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S -'Jar " $
From 8. F.i
Sibfria-Lurllne, 15th
Tor 8. F.i
Mle-Lurline. Jan. 21
From Tascoavrri
Marama, Jan. 29.
For Vancouver!
Makura, Jan. 28.
i v v"
; -3:30 :
( . '", ,- -v " .- .'
f t
r -
hvening Bulletin. Est. 1882, No. 5441.
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX. No. 6482.
Presents Figures F6r
Nationality and
ers Against the City and County
'. Interests In Voluminous Final Report
, . -Suggests Changes, In Charter
Praise For Police - and Fire Depart-
' r. or ,,i ttnl,on bp drawn to the fact, and an impraa
. 0 mad that the soldiare of tht U. 6. Amy are frequent violator
, orthe law. From the record during the past year, It will be teen,
that there were only 5 easee pretented to the ; jury .'where eoltf.'ere
were the defendant, three- only
. t ing four men.. It should be noted that none of .these cases Involved
sexual offenses but were all effencee against property. r:; :- v-----.v-.-k-,
Tht se fact art lmply mentioned for the. purpo of correcting
certain wrong impression that ha beea oiven ae to the bad conduct
of the enlisted men. , ' .- -v;; -.V ,:; ;-;:' t :y-
, Jt is the opinion of thls-yrand jury, that the army men have been
greatly maligneda our experience has beeit that they are well be
haved and orderly. : -; r-':.r , ' -V. . ' - r
' Of course there are occasional exceptions, but there certainly I
no ground for general condemnation. Territorial grand Jury report.
Hardly a. feature cf the public life
of Honolnlu or of the county of Oatu
fails to recelre attention In the fliuJ
report- cf the, territorial xraad Jury,
filed this morning with Judge Robin
son.' '7:?'"mt tpeaks vclumea for
U J-"r ' i i. nea' wta cocposei
te 4-.. .-iitU'i&rflcultr-bf the UUt
they tcrore tteta. . .: -x
In Tiew cf the recent charges made
agi&Kt tte military stationed here, the
action of the grand Jury in going out
of Its way to completely A clear the
good name of Uncle Sam's soldier on
i Oahu Is significant" In an important
table of figures given below, the Jury
shows exactly what: classes and na
tionalities have been chiefly respon&l
, ble for the violations of the laws dur
ing the last year. " J.
' "Dago reU' comes In for Its share of
the blame for the crime and violence
committed In this county. ; The grand
Jury suggests - that, as a' means of
counteracting the damage done by this
; wipe law providing that no wine less
than three year old, be Imported or
sold In this territory. y f
an this connection, and in dealing
with the class of crime for which "Da
go red" is mostly responsible, the
. grand; Jury . goes put of . It way to
praise the faithful men and .women of
, the missions who hsve been devoting
their, lives to the protection of young
girls. .i ?y i ! lJ--il'::.:
v Speaking of the condition found In
the "county jails, the dody commends
s the work that is being done by High
Sheriff Henry and Jailer Asch. It also
has a pat on the back for Sheriff Jan
i ett and ' urges .that , hi . hands be
strengthened - by- the 'increase In the
force of patrolmen he has at hi dis
posal. One of the suggestion .with
vrhlc& the report is filled Is that the
county assume, the burden of caring
and feeding the horses of the mounted
men, 'and commends the idea of the
county t owning the animal used by
the trooper, patrolmen outright.
Many pages of the report are filled
with statements of the . conditions
lound to exist in the schools and oth
er institutions of the county. The
jury urges the need of enlarging the
capacity of many of the schools, and
does , the same thing for the Insane
asylum, which, it ays is crowded.
Chief ; Thurston of the fire depart
ment comes in for a share of praise,
and the Jury recommends that the city
provide for the increased demands
made and to be msde upon the department.-
In view of the agitation for altera
tion of the city charter, the four pages
of suggestion made by the jury, along
lines providing for efficiency and eco
nomy w)U be received with attention.
The members of the grand jury were:
B. F. Beardmore, Arthur Berg. R. A.
Cooke. Charles S. Desky, H. B. Glf
fard. J. 1A. Oilman, W. W. Harris. T.
P. Lansing, Charles Lucas, J. W. L
McOuire, C. G. Owen, E. H. Paris, F
E. tvichardson, J. L. P. Robinson, G
E. Echaefer, W. E. Shaw, W. H. Soper
William. TWolters, John Waterhous
(foreman). .
The report reads in part:
The grand Jury of your court re
gpectfully begs to submit its final re
(Continued on Page 8)
Special prices on 8AFE3 till Jan. 1st
to make room for new stock.
Merchant and JUatea. Phone Hit
Past Year Showing
Class Of AU Offend
Up Wide Variety of
where true bills were found Implleat-1
The board ' of directors of the
Voung Men Christian Atsociation
this morning paid the . last dollar of
that Institution's indebtedness, leaving
thenew building entirely free from in
cumbrances. :
:.. When the association was moved to
the present location, It was found nec
essary by the board that fundi would
be needed for the Installation' of sev
eral new features In the association
and numerous extras, and for this pur-1-oee
a note, for six thousand dollars
wa drawn. Of this : amount, five
thousand dollars" was paid last year.
Ufring one thousand dollars o -aiuount
of private subscriptions given
to the asociation, and four thousand
(fcHars of the money given to the' -tociatlon,
a number of year aga Thti
lafct amount, that given to the associa
tion a number of years ago. hid been
pi eviously voted by the board to be
put aside as an endowment fond.
As a result of the membership cam
paign which was held yesterday the
t-oard deemed it best to use the thou
sand dollars paid in by the new mem
ber yesterday to pay the remainder
or the debt, and this was done this
morning and now the association
stand entirely free from.debb "Jit
1 resent the association is able to pay
from three-fourths to four-fifths of tht
running expenses, but at the tame
time it Is necessary to solicit private
subscriptions to the amount of four oi
five thousand dollars in order to com
plete' the payment of the current ex
penses of the association for each
Ut must not be understood that the
campaign .which was held yesterday
wa for the purpose of raising money
to pay the remainder of the debt" said
V. C. Atherton, treasurer of the asso
ciation this morning. "This is not the
fact It ws not until this mornlne
that the board decided that it would
benefit the association if this debt n-ere
paid, and It was considered a good in
vestment for the money reeclved from
tbr campaign. I believe that now tuat
the asociation is free from indebted
ness it will continue lu wora on
firmer and better basis than ever be
fore, enlarging its work and its useful
ress in the community.
A lively discussion of Honolulu'f
proposed short-ballot or commission
charter will be held on Tuesday even
ing at 8 o'clock, when the Civic Feder
ation and interested citizens general
ly gather in force at the public lib j
rary to talk over what they know j
what they want to know and what
others know about this form of muni
cipal government
President Arthur G. Smith will
probably preside only long enough tt
turn the floor over to the speakers
some of whom are going all prlmec
for debate, criticism and suggestion
Every citizen who is interested In tht j
subject is asked to be present
.Bang!- Also: Biff!
; Deputy-, City and , County . Attorney
Milverton dealt the ; nicely arranged
plans for ..expurgating -the city, and
county pay rolls of all dyed-in-the-wool
O. Cv P. men, a solar plexus crack at
the noonday meeting of the board of
supervisors .today, In hi opinion iter
garding the sUtus of, the city em
ployes, employed by the ; month, and
whom It was planned to fire on Jan
uary 15, Milverton declares that: to
follow this scheme would render the
cjty j. liable I to a number of damage
lults, to say the least His full opin
ion follows ;.v ,
"In order that there may be no mis
understanding, I .submit , herewith in
writing an opinion, as to the 'status of
employes of the City and. County of
Honolulu. Shortly prior to the last
meeting of the Board, the Mayor : re-
auested this Department to render an
opinion upon Che matter and at the last
meeting of the board such opinion was
rendered orally. -. An . answer to, the
specific question, concerning which In
formation was desired, i laid down in
one of the leading standard text book
on the subject of municipal corpora
Uon in the following language: ,
(Continued on Page 2)
That one branch" of professional
jport in Honolulu has reached a pass
Ahere crooked methods are in evi
dence, and where frame-ups, and sure
'.hings are beine; attempted, to separ
ate the public from its money, is indi
cated bv the statement of Alexander
J. Smith; of Maui, a young profes
sional bicvele racer. Smith and "Sol
iler" King were practically matched
'or a 10-mile bike race, ttTTake place
at some date in the near future, and
Jils morning Smith made the state
ment that King tad approached him
vlth an' offer of 250 to allow him
(King) to win.
Smith, who 18 only 20 years of age.
tnd Inexperienced in the usages of
:rooked sport, told King he would
hlnk the matter over. He told his
brother, Eddie Smith, and Nigel Jack
jon who has been trying to secure
he match for him, of King's alleged
jffer, and on their advice came to the
Star-Bulletin this morning, with a full
md complete statement of the whole
"King met me on Fort street last
night," said Smith, "and talked to
me about a race. He told me that
he knew a man who would bet $500 on
him to win, and that If I would pro
mise to lose the race he would give
me half the money. I was to race
him for a fifty dollar side bet, but
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iV3rj- &k l ; v
Another big dredging; project, for
Pearl Harbor is being considered by
the i navy department and probably
the next congress Ssillfbetik'ejd to
pour a-round million of dollars into
the channel. The Kuperdreadnougbts
of the (new : navy have already made
necessary " the 'extension of the dry
dock, and now it is thought advisable
to deepen and widen thtf entrance to
the harbor Itself. -
Jt.ha been known for some. time
that naval . autnoritlei thought it
best to straighten Cue Pearl; Harbor
channel somewhat, but the, magnitude
Of the undertaking has just become
known locally. A fourth aa much
again a was spent for the original
dredging contract will be, required to
deepen the entrance channel; from' 35
to 40 feet and to cut off some of the
corners which , now make navigation!
of the passage very difficult for large
vessels. The estimate for.f this new
work 1 $900,000 while the amount of
the original contract wa $3,668,000.
No appropriation will - be asked ' from
the present congress, but the next ses
sion will be asked- to authorise; the
fufids. Thia brings the total esti
mated cost of the Pearl-Harbor naval
base up to $13,031,500. ...
Chung Nung, the Chinaman sentenc
ed to life Imprisonment by Circuit
mitting the crime, of rape upon a girl
less than twelve years old, will not be
set at liberty for the present. The su
preme court this morning denied the
writ of error applied for by Attorney
Lorrln Andrews, the prisoner's counsel.
The petition for the writ was based
primarily on the alleged failure of the
lower court to set forth in writing in
the record of the case, the judge's
charge to the. Jury. City and County
Attorney Cathcart appeared for the
prosecution both in the lower court and
in the supreme court in the present
case. The decision of the lower court
is sustained.
The old trouble with the Rapid
Transit Company about the paving of
its part of King street was threshed
over again at a meeting of the board
of supervisors this afternoon, being
started by a communication from
WASHINGTON, Jan. 11. Attorney Untermeyer, attorney for the house
committee investigating the so-called money trust, forced George Baker,
who was on the stand agajn today, to admit that the concentration of vast
.wealth in the hands of a few captains of finance is a serious and growing
menace to the freedom of the nation and to its industrial prosperity.
L1U11.1jII E UaiVii UA
.' ..V .
V - f. T.
m'i-,utJ. dt
-Doc-. (William T.) IfohsarraV city
and ' county meat anil food inspector,
1 slated to go the way of oe Richard,
milk lntpector, by the Democratic sup
ervisor, that way; of course, beta; the
well-trodden !path of dismissal'!
- ;Dr.A. R. Rowat the veterinary iur
treon, t an applicant for Monsamt's
job, it was stated this morning. " but
no decision as to hi appointment has
yer been "made." The place is consid
ered a good political plum to land, and
there may be others after itV " -r
placed ' for E. J. Gay;, Democrat as
ml lie inspector by the board "several
dtiys 'ago. V Yesterday the . board. re
ceived a protest from Tentorial Veter
luarrian Norgaard throagh the . board
of agriculture and forestry, "Th board
of . agriculture is: carrying ou an ex
tensive and Important tuberculin test
for '-. dairy- and; other Jierds In 1 tht Is
lands and it is'' declared that Richard
should not be displaced for an untried
man.-; On this point' the report of the
led to the supervisors for thei cogita
tion, saya:'- ' , ': --.y..
To replace him .with as absolutely
inexperienced man' Would practically
- -'-. : :fV VT-
(Continued on jPagt 7)
The street-car paving controversy
between the Honolulu Rapid Transit
and Land Company and the city and
county has been settled amicably, and
the active work of laying the paving
between the tracks along King street
from the' King street bridge to Nuuanu
street will begin next Monday.
This wa the information 'received
by Superintendent of Public Works H.
K. Bishop this morning In a letter
from Manager C. G. Ballentyne, of the
Rapid Transit company. 'Mayor Fern
confirmed the news by telephone.' It
is understood at the capltol building
that the settlement is the result of a
compromise which will' permit the
company to use ohia blocks.
Manager Ballentyne stating that the
company Intended to begin the' work
on Monday morning.
Chairman Petrie of the road com
mittee wanted the sense of the board,
especially on the matter of foundation,
the company stating that it Intended
to use rock filling.
Reports of Hideous Torture Given Victim
ir- Gf Brutal Turks; ReacK Athens an '
' Start City Blazing With Indinnati:
, '-Thirty In All Slain; Many Of Th :
aGhildren -T Greeks 'Demanding R2
rieVval of. VVar-Bulgars Issue Oinci
Statemcint. Showing- Loss of 21,C
J ATHENS; Greece Jaru llwThis cityi blazing ajjairi vith oxciteme-l
such as ha not been seen since the early days of the war with Turkey. P :
porta from the little village of Ksrm'uza, in the province of Eplruj, te'I C
the wanton massacre by, Moslems of thirty women and children, tt::
they worshipped the cross, and refusedf to.depy their rtlljlon.
i The. dispatches repeat in full tha horror of the tortures which tht C
rnsn Inflicted before he finally killed his, victims. Little folk, were bur
w:th lishtsd elflarettes, and were forced to witness the d;raiitl:n cf t:
mother. iTh iwomin. were 'assaulted and burned : with firs tnnij, c
thrown lillve Into burning houses after having been vietatsd.V.
, ' Whan the new of this outrage reached here the crow i ts;:n f;rr.!
in front of; the riewtpaper, offices and near .-the government fcu;:iir-:, t
raandlng'lnstant renewal. of hostilities with Turkey, and ven;:ir.c f;r t
lives taken at .Kerrnlsza. It was with- difficulty that the police have en
able to'keep order In the' streets. X :' -,...v. .
BUtGAR Losses'
1 SOFIA; ;'-Cu1:irla.'Jan. 11- Th-s rir dr-;r--t h I
t """ Vet ts I'"1 v;r-'-.i -durlnj tha.-r wiih 1
f.; i.. ii ..-to' hundred and tw soliisrs were "
wotnd4 cr't-iierod from, slcknsss d'jrlnj the can--; . ..
cr cent.wtrc saved bjr the tur;
I"- LONDON, 'Jari. 1ft The peace' cb nf erence her I ! a t M ccl. ' Ti
qudstlOi) of the surrender of Adrianopte Is proving unsolvabtt apparently, 2
addltional' strain has been placed upon : the conference by tha reports . c :
fresh Turkish atrocities' In th province of Eplru. v v
WASHINGTON, Jan. 11 The committee that l Invesfgatlng thjh',--rlng
trust-today issued a summons for;.PIerpont Morgan, who Is now in
rope. It wa stated that the committee desires to learn from the f:-nt:!i
head the exact facta of th formation of the International Mercantile Mr! ,
the hug aggregation ef capital thatjs said ; to eomplstsly . damlnats t.v ?
trad, of'th world, and to control by far the larger part of ths trans-Atlant;;
shipping.-' 1 . i I; J- y , x - '
: .IThe morning' session of the committee proved Intensely inttrestlr;.
Witnesses appeared who testified that the shipping trust controls not only
the trade on the east coast of the continent, but that it has is grip firm!
en the Pacific coast trade aa well". The committee was Informed that
so-called London conference dictated terms' for Pacific charters, and rat: j
a easily as it doe those of vessels between New York or Coston and Liver-
Af - t :; : . - ' t .' . ' -' -J- ''t-v- '' V ' I ;- v
m . - - .. ' ' -
' ' ':"v Associate Trt CaUeT' T l' '': ,
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 11-The golden state Is still frost bound. Re
ports from practically all over California show that th sever weather
continue with Increasing damage to the crop. More than four hundred ;
students from Leland SUnford and University of California have been call
ed back horn to assist their rancher fathers In ;flghting th frost and
repairing the damage thatha been done.-":--. - :"r: ', ; '-.
f AMOcUted Pres CabUl . -
. BUFFALO, New York, Jarull'Fra Albertu er Elbert Hubbard, to
alv hi real name, pleaded guilty to. having cent obscene matter throu;V
the mail and was sentenced to a fine of $100.. The sentence was us
pnded. The other, who stood accused of th same offense also pleaded
guilty and were let off with a warning and on their promise not to offend;
again. . ; ' .' ' -:- a V"1
Archbald Vote
Associated Pran . Cable . . !-f vj; -.'.;:VC;
WASHINGTON, D. C Jan. 11 It 'wae ;tated here today tha 5 the.;
senate will probably reach a vote on the case of Judge Archbald, the com-;
merce court Jurist accused of using his office for gain, and other Illegal
A 1 - 1.. lu....tl.liii,f. ...I I. D..Mlulll,'' ' U
icu in cu n nee liu n wnn uruo irinMEtiii vv rsnininanM.: .w
guess was ventured as to the division
Castro Remains In Toils
Associated Presi CaUel ' i , '
NEW YORK, Jan. 11-Senor Castro, former president of Venezuela, ha
lost his application for a writ of habeas corpus and must remain on . Ellis
Island until the immigration offlcfals at WasWogton have decided what to do
in his case. A board of Inquiry Will handle his case. -?;-'V-'
Russia Pulls Mongolia
AsmwUU J ,PrMS Cabll , Ju :yK:;:
ST. PETERSBURGS, Jan. 11- It was learned here today that Russia
is doing her best to persuade Mongolia to sign a treaty offensive and de
fensive with Japan, and to declare thereby her independence cf China.
The hands of the Great Power are believed to be against such a sch err
and It may lead to serious international complications, r -v ;r'
TnEr'H'T 01
and r;:i2iJ.l..s cc,;r;
of the vote.

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