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To Ik present at the release of th
long imprisoned Kofciin M twiner
Scsostris which went ashore and I p
came imbedded on de beach at ocoa,
oft .the coast of Mexico. C. r Vvvi.
representing the I'liiladelplii.i l!.k
- . water Company in the comtr.i":ton
contracts in these s&nds, is Irvine
..." Honolulu for IUVj tliis afu-Hhoon
.there, to connect with a .iat.-;. kavi
. f gatioa steamer for b'an FraiK-i.co.
-, V The salving of the fine now liner
V ia the Kosuios e er U e has Ler n a'
' tended with much meets. It is raid
...tnat all is ready for towing the ves
el Into detp v. ater. The salvage
. operations have been toiivs. on J r a
' 'number of weeks under the direction
cf the Breakwater Company. . The
... steamer's engines have been over
v hauled and are in good running con
, dtlon-and even the vessel has been
painted; in readiness Tor her next
dip' .into; the ieep sea. , Around the
stern an' excavation haa been ma.de
"; to u permit the? wheels being; turned
. over. When all is in readiness it is
-the Intention of the salvors to skid
the .vessel off through tue surf. The
Sesostria, en route from San Fran
cisco to Hamburg, drove ashore at
Ocos on March 5, 1907, and, after at-
4 tempts to float her had been made,
she waa abandoned until the present
expedition tacklel,the job.
Mr. Wood became interested In the
fate of. the vessel some time ago.
' He negotiated the purchase of the
" steamer, securing tne Sesosttris for a
very reasonable fiRure. The liner
has .been maintained in first class
. condition, the electric light plant hav
ing been 'pressed Into service 7. in
lighting the, little city; near a point
where the ; vessel was driven upon
the beach. '
J-- -. m -
Schooner Gamble Has Left Hilo.'
.The last of a full shipment oflum
e from ibe Sound-and? destined, for
Hila has . been" discharged- from
tchooner, Gamble and that, vessel, de
parted, for the north Pacific coast last
Friday evening, according- to tt irt
brought to this city this niornins by
I crser - Philips or the, Inter-Island
steamer Mauna.Kea.j - a 4 - ('-,-: -v.
The -Gamble sailed in ballast The
essel has been at Hilo -since Decern-;
' ' ler 1 1th. ; .. ;-,:,. : - . .
The Mauna Kea met .with consider
able rough weather in steaming along
jt he,. wind ward side of Hawaii and la
crossing, the. channel. , The . frelsi
Lrought t Honolulu Incladed the usual
asortment of empty a drum and keg,
9 packages sundries; crattaof vce
' tuUet. and poultry, :-Ak:a-- ., ;-x;
The remains of I-onls Tomer, who
Kinictealy ? passed away at Hilo were
Li ought to Honolulu this morning for
Interment , t . v 1 -
.". .. , ; .
Sierra Bringing Few Passengers, f
A distressingly, small list of passes
pera are destined to arrive, at Hono
lulu' . on 'i Monday morning '. In- ths
Oceanic liner Sierra. The vessel . is
reported to have sailed from San
lYanclBco with fifty cabins and 14 tec
end ' class : passengers, " , -';.
A wireless mesage' received at the
crency of C. Brewir and Company an
i.uunces the arrival of the vessel at
an' early,- hour. Monday morning,' the
Sierra going to the . Oceanic dock. A
cargo of mainland merchandise and
supplies amounting . ' to 3193 tons is
ctoard the vesseL A late mall of. 273
tacks. Is destined, to, arrive In the ves
tel.; The Sierra to.he ttfspatched
. lor'San Francisco on iatprday no6i."
Sierra. Reports - - -t 4-. ,
. The - following wireless message
has been received from the Oceanic..
S. vS. Co".- S. ; Sierra bound for
Honolulu from San JPrancIscd: S. S.
SiemCat sea,' SsA.Zi 191J8 pl nv;
50 cabin passengers, 14 steerage pas-
- eengers, 3193 tons genera"! cargo for
Honolulu, 275 sacks, of mail Tor Ho
nolulu, j,' Will '.arrived ptf , port early
Monday morning. VS
Says Saw The Hlianiao. ,
. A ..reports whi;h reached this city
xrith the arrival of. ?tr.e Jnter-Island
steamer Ma una Kca this morning vaa
o the effect that the Matsc'n Navlga
Jtion steamer Hilonisn was passed olt
Kuknihaele. bbtmct past. The Hllnnisn
waa listed, as ouao. the vessels to a
v rive at Honolulu;, frpm the Sound 03
, . next Monday morning.
Heavy.Swell Off Mahukona.
A, heavy swell prevailed otT Mahu
. Ivona, Hawaii during the visit of the
Inter-Island steamer Maun a Kea with
the result thatr.the landing of earv.o as
veil as passengers and mails was ren
dered a difficult operation. The Kain
leni was passed off Panaaloa. and the
Kauai at Koholalele.
Ismajr to Withdraw.
-LONDON, Decenfher 1. The.with
; drawal -of J. Bruce Is'aay from .tlie
management of the Whjte Star .S.ea?
r ship Company has Ion? boon regarded
- here as merely a question of an op
; portune moment. In rply to a ijuery
as to his. Intentions. Ismay sent the
.following mefraf e this evening from
cannot ; ive iiay information at
present in roftar-l to the published
statement of dt latentiou to with
. draw from the White Star Line."
Captain Thompson Quits Helene. '
Captain Thomas Thompson, for
years master of the American schoon
er .Helene, now on the way down
from. the. So iir1 4 aud due to arrive At
Honolulu aav $11: is reported, jto, have.
mw it mmkei
(JAS. H.
If ft that vessel, to take tip his resi
dence at Abtroeyn. Washington. Froai
letters received here by some of the
friends of . the genjal skipper. Captain
Thompson expected to engage in busi-
HfluMbn Has Arrhed at Hilo.
To diicbarge some heavy timber at
Hilo. the Hatson .Navigation steamer
Hiloaiaa proceeded from Seattle to
Hi'o direct. The vesntl was passed
last nigbt by the Inter-Island steamer
Mairna Kea. The Hiionian Is to visit
Honolulu. Kabului, and Kaanapali Le
fore leturuing to the coast It is now
planned to dispatch the vessel from
Hilo to San Francisco.
Csrk Allen Sails For Ths Co a it.
Three Filipino sailors were finally
eo tired by Captain Mather, to fill out
tlie crew in the bark S. C. Allen and
that vessel sailed for Puget Sound to
day. The vessel arrived here on Deceni-l-er
1 1 tli ' ith a full shipment of lum
ber, consigned to the local agency 0
Allen and Robinson. The ,S. C. Allen
i as been riding at anchor off the port
swe'e the firrt of the year, penaingthe
signing on of a ere. r
Less than two hundred and . forty
erpUcatlona for, positions under the
city and county government have been
filed,; with the leadera of local Demo
cracy. ,, ;-.
Immediately following the election
It was1 generally -believed that the
grand armyof Job chasersouW be a
large and influential one. , ;i;
Jn a series off caucuses being .e'i
almoxt tightly, a canvass of the list tf
iitfmes on file developed (he fact that
twQ; hundred.- and,thirty -followers of
Democracy Lad asked leave to partake
cl the. fruit of the plum- tre. , -
The applications lor positions range
f rem.: day. Jaborersv to ; clerleal poi
tiens vr f- . . . .
The. .newt board of-supervisors are
expected to . ha,ve-4a&. pas upon the
qMaJIficatipns jind:ligjbjllty of. a num
ber: 6f those who ieek;"3ohs .as park
keepers and school janitors, hi -
1: t t." -''
1 Honolulu. .shivered last. night ;
Folks crept ' deep and deeper Into
their beds and pulled up the covers
around' them . and not a few piled' on
dressing-gowns : and 'bathrobes.' The
chill wind whistled around the-eaves
and the ; ifer r touch of' winter got
through f the; key-hole ; and . between
the meshes in the, mosquito-netting.
, A lot r folks, after shivering last
night got up exiiecting . to find the
water frozen in the pitcher and all
the taps scaled , up. A lot rushed to
the windows to see what the frost had
done to the--flowers.
' Somehow, there wasn't any ice or
any frost.
This morning at 8 o'clock a respect
able burgher of the village Jumped off
a Hotel 'street car and ran to consult
the weather kiosk that stands at the
Bishop and Hotel corner
- i"WelL I'll be darned!".-he said,
1 Why w he- is to be darned la not cer
tain, but the exclamation was probab
ly caused by the fact that the little
line made by the indicator-tip on the
record showed that the wreatber. last
night had reached the remarkably cold
figure-of 57.5 degrees.above zero!
Yes, that's all. While people on the
mainland are frolicking and frisking
around in cero -weather, and thinking
nothing about tensor twenty degrees
bctow,' Honolulu thinks it's mighty
cold at 'fifty-seven and a half above!
.Speaking of eternal summer!
-i m m
EDUCATfdNAii Review
tt u sanasRsnaaauua
n Every subscriber on the town
S routes of the Honolulu Star-Bul-t
letln will receive with today's is
3 sue a copy of the "Hawaii Edu
tt calional. Review." which will be
t issued the first of each month
5 through cofie ration with the Kx
ti tension department of the Col
It lege, of Hawaii and the Depart
lt ment of Public Instruction,
tt The purpose of this publication
It is to place before the people at
S large as well as those directly in
tt tertsted in educational activities,
tt a succinct statement of the kmi
tt end progress of education at
tt home and abroad.
It The Star-Bulletin gives a copy
tt to each subscriber on the carrier
tt routes of the city. v
Tie resignation of Wade Warren
Thayer, now attorney general ot ihe
territory, from the oiiice of referee in
bankruptcy was accepted by V. S. Dis
trict Judg ("lemons today, the court
a-Lthe time briefly expressing its com
tuendatiou of his service
Spii-ial St:r-KnU. tin Corr.spoid-nt
HILO. Jan. 2. The largest vessel
a 1 u.i li 1,
ever built and launched in Hawaii
made her! maiden plunge into the wa
ters, of : Kuhlo Bay. on Monday morn
ing, the occasion , being the launching
of the first of the -three big .barges
which will be ttsed by the Breakwater
company on their task of building. the
Hilo breakwater, ftvexythlng went "off
without a hitch, though, for, a mora
y 1
ent , It looked very nich, as- though j- severe 1 blow and the donkey engine
the k Hilo Railroad Company would s toppled in the air, just failing to go
have a task of fishing npa.donkeyj over. The ceremony took place ""at
engine which was being, teed . -fr ;:30 a. iu. but quite a number of peo
drhing piles almost in front of where pie were on hand to take in the sights,
thetbarge was launched;. , 'The work was under the special
- The barge is an immense' affair t charge -of. T. W. Brigham, the presL
capable of carrying about 66A tons of ' dent of the (Ireeaport Basin and Con
stone at a trip, and will he fitted j Etructlon Company. Mr. Brigham
with a heavy derrick which can han- jcame to Hilo especially to look after
die a twenty-fiye ton rock with ease. I the putting together of the Break
The derrick will be run by two en- water Company's new tug which will
gines, one for hoisting and the other soon be ready to take the water. His
for swinging the boom from side .to
side, while wmches to draw the ves
sel alongside of the breakwater will
also be on board, as well as a cap
stan to pull her ahead. The vessel
is one hundred and fifteen feet over
all, with a. forty foot beam and a ten
foot minimum- and welre foot maxi
mum freeboard. Fuel oil will be used
for the engines. ,
The. most interesting period of . the
launching came 'when the big barge
nearly broke down the piles which
the Hilo. Jtailroad Company had been
driving for the new wharf. The rail-
Per stmr. Mauna Kea from Hilo via
way ports Gee; H4 Paris, Miss M. F
Stewart, 'F. R.5 Fast, Mrs. A. Miller,
MisaM. ;EL ;Kelse, Miss G. Wishner.
MJss M. Lalakea, John Silva, A. C.
Jewberger, A. Falke and' wife.8 Misses
Ingalls (2). R. I. Lillie, Mrs. 1VL Mat
su. Miss Fletcher, H. SIlem, N. Jam
mie, . A. G. Curtis, K. , J. Ely, E. S.
Sheppard,' Rev. A. V; Soar es, Miss O.
Soares, G. Molt. , H Cullenv Mrs.
Mayne, Miss K. Mclntyre, W. C.
Hitchcock, R. G. Watt, J. M. Watt
N. G. Baird. Miss N. G. Warren, F.
L. Foulkes, J. Holofio", B. Branco, A.
F, E wart," T Guild, Look Hung, S.
Austin, F. 'A. Lyman, K. Bond, J. D.
Bond, J. U.' Hind, Misses Austin (2),
J. G. DasseVT, O'Brien,' Misses Lid
gate (2), Misses' Pritchard (2) Mrs.
W. M. S. Lindsay and 3 children, Mrs.
T. W. Lindsay and 2 children, J. C.
Searle, Jr., ; Masters Searle; (2, O.
Sorenson and wife, Dr. H'C. Mont
gomery and wife, W. Paris, F. G, No
briga, Mrs. A. Koki' and daughter,
E. Melanphy and wife, T. Martinsen,
Masters Vetlesen (?). Mies N.! Foster,
Miss R Smith. Miss I. Aiken, Geo.
Gibb, Mrs. K N; Smith, Mrs. F. H.
Cousins,- Miss L, Boyd, R. C. Foster,
E. R, Tracy, J. S. B. Pratt, Jr.. H. E.
Starrett, C. Cousins, . J. . L. -Fleming,
Dr. A. L. Andrews and wife, H. Awai
and wife.
Per str. Mauna Kea. for Hilo. via
way ports, Jan. 4.-LH. Saxl, S. Pelser,
Sam Kellinol, Dr. J. H. Raymond, Mrs.
Ella Hoapili, Miss C. Chay. Mre. EL
Aawana, Miss B. Kau, Miss E. Tani
Yan, Miss Mary Alana. Miss Lucy
Richardson, Mrs. A. Cameron, Geo. H.
Mundon. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. F. Wood.
Donald B. Wood. Mrs. Kate M. Gould
lug, Mr. Gone, C. B. Ripley, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Taylor, Mks Isabel Foyer, W.
O'Brien, Mr. Foyer, W. T. Schmidt, B.
Prisher. S. S. Paxson, Miss Conde. Mrs.
Stephenson. ,
Per str. Claudine, for Maui ports.
Jan. 6. Rev J. P. Erdman. Rev. Wad
man, Rev. Hong, .Miss Asam, Miss H.
Moses. Lucy Palea.
Per itr. Kinau. for Kauai ports. Jan.
7. Miss M. de Bretteville, C. B. Gage.
Per str. IJkelike, for Maui and Mo
lokai ports. Jan 7. Miss K. Meyer.
4.- .
Per str. Kilanea. for Kona and Kau
IKrts. Jan. :'. Miss R. McWayne. R.
McWayne. Miss (I. M tiller. Miss I. K.
le, Mrs. W. C. Williams, J. X. Ko
riionnia. J. R. Paris. Franns K. Aknna.
M!ss J. K. Piatt, .lames Ako. M. A.
Kane. Mr. and Mrs. Thos N. H?iao an-1
clnld. .T. (I. Sr.ii'fi. Miss f.. Littlejohn.
.Is. C. Fegss. P. P. Wood. V. F. Woo l.
i5ss K. Aitr. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dick
son and infant. S. Tsuda. .lames Sakai.
Mrs. C.oodhne. W. Alston. Mr-. 1).
Jlalemau. Lot Kau we. H. K. Sehale
feld, Mrs. Annie Aiu. Miss M uy A i if.
Mrs. K. Kahaleniaku. Mrs. A. V. Child.
Mrs. J. (3. Lincoln. Master Kaelera;:
kiile. L. Hae. H. L. Holstc.n. E. Iii'rn
er. Miss S. Hapohano. Mis T. ("hoy.
P. E. Heilbron. Sam Kanakanui.
Per str. Claudine. for Lahaina and
Kahului ports, Jan. :'. Miss Lu-y
Richardson. Miss R. K. Crook. Mi?.;
Malyn Chung. Susan Chung. Miss A.
Mills. Miss F. Haynes, II. A. Wade.
Mrs. Ella Austin. Mrs. .1. S. Akana.
( '..' S kana- .liss s- Starkweather,
.Mii-s iwcKer, sam .naKeh.au. .Mrs.
Lewis. Mrs. V
V. Crockett. Mrs. Ed.
road company had started its work
wng alter tne Darge was pracucauy
j completed and, though warned of the
danger, had left the donkey engine
which was being used for the piles
at the extreme end of the partly fin
ished stroeiure. ..When the barge
came into the water .she. had, but
eighty feet fn which to stop before
cota-tng in ;coa tact with the piles and
t&ough heavy lines bad be put out to
check her, the piles received a rather
! firm; designed and built the motor
yacht "Heather," the winner ' of the
great race from New York to Ber
muda in 190D.
The completion of the barge men
tioned means that the actual con
struction will soon be Under way
and then very rapid; progress may lj
expected as the Breakwater? Com
pany has very finely equipped plant'
for ,the work to bedone. The en
tire iqh is under, the charge of D. K.
Metzger, but:-Chariest F. Wood, vice
president of the company, was 01.
hand to see the launching.
Blanchanl, Mrs. L. Bailey, Mirf R.
afmuels, Miss B. Kekona, .1. S. Jen
nings, J. Slavin, Isdcr Jacobs.
4 . .
Per C. A. S. S. Zeajandia for Suva.
Auekland and Sydney N. S. W. A.
E. Braund, J. H.' ijoyd. Miss Cam
eron, F. H. Champaih, Mrs. Dalrym
ple, F. Dennis and wife and Mise
Irene Dennis. Miss Day, Mr. and Mrs.
Dolson, R. L. Diggs. F. H. W. Foster,
Dr. Hoodless, C. G. Hitchcock and
wife, Hon. CouttB Marjoribanks and
wife and Miss Isabel Marjoribanks.
T. Anderson and wife, Mrs. H. Asp
den, Mr. and Mrs.-Adams, R. Adams,
H. Aspden. i Alexander, H. Aney,
R. S. Brotherton and wife, W. Bir
geek and wife, J. F. Bagot. G. J.
Barber, Mr. Black, F. Bircher. N. D.
Cochrane, H. G. Carter, W. E. Car
spa, J. A. Edwards and wife and
children, A. Earl. E. GTbbons, A. Grier.
MrsvJ. Gttpln, L. Hall, J. Hall T.
Hutton, Miss A. F. Hunt. H. Ham
ilton. A. B. Hopkins, Miss J. Hepburn,
D. Hunter, Capt. Harris, R. G. Jordan
and wife, J. Jacobs. M. Keane, J. E.
KnechC Mr. Iandsdowne, Mr. Lind
say and wife and two children, Mrs.
Lloyd. Mrs. Lloyd. Miss Maguire, G.
T. McCaw, G. R. Raymond, P. I.
Ryan. Miss Raymond, R. S. Routh,
Miss Routh. H. A. Rayner, Mr. Selous,
K. Sharp, C. A'. Smith. F. A. Telfer,
G. Tallis and wife, H. P. Watson, R.
A. Weir, G. T. Lev'inge, Mrs. Lairdet
Mr. and Mrs. Miller. A. McLedd and
wife, Mr. and Mr. Morrison, D. Mc
Leod. Miss Muirhead, F. Mason. M.
Maxini and wife, H. Maxini, Mr".
Muir and Tnfant. Miss N. Muir,
Master A. Muir. Master R. Muir, R.
McPaul, Mr. Napthali, R. Owen, A.
Pearson. W. Palmer. H. C. Page, Mrs.
A. Park. W. T. Park. N. Park. A.
Pilchcr. W. L. Ryan. Mr. Reid, Mrs.
M. " Reid and two children, R. Riley,
E. L. Shaw, Cass Staley and wife.
D. Suillvan. (i. N. Smith. Mr. Sousa.
W. Smales, Mr. Schmidt. .1. 1 urnbull.
Mr. Thompson, J. Wann. !'.ss Wenim.
T. Watson. J. Wrfaht, J. E. Whiti
and wife and infant. Master P. White.
Master B. u'hite, Master !I. Whit?.
Master Bernard White. Miss M. F.
Woodward, Miss M. M. Woodward.
W. R. Ward.
Mails are due from the following
points as follows:
San Francisco Sierra, .lan. 6.
Victoria Marania. Jan. IV.
Colonies Sonoma. .Ian. 20.
Yokohama anchuria, Jan. 7.
Mails will depart for the following
points as follows.:
Y. kohama Shinyo Mani. Ian. 1".
Vancouver Makura. Jan. 2S.
Colonies Zealandia, Jm ".
San Francisco Transport. Jan. 5.
Saturday. Jan 4,
T iup"i at n r - '! ::. ri.. S a. in.,
a. 111., 7:i: i ' neon. 7i. Mini
mum tiit-l r.iht. t2 .
Wind i a. if,.. -';(u-iy 1. X. K : v
a ni . veux-Hv ::. X. '..; ! a. nr.. vojof
itv v . ; ; iifon. vetorit t. v..
.Moeuient 2i hours. 141 niils..
Karometer at a. in.. . ljf!a-
the humidity, x :, 1.1. ;x. ij, w-p int
m.;U v a. m.. ... Absolute humidity.
a. in.. 4.0.-4. Rainfall. t.
Hard coughs are bad enough, to
be sure. But it's often the lit
tie, hacking, tickling, persistent
cough, tiat , means- the most,
especially when there is a his
tory of weak lungs in the family.
What should be done? Ask your
doctor. He knows. Ask him
about the formula on the label
ofevery bottle of Ayes Cherry
PectoraL AsTchimifthismcd-'
idne has his full approval for
throat and king troubles. Thctf
do as he says.
Ayefs CfeerrV Pcderel?
.Mechanica have swarmed ,tbe engine
room of tne. Canadian-Anajtralasian
liner Zealandia,. during the past forty
eight hours,. the .vessel has-remained
at Honolulu,' witi the fesult that the
work of repairs : to : the vessel's ma
chinery have progressed) to Buch an
extent that T. II. Derles & Co., the
local representatives for the liner,
announced today that the Zealandia
would, 1 sail for Suva, Auckland and
Sydney at twelve o'clock tonight.'
The starboard , engine has required
the united efforts of a force of skilled
mechanics ia. effeet repairs to a
cracked! cylinder: head. The vessel
steameu for the last two days on the
voyage down from Vancouver using
her low pressure cylinders only.
While the steamer has remained
at the wharf, a considerable quantity
of coal .was.., placed aboard. The
through passengers in the Zealandia
to. the number of .two. hundred. and
fifty, have spent the time very pleas:
anjtly in viewing, Honolnlu's many
places of . interest.. The Zealandia
will depart .for .the cploni4s;aklng,-a
this port, ;
Special Catle, to itfereluati'
, -,, Exelutnse :
"Saturday, Jan. 4.
HILO Sailed, Jan. 4, schr. Gamble,
for Port Gamble.
MONTEREY Sailed, Jan. 3, S. S.
W. F. Herrin, for Honolulu,
S. S. MANCHURIA Arrives from
Yokohama about Tuesday noon.
S. S. SIERRA Arrives from San
Francisco early Monday morning
with 50 cabin and 14 steerage pas
sengers, 3193 tons cargo and 275
sacks mail.
S. S. ZEALANDIA' will probably sail
for Sydney at midnight.
$140,000 FOUND
Bonds Stolen Last July Are
Found by Kansas City.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dec. 13.
Bonds having a face value of $140,000,
together with checks and a small
amount of coupons that disappeared
here July 0 last when two registered
mail sacks were stolen while en route,
from the postoffice to the railway
station here, were found today on the!
city dump, by three laborers.
The bonds were Waco (Texas)
paper, which at the time they disap- j
peared from a mail trolley car en
route to tne railway station, were be
ing shipped by the Commerce Trust
Company of this city to the Guarantee
Trust Company of New York City.
Thev were in&ured bv an Knglish con
cern for the' full amount. $140,000.1
which was paid two weeks after the I
disappearance. Police and Federal of-,
ficers could find no clew as to what!
had become of the paper, and the in- j
surance company offered $1000 re-j
ward for its return. j
Three workmen who live in shacks j
on the city dump will divide the thou- f
sand dollars between them. While'
digging up saad last night to throw ,
upon a weed fire that threatened their I
homes, they came upon the first of
the sacks. They carried it to the Fed- j
eral authorities. Officials set about
dinging for the other sack today, and
uncovered it within a few yards of.
wlier the first was iound. The'
bonds were in good condition. 1
Jewelry valued at $(ih and several
dollars in currency, and a number of j
small checks payable to bearer, were
misFing from the first sack dug up. '
It was routed for Omaha, Neb., and'
Onden. Utah. I
On the strength of his proof that he J
I.. -ni been deserted for twentv veam.
Haloa Mika this morning was granted
divorce bv .Indee Whirnpv from Mi-
ka Kalehuauehi.
la which U cwmblnei tke HAWAIIAN BTAR, esubUshtd 1S3J. a4 Ut
EVENING BULLETIN, cstablisred 1S& Issued Dally and Seal-Weekl? j
Pubfishcrs, Commercial Printers, Bookbinders,
WALLACE R. FARUINGTON.. . General Business Manager
UNTIL JAN. 1. IJ13 (Pnfyrsa PoaHIoa 2t) lSe PER INCB
TRANSIENT RATE fl-50 first Insertion . and aubaeaent Ssauei ' pro rt
CLASSIFIED. One Cent per word 40 cents per line per week.
Telepbenei EdlUrkl UBi21S5r Bulneaa Office I
BRANCH OFFICE i. ......... i..;..:.'.. UERaiANT STRX2P1
Trie phoira SXU
Per Month, anywhere tn United State ............................ ,. ,TS
Per Quarter, anywhere in United Statea .. .. ...ft...........,,,.,.. 2.00
Per Year, anywhere In United StateaZ. .. too
Per Year, poatpald.. foxeign .. net'
Per'SU Mentha . -"..I..?.?... ......... .. ..............;..$ljc6;
Per fr Year, anywhere In. United States.. .. l.W
Per Year, anywhere in Canada 2jC3
Per Year, poatpaldfoieizn .. ...,..
kiirtn all CoBynnaleaUaas ta Haaotiln SUr-Balle U, LtC Iltaolali, T. II,
Entered of Record January 3, 1913,
from 10:30 a. m. to 4:30 p. in.
Anna C Cooke et ai to Cordelia C
Allen-.-. .. ..Waiver
G A Somma and wf to W N Pat
ten .. D
Abigail W Kawananakoa (widow) '
et als to Robert W Shingle . . . . D
Mutual Bid & Loan Soc of II
Ltd to Mary H Swezey . , . Rel
Mrs Mary B.Kalelaili to Daisy
Smith . . . . . . ...... . .. D
William R Castle tr to KaneumI Rel
S H Kahoowahav arid wf to Antoe "'
S Machado .. D
Klulai Kamahajo to Jos Ahnna... . L
Entered:, ol. Record Jaaaary 4, 1913,
front 8:30 a. aa. te 10:30 a. m.
John TiRablca and wf to Jose F
Ferelra . . ....... . . . ........
Jose F Ferreira and wf to John
T Rablca .. .. ...............
Peter Silva and wf to. Mrs Grace
B Pa .. .. ..1. .... ..
Grace B Pa and bsb to O W Lock
lngton '. i' . .... . . .
M de F Splnola and wf to Hana
Warren et al 1 . . '. .. . ...v.. .
liana Wafrcn an ' hsb.to Q W
- Lockington VvV'"-
John W Kalaukoa' and Wf . to Jas
t FMoraan Co Iid. ?X 'rM
J . ,' J
...-If .
As one of our patrons3 jyoil:
our best wishes
111 . '
Wine and Liquor Merchants.
IT'V 1
k,.' Rel '
J W Cook; to von HammYoung
- CO Ltd v . S-. i . . , . CM ;
Kekino (widow) to George lN' "
Shaw Jr . v. J , V. ; . ; . . . D'
Eugenie II Emerson by - Atty to
Alice O Holt . . . . ; . ; ; . .;. . Rel -
Alice O Holt to GuardUn. Trust ;
; Co , LatcL w - ,..' M
Alice G Holt to Guardian Trust 1
Co Uj;,.i V.:......v;; PA
Marlon I K Wagner and habet ai.v f
to Henry K Poepoe l.....,...!; D
' J-' :-
-: Dr. Victor S. Clark, Donald M. Rosa, ;
Honolulu: C. J Goeney, Mr. R. C.
Goeney, San Francisco; Mra.;T. A; '
Jaggar. and children aid maid. Vol- .
cano observatory j ';'; 1 .w -')
: -' -,
Marks Jones tella me he raw you
yesterday eating; In a lunch wagoa '.
Parks Yea: I waa dining a, la carte. .
I Captain Supposing- ..the - barrack. ' v
were to catch fire what call would you v?
sound? Trumpeter . (newly. Joined)
Surey sorr.1 1'4 found the ."cease fire."
Almost cTry .married mia wastes a J
lot of, alnaMe time In explaining- tol"
bis , wife Jast how;. it 'iiappcael..- . . j
for a pxjbspt)ti3
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