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Will be
Latest Styles In
Our stock of Hats arrived by the
Wilhelmina Tuesday, too late for the
Christmas trade, so we will offer
them at reduced prices rather than
keep them in stock.
We call particular attention to our
line of silk fur hats, which is the lat
est out.
Our line of Panama and soft hats
is complete in every respect.
Canton Dry
Sjoi.il SLir-ttulW-tin Currrsporulencc
WASHINGTON. Dec. 12. -If the
newspaper publicity feature of the last
post office appropriation act is hfld
i constitutional by the United States
Supreme Court it will be applicable
to Hawaii.
Two paragraphs in the post office
'money bill as passed by Congress, and
as it becomes a law. provided that' all
newspapers must publish ttie names
fof owners and stockholders. Also that
)all advertisements printed as reading
i matter must be marked ac'vertise
jments. Other objectionable stipula
tions were contained in the act.
I It was at once held that news-
al papers would- be compelled to make
jail their private affairs public. A
j jrreat hardship- would result to the
f smaller country papers. Two test
j suits were brought and hurried to the
j supreme court. Hills were introduced
; in congress to repeal the obnoxious
I AVhen counsels were arguing the
f t.i;ils in the Supreme Court, Chief
! Justice White nronoundrrt a nnmlipr
i if nnnHnn nn,i finoiiv vnncrcj ! pices of the Carnival committee
iff nvirtinn rhat ir th law Mnniip,! t i will be held under the. rules of the
. re appncaDie 10 Hawaii, me
Hotel St., Opposite Empire Theatre.
(Contlnard from Vn$i I)
t play of.hoodlumism upon the part of
a delegation of youngsters. Several
lads caught In. attempting to -throw
::.-nfv?tti cathered from the sidewallta
lection of interesting "Tales from' thi: were hustled to the station and kept
tx-TanW that proved amusing a there unfil the celebration had passed
well. aa varied. , into history.
Maybe it was the mellowing iDriu-j i Motorcycle and bicycle officers were
fuco' of Ihe holiday season that ihadj on duty at the station, subject, to In
to dowlth the slight reduction In tin stant ; call. The motor patrol soon
amount usually ' assessed those eou-'imade quick work Jn'j the removal of
vlcted of Intemperance. At any rats an objectionable -person. 1
jlhose brought face to face with jua-i The streets were remarkably free
tice-were let off with a two-dd'ar' trom drunkeness and disorder, when
jassessment. r 1 thc magnitude of the throng ls consid-
- In some instances," ue more Tor-! erea. ?. . ,
tutie-ravored deposited hail, upon be- No serious accidents wexe reported
lug arrested, which sums were in to the police. Vehicle traffic wa3
molt cases declared : forfeited " this regulated to an extent that collisions
morning. ( wcro casiiy averted. The attempt to
The handling of the crowd ' on use fireworks, sneezing powder, pep-.
Chfistmas eve by a limited force left: per. -floiir and other eubstances was
.Utile to ho desired. Sheriff Tarrcttj promptly diGcouraged.
had his -men RtaHnntMl at ' all points ; - '.. -
about the downtown district; where Ground is to be broken on New
congestion of traffic of trouble night Year's Day for Machinery hall on the
be expected. - - 1 grounds of the Panama-Pacific, expo-
A keen watch was kept for any d is- sition at San Francisco.
(Continued from ras;& 1)
the Ucd army took up;t position am!
repulsed all attempts of the BlV.es to
dislodge it, during the maneuvers his;
October. It is figured that to hav
entrenchments ready-made would b
following the old adage concerning
preparations forwar in the pipin;;
times of peace.
The occasion for starting the dirt
flying, however, is the fact .. that the
making of field fortifications is par
of the regular training of the soldier.
Properly It comes during the periof'
of field training, but the locaj troop.';
are so busy with practice marcher,
and other exercises during the - sum
mer that it Is the plan taking weath
er conditions into -consideration, to
make the practical construction pan.
of the garrison period of the school
of the soldier.
Why not dig and delve to
pjir-ers nere accepted the statute as
binding lipon them snd published their
required statements.
The attitude of Chief Justice White
clearly indicated that if the law
held constitutional it covers the Ha
waiian Islands
After a' robbery at Maricopa.
ChI., the robbers absolutely disap
peared. An aeroplane was beard after
nightfall, and it is thought the rob
bers made . their escape from the
scene by the overland route.
.Mrs. Ka Simmons was sentenced
to jail for one hour for embezzling
$800 from the post-office at Gettys
bury. Ore., where she was the postmistress.
hen''e Ihc order that will arm the
Second with the shovel Instead of the
rifie. The extent of the fortifications
is not decided as yet, and will depend
somewhat on the amount of digging
that the "doughboys- can do during
the time regularly set aside for the
practical course. It is probable, how
ever, that a defiuite arrangement of
nits and shelters will be laid out on
paper, and the soldiers kept at it un-r'movies.'r And forthwith the; offices
some j til a permanent and serviceable line of the moving-picture companies were
A day of athletic , sports has been
added to the program for the Mid
Winter Carnival week. The date has
not yet been definitely settled upon,
tut preparations are uuder way. One
thing that adds special importance to
the proposed athletic nature ot the
Carnival week is that the local branch
of the A. A. V., will nold its annual
field day under the auspices of the
sports management of this meet. I
It was at a meet of this kind that
Duke Kahanirnoku first made the ree
crd as a swimmer, beatingUI world'
records, which brought him into prom
inence. Hawaii was then hardly on
the world's map? in an athletic sense,
and it took come time for the sportin?
world to realize what he had done,
and give due credit for It. But when
h- went abroad and repeated the per
formance, and beat all the other
world's champions, full recognition
vas given, and now the Honolulu
branch of the American Amateur Ath
letic Union is known everywhere, ant
its records are consulted,'
This gives great Importance to the
coming meet to be held under the aus-
A. V.. and the records will be authen
tic Various local athletic clubs are
planning entries, and there some
reason to hope that Hawaii irny sret
others besides Duke in the champion
ship list. ,
Figuring on athietic results at the
various American universities wh'ch
have been attained by youths from Hv
wail In tb.6 past ten or twenty years.
It is ttated tnat Hawaii leaus an me
rest of the country In this number of
'Varsity teams men, captains of teams
and makers of records. In proportion
to her population. Hence the enthusi
asts are hoping, for big tnins in the
coming meet during Carnival jweek.
Lorrin Andrews, who was largely fn
sti omental In establishing the A. A. t.
In Hawaii, has accepted the chairman
ship of the committed on athletics.
You must wear clothing during 1913 as was customary dur
ing 1912. Our stock has not been depicted in the" least by
the heavy trade of the last few. weeks. Our goods keep com
ing right along.
Many a young man gets a benefit from good clothes that's
much greater than the cott of them. We're working along that I
idea every day in the year and have produced In Honolulu for
young men 'the styles arid models that will give them the.
greatest measure of smart fashion, with the highest degrea of
quality-value, and without going to such style extremes ss to
undo the good that such clothes can do.
f - Youthful models, youthful colors and patterns, yrjthful
j weaves; designed and cut by special young men's experts;
f sizes for the big, brawny football athlete, or for the sma'l and
,: lively rooter." ; ;-.
As a result of putting so many road
companies out of the running, hun
dreds of actors and actresses louna
themselves out of jobs. What put us
on the blink? they asked themselves.
The "movies was the ; answer- ah
rieht. let's get a job with the
purpose.?".! said
higher-ups;" dnc? ' has been established.
i inYade4 by . the, players of, the, regular
stage. ; And they were' hired on the
spot, too. The consequence is today
that, unless you have1 had' regular
stage experience, it Us useless to ap
ply to the moving-picture companies
for a job. The players have found,
too .that they are far. better off than
when they employed on the legitimate
stage. On the regular boards,' their
season lasted only forty weeks, some
times only thirty weeks, and oftlmes
only thirty days, or even only three
days.' On the silent stage they are not
only paid mote money, than they re
ceived on Broadwayi but their seacon
Iruts, three hundred and sixty-five dn
In the year.. The Job with the "run . -br"
Is permanent,-whether you wcr
every day or not "Entertaining Six
teen MIHIom Dally,: Gilfon Willcti,
In National Magazine" lor October. v
A bill is to be Introduced into t
Washington legislature authorixln
free state matrimonial burcan with
viewto bringing desirably fv.lcrs t
the-state. - .-, ' ;
Joha Balrd. acting chief of noli
at Riverside, Cal., was shot and kill
by V drunken subordinate.
1 r'.'" "I DL. " ,f , t., , j;- . 1 1 . . . . . , : : 7
Introducing 1 The Best Program Ever
l'nt: ' y..-- Presented At This -
- i; f-M' 1 .- 'r.' v -!it" - Theater
Supported- by the World's Fair Stock Company. Offering for the first tirpe by any Stocks Company
A Wonderful SeriejV of
Interesting ,.
Extra- Added Feature
A Wonderful Drama
Superbly Staged
Artistically Presented
Reserved Seats on Sale at Bijou Theatre
Phone 3937 i
Cufrtaiif af: 8 6 clock
over at 10:
: :' ' -;J. ' jt"m". $ ':
i ? 1
7 Melody Singers -7
Prices 10 c and 15c
-1 - '
i - :
Complete Change of
Program Tonight
Vaudeville and
Moving Pictures
Coming: .
Jourdane Quartette
t '

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