officials,
Including: federal Quarantine. Immi
gration and customs officers. Corrl
gan was for some -time past an offi
cer In the Enterprise. He is rated an
efficient and accomodating official
and is by no means a stranger to the
Islands or Honolulu. v.'.- - '
tfaknra bearing the Islands. -
Believed to be bringing a large del-
AraHnn rt -malnlan1 tnurUU rniiT via.
-3 " " .w - . .w
Itors, the Canadian-Australian liner
Makura is nearlng the Islands and
should reach port early . this after
noon. From Vancouver and Victoria,
en route to Suva, Auckland and Syd
ney, the Makura is reported Ijo have
sailed from the northwest coast with
440 passengers In the several classes.
The liner is slated for prompt dis
patch for the colonies through - the
agency of T, H. Davles & Co. Tho
Makura' is to berth at - the Alakea
wharf. '
Merchant. Nur Fort
Roger and Gallet's
Three compartment sets, con
taining: Extract, Soap and Face'
Powder in Viotette de -Parme,
$3.50, Boquet Des Amours $45,
Indian Hay $4.25, and Peau d'
Espagne 54.25.
Pressed Glass Atomizers $1.25

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