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Jii lil - ll'lo.U. TKItlSITliliY ill' HAWAII. SATI UIiaV. JAN I. !!!.:. Jti i-ai;kh
Rivalry Between Ghillingworth
and Knudsen of Kauai for the
Presidency of the Senate May
End in Break-Up of Carefully
Laid Plans
Chillingworth Reported to Have
Formed Coalition of Demo
crats and RepubFcans to
Back Him for the Place Re
apportionment Bill Certain at
Coming Session of Legisla-
ture .
There is' grave danger that the II
publican majority In the upper house
f the .Territorial legislature may be
broken into and that carefully laid
plans for the coming session may be
brought to nothing. The trouble, it
is said, arises over the rivalry be
tween the followers of Senators
Knud6en. and Chilllngworm ior the
lTesldeocy of the senate. Reports of
the-pending difficulty, hare been cir
culated about the streets ana in cer
tain political circles, with the result
lhAt the leadens are alarmed by the
threat of dissension and strii'e in the
Q. O. P. ranks..
Efforts', to obtain U definite state
ment regarding the matter brings one
up against' a atone wall or secrecy:
None of . the . senators-elect or the
hold-over, Bgjptjsivjio. couid be reAch-1
'-,m trouble 4n 'the'eiis and that the
. matter might head to npleasanc con
equences unless harmony could be
Wrought to, brood, over the face of the
. turbulent, senatorial waters before
the opening-of the session.
Senator Chillingworth is accused cf
having already begun building up of
a ; following upon which ne relies to
jWce htm - In the coveted, positio .
rfcile the friends of Senator Knu :
sen are believed to be fighting harl
fur him already; ;
The attitude adopted by the adher
ents of the Kauat soloa is that the
Lfll providing for the re-ap port ionmei t
or the, representation of the different
Iv'ands will most certainly go throug
the legfclature this coming sebsici
and that Kauai will suffer the Ion ot
' one represenuiGve in the upper hous.
. This means that Knudsen will not
1 have a chance to 'succeed? himself, and,
o say his friends, it Is but fair to give
him the post of president of the Sen
ate before his retirement for a tini3
4 al least from public life.
Much. "anxiety Is felt over the atti
tude said to have been taken by Sen
ator Chillingworth. The G. O. P. leaii-
crs, scenting sedition in the, ranks of
the party are reported to have ap
lroacLed Chillingworth with request?
for information. These reports th?t
the Senator has re-affirroed his devo
tion to the party and declared that ne
is. willing to stahd by the party cai.
ens in every case
House Also Involved.
The rivalry between the Knudsen
Rhd Chillingworth forces may very
likely itfvolvc the House speakership.
, Representative H. 1 Holstein is a
candidate for the speakership again.
Hit there is a strong movement under
tfay to elect Clarence H. Cooke, of j
nnhn Prora Mmp to timA there havp
been reports that the Cooke houte
? -forces are trying to get an addition
W strength from the Kauai rcprcse:i j
Vtatives, and that the Kauai represen
' tatives are willing to support Cooke
if the Oahu senators
will support
From the way things are now frani- '
ing up, it looks as If the fight will
hrine in botn houses, the I ooke-Knud-1
v n j tnpg q nfi PonmcDll lativfic form. 1
ins nne faction and the while Chu
Hneworth and Holstein are expected
to wor ktogetner. ine spin, if mere
is any. however, will probably not
come into the open until a few daye :
before the legislature; convenes.
The Pacific Engineering Company .
lies -brought suit in circuit court ,
against James Steiner to recover $1,-1
lOf'. 'the balance alleged to be due the
firm for The construction of the
Steiner home at.Waikiki. The sum of
$.( is wanted to complete payment
of the original contract price, and (
$U,0 Is added for extras, alleged to
have been supplied by the building
Special prices on SAFES till Jan. 1st
to make room for new stock.
Merchant and Alakea. Phone 2613.
Board of Regents of College of
Hawaii Immediately Accepts.
Pres:dent Will Quit Institution
August 31 Next No Succes
sor Has as Yet Been Decided
Upon Says Judge Cooper
President Gilmore, of the '.College
of Hawaii yesterday tendered his res
ignation to the board of regents, and
It has been accepted to take effect
August 31, next This announcement
was made by Judge Cooper of the Cir
cuit Court this morning.
President Gilmore says in his let
ter of resignation that he desires to
accept a post offered him by the Uni
versity of California, and expresses
his sorrow at having to leave Ha
waii. It is likely that the Professor
will remain in Honolulu until after
his resignation has taken effect At
present he is busy with his report of
the college year and with plans for f
the institution of ' which he is the
head, all of which hate already been
ouUlned by. tfae Star-Bulletin.
Judge Cooper this morning said
that as yet no' successor has been se
as yet teen JaidjiSyt
row-ara mimg tne vacancy caused by
tne resignation of Prof. Gilmore.
4- $ '?- 4 v 4 ? 4 vj.
On 'the editorial page of the
Star-Bulletin today will be
- found announcement of the.
Chamber of Commerce Peace
(s Essay contest for 1913. open to -'v
students of Hawaii. Handsome
- prizes are offered for essays on s
"Tne Price of War." The an
' nouncement oi Page 4 contains -
full particulars.
vf ,i dj. jt . , Ki -i, ,v
Scotty" Weeps
As He Takes
Oath To U.S.
Harry Scott Gray, the local commis
sion merchant, successfully passed
the examination and was admitted to
United States citizenship this morn
ing. Gray is a " Scotchman and proud
oi it," and Attorney Bitting asked him
if. in the unfortunate event that war
should be declared between Great
Britain and the United States, he
wou,d be willing to shoulder arms and
"ul nSuiiii i iv mus. 1 1 oiii uip
of his nativity. He hung his head, a
mist came into liis ryes and there
W(ire palpable tears in his voice as
he answered after
much hesitation.
This is the ordinary (inestion and
oath of fealty demanded of every ic-
tending citizen and is a stumbling-'
block over which many bavo fallen..
une or tne first th tries asked a man.
r:l f tt rl i.ti liirft uh uanic K'i
known, as a c-ituen of the 1'nited
States is whether he will renounce
legiance to all other kings, potentates :
or tulers and particular! v the ruler of
that country from which he, personal-; Distrk t Judpe Clemons this morning.
ly. has come. Ctunt Clerk Murphy hasismlrh enu rel a plea or guilty a few
known several sifh applicants to be dava ago to " ih charees of smuggling
aroused by this in'-stion to a terrible i rninm Five - Atuiorv rharees which
hat that can'd thm to swear hor-
rible oaths that they would do nothing
of that kind. The affair is al ways .' groused.
made so solemn and impressive that1 Smith niaJ no comment in court.
they are inclined to feci they are on!rjfher r the ti'r l e n'earied or noon
the verse of going directlv into war
against their country, whereas the j
- -
truth is that there is not one chance
in l.Cny they would
upon to do it.
ever be called
An important special meeting oi
the Hawaiian Tobacco ( ouinany. w
c()tisider whether to go on with the en
erprise. po.. pr-neu un.ii yesu-rtlay a'
the office of Frank K. i i.ip.-o;i.
was further pesrponed. o. ; ;, t,..
iion-airnai oi an expeciea leuor. uj.
til Saturday next.
Democracy as &t fife Post!
i .
Il'iiiorrifir ml Hiiaixt ration in tin- rity and.roantfi btoiax itcrt Monday, ami their arv liter
liumlri f.v of ajtHrutioux hi faithful irot r.s aho air lookiwj for job. News uoti-.
Z 1 : -4 1 '
Literacy Test Weed IGIIMWCE OF
Mot iniure Hawaii fflSTITllffl
Commissioner of Immigration
Clark Points Way to Continue
, Bringing in European La
. borers .
I Hawaiian immigration wlll be only
acy teat" provision remains m the uti-llngham-Burhett
immigration bill and
the bill comes out of conference and
passes 'Congress. There are other
sources for immigrant laborers than
those affected by the literacy test,
and these soiirces will supply all tbejhave menUoned could paM the te8tt
lUiluiKrouia mat nanaii uui aiwui u
ana auequaieiy wuk ner uuiu
look after themselves entirely.
Such is the belief of Dr. Victor S. I
Clark, commissioner of immigration.
brings back with him from his globe-
circling trip, which included both the
new sources of labor to which he
f-o .nH u'.ei,utnn rh ha mt
a pretty goed line on immigration leg-
. . . ,
Commissioner Clark, while deciar-
in that there is no certaintv as to
what Congress will do with the Dil-
lingham senate bill and the Burnett
house bill, says frankly that Hawaii
is perfectly safe in figuring that the can be obtained for this territory.' Asked by Deputy Attorney Bitt'n
bill has a good likelihood of passing , There will not, of course, be the large ' if he knew the provision of the con
with the literacy test retained. Un- shiploads that we have obtained from stitution regarding contract!, the em
der these circumstances, he believes J Southern Europe." i inent merchant admitted he did not
that the Territory will do well tot Dr. Ciark says that there is no remember It offhand,
prepare for the future by making rea- 'danger of immediate stoppage of Ha-J "Do you know what it has to say
dy to get Immigrants from northern j waii's recruiting work in Spain and concerning the government's right to
and central Europe. (Portugal. Even if the immigration take private property for public eft-
He said this morning that there is, bill should pass Congress in the governmental purposes?" he was ask
no question that when the present 1 present form and the President ed.
war ciouc's blow oytr and the con- should not veto it. four months' time "By condemnation." was the reply,
lingency of a European embroilment i will be given before the bill goes into "But how does it provide for con
becomes too remote for Ararm, Ha-'effect, so that all immigrants who demnation?" He was unable to an-
waii can get all the laborers the ter j have made active preparations toi
ritory can adequately absorb fromeave their country may do so. (Continued on Pag 3)
such fount l ies as the Balkan states, - :
Austria and parts of Russia. West-; r A VT rhrf II ffl
ern Russia, he says, will furnish some UA Y lsrl I A I KrKl IK I
ot them. and. ai lie stated In an in-
Vnrn-an ! n-im wtr.a aMiviti;
- i. . .1- :: r j i . r :
j ials Lusv fcr a yood portion of the
al-!nm (!nri-:ir it l-ict tiftppn months
nnmv. wiih -wr sattnhPit hv lT S
harl hppn n-rtrrrcH neaitmt him in
,hp iai nrnths wpfp nolle
.-i,,- r a,n,.a i i
ii i ' n n i ilk. 'i .1 i i 111 i ;ua . i .
naming the punishment the court re-
marked that in view of the prison
er's plea he seemed entitled to some
leniency, but the fact that he had
already served one sentence on a
similar charge prior to the presen
time, and that in committing hislast
oftense he had dragged another mau
into the illegal traffic with him. re-,
quired greater punishment ihan-ordi ,
narily would have been inflicted. 1
(Continued on Page 3)
r i ii iiii linn ii nnnn
terview with the Star-Bulietm upon
his return from the mainianu, trans
Siberian tail way tates can be secured
at a figure which vvifi make the bring
ing of such immigrants to Hawaii a
financial possibility.
These immigrants, said Dr. Clam
this roornlns, Iterate aaafRLj
aeire, fae Wetaie ranging touch i"U 751TUVc,r U(!?V 'nW' T?
higher than , the percentage of liter
etes amongVihe Jpanis anc Portu
guese. f
"Even wilh the literacy :esi. ap
plicable to 'Hawaii, we could continue
: to secure xlmmigrants, for tho3e 1
; v, ,
w nnw nP(,nnHT,i? fnr Httl
ploughing and seeding of the ground,
I f,?L" "f Zl h?,h J l
lilfacy test from which- Hawaii is
I"01 tempted we can turn at once to
re-i"16 nw flfds- ,T,nere Wl perhaps
be a cessation of immigration for a
year. a8 the steady, settled peasant
i to fco tlmn tr nranara fnr omlTrflfinn
"Hkt" w. ....r i'T;
iW uuc n-"u":5 wuai "l" uuuc
: with immigration by this Congress or
the next, but at any rate, the con-
unions I round on my trip assure
I Hawaii that immigrants 1 nsniall lots'
A- llfl 1 sl UVlllLt
ThonjrbMVjnr Special to the Star-! gles. led off with a long drive, sending
I with Governor Frear, and former At-
torney-ceneral Alex. Lindsay. Jan. 3.
. . . , , . it . i
-We are st.H at sea However much
certain members of the would ,
;hke to deny it it must be admitted,
A l i nn..vlnma,4ntV I, n Ml-ci fill l I
IT T . . Ta I
i exact whereabouts. It is presumed
n r r, w . V- n t i ra tjrvm aiL'hara ho.
itW ee tl MlflWa H
nd Laysan islands,'
Judge Lindsay has at least ceased
'"Who put the 'mere' in "mal de mer?' "
aDd tne onI-v turbulent thins around
in the last few da-vs nas been the
Replying to your Z-ray inquiry as to
our reasons for quittm
ig Midway so
two contribut-jtime
abruptly: There were
causes. The first and minor one
was Lindsay's ambition to get home
and s,art drumming up a new law
practice. The second was a fortui-!
tons and unforeseen obstacle which
arose to prevent a thorough enjoy-
, . t
e' heard to remark that it- beat the .
( our.trv Club' links four wavs from
the jack. But the goonies have in
fested Midway and the attempt to
play the game was extremely short
lived. Governor Frear. garbed con-
jspicuously iu a pair of smoked gog -
meni or . nristmas oy inauiging in i and hlgh seas. breaking at regular in-ITaft said that he is in favor of arbitration "precisely because it ie un
S!f tervals over the deck, have kept the j certain whether or not we will win, and if the United States cannot win
The goir course on Midway is an members of the party indoors much I by arbitration, we have no right to enforce the canal toll act."
excellent one. The governor was ov-; 0f the time. The smvprnnr haa hp-; - ' ",
MM VUN HA1. i.l
Merchant Fails to Pass Exam-
Brush Up In
Because of his unfamlllarity with
the constitution of the United 'States
Conrad Carl von Hamm, vice-president
cf. the von Hamm-Young Company,
was unable to obtain his cltzienship
papers in federal court this morning.
His eligibility ir every other respect,
buch as general intelligence, knowl
edge of the English language and
character was unquestioned however,
and he was given another month in
which to per sue the constitution.
On appearing before U. S. District i
Judge Clemons von Hamm at once
mnfASften that he hflri not TtkkA the
h- h
T V . .w . w V
and explained that though he had a
practical knowledge of its meaning he
m.gni noi oe ramuiar who some oi tne
tethnica provisions
1111 J l i J
the little ball, painted red so that it
might be found in the white sand,
I about 400 yards.
Your correspondent, condescending
i . .,AA ' i.,
iu oci c o-o lauur uii me auowiviuuo
fo d tnat To
be accurote he didi but couId not rc.
vjo,ati the laW- A
large male goony, mistaking
fnrA ca-allnu'prl tho nollet Clnnnifit
cannot be killed within the statute. A
similar fate caught Lindsay's ball on
his first drive. It was the same
goony gander. He saw it coming and.
leaping into the air. caught it before
it reached the ground. In short, the
goony broke up the game. Almost
heart-broken, the governor and Lind-
say wandered back to headquarters
and bade sad farewell to the human
inhabitants of the isle, at the same (.for Washington.
informing the captain of the!
"ened aiS'tJey 'tlTo 8o1omTa
The homeward trip thus far has,
been a gloomy affair. Adverse winds
have delayed the vessel's progress,
. j . w y .
come impressed in cogitating over
legislative propositions and Lindsay. '
who now professes a consuming ad-
miration for the president-elect, de-;
votes much of his time to reading a!
volume entitled "Woodrow Wilson
on " something or other
Survivors of Collision Cling to Rigging
Until Numbed by Freezing: Wind and
Driving Sleet arid Spray-Some Rescued
by Passing Vessel-Captain's Wife and
; CAasociated ro Cablel A .'i.fy'f ; V" IK
NEWPORT NEWS, Van Jan. 4. ElghUtn dea swept -away in th
grip of an ice-bound tea, is the record of tha!!ftllision"bttwtn the Brit,
iah freighter lndrakula and the American ateamtr; Julia Uucittnbach, In
the lower reaches of Chesapeake Bay last nlflht Owing te the atormtlwV
swept these waters the -day before the buoy and lights had been displac
ed and in some instances destroyed and as a result of the blind channtl
the freighter was wide of her coursa in entering the bay.
The Luckenbach was also supposed to have been off her course in
leaving port, and had Just passed Old : Point Comfort whan the lndrakula
loomed up' out of the mist and sleet that veiled everything. In tne crash
that followed, the Luckenaacn was cut down to the watar ecge and be
gan sinking immediately. . The lndrakula v was also" to - badly dama;:l
that it waa impossible for her to give the Injured and sinking American
steamer an assistance. ;:ys--;'-M-vV . v-:-- r
- In- the darkness the Luckenbaclc sank in water that aubmarsid h:r
hulf but left her masts above water. Into the rigging the crew da mitr
ed and lashed themservce. with rope prepared to spend the remainder cf
the night ; Among them waa the capUin'a wife, who was wted' In t
tween two men, her husband and the chief, engineer, for warmth. .
At the aeaa grew higher and the steamer. sunk lower In the ooze of
the bottom off the Riprap ahoals, the members ef the crew were anat:h:i
away one at a time. : Huge blocks of Ice were' driven through the rl r " ' 2
by the winda and waves and the gray Ice ef the seas formed ovtr a I
they hung In' mid air. One or these blocks struck the II ttJs 'r:up
captain, wife and engineer and swept it away, atlll fajhti t:; :. :r. .
other cut through the foremast to which. tome. ef thacrtw wire - t 1
etlnglag snapped liotf abort, allowing the doomed men tt t;;; j
ever Into -the .raipg'lceoata4Wtera.,;-f.':- .V
It was nearly noon when the eight men still alive ,v' 'fc:i by
Danish steamer, the Pennsylvania, and after. tremendous t . i ty V
ewerekefliwmaieatarfr v.. .J
die from.the expoaure: i Y'S .'' ft "'' - -
l i f '
CONSTANTINOPLE, Jan. 4. The counc't of ministtra today -nt ex
plicit instructions to the peace plenipotentiaries In London to rtjtet tha ,
terms offered by the allies. Whether this means the csisatlon ff Jhi pt2C9
conferences remains in the handa of the' allies and the great pswtrs. It
la believed that Turkey haa had all of the time aha wants to prepare her
army for a renewal of the hostilities withf the Balkan statts and fin it
herself strong enough to encourage
now beat back the allies from the ground which they have won
LONDON, Jan. 4-The Bulgarian
"LONDON, Jan. 4v The . Bulgarian
nounced officially that unless Turkey
Puloarlan armies will aaain bealn Poundlna at her door. V It la saii that
the Alliea have also managed to put
they are now ready to push forward
stantinople and further if necessary.
Call Newspapermen
BOISE, Idaho, Jan. 4. Sheridan and Broxon, two 'editor .of f . Jocat
paper, sentenced to jail for contempt of 'court, have been swamped with
letters and telegrams of sympathy and, condolence f rem all over the coun
try since their arrest. Their, cells have been turned Into flower gardens
and have been crowded with visitors, many of whom have been among tne
most prominent men of the State. The men were found guilty . of eon
tempt in having reprinted a statement of Theodore Roosevelt attacking
a decision of the supreme court of the etate In the pre-election fight over
the matter of national electors of the Progressive party. ..' ' .
Rockefeller Still In
' NEW YORK, Jan. 4. Although hie lawyers have formally , accepted "
the summons to appear before the House committee investigating "the .
money trust, William Rockefeller's whereabouts la no better known to the
detectives sent to watch for him than It was yesterday. Tne eleuths
have abandoned the siege, however, on the understanding that the attor .
neys for the multi-millionaire witl produce him when necessary. . "
NEW YORK. Jan. 4. An eicrhty-arght mile.oate atarted -hare last
night and before it subsided early
- m J Am.mmA mimm m mIINam
cltv. No list of the Injured haa
to have been large.
AUSTIN. Tex., Jan. 4. R. M. Johnson, editor of the Houaton . Post, -
1 h kn nnn;nr4 h r.M.ranr
j ignation of Senator Joe Bailey from
will hold office oniv until (n state
, " - '
NEW YORK, N. Y.. Jan. 4. preaident Taft today came out in open ,
and emnhatie declaration in favori of
Dsnam .ii KAntiAumu in
, fflipi 1 1 Wll. IVU VWIl.lW.IVV. !
NEW YORK. N. Y.. Jan. 4. The
sador to England, was borne to its la
I historic spot up the Hudson, ana our
monies today.
her statesmen to believe that aha can
' repreleijtativea hare today
reprefeniatlvea,-. hr today ;; an.
aareea to aurrender AdrianODle the
the long dels. to good use and that
their campaign to the, gates of Con,
j . -V; PK:.Zr&,?. 'l
this morning killed three ; persone
iIaIUm Mi.ik a hmm.Iv Im tttm
been made as vet. but it far . believed '
- 4 ,v
v i.i
in fin tK wiifu riiiteit the rat. :.
t he United States' Senate. Jehnsoni: V
ieaialature can meet. .He left today" ? .
arbitrating with Great Britain the .
nn a u i mi thia announcement. President
'' - -r
. , - ' ''-'V'-'i
body of Whitelaw Reid. late ambas-.
st resting-place at Sleepy Hollow, the
iea wnn imK. im. vigninva cere-
J 1

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