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'- -v"r--.s
Frem fc F.i
Sierra. Jan. J.
Fer 8. F.i
Manchu.-Honol'n, ?th
From ascot: vert
Marama, Jan. 29.
For YancciTeri
Makvira, Jan. 28.
- ..... '-v
Kvrning Bulletin. Est. 182. No. .43;.
Hawaiian Star, Vol. .XX. No. G477.
12 I'ACKS-HOXOI.ri.i:, TKItlilTOISY OF HAWAII. MoNHAV. .IAN (!. I!i:l.-12 PACES.
I- -
2 ll
i V-".'V- A "
y 1 ' '
. -1
Likely that White
house and Thuir-j
aiuu win uc
tahied by new Gity
ers Despite
Efforts of Mayor
and others to Oust
rnpnf C f" A flP Ttinilp Before the end of . February the Arl
.UlCIlfO IV UC lliaut. mgton wirelees station of the nary
xfV I7icf RltCinOCC wlll be receiving messages direct
Ut IMlOl UUOUJCOC) from the station on the Island of Ha-
ftl A r4? rt "Tnmnv
11 Cii 1 1 11 g I OUlUl
row Night
4 VVVV were regarded as freaks of radio
, '. -v.; . . v , graphy.
V Informal. was sent to the Me88f" wfrf, rec1 from the
Star-Bulletin this, afternoon from fa7l8,an; totIon ; two days befor
the Central Tlr Station that if istma. but-when Capt Henry T.
Chief Thurston V Is dropped by J0 ; commandant of theyard (at
4 Mayor Fern and. the supervisor. Mare, Island tried to send Christmas
and another man J put In his sreetmgs to Secretary Meyer and the
place, the fire , department will :officeiVon vuty - here conditions were
' go oh strike, V f - - ' not rlghf and the message' had to be
; Rumors that there would be a nt ria Key West and Norfolk.: The
wholeeale, proteit against drop- station Is a littlemore
inha.hfi hiiv w Hf fftr a distant from Mare Island than Wasn-
: seveirrdiyCT-FromTatloUiJMtP
.tntinn. nnw mm on th rnort but In arfidlographfC sense-Mare Is-
that thAvili,nen are actually and Key .West are comparatively v
4' preparing to quit In.xase lheirinar neighbors. 7; ; , '2-..
vriremen say they .dot, not belieye : Island en. the night of,Dec. 23 the
f --the protest ;,wM ;4ctually goQ. longest overland sending by 'wireless'
; far. -" - V.- ? -, - : ever ; done was accomplished. The
T '' "Khaveht " heard anything of picfcingr up was, done during the pro-
a walk-out, said ; Chief Thurs- Kress of tests that 1 are ' being made
ton. this morning, "and I want to- by the radio officers In charge to s.ee
1 say that whether I go or not, whether the' Installation at Arlington
1 shall rge: the men to stay at meets the specifications.
their posts and protect the city Thus far the experiments have met
and i r believe they will do so.' expectations. The officer in charge
According to rumor today, said today that the tests will be com
c Bupervisors i McClellan, Petrie, pitted In about a month and he said
' Cox, Hardesty and Markham messages from the Hawaiian station
have declared they will stand by will be picked up as a matter of
Thurstpn . while Thurston's course.
friends have heard that Super- But there will be no direct mes-
visors Pacheco and oWlter are sages from WasIungtM to Hawaii un-
against him. They say that if
Markbsm and Hardesty will
stand fast, Thurston will be re-
n,,Vr.f ihA h.irw.hnriv nnrf onnfi.
.f.ion that marked the taking over the
V Ml V V 4V wv 'vwvb
city government by the new board of
MipervJsors this noon, one fact alone
hi nod bevond disnute The board is
already, split .wide asunder. Ie has
been unable to reach any definite re
cision regarding important appoint
ments, despite the days and nights or
work in caucus, and as a consequence
lostponed announcement of patronage
"giving until the first Mualness meet
ing tomorrow night So bitter is the
fight that has developed already in
the new board that there are not
iacking those who are prepared to
assert that the entire- Democratic
party in Hawaii is In danger of split
ting wider than did the G. O. P. on
the mainland during the recent cam-
Iaign. i
The difficulty that set the mem-
bers of the board at logger heads
even before they took the oath ol
their office, is that of patronage,
The county committee is determined
to build up a Democratic machiie
here. To this enu It is preparing to;f.ee man.
lorce the members cf the hoara to
dismiss all Republicans and fill their 'x.?a- 0ld daughter, made positive d?
places with Democrats. Thurston r.ial while under oath that Marks ha.l
chief of the fire department, and Lew j(lfne other than anwer to hor
Whitehouse. city nd county engineer. , ,.hisrted g,irnru0ns. to appear at i
are the two big bones of contention, j vjn(oW where she held for some ni.v
Fern wants to put a Democrat in ,ents whispered conversation with
Thurston's place but is willing to al v im
low Whitehouse to remain. A num
ber of leading Bourbons want to see
Whitehouse ousted in favor of thfir
man, Whittemore of Hilo, a man with
a splendid record. They are, how
ever, willing to let him go if the
board will approve Fern's appoint
ment of Martin Scully, as chief of
the fire department. The main thinp
desired by these is the recognition j
of the rights and authority of th j
county committee.
Streets Jammed !
Literally hundreds of men hunp ;
around Fort and King streets or
jammed the corridors of "City Hall"
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Special prices on SAFES till Jan. Is
to make room for new stock.
Merchant and A lea. Tbone 2C1S
iniiiiinThni urnc
(Kpioial Kiar-BuIKtln Corr'Hpulf nre
WASHIMfiTOV. n TiPf. 2fi
wail as a part of its regular routine.
The Arlington station has already
picsea up messages irom mat miu
,laclflc Island, but no report has been
made-of the fact because the feats
til the mastSof the mid-Pacific sta-
tion are lengthened. While Arling-
ton will be able;to get messages from
the islands, the'tinsular station, hav-
ing comparatively short masts will
not be
be able to Dick ud messaees i
from Washintttm. Maro iRlanri will!
- " - " " I
bave to relay them.
while as railroad trains run Mare
Island is a little more than 3,000
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5 ... -
Sylvester Marks. charged with
having entered unlawfully upon the
premises of Thomas, McGiffin. and
alleged to have conducted himself in
an unseemly manner, stepped from the
District court room this morning a
Miss isabelle McGiffin. a fifteen i
I Judge V. B. l.ymer representing the
CUizens Protective Committee, whi'li
I became interested in the case, nia.le
; a painful discovery thu mornins'thit
, the principal witness in the casr
v hirh l.e expected to establish ac;:iinsf
' the defendant Marks, had suffered
i decided change of heart, and triers-
1 i.e offered no dan-ash:!; evidence
jruaiiift M rks.
"I did not know that you were a
l.-wyer, when you called at my house
the other day." so declared Miss M--
Ciffin. a demi re Normal school gi-i,
when confronted by Judge Lymer with
I he itatement reputed to have teen
made tv hef to the effect th.it Mark
appeared ntthe window of the Mctli -tin
home on the night of December
1 IMh. and there and then awoke he
; as well as a girl friend from sound
slumber According to the story relat
i C(. to Judge Lymer. when he first toot.
up tie cafe, the gi-1 Cellared that
Viarkp. not only aroused the girls' from
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Mcyor J. J. Fern N-
Sunmisor John Markham
Qimhrwicnr Mnrrow Tnllc Uhn
i .jijcii.i w n w i .11 m m i
T.T" - .. .. ' .
City Fathers Have Done in
Last Two Years
Notwithstanding the . criticisms
mario online thic f c,inervi..
lors tithe public and newspapers, we
have done some g6od to the commu-
'nity. Many times we have been
I blamed for acts which we know were
open and al ove board, but the public.
1 r l,ninrr fn mills w v.'iK ,1 1 .l Jn n
and reasons, has jumped on our c(d
jlars. called us grafters, incompetents,
dubs, almost everything. We have
the satisfaction today of retiring from
this office with as clean a record as
that of any man ever holding this or
any public office.
1 on e of the improvement accom
plished and which will stand as a
monument to this board are:
Permane-tt Works.
Permat r pavement of Queen
street, in iing bridge and street
to King s;..ret, $40.0io; paving of
, , ' i r '
. 5
.:: i
. . k
-k. . jf
Haynes Heads
Artillery District
:;.-.ynes will coni-nand tenant Colonel Campbell, adjutant
I ist ri t of Oahu. He general of tiiis department, won his
Colonel Ira
the Artil.erv
will proli:bly ;ir;ie here on the Feb-
ruary transport.
It has been surmised for some time signment to duty here is popular,
that the seiii; -.j of more i oast artil- 1 A' 'he same time, it is with consid
h ry troops to lia vaii. and the grow- eiahie regre that local service people
ins import; 11 ot the islands from a : see Major K. .1. Timherlake superced
a military stav;p( int. would mean ' ed as district commander. Major
that a high tanking officer would be Tim'otrlake came to Fort Ruger as a
sent here to crmi'iand the coast tie-: captain when that post was nothing
finders, and the underground'- had more than a rock-pile, and hei has
ir that Colonel Haynes was slated for made it one of the most attractive sta
the job. The Army and Navy Journal tions on Oahu. as well as one of ihe
of December :'l states that Colonel most efficient mortar "batteries in the
Haynes will leave his present station service. It is not known yet whether
a. Fort Munroe for Honolulu, and nor he- will he transferred, but ihe
this confirms private advices received
by Coast artillery officers here.
Colonel Haynes recently completed
n tour in tlr1 adjutant general's de
partment, the last post he held bein.g
adjutaut geueral ot the m partment ot
California. He became a full colonel
last April, at the same time that Lieu-
1 V,K 'to JL1 " - :
- - w
) :
v i :
..r .
1 5
Suuenfcort Lwter Petrie
Sunentsor' Eiill. F. Wblter
is siw
! King street, $15,000: resurfacing
Queen street between Fort ana Ala-
kca, $6000; road to Puuloa, $23,000;
lioad to Waianae, $10,000; rebuilding
nine and a half miles of roads, Ewa
district, in one year, $27,000; rebuild
ing Xuuanu road, widening, construc
tion of storm drains, etc., $40,000;
concrete bridges. $12,000.
I icrce uas oeen increasen o
several men. requiring an expenditure
?r i100 Pf ,nionh ,bove that al"
! Io"'?d by the las' loard.
! These have been increased by
! aho,,t 12 liOXs at fin PXi,ense of
i $.10f.
We have equipped ti.!3 department
with a mot jr-driven patrol wagon.
$2"00, and two police machines, $2800.
The Land is furnished with a new
set of instruments, costing $2100.
In the g:-.".)aRe department the pay
of employes has been increased from
$I.7 to $2 on account of the work
these men have to do.
Today this department is equipped
with a motor-driven garbage wagon
lor the mhi pose of collecting garbage
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silver leaf. He is well liked both pro-
fessiona'v and socially, and his as-
general opinion is t'nat he will be left
here to complete his foreign tour.
"Where will Colonel Haynes take
fiatinn?" is the miestion that is now
going the rounds.
Fort KamehatiU'ha should properly
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hi '
. ' ''
t. r
- -
M "
' Treasurer C J." McCarthy j j
mahuka site is
asked mate
f- v )
i WASHINGTON, D. C, Jan.,' 6. 4
Senator Clark cf Wyoming to-
day introduced .In the senats a
? bill 'authorizing an incrsass in
the ffmtt of cost for the pro-
posed federal building in Hpno-
? ulu, the new bill authorizing an ?
appropriation of $1,500)00, witn
$200,000 for immediate use.
i ; ; t i ; ; V
The bill introduced by Senator
Clark today provides for the total
cost or the Manuka federal building
site. District Attorney Breckons said
this morning that he supposed the
sum mentioned covers fully the
original cost estimate and the extra
amount that condemnation proceed
ings have shown will be required.
The presentation of the bill to Con
gress todav is an important step in
the securing ot the big federal build
ing here.
Mayor's Message
Is Wide In Scope
The mayor's message to the npw
board, which follows, proved slide in
"Fellow Citizens:
"The t liaise ot Municipal Adminis
tration of the City and County of Ho
nolulu lu- now ( ome into effect.
"i am sure that ir is the wish of
everyone of you and of every citizen
and resident, that the new govern
ment shall be honestly, effectively
administered. I promise you that I
shall do everything in my power to
make the citv and county govern
ment a success. I believe that those
who have been elected with me: the
supervisors, the city and county sher
ft. the city and co inty treasurer. ih
city and county clerk, the city and
county attorney, the city and county
auditor, and the depu'y sheriffs of the
various districts, all wish as I do.
each to do his duty and to work to
gether for the best interests of th'
whole people. I believe that if wo
all have this purpose we can. work to j
. v.-
; SnpervlHor 3f . C. Paeaeee
A -A
Sopervlsor S.? C Ilardesty
f Associated ren Cab! V ,
WASHINGTON, ; Jam 6V Senator
Bristow today introduced a new plan
tor an industrial commission ' Which
shall have control over; the doings
and rates of all railroads In the coun
try, having gross receipts of more
than five million dollars. The Pro
gressive senators are said to be be
hind the measure and it stands a fair
chaice of becom?? a law.
i- i $, i t f. . r
. Moses T. Lyons, postmaster at
Wailuku, Maui, was nominated
? to succeed himself today, the ap
' pointment going to the senate.
get her in harmony ami give a good J
city govenrment. j
"It is tiue that the municipal act
is not clear in all of its provisions,!
and that differences of opinion may
arise as to what the law directs and!
n-hil if rpmilrpH fnnv auoh differ-'
okistqv has a
ences have already arise, it is my j Washington, Jan. o. me su
earnest hope that the incoming leg- j oreme court today refused 4o grant,
islature will so amend the present permission for the Southern Pacific
charter so that all conflicting provi-Jrd to go ahead o nthe re-erganiza-sions
therein with territorial law3tion plans proposed some time ago
mav be eliminated. lby Prident Love", head of the . so-
To make a success of municipal if a' Harriman lines. This plan was
government ir is essential that the t
mayor should have the executive pro-
rogative and appointive power, and
.he legislative factions exercised bj '
the board of superv isors. Without j
this power municipal government is
round to fall short of the expectations
" J:ZTfhZ - e
to ob'an
i cohesive ami unitea aa-.
ti inist rat.icn
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Turkey- Refuses Importer.
Concessions Kand the"
Allies Quit
t -
London : Believes Aii Hope c.
Reaching Settlement Is .
v , .. 7 rAssodatrd rre CaMel '
V LONOON, Jaru ;6-The peact c
ference ended in a row today. T!
explosion , that .'Has been fear3 :
long cams when Turkey fatly ref
important , concessions demanded 1
the allies as the ptlcs'of pease, :
declared that she would rather j: '
fighting to the end of time than y
to the demands of the Balkan tta' -'
.The conference, after an hour
more confusion, adjourned w!'"
date, and the general feelinj r;
day;ia that the war in -.ths
will be resumed within a fjw
Th plenipotentiaries of - t)-8
however,' declare that f jrtw -will
l?9 mad to reach r-;
settlement. It Is ' thou; . t t :
are simply talklnj ta rjln -.,r:
further preparat': - . . t.
il'Uiii .J. .1
KJ -
riee:.!,:;; c
' : tAmoctated Trtnn Cable)
f. SAN f ,rRANClSCOr ' Jitu: -T
coldest weather known In this st
for man years has 'clamped; t
clutch ;Of winter on California, fr:
north ; to south." In the north t:
damage has not been sevtro but f
the south,' especially In the citrus t:h
the loss of crops wilt be tremenicu:.
The ; temperature - if. reported sorr,
thing like fifteen degrees lower thzi
In ' any ' winter for mere' ' than tsi
years past T ;
tASiiocuited JTM'Gabte
WASH I NGTON, Jaru S-The Ways
and Means committee cf the houss
today began th tariff hearings, pre
paratory to the work of revising the
tariff schedules which will probably
be taken up at -thie session of cor
gress. The hearings were well at
tended and wilt last until the work has
been thoroughly thrashed cut.
f Awmrlated Vrtam Cable -
solution order issued by the supremo
: . . i . M :
cwuni omc
the distr.but.on of Union Pac f.c
bJ l Cl.flC
onfl .Ihe stockholders of the Union,
Taking a scon: ct;passengt.-id
.-i smalt amotirl of &Ten ' fh fatarui
. : V. Z - '7"-""
sail for San Francisca at 'six o'clock
tomorrow evening;
AT VMSlOii. :
I I H lit III I ill I I
I Lil 11 1 J Ul UUI JU I
I z

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