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His Eye 'f.J
the !MlgB& X
777 King Street
J..ABADIE, Prep.
Phone 1491
ajco tniM dn apis fiu si u
Union-Pacific Transfer Co.
V , , - 1
.in Xn nainnvii
t. wniiujnj jnoA uaqw ;nq jqcdoi s; pfc siqj.
PHONE 3461
We know everybody and understand the
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LM&sss ivr -C
At .1 !ii-(t:nu of th" Hawaii Medical
Su'i-;y uhie.i h'-il list evenni;.
:ii iiiestion - a. brought up concern
ing t!:" .mnt-unccnieni mal" on !
1! nations from Iniir immem
orial seem to have had i hoi r !
own special way of boat buildim:. and i
Japan is no e-xceinioii The Kiinli.h
cemuer r in it. rreeinn i riedinann. speakint: poor"1
emiiien' cierniun n:iy sici m. mat
lit- h;
and Europe ans
t-!i(Tii, pe.m niKcti iiiiic in snapnitc
a model. Uliil frr.m th:it fh.-v nlan i
miosis after niany years of exnerimen- ,hl. rtr , n , , t ' . i
meats on the,-,, line's. That is not so
d discovtrMi a cure for tuber-
The question was introduced ty Dr.
A N. Sinf"Iai superintendent of tlie
' tuberculosis bujeau of the board of
! health, and accord-ins to his remarks
and those of the other members of the
Society present, the local physicians
do not seem ready to place any con
fidence in Dr. Friedmann's so-called
cure According to Dr. Sinclair, on
the. day on which Dr. Friedmann had
with the Japanese.
For a sampan ot some sixty teet in!
length like the eme being built on
Queen's street nar the Fsh .Market
the Japanese first' bui't a fat keel
some three feet wide in the i enter
by five inches in thickness through
out. These thick planks are strongly
bolted together. The builders make
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; set for submitting his treatment to J sure 'tllat the nuts and heads of every
the medical world, he refused to di- j bo5t is buried beneath the sur-
I vulge his secret w hich has caused his : &-'' of the wood. They do the same
j cure to be a matter of doubt. ! thing to every nail they drive in a
, "The physicians of Hawaii," said j boat, and every head is afterwards
I Dr. Sinclair, "have always found that 'covered over with putty. Thev will
! tuberculin could be used ' with sue- chisel out a square space in the sur
cess, and for that reason we have ' face of the timbers in which to bury
adhered to that method of preventa- well every nail or bolt head.
tive. The only objection that I can j At each end of this flat keel and 1
I see to Dr. Friedmann's cure is that he : extending some eiht feet from the'
! is using a live germ and has no way ' stern pest and bow beam are thick I
cf telling when that germ will become j plankings almosJ as thick as the keel,
virulent, aui when he submitted a re- j This tapirs from two Teet deep at
port to a number of the medical pro-fath end to a few jnches in depth at
fession of Kurope. he failed to tell ( the keeL r,lis ls tne beginning of.
whether or not this new germ which iho bnw nn. Kforn This Hnno thev
he is using ever would become viru-1 proceed t0 buil( the bottom. The
lent or not, which shows that he is I
still uncertain as to the reliability
of his cure. At present, he is only
treating cases which are sent to him
and he is not sending any of the se
rum which he employs out to be used
by any other members of the profes
sion. His cure may be successful, but
as far as the physicians in Hawaii
are concerned, at least, those con
nected with the medical society, are
not as yet ready to recognize Dr.
Friedmann's discovery as a practical
and permanent cure for tuberculosis."
The following article, '"which is tak
en from an Eastern paper, gives an
account of Dr. Friedmann's new cure:
BERLIN, Dec. 14. Dr. Frederich
Franz Friedmann, who announced to
the Berlin Medical Society November
6 that after years of laboratory exper
imentation he had discovered a cure
for tuberculosis, will submit his treat
ment to the scientific world next Mon
day. Dr. Friedmann announces, that be
ginning Monday he will treat every
certified case of tuberculosis, sent to
him by physicians or scientists. He
has opened special quarters for this
purpose, and many physicians have
agreed to send tuberculosis cases to
him. In the five weeks that have
f lapsed since Dr. Friedmann's start
ling announcement to the Berlin Med
ical Society, the doctor has been de
luged with letters and telegrams from
all parts of the world, as the result
of the publication of his claims in the
medical and lay press. That there is
much skepticism on the part of many
of the leading scientists of Berlin as
to Dr. Friedmann's claims has follow
ed as a matter of 'course. There have
been so many false claims as to tu
berculosis cures emanating from Ger
many and elsewhere that the scientific
world is in the mental attitude of dis
counting in advance any new claims.
It is really true, however, that Dr.
Friedmann has convinced many Berlin
physicians in his address1 to the Ber
lin Medical Society. The most skep
tical of tne Berlin scientists have de-
bottom planks for erch half of the
boat from end to end are all fastened
together, and the seams made a work
of perfect fit and neatness before
they proceed to shape and nail them ; P
to the keel and each end frame piece, j
The planks are nailed to each other ,
and the seams made tight as follows: 1
A foot apart along tTTe entire length J
of the planks and some five inches 1
from the edges a mortice is cut out
half the thickness of the board. This
allows the slightjy bent spikes to be
driven home tight in the center of
the opposite plank. Then these nail
grooves are all neatly filled with
wood and the plane is run over them.
A .peculiarity of the building of a
sampan is in the fact that the bottom
which is all in one piece for each
side, is fastened to the keel before
there is any frame work attached to
the keel. That is to say the boat ls I
without the ordinary ribs. Instead '
there are six cross section frame
pieces which serve both as partitions
and ribs. They are naiied to 'he keel
in the same way in which the planks
are fastened together. To these cross
.1 iinHximlljl tlllni' litr sjiol on trlti' ti In hilihl
it nun'.
) n hare trutrr iitl tn nn t h rnliun of ,"U
(; nun hin t nn nnoh.sl rnrtrtl ru n' of tlf orrttn
s nml 1011 arr on tlir slon- of n hill Unit t.x
n Sir ixs i 'linh I for 0 homr.
r can think of no more ? ii-sta thlc .spot;
noiir that com parts irith it ."
ami irhtrv out' waff Hit' in the fall vnjtujmvat
of ahsolnlt lif part- air.
The means nf fttimj there are ej-etlleat be
cause the rout it are tpuMl and the w.ulk to thv.
xt reel -rant j.v a short tme. v
Vim tire invited to inspect the ltd. Onv acre
each, $1000. Payable, a third cash, a third in ,
tirelvv months ami balance in tiro yearn. v.:;
Fort near Merchant Street
. .,f-: - -
section pieces the bottom and side I By Scouts UP to theIr Mott"
ior,ir0 o-o notion Th0 oMr, of tha "Be Prepared," with every Scout
boat is perpendicular giving the craft I "Alert."
somewhat of a box shape appearance. I Offers of pecuniary assistance have
But the bottom has a graceful curve J feme from many prominent men, but
much like that of a duck. The close Commissioner Wilder has perstetent
fitting of everV" seam in the bottom 1 lv and -firmly refused to accept any
and side is an illustration of neat thing.
workmanship. As their planes work In the near future a play of tome
the reverse of the English and Ame- merit, written by several gifted gen
rican plane i. e. instead of shaving tlemen, is proposed, the proceeds to
the wood by pushing a plane they be used to thoroughly equip the Troop
draws it towards their person much known as Honolulu V and consisting
like the Indians do their whittling of tne following patrola: "Harpoon
draw knife, so do their hand saws paimer Parker, reader; "Javelin,
work in the opposite direction from David Bentj Leader; "Uolden Arrow,
the American saw. It cuts as they rranl, SviVa Tender and "Trident.
In Scoutdom the New Year finds the' jKaIolani Park during the racesJ He
sunstruck, exhausted by heat or had
fainted. Our scout-nailed it as plain
draw the instrument towards them.
To make a perfect seam in their
planks they will spend hours sawing
out the difference of one sixtieth or
an inch with their knife shaped saws.
The planks of this boat are of
Clarence Lane, leader.
Scout Notes:
A very pleasant and instructive
I "hike' was made by six Scouts, Com
missioner Wilder in person command
the expedition. Over the Pall i.j
Oree-nii nino one and n half-ineh 1,1
in thickness and of the uniform width Kailua. where we camped tor tne nigtn
manded thut Dr. Friedmann give them of one foot, -while the transverse tren 10 tne Dedcn a.1 ,MOKUIUd .uvr
his bacilli, so thev could submit his 1 frame section 'pieces are each made the tents were Pinned; up again at
discovery to acid tests.
faint, treated for the same, and has
the satisfaction of knowing he was
right! It might bei nSted that the
crowd stood back and gave him free
Dr. Friedmann has unyieldingly re
fused to give his bacilli to anyone on
the ground that anyone from a small
drop of the culture could develop
enough to supply the world and de-
Scout enthusiasts will remember
the case of the girl in Alewa Heights
who split her foot with an axe. It
was a case of arterial bleeding.: AH
attempts to staunch it having Called,
in desperation" they sent for a Boy
Scout who happened to be playing in
the neighborhood. It was thus that
the third Arrow won u;s, soubriquet
of "Tourniquet Vice" his real name
being Victor Boyd. A scarf, a pebble,
a stick, some first aid cotton, Victor'.
native wits and our motto, "Be Pre
pared" resulted in a grateful young
Porto Rican lady, wha three weeks
later presented herself at the L'oyJ
house and said she wantec to work;
there for life, gratis!
Engineer,. ; American, desires poei-
tlon, experienced la erect in ; and
power station work, isx retrigera-:f
tlnn npfft'rn. V K . IS." Star
Bulletin. : 4' 5433-lw.- i
Experienced chauffeur, white, wants
. position. ; Does own repairing. "M.
Y." this office. . ; S4$3-3t:'
for rent:
We s rent easy-running, ; ' automatic
" sewing machines complete with, at
' tachments. Household - Dept. Tel. "
3481,'''-- - ' - ' ' i '
' -Ve. a Hall & Son Ltd. I
;:;v:V i k5398-ly. ; - ;
ing islands. Will sell vet reason-;
ably. AddIv Royal i KawaUan Ga
rage.' ' .' yi "- 5433-3t.- :
Rev. E. C PeteVs of the Christian
Chur-rh, and who has recently return
t l from an extended tour of the rtates
. i J ... 1.1 !'
of three-inch planks. The measure- or-yorea auu uu iu
ments of this boat over all will be then a night hike in the cool, crisp
about seventy-five feet in length, by air. to about 2 miles trom Makapuu
six feet in depth and the width about P" a fine bath in the splendid surt
fourteen feet. There will be, a side and then to the Lighthouse wnera
Principal Keeper Beazey most minute-
pnve him of all credit and recom- two feet wide. This will make a deck 'v explained in evvorKiugs ui ima nuu
pense. While Friedmann's partisans Spece of some IS feet in width. When t'crful light, said to oe the largest of
ii.u ...a ue.iiwi.. ontiiv.a vv,.. compiciea mis sampan win nave a oo - . - k ,,tnrfk !-P rezular nieetine o'
tend that his refusal to meet the con-1 horsepower gasoline engine and with h built for Mosquito inlet. onda, ' J fk
ditiens is strong evidence against j an auxiliary sail( or evt,n with out it. then home by way of regular road , the pmm
the reliability of his claims. The test slie wiU probobly be th efast.st boat u. Honolulu. 'I he scouts "went light. , f fter"fon- ?5eftlfviP ,Jt"
cases which Dr. Friedmann will treat in awai?. The bow ,8 SOmewhat that is, every man carried his tnr? 'hfet
will be certified at the Royal and iong and sharp and the sterm has a days rations ana nalt a shelter tent ; 'jf'
other clinics. Dr. Friedmann refuses j graceful sweep that will not drag On this hike a genuine "tracking" certain districts of the ' D fcta8
to ree all visiting doctors from vari-, vvater mrch was done, thus giving two of the Ten- which might be reached with informa-
-hib n:.rfQ tho nrll nn lh, crrn,,.,,! r,-u- i r ..:.. ,l,.,--fr Slants the ftnnnrfllllltV tO UaSS UOn COIH erillll, Vi.e isioiio iu ...c c
-j "v... n eats,...-, j i ue Japanese" tsieiii ui litMfiiiiin , v. v. . t- -
that the danger of losing a small the rudder to their sampans without their exam for se"ond class Scouts (in
mmntitv nf hiu l-jilli ic Inn irroat : ,. : v..u : . ii'o.biniri In- nr-malv Hnine SOIlie USP-
v,. ...o an iron iiouk ui nun it uuiu niter- n t . n.iu, j ,it, ,.. v, ..i-j.-j -,, .. c
Dr . HamfM. assistant director of tho I aJin ...,i- ,.nvi it ml .-.nrl verv netessarv work in thai ! of hli talk, that he v isited many places
Imperial Board of Health of Berlin. , consists of a large auger hold bored line. Trip a success: no kicks, m j throughout the f.1;
says that this board will be the last ; hl the edge of a stout timber (sav a sore feet and no grumbling. i r-r .ttl" ,ocaJ P, . T- 1 tTt
body to pass on the efficacy of the j foot in thickness and two feet wide' Commissioner Wilder and i mimhe ! ''cing good, but he also staiM in
Friedmann treatment, and tnat no of- ' for this boat! which fits snuglv just Citv and from there into the moun-j these were several other districts
ificial confirmation can be expected I behind the stern wall. Inti this auger u ir.s of which an ic( outn will appear , w ere me au vems.ng or me nwu
from the board -until all the greatest ; nolo, one siae of which is open, the tains of which and account will appear is a no s miKi.i n o e a muuiau. uuun
doctors in Berlin have confirmed ; rudder work- nd nlavs ace-nrdint to it. these colunuu Saturday next. U-king. .r is nis laea inai more or
1 nedmann s claims. Talks with many ; requircnicnts.
Ueda, 544-S King. Mission or Koa
Furniture to order, t k323-6m.
The world's best bakers, for cash or
installment plan. .Call 3181. and
ask for Household Dept.
E. O. Hall & Son.. Ltd. -
d cavor to secure more tourist trade.
Mr. Pete-s said, during the course
The Home Candy Co., IliO Alakea.
Tel. 3765. The most modern and
up-to-date plant in the cay. Or
ders delivered promptly by motor
car to any part of town. Phone?
for trial order. . ki3W-3m.
11 hrtrrt ir-f-1,rC
Porcelain-Enamel Lined
E. 0. HALL & SON - Household Department
Mrs. Maria Cummins King. ;i sister
of Mrs. George Fairchild and uho
Phone 2295 Reaob.es
Hustace-Peek Co. .Ltd.
Trunks, Suitcases and Bags
Hotel Strit Opuosite Empire Theatre
merlin physicians about Dr. Hied- This boat will be ejuitc capable of
mann and his claims reveal much , running between here and Hil and
(skepticism among physicians who i to the Coast tor that matter. The
j have not personally obsered and ev; building or this up-to-date sampan at
jaminrd the tubercular patients : an outlay of some ?::mk or more is an
j rrit-dma:.ii claims to have cured. 'indication of the money in the fish
On the other hand, four physicians ' business.
of standing whom Friedmann has
trusted and permitted to see his treat
ment, have expressed themselves as
convinced that Friedmann has discov
ered the long sought germ which will
kill the tubercular germ in the human
body and that his treatment will cure
bone tuberculosis and lung tuberculo
sis, the latter in not too advanced
states. Professor Schleich. inventor
of local aiiaesthea says. -1 was ex
tremely skeptical until 1 sent one
case to Friedmann I nae seen sixty
or seventy cures."
Professor Konrad Kuster. medical
practitioner lor fifty years and holder fendant
of a royal decoration, says. "No Ame
rican doctors could be more skeptical
than I was two years ago. Hut I have
seen the Friedmann treatment of .""
cases and I ;irn convinced that Fried
mai.n ran Y-.'re tuberculosis of the
bor.es and lunss. the hitter in not too
advanced stages.'
Dr. Krich MulU-r. eh iff physician
of tile Berlin orphan asylum, says.
"Or Fnedmu:in has treated and cur
ed three cases t tuberciilesis t'n.m my
hospiial and 1 intend to Live Ins tre;t-
irM imv unitu tuum ur
First Circuit, Territory of Hawaii. At
Chambers In Probate, in tae ,raat'
Hme phctosrabhs of Island scenery i thp Fof-t. nf William Dunn.
. - ,.r , 'rhoTihi lt nWed 'n the hotels and he I !,.. ti..ni..r.. nni, iuQca iai. '.
1 v- tf a
notioiw to ecoTid .lass, 'h" Harpoon, also advises the unerai cusir luuuon oi are Order of Notice Of Hearing re.
patrnl of liov Scouts in the Fift h lilerature. Another suggesUon which I tition tor probate of Will.
, rm ca-::e off a head and shonlder-s j r .- made, and which ir one liable to i A dorunfent purporting to he. tho
ove" Its com pet n ors. lioj 1 ""''-' - t ;asi win hiiu leoiameni ui nunaui
'. c-r small noy in iiic posi-1 ie. is ine mn imiunp, ui ..r-.,-...... tunn, rate oi iiuuuiuiu, ismuu ui
Othu. Territory of Hawaii, deceased,
bavin? on the day of January.
iii; ' i's a
,i'.n of .-eaior 1 a ler for . January. On
lii-i. tails :iil r!ie weialst ot t p.e world.!
The quest ion ;;ri.- s: ( an ii'-
Second ot
recently returned here after a four- serves credit for in
teen years' residence at San Frncisco ' dnrinc De( "ii:b. r.
has filed suit in circuit court for a j more than once ha
division of the old Cummins estate
on Kinir street, opposite the old Paul
Neumann homestead, and asks ad
verse possession of an undivided one
third interest, valued at $ei. The
Hawaiian Trnst Company, trustee of
the Cummins estate, is named as de-
The companv's bond, as
trustee cf the estate, was cancelled
yesterdav b Circuit Judge Whitney.
ooklet to be placerl in tl.o PulTman
r-;r lib iri"s on the different railroads
deliver ; A number of the e cars have alr?j-'iv ' ) (j2, been presented to said
;(),s ; ihcen supi neti in, lueranire cv injpropate court, ana a pennon ior
- - ! committee, tint Mr. Peters' idea is to fiirobate thereof. DrarinK for the issu-
i e Harpoons de-ihie h specially bound book on anjancp of letters tejitamentary "to Al
a:tention to duty i enlarged scale contiinins n'imeroup (red Iuinn having been filed by Al
Thc Sc fiwttiiaster j rhotocraphs. . fred Dunn.
p. it t.ie said sec- i Dii-ing the course of the metii7. It is orderec' that Wednesday, tho
fii'.l in. command of a job and eac ii j f cretarv Wood made the s -tement i lifth day of February, A. D., 1913. at
time he has pulled throuan. "laving a'thaf a verv small amount o? money is 1 'j o'clock a. m.. of said day, at th;
way of ivinK orders wjt.i a smile. ; present aviilable to the promotion j Court Room of said Court in the old
: c ommittee for the publication concern- ! Y. M. C. A. building in the City 'and
For their firs' .-lass scout badges. . j, j, tre Hawaiian Iskinds. and that in j County of Honolulu, be and tiie same,
the following have taken r'ae pr-j Canada clurine; tne pisf year, over ' is hereby appointed the time and
i-e'-ibed seven tniit onc-niKhf-out-alone I oAt.iioo had been spent on publicity j pi nee for proving said wilj and hear
nike: Mia. Met.ert. i.en'. iiooinon. i v ork alone. Acco"din? to the omcta! ing said application.
nient there as soon as Friedmann will
give nie a culture "
I r K;ir;uniei. c hief physic ian of
tile Fast
have sec-n
in more than c:i.-
of them cured."
ie Polyclinic s.i. . "I
e h'riedmann treatment
1 , SI, t
, !?o,l I. Thoinpscui. Sieliert II. Amoy siatenient. that for even do'Ur
i and others. l;ave brought b.uk ac--pr publicity approximately $11,
i counts ol a trip done according lern received in return.
Haniel P.oone w ith certain pood deeds J n
done by tie way. AmoiiK thee BOIJ.
. "deeds" v as 'he !.ipins away of a .
taller, tree trom
I ia no
.. ,i , .. i i. . . ,
, ::ot be l e cor.leci
ncdu roau. ; pkhrY In Horolnl-.r. Tan J I'M:!, to
w hic h nee.i ylT an,j M,.s r f pP:-ry. Waianae.
i a son.
Da'ed: Honolulu. January 4. l.'to.
i'.v the Court:
Clerk of the Circuit Court of the
First Circuit.
Attorneys for Petitioner.
:.4;'.: Jan 4. 11. 18. 2.".,
Kdoi:.. : ,i I let i i ', 1
paintet. hits just
e I. iliiotl
at Pans
A a.-.
ifi lieue
a i t , ; n i
ir-T ;
n on,
I I renl it !n Hie
. mnt be
t .r-l'iillefin. It
I read it in the
til ii " o.
Star-Hiillelin. It

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