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From S. Y.i
Siberia l.ur!in l.'th
Fr S. F.:
Nile-!,urlitie, .lau I'l
From Vancouver:
Marama. Jan. 'J.
For VanrooTfr:
Makuru, Jan. 28.
F.veniug Bulletin. Kst. lfc&2. No. ."i 4 42
Hawaiian Star, Vol. XX. No. 643.
r&M i 2:30
i i!wii-i Edition
I B r
-: U.;'
nnnnynmc mi t we
County Committee
Flouted by Special
Body Appointed
to Secure Patron
age from Board of
and Bigger
Row Coming Say
the Political Wie
There Is war in the all", and the spe
cial -committee appointed by the Demo
cratic county'': committee to "confer
with tie supervisors and reach some
'to&etaioa rregarding appointments" la
at Co be the storm center.
It leaked put this morning that tho
committee? ) has ; declined to "attempt
to coerce or influence the board of su
perTlaor" r regarding Appointments,
nnd that It will act In ah' advisory ca
o pacity only v
. ' iTUls la just what the county com
:' mittee does not want It to do, and not
' at all what the v parent body meant
when It appointed O.' J. Waller, Wtflt
McCandless, Wlrti. Trent and ethers.
. to get together-- and. formulate soma
; policy whereby 4he present friction oe-
. tween, tbk county .oommlttee; :d;t)iatl
ts B '
. ooaxa might, oe amootnea oown. ana , - , - -
- the w,heels of the 1 Bourbon machine -y- ". r- "
vrada to rcToiTe wtth wen cited easevrSupervisor Petrie Has Plan for
Ane thoroughly thrashing out tnv
plans lor "reaching the supervisors.'
the jpeclal committee last Saturday ar
tcrnoon , adopted a resolution, by an;
i unanimous vote, which provides tha1. '
the committee "wlll""h6t attempt lo -
Influence the board in the making of
appointments, but will act merely ii
an advisory capacity, for the best in-
terests of the city and county and fcr
, the Democratic party. y,:
Just what this last, phrase of tha
' resolution may mean none of the mem-
ber of the committee would say. G.
J. Waller positively declined to make
. any statement regarding the nature
of the work that has been done br
the committee and it was Impossible
to catch Link McCandless. The other
lr.-mbrs were equally mute, although
one of them, admitted that there ii
every prospect of a glorious old rov
when the report of the commiteef U
filed with the board of supervisors,
and the 'machine makers of the county
committee learn who the creature they
themselves created has turned to reni
ihem. .-'
"We are good Democrats and wou!d
like to see an effective organization
built up within the party, but none of
us could see our way clear to con
structing a machine at the expense cf
the city and county."
One of the frst results of the action
taken by the special committee will
he, is Is said, the dropping of the fight
cu Thurston, for the time at least
Whether he will be allowed to remain
in oftlce permanently, remains to Le
seen. It is certain that Mayor Fern
will get rid of him as soon as possible,
jand equally certain that the five ii
aurrectos In the board, will stick to
their guns to the bitter end. There Is
every possibility that the fight which
started over the question of patronage
in the board will be carried to the
rounty committee, still further widen-
Ing the rift that has appeared in the
Democratlc lute. gate Ji77.226.13, the land estimated at
Another result of the committee's o 6? per square fODt or a total of
stand may come with the ousting of $io2,22C15, and the building at $75,000.
Whitehouse. It is understood that one He was the fjrft witness called by the
of the members of the special body Sovernment when the Manuka con
has been fighting hard to supplant the ,H mnation hearing was resumed in the
present city and county engineer with s. district court today, and his
another man, wnuiemore. oi uo. uu-
rnor had it that this committeeman
agreed to the resolution only after he
bad been assured that his man would
be hoisted into control of the engineet
A special meeting of the Honolulu
chamber of commerce will be held
Weduesdav afternoon at 3 o'clock at
which time the members of the Chi-
rese merchants' association of the city '
will appear before the chamber to pre-
nt a reouest to the effect that the
chamber pass a resolution favoring
the recognition of the new republic of
China by the government of the Unit
ed States.
Special prices on SAFES till Jan. 1st
to make room for new stock.
Phone 2WS
JSerckaat aid Alalea.
o-o o-o
UI1B.I I I Will
Member of snecial body, that floats
the Eoarbon machlnemaaers.
t ,
piiH-nri Thorn in Pino Chaho
Before Carnival Date
Aside from having the coming Floral
Tfrade and Carnival the biggest an3
most successful events of their kind,
the committees in charge of the dlf-
ft rent departments of these two events
will endeavor to have the streett in the
business center of the city payed and
otherwise Improved before the time of
trie commencement of the festivities.
Lester Petrie, chairman of the road
committee of the board of supervisor,
has presented to the heads of the dif-
firent .committees, a plan whe-ety he
Vili endeavor to induce the present
board of supervisors to have the
atreets in that part of ihe city, over
viiich the parade will pass, in the best
condition possible for "the event. On
certain parts of King street, in the
businss center, the streets become
wtn muij immediately after a
rtin amj, according to Mr. Petrie, if
tLege portions of .the streets are pav-
etj thiS condition could be avoided.
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Tax Assessor Charles T. Wilder
this morning testified that in his
opinion the property at the corner of
King aud Fort streets, known as the
E 0 Halj site js WOrtn in the aggre-
examination occupied the greater
part of the morning.
Counsel for the government and for
the Austin estate, the owners, both
expect to finish the present case by
Thursday. The next and final suit
will le to deterr.se the valuation of
the lease on this same property by
K. O. Hall & on and it probably
will be brief.
jj xt Xt H
8 Archie A. Young, the local bus- 8i
inessman. who has been ill at his tj
t home for the past week, was re-
t ported this morning as tiding in 4 j
tt a greatly improved condition. Mr. J
t Yuunc was taktn sick last Von- tSi
tt day. and his illness was thought H
' at first to be serious, but the doc- 1
: tors think that he will be able to tt
, B bo about again in a few days. Jl
l5 t;888848888888
xv-. '
LawyExperts Hold Powers of
Superintendent of Public
Usnlvi1tl i Vi r err, f C rrwc..
for indorsement of any municipal
charter which contemplates taking
over from the territory powers given
under the organic act and uot to be
affected merely by territorial legisla
tion. In particular, the present pow
ers vested in the superintendent of
pnblic works by the organic act and
relating to franchises, etc., cannot at
once be turned over to municipal con;
IroL Congress must approve such a
move, and any new city charter that
includes the transfer of such powers
from the territory to the municipality
must be given congressional Indorse
ment. Such is the conclusion that promi
nent members of the committee cf
twenty-five, now at work on the pro
posed short-ballot or commission form
of government, have reached after an
uncompleted study of the subject.
' The members of the committee have
been proceeding on the principle of
"the whole thing or. nothing," as they
put It. That is, they think, if a change
la to be madethe city should no long
er, be hampered by the present dual
government and frequent duplication
of work or clash of territorial and mu
nicipal jurisdiction. The new charter,
aa It has framed itself, tentatively in
their minds, would give the city con
trol of practically everything in" and
on the island of Oahiu r The city would
take i over. "tiie, waterworks afid the
lighting plant and wotihX operate and
conjjpl hnmbef ddepartmcrita now
andle &heterrjtorir
jfere, ia i v&ere iine, eipertff de
clare that Washington's approval must
be obtained. It Is stated that the su
perintendent of public worKs has cer
tain powers given him under the or
ganic act that cannot be taken away
and turned over to the city by an act
of the territorial legislature.
Should this idea be upheld, the next
legislature could not finally determine
the city charter and put it into effect
eVen if the proposed short-ballot plan
should be adopted and a bill to that ef
fect pass 'the territorial lawmakers.
The bill would then have to be sent to
Washington for approval.
A score or more Gilbert Islanders,
who are numbered among the labor
ers on the Father Emanuel Rougier
coccinut plantation on Christmas and
Fanning irlands in the south seas
now face starvation
A cable urging an immediate ship
ment of supplies was received at Ho
nolulu Saturday afternoon.
Immediately following the receipt
of this message, the schooner Luka
was hauled from the marine railway
and made ready for sea. It is ex
pected that the vessel will be able
to depart for Fanning and Christmas
islands taking sixty or more tons of
provisions, including fresh meat, and
other lines of supplies by Tuesday
evening cr Wednesday morning at the
The coK y of cable operators in
the employ of the British cable board
at the Fanning Island relay station
are in but little better fix than the
native workers on me cocoanut plan
tation as far as provisions are con
cerned. The British rteamer Kestrel was
expected to mv-h Honolulu the early
part of December, and take on the
accumulation f freight destined for
Fanning. Delays in sailing from Van
couver followed with the result that
the vessel is now reported to have
sailed from the British Columbian
port oh last Friday. With every
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The management of the Moana Ho
tel will give a dance on Tuesday even
ing in honor of the first-caoin passen
gers of the three transports 'r port
at that time. The local army iiiiu
navy and society folks of the city are
cordially invited to attend. advertisement.
Jurist Found
igures In
S - : e 14.4. '"
-: -.4 vvt j, i-?! , v
of .the L. 8. comraerce court, connot
ed ef gross misuse cf his high federal
; f i By CiACBERT- -
Special Stan-Bulletin Wireleasl
Sugar and champagne.
Such is the iconoclastic and curious
bill of fare announced by the ways and
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..; y
I mat mm viuina) mm " ,
mmmmo ship
Charles F. Wood, Who Holds Contract for Great Hilo Break
water, Buys Kosmos Liner Sesostris, High and Drtf on
Coast of Guatemala, and Engineers Remarkable Salvage.
Will Net More Than $100,000 Through' Listening to Ro
mantic Sea Yarn
To find an ocean-going steamship in
perfect condition high and dry on t
Vest coast of South America, some
cieaty feet trora high water mark,
with grasse. climbing its iron sidos.
and palrcs shading its t. ridge; to buy
the "'wreck" for a song, dig it oat of
its sandy grnve, cut a channel to the
open sea, and then sail away on it to
civilization and a tremendous financial
profit; this reads like one of Frank It
Stockton's yams, or a chapter f vim
Ciark Russell. But fact, not fiction,
s this story, for Charles F. Wood,
vi; e president mid general manager of
tie Breakwater Company of Philadel
phia, bas done all of th'e things enum
erated all but the sailing away, that is
and within a ftw weeks.- he win do
ibiit al.-o. tliertby writing fnis to a
t. le of wreck, discovery and salvage.
ronwntic and improbable as any
tht could be evolved by an niagina
t:ve writer of sea tales. .
Mr. Vood"s half-buried treasure is
the steamship Sesosfis, and on Janu
a)y 4 he sailed froaj Honolulu, for
I -Vt
m"Mm!W$mM hi -- -
! Stern view of the old Kosmos liner, showing luxuriant growth of
grass around the hull.
Guilty And
; FenosylranLt, personal friend and po-
Utlcal ally of Archbald, who stack
with him to the lasL --
TON, of Alabama, chairman 1 of tke
House committee of Impenekment
managers pnd man who condacted
case against Archbald. '
(V or, Guatemala. a?eompanied by uis
v ife and sou Donald, to ralte the
b'tars and Stripes on the old ship, and
s:il her to San Francisco under her
own steam.
The story of the Sesostris of her
extraordinary grounding, her long
sleep in a cradle of sand, the attempts
to float her, and the final succestul
salvage by i man who wasn't afraid
to "take a chance" would be received
with ceneral incredulity if it were not
l(,r the fact that every condition as
Mated is vouched for by the camera,
and by the statements of reputable
eye witnesses of events.
The Sesostris was one of the Kos
r. os liners, operated by a German com
pany along the coasts of Noth and
South America around Cape Horn, to
H.-mburg. Nearly six years ago. or ia
March, 1'jOT, to Le exact, the ship came
to the port of Ocos, Guatemala, for ,
1 - - ' - t
a cargo of coffee. Ocos is an open
urdstead on the Pacific Fide. Thero
no harbor and no wharf, and tne
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By Vote of Sixty-Eight Ayes to Five Nays
the Upper House Declares Pennsylvania
Jurist Un
Any, Office of Profit or Trust Under Ihe
GbrimtKhr(e Votes For I His
Man-Scene in Seriate Chamber Dra-
tAMOdatHI Prw Cabiel .-' - iD cr-U- ." '
' WASHINGTON, Jan. 13. Bya vole of sixty-eight to f ye ttnate to
day decldtd that Judge Robert W. Archbald, the Pennsylvania jurist accut
ed of malfeasance In office, and having used his post under the government
to further certain coal deals ln -whiche he was financially Intsrttted, was
guilty of five of the thirteen charges and disbarred him. u The sentence Im
posed by the senate, carries with it the clause prohibiting . Archbald from
ever again holding any off ice of honor,' profit or ..-'trust": under the United
States government; -." ' :' i ' :', ' .
; Tho scene when the final vote onthe long trial came was dramatic ht
Its silent Intensity.. There was hot at tound save the voice of the clerk
calling the roll of senators, and the anawer of the solon named. ? .
At the long roll continued and the votes for the conviction of the Jur
ist mounted upward, the strain. Increased. The pays were Penrose, 8enator
Burnham, Senator Catron, 8enator Paynter and Senator Oliver,
i judge Archbald was accused of using hit office to procure favors from
railroads and other powerful corporations, and. a number of specific allega
tions against him were made, eight of which formed the definite basis of
Impeachment proceedings, "'"''i.-:'r:;'-':-v-' '''V "-'-r're
VOn May 4 last -the-house voted to order 4 an ' Investigation of Jui;
Archbald's conduct, the Inquiry being made by the committee en Judlc' y,
Previously President Taft had tent a message to the house submitting t
flnillnjt of Attorney-General Wlckertham In tao ease, '---.Chairman C!a.:n
of the house Judiciary committee had conduct of the case after the ho: 3
ojerathttinvettisatloi-..'i 4 ;-: " "
On MayV21, after thlt Investigation, ; the, house Judiciary ..yeommltta
voted to ImpeachJudge Archbald for accepting corporation favors and ti
Ing InCfuehceoV' lnTia- o'ecielens wb"y - tuchrYaVoTtTh4tr1af cf the case c st
under way on July 18 and the preliminaries of. lmpeachment xttrit ov:r
several months. The trial wat carried-on' "the? home, with Cr.-n.s-man
Clayton In charge, before the senate? sitting aa a Jury. The actual t.4
arings before the senate were begun o?December-S.--V'?
Judge Archbald it from Pennsylvania and was appointed to the com
merce court by President Taft on January 31, 191 f,- Hf It a circuit jud:s
and hit tenure on the commerce court bench wat to have been four years,
after which, had he not; been found guilty, he would ha v e returned to the
third circuit In." Pennsylvania, , ; v ; ;- - '
Thlt case it the ninth Impeachment In the history of the Unite! States
Two previous convictions only are recorded. T-. Judge Archbald and his attor
neyt and friends have strenuously denied that hf had acted Improperly In
his relatione with the corporations ant) explained various transitions by say
ing they were purely of a business nature: .' :
One of the most damaging charges now sustained it that he wat Inter'
ested in various railroad properties and gave devlsiona yln- litigation that
would terve hie interests. t - - .- : ';--,'.'' .,'--
William Goland of Scrantan, Pa, ft generally believed to be the, man
who hat secured Archbatd't downfall. Goland preferred charges against
Archbald before the interstate, commerce commission, and ihlt wat; fokr
lowed by the attorney-general's . Investigation. . ; ; . - y ;;
Progressives Only For
- TRENTON, N. J., Jan. 13. President-elect Wilson today announced J
that he has definitely decided that he will appoint no one but prog rest I vet
for hit cabinet. He wants, he says; none of the so-called "stand pat Demo
crats" in hit cabinet, or In responsible positions under hit administration
during hit term In office.
Thlt statement Is taken as a direct blow at the Tammany'-Belmont-,
Ryan faction of the "party, which tried to impose its will on the
convention in Baltimore and failed, it meant. It it taid by the political
wise ones here that Governor Wilson hat determined to make hit ad- '
ministration as progressive as his political addresses during the campaign :
promised that it would be.
Ohio River In Flood
CINCINNATI, Ohio, Jan. 13. The Ohio river is in flood today. The latY
est reports from the river gauges show the level to be sixty feet above the
normal mark, and still riling. More than five thousand people are homeless V.
in this city and above, and the flooded territory is constantly increasing In
size. The state and federal governments have already begun the annual
work of rescue and care of the destitute. ;
Powers Agree On Terms - ?
LONDON, Jan. 13. The Great Powers have agreed upon the terms
which they propose to force upon Turkey uniest something definite is done
at the peace conference here durng the week. Turkey will have to evacu
ate Adrianople and will be forced to pay an indemnity of sixty-two million
dollars to the allies.
Refined Sugar Cut Five
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13. Refined sugar dropped five cents on the ; . .'
local market here today, following dispatches from the Eastern centers,-
where is is reported to have been under fire. - ,
The transport Sherman, which was
delayed ten days in Manila, sailing
December 24 instead of December 15.
in order to make connections at Ho
nolulu with the transports Logan and
Sheridan, is expected in port early
this afternoon with a light passenger
list in both first and second class,
and troop quarters. The meeting
here of the three transports is to al-
j low the return of the Fifth Cavalry oaj
the Sheridan, the federal regulations -regarding
life boats being complied -with
when two ships travel In con '
I sort. -. . v - v
j The Sheridan, carrying the Fourth, -Cavalry,
and toe Logan, with the
Twenty-fifth Infantry,. and the 10th,
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