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Much Rain Reported Along
Kona Coast.
Much rain 'is reported along the
Kau and Kona roast by oflicWi re
turning In the Inter-Island steamer
Kllauea, With, a cargo made up ofa
wide variety of meicuandlse, ticlud-
Jog crates of poultry and sui:ment
f horses, cattle, calves, d crates
of turkeys, 13c.jtes or ,iIs, 101
' bunches of bana..a, Cii2 a-.'.ci of taro,
228; -sacks of coffee, sacks of
sugar and 290 pueiajres o. 'if). tries.
Bringing one cf ;.he larsest li9tg of
cabin and deck passengers in many
weeks, the Kilauea was an early ar
rival this morning. Purser Sheldon
reports 2854 sacks of sugar at I'una
luu and 431 Sachs of sugar at Honua
jk awaiting; shipment After leaving
the Kona coast fine, weather was ex
. perienced on the voyage to Uoaolulu.
Passengers Arrived.
Per str. "Mauna Kea from Hilodl
tect Miss M. J. Reeside. M. Drown
ing and wife, 15. D, Robinson and wife,
W. J. Land nd wife, R.H." Allen and
wife, M. F.' Metzing, W. F. Desha C.
F. Drake, R. S. Chase, Pyper and
wife, W. If. C. Campbell. A. II. Ford,
J. Stlckney, G. H, Gere, T. Newman,
F. E. Jarvis, G. F. Wittemore and
wife, Miss Wittemore, W. H. Rice Sr
S. Pla and wife. Miss Pla, I Hrown
and Wife, li Lenfyirt, W. D. Adams,
Iter. K. Ito. ' . 'v
' . . 1 y V 4 v-v,. ; ;' ,
Many Island Steamers at Hilo.
; A fleet of Inter-Island steamers re
mained ax Hilo at the time of depart
ure of the steamer .Mauna, Kea or
Honolulu.. 'According Mo retort
brought to this city by Purser Philips,
thff ateamrm f!Iauilin .Wflileta K alu
la ni and Keauhou were at Hilo either j which is to be dispatched for Mahu
Joading or discharging cargo, the 'kona and Kiwaihae at 4 o'clock this
Mauna ITea,.was an early arrival f rom afternoon. , . j .-. ':, '?
Cbo Big Island this morning. bring! ng ' ' Several large boilers are included
34 cabin and 27 deck passengers. The in the consignment that will be left
vessel i reoorteri to have met ' with ' at the Hawaii ports. ' .The Mauna Loa
: moderate trade ' .winds and smooth
seas for the greater part of the voy-
age..-. v .;.;
The cargo Included shipments of
3U feet of hard wood, barrels of cod
fish, 10 cords of wood, crates "of chick
ens, and 85 packages of sundries. . "
me Matson ,; Navigation steamer
Honolulan wa to have sailed from - discharged -and the Norwegian uteam
Hllo for Kaanapalt ' ; late Monday J er Promise , is being made ready; for
evening. ' " ' . sea. The vessel is expected will . be
It ' I dispatched for Makateo and. Ocean la-
Many Depart for Coast in V: V . S f!01l! Thursday. It is pre.
Korea 1 J .. . ; , dieted that the Promise may trot com j
The departure -of , the Pacific Mail to Honolulu for some time, as the ve&
Uner Korea from the Alakea wharf sel has been placed under, charter to
at ten o'clock this morning proved . return to Australia. ! -
an animated one. The territorial1 ' ? ' v Rst -. .
Und-"after a vacation of . several Bark Rithet Has Been Fumigated. 4 '
weeks was a feature in the leave ta.k- The bark R. P. Rithet has been
lng of seventy cabin and forty-five fumigated and the vessel : is made
second class passengers, who are des- reatjy f0 proceed to the coast, in -WJ-tlhed
for the mainland. ' - ' hast along the last of-this week. The
The Korea was discharged of seven- jythet has been discharged of a ship
teen hundred tons Oriental freight mcnt orbuiidlng material 'for Pearl
during the brief lay over at Honolulu. Har5ort Thelast of the cargo for Ho
One hundred and fifty tons Hawaiian nomIl. was discharged today.; The
product Including shipmen of cof-; Kethg wiU gftil for? SalJ Franclsco
fee, pineapples, rice and sundries were
placed aboard the vessel. A consign
ment of coal was also supplied the
vessel Deiore ine nour or sailing.
. One of the largest crowds of spec-
. tators to gatner at tne wnarr in many,
weeks was nresent as the bie liner
steamed from her berth and . headed
for the sea. Many well known Hono
lulans were Included in the list of
departing passengers. s :-y
Thirty Thousand Tons Cargo
for Hawaii ; " . ;r '
.( Vlnmn f..nn on..n 1 ...
. the Hawaiian Islands but no tonuagv
;rls available for this mass 'or freight.
' The United States navy department
v has purchased thirty thousand tons
of gravel to be used In the construc
tion of the dr) dock at Pearl Harlor.
At the time of departure of the Sierra
from San .Francisco, Jt Is saidthat
overtures-were made- to a number, of
coasting shipping companies . witV a
view of securits one or. more suitable
steamers.-. It will be remembered thai
, some . months ago the United States
government authorized the purchar,
.of a vast quantity of rand to be for
warded to. the island naval station.
Save that brought, dovu; hfere in sall-
insr Vfvcvilo. the nlL- nf th?a nintAI-i!
still awaits tran?ortation
, Suspected Smvaslera In. the - .
9ioena .
Acting ;under loformatiort, received
from special agents In the Orient thatjkong via Japan rortsFor, Honolulu
there were a number of smuggled
coolies on "board the Pacific Mailer
Siberia, which arrived at San, Fran
Cisco during the past week, immigra
tlon sleuths made a close search of
the vessel- (The raid was mder the
personal direction of General" Backus.
Commissioner of Immigration, who
was assisted' by twenty inspectors.
In order to detect any 'possible sub
stitution," the inspectors who ex
amined the-Chinese crew and, , the
Asiatic passengers were unusually
stringent in their work, j The search
failed to reveal anything id substanti
ate the ''advance information."
Murder on Beard Minnesota
vj Advices ;fror.i tbe Orient tell of a
murder on lanl the steamer Minne
sota, of the C.rMt N'flrt hern line, while
the vessel vita m rute from Yoko
hama to Puc"f Sou ad ports.
J. I Dunn, refrigerator" engineer of
'the big; liner, stabbed Robert Wank- J
strpm, a oecHnaiHi, in a quarrel ana
the seaman Med shortly after. The
vessel was bins at Hongkong at the
time. -,Dunn was arrested by his ship
mates and. left at Hongkong, for trial.
(JAS. H.
Transport Skipper in Queer
SAN FRANCISCO. November 2u.
Michael Healy, who told attaches
of the Central Emergency Hospital
that' he was captain of the army
transport Thomas, sprained, his back
! in a peculiar accident Saturday night.
According to a police report.
Charles (X Nelson, 3639 ; Mission
street, was awakened late I Saturday
night by the sound of footsteps on his
front porch. He opened a'. window
and called out, and a man jumped
to the ground, eight feet below:, light
ing on his back. t ' V , V
The. police were called , and the in
jured man said he Is Michael Healy.
captain of the transport,5 . and tnat
while intoxicated he mistook Nelson's
home fpr his own. -
Spokane Beat the Alice Cook.
PORT TOWNS END, Nov. 14. The
rchooner Spokane is reported in the
Strait, nineteen days from Honolulu.
The Spokane, and the Alice Cooke
hailed the same day f rorn Honolulu,
I he masters making a friendly wager
as to which would .reach Puget Sound
first. . The Spokane will load at' Port
Gamble and the 'Alice Cooke will re
ceive orders here. : '
The schooner Gamble ' was towed
here this morning from. Port Gamble
with lumber for Hilo. She will pro
ceed to sea as soon as a crew is
signed. -
, t ' H ;
Mauna Loa to Carry Milling
Machinery. . '.
A large shipment of sugar milling
machinery will be placed aboard the
Inter-Island steamer Mauna Loa
will also carry freight destined for
intermediate ports. A lata mail fom
the mainland will, be dispatched to
the Dig. Island in this vessel, r
Promise Ready for Sea. s
The last of 1 100 tons, phosphate
rock brought from. Makateo has been
ballatt. . . :. , ; a..; - V y: ;;: . ; , ' : '
Windjammers Due Daily. '
The American bark S. C. Allen,
from . Port .Ludlow, with lumber for
Allen & Robinson of this city, is ex
pected at the port daily.;. The vesse
is now out twenty-eight days. . " : -
The American schooner -Ethel Zane
from Gray's Harbor, is twenty-four
days out and it Is reported as bring
ing lumber consigned to the firm of
Allen & Robinson. , ;
Sehome Sailed for the Sound.
After - having recruited a crew,;
Captain Piltt, "master "of the American
schooner Sehome sailed for the sound
this morning. The vessel has been,
laying at the Quarantine wharf for
the "past few days pending the slgn-
Jng on of .the men. The Sehome
brought lumber to this port consigned
to Allen. Robinson. -
:- , a'. -
A pillion Feet of Lumber ;
.. For Honolulu ' v
The American schooner Helcne ha3
been placed, on the, berth v at Pott
Blakely to load 1.100,000 feet lumber
for Honolulu, according to advices re
ceived " here.' The vessel and cargo
are consigned to Allen L Robinson of
this city. -:. f ;
Per P. M. S.s: Korea from Hong
Jos. A. Green. P. H. Burnette. Mrs.
Burnette. H. P. Budnette. Through:
Mr. A. P. Bunge-, Rev. E. J; Camp
bell, Mrs. R J. Campbell, 'Master
'Clarence Campbell Miss Crothers, Mr
J. E. Danbenspeck, Mrs. B. Falrman,
Dr. J. - E.. Grif fen, Miss A.; Johnson,
Mrs. Jew Shu, Master Lem Yon Jon,
Master I Am Gay. Mr. R. H. Lee, Mr.
Urn Mow, Mrs. Geo. E. Lerrigo, Mr.
W. L. lxcke, Miss Helen Locke.
Master Allan Locke, Master Charles
Locke, M r. E. C. M iller, M rs. E. O.
Miller, Master Elbert Miller. Master
John Miller, Mr. H. H. Miller. Miss
M. A. Parkhurst. Mr. II. E. Parkinson,
Mr. C. Russell. Mrs. C. Russell.
Master Francis Russell, Prof. P. J.
Treat, Mrs." P. J. Treat, Mr. Tan Yao
Ten, Mr. Ng Sun, Mr. Tan Yi Sun, tor.
Tong Sum. Mrs. Tong Sum. Misa
Tong Ho. Mr Wong Nguey. Dr. S. J.
Wood bridge, Mrs. S. J. Wood bridge.
Master Charlie Woodbridge, Master
John Wood bridge. Miss Jean Wood
bridge, Mrs. Burns, Dr. W. J. E.
Davies. Miss R. M. Farrell, Mrs. S.
Isaacs and nurse. Mrs. G. L. Itnsing.
Mrs. H. Moore. Capt. F. 1 J. Parker.
Miss S..B, Stevens, Mr. D. D Stfeeter.
Special Cakle to Merchants
Tuedavt Dec. IS.- .
SAN FRANCISCO Arrived. Dec. 10,
7 a. ui.f S. S. Wilheimina, hence De-r
cember 4.
VANCOUVER Arrived. Dec. 10, S.S.
Zealandia, hence Dec. 3.
SYDNEY Arrived, Dec. 10, S. S.
Ventura, hence Nov. 26.
MUKILTEO Arrived. Dec, 10, schr.
A. F. Coats, hence Nov.10. -
Per str. Kilauea from Kona and
Kau ports F. LInderman, G.- J.
Becker, C. G. Macumber, H. Leslie,
Mrs. R. Leslie. F. Guard. AV. M. Gif
fardf E. M. Ehrhorn, Robt. Hind, T.
W. Bewley. Dr. E. H. Back, J. A.
Maguire, Mrs. R. 1L McWayne, Mrs.
J. Coelho. W. K. Namauu, L. Vascon
cello, Y. Van Hing, S. Hamamoto,
N. Hokoda, s Natamouri, R. R. Elgin,
Mrs- 'Elgin, Mrs. Kearns, G. A. Be
schof, Mrs. Kopa, Capt. E. H. Parker,
S. James, H. B. W'eller,' Mrs. Lyons,
L. W. Branch, T.'W. Wineberg, W. S.
Brown. C. J. Schoening, Mrs. J. Lit
tle; 122 deck.
'Per str. Korea, for, San Francisco
J. Walter Scott, Mrs'! Scott, Misa R.
Scott, Alfred, Magoon F. S. Stratton,
Master Stratton; Miss Stratton, Frank
Andrade,' Mrs. Andrade, E. E. Pat
ton. Mrs. Paxton. W. F.' Dillingham,
Elsie Smith, Meda' Hansen, Dr. F. J.
NeMfbefryi Mrs. Newberry, Judge N.
C. Van Fleet, Z. Cushing, W. S.
Brown, J. B. Stewart, TL B. McGill.
Mrs. K( P. .Bernard. Jas. Escolle, F.
Al RosaC Mrs. rlloss, F.' B. Qedge, B.
von -Daram, F. M, Pattigree, WV L.
Steward, C." D. Beaton." Mrs.. Beaton,
E, S. Aldrlch,- Mrs. Aldrich, Mrs. G.
Cole. T. I f. Kelly, S., Pla. Mrs. Pla,
H." G, Piatt, Miss Piatt, Mrs. T. M.
Bales, Mrs. E. RooVC- AT Lett, Mrs.
hett Capt V. H,-Johnson, Mrs. A.
M. Silver, S. Van Wagner, ; H. . P.
Marble, Mrs.- . Marble, ' Mrs.-C. ,K.
Cooper, H. G Gray, Geo.' Flood, E. M.
Jones', Christ Anderson,' Sirs. E. West,
II. E. Smith, J. E.' Jaeger, C. II.
Blrdseye D Williams '.
Per T. K. K. Nippon "Marti' from San
Francisco and due at Honolulu Dec,
13. For - Yokohama Tangue K. Asa
kura, S. Attle, F. D, Bryant Jl. H.
Cochrane, Mrs. J, Cook, Rev. Mr. Cur
tis, J. A. Kurea. S. Hullshoff, Mrs. A.
Hullsbpff, T Kemsten, Mrs. H.-Morrison,
Mr.Watanabe. Lieut. C. Yamada.
For ShangKafDr, M. & l Kvby
Gomes, Mrs, S. C Kirby Gomes, Mrs.
E. Kirby Gomes, ' Miss Silib r Kirby
Gomes,, H.;Itv WHsn. - ;' x
Per stmr. Likelike, for Maui and Mo
lokai ports, Dec 10, Mr. and Mrs J.
P. -Brown, A. A. Meyer, H, R. Hitch,
cock, W." M. Vincent. :- ;
I Per str? Kihtuea,' for' Kona ; and -Kau
ports,', Dec. !.13, Mr,' and( Mrs. E. E.
Conant, Francis Lyman,' Mrs." F. A,
Lyman.'Master H.' Lyman, Miss Ar
nold, Dr.. and fMra. "Goodhue ; Misa
Goodhue, ; George 1 LIndley, Stanley
Mott-Smith, Ernest '; Mott-mith. Miss
Di LldgateMiss M.. Lennox, Miss A,
Meyers, Mlssf M.' Meyers, Mis L.
Mutch, ; Andrew . Guild,. Thos. ; Guild,
Misa M. Tayor,.Mlss Mrytle Taylor,
Miss E. . Lidgate, J. Hurd. : I
;,Pe.r str. Claudin, for Hijo,' via way
ports.'Dec., 13. Miss M. Taylor, Miss
Myrtle Taylor,' Miss O. Lindsay, Miss
M. DeasV Misa IGibb, Miss E. Gibb,
Wra, Hitchcock, ' J. Chalmers A.
Wadsworth, D. Wads worth Miss G.
Meinecke, Miss E. Chalmers, Miss A.
Chalmers,'' Miss ,0. Robinson, Dr. G.
W. McCoy, Mr.- and Mrs. M: F. Ca
macbo, B.S. Aiken Mr. and Mrs. G.
R: Lindsay, Master Lindsay, J Bish
op. F. -Wittrock. v :
Per. O. SI S. Sierra, for Sari Fran
cisco, Dec. 14. W. 'L.: Allman, Mrs.
Allman and two children. Miss W.
Blackie, H. H. Blood,-W. S. Brown,
Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Alex. Chalmers, Dr.
Cowes, H. A. Davis, Mrs. Davis, Mrs.
A. Duren. Edwin K. Fernandez, J. W.
Flyhn, Miss Marguerite Flynn, Capt.
H. Ford, M. J. Getz, Mrs. M: A. Heb
bard, W. J. G. Land, Mrs. Land, W. F.
Markham, Mrs. Markbam, K. Mayer,
Mrs. Mayer, F. Mayn, Mrs. Mayn,Miss
A. E. O'Connell, C. B. Reynolds, P.
D. Robinson. Mrs. Robinson. F. ,C.
Ruffhead Miss. Kathleen C. Ruttmad,
Mrs.-E. A! Rumney, E. Spiegelberg.
Miss Sarah Storie, - Miss 'Josephine
Storie, Walter F. Sutherst, Mrs. J.
H . Taplin, P. j H.- Watson, S- D. Wil
son, Mrs. Wilson.
Per str.' Mauna Kea, for Kilo, via
way ports, Dec. 14. U Gay, E. Gay,
R. Gay, Elsie Gay, Mary, Gay, C.
Baldwin. ' W. Paris, Aileen Gibb,
I-ter. Gibb. lMIss M. Austin. Miss V.
Austin) D. Wadsworth. A. Wadsworth,
S. Austin, W. Bond, K. G. Bond, Miss
M. Renton. Miss E. Renton. E. Bald
win, H. Baldwin, Miss Ethel Paris.
Mrs, J. D. Paris, A. Paris, Mrs. E.
Auugst, Miss Akedman, Miss Madden.
Nora Moir. Grifa Moir. Herbert Cul-len.-Miss
V. Madden, Miss F. Lidgate,
Miss E. Lidgafe, G. Moir, Miss C.
Rcid, Miss M. Forrest , Mrs. G.
Wright. E. M. Campbell, Mr. and Mrs.
A. Falke. .
Per str. Mikahala, for Maui and
Molokai ports, Dec. 17. Miss M. Mey
er. Miss A. Meyer, Miss. Annie Meyer.
Per str. Kinau, for Kauai ports. Dec.
1 7. J. P. Cooke, Mrs. W. M. Vincent,
Miss G. E. Vincent.
Per str. Mauna Kea. for Hilo, via
way iorts, Dec. 18. Miss H. Robinson.
Mifs L Robinson, Miss Jean Pritchard
Miss Maggie Pritchard. Master A. Mc
Kenzie, Mrs. II, McKenzie, Mr. and
Mrs. H. P. Wood. Miss H. Caldwell,
Miss I Marwell. -
Per str. W. G Hall, for Kauai
ports, Dec, 19.- Miss A. Grobe, Miss
C. Bettencourt, Miss D. Grobe, Miss
V. Wenselau, Miss H. Schimmelf en
nig, Miss A. Miller.
Per str. Cludine, for Hilo via
way ports. Dec. 20. Miss S. Kalino,
Foster Robinson. A. Robinson, C.
Robinson. Miss R. Hansen. Miss M.
Christophersen, Mrs. M. H. Puley.
Miss I. G. McDonald, Mrs. M. E. Per
ley, . Per str.'Claudine. for Hilo, via way
pcrtsC Dec. .20. Miss Robinson, Mrs.
M. E. Perley.
Per str. Kinau fur Kayai ports. Dec.
2!. Miss H. Sch'emminsfly. Miss J. A.
(Continued from Page l) ,
notice of condemnation of the Ha
huka site by the government had
been served. Breckons opposed the
deed's admission, arguing the price
paid for the property at this time was
Influenced by the government's an
nounceed intention to acquire the
lan dand buildings just across the
Witnesses were called In to sus
tain the opposing argument on this
point, these being J. D. Mclnerny,
James W. Pratt, Harry H. Beadle,
Elmer L. Schwartzberg, David H.
Paris, and R. R. Reidford. The jury
was finally called into court at 11
O'clock and excused until 8:30 o'clock
tomorrow morning at the request of
Breckons, who explained that he in
tended visiting Leilebua this after
noon to gather evidence and witnes
ses in the murder case which de
veloped the shooting affray at the
fort Sunday evening.
"A good deal of talk is in the air to
the effect that the Territorial senate
will refuse to confirm the appoint
ment of Wade Warren Thayer as at
torney general.
Senator Chilllngworth, one of the
holdovers, when asked about It; this
afternoon, said he did not wish to
give his views for publication, as he
did not like to criticise the governor.
Senator Judd,' also a ' holdover.' oh
I being, questioned .said .lie had nothing
to say. , ?'-:;:v - -
Senator ; Cecil. Bxpwn, another Re
publican: holdover, is not In' town. -C.
The election "has left, Ibese as the
cnly Republican senator from Oahu.
Mrs. F. D. Lbwrey, chairman of the
outdoor circle of the Kilohana club,
yesterday tendered to the Central Im
provement, committee a plan of pro
posed imprpvements to Palace Square,
Owing to ,the small attendance , ( he
matter .was deferred, to . a special
meeting, this to be held.' in the even
ing of the day to .be appointed. This
afternoon It f was practically decided
by' thelexecutlve to call such meeting
for Wedn84ay evening next
Examination ' papers of Doctors
Trotter; ' and , McCoy, of the United
States marine hospital and public
health service, for promotion have
been receivetl from Washington. Dn.
Marshallit'i in. i charge of the ex
araination. " '
"SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 10. Sugar:
96 degrees test, 3.92 cents. Previous
quotation, 4.05 cents. Beets: 88 anal
ysis. 9s. 5 l-2d. . Parity, 3.98 cents.
Previous quotation, 9s. 6d.
Condemnation judgment -by default
for a lighthouse site at Mahukona
ltndered by U. S. Judge Dole, against
the trustees of the Wight estate, the
Hawaii Railway Co. and many others,
has been placed on record in the teg
istry of . conveyances. The property
condemned consists of the site proper
containing three acres and a right of
way twenty feet wide containing near
ly an acre. It is declared in the Judg
ment that cone of the defendant! have
any right, title or interest in huv im
provements, and that they are not eu
titled to any Compensation whatever.
The women of the royal family at
Berlin have been participating In the
weekly court hunts.
Hair dresser who understands man
icuring. .1 114-21.
Naval Officer desjres room with pri
vate family. 5414-3t.
Special Sale: Floor coverings. Chi
' nese grass rugs, mattings and lin
oleums. Tel. 1261.
Lewers k. Cooke, Ltd., King St.
Pminui Lot, T.'.xl.'O. Price reason
able. David A. Dowsett, real es
tate agent. Tel. 116. Kaahmnanu
St. K.041.Vtf.
The Grenvilie (Neuman Homestead).
10."4 S. King St. Every thing new
and up-to-date , k"414-tf.
The Alcove. 134S .Emma. Tel 10o7.
Centrally located, cooi, select.
College, school and fraternity. ?a i?
IjCv, yt54 Maunakea. iieiow Kins.
New line woolens just in. Ssms L,
Jt!4 Manna Kea, below King.
Preparing fqr its annual Christmas
activities, the Salvation Army U
sending out broadcast the following
Dear Friend: Once again the Christ
mas , season is upon is. with its fes
tivities, its . gifts, its " comfons for
those blessed with this world's goods;
with its deprivations, its realizations
of. need and Its heart-lonllness for
those , who are not
We are planning a. more thorough
distribution of good cheer In this city
than has been possible in the past
For Christmas itself we mus: prepare
our usual gifts of substantial aid. sup
plying well-filled baskets to as many
as will be found to be in need, that
the family may partake together of
the good things in their own homes.
Then there will be the homeless to
provide for. In a sit-down dinner at
our Working Men's iloteL We jmust
make them forget that they are lone
ly and far from home and friends.
In addition to these there are the
little ones in the Manoa Home, for
whom all the delights which mothers
plan for their babes must be provid
ed. This has reference to both the
Xmas turkey, ; the " well-filled stock
ings and, the inevitable Xmas tree. '
, But we must not forget the child
ren -of Poverty's homes; they 4 too,
must"" have their Christmas tree at
oar hail, and there must be the usual
quota of toys, candles, nuts. etc. They
have so little to brighten the sombre
mornings of their lives . :
. ' AH this is to be united id one great
scheme, for the ' first - time in the
Army's history In Honolulu, as all
branches are now under one head. :
We cannot attempt,, or work to a
happy conclusion, any of .these de
sires without your, generous aid. Will
you give it freely "In His ; Name,"
even to a larger extent than iri the
past, and you have ever been kindly
and generous. ' : . - --
Enclosed you will find a slip, desig
nating the different purposes to which
your money ; , can be directed,' the
choice Is yours. Gifts f toys, food,
candies, etc, will be gladly ' received
and. called for.' -:vf 'v-';'f :
v Looking, for. an early response, believe-
me, v - - .". '-
Yours to carry blessings to , ' :
those having none, :
' ' i-Y-:v:-y r-f'" Lt.-CoL
' J (Continued from Page 1)
Angeles. There was a reunion' there
on the volcano ; road, while Mrand
Mrs. ; Copp1 and Dr. and Mrs.itobln
son were shaking hands and thanking
their stars that everybody, was safe.
The Robinsons and Copps are old
friend from Los Angeles, and al
though Dr. Robinson had. heard that
the Copps were in th Islands, .he
hadn't expected to meet them, last of
all down under an overturned auto
on the volcano road. ;
As for the escape, It was miraculous.
The back, car had turned turtle com
pletely, but as, luck would have it, the
front end of thecar was up on the
top o the three-foot bank, and the
radiator cap caught on- a piece of
rock and held the machine from drop
ping lower. The passengers got a ter
rific shaking-up but not so much as a
scratch, and the driver suffered only
the cut In the knee, which was given
the benefit of some rude, surgery and
j didn't bother him. But the passen
gers in both cars were given a fright
didn't look as if anybody could come
alive from under the car that had been
flung from the load like a stone- from
a sling. . '
'No blame was attached to either, of
the drivers, though the passengers In
the cars declare that the autos on the
road should' be equipped with louder
horns'or sirens as .it Is almost Im
possible to hear cars coming and
tbere are many curves on the narrow
road. .
The other two passengers in the .car
were Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Wilcox of
Santa Barbara, Cal. Mr. Wilcox was
the last of the quaret taken from be
neath the machine. He was pinned
down by the back of a seat across his
shoulder and his shoulder was sliglit
ly strained, but nothing serious. Even
pinned down by the car and hardTy
knowing whether he was dead of aliVg
he pluckily insisted that the rescuers
help out his wife and Mrs. Copp llrs.
Both of them had been taken out, how
ever, before the car was lifted enoush"
tc show Mr. Wilcox underneath.
As for the auto itself there was o?'.y
the top and windshield broken and i
damaged wheel. A new whl was
brought from Hilo. the car put on its
"feet" and it ran down to Hilo wiih
out trouble.
The four people were taken Iwk to
the Volcaifo House, and a,'tr a short
rest proceeded on their v.mv.
i s--
Silvertown Comes Into Print
The British cable steamer Si!er
towu, which brought the submarine
cable laid by the Commercial Parlfk
Cable Company from San Francisco
to Honolulu some twelve years arc.
and remained in these waters ft"
some weeks pending the landing and
adjustment of the line of commiM-la
tion with the mainland, is referred to
by Australian newspapers as having
arrived at Sydney. The Silvertown
was to have proceeded to a point ct
Bondi. where thp operation of laying
the shore ends of the new cable be
tween Bondi and Auckland will be
commenced. This work will probably
last under favorable conditions until
about 11 a. m. immediately after
laying the shore ends the Silvertown
will steam away for New Zealand,
paying out cable as she goes. It was
expected that she will arrive at th-;
New Zealand end within a short time.
In which f combined the HAWAIIAN
EVENING BULLETIN, cstablisbed 1S82.
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bookbinders, m
Photo-Frinravers- . ' ' S
UNTIL JAN. Vmj (Prefrrsd PosiUon 20) ...15c PER INCH
TR.VNSIENT RATE, t.&0 first insertion and lubsequent Utuef pro rata
CLASSIFIED, One Cent per wt rd 50 cents , per line per week.
f ' ' Telephwi Edllortil KocmsilSi Baslaess Office S t
. i - Telephone -
Per Month; anywhere In United States , ...V... . l . J .Tl
Per Quarter, anjwhero Inr UnHed Statea . .. ...................... 3.00
Per Year, anywhere In United States.. 1.00
Per Year, postpaid, foreign,...; .. . 12.00
-. :t - . SEMt-WEEKLY STAR-BULLETIN V ; 7. " . '-,7.
Per Six Months ........ . . ....... ... . t. : .V.. . ..... ... ..$1.00
Per Year, anywhere In United; States.. .. . i...V..;..i.. ' 2.00
Per Year, anywhere In Canada......... .. .. ...................... 2.00
Per Tear, postpaid, f oi eign .. .. 4.00
AKriess all Communications to Henolsla Star.Ballr tin, Iti Iloaolala, T. XL
Centrifugals 96 degree test sugar,
which has stood at 4.05 cents for.many
weeks in. the quotations . daily cabled
to the planters, has now broken to
3.92, the price reported by cable to
Alexander & Badlwin on Monday. ;
Alexander & Baldwin, Ltd., this aft
ernoon received the following cable
gram from its New .York branch: ' .
'Cuban .crop is estimated by Guma
as 2,281,000 tons. " Fifteen centrals
grinding. Holders of raws are asking
3.48c. for February deliveries of Cuba
sugar." :-" ; ' r .
C?.rl Wolters has resigned 4 Ihie man
agement of the Hutchinson Sygar
Plantation Company. . ThU fact was
confirmed this afternoon by E. Faxon
Bishop, pfesldent of C. Brewer & Co..
..-. . : -
W.C. PEACOCK & CO., Ltd.
Wine and Liquor Merchants. '
Merchant, near Fort St.
STAR, established 1S33. and the
Issued Daily and Seml-WeeUj bj
. .General Business Manaiet
Ltd, agents of the plantation. Ho
Cid not know, whether any action on
the resignation had yet been taken by
the directors in San 'Francisco, where
the control is situated. There was
no successor to Mr. Woltera In Tlcw
yet. Mr.. Bishop stated.
It has also been reported that should
Sit. Wolters insist on the acceptance
of his. resignation it would be to un
dertake an enterprise in agricultural
development in California.
.' Mr. Wolters has made an expectlon
ally successful manager at Hutca'naon
bringing the plantation from an enter
prise with two hundred thousand dol
lars of indebtedness to a property that
Las paid out approximately a million
and a half dollars In divdends and
has at present s cash surplus of $210.
00. This has been done In a period of
nine years. . ' 1 , .
v Contracts for sugar machinery for
Philippine mills aggregating S31,O0U
have beeii awarded by the Dlnalupl
Ban Estate to 3prungll & Co., of Ma
nila, and Stratton & McMurray, of
iloilo, representing AItken;& Co of
Scotland," manufacturers of sugar
mills. ' i ' ; '
The Crown Prince Dunilo of Monte
negro has been seriously wounded Iav s
a battle with the Turks. '
i ''. i , I : .'
" - V . '

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