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v- . ' v ' --- -
fnm R. T.t
; Sierra, Dec. 9.
' tr S. F.t -
f Korea; Dec. .10.
Yram YanroiffTt .
Zealandia, Jan. 1.
For YaDcovTers
'Marama, Dec. 31.
Kiening Bulletin. Est. 1882. No. 5413.
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX. No.. 6 15.
; : i . , - ' ' T" - w,-- , - ; - :x : ' , .v.,- . -v - '
'"-'' a r.; j . - t j
7'v; :- ASpn:
Sccrctaiy Urges "Increase of
Establishment by Addition f
of.3 Battleships a Year L
Must Be Prepared -To Meet AH
; Comers, Declares Navy's
. . , Present Head - n
. ;By C.-S. ALBERT
( Asscciated Press Matl Correspond-
- ence' to the "Star-Bulletin).
Washington;- d. c vcc:
The irnUcd States must have. a big
ger ntvy jind must be prepaed to
Ion- ofKccretary Mcyerof the Navy
; Department. If It Is to preserre its
port, r inkier public today, Secretary
t-Mfjer plc fof three 6ew battl:l
hips this mr, - an4 decrares 'thatj
Mkls country v III soon" aii rrom1 sec-
ond to fourth place ln;raWuadJ
ing of naval .powers.-If It. continues
the-policy cf building only two ships
each year. - :
:' Internal lonal
peace "t has ! beenM!?1! ,f 1! !
" -iaSm ? 'JLSierf"
i andc
' riSSSSS tin ianu ?i2E:
; $ present streti sth of the nary in. bat
r ; YieaipB,iB aooui dul; snips win
roon be retire I a b olete ?.- ,-v--
Secretarr Meyer's report Is a reel
tal cf the development or te navj
duiing the past year, ' , with few. re
commendations bovond innso rnntain-
ed in his former reports.' He giref
'chief emphasis to his recommends
t Ulon that, the navy be increased ac
. cording, to a program thai . wi keej
, the nation ' in its present position
I 'ttpong the-Vbrld powers;" and. th
J suggestion that Congress remove the
I limit ujonr the amount of nioaey that
i .can be spent for aviation and per
'I wit the Navy to compete, wxui like
ct cKIIclimirf n nf nthe tmtliviB In' Ha.
- . . ? veioping . aerial methods' of tlefense.
li-y Three . Batttcihips. ',, - - v
of the Navy urges that Congress ap
I propriate money for three battle
'- ships of the preadnaught class, and
for two ' cattle" cruisers, -sixteen des'
troyers, six submarines, two gufl
i boats, and a fleet of auxiliaries to in
elude transports, supply snips, tugs,
fContlnyed. on pas A)
i r.
Utterly ignoring the 'conventions,
i Cartoonist Mlke'V' Randall doffed his
clothes and 'Jumped from the yacht
I Ilelene yesterday afternoon and pull-
v cu iiuiu iub witier vum uc ., uu, . uue
of the members1 of the crew.
A crowd of young people. of which
Randall was . raemberr went down
i to Pearl Harbor "yesterday . early In
I i he morning and went aboard the
t Helenc which craft was put under
3 I rrnvas and headed for. Honolulu,
v During the trip some of the men
i climbed up to the gaff, and after
7 they had come down, Charley Lill.
who - has been taking c&te of the
I yacht Hawaii . since the race," went
up. As he started to come. down, he
slipped, and fell' to the decx severe:
" ly cutting the back of his neck and
r injuring his right lek and arm, be- J
lore be rolled , over Into tne water.
1 The Helene ; was under .a big?
spread of 'canvas and was making
good time, and as Lill fell overboard j
; the lair memoers or tne crowti.
bQreamed for the men, who were
down below playing the phonograph.
The men thqught that It vwas a joke,
hui daU cam rushing upstairs.1
1 bDf k5?wlDi Jt .HI1, couldnoi
wim'. discarded hli huthinr iiit rA
. . , . 0
.,-.' w : x.j V.
Progressive Leader Reaches
; Chicago to Attend Big Gath
; ering of His Party to Lay
. Plans for: the Campaign of
the Coming Four Years M
: -1 r ' t Associated Vresi Cable) " ' - f J
" CHICAGO,' I1U Dec' 9. Theodore
Rooevelt, former president of the
United State, reacned here today to
attend the Bull : Moose ; convention
called for t6morrow and Wednesday.
It is understood that plan for the
campalan that the new party . will
ag during the next four years will
"',1 1
- - - -
: By C." S. ALBERT v - '
fSpetlal Ktar-BuIletln Correspondence
WASHINGTON, D. C. Nor.1, 28.-
The cAIl of the unterrifled Bull Moos
f rs for a conf erence: In Chisago De
cern bef 10 and 11 has up to this time
attracted but' little ttent;m. It" Is
naturally expected that all the chief
leaders- of the new movement that
,eT Hu" v 7 Zt
PIIa wUt be presenL;?The
P"8, !A x'v-?L
ffJn ' 'our yearr In order taat the
f orA I Si i
rent the Republican party in twain
"r, l m.
tercst there is no disposition ta treat
I t stir a rvs smmAthliKf fn Ka faVan
ifc s juao va wus-mkabo w W
movement, hare-.not been for-
raay b matter of great momeat.and
being, produced thereby at .present
Sofns . Scarce -! : : -ys:.", i
Jut how many senators and repre
sentatives In Congress will attend Is
a subject ' of much speculation at
present, v Not many members of the
nations! legislature joined - Ufe Pro
gressive party during the recent cam
paign, and ,the results of the ballot
ing about three weeks ago". It Is said,
have not belped in promoting much
additional recruiting. " r
Senators Dixon of Montana and
Poindexter of Washington are the on
ly members 'Of the- upper house of
Congress to make, positive announce
ments of their allegiance to the Pro
gressive cause. Mr. Dixon .was CoL
RooEevelt's . campaign manager and
Mr. Poindexter represents ;. a : state
which elected , two Progressives as
representatives' at large. Other "in
surgent. Republican Senators have not
declared themselves out of the Repub
lican party rand . Into the progressive
party. , Senator Clapp of Minnesota
has been! expected r to join it, -but the
fact that Senator Nelson, running as
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leaped Into the water ana started . to
swim after the man. By the time
that Randall reached Lill, the boat
was a "long way off,' and tae satlor
; iiitu , MJieaa gone uuwu iice, so luv
'tescuing artist started to swim with
bkn toward the boat, which had us
commenced ' to swing ; about, and
reached it after a short time.
It is not knotfn just how badly Lill
is hurt,' but the injuries to his leg
and arm are liable to prove serious.
. He was removed to the hospital,
- 1
CrA nlavinir rMaH in tx nnnn.
, ar form of amuSement or method of
whirling away the time during the
, j-L-
greater part oi lue eix uaj voyage oi
the Oceanic liner Sierra from San
ifrancisco to; Honolulu. .
At And tnis is wny
j 1 Three professional gamblers, two
,,men and a woman are declared to
' have traveled d6wn from the Coast
to the islands in the popular liner.
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. ' KISSING THE CROSS King f erdinand, chief of the United Armies. of the' Balkan states, at the Thanks-'
- giving service in the, Church of Santa Maria, Stara Zagora This most interesting religious service was held in
the church of Santa Maria at Stara Zagora, the headquarters of the Bulgarian army. This f was. 'attended by
King Ferdinand and' his two sons, the Crown Prince Boris, and Prince Cyi II, together r with "tbeir staff s and the
greater part, of the civil population. The King and the two Princes were received at the dooi of the church by
the Metropolitan,vested'in clotb-of-gold acd with silver mitre. In Sofia, the cathedral and the churches were
filled with worshippers carrying lighted candles, and the services a MTe Deura for the victory 'and a Requierd
for the dead continued throughout the night. In the drawing iKing Ferdinand is seen kissing the cross; near
himarc bis sons. - : i . ' t . :. ...
Law Brief of 2000 Printed
Pages for Cooper to
Ilonolulit ir hiving its innings of
the colebrated Spreckcls will case,
which' involves property sold here
Hhin the p'st fow months for an ag
gregate of sort j hundreds of thou
sands of dollars..
The contest of the will of the late
C.'aus Sprefkel. has been decidedisev
eral times in San Francisco, but the
contestants are at it again and the
sale- of the Honolulu property has
mfcde occasion for having a whack at
St here.
It is not the' ill itself that is un
der attack it being acknowledged by
the contestants as a perfectly good
will but the trust created under the
will. To interpret the trust the will
comes", in .or some construction.
A hearing. of the matter was set for
his afternoon before Judge Cooper.
Counsel for the contestants, Prosser.
Anderson & Marx, have received sun
dry volumes of briefs from San Fran
cisco, aggregating one tnousand pages
or thereabout.
. The Kaiser and Kaiserin of Ger
many attended the christening of the
heir to the grand duchy. The cere
mony was performed '.at' Weimar. v
! r I ' . ' - .'. " : 1 t( rmm r A Km nns'n n n pmi t- ss. '
4 .
DriuntA flnrlnn nf C 'OAmnnnw
ivaic uui ivcii u,. MiiFjth- hearing.
rirsi inrantry, bnoi uown Dy
Former Chum Mystery
Shrouds Cause of Shooting
Death, grim and
udden, stalked
through the tented city of the First
Infantry, at Schoficld Barracks last
night 4 claiming Private Henry Gerken,
shot down in cold blood by his erst
while chum and boon companion. Pri
vate William S. Hagemanu. For some
cause unknown to all but the victim
and slayer. Friendship suddenly turn
ed to bitter liatreu, and Hagemann,
lurking in wait in front of Gerken's
tent, put three bullets from his re
volver through the latter's "stomach,
as he lifted the. tent flap and step
ped into the company street.
The shooting, which occurred short
ly before 7 o'clock last night, was i
witnessed by several soldiers who!
were lounging and talking in the j
street. Both men belonged - to r
Companv. and it was in the precincts airy, suffered a serious injury on Sat
of that "organization that the killing urday afternoon by reason or his
took place. The moment Gerkin pre- horse falling at one of the hurdles on
sented a fair arget bis former friend the steeplechase course. As the 'anl-
drew-a revolver, and fired at point
. . . ' . . . .
blank rang". The stricken man drop
ped in his tracks, three of the shots
having taken effect. Hagemann made
no attempt to get away, or to make
further trouble, and has since main
tained a sullen -silence.
A coroner's inquest is being held
today at the scene of the tragedj', by
Deputy Sheriff Oscar Cox. of TVaia
lua, and it is expected that more de-
r r" ypz
fv ; t v
t. V.
I tails of the affair will come out ' at
The- funeral of Gerkin, who .died at
7:30 last night, about half an hour
after being "struck. will be. held .this,
afternoon at 3f o'clock 'with'' the usual
militarv honors. The bod v will be
taken to Honolulu until relatives can
be communicated :. with. '"':! 'f
Lieut. H. Lr. Gronlnger, Fifth Cav-
I mal fell .'Lieut Groninger was thrown
r m . . 1 lu. c . vi
off to the right Of his mount and his
let" L foot was caught in the stirrup
and at the same time his spur became
entangled in the girth. The lieuten
ant's left foot was thereby wrenched
and nearly every bone dislocated.
His condition was such that he was
transferred to the department hospital
at Fort Shafter by motor ambulance
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I I U II tl II Ml li i. 1 1 M Ii llJ II, 111 li f, - .. - '
LOIiyy, L? 1 Bi Lu i 'LULU. ;
Indbn rAlanned iOver Gap
viart Supply Ship-Serbs Hurl Defiance
' Warn Monarchy That Only By Ccrr.
" plete Extermination Of Serbs Cr.::
' She Win Her Way To Victory
Servian Hevvspaperr Irritated by the1 Ccritinucd l!:.::; cf
AustrJan Troops Upon Their. Country's Frontier Z :
vThat Dual Monarchy Desires War :..: u -. "
: - . - .. -
- -1 . (Special to the Star-Bulletin) : - : : .
- LONDON, Eng., Dec. 9.--The grim pc3S:fc:!ity of a f;:n:r:I
European war is-again looming
ity which had begun to make
by- the seizure of a. supply ship, destined fcr t.:: v. . .
crmy, by a worship of; the Austrian navy. The f::.r i: '
pressed here that this act on thepcrt of .Austria c:.n I
fail to bring about war in the already strained stab cf z.:.
in the Balkans. V :
v.-' ' . ,' ASMOCtalPd tTM Ctrtt ; '
VIENNA, Austria, Oectmber The most Intents exc!t:r-c-t
fest here over the report that tha 'Austrian cvcrrment zz-z'
the supply ships loaded with 'provisions and ammunHbn f r t: j
army;1 It is taken by meti cf thos in authority to rr.cs.l thi! t:.;-.
ment. has U proceed ta extremes at once and that it f;:l:
strorj .enoush to beat back any attacks which the Serts cr t: . :
may ba able toJ makt.' .""''r-,t."" r; .' 'f-r-: ,;: til'! ;.-,' i-.v--r''.-t.--'-
of a Servian supply ship Is., taken by many i. responsit's perrons r ; j :
equivalent of a dciaratIor of war, especially, wn coniiJ;rtJ in c:
tlon with th massing of Austrian troops ; upon tht frontier, juat. acr,.j ;
from-Belgrade. ir.;-:y '. : ' -..XViv- ' . .-: . r - ' v"
Thfa accurmrtatlon, of "Austrian, troops on the frontier fcat excltsi anJ
irritated the Servian newspapers ever since It began,, and they have t::- j
demanding action on the part of their government, for tivcral tayi rr.. ;
Not a" few of the mora conservative among them ar asserting in trtslr edi
torial sections that Austria means to attack as saon as poib!s, and vrsrn
the pual Monarchy that the "war, if it should coma, 'will. proY one of t.1-? .
most deadly In the history of the wortH. a? well as one; of ths .most tit- 1
ter. Peace, they declare, can. be milrtained, by- the northern ,kin;ijm
only, and they add that only by tha complete extermination of the entlrs '
race of Servian can Austria hope to win a substantial victory. . -
BUCHAREST, ROUMANIA,' Dec 9. The long silence which Rounnanli
has maintained during the fight of her sister Balkan states with'ths Turk',
bids fair to be broken soon.- The King today asked the parliament far
subsidies for more troops, and it is probable that the legislature will do
so at once. . - : . .
Impute Rumor To Malice
1 - r li iU: tSpcctal Star -
- NEW YORK, December 9 Thia city waa" thrown Into a panio today
when the report that 'the Cunard liner Mauritania had been. sunk off ths
Grand Banks, in a manner samilar to' that in which the ill-fated Titanio'.
was lost. Wireless stations along the' coast immediately got buy caillnj "
tha big ship and soon-had herf answer that she was all right and steaming .
along her course toward New York without accident.- . . r ' .
At the offices of the Cunard company here the receipt of -the report ,
was admitted and the answers sent here by the captain f of the vessel
shown as refutation. ; The origin of the rumor, Is laid by" the company of.-,'
ficiais upon the shoulders or German rivals and Is declared to be a bit
of pure spite work. : ' ' :- ' . :" .- . ' s. ;4 -
.--.-v., , .-- m i ma is i v ' ' '
England Increase Her-
LONDON, Dec d- Winston Churchill, lord of the Admiralty today an. '
nounced that the contributions which the colonies may make to tha Crit '
ish naval fund will not make any difference in the amount of money ths
Admiralty will require from the country "during; the coming year. Tha -imperial
building-plan wiJI be carried out, and any contributlana from tha
colonies will probably be used to builj shlps for service in tho watrrs cf
the colony from which the funds come.- ; . '
SAN FRANCISCO, December 9.
Limited on the night of November
contained more -than ten thousand
jewelry. ' :-.;,-':'.:
FOR ,iIAHll.l(AL0T
Unless congress consents to make
an appropriation larger by about 1100,-Ot-O
than toe sum at present authoriz
ed , by : the Secretary of the Treasury,
the Mahuka site cannot be purchased
fcr the location of; the proposed fed
eral building in Honolulu.; This much
is made plain 'today with the testi
mony of valuation experts in the last
cf the Mahuka site condemnation
in' t .
up, ana tha fcc!ing"cf c:
itself felt , has c::n c;:: ;
most"alarmina. The report: .c:;r.
Bulletin CaMJ. . ;.,
A'mail sack, stolen from the Shasta
3, - has been recovered intact. The sack
dollars in drafts and a like amount of
--n 1 ' ,' ' : ." .
hearing; in the U. S. district court. -'
i In the "three hearings already held
juries have decided that the owners-;
of ' the - various portions of the site .
are entitled to and shall receive not
less than a total of $236,589. 82. The
cf the Treasury authorized ; the djs
trjict attorney here to proceed to ean- ;
demn the Matuka site and proceed to
purchase it for a sum of not more than "'
?2?0,000. ' - v ; V' '
t Of this authorized sum only $33,
130.18 will remain after the easea al-
ready decided, have been settled.. The
ast portion of the site, however, still
remains without a value fixed -by
court. It la the property occupied;
byE. O; Hall & Son. said to.be thei
most valuable parcel of the entire
lot,5 and the testimony of Expert R. R.
Reidford this morning Indicated. that
the balance from the amount author-
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