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Any Time
O f the Year
Is a Good Time
but the New .Year is the best
time to starTa savings account.
Plan now tocpen.ohe the first
of the year anl to, cepoSit rei
lilariy sst.o part f your earn
" Ings.
An account can be .opened for
one foliar and interest is paid -.on
all taianccs.
Bank of Hawaii. Ltd.
Cap:t;l-S urplcs.t 1,200,030 .
, Re!ps
"If you have : purchased
milk or cream Trom us
during the past year and
f found jtt quality good -if ;
you 1 have been pleased
. withv ourv. -service, we
would "be pleased to have
you say so to your :
:The "Good Word of a
satisfied customer means
much and will be greatiy
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C 'lr : ;.
;Phcq 1542
Kantleakw water bags are
guaranteed' for one year. They
are absolutely the finest rubber
goods made. We have a com-
"pIeteMlne.V;v:V:"' ""r:
Fort StfrtCi "1
This kind of weather locates
weaknesses in roofs. Whether
it's repairs or a new roof you
want, remember we can supply
Lewers & Cooke
! ' Limited
177. S. King St.
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etnle 1)6 tar Star. Kttlletlm.
r v .!MAii:mfliiyA
M...-mw..., ..v....,-. . ' llllll I 111 11(11 II III II I
f TnI ,- r, s I I niro iiiinrirRTf i!
i f W I n V-i r-7 K-' -i A 4 IlliX Ifllllbllll V
M nAl .i V. L: aA i IIILil ill Hill. lLI
v for I n fants and
try I
E)ori't Poison Baby.
- r. - . SJBS - tJjT
SZU I I W fM Social Star-Bullftln Correspondence
! v WA ILL' KIT. Dec. 25. James V
died' suddenly at his Makav. ao home
Sunday mcrning. His death was a
great shock to his whole family, who
had planned a reunion and Christmas
dinner at the homestead today. He
..... . ; .4 .w.A fnwSr. ..I.. :t . : '
-w. . h.MyM mv miuwvc luuuier uwni'ner cniio noat UTI Saturday afternoon when Dr. McCon
k parefoilc or laudanum to make it sleep. These drugs will produce sleep, key was called Letween three and
fnd a few drops too many will produce the sleep from which there Is tour o'clock. The rheumaUc pains in
no wakfnff. llany are the children who have been lulled or whose health has AIr- Fleming's left side and shoulder
been i ruined for life by 'paregoric, laudanum and morphine, each of which is a were tDen serijus- At eint lu the
narcotic product of opium. Druggists are prohibited from selling either of the StTucYto he :rtrlluma:Iain
nareolics named, to children at 'all, or to anybody, without labeling them ! . The 'minLsters of The" different
"poison." The definition of "narcotic " is: "A medicine tchich relieves pain ' churches heard early Sunday uiora
end produce $leep, but which in I poisonous doses produces stuvor. comeu convul- ing, and were able Jo give the .news
sionsand death" The taste and Rmell nt mndioint nf ir, : out to the consregatioas, so that a
you or your pnysxian know or what it is composed. Castoiia does not con
tain narcotics.
euised, and sold under the names of "Drops." "Cordials" "Soothing amine omparativtiy large number of p;
v -xj. J;.- . . i were present. -aitdough many
cms. iuuuiuuovpenniianynieuianewoegiYen w TOUf Children Without hav m Y:l thev roi,
jZ .yyrfzz- suarantecs genuine ;
ncnaiure or v Castorla
Physicians Recommend Castorla.
I hr f ivqwntly preacribed Caatoria for com-
Baoo sllmttiti of children with good reults."
W. A. Cbassau, M. D.,
- Buffalo, N. T.
Aj the father of thirteen cbi:dren I certainly
know aomcthltf aboat Jonr frctt medicine and,
aalua from my own family experience, I have, ia
toy yean of practice, found Cm tori a popular and
ancient remecy la almotterer home.
- , Wa. J. 2XcC&AJ(x, If.
-, ' '.. Omaha, Keb.
I find your Caetorla la very beneficial to tbo
treauaent of chlldren'a aUmenta. -.
P. DATia, M. -
Chicago, Ula."
MI object to vhat are called patent medicines,
where maker alone knows what it off 1 put in them,
but I know the formula ct j our Caetdria and advlao
iUnae in proper cam e. 1 judge it to be a Tery uae
fui, as well as harmless family medicine."
X B. Ciztu, 11.
Brooklyn, H.T.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castorla.
; I n ' Use For Oye r 3 O Y e a r s
' ..v,....., ........... .... '.
A... '.'M.V., .'iWiW--."
.ajaPsBy(-ViJ-.fc!- '.,.;";..--'.. lSW '-'
i I...
the news on the Lahaina side of
Maui. The roads were in terrible con
dition, and several parties who had
started for the cemetery had to turn
back, unable to reach Makawao.
Rev. A. Caric Bowdish read a short
funeral service. Calla lilies, white
daisies and rose3 were among the
irany flowers that were piled over the
John Fleming of Honolulu was un
able to be present, but the other mem
bers of the family hurried to the old
home in Makawao as soon as the sad
news reached them.
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"It was the-greatest Christmas suc
cess I have ever known." said Lieut.
CoL. Blanche B. Cox, of the Salvation
Avmy, jthis morning. ' "The people of
Honolulu have been most ; generous
l this year, and I feel that we havo ac
complished more work than ever be-
; fere." Sparing no pains in the pro
; vision for the poor people of the city,
those connected K with -the - Salvation
i Army are of (the opinion that the work
' which has been done this Christmas
Is far greater than that which, has
been done at any other Christmas in
he history of the Army in the Islands.
, ' At the Salvation Army headquar
ters on' Nuuann street, yesterday after
noon, two hundred and fifty people of
the poorer class were given dinner,
and lat Saturday one hundred and
seventy-five baskets, containing suffi
cient food for a meal for five people,
t?ere distributed to those who were
mostly need of them. For several
days previous to Christmas, the work
ers of the Army had been making the
rounds of the city, visiting the camps
ard tenements, and gathering data on
ail the needy families who were deem-
If you require double
vision lenses, you will en
joy Kryptok Lenses.
With them you are cer
tain of having becoming
glasses, perfect for near
and far view, and entirely
free from any odd appear
ance or suggestion of ad
vancing years. J
. They can be ; put into
any style frame or mount
ing or into your old Ones, j ed worthy of help, and in this way the
baskets round tneir way to we iamn
Ics who most needed them, and who
would appreciate them.
The kiddles will be given the time
of their lives this evening at seven
o'clock, when a mammoth Christmas
tree, loaded with presents will be held
under the auspices of the Salvation
j Army. Already six hundred tickets
have been distributed and every effort
will be made to give the youngsters a
good time.; The tree has teen set uo
on the stage; and Santa Claus will
make his entrance through a chimney,
and will distribute the gifts. The Ha
waiian Band will be in attendance, and
trere will be several recitations by
Miss MacDougal.
Colonel Cox expressed the desire
tMs morning that the general public
: m ...
W;D. Fairweaider
manufacturing Optician.
Harrison Block. Fort Street.
"Tjeiijrou purchase an antiseptic
Xor .jour, own use, .make sure that it
contains.no poisons. The safest way
is. to, do as thousands of other women
dosimply specify Tyree's Antiseptic
Powder. ,
Physicians everywhere advise Ty
ree's, because it is not only harmless.
but It Is positive in its results. . Its
uses cover a wide range and it can be
ands for several weeks
used, either dry or .diluted in water, f products are known the world over
Unrivaled as a preventive of disease
and unexcelled as a douche. A 25-cent
package makes two gallons standard
solution. Sold by all druggists. Send
for booklet and free sample.
J. S. Tjree, Chemist, Washington, D. C.
P. O. Box
Telephone 2035
Suggestions given for simplifying
cr systematizing office work. All
business confidential.
Conducts all classes of Audits and
Investigations, and furnishes Reports
on all kinds of financial work.
Henry J. Heinz, the millionaire
packer and originator of the "57 va
rieties", will arrive in Honolulu about
March 7. and will remain in the isl-
The Ileare
and the factories, which are located
at Pittsburg, are models of their, kind.
Mr: Heinz will take an active interest
in Y. M. C. A. and other affairs dur
ing his stay here.
An Old and Well Tried Remedy
lu ham, bkJ by B2oa of motben for their daldrea
rhile treihiac, waLr perfeet ncca." Il wheat the sunn,
iUrt pam, cum wind cote, and it tKe bat remedy tat
iWrfar. Soid by Draesnto. ' He rite and ask or
Mrs. Wins!ows Soothing Syrup
tse.1 for more tbaa three generations.
"Winter Millinery at Greatly reduced
1112 Fort -St.
Berger, attracted large crowds, and
gave a hint of what is. coming on the
last evening in the old year. The
lights furnished by the Young building
proved most beautiful.
Christina Quiet.
Christmas Day itself was quiet.
Only in the churches and at the scene
of the now famous Malihini Christmas
Tree was there any apparent activity.
The" services in church, mission and
settlement were well attended, as Is
usual in Honolulu.
..But Christmas spirit Is not yet
through with Honolulu for this year.
The Salvation army is planning its
big Christmas Tree for poor children
for tonight at 7 o'clock, and it is ex
pected that several hundreds of the
youngsters will' be on hand to receive
gifts. ; Six hundred tickets have been
distributed by the army, which means
that hundreds more will come. The
band will play and Miss McDougal, the
elocutionist, will give some of her rec
itations. V ' w
In army circles Santa was busy At
all of the -posts tbe day set aside for
him was observed 'in one way or an
other. At Schofield the Spanish War
veterans gave a Christmas tree to the
youngsters : of; the post
Territory Remembers Its Wards,
Chri&tmas by no means passed un
observed by the wards of the territory.
Great loads of presents, of all sorts
and descriptions were sent to tha peo
ple of the Molokal settlement under
the supervision of Superintendent Jack
McVeigh, who also saw to it that the
little boys and girls of the Kalihi and
Kapiolani Home3 had their Christmas
trees and that the inmates of the Ka
lihi hospital were cheered by the dis
tribution of substantial gifts.
In this he was ably assisted by
Bishop Restarick,' who-in reality, act
ing for the host of generously inclined
I people of the city, was the Santa Claus
oi the three local institutions, so wen
did these two, co-operating heartily,
give accounting of their stewardship,
that no inmate of the homes or the
hospital went unprovided for.
Under' the big algaroba tree in the
yard of the Kalihi hospital, from -a
long table piled high with mysterious
packages of all sizes, the Bishop, Su
perintendent McVeigh and their aides
distributed gifts to the men,, women
and children assembled there yester-
day, afternoon. The program was a
simple one, easily and gladly per
formed, and though there were sprin
kles of rain at frequent intervals the
air was mild and the spifit of the oc
casion was in no way dampened. The
distribution occupied more than two
hours. In beginning, the Bishop
spoke briefly to. the parents, gathered
in groups nearby, extending, the usual
holiday felicities. At the close the pa
tients in a body voiced their thanks,
the male contingent giving three lus
ty cheers "for the Bishop." During
the distribution the men's glee club
played Hawaiian melodies.
Oat in the Open.
. Save for the fact that it was held in
the open air, there was nothing to in
dicate this was different from any oth
er Christmas celebration held in
church or home. Contributions had
been so generous there Was little need
to give cost of gifts any serious con
sideration, and the presents were the
best Honolulu's stores could supply.
There were plenty of candies for the
little folk, toys for the older children,!
dolls, baseball bats, balls, mitts,
gloves and a mask for the . young j
men; a guitar lor one giri; an uku
lele for another, and a half-dollar coin
for each and every one, in addition to
an individual package, the contents of
which none but the donor and the re
cipient knows. There was a big mu
sic box, r,f the latest and best make,
to be set in some public place where
all the patients may enjoy it, and a
ereat number of good records. And
.Superintendent McVeigh announced
that a moving picture show-house is,
to be installed there shortly, where j
films from the dov. ntown exenange;
m n v ho riisnlavprJ nie-htlv for fii in-f
mates' entertainment.
Threatened Tummy Aches.
.No heme celebration could have
been happier oh Christmas Eve than
thosp which weie held .it the Bovs'
. J.and Girls' home Tuesday night. Of
Pantheon Bldg. course there were more little folk, but
The educational clasres at the Y. W.
C. A. will be resumed on January sev
er.th, and many new students have al
ready been enrolled. The classes will
rrcet at the usual time, and special
arrangements will be made for those
who are Just entering in order -hat
they may catca up in the different
classes in. a thort time. .
j ' 7'-.." '
The Committee; on Ways and Means
of the House of Representatives Eave
set January 15 as the day of hearing
on the sugar schedule of the tariff.
The Committee require as follows:
"Persons desiring jto be heard
srould apply to the clerk of the Com
mittee previous to the date set for
hearing, to be . assigned time on the
piogram for that day. In making such
application the following Information
should be given:
"Name, permanent address, tempor
ary address In Washington, person,
firm or corporation represented, para
graphs of the act concerning which
testimony will be given; brief men
tion of attitude to revision of the tar
iff and the amount of the time desired.
"In addition to this, the person In
tending to give testimony should for
ward in advance to the clerk a copy
of his brief and of any documents he
desires to file with the Committee."
That simple remedies are best has
again been proven. The . Hollister
Drug Co. reports that many Honolulu
people are receiving QUICK benefit
from simple buckthorn bark, glycer
ine, etc., as mixed in Ad!er-i-ka, the
German appendicitis remedy. A
SINGLE DOSE helps sour stomach,
gas on the stomach and constipation
INSTANTLY . because this simple
mixture antisepticizes the digestive
organs and draws off the impurities,
There will be a meeting of the
drafting committee for city charter re
vision at the governor's office at 4
o'clock tomorrow . afternoon. Vice
President Wilder of the general com
mittee hopes there will be a full attendance.
The service rendered its patrons b'
the Honolulu Constructing and pray
ing Co.. Robinson building, Queen
street is the best.
are Easily Exterminated
by Using the Genuine
Steams' Electric
RatEloach Paste
It is a sire exterminator of rats,
mice, cockroaches and all vermin.
Get the genuine.
Money Back if it Fails.
25c ani $lJCXj.
Sold by Drof fists Everywhere.
Steirns'EJtctrte Pasta Co., Chicago, III.
that just added to the merriment.
There were many" little babies, and
j tey were all more or less frightened
by real Santa Clauses, and all bad to
receive just so much fondling from
to sleep, as a result. The trees were
larger than any in the ordinary pri-
! vate home, and there were more can
dles, and greater loads of toys and
candies. There were wagons and cail
Idren's automobiles, und dolls, and the
! big boys received fearsome mask3 that LJ
they 'persistejd in wearing and fright- T7I
j eoing me smauer youngsters r.air to
i death it was a huge success.
And the Christmas dinners were se
! satisfactory that distended "opus"
j were the common thing among the
j children so much so that the uurses
were threatened, with further fatigu
ing work iast eight in administering
j treatment for "tuiciuy-achts."
I Boy Scouts at Tree,
j One of the factors in the success of
j the Alanhini uhr:sinas tree, which
J was held yesteruay, was the presence.
i of a large number o; the boy scouts
I from the different patrols throughout
! the city, under the command of their
! scoutmasters. As soon as the crowd
began tj. arrive, the scouts were oa
Land, policing the grounds and'pro-
eating disturbances among the
youngbt.rs wlio thronged the grounds.
Wnen those in charge of the giving
out of the presents were ready to Le
gin, the scouts were on the ob and
lined the, children up and kept them
moving uhtil the last doll and toy had
been .disposed of, and the last sack of
candy given away. Due largely to
the efforts of the scouts, the affair
went off without a hitch and the
crowd of children wa3 the most or
derly ever seen at a puLlic gathering
in the city.
'X mas At Y. W. C. A.
Christmas was celebrated in the
real, old fashioned way. yesterday by
the girls who live at the Young Wo
men's Christian Association Home
ttead on King street . Early in the
morning they came down stairs, and
fcund that during the night someone
Lad purloined their stockings and hung
them up, anc while they were wondar
irg who It.couid have been, Santa
Claus made his appearance, and filled
the stockings full of presents, a
jolly Christmas breakfast, the center
of attraction was a big Christmas tree
beautifully decorated and having .many
other presents hung on it. Mrs. Mc
Cully, who has charge of the Home
stead, made a Special effort to make
the affair a real Christmas celebration,
and each of the girls expressed her
self as having sad a jolly good time.
. 1
' : - 1 ? V ;: '
- . - V . . - -,- :
That enables us io fit the
shoe to Ihe foot rather
than the foot to the shoe.
M'Irierny ys Shoe Store
10 . .V
PHONE 4133
We -Have It
Consumes no more current than your electric iron. Bakes
perfectly and is large enough to do all. the roasting and bak
ing for a small family, j :
The Hawaiian Electric Co.,
For Men and W omen
l&o UK
r -si -. v ,
1020 Nuuanu Street
PHONE 3461
We know everybody and understand the
Phone 2295 Reaohca
Hustace-Eeek CoIitd,

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