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From 8. F.t
Mongolia. Dec. 6.
Fir S. r.i f
Transport, I)c. i.
Ffwm Yaaroivrrs
Zealandia, Jan. 1.
Fer Vancouver!
Marama, Dec. 31.
Evening 'Bulletin. Est. 1882. No. 5410.
Hawaiian Star, Vol. XX, No. 6451.
: 2:3'
m r" - L,''.. .immw mm mm -
L j L
' V-".-i-' J
Chief Justice Addresses Busi
nessmen at Luncheon Gath-
cring in Com!. Ciub
Jurist ? Says : No ' Government
Can Be Successful Without
Aid of Its Citizenry r
Distinctly favoring; charter revision
for Honolulu on the basis of so-called
government ,by commission, Chief
Justice A. ; G. M Robertson, in k par
ticularly able paper read if the lunch
eon before i ? the Commercial Club at
noon today, nevertheless emphasized
Lis opinion, that the very; best form
of Municipal ; government that could
be devised would prove disappointing
If not. backed by the active Interest
of the intelligent and wideawake por
tion cf the citizens. ; , .: : ; :'
The dining i room was crowded to
the full capacity of its tables, and the
only opinion herd in' the dispersing
company was ; that the deliverance of
the chief justice was a very able one.
O. F.TJush; president cf . the elub, in
t oduced the speaker.?. At the presi
dent's table were seated Chief Justice
i:oberton. Governor Frcar Secretary'
. r . . ci i.w . . , ti . - - . - i
wuh-dituiu, iiaayur tern, neprescnia-
tjve llolsteln. Senator-elect Coke, Su
pervisor McCltUan. and -Roid. Overseer
Caldwell. : a -.'." -
Chief Justice Robertson in ppejtfng
said uo bad vo dexlnite lan of charter
revision to offer, but would present a
few slight views on tie subject. . It
was, merely a little Introduction to a
very large, subject He. traced 'the
history of county s government in Ha
waii throiirh the enabling clause ,in
the Organic Act,', the abortive county
act of Vi C3. 't h e acV of ! ft03 ;that h old '
jvater, and thd 'iuohlcipl act creating -
C tho city and county ;0f 'I0BOlnJn ' discussed In, their presence, and ig
; laj4 , i n ' 107; ' ; " " 5 V I taring! 'thV suggestion of the -court
1 Complaint had!' been heard, ho 'saM, and counsel that they withdraw dur-
- loud and long, .both against the tawing the details of the noisome case,
and those administering ji. On b. nearly a dozen women sat In, Circuit
other hand, both the law and those i Judge Robinson's ' court throughout
administering ( It had not Deen with-1 this morning's hearing wherein Hee
- out defenders. Some ha contended! Park, a Chinaman, was being tried on
' that ' the muh:cipaiiiy had been -con-j a charge of rape, the victim ; in this
ducted In avmanner comratlag favorrinstancebelng a little Hawaiian girl
rbly with, the administration of ;vtbe
Territorial government
Judce Robertson said a good deal
had been, made of the proposition
that the government of - "the cits
should be conducted in a manner sim
ilar to the affairs of a business cor
poration.;; There was a radical ; dif fer
ence, however,, he 'held, between the
cases, and the . chief Justice quoted
an editorial 4hat appeared last year
in the Hawaiian Star, pointing out
how the business man. In politics
irlsht 'represent, the people bat fall
through, neglect to consult the pea
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Shi As Iapaji
Not for many months has an army ,
! transport borne away from Honolulu
. ' t 1- . .' m 1 ka. .1 -
, m, luau j ucs i; ucat id( ouu ten uu iue
tock so many saddened riends, as.
tl';d the Ixgan shortly after noon to-
day. Partings that may be for years,
and in some cases forever, good-byes
that came "from the heart out," in the
expressive slang of the day, and
- breaks in friendships that have grown
' ' &nd strengthened under tropic Ekies. 4
were the features of the sailing. The
strains of "Aula Lang Syne,- and
Aloha Oe" seemed to be particularly ,
- vibrant with tentiment and feelln?.
and as if by;- common consent the
"crowds on deck and dock f tilled j
chatter ofi good bye messages, while
the Royal Hawaiian i Band" gave its
p. rting salute. : ' j
One of the reasons' for the sadness
cf the parting is that the Fifth Cav-
, airy is due to leave here In two
: months,- that officers of what regi-
ment and their families who left to-,
day on leire, were going for good and i
all In the ordinary course of events !
it will be many years before the Fifth
i back, 'again at Leilenna, and even
then new faces will be in. old plices
to a large extent. The Fifth has ITeen
in Oahu; for nearly four yearV and
Honolulans liave formed many close
friendships with Its members, which
l ma " -X
The j ranking - passenger on the("
: - t ' : . . "
:t xt u n nntt a nun n n nn n n
XI All oi the day laborers on the 3
n sugar plantations have been paid 3
tl the bonufs of 13 per cent on their X
n wages for 'the past sugar season, 2
n according to the computation on n
n the basis of the price of. sugar 3
Vt made some weeks ago and re- U
U ported exclusively in the Star- U
n Bulletin. The payment t of a 3
H bonus was agreed ta. , by the U
n planters at" the beginning of the 31
tt crop year and has been faithfully 3
n carried out U is an application U
U of the principle of profit-sharing n
U and can. hardly fail to enhance 3
U the contentment and improve 3
n the morale of the laborer.' In 3
U the aggregate the bonus i will 3
3 amount' to many tens of thou- 3
n sands of dollars perhaps near- 3
t er a half than a quarter million;-3
U General business must be bene-
n flted to a considerable extent by -4
n the distribution of so much mon- 3
t ey among thousands of small 3
3 spenders. ' .3
tt - U
n n 3 3'3 3 3 3 3 r. 3 3 3 3 il Xi
r.OuWirtlf calm : and' unruffjebyl
the unprintable language vand
of 9.or 10ears..j : - ' ,
Before " the hearing began - Judge
Robinson, noticing the. presence of the
women, virtually, the same crowd
which attended the sentencing o Ed
ward McCorriston yesterday, morning,
announced that In view of the nature
of the case, and the things which nec
essarily must be discussed, he would
advise the women tqwithdraw.r Dep
uty City and County Attorney A M.
Brown, n charge of the prosecution,
supplemented , tho court's remarks,
saying frankly, the discussion must be
one which ordinarily feminine modes-
11 nuuiU 1UI UIU UIO ' nuuicu uK,u(s,
unless they were compelled to be pres-
transport Is General M. M. MacomoT
but in his case it Ms only au revoir,
. t t . , .t 1 1
buu nisuca ui uvu uj Mi uc "hi
be back about the middle or January,
accompanied by Mrs. Macomb. :. f
; Lieutenant 'Harry Vaughan, who
has been at Fort Ruger for more than
three years, probsTbly carried a he a?
ler wetsht of lels than any departing
army officer has worn before. Ahast
of friends were at the dock to set
him off,, each laden wltu trie Ha
waiian emblem of love and good luck.
Before the Logan's gang- plank drop
ped to the pier. Lieutenant Vaughar
was a perambulating flower garden.
Captain .Mrs. .Edward A.it5turges,
Fifth Cavalry were another couplf
'ho received much attention. Mrs,
Sturges also being lei-laden to an ex?
tremev ; CapUin Sturges is on leave,
end will not return.
Captain" "Riir Forsyth, the dash-
ing polo player, is off again, this time
on cabled orders to proceed to the
Mounted Service School at Fort
Riley, Kansas. As Captain Forsyth
returned only last July from complet
ing the course there, it is presumed
that ihe is to, become one, of the in
structors. He also had many friends
to see him depart.
Lieutenant Millikln, also a polo
crack, '.vas a departing passenger.
d familv who have been at Ruger j
i r.. rr.inrra uonox.
1UI IUI CT J -iC, UUU Ul e.f. IVLUJ ,
civil engineer in the army endneers' !
office. Lieutenant Frank Andrews.
' aide to General Macomb, makes the ;
j trip to the Coast on leave.
i The Logan pulled out a few min-
utes late, and then had to lie to while
the horse transport DIx threaded the
Owners of Barkentine Wrecked
on Coast of Hawaii Sue
the l.-l. S. N. Co.
Ten thohsand dollars damages for
the" loss; of the barkentine Klikitat,
which was wrecked on the east coast
of. Hawaii November 9, is asked h
the owners. Pope & Talbot, in a. dam
age suit filed against-the - Inter-Island
Steam; Navigation Company before
Federal Judge Dole in admiralty
court- Attorney Frank E. Thompson,
proctor, for .the libelants, filed the
tuit yesterday afternoon and the pa
pers were served on President ' Ken
nedy, of: the Inter-Island, summoning
him to: appear in court with a nans
wer. on December 13. : " '
The llbellants recite that the wreck
was duo to the negligence or the In-ter-IslandV
men in charge of the tug
boat Ko Au Hou, which had been em
ployed,1 for a 60 fee, to tow the Kli
kitat out of Hilo Harbor .to a point
of safety on the high seas. They as
sert thatj failing to live up to its part
of- the contract, the Ke Au Hou. drop
ped tho tow line at a point .where the
barkentine was only half a mile off
thore. ; leaving her , to drift, upon the
recks . They assert that . even after
t he Klikftat's imminent, danger .,, was
discovered the tugboat, and its crew
might have . saved her by throwing
cnother line to . the drifting vessel,
but failed to do so. Tho value Of the
ship is estimated alb ,$10,000, and she
Is declared to be a total loss. .'
ent as witnesses. None of the ladies
left the, courtroom, however. : ' ".v
IVorit M Its Kind. V :
Tbeas now . being heard is one of
the worVt ofiitr klno; according to the
thmiIr :detendant can be tried on
ed that Hee Park assaulted two girls,
about tho .same age. and that his crime
against them' had been committed aot
oniy onoe, but r many times. - .' v ; v
The two children' had gone to his
little stoop, on Liliha street, where, by
giving them small coins, the defend
ant 1$ aid . to have induced them to
submit ttf hl atrocities. Because they
wanted the money-to spend, they-returned
time : after; time to his" place.
. .'. x' ' -Urn,.' ' '
; (Continued on Page 3.)
Points ''To GwwM
November Permits Though De
clincd.from October Repre
sent Annual Rate of - Million
and a Half4
Although permits for new construc
tion decreased $128,163 in November
as compared with October, yet the
amount for last month represents an
annual rate cf more than' one and ; a
half million dollars la : the ; building
progress .of Honolulu.
Permits for new construction in No
vember covered a.1 total cost of 125,
727, and those for repairs, etc, $19,
093. a grand -total of il44,&20, against
1253,895 for new construction and
$22,456 for taer work, a grand total
of 2765i 'i October, or a total de
crease of ' yA 552. -The average an-
The invigorat'-.s winter weather of
Noi thern Japan !i causing Chief of De
tectives Arthur McDuffle to yearn
longingly for the sun kissed Shores of
Hawaii, while he impatiently awaits
the arrival of a number of legal docti-1
ments which have much to do with
the extradition or one Tai Ching. the I
alleged defaulting employe of a local
saving institution.
McDuffie has written from Yoko -
ha ma. "under date of November 22nd
to. the effect that Chong has been
piaced under arrest. The prisoner j
hcids out for regulation . extradition j
uroceediners. Papers and necessary i
documents are said to have been start-i
ed on tne way from wasnington. out a
- - t - - I
iiinifrrir nrnur nnnhhrn nrrn
. .' ' " ' y " -:
few days iouowing me aepariure oijover a week ana i scarcely naa lime
McDuffle in the Pacific Mail liner;
China for the orient.
The officer will return to Honolulu
with his charge as Oon as the forma
lities required by the extradition laws
are complied with, and hopes to be
back the last of, tne year.
Question :. hen' Doctors D:s-
- agree' Settled at Last by:
. General Court-martial
. m mm,
.f ' . ' .' -r '. - - - --' 1
"Who shall decide when doctors
disagree," Is an old question, but it
has remained for the armyon Oahu
to find a speedy answer to the per-
plexlty, the 'rarae being, "try em all
by general court martial"' v.
Echoes of . the great war that was
waged at SchcfieldVBarracka a! few
months ago by; Veterinarians Haynes
and Wlllyotmg, ' against i Veterinarian
Vans Agnew, J?ave just: reached this
department in the form of the count
martial order In the - Vans ; Agnew
case, the result of which is now" made
public for the first tttoe.i rv ; y
, ' Dr. Vans Agnew is acquitted on all
ten specifications i of - the r charge,'
which was "conduct " to the prejudice,
of good - order and military discipline,
in violation of the 62d. article of war."
Thi is .usually known as (he "charity
article" because: It covers a multi
tude of sins, v ;'W-"7 :;--'v ':':;'( '
The "vets "-war was . the joke of the
army here' for quite a while, nd the
testimony -at the three tna:a some
thlag quite out .;of tthe .ordinary in
military - jurisprudence. ? v Dr. Haynes
of the Fifth Cavalry got ln bad"
with Dr. Van Agnew "of the same reg
iment, who' is the senior of . th ethroo
ulne Medicos at 'iXirehua, and ; who
assumed a certain amount of, author-
Ity over HaTnea and -iWlllyomfc' cf
theFjrst,rield ArttMerymithls- afc
count ' ' - t -
The situation grew- more and more
strained, letters wfare written, , and
the - lle given," until finally - all - three
found themselves facing icharges;
charges, v preferred one by the other.'
The Willyoung case has!" not . been
heard from yet but the Haynes ver
dict came . back some time agd, ' find
ing him guilty on some of the speci
fications, and I sentencing: him to for
feit 523 per month for .two 'months. '
From the text of the record the left
.(Continued on Page 4)
gress , :
Inual rate for the past two months Is,
Latest November Permits ' I
Permits -.issued since last report,
abofit November 18, were as follows ?
.-- Inter-Island Steam Navigation Co.,
office alterations, Queen street; H.L.
rjhltei: !fIc n8neerlng
cov builder. $20,000. w
1 Sf&.mp ml
street; City . Mill Co builder; $2,500
Mr. Adams, U. S. Engineers, archl-
tect; Harry Gregson, builder; $975.
it mrpff -
Mrs -Chang Hop. four cottages,
vin0,rDfH DtrAAf c t j-a. Tni r
builder; $3,400 .
' Percy M. Pond, barns, etc., Kapa
huhy P. M. P., builder; $1,000.
Ella J. Kapukui, dwelling, Palolo;
(Continued from page two.)
One of the returning passengers on
the Honolulan yesterday- was M. F.
r '-osser, of the local law firm of Kin- '
r.f-y, Prbsser, Anderson and Marx,
vho has been in San Francisco and Los
Angeles during the past month on a
business trip. He expected to meet
At torney V. A. Kinney, in San Fran-
j cif co. but the latter bift for New York j
(shortly after his arrival from Hon o-
, I cf
During an interview with Mr. Pro.-!f
ser this mornine in regard to the do- '
iitical situation on the mainland he
said: "My observations of the politi-
r.-.r situation on the coast and orin- i
CJially In California .were few and far j
between. I was only mere a little
. - , . ...
to take anv notice of the matter; in
i fact I don't believe that i was ap-
proaehed on the subject of politics
ence during my short stay.'
It's the easiest thing in the world,
to go from bad to worse.
After Big Game
'1 ,
" -i
I 1
: ;
3Ionarrh of Bulgaria, cne of the. best
. - shot and uINaround spertsmen of
Europe, wto has now turned his at
tention from wlld-hejf t shooting io
the hger hnntJng,r of the battle
field.' ' '
From Ne w England cvomee an offer
fpnm nn rf tha host bnnnr naval arohl
tt,cts Jn world; to build i sacht for
liawaii which will win aranspacinc
rafe B. B. CrownInshIekl;ho; de-
8lpned Thbmas W. Lawsbn'sV famous
jacing yacht. "Independen:e, "and also
,ar8est anins vescI a the world,
the seven-masted schooner "Thomas
.rh,ri.;-. wimv f.. tK-,uri
v. vua va iin ail
Yicht Club, offering his esrvlces and
euaraDtecine. EUCfesS
guaranteeing, success.
I'roux his'iet-
U-r it is appareBt, that the well known
architect has kept in close touch with
I hi wail, and the trans-Pacific yachting
classic. - ' ' . r-','
, In the light of the proposed J91."
; race against Sir Thomas. Lip ton's new
Shamrock, Crowninshied'g offer might
well be looked Into by local men Wio
are Iplafnning to build a new racing
yacht. At the time the letter was
written, however, the larger race had
not. been planned.
Following is the text of the commu
nication: Mr.' C. T. Wilder,
j Care Hawaiian Yacht Club,
f Honolulu, T. H. ,
Dear Sir : i. ta vlr
I have followed with much Interest
the last three trans-paeifjc yacht
rsces; and realize that even; though
she is an "old sled" that the v'Lur-
line" is not to be despised off the
, wind in a long ocean trip.
To my mind in races ofthis kind
the smaller boats' time allowance laj
not enough, and the odds (other!
things being equal) are all in favorj
the longer, and larger boat.
.1 am given to understand that the
Honolalu yachtsmen are considering
building a somewhat larger boat than
the "Hawaii." and if this is so
would like to make them the follow-
ing proposition:
That, if I be allowed tf make the
design for a schooner to oe not less
than 7 ft. long on the waterline, that
I will bank my commission and also
$200.00 in cash besides that she will
beat either "Lurline," "Seafarer," or
(Continued on page two,), .
United States ' District Attorney For San
Francisco Asserts Company's President
Not Sincere In Efforts Stamp' Out
. Opium Traffics-Corporation Maintains
Opium Dens On Board Its Ships,
; Adds-Insists Employees Com polled
: Depend Upon Illegal Profits ' Made
: Smuggling In Order To; Make D2il
ciehcy ;BetVeen Living Expenses! And
The Salaries Company Pays : .
v. ,T--;-'';''-'.':. ;v:'.;;. f Ajumciated Prciw Cahte t r 1 !
SAN FRANCISCO, Ca!., Dec5. Charges of the most sen
sational character were : formally made against tha Pr.:!f:o
Mail Company and the president of the corporation, by Unit
ed States Attorney McNab here this morning, fellow ng tho
disclosures ar)d investigations , made by his dcpirtrrnt in
the' various smuggling cases which. have recontly in:r':::l:d
offic'als of the company and msmbers of the crev of xovcrd
of the company's ships- .'. .
Mr. r.icrJab does not mince:
cuses theicorporation directly of being rcoron:v-': f i
rtrgtfiq iri opiupi into tho United States, and L!:..t.:o t!;: c;
cals'of,thaxonc?:a'fcr.'th3w-3mad3 by their su':cr.";.".l::.
'Of President Sehverin he asserts that "he Schv:
'acting ingood faith when ha,aretonda t0r bo fi'
smuggling of the drug,-and his
stop the importation and sale of. tho narcotic" io not r:r,, ;
. h In his charges, which are mado in an open fatter to ' M. . y
, press, Mr. McNab further declares that tho real cauco f or '
mucn or tne smuggling mar is now cemg Gone is mar mo
Pacif'c Mail Company deliberately underpays its -employes al
lowing thern to believe that-the company expects th:m to re
coup themselves 'by various iileoal methods which shamo tho
corporation tor wnich thoy v;ork" :i H - V ..
Mr. McNab further dec!" :s that the Pacific Mail,; cither
through carelessness or wl a del borate purpose, n:g!cots
to exclude from its docks n;sn' known to be ;smunr,!:rs cf
opium and other substances, and that, worse than all, it cpens
the high seas, where the laws
touch the offenders.
French Premier Outlines The :
; Position Of France Toward i
: The EmbrdgHo In Balkans
' , ' . " :J;t:rAasociated' 'Press iIeJ .TXi'''. -'-'v-i
nx nip pmmmm I r f f tnffwAn( . 4 1
Chamber of Deputies, M. Poincare ,the French Premier, this
morning outlined. the attitude which France will maintain to--ward
the hostilities in the Balkans and toward any outbreak
between the greater nations of Europe which may follow. He "
says in part: , y -
"It mustbe clear to all who have followed the poFcy laid
uuwit uy una dUiiiiiiiduauuii. iitdi.rianuc nao uu uuouu iu uu-
ccme involved in the present difficulties' in the Balkans. But
it must also bexlear to any one, who has followed French his
tory that France stands by her allies; to the last, that her
friendship Is not to be purchased or frightened. , . :
The purpose of the present administration is to continue
this policy. In our foreign policies we expect to continue our sincere ef
forts to promote peace, while steadfastly ttriving'to maintain at Its pres
ent levelthe respect which our neighbors have always paid to our right
and our national dignity, " " 7 . v '
SALONIKI, Dec 5. Finding a co lymn cf Turkish troops ignoring th'
spirit of the armistice and pillaging
mnt ef Greeks attacked the maurad
Turkish lines with a loss of 333 kille
Captain Fred V. S
j Second Infantry, stationed at tort
I Shatter, has jus tbeen detailed to the
Philippine Scouts, with rank of Ma
jor. While regretting his departure,
1 t his many friends here ; are orfenn'?
-f their congratulations on; the detail,
their congratulations
and the advance in rani, that goes
! with it.
Captain Chamberlain:' I the orean-
Ixer of the Military Order of the Cen
tipede, . the only military society
Which is exclusively 'for the army in
Hawaii. Only officers " who used
their legs during thereein' maneu
ver campaign are eligible for mem-
liili L
U M - -
matters m tho least. Ho no-
1 t"
protest' that ho is an
of the United Statesman not
he surrounding country side, a regl-
ers and drove them back Insida tne
d and wounded. .
t bershiD. the mounted service
liciu at HI pull , - i 1 1. 1 9 UU M V,v7 ' vwv.
comingup to the- vquirements. - The
Centipedes are .planning to give Cap
tain ; ChamberLlin . a farewell dinner
justrtefore hi departure. - -
m mm.
The General Labor; federation met
at Paris to consider the methods ; of
crippling the war machinery , in case
irAhiliration should hfr. Ordered To
test the support of tbe working peo
ple a 24-hour general strike was ar
ranged. ' ' ' -'' "' -, : ' 'r-
A man captured "In 'Montreal : has
confessed that he was a, policeman by
day and a desperate burglar by night'
It is believed that important bills
last session under Republican rule.

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