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From R. F.
Siberia, Jab. 15.
rr s. r.
Nile-Lurline. Jan. 21
From Yaaceaveri
M&rama, Jan. 29.
For YaneoiTert
Makura, Jan. 28.
1 V"f
Evening Bulletin Eat 1882. No. 5443
Hawaiian Sfar. Vol. XX. No. 6484
U OUtt lU Ei u u : v .- :r-- -
i i r i - it 7-r
mm&Mv Lively Sc
:! ,P
enes At Docks When Regiments $ :6$bDBeMarliiwl Here
-(iA ';!"
A f-
f -
.. . -
i aKen in as aner.aan tn
' tcrs the Harbor
Discovery of Illness, Means Men
J.lust Go Into Special Camp ;
. itt r.nniirin.iiaiT5ir.irB.i7 v.
. ii um ma i iwny t
Twenty-three hundred 'rifles and
- v sabrea .were added ! to the army of
i;; Ofthn thla mornlngJ Two .troop ahlps;
carrying Ht orEanitatlona destined
. ' for 'e,enrlce In' Hawaii, tied up to the
:5 ' waterfront at 1 an eiif ly hour, and aU
-' rairniog the wttirvei hummed with
vV the activities of dUembarkatlon, wnile
men fortunate enough to secure leave
thronged the streets, getting their Urtt
alght.of Ue tity that is to be l cl
amusement headquarters for thelnext
.' inree years, au cnis armr increase , is
J 1 .. iot permanent, howeVer- for the same
U v - k lwtinAi4 iKnt VI0a tKa 1iVt. Pair.
airy to Oahu, wfll'UIre the Fifth Cav
lry hack fo the 15 later The perman
': ent increase in the mobile arm is
i5: - ote foil regiment of Infantry, tie
;: Twenty-flfih,A colored, while the co&xt
artillery is increases by, three eoa-
panies, the i.ieth, esth. and 75th. Tbf I
,roarthigarj:rjt,J35ereiy ;riieyei xut
- The shaaow pr;ill iuck leu acroer
' Iht Fourth Cavalry- at the moment
i tMt the regiment was about to tQv
Hawall-a roll, One tnsn waa stricken
wth a conUrlous diseateaimost'ss
the Sheridan's nose touched the Hal'- V ,
road wharf, and as the reault the ei
-tire detachment of recruits, 246 In
' number, together with -the offlecrt nu
.charge,' mill be placed In rigid ettarar
" tlte for three weekSAi ?.vw: : y r ..!. :
v The Sheridan bad already been pa1
" ed by 'the federal quarantlae officer,
and preparations .were being, made
aWp the gang plank; when one of th
lecruilts was seen o at agger and ke'
over into the arms f his comnanlon
Medical aid wasfushed to 1 him anf
lb cacb was dHianosed as aplnal iner
iugitis. ; No one was pennitted to leavr
or board the chip until the health av
tborttles' were jaotlfled, and In tb
; meantime the recruits were segregate '
forward. -' y' '. - ' "
Te Be QasjafntlBeiL . ' : ;
' On acrnt of this unfortunate inc'.
dent, y entire recruit ; detachmen
i will bt .urrled to Schofleld Barrack
"by" traiif this afternoon, ahead of th
, ' rest of the -cavalrymen, and will be ea
tablished in a quarantine In one of the
barracks vacated by the Fifth Cavalry.
Officers and men will be cut off frotr
, the rest of the troops, and" a stron
; guard posted to see that no one es
capes from" the lines.' . ;
. "ltV. a piece of exceptionally hard
luck, said Colonel W. D.' Beach, the
Fourth's commanding officer, in speak
ing of the complication. "There wa
- not a single case of measles drnumpc
among the recruits, which is excep
tional, and here when we are within
biscuit toss, of the end of the AVoyage
this unusual and unexpected disease
turns up. There is nothing for it, how
ever; but a strict quarantine, and
everything will ie done to guard
against any possible contagion. Tbr
is, recruits and,Athe officers with them
)7 will be sent' to Schofleld Barracks or,
a special train this afternoon, and the)
will have to put up with the inconven
ienoes of quarantine for the required
Record Arrival;
The arrival of troops including th
three ariaa of the service caused th
biggest stir that has been, felt in thie
department since Its establishment
This is by 'far the largest arrival, oi
troops for station Here, and what with
the Logans and Sheridan coming in
and the transport Sherman also in
port from Manila, with a large num
ber of officers and men, the whole
town is turned over to the army to
The coming of the Twenty-fifth In
fantry is In itself an important event
as the regiment isMhe first colored
organisation, to be designated for ser
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1 .
1 ;-
:"' l - " l L J , W J J H i ",.r.'-i j
Ship Mdn2::s to D:.:!c Clf 1' :
Recks Uni;r H:r C.vn ': .. :
Mukc Pcccc j 2 c Ci...
much excite:.:::'
QUARTEH3 Cr 1112
i I 1 W V
J .
. !
r::::t-rv D::-:-::-2 rv;v
- Tr f - - f '
:r::i c
i !
0; f viS
. A-.A : .
V A '
I 4 tl
r . ..1 ' . . a k . - a - A r . . '.
' v Tep pictureLeft, wives of enlited.men aboard Logan,1 waiting for husbands to eeme ashore. Bight, soldiers lining decks of Shendiin, Tlewtng" their new, home. Betlsm Left, aiea '
of the Twenry.fifth Infantry en the Logan this morning. Bottom Bight, the Jransnert Sherldah. docked on the wa side of the harbor this morning. : Photos by A. R Cnrrey, Jr.;
Regal Motor Cars
2 Two passenger
2 Four passenger
1 Five passenger
Call and Inspect.
" Merchant & .Alakea, Phone 264S
HAVE 40,000 M i THE HELD
Declare That They Are Now in Position to Take Adrianople
With a Mere Two-Day Assault and That Tchatalja Is Now
About to Fall Into Their Hands
.SpecUl ar-BulleUn CaMeJ
LONDON, Jan. 14. With nearly half a million men in the field ready to
attack the Ottoman if the peace conference falls through the representa
:'ves of the Balkan allies here have assumed an almost arrogant attitude to
ward the situation. One of them said this morning:
"The allies are not going to back down now. It would be excessively fool
ish to do so, when we have in the field, ready for instant action against
either Tchtalja or Adrianople, more than four hundred thousand men, in
jood physical trim and well equipped. I am informed that the governments
of the Balkan states have learned that Adrianople is .n the verge of col
lapse and that an assault will easily carry its deferses. I believe that we
sould be masters of that city inside of two days after the resumption of hos
tilities. "Another thing: Turkey is at present in the threes of a financial crisis.
Dispatches from Constant nople announce that the government has not the
money to meet the payment cf the interest on the onJ issue of 1896.
amounting to about fourteen million dollars, and that ths Imperial Ottoman
oank has been called to the assistance of the government. It would be ab
surd to suppose that Turkey is in a position to continue the fight long, un
less she had promises of assistance from some of the Grsat Powers, a mat
ter which I doubt."
I Sp-ial Star-Bulletin Cable
WASHINGTON, D. C. Jan. 14. Senator Root today reopened the en
I tire question cf the canal tolls when he introduced an amendment to the
' a.:,, ; : a- a - - a - M A I I 7a. U. Dnnt
anginat dim, providing Tor tne governneni or ine tsanai .uhk- -ill
along has been bitterly opposed to the present bill, holding that it is
a violation of the treaty between this country and Great Britain, and as
such should not be allowed to stand. It is reported that the fight to carry
through the amendment will be a severe one, and that many of the solons
who voted for the original bill will be found in favor of the amendment.
For four days the Mat son Navigation
steamer Lurline bucked the roughest
kiud of weather.
The liner reached port Bhortly before
one o'clock this afternoon, the work of
entering being greatly facilitated
through the services rendered by Dr. I.
J. Shepaid, wfco, connected with the
Federal quarantine service, gave the
vessel pratique, resulting in the Lur
line steaming direct to a berth at
liackfeld wharf.
Captain Weeden decided to change
his course a trifle with a view to avoid
ing heavy seas and 6trong gales that
prevailed after leaving San Francisco.
The Lurline brought 49 cabin and
seven steerage . passengers. Three
thousand tons freight will be dis
charged at Honolulu and Kahului. It
is the intention to dispatch the liner
for the Maui port on Thursday even
ing. Fiftoen brand new autos were in
cluded in i lie cargo.
Seven biooded dogs, the property of
army olfkers. were numbered among
the live t-tcck.
n nm it 'm 7h ; i n ok? ii n n n n
... . , . . -.a -
. . .
Conference of the Powers in London Decided That the Balkan
States Will Take Up the Rifle Again Unless the Mussul
' man Agrees to Submit to the Terms Proposed
A80daUi Press Cable
LONDON, Jan. M4. One more chance to escape further conflict is to
be given the Turk. Such; was the decision of the allies in conference this
morning. It was then agreed that unless the Ottoman decides to yield to the
demands made bv the jolnfcnote of the Great Powers the Balkan states will
once more attack him ail a1ng the line, and if possible drive him out of
Dispatches from Constantinople deeclare that the Sultan and his advis
or have practically agreed that the terms which have been submitted to
them are impossible togrant and that the only thing to be done is to re
sort again to arms. The dispatches; declare that the feeling in Constan
tinople now is that the. army is sufficiently recuperated to meet the allies
and that the drain upflj the resources of the latter has been so tremendous
that they cannot continue the conflict Jon?.
,41- - 4
Further plans for the improvement
of Captitol square were discussed by
the Governor tnis morning with a com
mittee of women representating the
civic improvement clubs. The new
at-k that in addition to the removal of
the iron picket fence around the capi
tol building a driveway be laid to the
government building from the comer
of King and Richards streets.
(Assoriated Preas Cable y
BATTLE CREEK, Mich., Jan. 4. Jack Johnson, the champion heavy,
weight pug, was arrested here today by Federal officials, who charge that he
is attempting to jump his bail bond of $30,000, on which he is being held to
await trial on a number of charges. He was accompanied by his white wife.
Johnson denied that he was attempting to escape, and explained the pres
ence of a ticket to Toronto, by saying that he is going there to meet his
manager, regarding the terms of a possible fight with'AI. Palter in Prl.
It is believed that the Chicago authorities w.11 cancel his bail and hold
him for trial behind some good stout bars.
Assocntea Fres Cable
BOISE, Idaho, Jan. 14. The State legislature today re-elected Senator
William E. Borah to succeed himself in the United States senate. This Is
regarded as a distinct victory for the progressives.
WltH over twelve t---2rrl v
besrd, th;UnItel Et:tcj trr
port -Lc;in. frcn '.'
Vhlch arrive I c!f t .
o'clock last V.zU r: . : ! z
oa tte cc-l r : r
franco t-) t - ; r ;
si' ' . -. . c ..
t; -a cX an hour, th 3 I.
cCa3 panics cf tto T : ; a...
try, cc'-t iatAA:--,'. '
Tir?t f.l Sect". J .
t-.. -
5ila dcp wl:,;, . i
urt'J i:yi:3t,v ' '
t. ', t9 4 t , I
iti.3 Lca Li CiclA-A-:'
ml.lia.ry mci as havL..; c:
Ible ccatact wlia tte r;
tnent was made tils v.z.
over an hour the ves-.I era;-:!
Jarred to an , extent t.it nuc!i a!:
vas spread among tha bur.', a li
troops and others who trave.-'-I f;
the coasts io,tho Islinij ia tLa L :
; Captain C. ' r. VWli-V a ni. r.
navigator in the If; fv irzxy trc:;;-::t
service pofitfAVe!y-dcc::-:i to jr:.
any- sort, of stater. sr. t cczctrrlrs t." 5
accident. when approached by liw:;
permen this mornl:5."
You can simply state for co tt .t
I have noqiins to say." iras the tt::i
response vouchedT b the slirper, wi.
appeared tn! not- the test of hu::r,
when he learhed that the storjrof Hi
Logan touching on the reef, bad ga.a
ed general currency over the eatixs
ship.--' J.:r:yi; ;
Oisciplina Splendid
k The grounding of the heavily Udsa
troopship before midnight' cau::i
much anxiety among the pssses;cr3
tor a time.' Ai is the usual thiz la
military cfrcles,'the:best of dJsclpIIsa
was observed by all on board De
spite the fact that the big" vessel rose
and fell with the swell, and each move
ment was recorded by, 4 Jolt that vi
brated throughout the 'ahipr calm and
quiet prevailed, - -v
' The Logan, , nine days from Saa
Prandsccv is said to have experienced
a rather uneventful trip until her ar
rival off the port last night. ..
"I thought that the bottom would be
torn out of the abip the way aha pouad
ed," was the emphatic comment from
one army officer oa learicg the vessel
this mornhit --x--Z-
From what could ;be learned, the
vessel was not leaking as result of
coming in, centact' with -the reef. , -
Cantaln - wnilams nad ' evuxentix .
sworn - officers trader nis Jurisdiction;
to secrecy, for, to alUntenW and jpur-.
poses the bureau of information wa
tightly closed pn the navigation bridge
and deck, of the trpopanip. 7-4? -Betow
bow-ever, the military; pas
sengers "Tailed to coincide with the'
skipper's brand of silence. Many of
ficers as1 well' as enlisted men freely
discussed what to them appeared ; to
be' a thrilling finale of their royage
to the Hawaiian Islands. '
Sail Tomorrow. tJ'
The Logan, it was expected, would .
sail for the Philippines by the way;
of Guam on or about ten o'clock to-
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' The management of the Moana Ho
tel will give a dance this evening in
honor of the first-cab In passengers of
the three transport in port at thie
time. The local army , and' navy and
society folks of the city. are .cordlallr
invited to attend.advertIsemenL 5 .

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