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4fcasH I 1
i i
A resident of several 'Calffofnia
cities since 1900, a Japanese steerage
passenger, in lining up for Inspection
by federal quarantine officials this
morning failed" to pass muster, -when
Dr. A. N. Sinclair paid his official
visit to the Pacific Mail liner Siberia,
Under the practiced eye of the local
quarantine medical officer, tb Japan
ese passenger displayed, unmistakable
signs of being afflicted with ; leprosy.
.. Ha was requested to step out of the
delegation or several hundred Asiatics,
and when the examination of all trav
elers as well as officers and crew of
the Siberia had been - completed, a tempt to muraer two Government at
I few momenta investigation by Dr, f.' tithes In search of smuggled 5 opium
Q. "Leach the ship's surgeon and Dr. was "made aboard the Pacftic Mail
Sinclair,.; satisfied these- officials, of Steamship Company's ,Iiner;. China.
the true 'nature of the malady from VhUe 'Customs . Agent; John "W.
;.whlch the Japanese liad suffered for $mith and Custom InspectorE. En-
-niany years, r f z jr ( low were searching water tank No. 10
' Pronounced a leper, the occupant, of of the vessel f or "opium," fhe water was
... steerage quartets' was speedily segre- turned into the' tank full force. For-
gated, , He is nowlocked tip, and will: innately both men succeeded in escap
be: kept Hn confmement nntllithejsi-jiDg from the' tank before beinrrown
Dena loucnes ai me um pore, ox can
in -Japan., y ?K :.? -
Dr." Trotter, In charge .of the quar
antine forces in the territory,', was
called into the conference held Von
board the ; vessel this morning .prior
; to. , the ; granting of pratique.' Dr.
:-ti Trotter, ; warned ' the steamship " off l
; ' ciala v that under no circumstances
: must they tpermir.,any; possibility of
r the Japanese landing at Honolulu. "
" ;- The ; dlscoveryrpf the 'Asiatic who
- " throughout the voyage from . San Fran
"' Cisco to Honolulu had freely circulated
1 "among" his tellow passengers; Created
' ,V - a considerable ' stir ''among jhis associ
- Yates when it was learned that the man
-was a sufferer from; a, loathsome ' dl
: sease. -' y,: 'V."'i;.; -f ;:i
; -.'The Siberia was moored at the Ewa
"side of ' Alakea wharf and passengers
were permitted ' to leave the liner
shortly .before nine o clock. . - v
A Captain Zeefler.-reports-. a fine trip
down from the Coast1 with the excep-
tlon of the first 1 day' out from - San
' Francisco; when " considerable 'bad
' "Weather was 'experienced; :fj .;'. ..'v
:'V One: of the "largest ; lists of cabin
passengers destined for Honolulu 'In
a . Pacific j Mair 'steamer in
: " months . arrived vln the' Siberia 5 this
xrcralas. PurserOIafty, JWJM.Z llJil
r that hf tho ISO rahfn h&Bteriren.lot Uf&fo orthe ShfpVtrflfeT;!Wh
, - f seventy-five per- cent were strangers
and ltotirIsts.r;:tf'";-'"i!r
. C I Twenty-seven "second' class 'passen--Vv
gers were ; landed.!:v'rfe ( --f
, . The through list includes '45 cabin,
14 second class and 126 Asiatic steer-
age passengers. ' ; - v- -. .
:f Th RihHi i cifonntinv on ii
1 schedule that permits of a - call at
. V 'Manilaf The vessel carries 6725 tons
' v 5 freight, a large amount feeing for th
, l i quartermaster department-' ln'; the
; Philippines. During ;the ' stay of i the
vesae) at- Honolulu j. 224 - tonscargo
are to be discharged while about. five
y hundrpdttons coatwill ijbe placed in
-' ' r - : the bunkers.. '. .'. : ; zVX-?i'r
.' A later mall from the mainland to
, Z u the number of ' 199 sacks arrived and
received a speedy 'dispatch through
. - the' local '"pto6tofiTce.i-:; Al-y---.:
. , The Siberia: is poEted lb depart; for
' : . "Japan ports, Manila andJlongkong; at
I v five o'clock tins: vCnlng. About one
Y hundred Asiatic, -steerage passengers
' - have been' booked; fori the Far-East
through the agency'of .'Hi Hackfeld '&
. V-; iCompanyi-y'l' fry:: ;
"; ? -Pssenfiers' Booked U- ''
. 4 Per P. iM. a a Siberia, for Japan
; ? ports, Manila '.and ' HongkongFrom
i , Honolulu : MrsMU. Coltman.' Miss
.j S Coltman, 'Mrs. .It;rL.. Cowan. Jili83 1EL
- ; ; U Folts, Mrs.. H. S. Harris, Mr. VfJ &
'"T"' Y Kress, Mr,- A U'lJelhfngerV' Mrs.- S.
" NeumondV Miss M;- QKa, Mrl ! W Dv
Sanborn, kMri.': S. A S.ralght, Mr. G.
Turk. , ..: .
, KUau'ea Sailed far kena i Pdrts.
A fair list of passengers .departed
at noon yesterday: for Kona and Kau
' elohg the windward coatt of; Hawaii.
The Kilauea was well laden . with
freight Including a wide variety of
' 1 lantation supplies. The vesseris"ex
jieted Will return here on next Tues
iay merning. . ''ZiS-.'
J Alt.
? V '
d m.lA.m.
9 15
a i
tv6 ft. 40)
Ml. .1.4 ! fc-Oi
3 Si! 1 -40l
4 13
I !
aist I C i
J OS. I tt jlwi
tW s.lrfS.t
I 0 ti.vli 5 tA 5fl.00 e.40j .44 U
iii S.lrtn tW6 4 B.S1 6.40)5.43!
First quarter1 oi the moon Jan. 15th.
Time not atcd in tables.
mmm men vas
rim nminnn l . : i- : .; , ?
The Pacific Mail will leave no stone
ur.'urned in carrying forward a risid
inquiry; at an attempt made upon Tate
lives, of two San Francisco customs
inspectors who in descending Into one
of the forward watertank aboard the
liner China," narrowly escaped drown
ing through a sudden Inrush of water.
- What is believed by the Federal au
thorities to hare been a deliberate at-
: ed.n although . they .weit drenched to
jtbt skin when-they gbr-out
Despitef the ; apparent attemp to
thwart their search, however the cus
toms men succeeded In discovering 115
tins, of - smoking opiunic of', the finest
quality within the tanlciThe: seizure
is Valued at; 19450. and tinder the law
will res&it in a tine of that amount he
ing, imposed vpon Captain Boger AW
man, master of the Chlna:,';-. -;
Itwas said by Federal officers that
information that Tidwell had received
a tip as to the hiding place of the drug
probably: was 'conveyed to certain men
aboard- the vessel before the searchers
descended Into the I tank, and . that as
soon as Smith and Enlow were report
ed at the bottom of the taht the word
was flashed to certain members of the
crew, who attempted to flood the tank
its juiekly as possible, hoping thereby
to do away with JthefcustoBa men.-.
The- tanks are large' ones, ami had
anything happened ta the. ladder both
men unquestionably .would have bco
It was ;said? last mght. by
bne Federal officIaT thatj tha -plan of
ifthe smugglers . was ,to withdraw th
lingered near by,-. and: whov It.was
thought, ? might hear the cries'.ot, the
helpless "customs men.'; ."!." r.-
Tice President H. t P.' Schwerinf : of
thf Pacific Mail Company took pertoh?
al " cmirge 1 ot , thel Investigation fon-
( auciea ny..iue Biejuuoui uhujii .
determine the responsibility J for thii
hlleged -attempt maae drown ; Cus
tnnts- Agent-Joan W." Smith 'and Ctuv
toms Inspector x E. Enlow.
vi: Wednesday. Jan. 15. ' "
San ; Francisco Siberia, M. S.
a. 'm. - - r.. ' '.:
i Kauai portsW. o; Hall, stmr., a, m.
San JFrancisco via Kahulul -Maver
ii-k Anu stmr, a. m.
a ,r..r . . ;
Manila via- GuamLOgan, U. S. A.
T:, loa-jn.;- r':.'.-:;;-': -
Hilo via way . ports Mauna Kea.
stmr., 10 a. m. . t . , '
1: Per stmr, W. G.. Hall,; from : Kauai
ports.-C!.7 Jacobsen'w Oi Jacbbsen, Rev.
JAN.: Lydgate,; H. jjydgate, 17 deck. .
Admiral Lew to TIsit Island Domain.
, ."Admiral'. Eben Low of the coast
ing fleet bearing'hls 'name, Is to pay
a visit of exploration on his island es
tates -at- Kahoolawe. employing his
steamer Elizabeth to make the cruise :
The ex-city and county legislator in
tends to spend some days on the Isl
and, which still serves as a home for
ahoard f 1 lively goats; Mr.? Low is
endeavoring- to interest "Drydock"?
Smith in the excursion and prosecute
a: campaign of extermination of the
bounding. billies. .
- t-
( v .. 11 - '
Special Cable te Kerthanti
"Wednesday, Jan. 1.
SYDNEY Sailed, Jan. 13, R.
M. S.
Makura, for Honolulu.
SAN FRANCISCO Sailed, Jan. 15,
12:30 p. m S. S. Wilhelmina, for
Sailed Jan. 14, 4 p. m., S. S. Ven
tura for Honolulu.
Arrived. Jan. 14. 10 a m S. S.
Honolulan, hence Jan. 7.
S. S. SIBERIA sails for Yokohama
at 5 p, m. today.
Captain Lucien f. Johnson, master
of the illfated Associated Oil Com
pany's tanker Rosecrana, was well
knownT to : island shipping, "details of
whose 'tragic death together 'with a
score of his officers and crew, were
received here with the arrival of the
Pacific Mall liner Siberia this morn
ing.. ' '. : :-
Twenty-nine men lost their lives in
the wrecking of the Rosecrans in go
ing ashore on Peacock Split off the
mouth of the Columbia at. an early
hour" in the, morning of January 7.
The victims of the fury of the wind
and seas included the . following:
Lucian F. Johnson, captain ; Thomas
Mulllna, v first-: .officer;' Hans Tonda,
second officer; r;C."R. Palmer third
officer; Hfchard. GrundeJJ, chief- en
gineer; -J. A McPherson, first assist
ant engineer J " J. r. L. Adams, second
assistant engineer;' Norman Fife, third
asshUnt engmeerr'Fred'AVilson, chief
steward :"I:;A;Pra4h'oriti -wireless
operitor ; Peter-Uren, boatswain; Eric
Unflmark; ship carpenter, Milton El
letsoi; f ship . electrician ; James -Yates;
chief- cook f 'Charles' AuK second
cookvfe MessmeB:' J); Bryant,? Angus
McDonald. .Charles Gross. Firemen:
YVllIiam HardOT,V Stephen jOTlare,
Fred' Hannan,v Charles -Smith, 'John
01sen,l Johnr McGnhchy.r L. Cagna,
Chris f Murphy, V Peter Hareide,";
Mttrray;:One Uhkhown. Seamen? F,
Armstrong, Hjalmat' Relster,. Severin
Gjosen, Thomas " Stenevig, J. Slem
ming. ..." .
The! Rosecrans, carrying a cargo
of 20,d00 - barrels of .-.crude . oil and
with: a crew of 33 men,: Bailed from
Gavlbta; CaU for the Columbia river
January 3. If arrived off -the mouth
of the river, before daylight and, it is
supposed, lost its, bearings In a thick
mist and -went too : far to the north,
as It - suddenly , struck . on , the north
projection of Peacock spit, Just above
McKenzie head and almost- opposite
North head.'.ini approximately,, the
same position that the steam schooner
Washington iay when its jsehsatlonal
real "Hj was made by. Captain .Bailey
and the crew of the bar tug .Tatoosh.
; The Rosecrans, which Is a total loss,
was commanded by Captain Ll ' F.
Johnson - and carried a ; crew of 33
mtiClXit I onicers Vicfe riflrs Mate
Thomas Mulllns, Second Mate Boyd;
Chief Engineer S Richard Grundell;
First Assistant 'Engineer McPherson
Second- Assistant.- Engineer Adams.
:The steamer was.. built 1A; i883;at
Glasgow. Scbtland; and ' she' : i was of
1816' tons nets It "was owned by the
Associated! Oil Company'hnd.is nn
derstood to have carried its own in
surance. 4 This lsthe 1 third time- th0
steamer has .been In-trouble during
the last- year Some v months ago j it
was partially disabled during a gale
at Gaviota and later! it was damaged
by'.fire. at the same place.! This trip,
the fatal onei was the Second Nrae it
has made since "being repaired.
"The' Harrlman railroads are in
very good shape at present, and I pre
dict a very successful year under the
new organization," said. J. P. O'Brien,
vice president of the Harrlman. lines
in. Oregon, during an Interview this
afternoon. , Mr. O'Brien ; arrived in
Honolulu on the Siberia this morning
accompanied by his wife, for a two
weeksV visit In the Islands.
"The Oregon and Washington lines
are looking forward to. good crops In
that section of the country this year,
and the outlook for a large amount of
business is very ? favorable." Mr.
O'Brien went on to say. . '1 do not
thfnk that the loss ot the citrus crop
In California will affect the Harrlman
lines to any extent on account of the
fact that there will.be sufficient other
traffic to cover the loss. -v : .
"In regard to the proposed, merger
of the Harrlman lines, I have very lit
tle to say. For-the past year the dif
ferent lines have had their own offi
cials, such as 'president, etck and so
far things have run smoothly. In case
the merger goes into;effect, the lines
will all be united, under one head and
this will fee arranged through, the New
York offices." When asked concern
ing the recent act of Secretary Root's
action in the controversy regarding
the Panama Canal tolls, Mr. O'Brien
said that he did not care to talk on
that subject.
"This is my first trip to the Hawai
ian Islands and I must say that I like
the country and the city of Honolulu.
It is modern in every respect. I
would like to remain here longer, but
business affairs necessitates my re
turn to Portland in two weeks."
Judge Sanford B. Dole and Gerrit
P. Wilder today were reappointed
members of the Honolulu park com
mission by the governor.
: i V.-Ti't.: .
: I
The Scbwerin broad axe was suc
cessfully unsheathed and wielded
with deadly effect on board the Pacif
ic Mail liner Siberia, with the result
that the popular vessel steamed to a
berth at Alakea wharf this morning
with a number of new faces discover
ed in the official family circle.
Tbomas Blau was found wearing the
habftioment of chief officer, he having
succeeded to the position with the re
tirement of C. E. Stewart. There was
a rumor current aboardsbip that
Stewart might come back, but the
playing of return engagements in Pa
cific Mail - circles is sometimes rated
as a rather doubtful proposition Blau
is well known along the Pacific
unarman is again wearing
.with r becoming r grace, the toga of
freight Clerk, he having, succeeded F.
Andrew -In5 that cauacitv- on th SJ-
rbe'ria. '.' Anflrewa was reported at Ma-
bus aa oaving . oeen iacea unaer ar
ffestfor complieity' In an .opium, deal,
sw weta uaa W a com . ai0V IV mP JUia'' t uioutuoi ouu , c imvi vavsu-, gyuM-
ed; up in the; matter, and unonr'the re-j Uon" as id what the'hew .static would
turn ? 6l-.theiiner.;to ivSan Francisco be like;; "Most of t the -men got liberty
severalVwerer galled .before thet 'xhief 'jftsterday; and? sa' 'enough of Hon
execntionefrjf ; v :- : 'tjlulto.makethem look forward with
r: Charmah isi to stranger to". Pacific keen antiCiDatiori rfo -thelr; next Mslt
MiUiyrules; of etK ' H as fre-!
.phmrre iYfctes WMmarth fora four the -popalartj vote the'soldlc
year$;1dentifled with' the' 'tJhltedT SibiV'tIl6'te?'stok''3fDr
hahdIn thrfar ea9f,s;;n
paes,:extretoery popular officiaLVc
is reported as having "decided to. H Vevj - . Qty; &6iLeiS, sol-,
Stewara ftitoarth has ahostf jTtleIt that following long
leit-nehina at tae-last moment and ,nriwiM"-.J tr rntcra ? '
Dahfelwai;s'absUtuteDaniels has
had rancliexpeTlehce on other Vesselsv ,
parser TlaTryem
larouglr Horiolnldbn; biiS!
voyage a pretty sick 'man ; has par
tially recovered his' health.--; Jerome s
ohe 'of the' time-tried -veterans in ; the
Pacific Mail whoni the. comoanv finds
itiff Icult; toi' get: ajbng witbDufcand
Judge ArchI 'MalWtrta oTrWaKi-
la and- ProflWvAt Bryan furnished
two of the;Centures' or! a; fcommunlty
gathering in the v ne public library
last nighCheld by the Civic Federa
tion to" discnts the proposed short-
ballot municipal charter:
-Judge Mahaula's participation was
lirprompttt but effective While thei
ciecussion over details of the proposed
charter -was going along,!: the W.aialua
dsn got up and declared (that all of
the work w6ulijv be useless nnless a
campaign rbf Education' were carried
on;to convince the general - electorate
that short-ballot or commission gov
ernment Is the thing . that should be
pu t c througl-c Judge Mahaula's vigd-f-
oub ) remarks were Interrupted again
andagaltf byvIoud apprause tr6m the
hp ndred people gathered in the public
hall n the second floor.
PrQf.BryanXreadf a comprehensive
pa:er commenting on certain features
oC (the plan that he proposed at a meet-
ii before the church club last month.
M r- Bean's; aiMtr'laatj'iht;elaborat.
ed' on some cTfthjetef' features and in
addition he ihde a number of sugges
tionsor addiiiohal features. Probably
the suggestion that attracted most at
tentlon' last night was that the single
tax1 system shpuld be adopted here.
' . Ed Towse -read a paper called "Ho
nolulu Not So Bad," In which he out
lined a number of ideas that ne
thought' woiild be for the improve
ment of a' cltv that he declares is
pretty' good after all. Senator C. H
Dickey read an interesting paper.
payingr particular attention to the
need for a well-guarded recall.
Governor Frear, President Gil more
of the College of Hawaii and others
participated in the discussion.
Toward the end of the meeting a
resolution was presented recommend
ing' Mr. Bryan's paper to the consid
eration of the special charter commit
tee of thirty-three now at work. There
was some discussion whether the
Ideas -in the paper should be recom
mended for consideration and finally
the--', sense of ' the meeting was that if
the paper should be sent to the com
mittee, no indorsement of any kind
should be made.
i ! in, ii ..
Molasses for racific Coast
' One thousand tons, molasses loaded
at Pioneer Milt into the tanker Ben
nington, will be transhipped into the
Matson Navigation steamer Lurline
before that vessel departs for San
Francisco at six o'clock next Tuesday
The advance bookings at the office
of Castle & Cooke indicate that the
vessel will depai for the Coast with
forty cabin passengers, and a full
Cargo of sugar, molasses, bananas,
preserved pines and sundries.
HHowlan o Sail from Port
San Francisco will be the destina
tion of the Matson Navigation steamer
Hilonian in departing from Port Alien
on or about Jantiary 16tli. This ves
sel has called at Kahului and liilo,
where general carsro has tesn dis
charged and sugar and other lines of;0'18'" said Major B. Frank Cheat- every opportunity to disport tbem
Hawaiian products loaded. The ver.-'ham. chief quartermaster of the de- selves in the ocean, and that is a boon
sel is expected to leave the islands,
taking a full cargo.
(Ctntinued from fafee 1$
from fafce
three new coast artillery companies
to their stations at De Rcssy and Ka
meharaeha, and this morning bright
and early the Twenty-fifth Infantry
started on its hike to Schofield bat
racks The two battalions that trav
eled on the Logan, and the battalion
t from the Sheridan, fell in a few mia-
Utes - after before the sua-had
a ' chance" tel piay tricks with the mien
who-'haVd lust come 'from the chilly
northwest, and turning into King
street fiont the waterfront, the col
ored soldiers hit up their long, swing
ing route-step in the direction of Lei
lehoa. This evening the Twenty-fifth
will camp at Pearl City, getting an
early start- fixe following morning and
reacning Schofield before noon.
The band and a smalt detachment
left on guard over property taken off
toe Sheridan will follow by train as
eoon as the regimental equipage and
personal baggage of'; the-. men can be
loaded oa the cara at Railroadwharf,
A'Jolfy tbt,.p--itY-ii:r
Thev 'debartare f oil ther-coloredv sol-
"diera was'tmarked by mn&t good hatur
fa.toiri'p&W&ii&'i&b SCne-w
era - would
farther. tav
five mileEt wBs, the war one, old: seft
geant,pui it::?,ms.
? WTien. the men : of thei Twenty-fifth
I amte ilchjof ield' Barracks,- footsore
and hot,; they - wiy : iina-a -warm wei
CQme ."waitingi them rwo'batUlions
barracks Just ykelbyvtheSepond
infantryv.; while1 vine . other .battalion,
wlllt find the sib : for 1U permanent
camp ' all laid Vout with water piped
1 to!',' the company streets,' and; every-
tmng reaay ior ixneirvvanvaK iune.
Everything; that ; is, "but the .ten t'floor-
lngS which;owihg V to $omef:inexcua
able oversight at ?vthe ! Coast end of
this liewas not shipped .with, the rest
of the equipage for the permanent
campy' .This, means that Jihe soldjers
will have to pitch their tents on the
cold" ground until lumber for the
floors arrives, . and those who know
the vaa-aries ot the Leilehua : climate
are hoping for dir. weather' V f M
' The personal welcome to the ,Twe
ty-flfth; however, will be all that coum
be desired. The .' First Infantry , ha
made arrangements to entertain t the
colored Soldiers at a bang up dinner
their first day in camp, each company
of Colbttel McGunnegle's ; regiment
taking the corresponding company of
Colonel Kennon's organization . in
charge, and looking after the Wants
of the inner man. To arrive in a new
station; and ;get;the Dear that's goy
ing: In thai way t ot provender, is a
blessing that' soldiers do . not lightly
regard. The First Infantry .band will
also be on hand to play the colored
doughboys into their, new home. ';
Fourth Cavalry-.JroTes. . T
i ' Half; of the Fourth Cavalry, includ
Ing the first squadron, troops K and
M,the machine gun platoon and band,
entrained at the railroad wharf at : 8
o'clock this morning and pulled ,out
for: Schofield barracks. On their ar
rival., the men will move . into v the
quarters vacated by . the correspond
ing organizations of the Fifth Cavalry,
which will , entrain and come to the
city, this afternoon, embarking on the
Sheridan, - Tomorrow, morning: the
balance of the Fourth will proceed to
Schofield by train, and the other half
ot the Fifth will board the same train
on its return trip.
But lor . the incident of the quaran
tined recruits, the Fourth would have
met with no inconveniences in chang
ing stations, but as it is, the recruit
detachment has taken one of the squa
dron barracks, adjacent to the post
hospital, and therefore four troops of
the- Fourth will have to go under can
vas for about three weeks. This is a
hitch that could not be foreseen, and
must be taken as the fortunes of
Property Transfers.
In -order to facilitate tne exchange
of stations, several officers of the
Fourth Cavalry fyere sent out to Lei
lehua last night to check up regiment
al and troop property with the out
going Fifth. This will allow the Fifth
to entrain .without delay, as soon as
the sections of the Fourth arrive.
All day today the men of the
Fourth will be busy working, cargo
on the Sheridan, loading their belong
ings on the box cars and fiats that the
busy little engines are shunting on
the switch alongside of the big troop
ship. There is a mass of stuff to be
handled, and while the holds of the
Sheridan are being emptied", of the .
Fourth's property, that of the Fifth, I
which began arriving this morning, is
being swung aboard. This unloading
and loading at
same time will
greatly iacrease
see(i of opera-
Off on Time.
"It looks as
though everything
would go off according to schedule j
in spite of the quarantining of the re-
partment or Hawaii, this morning, as
he stood watching operations on the
tn-srhieIa Wnbtasd ttt XUULCfi
TXIXIXG BnLETIX. txtMbllitrt
PiiHshers, Commercial
, i t .
' UNTIL: JAN. 1, 15 H (Preferred Positkm 20) ,.1S PER INCH
TRANSIENT RATE.' Ilia flrst tnsertloa and ' anbseqnent tssnet pro rata.
CLASSIFIED. Oae Cent per word -30 cents per line per week.
Telephone Editorial Koezat
Per Mratli; aaywhert la UnlUJ State ,iM.MW.iM..MMm.
Per Qnarter. anywhero fay United SUtat' . ........ . v 2.C0
Per Year, anywhere W United SUtea..?; ...;.,.....;..,;.;..,.t. tea
Pf Year, postpaid twelgai,....; ;;.': ; ........ 12.00
Per Six Months ..i... ....i7.. .$ 1.C1
Per Year, anywhere iaiUnltM.StattafivVn .;;..
Per Year, anywhere in Canada .'..' , i.. U .;. . . i . . . ; .V t.00
Par Year, postpaid, foxelga. s..v.;...v ...................... 4.C3
liSnh ajl: Csnissnlca Cor i; ts .llMthh
Sheridan: Of course, It Is hard luck
that so many -men;have to? be segre
gated, but ita mighty lucky that the
ship with all aboard wasn't" held ; in
quarantine. , That would haye been a
real misfortune, f It .has been a big un
dertaking : to '' niake -.v the various
f changes of troops and, ithe. railroad
company has been pretty .well taxed
to capacity; but everything seems to
be coming on . nicely" now" : -. ,
r;The.m,enxT ihe Fourth are, putting
in their spare time ; speculating" as to
what sorts of mounts they wUl draw,
Take j'af cavalryman- awayfrotn f his
horse; and he has something-Icr worry
about until he j eta another. -, In this
instance ) there; are- the '- seventy odd
island - horses . which were i purchased
by the government a few months ago,
and' which were ' them, turned over to
Captain Foerfr'fVtroop for' school
ing.; They have come along well, but
are i hardly finished i cavalry, mounts
as yet, and the. question arises as to
whether irColonel . Beach '., will Immedi
ately ;distribute! them among , all .the
troopaof his regiment; or - continue
the schooling as a lot under one-troop
commander. s . .He Intends ' to ' reserve
judgement on this matter until he has
a chance to . personally size v up , the
animals. Colonel Beach ' Is , consider
ed an excellent judge of a . horse, and
ibis verdict a on the Hawaiian bred
animals j-isi being:; awaited- with ritt-
Looan Off. VP- i
IX Pare of the soldiery that made . Ha;
nolulur the busiest spot on Uncle Sam s
military map yesterday, waa removed
this morning with, the departure' of
the transport Logan" for Manila. The
quartermaster corps made' a, quick job
of . coaling" the Logan,' and dispatched
her at 10 o'clock sharps ;r;-- j
i;The;hty officer from; the local or
ganization ita sail on-, the Logan was
Major Fred V. S. Chamberlain Phil
ippine' Scouts,. 1r he goes with his fan)
Uy for station at Zomboanga, In com
mand of the third battalion.- Major
Chamberlain, who? was. formerly of
the Second Infantry at Fort Shafter,
was.aecompanied-T,by Mrs,v ChambeTr
lain and two children;
The men" of the 68th fend toth com
panies of coast, artillery landed from
the Sheridan yesterday, morning with
broad smile, and the smile wouldn't
come off; even -when they were dump
ed, Ibag and baggage, at Forti Knflha-
lri Hardly;,airy . tofthe'fmen -4 have; seen
foreign- service before this, and . tales
Of the life languorous ! br the tropf ct.
with a good -oart of the time -"spent
"in the shade vt the sheltering palmi"
has gone the rounds when the vcomr
panies were ; ordered ' to Honolulu.
Fort .Kamehameha ' was a, rude-' shock,
a4d 'jit speaka' voltlmes tor thdt gamer
hessZof offleera.and. men? that they
greeted their new surroundings "With
a' smile. Kamehameha is alt right in
Its way, at that The sand Is of good
quality, and "the coral outcrop tbotb
above And below ;r high-water mark;
quite up to the 'standard "sharpness,
but as an army post it must be admit
ted that Kam lacks class. - When r a
few hund red thousand . dollars tj have
been expended for" filling . and quar
ters; when the Peart: Harborl' naval
colony is fuIlyT established, :and when
a suburban trolley line comes within
striking distance of the post; then
Fort Kamehameha will be one of the
most desirable coast artillery stations
on Oahu. Just now it is quite the re
verse. ;.
The men of the 75th company, in
command of Captain C. Jones, went
into camp in rear of the 12-inch gun
battery, while the 6Sth, Captain JA
Taylor, camped oh a site just Ewa of
the mortar emplacements. The men
pitched their shelter tents, and pre
pared to wait the coming of their per
manent tentage, flooring and camp
equipage, on arrival of which they will
construct their permanent post
One lnnlr at Vnrt Vjim"inniiha nn.
lvinced the officer8 the post wa8
nn niaPo for UdlM. anrt the married
Jones will establish their wives in Ho
nolulu, for the time being, at any
There is one laree silver lininsr to
the cloud of unnrenaredness that
hangs over Kamehameha. and that is
the sea-bathing. The men will have
which most of them appreciate. . The
camp site has been partially cleared,
STAIL "eatahllahed ti S,W tm
lui& Dnj as4 8esxl'W-MXli by
Printciv Bookbinder
;f Gatcral BusJaca Manager ' ,
zlS5i Ba&laest
S&Mh!!ti! lit? 2er!s.- T. XL
and there Is good "fresh water, and ;
within aweekor"soM3iJags 'Will be ;
generally; tidied and freshened up be
yond recognition.' The climate is ex
cellent and town not so far distant
for, those who- leave on pass. v ": ;
Tejfi4cb!.:?Arr likes
.; ;DE;RUSSY a::d STARTS - s-c
-.-;Td boosti;: 3: HONOLULU vs;
"Haw do; 1,-Jlke, Honolular. Said- a
member of the Tenth In answer to
that, qutstion - yesterday afternoon. .
"Whyfe I'm already In love with the
place and . I think that 7 every other
man in the company, feels the same
way about ft. as I-dowT. ; . - : - " .
s On .. the v broad, . coral-stud Jed plain
directly opposite the gun battery at
Fort De Kussy, the 10S. members of .
the Tenth company of ccast artillery, '
which arrived on tho U. S..A. T, Shar-
Idan yesterday., and which la making
itst'lnjtlal.vlsit to - the Hawaiian l3l.-V
ands, 'waited patiently, all yesterday
afternoon.for their tectx to arrive frca
the ship, in order . that they m!-ht
pitch campy . Guns, baggage and coa- -mlssary
supplies were piled here and ,
there In .orderly heaps,, while the men ;
lounged around playing baseball, and
watching" the engineers ' install . the
electric lamps which 4 will . lljht the
neV camp.t r ; .; 1 1 , ; 7.-. -.;...
The :Tenta:company la' perhaps one ;,
of. the finest-looking- lot of Uncle
Sam's men that ever;came to the Islands;-
big, husky fellows who are; well .
disciplined and well drilled; ;mea who ' ;
fake v great pride in their company.
They have been stationed for the past ' ,
few years at Fort Winf lei i Scott Cal
ifornia, and from the remarks ; which J
went around yesterday afternoon, they
are going to like Hawaii even better
than they did their' former post at the
Presidio. s They did not seem to mind'
the fact that their tents would be late r
In getting out : to ths new camping j v
grouhds, for-they had been promised y
quarters with1 the Engineers at De 1
nussy.- ' ;., '-.'j,5-;- , . ... ; ;-- . .
' ln a climate like this," said one of
the; men.; we-wouldn't mind sleeping,,
out of doors for a. few nights. ' . .
; Shortly before the Sheridan reached
l!onolula the company commander re
ceived a wireless from the commander,
of Company, iy of the engineers at Fort .
De Bfc3sy inviting" the- men t of the ,
Tenth to be the guests of the-men of . ,.
the latter -company : at -dinner ' last :
nlghf the - invitation belag accepted. ;
When the Tenth arrived at. the new
camping-?. grounds. yesterday noon r
Company. 1 of the engineers' also n- ;
tertalned the new arrivals at lunch. '
?XTfte ftents for the company com-
mencedVto 'arrive from, the transport ! i .
atyaplate whonr - last plght . and ; the
work of pitching -Camp, installing the ; : i
pots, and building the cook, shack was ; .1
started at once- The? camp .will face -
on Kalia road and; the teats arranged
In- "streetsJT, I Captaid taybon. and . ;-:
First Lieutenant Tilton oX the.Tenth, 1
and several otheti officers from Fort y ' ,
De Kusay, went over, the .grounds yes-
terdav. afternoon oickinz out the lo
cation of the carnp and planning for .
the;sanitatiofl;o5 the site. , "When
completedIt will be; a model camp J
frith a4 company of model soldiers; ;
The,only, thing thai we miss here " v
at "the camp Is bar mascot" v said ? M w
First Sergeant William L. - Mayne.
Ve old our best to save him,' but the . .T
quarantine ' officers ' got v him and .
sentenced1 '.lilm to do" time for ; four- ,' r
months' at' the quarantine station.' Yes, ;
he is a ; dog; '"a black ! water' spanieL
y?e -have' bad hlpj five years and we -conld
get along without him about as "'
well as weeoukl without a cook. .
j On 1 being asked concerning the
athlefie end of the company; Sergeant
Mayne went on- to say ..that the com
pany had7 a cracker jack football' team,
hut that a the season wast now over
for that sport' the eleten would have . V
to 'wkir uatlf -next fall: before trying A
to secure any games. Judging from
the size of the men In the company, i j
they could turn out a. mighty strong V
tcam- There -are a number of ' good 7
baseball - players In the company . and .
already plans are on foot for the or- ,
ganization of a nine. Wewould like
to arrange for a few games,", said one
4f the men, "and as soon as the pre
liminary work here at the camp ia
over, we will begin practice."
' ' " ' ?
; According- to report, brought by offl- y
eers in the Interisland steamer W. G.
Hall, the following sugar is awaiting
Shipment on the Garden Island: L.
P. 4000, M. K. 19.Z08, G. & TL 13,- "
800, McB. 17.246, K. I. M. 2700. B. K.
Z00, K. P. 180,

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