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Yrom S. Y.x
Siberia-Lurline, Kth
rt 8. F.
Nlle-Lurlrnc. Jan. 21
From Tanroaten
Marama, Jan. 29.
For TanceiTrrt
Masura, Jan. 28.
ii ...
Kvening Bulletin Eat. 1882, No. 5443
Hawaiian Star, Vol. XX, No. 481
iST. i it If U 1 I r I I I I I I I 11 lV - Al , v I i I I I 7 I i
iii i i
Young: Fourth tava!rymanIs
Taken 111 as Sheridan n
: tos the Harbor- .
-y': - -
Discovery of Illness Means Men
. ? Must Go Into Special Camp.
' ; at Schoiicld Barracks
Twenty-thret": hundred rtflea and
, sabrca were' added Mo the army of
Of hu tela morning. Two troop ahlpt .
. carrying live organltatlona .destined
, for service In Hawaii, tied op to the
; v waterfront at "an 'early hour, and an
-' n.orn!ng the wharrea : hummed with
the activities of dU embarkation, -nlle
men fortunate enough to secure leave
thronged the atreeta. getting their firtt
'- eUht of the city that is to be t elr
. amusement headquarters for the next
three years: - All this army Increase is
rot permanent, however,' for the aame
; f transport that brings the Fourth Car.
. : , lUry to Oahu, will Uke the Fifth Car
. :J . airy, back to the Statec. ; The perman-
; ent increase ititbe mobile army U
one fall regiment . of mfantry, Hie
' - Twenty-fifth, colored, .while the coast
V'. artillery Js Increased by three- com
panies, the: 10th, esth and 75th. The
v; -A Fourth , &r,ajrx merely relieves th
' Fifth. : r'-';;'-v.j.
d?- TLsLlt. tt -'tit":! tUt -teU ? tow .
; 1ht- Fourth Cviltt"'it tho moment
,r.th?t the rc?!ment we4ab4ut to tov;V
tvfv-T? Hawsilaa t-.L" Jhi man' was stricken;
- w'1h 1-r.nf rilaAftt ftlfflngl as
the Sheridan's nose touched the Raij
roaa wnarr, ana u me ressis am en
tire detachment of ; recruits." 248 in
numher,' together "with the offlecrs m
' charge mill be placed In rigid quaran
tine for three weeks. ; . -; , ,
: The Shdridan had already been pass
ed by the federal quarantine officers.
Rnd preparations were being; made to
j ship th ang plank, when one of th
vv lecmits was see to stagger and keel
5 over Into the arms of, his companions
- 4 Medical aid was rushed to him, an 1
' the case was dlajtrnosed as spinal men
J- InglUs. No one was permitted to leave
or board the ship, until the health ar
. -. thorities were , notified, ' and ; In the
meantime the recruits were segregated
Ouarantine Camp.: .. v
; On account of this unfortunate ind
dent,' the entire recruit v detachment
will be hurried to Schofleld Barracks
by, train; this kfternoon; ahead-of th"
rest of the cavalrymen, nd will be ea
. tabllshed in a quarantine camp there.
Officers and men will be cut off from
the rest of the troops, and a strong
guard posted to see that no one es
capes from the lines. .
"It's piece of exceptionally hard
luck." said . Colonel ,W. D. Beach, the
Fourth's commanding officer, in speak
ing of the complication. "There waj
not a single case of measles or mumps
among the recruits, which is excep
tional, and here when we are within
biscuit toss of the end of the voyage,
this' unusual and unexpected disease
turns up. There is nothing for it, how
ever, but a' strict quarantine, and
everything will be done to guard
against any possible, contagion. The
recruits and ther officers with them
will bo sent to Schofleld Barracks on
a special train this afternoon, and they !
will have to put up with tne inconvec
iences of a. quarantine camp for tht
required time "
Record Arrival.
The arrival of troops including the
three arms of the service caused the
biggest stir that has been felt in thU
department since its establishment.
This is by far the largest arrival of
troops for station Here, and what with
the, Logan and Sheridan coming in,
and the transport Sherman also in
port from Manila, with a large num
ber of officers and men, the whole
town is turned over to the army to
The coming of the Twenty-fifth In
fantry, is in Itself an important event
as the regiment is the first colored
organization to be designated for ser
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Regal Motor Cars
2 Two passenger
2 Four passenger
1 Five passenger
Call and Inspect.
Merchant & Alakea, Phone 264S
Lively Scenes At
n 'ft I ii' w n FI ? CT n FT IT t? n n rr n
y u .' . - -
ii .... ' "T -i :
Top wlcture Left," wives of enlisted men aboard Xegaji, waiting for h
of the Twenty-flfth Infantry on the L ogan this morning. Bottom-Bight,
Roster of Officers of Com
mands Which Reached Here
This Morning Shows Many
Prominent in Military and So
c;al Circles Throughout the
Fourth (';vatry it
Col. William I). Deach. com-
manding officer. H
To be stationed at Schofield a
5 Barracks, in the quarters left va- tl
3 cant t;y the Fifth Cavalry. a
3 Tnenty-fiftli Infantry S
i Col. 1 V. V. Kennon, com- 8
3 manding officer. tl
4 To te stationed at Schofield 3
3 Barracks. H
3 Tenth 1'ompnny ( o;j.t Artillery H
3 Capt. Norris Stayton, com- tl
3 manding officer. tl
3 To be stationed at Fort de Rus- tl
3 sy.
3 Sixty-eighth Company ( oast tl
3 Artillery 3
3 Capt. G. A. Taylor, command- H
3 lng officer. 8
3 To be stationed at Fort Kame- tt
3 hameha. tl
3 Seienty-flfth Company (oast tt
3 Artillery. 8
3 Capt. C. Jones, commanding of- tt
3 ficer. tt
3 To be stationed at Fort Kame- 8
3 hameha. 8
Many of the officers whose names
RBI m CO 1 1 U DS 20TH
. . ' m m.
appear on the roster of the commands
which reached' Honolulu on the trans
ports Logan and Sheridan this morn
ing are we l known in the military
and social r ?les of the United States.
Some of them, particularly the older
and higher in rank have won fame in
military exploits during the Indian
wars and not a few of them gained
promotion through their merits shown
in the fight3 with Filipinos and in
Cuba, when the Spanish-American war
was on. Tbe list of officers of the
commands fo'io'.a:
Officers of t.i Fourth Cavalry are:
Col. W. n. Teac'i. Lt. Col. J. G. Gal
braith. Major I.. Hardeman. Captain
Scherer. Catp r. O Shea. Capt. J. S.
Fair, ('apt. b. t leman. Capt. J. E.
Pechet. Capt. C. L'riand, Capt. G. X.
Kimball, Fir.st Lieutenants J. Righter.
J. S. Stedje. V. B. Renziehausen, W.
C. Gardenhir- f. C. Megill, L. V.
Prunty. W. S. Martin. S. W. Cook.
O. X. Tvler. 11. Si'. ion. C. K. Lyman,
R. H. Cheny. H. E. Hall. E. G. Cul
lum, R. S. Donaldson. P. J. Keiffer.
H. H. C. Richards. A. L, P. Johnson,
A. C. Ri:dd. II. A. Flint. W. Halle.
George Armitag-; Vetn. A. L. Mason.
Officers of the Twenty-fifth Infan
try: Col. L. W. V. Kennon, Majors
V. A. Caldwell, E. B. Gose and R. L.
Butts, Captains S. P. Lyon, C. L.
Willard. J. B. Hunt. W. S. Wygant.
C. F. Bates. Marshall Childs, W. G.
Fleischhauer, G. Steunenberg, W. S.
Mapes and Martin Xorvac, Lieutenants
C. B. Crusan, C. A. Meale. W. C.
Whitener, Chaplain C. J. Scott. J. R.
Higgins, A. L. Hump. C. H. Rich, R.
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' ::. I,
:-.!. . .;..-v ,
i sic
asbands to come ashore. Right, soldiers lining deeks of Sheridan, 'tlewlng '
t he tranHrt Sheridan docked on the Ewa side of the harbor this morning.
nin nrriTiirn s
For four days the Matson Navigation
steamer Lurline bucked the roughest
kind of weather.
The liner reached port shortly before
one o'clock this afternoon, the work of
entering being greatly facilitated
through the services rendered by Dr. I.
J. Shepaid, who. connected with the
Federal quarantine service, gave the
vessel pratique, resulting In the Lur
line steaming direct to a berth at
Hackfeld wharf.
Captain Weeden decided to change
his course a trifle with a view to avoid
ing heavy seas and strong gales that
prevailed after leaving San Francisco.
The Lurline brought 49 cabin and
seven steerage passengers. Three
thousand tons freight will be dis
charged at Honolulu and Kahului. lt
is the intention to dispatch the liner
for the Maui port on Thursday even
ing. Fifteen brand new auios were in
cluded in the cargo.
Seven blooded do?3, the property of
army otricers, were numbered among
ihe live stock.
Further plans for the improvement
of Captitol square were discussed by
the Governor tnis morning with a com
mittee of women represents ting the
civic improvementclubs. They now
ask that in addition to the removal of
the iron picket fence around the capi
tol building a driveway be laid to the
government building from the corner
of ing and Richards streets.
Y, JAN. 14, 11113. -12 PAGES.
' ' . '
Conference of the Powers in London Decided That the Balkan
States Will Take Up the Rifle Again Unless the Mussle
man Agrees to Submit to the Terms Proposed
AssodaUJ Press Cablr
LONDON, Jan. '14. One more chance to escape further conflict Is'to
be given the Turk. Such was the decision of the allies in conference this
morning. It was then agreed that unless the Ottoman decides to yield to the
demands made bv the joint note ef the Great Powers the Balkan states will
once more attack him all along the line, and if possible drive him out of
Dispatches from Constantinople deeclare that the Sultan and his advia
ore have practically agreed that the terms which have been submitted to
them are imoossible to grant and that the only thing to be tone la to re
sort again to arms. The dispatches
tinople now is that the army ta sufficiently recuperated to meet tne aines
and that the drain upon the resources of the latter haa been so tremendous
that they cannot continue the conflict Ion?.
Assoi-lated Pthbb Cable
BATTLE CREEK, Mich., Jan. 4.
weight pug, was arrested here today b Federal officials, who charge that he
is attempting to jump his ban .bond of $30,000, on which he is being held to
await trial on a number of charges. He was accompanied by his white wife.
Johnson denied that he was attempting to escape, and explained the pres
ence of a ticket to Toronto, by saying that, he is going there to meet his
managerregarding the terms of a possible fight with Al. Palzer In Parle.
It is' believed that the Chicago authorities will cancel his bail and hold
him for rial behind some good stout bars.
Assocmcea rres Cable
BOISE, Idaho, Jan. 14. The State legislature today re-elected Senator
William E. Borah to succeed himself in .the United States senate. Thia is
regarded as a distinct victory for the progressives.
. " -
.V'n ? ' -' V: K
their aew home. Bottom Left,' nes ,
Photos by A. R. Ourrey, Jr.
declare that the feeling in Constan
Jack Johnson, the champion heavy
r i nil i ii . i f i
n u n i ii
i i h i i i ii p j & i i
I I I II :' I -
1 1
II l . II II I iil 11 ,
II II II I II - 1 i 1 1 i' I
ts y U 4-a W W -3 J
W . i w w J
Ship Manures to C::! Off t:.:
Recks Undr Hr Cn i w...r
and Weils fcrvC r'-.V.l.: :
i Muke PascnD cf I..- C.. .1
much excitE!::1t i:i r;
Trairpcrt Qzxzz r.':y ! )
Pert to D::!c ct I.: I::
Whcrf v.rji i::r Crc? cr L-
c!s Sam's .Sc. M.ir3 ., .
With over twefve hundred souli ci
beard, the U ailed States arny trzr
port - Lcaa, . froa L'ra' Ttzzz', :--,
which arrived off the pert at e'::a
o'clock last nizht. was t:Ii a pr'- r
on the coral reef thst r""?-i t:o c -trance
to tha pert cf 1 1 -" " '
C Rssilalns-trri ar ! , : r : V -?sc
cf aa tc-rt tt: ..
tc2i:5nles cf ta '.Twcr.ty-i.';i I-
try. ccast artir.-ry, r 1 l:v :
FVst aai EeccnJ ; .,, r:
t nailed, ilircc . L c. .1 . :' ; 1 5
gala c"T3 wstrr,": I ; " -
fcrocit to a tcrti tt C : .
" The Lbsxn U Ctci-r. : lj z : . . '
military men as havlnj cc-i f . .
Ihle contact lth tta ttz!. z:.'
rjent was maia -this rzzrz'.zz ttzl
over an hoar the vessel cxasLcJ l: I
jarred ta an exteat that mucS a'jr;
was spread amocs tie hunreJ3 ct
troops and others who traver.ci trz a
the coast to the ls!aai la tls Lc:i
Captain a V. WU.'laris, a vct:na
navigator In the U. 8. ar:y tra-; :r.
service,'' positively declined to tzil j
any sort of statement; concert!::; tl
accident when approached by. ncwr;
permen this mornlas'' '-, : : -
You can simply tata for me that
! have nothing to say," was the ttiri
response Touched by the s!ci;;cr, to
appeared in sot ' the test cf hun:r,
when he learned that the story cf tl j .
Logan touching on the reef, had c.i
ed general currency over the; eztlrs
Ship. ' .-.'r ' : ' ' ' '
Dlsclpllna 8ptsnditf .'
The grounding of the tcaviJy lad:a
troopship before mlinJjht cans - i
much anxiety among the passer -crs
lor a time. As Is the. usual this? la
military circles, the best of dlscljll-s
was' observed by 'all ca beard. - De
spite the fact that the t!x vccnel rcse
and felt with the swell, and each cove
ment was recorded by a jolt that vi
brated throughout the ship, calm and
quiet prevailed. - 7 - A ' - -.The
Logan, nine days from 2aa
francisco, is said to have experienced
a rather uneventful trti cotU her ar
rival off the port Iat night. . . . ; "
MI thought tha the bottom won! J be
torn out of the ship the way she pessd-
ed," was the emphatic comment from 7
one army officer on leaving tbe vessel
this morning. ; . hy:' ' - ' '-
From what could tM learned tha
vessel was not leaking as a result of
coming In contact. with the reet
Captain -Williams -bad evidently
sworn Officers . under his jurisdiction
to secrecy, for "to all intents and pur-
poses the bureau of information was
tightly .closed on the navigation bridge
and deck of the troopship. ' :
Below however," the, military p-'
sengers tailed to cotneide with 1 the
skipper's brand of silence. Many ofr
fleers as well as enlisted men freely
discussed what to them appeared to
be a thrilling finale of their voyage ;
to the Hawaiian Islands. -
Sail Tomorrow.
The Logan, lt was expected, would
sail for the Philippines by the way
of Guam on or about ten o'clock to-
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The management of the.Moana Ho
tel will give a dance this evening in
honor of the first-cabin passengers of
the three transport;' in port,-at thla
tlmA Th local attnr'UulUfcv-r'ftnA
society folks of the city are cordially
lnvueu 10 aeuu. muTerusemeni.
mm hotel
-.-.- ..'" -. '
' "' ', . ... - ' 4 "

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