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ALEXANDER ; YOUNG If you will! UEO. I. Rl'DIKX'K of San Fr
ALEXANDER YOUNG If you will! liEO. I. RlT)DOK of San FrancLeo
show me the cause of the Tiigh cost of is in the city for a visit
j living. I will show you the remedy for j
it. ' '
KSDAY ... IKCKMHKi: 10, 11112
Zeal irithntt UnmrlnUjr ix csjuiUfioit 1o
urn hi thr ''Jfii-Z'.Jolni Newton.
SuTervisor Ehen 'lmv, out of two vcars' expe
:ice as, chairman of tin wavs and means eom
tee of the board, declares that the present
(hod of handling, the hudp-ts is wmn;'. Ho
s that the lioard, following: tlif plan another
srd had i-rystiillixtHihto' tradition, makes up
appropriation' for anv period on the ktsis
the previous eriodv "and, moreover, Ik-
appropriating; before it knows definitely
.it its revenues are tn' -In. M - !w says that
miw board should not . inake an appropria
:i, except those absolutely nceessany until af-
the end of next January, when it can scvure
hi the tax office some,cxact figures on nssess
nts arid the" inuniripal income from tax
mm "'.. ;--.''i'j.i; -:v-.:
The present hoard's tribulations have cer
nly, ripened the experience of the menilcrs,
1 t he warning of Chairman Low should be
dtil.hy the inconiinj: iKiard. The majority' of
1 KUiwrviKors who goour of office at the end
th is; month have furnished a sorry spectacle
their flrtunderinjrs in city finances. A week
one menilKT of the loard -announced confi
:tly that the city-.. woul.avc80inet King like
1 ,000 in unexpended balances this .' month,
t night the snrs'iTisor learned with distress
t the city will have;atf,00 deficit unless it
i jret the territory to" tuni mi sbmo school
rievs which is soV unlikely 'as to le almost
;hical. ' ' ' -
E. S. CUNHA In the old days three
men in conversation gave sufficient
eround for suspicion of, a new cou-
large are not willing to accept the domination splracy. Glory be, those days are
of the little grup of stand-patters who have0" JAmes sheahan - They
ruled for sixteen Years, and Taft has lieen too "say there is no quartz In these islands.
quartz that looks a little like rotted
dose to this group, 'too -much under its in flu
ence, to ltgaill the confidence of his partv in a Italian marcie.i got several spect
" ' mens like this" oyer at Waimanalo, It
fev months., r is so; hard an emery i wheel canuot
lladley may not 1m big enough for the job "borm aster . p o s t k ..-i
He may break-under -the- strain, even as broke have comfc pretty near handling; every
that Mterliii'fr: VnvnwkWp I -irnllPttP 1T tinv thing that has come to Uia port since
in.it sailing j ngrfssne, ,ui oneire. ut ma r took tne :offiee but tnat -Santa
not Ie unselfish enoujrhi hijrh-mlnded enough, ctaus Fleet eoning into Port
far-swing enough. The next few months ought lisbe3Llf;w,tnf, tnvTot! are ommed by their c::.n2htcr
me execute the turke trot, jelly won- yisg viorence Paterson
to test his mfttle. The work-of rebuilding the bie and crab crawl, ail in one move- ' MR AND m,s. D.'l MAY an
partv has begun, it is evidenCand the mar. who mnt- to una wnan f pace ror mem
will euierge as master-mason is the man w hose ill
THOS. B. FARR. doinsr fcus'.ness at
Iie. is a visitor to the city oa basi
nets. MR. AND MRS. E. A. KLYCE Xroni
Seattle are visitors to tiie Islands,
luey will go to the Volcano this week.
MRS. EMMA WEST win return t?
her Lome in Cleveland, in the near
foture. She has been visitins with her
ton. Dr. T. J. A'est.ot tne Makaweli
Hospital on Kauai.
r iidents of Los -Angeles are here lor
a short stay. The volcano will re
ceive a visit from them before they
u urn to the coast
of Winnipeg and Brandon, Manitoba,
ar sndin? th t'hristmas ho'iilnvs in
v . ' Honolulu at tLe Seaside Hotel, aul
eyes will not le clouded by the dust of the debris
and who knows that in victorv or defeatt the fun-
A system under which the supervisors know
: where they stant'l financially ought to be sent
the scrap-heap. Chairman Low points out
t the lK)ard has leen given only $541000; from
: moneys insttiil'ofthp;f56p,000' expected the
. moneys i nst (iad of t he! , $500,000 expectwL
city fathers ; have ; btn working on
VanticipattHl basiiC- ,,Tlie ' are i :dl good
to know, though the"; knowletlge , is
ing koiuewhat. late;". ,'Tlie. n'ctw., lioard ought to
r tfbusiness with its eyes opeiu Anyway, this
; i ing on a contingency is pretty poor sort of
financial systenf for a. municipality of moi-e
;n 80,000 people in' the year J012 : j r v
damental principles of the Republican partv are
the logical foundations for consistent progress
in this Uepubli Hadley seems a goocl deal the
quest inn is Does he measure up to the man's !
size of the job? and that question cannot be an
swerinl from his comparatively brief career in
public life.
nurnr i nnroTO
uimtA a
child, Honolulu. P. S. Cook, v.ife and
son, Bellingham. Wash., Mrs. Alf.nl
Brooke and daughter Miss Elsa N.
Brooke, Philadelprit, Pa are register
ro at the Pleatanton Hotl.
-' -Ha in of the newlv-elected Democratic su
every movement was - watched e'rher
by volunteers fiom among the passoi'
gcrs or by officers in the ship, -
Both Miller as well as his. wife Verc
well-nigh f razed over the catastrophv.
The child was. buried at tea, Cap
tain Nelson commander of the Korea
officiating. v v :
The tragic death of the little fellow,
who as one officer declared yesterday
.".Tai Chong, charged with having jjad pr0ved a little ray of sunshine ou
made away with funds from the First a rather' cloudy passage across' the
American Savings & TrusC Company, pacifiC, served to cast a decided spell
wxs turned' over Up the custody of o gloom over the entire company of
Chief of Detectives Arthur McDuffie trans-Pacific travelers,
upon, the arrival of that officer at the when the Korea sailed from Alakea
Japanese port of Kobe. -. i VLarf for Sari Franciico thi3 morn-
The Kobe.' Japan., police effected tnr
tha trrit at rritn ' father u-i nnid
the arrest of Chong according to ad-., --tl be a pretty bad way. JAt, on?
thought advisable to re-
, A later eximina
determined the offi-
nrrr nfttnfnla. that '
. .... , .t--i- .A vt -
ers, but:how nbout the
One of tlie cliief complaints against, the pres- liner Siberia Chong had 'assumed a. one' of the pecnliar- fncileu? coj-
cnt stnictui of city nd' county;govern Ko
, i - .. . . " . luctea by tne Kooe ponce, resuittl wa,. tnat-while 0n death octutd, a
that a disproportionate Amount goes out in over; in the well known Chinese theatrical f mUe of Dnmani(v was ;U(ied to
hrad -cliargt, of which iunomt salaries and tdak 1 hi the list of Pas3engersm the biuVr r
. v . identity, and It is also Scateo tnat ne . Chinese parents. The littte
wnp cut.a big figtire. owufc
i.UW th AtAa,l Wo- 4CC?TI?A Ch0? "."Jl '.-.. -time- th ' Korea came, in slsht of
.... . , ... -.. ,. v , .v Rtoie 40,uu rrom tne. wonwuiu jjiuih.. - "- ,tnnAa
, . . : -... ' . . ' -. - . i. I IUC llJionan .. isjiuuuo.-, . ... ........ -
assurance oi ietier worK none or - more worK ana speni. it ior purci;ttia6,A..i:mvw-. .- .oo n ,...,,, -Y,,aaPWprp
done. : tn tact, tjiere wouia -ne no mqre- worK :raa sent them to ChftaixHe. ha in
done for two dollars a'day than for a dollar and his possession abou$i,060 at. the
' - .- , ... ' ' . - .-'u- . ; . time of hi3 arresCr -.-' ;. .: - '
a nau. , j n etmer ise; rne same men wouhl tio . Qn at Yokohama. McDuffie,
Otir tttamomls arc of the first water -
flawless. ' ;' : ,;''"' -.-;;-;
A buying knowledge gained ly years 4
of experience brings the creamy of the
market to u -then to vou. i - - -
A wonderful display of rings, neck
laces and other articles of jewelry that are
exel usi ve, exq u isite ajnd trustworthy n ow
awaits your inspection; ': V.:-"-',;,
I-eadi ng Jewelers
' . . .j a. 4 - i.' fit,-- " i ''i " ii..
jktvisu-s ,an. cntiueo wiui ii piau ifi raise- uie vices receivea uine iuiai. pun time 4t was
".v-wfj: f; municipal ; lalKTtT, from f1.50 to! ? "
a tiav. ruis is an verv.weii lor me laoor- rrne story ot me arresc . receiveu M
. . . . , . ' - - ; .x i ,S-
i- '. . ; f - v .. . - 1 " ,.''''
The Kepublican party on the mainland is on
t ill-hunt or aMoses to lead the Childif n out
the Wilderness, nnd (Jovemor Hatlley f Mis
tri is trying to make a noise like that biases.
; fact, the noise he is making sounds more sub
intial than anything of recent months.
1 ladle v is the brilliant young lawyer whose
:r shone so brightly and briefly at the He-
thlican national convention in Chicago last
tne. Some'dav the inside story of that conven
i m 'will 1k told by one of the half-dozen men
!io vaA tell it. One of them is Koosevelt.
nother is Senator Dixon of Montana. Oon-
ressman McKinlt-y, Jafts manager, is a third.
i nator.lHt. i.another. Tha story will involve
a offer made to Hadley to accept the Uepub-
ican nomination, an -offer .-said to have come
nun the councils of the stand-pat Taft leralers.
Those who ii'member.the stoHny days of that
nven t ion will mtil 1 'the attempt made to sf am
ede the delegates for lladley. What prevented
i lie success of the movement' has never leen
known outside of the few. men most .intimately
concerned. The popular story . is that Hadley
accepted the nomination-; ttmditional tiioii
KooseveltV assentyfortilalb'y up to that, hour
had leen Utnisevelt's fbsu leaderami that
Koosevelt refused -to release his young li-uten
ant and refused to takethe back seat himself.
There was an hour when the nomination of jllad-
lev could; hay ,cialesc(sl that fight ing group of
Pngressivtis and, the grim but. despairing "old
guard Thev lioiir passed. Itadley . swallowed
a pill so bitter that thenteforth lustook no fur
lherpar hi tn0 invention, arid. Taft was nom
inatel. v
lladley stayl with the Itepublicau. party,
mn'kinsr' a brilliant fight in. Missouri during tin
m-ent campiiign. ' He is a lom leader of men,
a magnetic 'speaker, aggressive of person a H ty
and a gtod jolitician. It is not at all surpris
ing that Kepubiioan leaders aw turning to him.
Of ourse there will Ik talk in "administra
tion cirelesv that Taft will set to work at once
to nhabilitatelhe party," but it is doubtful if
Taft will seriously try it, and still more dtaibt
fill if heiwould succeeil. Taft has not the ,onfi
dnieo of the country." The Hcpublican volei-s at
work, those men beins the Democratie re- armed witfr letters or jntroaucuon ana
: - .. -y . -r -.. - . inther imnnrtant. naners-.cauea atk tne
tamers and party faithfuls.' ; : , j ofnce o the -water . police, where .he
ti.a ntMOAni twxwi 'n'r'ViiTLiis'oAM .? rr riif reouested- assistance from? officers - in
l.v "e thmiiah thP necessary
of office with the treasurv emptv, r Only by conu mantles5 with'itKeTKobe: police who
deft hanrtling of fignrand byfailiiito mtSm6
out some appropriation" resolutions can the teid a letter rom"sfi6tiff . Jarrett. ex-
l)oard ;livbi4 leaving deficit o
sands. And the last two vears have been pros: j fsome people blame ithe Japanese
necn pienmui. . roe. 'Ciry . nas i-ecetveti- n ryast in Yokoharaa,sbit were was no oiuu-
dictions, certain assessed,, yaluations will , be cation from "America at that time the
. . . t - ! ' 1. . - i-Xiirt mleht, certainly! have ' complied
lower ior next year, anu.me vwm gev
respondingly less amount of revenue from 'this ceive- the warrant for Chong-s arrest
- . . " . ti ' - v - . y - ni fan.- bntirci offpr ihp. Siberia left
source. .Meanwinie, puimc improvemenrs are - 'T;:un,r . tr mc
lagging, and many sections of the citv artvclam-; Duffle also admits the defectiveness
oriK; for Stm-t aid .idewa)k and . eleotrlc
I ightS and Other modern civic-necessities. , steamer China, he said he requested
I Thenmlsof.horilv an on th incn-a; the SuSr SS
revenurm ni not unlikelv to,decrease for a short authorities, but : it was too late."
period. ! Is there a Supervisor, who can novv-jus:!,,
tifv, or will be nble to justify two years from kong, the Minister of Justice :n Tokyo
noV, an-increain municipal .? r The trtUn
is thai the plan is born '-of political scheming, a rid ter was at once communicated to th
it, deserved do Wnsideration, except entaigli to Kbe Police- ,
see it Kiiiea. Tiie rar-Juiietin unnersianas
that not all of the Democratic superyisoi"s favor.
it, that so far it is merely tentative with one or;
two. That is plentv far enough for it to get.
(ConUnned from Page 1)
illlS if EO NOT
resorted to every aid known to med.
cal science with a view of saving c
even prolonging the life of the littl
wav that died as a result of terrible burns ov
tne snouiaers ana upper poruuii ui m
-Heady on the opening day" is the D0ithifl tnree tours following the dc
thought of the dirtH'tors of the ranama-l'acine iUge of boiling hot water, the rhu
ex)osition just now, and from the
things are Mng rushed theie is every prospect body.
of sncres ' . I Mifter, soon after became violent
, . . . - , . 1 He is alleged to have made severa
Acconbng to those who have returned to the attempts to end his life. p. h. Burr
islands of late, and wei-e visitors to the ". fair ite ,a well known Honoiuian. wl
- Jt : , . with Mrs. Burnette was a passengc
grounds while on the coast, the exposition work in the nner from Japan to the. Hawa
is advancing rapidlv. There is nothing quite so Jan islands, is said on one occasio
a - - r it : a . t . a- i s. 1 1
aisappoiniing 10 visitors, wno iwnc iriivriru
lerhaps thousands of miles to be present on
mitting suicde.
From that time until, Hono'ula wr
Vcorhait lata vActerHar nftPmAfMl Mil
"Opening Day" as to find half of the exjwsition er was placej -under strict guari!. VA
buildings and grounds still in the hands of the
workmen. That is exactly what San Francisco
is going. to avoid.
Following the example of the builder ofthe
Panama Canal, the Coast metropolis is deter
mined to break the rccoctl in construction and
What nrbmisea to. be one of the big-.
gest'; blessings ; lo 'automobU ,'owhfrs ;
here is the intfodQ'ction by the'HoyaL
Hawaiian CTarage of a puncture-proof
preparation that prevents punctures
absolutely and carries wjlth it a ' guar
antee to be all that is claimed for'it.
Manager Wells of the Royal Hawaii
an Garage, which has the sole agency
for the territory,, in speaking ' of the
preparation said, : "This puncture
proof preparation is a powdered sub
stance which is placed in a gnn. and
mixed, with water and pumped into the
inner tube, and puncture troubles are
at an end. V;1 .', y yy ' '.:
"I was persuaded to take the agen
cy of this preparation on the say-so
of one of our'prominent citizens who
saw. It demonstrated . on the coast ,
Four hundred 'nails' were '"driven into
a tire and yet the tube was puncture
less. Demonstrations ; will be cheef
fully given at the Royal Hawaiian
Garage." : "- - : .C i' :
, ';. v ;': DO IT. NOW1 : . - .:
Good Christmas day 5 f
" ' -Is on the way,
" With banner sugar crop. ;
Make out your list,
(See none are missed), . , . jr
And then go out and shop.
A Chinese syndicate with headquar
ers in Ipoh, Federated Malay States,
nd ramifications throughout Malay
ia, is reported to have obtained a
nining concession to prospect for all
:inds of minerals over the - entire
Province of Hokien for the space of
wo Tears. The capitat ls $1,000,000.
'he prospectors sent up to China
ome yea rs ago have, it Is stated, re
urn ed with rich samples of silver
ire, and others are now proceeding to
(okien to verify the reports. A meet
. ig of Chinese interested In the
cheme took place at Ipoh.
Mrs. Aimee Given, .divorcee and
hicago society woman, who . eloped
he other day with the man she be
eved to be the son - of Marshall
"irkman, former president of the
rorthwestern Railroad, has just learn
1 that her husband is Kirkmah's
"lauffeur instead of his heir.
More than 100 persons are reported
Hied in the coast towns of Pamaica
jy the hurricane and tidal wave.
President-elect Woodrow Wilson might as
well make up his mind to like the White House.
He'll have to spend some time there.
' 1
MANOA Residence Lot 22.500 sq. ft ....
NUUANU 40,000 sq. feet in the upppr, cool part of the valley
OCEAN VIEW Modern Home with all conveniences
ANAPUNI ST. Modern 1'2 story house
New Bungalow ...v. .....
YOUNG ST. Residence lot, 12981 sq. ft
PAWAA Modern 12 story house
AULD LANE J-Bedroom House and lot
AlMUlt the lHst thing the Hull iloosci-s do COLLEGE STREET 3 Bedroom House and 2-Bedroom Cottage
ocean vi tw several cno.ee lots, aiso acreage cneap
" is to hol3 conventions and talk about it.
Philippine independence is still far in the fu
ture as it should Is.
Stanford Univei-sity trustees have fell,' restored to place, it will , take
ordered the famous mosaics destroyed the artists three, yeara to complete,
In the earthquake when the church the work. , , - .
Tantalus ,......$ 40
Kaimukl . ... .'. . . 4.".00
Kahala Reach... .. " - ;
....i.. $50.00, 7.00
Nuuanu Avenue . JJO.Or
Pacific Heights . 100.00
' College Hills . . . , 73.00
"Wahiawa 30.00
Pua Lane
VaIplo ..........
"Wilder Avenne . .
Kairauki .,..V....;
Ala . Moana - 'and
. Ena. Roads
College ' Hills'
Pawaa Lano -r...
Puunul Avenue
. . .
era 1 rasii Li5,
Christmas 'iiiggssfe
1.- .... J .. ., - ,
In the very latest designs." An - assortment worth while
seeing. . - :"' - '" :"' V"' :' r'N.-';: ; '--
Toilet Ware
1 The daintiest designs on the new, 4hln model.' Each piece.
Shavins: Sets
.Most useful and somtthirg ladies usually look fir. Large
assortment.' .. ' '.-'. " ::' ... '-
Table Ware r i
. We can show you, to ne of the most attractive patterns.
Nov elties V;':'-; : '
. These comprise Pir Cushions,. Writing Pieces, Vanity
Cases, Sewing Pieces, Etc. . . 1 :.,-'-; ':
; ; - ,: - . '-. f LIMITED -- ' ' ; '
k 113 Hotel Street
Cost f du
75c A
You old kamaainas. who have lived in . Honolulu for years,
will remember the box of fresh eggs at Nolte's. This box
of fresh eggs is from the Lellina ranch. Thirty minotea
from the center of the city, we have a few acres left ad:
joining the Bellina ranch, suitable in every way for rais
Ing chickens. Surplus eggs are just like money in the bank."
A very small ca3h payment will pay for dne of these acre-,
lots. If you are In dubt or it you are skeptical in regard
to the chicken-raising business in this locality, '; interview
Mr. AVilliamson of 6t Avenue. -In addition to this acre
property, we have ths folloT''.n?r -sidence property:
We have property for sale In this district
House and two lots, Palolo Hill
House and two lots, Wilhelmina Rise
House and lot, Park Ae- Kaimukl
House and lot. S,th Ave., Kaimukl
3 lots. cor. Kaimukl aid Eighteenth Ave.
Claudine Ave. lots
Lot on Palolo Hillside..........
1450 Kewalo St.......
follows: . .
...$ 400.00
. . .$ 5S0.0O
Henry Waterhouse Trust Co.,
Limited, ,.
-v i
... t

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