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A . resident of several California
Cities since 1900, .a Japanese steerage
passenger, in lining op for inspection
by federal quarantine officials this
morning failed to pass muster, when
Dr. A. N. Sinclair paid - his official
visit to the Pacific Mail liner Siberia.
Under" the practiced eye of the local
quarantine medical officer, the Japan
ese passenger displayed unmistakable
turns'. of being afflicted with leprosy.
He was requested to step out of the
delegation or several hundred Asiatics,
c-i when the examination of all trav
elers as well as officers and crew of
t '. o" Siberia had been completed, a
r : - v moments ' investigation by; Dr. F.
G . Ivcaca, the ship s surgeon and Dr.
lair, satisfied these ' officials of
t r- frn Tatiir' nf fhm - malalr . from -
v Mcathe Japanese had suffered for'Emith and Customs Inspector, E. E. En-
: any-rearsi 4 v 'r - , -
l ronounced a leperthe occupant ot'
: ' ; rase quarters was speedily secret
t cd. lle is bow locked tip, and will
- kept in confinement until the si-
rla touches' at the first port of call
. .. Japan. : ' . - .
x r. i rotter,, in cnarge or tne cuarv,
t!r.g forces Kin the terrltoryrwai
i into the conference held Ott-
:ri the vessel .this, morning prior
the granting of pratique. V Drr
Li or,
warned the steamship 'of fl-,
that under no ' circumstances
. xucjr vrwiy ,u 7hJnpoie4 upon Captain Roger All
Japanese landing atJIonolulu.,7 J. rW: :.
czg his . fellow "passengers, created
considerable stir among his. associ
3 when It was learned that the. man
s a sufferer from 1 a loathsome !di-
Tte Siberia was moored at the Ewa
cf "Alakea wharf and passehgers
re - permitted to leave- the liner
; tly before nine o'cloct?.', - '
Cjuirr Zeeder, reports a fine trip
vn from the Coast with the excep-
t. c:- uie-nrstcay xuic ironv sen
.a- Zrhr, - iii,teiMv' o.i,
A t was experienced. ; f
zq of the largest lists of cabin
T?ers destined for Honolulu in
racific '; Mall steamer in I .many :
-thi arrived 'in the Siberia this
ruins. Purser Harry Jerome states'
t of the ; 120 . cabin passengers. '
cLty-flve per cent were strangers
! tourista,'. I'.' :-;.: --' !- ,v ..'vt i
rwenty-seven second 4 class passen
3 were : landed. r.,-. '. v
. te through list Includes 45 cabin,
e : ccrad class and, 128 Asiatic steer-
: i Siberia Is. steaming on ;'a : new j
.: jle ' that permits - of :Ta J call - at J
..a. The vessel carries 6735 tcirs
rht, a large amount being for the
rteraaster department In ' the
fines.- During the" ttsy of the
at Honolulu .224- tons: carga
: to be discharged while about five
rdred tons coal will . be ; placed in
? bunkers;. v .i,;-; .;?:;
A later mall from 'the mainland "to
: number of 199 sacks arrived and
.cived a : speedy "dlepatchthrough
-1 local pstofilce vv.-v'v"1;
L'tQ Siberia is posted to "depart for
; r.n ports, Manila and Hongkong at
a o'cloc k. this evening. About, one
J red Asiatic1, steerage passengers
v e been booked for tho Far . East
t roush the agency" of H. Hackfeld,&
Ccn:pany...P;':---;.-,:';:; -fv'V
T : ssencera- Beokei. r
Per P. M.- fc. S Siberia for Japan
: crts, Manila end - Hongke&g From
l.'cnolalu: ; Mrs. M. h. Co'.tman. Miss
C.Urnan.-Mrs Ho 1 Cowan, MiS3, E.
U ro!tt Mrs.; Ik S. Harris..Mr, &
Kress, Mr. AS-1. Lclnlnser, Mrs. S.
Xcumond, Miss IT Olds,, Mr. W,' D.
r inborn, Mrs. '.S.; A- 'S jaight, Mr. Q. J
II. Turk. ' , ?. . ;: ' " '"
v .auea Sailed fsr.Kena Parts.
A fair list of passengers departed
rt noon -"yesterday, for, Kona and Kan J
f long the windward coatt of Hawaii, f
The Kllauea1: was well laden wld
freight' including av-wfde variety of
l lantatlon supplies. The. vessel is ex
1 ected Wllltetxmi -hcr cm'; next Tues
day morning.
: t
- .
7 0?
c -p.m.
' t -r ion
15. U?
' -
IS','' '
r o.i9
1-9 I S.U
it' 't.at
SXi, 4.15 S4oi
1.4 1
6 40'; 5,4t!
is& t ait
1 V
6 4T. B 4 a40l 5.4S!
First quarfr of the moon Jan. loth.jpected to sail for Kahului late Thurs
Time not a'.ed in tables. . . . - day evoing.
fir Tmnsfar
(JAS. H.
c. ?
The Pacific Mail will leave no stone
unturned in "carrying forward a rigid
Inquiry at an attempt made npon Toe
lives of two San Francisco customs
inspectors who In descending into one
of the forward watertanks aboard the
liner China, narrowly escaped drown
leg through a sudden Inrush 6f water.
What Is believed by the Federal an
thorities to have been a deliberate-at
tempt to murder; two Government ; at
jtacbes in search of smuggled 'opium
was made ' aboard '.the Pacfllc
Steamship Company's-Jiner China.
i .While'' Customs .-: Agent i John ' ' -Wi
HDW ,were searcmng water tans; wo.u
of .the vessel for opium, the" water was
turned into tne tanx rail iorce. or
tunately both men succeeded in escap-
Ins from .the tank before, being drown-
ed, although they were drenched to
.Itbt skin when they got out
; : pespite - the - apparent fettemp to
thwart their search, however, the cus-
trtTn mm enrorfori in itlsrnvprine' "51 &
-lmt ot 8m0klng opium (of , the finest
ft,,QHh -orithtn thA tinv . Th oinira
i. iu,i at saisn an tinder k law
jtl -iv , - ... win iial
I a tip as to the hiding place of the drug
probably was conveyed to certain men
aboard the 'vessel before the searchers
descended into the tank,-sad that, as
soon as Smtth and Enlow were report
ed at the bottom of the tan the word
was flashed to certain members of the
crew, who attempted to flood the tank
as quickly possible, hoping thereby
to do way. with the customs men.;
;-The tanks are large ones, amf'had
anrthlhe happened to the baddef , both
inentunauestionafc "would nave wo
di owned. It was said last nlpht by
one Tederal offlciai ' that the ' plan of
the- smugglers waatowithdraw'thf
laddetand1h-lt?lrtTJl4ilave been
"withdrawn but for the smugglers fear
of. certain of the; ship's officers, who
lingered.1 near- by, and -wlMirt was
thought, night hear the criestr the
helpless customs men. r J - -
Vice President H. :P, -Schwerin r of
thr Pacific Mail Company toek pertofr
al charge of -the lnrestigaUoii con
ducted by the f steamship companr to
determine, the. responsibility V tot the
alleged" attempt maae to'drown Cu
toms Agent. Johtt' W; Smith andjCus-
toms Inspector x. E. Enlow. .: i
'per 0.vs;" S. Ventura, K from ' San
Franciscol'Jan. 20.Mr. Grove Ayres,
Mrs; Ayres. Mr W,' G. Armstrong. Mr.
Arnold; Mr, Allen, ; Mr.' Air CJ Baum
gartner,' Mrs. Baumgartner, Mr.; Bay
Ke, Mrs. J3aylie, Mr. J. .J. Barry, Mrs.
Barry, Mr. R. Barnett, r MraU Barnett,
Mr. CL A.' Brown, Mrs. Brown, Mr. .J.
'As Blackr, Mr. . M.,W. --Cabot, Mrs.- a
Clarkr Mrs. ColUns Dri E l Colburn,
MtfrJsi'C'i Cohen, .Mrs; "CurtInVtMrs.
i Catherine Daly; Mr. Derrickslaw,.Mrs,
Derrlckslaw, :mT. V Depp, Mrs. Depp,
Mr.' C. H. Doolittle, Mrs,: Doolittle Mr.
H; P.- Dimond,, Mrs. DimondV: Master
Dreier Mr.'R: D. Fay, Mrs. : Fay, Inr
fant a&d maid, Mr. F.' A. ? Fielding,
Mrs. Fielding, Mr. L. B. Frazler, Mrs.
Frailer, Miss Frailer, Mr. H. A. Gia
que, Mrs. Glaque,; Mr. J. Cr. Gibson,
Mrs. Gibson, Y Mr. P. Graves, fira.
Graves, Miss G. Gregg Mr. M.
Greenbaum, Mr. Geo. Gerdelun, Mr.
H. B. Haynes, . Mr. H. B. HalLvirs.
Han, -lira. S. M. HenshaW, Mr. Hoppe.
Mr. Richard Ivers,' Mrs.' Ivers, Mr; F.
B. Jaeobs, Mr. C. King, Mrs. King,
Ilr. J.i Kennedy, Mrs- lCennedy, Miss
Jessie Kennedy, Dr. Anstruther Law-
Bon. Mr; Linklater, Mrs. . Linklater,
Mr. C A Levey. Mr. Marco, Mr.
W. Mosley, Mr. J. Morgenthaler, Mr.
F. B. Morse, Mrs. Morse, Mr, L A, Mc
Doua&h, Mr. H. F..Newhart, Mrs. C.
H. Nieper and chUd. The Right Hon.
Nlel Nielsen. Mr. OkOiOzozz, Mr. R.
C Pfeffer,; Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Thos.
W. Ryan, Mr. J. G. Schaeffer, Mrs.
Schaeffer, Mr. P. Schaefer Sr., Mr. P.
Schuster, Capt Stone, Mrs. Stone and
three, children. Mr. R. Strong. Mrs.
Strong. Mrs. F. Teucke, Mr. E. V.
Thompson, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs.
Thornton, and a party from Los An
geles of twenty-four, people.
Among the Interlslaad steamers de
parting for coastwise ports last even-'
ing were included the Llkelike for
Maui, Molokai and Lanai ports, and
the KInau for regular ports of call
on Kauai.
At the rate that cargo is being dis
charged from the Matson Navigation
steamer Lurline, that vessel is ex-
. Captain Lucien F. Johnson, master
of the fllfated Associated Oil Com
pany's tanker Rosecrans, was well
known to island shipping, details of
I whose tragic death together with a
score of his officers and crew, were
received here with the arrival of the
Pacifie Mail liner-Siberia this morn
ing. Twenty-nine men lost their lives in
the wrecking of the Rosecrans in go
ing ashore, on. Peacock Split off the
mouth of the Columbia at1 an early
hour in the morning of January .7.
The victims of the fury of the wind
and seas, included the following: -
Lucian P. Johnson, captain; Thomas
Mullins, first officer; Hans Tonda,
second officer ; C: R. Palmer third
officer; Richard Grundell, chief en
gineer; J. A. MePhersoa, first assist
ant engineerr J. - Adams, r second
assistant engineer, Norman- Fife third
assistant -engineer;' Fjred: Wilson, chief
steward; L? Prudhtmt, lessfS!!:
operator Peter Urea, boatswain Eric J SZSLJS. iSSffSiS42?I' thfr4stkMr-7TWrdT alternool leball: Playr to :tli. company; and
Undraarkv ship carpenter; Miltoa Elr , Jf J01.' hamgjjecided to re-. Vm alrejuly ln love with the jalready plans . are on foot for the or
lot, BWt electrician: James Yates. m&in, a view- of entering 'l r tWnk :ihtt everTj otner ganiiatioa of a nine, We would like
chief cook' Charleai AultiM sewnd6:?
cook. -Aiessmen: D. Bryant. Angmi?":"?
McDonald,- Charles Gross.' Ftremen:
Williams Harden, -Stephen . O'Hare,
Fred Hannsni Charles Smithy - John
Olsen. Joha McGlmchy, L. Cagna,
Chris x Murphy,: Peter Hareide,
., . , a -: -
Murray, fac"- Jlhad much experience on ot
armstrong. Hlalmar Reister,. Severin t-ii)r-rT .
Otoeen. -Thomas StenevI. J. Slenv
- . '
if i
5 -TSOS!CrlUV5'-X:?rryil!f
ol 0,000. barrels of -.crude, oil and
with a crew of 33men, sailed from
tJavlota, Cal., for the Columbia river
January 3. It arrived off the mouth
of the river before daylight and. If; is
supposed lost its ... bearings in a thick
mist; and went too far to the north.
as it suddenly; struckvon the north
projection of Peacock spit, just above
McKenzie head and almQst opposite
North ' head, in .-. anDroximately : the
same position that the steam" schooner
vtt..vt . a. a-' MMe.(A.n1
. .Tb. nn.ecra.na. which is a total loss.1
- i i - .
johnson -and carried a . crew of 334,a,;nl"TV '
men. Its officers were. nrst Mate
Thomas Mullins", Second Mate " Boyd,
Chief Engineer Richard Grundell,
First Assistant: Engineer McPherson,
Second: Assistant Engineer Adams.
The steamer was . built' in 1883 at
Glasgow, Scotland, and she was of
1816 tons net J. It was owned by the
Associated Oil: Company; and Is un
derstood to have carried its own in
surance. This is. the third: time the
steamer has been in ' trouble during
the last year. Some months ago It
was partially disabled ' during gale
at Gaviota' and later it was damaged
by fire At "thfe same place.' This trip
the fatal one, was the second one it
has made' since tbeing repaited.
" tSpedal Cable to UercuulU,
' Exchange-:
; Te4Besday Jan. 15.
SYDNEY Saired, Jan. 13, R. M. a
Makura, - for. Honolulu. '
SAN FRANCISCO Sailed, Jan. 15,
12: 30 p.; m:,'' S. S. Wilhelmlna,- for
Sailed Jan. 14, 4 p. m., S. S. Ven
tura" for Honolulu.'
Arrived, Janr. 14 10 a. m,. S. S.
Honolulan,1 hence Jan. 7.
S. S. SlBERlAxsafls for Yokohama
at 5 p. mvteday-
The Falls of Clyde Is back at the
port, after having .been discharged of
a shipment of fuel oil at Kaanapali.
Mail dispatched from Honolulu In
the Pacific Mail liner Manchuria is
reported to have reached the Coast
The Inter-Island steamer Maul was
dispatched for Kauai ports last: night,
and is expected to return with a full
load of sugar.
It is reported that the schooner
Alice Cooke lost an anchor just be
fore entering the harbor of Honolulu
yesterday morning
Cautain TaDley. master of the
American-Hawaiian frefghter Mexican,! Mr. H. A. Rogers, Miss Beatrice Sand
expects to dispatch that vessel foyers, Mr. J. G. Savage, Mrs. J. G. Sav-
island ports on Saturday night j
The Kona and Kau steamer Kllauea
sailing for windward Hawaii yester
day, carried a fair-sized list of pas
sengers and a large general cargo.
The Pacific Mail liner Siberia, from
San Francisco, was berthed at the
Ewa side of Alakea wharf on arrival
this morning, in order to permit of
the vessel being coaled without inter
fering with the work of removal of
several thousand tons oriental freight
stored on the wharf.
William Rockefeller has consented
to accept service and testify at the
government's investigation of the
noney trust.
The Schwerln broad axe was sue
ressfnliy unsheathed and wielded
with deadly effect on board the Pacif
ic Mail liner Siberia, with the result
that the nnnnlir rocul of aq mojl tn a
berth at AlaW whrf thu mnminr
with a number of new-laces discover-1 keen anticPtiou to their next visit
ed in the official family circle. to town on P88 tttt lure of new
Thomas Blau was found wearing the 1 surroundings was strong, and the men
hablliament of chief officer, he havlngj wre a11 anxious to have a look rt
succeeded to the position with the re-, tt,e,r new home. Had it been left to
tirement of C. E. Stewart. There was th? Popular vote, the soldeisr would
a rumor current aboardship that n ve balloted against a rubber stay
Stewart might come back, b,ut the j Honolulu at the present time,
playing of return engagements in Pa- Many of the infantrymen expressed
cific Mail circles is sometimes rated surprise that the hike to Leilehua was
as a rather doubtful proposition. Blau wt In two by an overnight stop at
is well known along the Pacific. Pearl City, but the more seasoned sol
coast. Jdiers let thete outbreaks of enthusi
F. C. Charman is again wearing, - asm pass with an amused v 'chuckle,
with becoming grace, the toga of 1 They welt knew that following a long
freight . clerk; he having: succeeded : F.
Andrews in that"capacity ' oa the Si
beria. Andrews was -reported at Ma
nila as having been4 placed under ar
rest ;for complicity in an opium deal.
A stewardess was said also to he mix
ed up in the matter, and upon the re
turn of the liner to San Francisco
several were called before the hief
executioner. -
man ruies oi euqueiie. " ne oaa ire
quently passed through: here and is
well liked by - the shipping fraternity
locally. .'. ; . - , . ' -r , :
Charles Tates "Wllmartli.for four
years identified wltlj the United States
army transport service',' and --'an; - old
hand in the far 'east, is now chief
LZt TrTrt wt On the ' broad;; coral-studded t plain
te!ra!iJ8noT be awtingruifectly opposite the gua M
v Storekeeper Asch in the Siberia mt ArJ:"
- V.U..I ... nT. ..4 rx ( the-Tenth company or coast artillery,
left behind at the last moment and F.!hich arrIved on the-U. S. A. T". Sher-
t tne last moment ana it.t
Daniels was, substituted. Daniels , has
Lv?..e?J?her TeeIa
"r -.l.lands
1 t-ursr itJirrTJKmuiR;?. won iiHimt 11
! through. Honolulu on the homeward
voyage a-pretty sick man, has par-
j,. bearta.v Jerome is
on9 orthe tlmeti-iei veterans In , the
p. Ma wbom tnc company finds
- -
It 'difficult to get along' without, and
while feeling' fanfromv well,. he was
compelled to. take out jfeis ship.
Tuesday January 14.
Saa FranciEcb--Lurline, M. N: S". S
P !
V wanesaay, n. la.
- -Evi-JL aikj n r a a
ivauai pons w. ii. nau, simr., a. m.
San Francisco -via. Kahului Maver
ick, Am, stmr a. m.
f : Tuesday, January 14.
; Kauai poTts Klnau, stmr., 5 p. m.
Maui, Wolokal and Lanai ports
Llkelike, atmr 5. p. m.
Mahukona and Kawalhae Iwalanl
stmr., p. m,- u i
Kauai ports Maui. Btmr., p. m.
Wednesday, January 15.
Manila via Guam Logan, U. S. A.
T., 10 a.m.
Hilo vlaj way ' ports Mauna Kea,
stmr 10 a:1' m. ' -
Per. P. M.: S. S. Siberia from san
Francisco For Honolulu Mr. W. M.
Alexander, Mrs. W. Mt Alexander, Miss
JMsrtha B. Alexander, Mr. C. O. Ander
son, .Mrs., CO. Anderton, Mr. C. C.
Anderson, Mr. W: G.. Armstrong, Mrs.
Mary S. Barker, Mr. J. Bemb, Mrs. J.
Bemb, Mr. S." R. Bennlon, Mrs. S. R.
Bennion, Mr - Jos. Black, Mrs. Jos.
Black?, Miss Ada Bowie, Mr. R. H. Brit
ton; Mr. W. D. Buckley, Mrs. W. D.
Puckley, Miss Emogene Burr, Mr. W.
J. CoUon, Mrs. John Currey, Mr. F.
.W. Dohrmann, Mrt: A. B. C. Dohr
mann, Mr. Albert Dunbar, Mrs. Albert
Drnbar, Mr. W. H. Dunn, Mrs. W. H.
Dcnn, Mr. W. L. Eaton, Mrs. Kathleen
Garrison, Mr. M. Goldwater; Mrs. Go"d
wiiter, Miss Dot E'G.reen, Mrs. 15.
GreeVer, Mr. J. H. Griffin. Mrs. G. H.
I lalden, Master LaVelle Halden, Mrs.
Wm. Hawk, Miss E. Hollenbeck, Miss
N. L. Ivett, Mr. A. E. Jacfcson, Mils G.
Ztmea, Mr. A. J. Kennedy, Miss Maud
Kennedy, Judge S. B. Kingsbury, Mra
S. B.' Kingsbury, Mr. H. F. Lewis Mrs.
H, F. Lewis, Mr. H. O. Lowry, Miss B.
J.'cCorriston, Mr. Alfred Magoon Miss
E. Magoon Mlsr V. G. Makee, Sir.
Theo. E. Martin, Mrs. A. T. Morgan,
Mise M. Morgan, Mr. F. D. Mullin, Mr.
I H. Neustadt, Mr. J. P. O'Brien, Jits.
J. P. O'Brien, Mr. Geo. H. Otto, Mrs.
Geo. H. Otto, Mrs. F. J. Patterson,
Master Frederick Patterson, Miss
RQth Patterson. Mr. Geo. V. Ptay,
Mr. Harold J. Peery, Mrs. Harold J.
Peery, Mr. L. H. Peery. Mrs. L. H.
Peery, Mr. R. Pelton, Mrs. R. Pelton.
MUb Gertrude Pepper, Dr. G. S. Peter
kin, Mrs! G. S. Peterkin, Mrs. D. Peter
sen, Mr. G. A. Powell, Miss Alice Reed
a?e, Mr. Geo. W. Schmidt, Mrs. lieo
W. 'Schmidt, Mr. Carl G. Schwartz,
Mrs. Carl G. Schwartz. Mr. Jos. Scow
croft, Mrs. Jos. Scowcroft, Mr. F.
Shortall, Mr. O. mith. Geo. F. Smith,
Mr. C. L Smith, Mrs. C. L. Smith, Mr.
Alex. Stewart, Mrs. Alex. Stewart,
Miss Nellie Stewart. Mr. F. If. Telfer.
Mr. L. Tiger. Miss Mary Tostlebe. ."iss
bertha Tostlebe. M. L. A. ThurLton,
Mrs. L. A. Tburr.ion. Miss F. Tv.chy,
Mrs. F. Vosel. Mr. H. R. Wallace. .Mr.
W. T. White, Mn. W. T. Whtte. Airs.
A. M. Williams. For Yokohama Rev.
N. Burnwash, Mrs. X Burnwtsh. Mr O.
G. Herdring. Mrs. George (J. More-
house, Mr. Geo. B. Pattison. Mr. Riyo-
hei Pakei, Mr. Irving E. Raymond,
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A Jolly Lot.
The departure of the colored sol-
I diers was- marked by mm h goo dnatur-
eu chaffing, and interested specula
tion as to what the new station won id i
l-c life.. Most of the men got liberty
tsterday, and saw enough of Hono-
lHla to make them look forward with
period of garrison , routine- In a told
climate, and tea days aboard ahpl the
miles under trople!skie would seem
like leagues, while a remarkabye mis
fit would be noticed In footgears X -
"I guess thee rookie that" want t
hike twenty-sir iniles'.'n 1 one - day.rTl
think theyso got on theff iwnkfes
stoea Dy migUke, 'for eys efiiS.
1 m w.w ih- war one old, er-
UC HUdOI HliU O I Hnio j to wait until next fall before rrytnx
TO BOOSTING HONOLULU to secure any. games. . Judging from
,v . '""" jthe size of the men in the company,
"How do I like Honolulu?- said a -Jey could turn out a mighty strong
-m k- n.A. Aiteam. There a. nnmhrnf mod
company feel the- sameto-arrange for a few games,- said one
-w t , . ' ,v-.rf i h.wi
t ...j --.-.. j t.ti. t..vtn'
its initial visit to the Hawaiian lsl-
waited patiently allTyesterdty
. .ftarnnntt rni tMip t.titi tA amTA Train;
... . ... . . . i
the ship, in order that they might
pitch camp. Guns baggage and com
missary supplies were piled here and;
there iff . orderly heaps; while the men i
lounged around 4 playing baseball, and
watching the engineers install : the;
-The:-Te:irl8-pe'rliap one' ? v lMt:.two:weeto lt.was feared
of-the-flnest-looklhg lot-of ncle "
Bam'e inen that ever came to the .i.TJtt uch fleree watlier tts she
ands: big;.husky, fellows who are ;wfll J fcv:nde"d' J the news t she ha
,r,UT,Z .H it 'Mn'. n whft reached ier desUnatlon. has' lifted
take great pride. In their company,
norma. -lua irem iue w"ul
l un( -nuitui ..UMt. .rf trnnrni rrtAir
are going to like Hawaii even better
than they did their former post at the
Presidio, They did not seem to mind'O&fcct L considerable: attention.; Tho
the fact that their tents would be late bark, for many years has been alfa-
in getting out, to the new camping
grounds, for they, had been promised
quarters with the Engineers at De
"in a climate like this," said one of
the men," we wouldn't mind sleeping
out of doors for a few nights."
Shortly before the Sheridan reached
Honolulu the company commander re-!
ceived a wireless from the commander
of Company I, of the engineers at Fort
De Russy, Inviting the men of the
Tenth to he tne guests or tne men or
the latter company at dinner " last
night, the invitation being accepted.
When the Tenth arrived at the new
camping, grounds yesterday noon
Company I of the engineers also en
tertained the new arrivals at lunch.
The tents for the company com
menced to arrive from the transport
at a late hour- last : night and the
work of pitching camp, installing the
cots, and building the cook shack was
started at once. -The camp will face
on Kalia road and the tents arranged
in' "streets." ' Captain Stayton. and
First Lieutenant Tilton, of the Tenth,
and several' other officers from Fort
De Russy, went over the grounds yes
terday afternoon, picking out the lo
cation of the camp, and planning for
the sanitation of! the site. When
completed, it will be a model camp
with a company of model soldiers.
'The only thing that we miss here
at the camp is our mascot," said
First Sergeant William L. Mayne.
"We uld our best to save him, but the
quarantine officers got him and
sentenced him to do time for four
months at the quarantine station. Yes,
he is a dog; a black water spaniel.
We have had him five years and we
could get along without him about as
well as we could without a cook."
On being asked concerning the
athletic end of the company, Sergeant
Mayne went on to say that the com
pany had a cracker jack football team,
but that as the season was now over
for that Sport, the eleven would have
Mrs. Hattie M. Strohecker. For Shang
haiRex. B. L. AnceUrMre. B. L. An
cell. Dr. H. L. Canright, Mrs. H. L.
Canright, Master Theo. G. Canright,
Miss Mabel S. Jones, Mr. L. McPher
son. Miss A. B. Richmond, Mrs. J. B.
Wolfe, Miss Adelaide Wixon. For Ma
nila Mrs. H. Beaumont, Mr. R. J.
Chrisman, Mr. G. R. Cooley. Mr. E. E
Elliot, Dr. F. C. Gearhart, Col. E. W.
Orith, Mr. F. C. Kingsbury, Miss loma
love, Mr. W. R, Mcintosh. Mr. Henry
Suere. For Hongkong Mrs. E. M.
Andrus, Mr. C. A. Baldwin, Mrs. C. A.
Baldwin. Mr. L. W. Blumenthal. Miss
j:. Bradley, Miss E. Burnet. Mrs. W.
P. Cornish, G. H. Force, Mrs. G. H.
Fcrce, Mr. John Gibson, Mrs. John
Cibson. Miss A. Gosman. Ms. C.
1 Gunther, Mr. E. Hilton. Mr. Tnos.
Mitchell. Mrs. Thos. Mitchell. Miss i
Ethel Mitchell. Miss U Morris. Mr. M. 1
A. Moore. Mrs. M. A. Moore, Misa j
Alice Moore, Mis Coila Moore, Mr. T. I
Fhillips. Mrs. F. Phillips. Mr. W. N". I
hoi ph. Mrs. W. N. Rolph, Mr. H. I
rolph, Miss M. Rolph, Mr. George
Samuels, Mr. O. Q. SetcheTl, Mrs. O. Q.
SetcbelL Mrs. E. Tilney.
Is which is combined the HAWAIIAN, STAR, established 1SJ3, and tha
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AiiresraU CsnaralcatloBS te Hewlala Star-IIktla, Iii. Coisolali, T. II
of the men, "and as soon as the pre
liminary work hereat the ' camp Is
over we.wilL begiit practice.' 3 - 'a
One' hundred and" nine days ou:
from' Grays Harbor, the borque;He
t cloud from the waterfront, says the
The HesperowIng to. the wide at
tention she attracted Just before Ieav
ing - the North Pacifie , in connection:
with stories tha she was to search
for the Cocoa itland treasure was tha
tnuiarf vessel, m the, coast traae-ana
has had "k picturesque history. Before
- saillng for, the south : she as placed
ur.der. Peruvian registry. " ' . ' : I
SevefaL years ago the Hefper was
Bold to a company which announced
that she .would be: ttsedjtf. the South
Sea Island trade, but for some reason
the plans were never perfected and
i the vessel was r sold by the United
: States marshal: at Seattle to satisfy a
t bill: for repairs 'made, in, view of the
, soutn sea lsianas ; project,
Shortly before sailing from Grays
Harbor, ' last -August V Captaia' Fred
HacketL; who I well known; to Ltcal
mariners, denied that she would ke
used to search for the Cocos island
treasure. While the - vessel was at
Grays Harbor her, master had varied
experiences. There was mutiny and
desertion by members of the crew,
ard it was thought for a time that
her voyage to. the south., with. Jumber
would have f-o De aDanconea, . .
One of the lost mishaps before sail-iug-
was the dropping-of the vessel's
chronometer on the cabin floor,' com
rletery wrecking the Instrument The
Hesper was towed to sea on August
2G and she made one of the slowest
passages on record to" AntagoWgMta.c
Per stmr. Mauna Kea, for Hflo, rla
way ports, Jan. 15. Mr. and Mrs. C.
W. Burkett, ' Mrs, Sutter, Mlssr Me
La mi, J. W. Waldron, A. OsakiGeo.
C. Potter, Miss Lady Macfarlaae; 25.
K. Meyers, Mrs. A. Bright and infant,
J. K. Bright. A. Bright, Erf Bright,
Hana Bright, Solomon Bright, RewKe
kipi, Sam Kanakanni, M. M. Graham,
F. B. Williams, , R. C. Walker, E. J.
Rego, H. Raphael, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Castendy. Mrs. K T. Lindsay, R. J.
Eaker, L. Tobriner, H. a Oakley,
Sgt. M. R. Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. A.
A. Wilson, M. Turner, W. J. Moody,
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Mendonca, Mary
Madfro, Edward Waas, J. B. Castle,
D L. Austin, Mrs. Sam Kanakanul, F.
F. Lacks.
Per stmr. W. G. HaH, for Kauai
ports, Jan. 16. Mr. and Mrs. William'
Dean, Mrs. J. H. Bole, A. M. Mc
Bryde, L. W. Branch, Mr. and Mrs.
F. G. Hummel, A. Gartley, J. T. Mc
Crosson, Philip Stringer. Mr. and Mrs.
F. C. Stringer, Mrs. C. H. Holden and
child, Francis Gay, Miss Block, Wm.
Dean, Henry A. Chong.
Per stmr. Claudine. for Lahaina and
Kahului ports, Jan. 17. L. Aaron, Mr.
find Mrs. M. Jourdane, Miss M. Oetzel.
Per stmr. Mauna Kea, for Hilo via
way ports, Jan. 18. W. A. Swinerton
and wife, Mr. and Mrs. H. Holmes, R.
A. Kearns, R. I. Lillie, H. Glass, R.
Per stmr. Llkelike, for Maui and Mo
lokai ports. Jan. 21. Mr. and Mrs. G.
P. Wilder. CapL Edwards, Capt. Game,
3. G. Wilder. Sr., S. G. Wilder. Jr.,
E. H. Hand. A. F. Judd, L. M. Judd.
J. Morse Ely was recently mirrietl
in Chicago to Miss Josephine Hamline,
heiress to $3,000,000.
Printers, Bookbinders,
rnoto-tngravers. ;
K Judge Arch ieS. Mahaula of Waia
lua and Prof. W. A; Bryan furnished
two' of the features of. a' 'community
tn murine m ue - new nam e 11 onrr
a. . ... . a .......... ..
Lit nfrht hM h th dTtr Prrf at. '
tlfltl fn ffivrf r m fha v. nmnnaait inrt.
baCot munlciDal charter. . '
'- Judse Mahaula . nartlctnatlnn was
Irrpromptu but effective.' While' the
nIrpnMlon nvr tal! rt tha nronrvVf
charter was going along, the Wahlua
men got up ana declared. aat au.ot
the work would be useless unless .a.
yvuiNU&a oi euucuuwu vera vartiw
n to convince the general elctorato
that short-ballot or commission gov-
einment is the thing that should, be
I-nt through.-, Judge Mahaula'a vlgor'
t us remarks were interr upted agiln
and again by loud applause trom tno
tall ori the second floor. . .x-'.. ;' ',
ProL Bryan; read a comprehensive
pa;er commenting- on certain features
o' the plan that he proposed at a tseet
Mr Bryan's baner last night elaborat'
ed on some of thete features and in
addition he made a number of augxes
tlona for additional features. Probably
the suggestion that attracted most at
ttntion las night was that ehe single
tat system should be adopted here, i
'Ed Towse read a paper called lIo-
noiuiu XiOt co uat ia waita u uu-,
lined a number - of Ideas that he
iuougi. wuuiii uo' iur tun- Mujiv Tor
ment of a city that' he declares C Is
pretty good after all. Senator C. H.'
nicker- read' an', lnterestinx caper.
need for a well-guardsd recalL ? C j
,; Clnvtmnr Vrp&r. Wrtniietit Oilmore-
of Jhe College of Hawaii and other
nartictriAted in the discussion. -. : v '-: :
rowara tne ena ot tne meeung b
resolution was presented recommend
Ing Mr. BryanV paper to the conslav
k a mmmUI Afte4a itnm Ait( '
tee of thirty-three now at work. There
was- some -, aiscussion .wnetner ine
ideas in the paper should be recom
mended for consideration and' finally
the sense of the meeting was that if
the paper should be sent to the com
mittee.) so; indorsement ; of : any kind
should .beimadevSf '
m mm ' :-
DUBLin urn Claims
twat tRiQW r.mrcunp;';
' DUBIJN, Deci 20.-The claim ; ad
vanced by Mr. tDawson, of the Royal
National Literary Society of Ireland,"
that Dublin Ir Is are the prettiest, has
aroused 'opposition in other parts of
the kingdom. '
A portrait painter who has made a
special study or types oi Kngiisn
Kant mmiiuHaiI nomtl and
said: "Of course Irish girls are pretty
some of them.- I may add that there
arc others. The pretty "one have
Irish eyes That Is often their' one
beaufy. Their features are apt to be
irregular. For regularity of feature
commend be to the Scottish lassies.
In Argyllshire, or in the Lowlands, one
sees many faces perfect In form.
"For the best complexions we must
go to Devon, The soft air -and the
damp give cheeks sv. delicious bland
uess and freshness. The Lancashire
climate is good for the skin, too.
Welsh girls are often handsome. The
western winds laden with moisture
blow upon them and mountains al
most always produce a good-looking
"But after all, you see aa many
girls in London as yon can find any
where. I always say when I come
back from abroad that I have re
turned to the land of charming wo
men. The special charm of London
girls is fheir vivacity. They have not
the 'chic' in costume of the French
or Americans. Yet they are more at
tractive than either. They look softer
than the Americans and daintier than
the French.
"They are not easy to paint. Their
charm is elusive. It lie In their ex
pression and in quick changes of fea
ture. It is the statuesquely beautiful
women whom one can paint with least
difficulty. In this country they are
rare. But we have every kind of
beauty except that."

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