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Fnmr 8. F.i
Nippon Maru. IV-.13
For S. r,t
Honolulan, Dec. 11.
From Yaucoattr:
Zeaiandia, Jan. 1.
For TancooTert
Marama,' Dec. 31.
. Evening Bulletin. Est, 1882. No. 5414
fj 1 la waiian Star. Vol. XX. No. 6456. -
Parent Pours Boiling Water on
2-Year-Old Infant by
" . Accident '
Father Tries to Commit Suic'de
: ! When He Sees What He
Has Done :
Driven temporarily Insane through
V . the belief that by his hand his little
; l.wo-yt tr-old son met lth a horrible
' t'eath, H a Miller, a former Philip
ilne Insular Government employe,- a
. i hrough pa.8ener in the Pacific Mail
i ;; liner . Korea, -was under constant sur
veillance of officera to prevent the
razed parent from attempting ' to
, v. lakfl his own life, : - 1 r
Master John Miller, a little lad who
- bee ame an instant favorite 4 with the
passengers in the Pacific iMalier from
- Ihe time the vessel sailed from Hong
". Kong. China until hLs tragic death,
. but a lew lays before the Korea ar
rived at Honolulu, w&sthe victim of
a horrible mistake oFiTlrell-meanlng
and loving parent, which .resulted In
' the chfld dying , fron Coming, tn' con-
tact with a deluge of" scalding and
I: boiling wateK-- .-' , ;
Jt. was in a'.t'atKrobm .In .ihe Korea
f 1liat the tragedy occurred hatr-may
. it-KUii iuviue i&iuer oecoming -oereii
f of his reason. y ' w
The child v had been taken to the
J apartment for a' bath. . A Chinese
- j room steward had been .dispatched
1 tor some warm water. :- The servant
: J n turned with a large pitcher Cpn
taining what the father was led to
believe wras luke-warm water but not
; scalding hot water. .
I'rom .stories told by passengers in
the vessel, ' t an arrival yesterday af-
terpoon, ,- it Is said that the lather
asked the Chinese boy if the water
was right for the bath. Being assur
ed that It was of the correct temper
. ature. It Is alleged that Miller, with
jotit personally testing the degree of
tjcat, "set the child In the bathtub,1
and lifting the container, poured the
boiling contents over.the body of thepement of the Hutchinson Sugar
little fellow. . ( ' ' -, ;- I Plantation Company, This fact was
One warning shriek from the child, confirmed this afternoon by E. Faxon
followed by his falling to the bottom Bishop, president of C Brewer & Co.,
of the tub tn dead faint, brought j Ltd agents of the plantation. - He
the father to an instant., realization I cid not know whether any action on
that something was wrong. j the resignation had yet been taken by
Xlf. 'McAllister, surgeon on the Ko-J the directors in San Francisco, where
rea, was Immediately summoned.- He J the control is situated. There was
- . ;. ; . . ! no successor to Mr. Wolters in view
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liist On
Car Turns Turtle but Luck 51 11
. l t Both urlvers jammed to their right
SaVeS rOUf lOUriStS 'trOm and the big car, clearing the curve,
TpfT hle Accident slid past the smaller machine, and
iwi.uivfvviuuin went up.lheroad in safety. 4
An automWlle accldent.a miracu uTber smaller car wras so close on
ius escape from death and, as a re-te curve and the dastance between
suit of both, the: meeting of old ! lhf autPf waa 80 Sght lli&t lh:e
Mends two thousand miles -from orrver. Memecke, could no; tiirow his
iheir homes. . is . the story brought, mafle ack on the road In 1 time.
I,ark frnm Hawaii thi morninr hv i
passengers arriving on the Mauna
Kea. The story reads .'. like fiction,
but that ir is not fiction will be at
tested by a dozen people who partic?
ipated last Sunday morning in what
miffht have been & horrible disaster.
Thrcn m II A - f rrm t ha Vnannl
lioue, up the long and narrow road
...VV - " W.-.. IIV
liul IcaHs frmn Mils to the evcr.hnrn. I
ing crater of Kilauea. two machines.!
Hiding in opposite directions, came
to. a sharp Icurve at the same instant.
One was albig ten-seater car that car-1-
Company, the other car, a lighter and i
..L rVuHr,, fi,.
'company. In the big car, going up;?""'
to the volcano, was a party that ln-j
.... a
luded Dr. and Mrs. Ray D. Robin;.
son of Los Angeles.
. 7 , - - Va V r X T k. who had been helping lift the car
traction of a second before the lightooked t the first man who had
1 ;
Four of them Will Accompany
Governor Frear and Attorney
'General Lindsay to Island in
Mid-Pacific and Will' Remain
There Four Months
Foregoing the cheer of the Christ
mas and - New Year . season except
such' as they may take with them
Governor Prear, Attorney General
Lindsay and four scientists from the
department of ' agriculture probably
will sail cut of Honolulu harbor the
latter part of this, week on the rev
enue cutter Thetis for the - Midway
and LAysan Islands. ' ' :
The Oovernor and attorney general
may be gone a month, returning about
the middle of January, but the four
enthusiastic men of science go to
Laysan equipped with provisions" for
a four mqnlhs' stay, where thef will
make a thorough and exhaustive
study of the tropical flora and fauna.
The expression "exhaustive study" Is
here used advisedly. 4 ; r;
It is understood - these scientists,
whose names as yet are not known
locally; will remain on the little Lay.
san island cut off and separated by
hundreds of miles of sea from civil!
ration. They are going prepared to
nndergq some hardships not the least
of which, according to a local author
ity, will be the lack of ice; ; j;
In the mild, sensuous air - of ; ? the
semi-'tcopfcaf region around - Midway,
the Governor ' and Attorney general,
undisturbed by. social amenities' and
interruptions of ' official callers, ? will
held vlong ;tlIscu8sfons, bask lazily in
the warm sunand sleep" long nights
on the problems of government t and
IpiOPosed "legislation which are to be
taken up a( the approaching session
of the territorial legislature. They
expect to return refreshed, invigorat
ed and ready to plunge into the mass
of work awaitingthem u rather,; the
Governor does. ;: .
Lindsay retu,ns to face the problem
of drumming up the law. practise he
surrendered when he went Into t his
present office, which he gives ' up to
his successor, Wade Warren Thayer,
the first of January. ; , ;
Carl.Woltcrs has resigned the man-
yet,: Mr.; Bishop stated.
In fluio
nu wsww, me imie was lanj
ing five people. The auto skidds
for an instant, hiing on the edge of
the road, and then went over a three
foot bank, turning turtle.
The upset occurred within five sec-
onds of the time the two . machines
The little car had hardly stop-1
ped rolling when . the passengers of
the other jumped out and raced back
to the ,of ihe , mishap' S7e1
ratD lr gulden against he
- " J J " .
, uui. tne uuvrr uau urt-ii lurwmii
from f Xh fernf- byf the
road-side and blood was spurting from
nsrlr tash 1nst hlow his left
H iiti".
. . T.rt .nmon Mma nnt frnTn rtAr!icy threw us off on the wrong scent.
th,.n ft man anH thn I
I another man. Then Dr. Robinson,
, crawled out and the first man looked
( at him. r-
I "For God's sake! You here!"
I tiuviuovu.
"For the love of You here. Doc!"
aid the other man.
He was Andrew J. Copp, Jr., of Los
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Fleeing From The Wrath oi Brutal Turkish Soldiery I
; The movement of the toldlers ;in the Balkan war has been ' hampered f late by th? frifhtfnl condition .of.
rrtnrfa in nlaces waict deep itfsticky mud. Througn this mud the Christian refugeec, assailed by the Mussel-"
tian troons crb compelled to flee, fear
pnd destroy They are wunout iooa,
sinter In tie Balkans Js pretty much
Mayor Fcn holds the financial fate
of the present board of supervisors
in his hands; according to the. outlook
today. I .;
If he lakes his pen in hand and signs
some resolutions recently passed by
the board appropriating several thou
sand dollars for public improvements,
the board will be "stuck" or the city
wilf be stuck with a deficit of some
If fliA mavnr Hnoo nnt talrp hLl nen
in hand and does not sign these reso- TOKIO,- Japan. Dec. lO.-Marquis
Iutlons, the - board j can probably Masayoshi Matsugata, ignoring the ur
squeeze through and have a few dol- gnt request on the part of Prince
lars left In the treasury, though vir- - Oyama, Marquis lnouye and other
tually the municipal war-chest will bel"Eenros.M or elder statesmen, declined
aa empty' as Old Mother Hubbard's j today positively to accept the : premi
nrovorhini aidehoard , Althouch the ership which is rendered vacant ry
board has passed the opproprlations,
Its recent discoveries In 'the realms a:cnji. ana me ponncai siiuauoa iaj
of finance, aided by Chairman Low or Japan capital is as serious as ever..
the ways-and means committee and; Tim gent os have met in conference!
City Auditor Bicknell, have shown 'day by day r.ince the downfall of Sal-1
that there is no money to carry --put
tne resoiuuous, ana now ine uoaru, ur m uiuimus mi uigm. ouiunwu
Chairman Low at least, sees a way ? as to the formation of the new minis
out of the dilemma. This way out is try, however, was reached except to
for Mayor Fern to withhold his sig- ask Marquis Matsugata to undertake
nature from the appropriations. this difficult task, and he has declined
'.'While it' is true that" the city has positively. Although other attempts
$33,000 in school funds, or at least i
this amount of tax money set aside
for school purposes, and which is now
handled by the Territory that is a '
long way, .from actually, having it in
cur treasury," said Chairman Low,
this morning. "The talk about cor
rying the nfatter into the courts is
ail right. bn there is no assurance!
that the ciry can get r 1 money from
the Terr it an, and if we don't get it,
we have a r ficit of $6,000, caused by
these apprepi iations in recent reso
lutions which are not yet signed byj
the mayor. I believe that the mayor
will withhold his signature, in which!
lase we will have money
with sone unexpended balances, to
get through the year with. But we
won't have any: hing to leave to the
next board."
L 7 1 tuc
"frt! nas,uetU "us: 111 lls 1air-
) Iriauons by
ps Usurcs and :
hose of the tax office.
We unrtnrstfod that, we could et
r.bout $.-,60,o00 from the tax office. "
ue said today, "when as a matter of j
we. got only $341,000. The trouble
with the nian cf this atd other boards
, - (
nria'ine on an untkinated basis.' We
didn't know exactly how much money
i we were soing to nave, ana that pol-:ize
. . . .
"The new board, to my mind, ought
I"' wan uniu u iifais uum m? newanis iaifsi uea is iuuhcu uiwii a
tax valuations
before making new I
The new tax law is j
hard to figure on. anyway, and the ! city and county jobs,
board ought tb wait until after Janu-j It could not be learned today that
ary SI. when it knows Just what its the two-doliars-a-day scheme has en
share of the taxes is to be. ! listed general support among v the
Most of the appropriations thai Democratic supervisors who constitute
may be allowed to lapse, says Low.jtae majority of the board, in fact, it
are comparatively unimportant. They was considered unlikely that the
can be carried out by the new board Democrats would attempt to change
without any great delay. H the $1.50 a day rate now in effect.
"r- - - -.-5 . &imi&?f3Z
Ing .each moment that he Turks will
aimosi naseu ana wyu;w w:me un irr Bums oi uuaninc winter, - ana
. liko winter tn the Canadian -Jtockies.V- ' : ' ' ' : , . ;
Report of: H!s Acceptance De
nied in Cablegram to Nip
1 pu Jiji Here-Today
.. :. : , . : ;
Marquis I Mas3yoshi ; Matsugata;
twice premier of Japan, has- definitely
refused to accent the premiership V a
third time, to succeed Saionji, accord
ing to a specloi cablegram received
this morning by the Nippu Jiji.
The Advertiser's Wireless service
last night carried a story to the effect
that Matsugata had accepted the pre
miership,, but this is denied In a spe-
,cial cablegram from Tokyo today tq
IS 8S follows:
the resignation of Marquis Kinmochi j
onjia cabinet discussing tne situation
were made again ; and again in .the
Two dollars a day for each city and
county laborer on general work is :le
Hea that has been talked over by
some of the newly-elected members
or the board of supervisors, aecordin.;
to an authoritative report this morn-
It appears that certain members of
the board have been casting about to
see. how the city, finances would stand
ti e strain.
City officials who have heard intdi-
rectly that this plan is proposed are
- . ,,.,.
for nolitical support, and see in the
scheme another move to "Tammany-
Honolulu. une 01 inem sain 10-1
t'.ay that the Democrats want to get
.p.ll the day-laborers into line and that
tain to make hundreds of votes among
the laborers and the applicants for
i . : r
riiiiiii aie-
M aJi II
.'1 . 1
V ...
""-tf - n n - .
Zir f. ' - t - -
aratn break ont;upon them' to slay-
f '
1 j v
. f
yyQ tnrf e refused a premiership
, . ,,r
hope that the marquis might be iq-
duced to accept the premiership, he
declined to. do so. voicing his final
refusal today. v' .
It is believed here that PrinceTaro
Katsura, now grand chamberlain,' will
be called and appointed new premier
to bring harmony in the present po
litical crisis.
Despite the approach of the annua
holiday season U. S. District Attornej
R. V. Breckons will endeavor to hur
ry through the two final hearings in
the Manuka federal site condemna
tion case, finishing them some time
in Jaunary so. that the appropriation
bill for the purchase of the property
may go before congress during the
short session.
it is generally felt that if the ap
propria tiou is to be obtained for this
project it must be disposed of before
the end of the short session, wbicti
closes March 4. . After, that date the
new congress, controlled by the Demo
crats, is expected to take up tariff
buildings encouraged by the .old sad',
ministration are likely to receive'lit
tie consideration.
The.Mahuka site hearing made lit
tie headway this morning, the entire
time being occupied by a discussion
before the ccjiirt, with the jury. eixj
cused, on the admission as evidence
of the deed of sale of the Cooke prop
erty, adjoining the Chambers Drug
Co. This deed was executed Febru-inoon
ary 11, "1911, more than a year after tses In the mnrder case which de
notice of condemnation of the Ha-1 veloped the shooting affray at the
hiika site by the government had j for Sunday evening. "
In An Impassioned Address Made Before
The Bull Moose Convention Theo
dore Roosevelt Declares That , ;
; New Party Will Not Affiliate v
With The Republican : !
Again Attacks Idaho Court Decic:::
Tribunal Retaliates by" Declaring That Publication of th& ex
President's Denunciation C onstitutes- Contempt of Ccurt,
; : and That Editors Publishin g the Matter Must Submit ' to
4 . . , ; rAoctufet riiei -';'
CHICAGO, IIU Dec. 10. Theodo re Roosevelt i agairt in the center of
things today. In an impassioned aJ drets made before the, Bull Moose
convention here he asserted that the, Progressive party lias come to stay,
that it fill a long-felt vant of the people of the United States, takes a
place that both of the older partieth a ve vacated, and. that it will, never
affiliate with the old Republican party. , ' ' f ;
This brought round after found of cheering from his hearers, -but
the Colonel did not stop there.. He again took, up the election decision of
the Idaho codrts' and bitterly assailed the law and-justice of the finding.
By a strange co-incidence while he was speaking the news that the
Supreme Court of Idaho had sustained the lower, courts and had ruieo
that the publication of Mr. Roosevelt's attack ; constituted contsmptt of
court reached the convention hall. Under this Supreme Court rulinj ed
itors printing any statement from Roosevelt or other sources anent the
decision will be held subject, to trial for contempt of court, ' ?
Still Hope For Gompromic 2
-yi ;l .h Associated
- MANCHESTER,' England, Dec, 1 aThe Press . of this city, in com
menting upon the Panama canal toll tangle, says today that, inasmuch as
President-elect Wilson is not committed to any course of policy it is hope
ful of having the difficulty settled by an appeal, to arbitration. It also
refers to Senator Root's address in -
on his fellow xountrymen to. yield
Battleship Sinks Steamer
,,i :, -'i '. ,Vh - vr-- t Associated' Pvsaf Cable) -? : .;
DEVONPORT. ENGLAND, Dec 10. The battleship Centurian,' wfre-
lessed in today that late last night
steamer and sank that vessel. It Is
with the merchantman, although the
definitely. The battleship is reported
port.. - .; ;;-?--;V--'v
' ' . V r Associated
PORTLAND, Oregon, Dec. 10. In r letter to the Chamber of Com
merce here. Secretary of . State Knox - intimates that the Government ; at
Washington is but waiting for the next elections in China before recogniz
ing the new republic. '- v . . . 7 ' ' : '
U The Democratic territorial cen- 3 :
si troi mmmlttpp nt a meetine last
XJ night adopted a resolution pro-
tt testing against the reappointment 52
R of Governor Frear, and cable- 3
U grams have been sent- to , Demo- S
tt cratic leaders in the senate to tl
tt that effect, asking that the senate tt
tt hold up the confirmation of the tt
tt governor until a report of the ac- tt
tt tion of the, local committee and tt
tt it reasons therefor is received it
tt by mail.
tt .-. ( -
, j jjf
A $2.10,000 - limited company has
neen formed in Brussels, in which a
number of Brussels and Antwerp fi
nance houses are interested, tor im
proving the Bergian concession (120
pcres) at Tientsin, which was grant-
ea by China after the Boxer trouble,
j William E. Parsons, consulting
t architect of the Philippine insular
government, has been askea oy tne
Anti-Tubereulosis Society to prepare
plans for a 100-bed hospital whose
cost will not exceed $100,000. to be
built opposite the experimenting sta
tion at Alabang. "
been servedv Breckons opposed the j Senator Cecil Brown, another Re
deeds admission, arguing the price' publican holdover, is not in town.,
paid for the property at this time wasj The election has left these as Iha
influenced by the government's an- ctly. Republican senator from Oahu.
nounceed intention to acquire the t
lan dand buildings just across the
Witnesses were called in to sus
tain I the opposing argument on this
point, these being J. I). Mclnerny,
James W. Pratt. Harry H. Beadle,
Elmer L. ' Schwartzberg, David H.
Paris and R. R. Reidford. The jury
was finally called into court at 11
o'clock and excused until 8:30 o'clock!
tomorrow porning at the request otj
Breckons, who explained that be in-
tended 1 visiting Leilehua; this after-j
to gather evidence and witnes
Pree Cable .. . '', '
which the; New York solon called up
the. entire problem to arbitration. . -
she was in collision with art unknown
believed that all hands went down
Cepturlan'a dispatch did not stita
to be badly hurt and limping into
?rw Cable)
Centrifugals 98 degree "test sugar,
which has stood at 4.03 cents for many
weeks in the quotations daily cabled
to the planters, has now broken to
AA ' At t . A ' w V.
Alexander & Badlwin on Monday.
; : -, ; - ;
A good deal of talk Is in the air tn
the effect that, the Territorial senate
ill refuse to confirm the appoint
ment of Wade Warren Thayer as at
torney general, - ; . C T: "
Senator Chlllingworth, ; one of the
holdovers, when asked about it tnhs
afternoon, said he 'did not wish to
give bis views for publication, as.' be
did npt like to criticise the governor. "
Senator Judd, also a holdover, . on
! being questioned said he hid nothing.
to say, -
SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 10. Sugar:
96 degrees test. 3.92 cents. Previous
quotation,' 4.05 cents. Beets: 8 S anal
ysis, 9si 5 l-2d. Parity 3. 98 f cents.
Previous quotation, 9s. 6L i .
Camphor tree experimental planting
at Hachllo and Oshiroa Islands by the
Tokyo municipal -authorities wilth
subsidies granted by the Japanese
Department of Agriculture "and Com
merce, has been attended with highly
ratisfactory results, the young shoots
now. being available for the manufac
ture of camphor. - '

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