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Fram S. F.t
Persia, lc 28.
Fr 8 F.t
Ventura, Dc. 27.
Frem Tanceaterj
Zealaodla. Jan. 1.
For VaneoBTeri
Marama, Dec. 31.
KeninR Bulletin. Kst. 1882. No. -427.
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX. No. 6468.
w a M W mar-
TTl -JL J n n rx r
Big Billows Off Mid
way Island Prove
Jailors For Gover
nor And His At
- torriey General.
Midwayans Much
Governor Frear . and Retiring At
torney General Lindsay arrived off
Midway Island yesterday morning but
, they, missed the big Cbrietmas dinner
prepared In their fionor. It la quite
likely, hcwever,' that the bird, said to
be the largest specimen found on Mid
way or in the watera around that is
land . will, be warmed over for their
! benefit today. "
A cablegram from Operator Mor
rison, of . Midway, arrived here yes
terda announcing that the-Thetis ar
rived off the coast at 11 o'clock yes
terday morning. .The sea was , so
rough that no attempt was made to
' lana then.' and the vessel drew away,
returning again in . the afternoon,
when boats were lowered and a des
, iperate :. effort ; made to reach the
' shore. .-'..-'
This proved a failure and the Gov
Strnor and his party, douuTtess con-
. siderably "peeved," wero forced to
return to the Ship, which sailed away
', again into;,, the approaching . dark-
. jiVss. v . -; r:, .'. ;
But another attempt was to be made
thls 'morning,' and as the surf " nppar-
: ently was subsiding last night, a safe
.. landing "was" predicted.
j UU thought nere'tnatHfW scientists
hound fdr Lhysan - are "Elll! aboard.
. and will participate in the belated
Christmag celebration at Midway to-
; day, v The Uehlrens of that island hai
prepared a , big reception and enter
tafhment for the distinguished ' party,
. in which every Inhabitant of Midway
was expected to take part. '
It is also thought that the delay of
twenty-four hours will only serve to
x increase the Jdy of Judge Lindsay and
his companions . on reaching terra
f Ifma again. Evidently the sailing of
: Ihe last few days has not been of the
smoothest -:. .
Everybody and everything chipped
In to aid Honolulu's Christmas. Ka
maainas and malihinis, as well as the
tourists, smiled because it was Christ
mas and because, the sun. recognizing
the demands of the season, beamed
blissfully -most of the day. And the
best of it all was that the big Christ
mas Eve Carnival passed off, leaving
no bad taste for the celebrators.
Thanks in some measure to the efforts
of the police under Sheriff Jarrett, the
big crowds that assembled soon after
nightfall, were .orderly. A few boys,
full of the ginger of youth, got ,4nto
trouble and the officials had to avrestj
them for shooting off firecrackers, but
that was all. ;
In Bishop square, where the novel
features of the night before Christmas
celebration were to be seen, the band,
under the direction A of ' Bandmaster
(Continued en fg 7)
Federal officials at this port
tipped off that a1 large consignment
of prepared opium was aboard ' the
American oil tanker Santa Maria, with
the result that the Union Oil Com
pany steamer was subjected to a very
careful inspection during the stay at
the railway wharf.
Several members of the customs
tttaff. went aboard J-e tanker J ester -
day morning and remained there for
Iron Settees
-i - -
' . :. ' v
Mrrrhant and AUkea Phone 2GlSjmuch sought for drug
Head of U. S. Survey Here De
clares Thai Science Has No
Patience with Methods Em
ploy ed by R e v. M r. " M aso n,
Now iri Hawai: Calls Them
Menace to Community
That men who claim, as does the
Rev" Mr. H. Mason, now on 1 the- Is
land off lahai, seeking fresh sources
of : water Supply, to discover under
ground . vatr by means of the divin
ing rod, or" through any mysterious
gift, are raw fakes and as such are a
menace to j the community : in which
they operate is the opinion . o G.' K.
Larrison. head of the United States
Geological survey in this territory.
In an. Interview this morning Mr. Lar
rison sald. '.f. '"'
"You can say for me and for the
United States Geological surrey, which
has had considerable experience In
hunting for underground water "all
over the' continent and In the terri
tories," that any man whor. c5aimg,by
som ; perpliar; inttnimentor' feeling
that he can find underground waterlls
an.unqaulified fake. "'''' -v s
"The divining rod Is a fake pure and
siranle, and ir. Is , little leSS "Than abf t i
surd to. find men, business men, sup
posed ly gifted with brains enough to
administer large business affairs, put;
tlngi.their trust In such men arid con
trivances." The fallacy ipf the divining
rod has been proven so many times
that it is hardly worth yhile to attack
it again, were it not for the presence
on Lanai of this man Mason.
Have Nose For Water
:Let me explain. There are men;
who through long years of experience
in connection with finding and de
veloping underground water supplies
have naturally acquired an aptitude,
or 'nose for water. In the vast ma
jority of cases underground walSr is
found in certain topographical and
geological conditions. These con
ditlons have been noted for many-
years and a man familiar with them
naturally will size up a locality in
which underground water may bf.
found, more quickly than an untrain
ed man.
"It is possible that some of these
'water witches, men with this experi
ence are self deceived. Indeed I be
Ueve In a large number of instances
they size up localities and make theit
finds, unconsciously nsing the experi
ence they have acquired. It is quite
likely that Mr. Mason is a case in
(Continued on Paq 8)
Charles A. Cottrill. IT. S. Collector
of Internal Revenue for the Terri
ory ami a life-long and prominent
Republican, is not likely to be dis
turbed in office by local Democrats
when a change in national adminis
tration affords an opportunity of get
ting busy with the federal pa'ronage.
Such at least is the report that comes
from discussions of the past few dayi
i among prominent Democrats ot.int
j inlands who have been talking ovei
the future of Federal office-holder
i uouecior v,oiirin is uetiarea jo ut
favored for retention by the dominant
Democratic element, and it was stai
ed today by a man ;n a position t
know that Cottnll is well lfked by th
businessmen of the islands generally
(Continued on Pag 4)
The steamer.!
j the balance of the daj
, wag searched from
truck to keelson
but without much success.
Several empty tins, believed to have
I been intended tor use in the storing
!of the dope was discovered secreted
in the bilge.
The oil tanks were also examined
with a view of bringing to light thi
r r-! ; fv ;X v c
( &
Pick -and Shovel Soon to Be
Busy -Out on the Plains Near
j the Barracks Work la to Be
rDon . by.thefBoys in Khaki
ThnseJyesThe Entrench-
menis jo ueerpi-rermanenij
h ' i . 4 ;.. 4.. - i.
The defenses of Oahu, now the
watchword of the army, are to be fur
ther strengthened in the near future.
This time, however, no "brain trust"
board will -deliberate on ways and!
means; no "Manchus' in the national)
capitol will thumb over voluminous '
reports and formulate orders. The r
work is to be done right here on the)
island., by the boys in khaki them-'
selves,! with no more military formal-j
ity than is necessary in handling a
pick and shovel.
Semi-permanent fortifications - are
to be thrown up on the east bank of
the Kaukonahua gulch. The work is
to be commenced within, a few days
by the two battalions of. the Second
Infantry stationed at Schofield Bar-1
racks, and before long the gulch will!
bristle wfth serviceable trenches andj
rifle pits, protected by earthworks andj
sand-bag revetments. This point
would be one of the first lines, of de
fense of Schofield Barracks. )n the
event of an invader winning the 'high
ground just west of the gulch, where
(Continued on page 3.)
The dove, of peace and good will
linally found a safe resting place in
he central police station building.
The victims of misspent enthusiasm
:n the colouration of a gladsome Yule
tide were 'rong in the majority as
he curtail; irose this morning on the
"Morning : or Monsarrat Matinee."
Tiiere v as a time late Tuesday
-ver.ing' and during the early watches
of Christmas morn, when the demand
lor accomirniation at thereoeiving
station resfV.d the scramble of
toursists at uowntown hotels during
the carnival sison.
Forty person;:, of hip;h and low de
irree were ra l.t ved in by the com
bined force r,n -pi- the command oi , t)an i,oni apain. and that he expects
Sheriff Jarrett. As Christmas dawn-! to lay m , -rditinement until his case
td and the iro:ning wore along, old js cai"rd.
nan R. K. Morse dropped around toi.-He was taken hefore Dole in
the police station. He shoot hands ! f hamlers. however, and new bail was
with a saddened bunch of penitents, 'fixed, ui I .".no ,n the s:nuj;g!in;
Those who had been snatched from I t hai se and ?."."i n t !, ad illery
the crowd el Jy revelers because of ha'ree.
too plentiful in.'uisence in the nut. ' where Smith has been hiding is al
brown fluid of sood cheer wete re-, legni- tci be a mystery, '.reckons pro
leased upon vowing a solemn promise j fesses dep ignorance f Mvif detail
that the expeiicnce would not be re-0f the story. Smith, when asked by a
peated that is until another Christ- Star-Bulletin representative this mom
mas. - i mi replied:
Christmas Day. however, turned! -i cant talk about it. See iJreck-
out to be one lrmtful of considerable
activity for police of ficers, despite the
'general season ot rejoicing of t ho
night before. A score of offenders
against the public laws and decency
were corralled during the several
Judge Monsarrat and the prosecut
ing officers were regaled with a co!
(Continued on Page 8)
' '0mS J N " - i
.. '
! " J
4 ,
HENRY W. T A FT,' brother of President Taft, and One of -'the most Import--ant
figures in financial and industrial interests of . the southern repnb
lie. lie. iiboie all ethers, is the niitn President 3I:tdero is most concern
ed about.
Norman B.
Xorman R Smith Is back a?ai:i.
Debonairly as of ore and not a bit
changed in apueaiatice from thf day
before election when lie seemingly
vanished from ;he face of the earth,
the elleged opium smuggler, escorted
Ly Lily Smith, nee Hookano. strolle!
into the office of the V. S. marshal
early this 'morning and gave himself
up, announcing he was ready to stami
trial on the charges of smuggling and
! of violating
he Edmund Act.
To l'. S.- District Attorney Htvck
ons, with whom he held a long con
versation. Smith declared his "villing
ness to enter a plea of guilty to the
rpium smuggling charge, lie said he
was ready to so hack to jail, tha' h"
had no intention ot trying to raise a
jons; he knows more about me thau
j i myself do. "
The district artcrney took an ex-
; tended journey to Kauai last weeK,
: remaining thre several days. The na
ture of his business, he sai'", was of-
i ficial, but could not he disclosed at.
this time. It .wa noticed too. that
i Lily-Hookano-Sniith. detained by th
federal authorities since Smi'h's dis
appearance, was released i!ie day be
i .
fore Christmas. Breckons this morn
ing asserts Smith returned to Hono
lulu Christmas morning.
"We knew he was in town," says
he distirct attorney, "but we didn't
want to interfere w ith his Christmas
home-coming and celebration, and
made no attempt to arrest him."
So Smith remained with his family
yesterday and was led up to head
quarters this morning by his wife. Far
from being downcast by the thought
oi her spouse's renewed incarceration
Mrs. Smith appeared to be about the)
happiest woman in Honolulu.
The return of the much-wanted,
prodigal was as much a surprise to j
his own counsel and hond3men as to j
the public generally. They did not)
know he was in tow n until lie had held
his conference with the district attor
ney, had appeared hefore Judge Dolej
and been sent hack to jail. For this;
reason it is surmised he will be unable!
to obtain thn tame bondsmen again1.
up Once More
:ind probably will bp compelled to re- j cases of the labor leaders accused of
main in jail until liis rase is called in j having transported dynamite across
court. - Whether th- former bonds ot ; the continent, and of having partici
$:.'.' will be declared forfeited is not pated in various ways in the dynamite
announced yet. (outrages that for the last five years
It is now thought unlikely that j have shocked the nation, went to the
Smith has ever been out of the terri-jury this morning. It is expected that
tory. There was no boat in from the i that body will have difficulty in de
Coast: yesterday. j ciding the cases, as there are many
' I S defendants and the cases are extreme-
The (iitibr .-.tromev of New York ;y complicated. The Government at-
rity is in 'stii:at:iiu a
charge just
made that the police are levying
blackmail upon the ::.-. women ot
no underworld in that city.
The State Controller of California
warned the legislature that approprta
tions must be kept well within bounds
j there would be a deficit iii the
states finances by another year.
18115000 fK.
(SpcJaI Star-Ilulk-Un 'Ci'ht J
PRINCETON, N. Dee. 2S. Pres
identelect' Woodrow Wilson is ill in
bed at hi? home here. He has been
suffering from a severe attack of Ja
grippe for several days and yesterday
gave up the fight and took to his bed.
He is reported as improving and ex
pects to be out tomofow or next day.
: '.-tAwitd T- Cable
' SYDNEY, Australia, Dec? 26. Sam
Langford , beat ; down the defense pot
up J by Sam McVea here; to,day .ani
-wmmm. iclui ncy fir cao; vt imiivi m ; inv
long-heralded . bout, between .this pair
oSi heavy negro pugs.; An enormot.s
crowd ; turned out to : witness the
scrap. ; - -' . ;
. Langford won by the knockout
route. r it was drawing toward the
close of the thirteenth round of mill
ing when the final , blow was struck.
McVea 'reeled toward the ropes, fell
at full length and: was, counted out.
Langford walked, quietly to his corner
and wa ted for the referee to raise his
hand in token of victory. . ,s ; ;w
It was Langford'a, jight from the
start.. . in the fourth round. he floored
his long-time rival with a vicious up
per cut to the Chin that seemed to
take all the ginger out of McVea, who
weakened perceptibly thereafter, -;
r Associated Ptrss Cable
DETROIT, Mich., Dec. 21 Attor
ney General Wickersham this morning
filed a petition in equity nere, charg
ing the Kellogg Toasted Corn Flakes
Company, manufacturers of the well
known breakfast food, with restraint
of trade, in that it hat been "fixing
prices" in violation of the anti-trust
laws of the United States. The case
will probably be carried to the United
States Supreme Court, as the company
lawyers say that they are prepared to
fight to the limit. jThey nave not as
yet tiled a reply.
f Afsoolatei Press Cable
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. Dec. 26. The
torneys are confident of victory.
Mrs. Sarah Ann Rosz has just died
at Philadelphia. She was the mother
o$ Charlie Ross, who was kidnaped tfS;ng one of "the best prisoner, at the
years ago, and of w hom no trace has i
ever been found despite the effort of
detectives throughout America and
Kurope. '
Reported Willing Tc
Accept! Smaller
Salary As Gover
nor General C .
Canal Zone In Or
der To CompleL
Great Work K .
Has Undertaken
May; Return T::
Capital When Pre
f sident Starts Fc:
Home ..
(Special Ur-RrtnrttnfCahlPl
PANAMA, Isihmus of Pcrr.
ma. Doc. 26. Colonel Gc:t:,
als is reported as willing to r
cept the post of governcr r
eral gf the Canal zono, c!th:
to do so will msan tho lr
more than five" thou ::.:,:! ,
lairs a year to him. it is
stood that the president r
the colonef hava in c
sulfation regarding t.uJ: rr,z:
and that after tlu c:rct:
stances had b2ervexp!a:r; .'
him, the army offfccrJi':;.'...
that he preferred to remain r
finish the work on tho big c,l
he has carried forward so f:;.
It is reported that in order 1
accept Col. Goethafs has b::
compelled ; to -decline 'off:,
from' various sources of frc ,
twenty-five to. fifty thou::. ,
dollars a year.. He may rcU.,,.
to Washington with the pre: -dent
when the - latter finish :
his work of inspection here zr.J.
starts home again. '
LONDON, Dec. 26. With the seniors
of the peace conference still adjourn
ed pending the end of the holidays, it
became known here today' that the
Sublime Porte' is holding " out tena
ciously against the terms proposed by
the Allies just prior to the adjourn
ment. The demand of the Allies for
the relinquishment of the city of
Adrianople la believed to be the chief
trouble in the settlement betwen the
warring powrs. The Turkish pfenlpo-.
t-ntiaries are holding out against that
and it is said here that they have re
ceived secret instructions from Con-.
stantinopfe' on no "account .to accede ,
to this feature of the terms. -On the
other hand, .the Porte is said to hav
cabled secret instructions to his en
voys here, giving them a set of terms,
to wjiich he is willing to yield. These
terms, it is reported, da not contain
provisions for the evacuation of Adrl-.
anople, nor do they mention. the' mat
ter of indemnity. ;'
Still another matter that is causing
the Balkan pot to keep pubbling un
easily is the fact that, although Aus
tria approved of Servia's concessions,
she has so far failed to discontinue the
mobilization of her. forces on the Ser
vian frontier, and the massing of
troops near Belgrade continues. - -
Roosevelt's ssAiLANT
Spoefal SUr-Rnlletiii' Cable
OSHKOSH, Wis.,' Dc. 26.--Jchn F
Schrank, .an inmate it the local asy
lum, held on a charge of assaulting
former President Roosevelt is iprov-
institution. Me is quicU stuoioua ana
industrious. His guards report that
they have had no difficulty, with him
since his arrival. v , , - - ' ? .

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